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^ Strange regexp behaviour in gsub
99879 [kristof vlee] "bab".gsub(/(?!a)ab/, "cd")
99880 [vjoel PATH.B] I think /(?!a)ab/ can't match anything. It's saying that the first
99881 [kristof vlee] Yes, that would clarify the situation, but is it the correct
+ 99884 [flgr ccan.de] I think that it's the intended behavior. Just use /(?!a).b/ if you want
| + 99891 [kristof vlee] You are right, I looked it up in the manual, and there it was.  The
| | + 99895 [dblack wobbl] /a\W*b/  # a + zero or more non-\w + b
| | | 99902 [vjoel PATH.B] /a\W*b/ =~ "a%xb"
| | | 99931 [dblack wobbl] Whoops :-)
| | + 99911 [bob.news gmx] "Kristof Bastiaensen" <kristof@vleeuwen.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 99909 [bob.news gmx] "Florian Gross" <flgr@ccan.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 100118 [nobu.nokada ] Ruby 1.9 (Oniguruma) has look-behind feature.
|   + 100127 [kristof vlee] Great!
|   + 100389 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
|     100390 [neoneye adsl] oniguruma doesn't like your questionmark
+ 99888 [dblack wobbl] /(?!a)/ doesn't match or consume any character; it refers to the state

^ Testing ability to post replies using OE newsreader
99886 [NoOne Nowher] Please ignore this reply.  I'm just testing whether I can post a reply and

^ Re:
99887 [assaph avaya] I am looking at versioning of objects. Objects comprise of valuetype

^ Ruby on AIX 4.3.3
99889 [matt technor] I just built Ruby 1.8.1 on an AIX 4.3.3 box using gcc.  When I try to run
99897 [discord mac.] Socket is a C extension; I would strongly suspect that it failed to
99899 [matt technor] ]/usr/src/ruby-1.8.1/ext/socket > ruby extconf.rb
99904 [zdodson zdod] I think it will be necessary to link with libbsd.a to use the BSD
99906 [matt technor] I've been poking through the configure scripts and I really have no clue
+ 99907 [zdodson zdod] Try invoking configure this way (untested --- I do not have access
| 99908 [matt technor] Well, I tried.  It didn't work.
+ 100168 [jos catnook.] It used to be sufficient (back in the AIX 3 days) to invoke configure like
  100209 [matt technor] It doesn't seem to.  The problem looks to be somewhere in the configure
  100371 [jos catnook.] Unfortunately I don't have access to an AIX box or I would investigate. That

^ popen3 on windows
99892 [vjoel PATH.B] What's the status of popen3 on windows?
99938 [phasis bclin] The Ruby 1.8.1-13 installer was compiled with MS VC++ 7.x.
+ 99939 [sdate everes] Park,
| 99942 [phasis bclin] /ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-mswin32 -I.  -I. -I./.. -I./../missing -c -Tcwin32_p
| 99943 [sdate everes] That worked !
+ 99982 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks!
+ 100179 [vjoel PATH.B] Good to know that. I've downloaded the free compiler tools from MS so I
  + 100217 [dooby d10.ka] It'll be the generated Makefile that gives .so as file extension.
  + 100218 [nobu.nokada ] Because nothing is prefixed to library files on Windows

^ [ANN] win32-process 0.2.0
99893 [djberg96 hot] The Win32 Utils Team is happy to announce the release of win32-process

^ wikiwiki  and authentication
99898 [jm transact.] Looking a ruwiki (and others) it seems there is a great range of wikis
+ 99901 [chadfowler g] I couldn't resist...isn't it *good* to lack a problem? ;)
| + 99903 [aredridel nb] Agreed -- such modules are stable and robust. No need to re-invent the
| + 99905 [jm transact.] If only it was that simple, it's not a straight this-person has access.
|   103904 [nick activeh] Its a hack, but if the wiki has meaningul urls, you can use webserver
+ 99918 [wsdngtmp onl] But as they are many feature rich and fast wikis around which are
  99940 [Austin.Ziegl] At this point, Ruwiki supports no authentication mechanism at all. This
  100235 [jm transact.] In that case can I suggest two more features to add,
  100286 [Austin.Ziegl] Two things: can you add these to the project trackers on RubyForge? I'll
  100491 [jm transact.] Have entered this into the feature requests section.

