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[ruby-talk:03801] Immature idea for case-when
[ruby-talk:03804] (none)
[ruby-talk:03818] How to validate data?
[ruby-talk:03819] How to get in output a string inside an other?
[ruby-talk:03827] JRuby?
[ruby-talk:03828] Order of overwriting
[ruby-talk:03837] def in; possible; end :)
[ruby-talk:03839] *arr expansion
[ruby-talk:03843] A performance improvement!
[ruby-talk:03846] Private variables can be changed outside?
[ruby-talk:03861] main.method
[ruby-talk:03884] We are selling software  6558
[ruby-talk:03886] Nightly snapshot
[ruby-talk:03892] gateway test
[ruby-talk:03894] mod_ruby
[ruby-talk:03897] Adding a '<<<' here_document syntax
[ruby-talk:03899] require, ensure, and Design by Contract
[ruby-talk:03901] VIM syntax file for Ruby?
[ruby-talk:03910] Brave GNU World feature about Ruby
[ruby-talk:03915] Dave and Andy
[ruby-talk:03918] A question about variable names...
[ruby-talk:03923] There's still a problem with mod_ruby's Makefile.RB
[ruby-talk:03930] Status/plan for Ruby "freeze"/packaging feature?
[ruby-talk:03935] If your company uses Pallets, Skids, Boxes, Lumber, etc.
[ruby-talk:03937] Question about a ruby-list posting
[ruby-talk:03939] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!
[ruby-talk:03941] Possibly relevant Windows-related Perl stuff (sprintf tests, Unicode  input).
[ruby-talk:03949] Pluggable functions and blocks
[ruby-talk:03950] Multiple single inheritance?
[ruby-talk:03953] DLL initialization failure
[ruby-talk:03955] Thanks all!
[ruby-talk:03956] Tk PhotoImage options
[ruby-talk:03959] Thread-local globals
[ruby-talk:03965] Are named formal parameters in recent ruby interpreters?
[ruby-talk:03971] Thread and File do not work together
[ruby-talk:03973] Optional argument and *rest simultaneously
[ruby-talk:03975] Principle of least effort -- another Ruby virtue.
[ruby-talk:03978] Associating block to block call?
[ruby-talk:03987] irb install
[ruby-talk:04003] Re: OT: Re: P. of least effort -- fragile typesetters
[ruby-talk:04008] Ruby installation instructions for Windows
[ruby-talk:04013] Slow GTK+ and Tk bindings
[ruby-talk:04014] RegExps and latin_1
[ruby-talk:04021] Ruby and Interbase on Windows
[ruby-talk:04042] Ruby and Interbase on Windows - Solved! :-)
[ruby-talk:04043] What are you using Ruby for?