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[ruby-talk:9371] inspecting objects
[ruby-talk:9373] attr_accessor in base class
[ruby-talk:9377] fileExists function?
[ruby-talk:9383] Rubicon has moved to ruby-lang.org
[ruby-talk:9389] (none)
[ruby-talk:9391] What does it take?
[ruby-talk:9392] Do Vector and Matrix Classes Exist for Ruby?
[ruby-talk:9398] Spiffy timing method anyone?
[ruby-talk:9400] (none)
[ruby-talk:9409] Examples of textbuf in action
[ruby-talk:9410] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-12-28)
[ruby-talk:9411] The Ruby Way
[ruby-talk:9412] Ruby User Survey (2nd announcement)
[ruby-talk:9415] Gathering Ruby version
[ruby-talk:9418] Re: Speed of Python vs. Perl
[ruby-talk:9422] ANNOUNCE: PyXPCOM - Python bindings for Mozilla XPCOM technology
[ruby-talk:9427] Ruby CVS repositories are ready now
[ruby-talk:9428] Can ruby replace php? The URL please.
[ruby-talk:9434] Re: 101 Misconceptions About Dynamic...
[ruby-talk:9437] Passing cmd-line args through .rb shortcut on Win?
[ruby-talk:9439] array.each_index_but_last ?
[ruby-talk:9460] reading an entire file as a string
[ruby-talk:9466] Newbie question: call-by-reference
[ruby-talk:9473] Ruby implementation of basic auth http client
[ruby-talk:9490] ruby-mode for Emacs crashing
[ruby-talk:9494] Subprocess
[ruby-talk:9508] http read
[ruby-talk:9520] Enhancing the functionality of an object
[ruby-talk:9521] Larry Wall INterview
[ruby-talk:9523] Problem with mod_ruby + mysql.
[ruby-talk:9533] Strange Hash behavior
[ruby-talk:9541] Tk-related developments in the Python world (Tkinter 3000)
[ruby-talk:9545] Passing parameters to InterBase Transactions
[ruby-talk:9549] deamon with auth
[ruby-talk:9554] how 2 use __END__ and DATA
[ruby-talk:9558] ANN: Some survey results
[ruby-talk:9560] Re: Learning Ruby
[ruby-talk:9563] Which GUI toolkit to use?
[ruby-talk:9565] DATA and ARGV don't seem to work under winruby
[ruby-talk:9566] (none)
[ruby-talk:9567] ANN: Windows InstallShield 1.6.2 Available
[ruby-talk:9568] glade-ruby
[ruby-talk:9583] GTK problems under Windows
[ruby-talk:9584] 3 + 2.im works!  why?
[ruby-talk:9589] rescue / ensure
[ruby-talk:9595] Re: Redirection (was "")
[ruby-talk:9611] Problems with quotes in Win9x spawns
[ruby-talk:9617] Non-blocking I/O?