^ Pure Ruby FastCGI performance bug?
99910 [rubyzbibd ub] I have noticed that, when using the pure Ruby implementation of
+ 99951 [aredridel nb] Hm. I'm seeing this too. I'd had enough network issues this week to
+ 120854 [rubyzbibd ub] This is a reply to a post I made long ago from
  120905 [aredridel gm] It's defintately an improvement, but I'm still seeing a hang at the

^ Re: String#unpack and null-terminated strings
99923 [nobu.nokada ] What about 1.8?
100061 [matz ruby-la] Hmm.  Go ahead.  I now think it's the only reasonable behavior for "Z"
100067 [dooby d10.ka] Thanks, Matz.

^ xml-beginner
99924 [udlduz chell] i use rexml on ruby 1.8
99927 [messju lammf] element.elements["datum"].text gives you the first child text-element.

^ Re: how can I add the iconv extension to Ruby?
99925 [nobu.nokada ] Wasn't this posted already?

^ Recommendations (Ruby making my head swim)
99945 [rhodes553 ho] I recently bought "Programming Ruby" and set out to learn the language
+ 99946 [gsinclair so] There are a couple of tutorials around.  I suggest you grab the
| 99952 [jim freeze.o] Yes, the 21 Days books is probably your best bet for a soft
| 99956 [rhodes553 ho] Interesting. I was turned off by the title, but after browsing through
+ 99949 [kristof vlee] There is a nice tutorial for nonprogrammers at
| + 99954 [erik terpnet] Skimming through this tutorial will give you a good understanding to
| + 99989 [carl youngbl] This brings up what I think is currently somewhat of a gap in the
| + 100055 [cpine hellot] I'll second that!  :)  My goal was actually to write a tutorial covering everything up to "Programming Ruby", sort of an unofficial prelude, so it might be exactly what you're looking for.
|   100066 [DocBoobenste] 8< ----- snip -----
|   100096 [kristof vlee] I agree completely.  I find it always annoying when you open a book about
+ 99957 [hal9000 hype] _Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days_ is a good book. Admittedly that series
+ 99998 [ptkwt aracne] Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
+ 101164 [cjh-nospam n] I have Meyer on the shelf here and although it *is* quite a bit to

^ [OT] Re: safe eval?
99959 [hal9000 hype] This comment is twice as scary coming from a .gov email address. :)
+ 99962 [guslist free] Convince INRA to organize and sponsor the next European Ruby Conf and
+ 99968 [ahoward fatt] and the suit is just back from the dry cleaners...  now where are my

^ PStore vs. YAML::Store
99960 [Ara.T.Howard] is there anything that can be done to improve this?  i'd like to use yaml for
99963 [ruby-talk wh] First off, you aren't performing just a straight 'load' in the second of
99969 [ahoward fatt] yeah - i know that - i just wanted to test under actual usage scenario, which
+ 99981 [khaines enig] Ara, I'm working on something similar right now, using a different
| 100012 [ahoward fatt] that's too funny -  i was just out running and thinking of __exactly__ this
| 100028 [khaines enig] That's one problem that I, thankfully, do not have.  Given that environment,
+ 99987 [ruby-talk wh] Yeah.  I want Syck to be running in the vicinity of 1/3 of Marshal's

