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[ruby-talk:18867] dict ruby  # :-)
[ruby-talk:18868] RubyGarden and the wiki will be down for a while...
[ruby-talk:18869] Re: exercise in minimalism: diamonds
[ruby-talk:18870] Rebol
[ruby-talk:18873] TK under ruby
[ruby-talk:18877] require()-ing in a module?
[ruby-talk:18883] IP multicast with UDPSocket
[ruby-talk:18886] Perl/Python/Ruby common backend
[ruby-talk:18892] Re: Shallow versus deep copies for Arrays
[ruby-talk:18895] Gtk: file selection dialog
[ruby-talk:18900] Tk bind to 'FocusOut' causes segfault
[ruby-talk:18917] newbie autovivification
[ruby-talk:18919] README for Dynamic-ORBit
[ruby-talk:18929] The Garden is Back
[ruby-talk:18930] Hash vs ==
[ruby-talk:18931] notes from a Ruby newbie
[ruby-talk:18937] sample run for ruby-xlib
[ruby-talk:18944] IBM developerWorks - Ruby Series
[ruby-talk:18946] Testing a global variable...
[ruby-talk:18957] Ruby and Unicode
[ruby-talk:18959] Using "@" as a method name?
[ruby-talk:18968] Linking ruby with gcc instead of ld
[ruby-talk:18969] ANN: FXRuby-0.99.174 Now Available
[ruby-talk:18970] hash with Array as value
[ruby-talk:18974] Perl/Python/Ruby common backend (Perl6)
[ruby-talk:18977] "Bang" versions of numerical methods on non-immediate values [was:  Numbers classes.. Rational number? ]
[ruby-talk:18978] ANN: Ruby-trace 0.1.2
[ruby-talk:18980] a variable scope question
[ruby-talk:18996] Midi Compiler
[ruby-talk:18997] A Line-by-line profiler
[ruby-talk:19002] How to optimize a Ruby program?
[ruby-talk:19003] IDE for Ruby
[ruby-talk:19019] RATS (was  Perl/Python/Ruby common backend (Perl6))
[ruby-talk:19025] 1.6/net errors (stack, igneof)
[ruby-talk:19026] YAWN Question (Your Annoying Wandering Newbie)
[ruby-talk:19032] Re: Perl/Python/Ruby common backend (Perl6), and benchmarks.
[ruby-talk:19043] SSL in Ruby?
[ruby-talk:19059] QNX port
[ruby-talk:19064] ANN: Code Amelioration Contest (presented by Ruby Conference 2001)
[ruby-talk:19067] "require" vs "execute"
[ruby-talk:19073] a+, a++, a+++, a++++, a+ ---, a + ***
[ruby-talk:19082] FXRuby on HPUX?
[ruby-talk:19085] Game prgogramming:(1) interface library
[ruby-talk:19086] Re: Code Amelioration Contest (presented by Ruby Conference 2001)
[ruby-talk:19088] graphic display