^ Major Addition Bug?
99966 [sean celsoft] raise "false" if ((625.91 + 900.00 + 22.00) != 1547.91)
99967 [decoux moulo] Well, this is well known
+ 99970 [sean celsoft] double-checked the arithmetic from a different app.  I have code all over
| + 99972 [jim freeze.o] jfn@juno 124 /home/jfn/tmp > cat n.c
| | 99976 [sean celsoft] I don't expect a script language to have those same rounding problems, so I
| + 99973 [decoux moulo] Guy Decoux
| + 99974 [dave pragpro] It's about 40 years old, and unlikely to be fixed. Floating point
| | 99979 [sean celsoft] Funny though, if I set a variable to 1547.91 exactly, it is represented just
| | + 99985 [ljz asfast.c] Even the value 1547.91 might not be stored exactly as that value in its
| | | 99986 [sean celsoft] This is absolutely true; I've never taken any computer class, so I completely
| | | 99994 [ljz asfast.c] One way that we were taught to do floating point comparisons is
| | + 99995 [discord mac.] just a point here... floats are just one binary integer times two to
| | | 100084 [quixoticsyco] Just a nitpick: this should be
| | | 100152 [discord mac.] yeah, yeah... :) I realized when I read someone else's version of it
| | + 100019 [jwkenne attg] No it isn't.
| |   100021 [sean celsoft] I will go so far as to have a stern talk with Herbert C. Schildt for not
| + 99977 [mneumann nte] Try the same in Python. It's the same.
| + 99978 [jgb3 email.b] For what its worth, it appears (on my box, at least) that perl and
| + 99980 [ljz asfast.c] In 1969 I took a course called Introduction to Computer Programming.  In
| | 100020 [jwkenne attg] Careful.  Decimal floating point is not, per se, a contradiction in
| + 99983 [ahoward fatt] i'd say no time soon unless ruby decides to implement it's own floating point
| + 100006 [hal9000 hype] Offhand I'd say this bug dates back to the 1940s, and isn't
|   + 100007 [mkhan lextra] I guess, you guys are missing the point,
|   | + 100013 [hal9000 hype] Only if you build a computer that works in decimal. In binary,
|   | | 100015 [guslist free] Well, my HP48 calculator's processor is able to do math in binary or
|   | | + 100017 [sean celsoft] Sort of makes me wonder if someone somewhere doesn't make a replacement FPU
|   | | | + 100018 [Austin.Ziegl] The point has not been missed at all. This is something that cannot be
|   | | | + 100053 [ljz asfast.c] Well, the IBM mainframes from the 1960's had decimal arithmetic hardware
|   | | | | + 100054 [vjoel PATH.B] IIRC, 68K arch has ABCD ("Add Binary-Coded Decimal") and friends.
|   | | | | | 100072 [jwkenne attg] Intel has some decimal-assist instructions, too, but I understand they
|   | | | | + 100060 [cyclists nc.] You bet. In Big Iron world nothing ever dies.
|   | | | | + 100071 [jwkenne attg] Yes.  The zSeries, following the S/390, following the S/370, continues
|   | | | + 100069 [jwkenne attg] First, because it takes more memory (or gives less precision), and is
|   | | + 100026 [Stephan.Kaem] I wish it did, too. A cool thing the HP48.
|   | + 100035 [discord mac.] Oh, but you can! you just need to choose an appropriate radix. Radix 30
|   + 100023 [Stephan.Kaem] irb(main):001:0> 1/3
|   + 100046 [NOSPAM keepy] Exactly. Has anyone ever tried to write 1.1 in binary? Tell me when you've
|   + 100099 [ambrus math.] No. I'd rather think this is not the problem. The problem is
|     + 100142 [Austin.Ziegl] class Float
|     + 100166 [vjoel PATH.B] Should 'ruby -W2' warn on use of Float#== ?
|       100169 [ambrus math.] No. Certainly not.
|       100197 [quixoticsyco] The reason I made epsilon explicit is not only for the phrasing: I did
|       100338 [ambrus math.] Why not do interval arithmetics?  Of course, you can't implement that in pure
+ 99991 [ptkwt aracne] I'm not sure how well known this is.  Is it well known as being a problem
  + 99992 [david loudth] Don't use floats for financial figures. Use a Money object, such as the
  + 99997 [ptkwt aracne] Probably the easiest workaround is not to use '==' or '!=' to compare
  + 100000 [Mike DeleteT] Financial calculations aren't done in floating point. There are various
  + 100001 [ljz asfast.c] I have been programming for 35 years, and during this time, I keep
  + 100010 [aredridel nb] Short answer: use rational numbers -- slower, but works.
    100016 [sean celsoft] It's great to get some validation on some of my ancient rounding problems.  It

^ Grab on TkToplevel window
99993 [tveiga veiga] I'm using Tk for the first time and had this problem that I cannot
100073 [nagai ai.kyu] Probably there are two effective ways.
100165 [tveiga veiga] Worked, thanks a lot.

^ Big ruby-talk milestone coming up soon...
99996 [ptkwt aracne] Anybody else notice that it will most likely happen today?
100004 [ptkwt aracne] Just to clarify, that would be the 100,000th post milestone.

^ Rite Implementation Idea
99999 [segphault sb] I just finished reading about Rite (thx to Mark for bringing it to my
+ 100002 [discord mac.] I think Matz is pretty much dead set on writing his own VM. He says,
+ 100057 [phubuh phubu] OCaml's VM is very quick indeed.  But it's quick for OCaml code, and

^ X-Mail-Count: 100000 [RE: Major Addition Bug?]
100003 [Austin.Ziegl] Ruby-talk has now reached 100,000 messages :)

^ Re: Major Addition Bug? (We have a winner!)
100008 [ptkwt aracne] This seems to be the 100,000th post to Ruby-talk (at least the English
+ 100027 [surrender_it] damn, I got distracted by my brother or I would have been the one!
| 100029 [vjoel PATH.B] It's ironic that the 100_000th post was in a discussion of decimal
| 100031 [hal9000 hype] If memory serves me, #12345 was an announcement that the numbers would
+ 100042 [Mike DeleteT] Cool! And it was my *first* post to the group.
  100085 [rasputnik he] You're The One.

^ [OT] Re: Major Addition Bug?
100011 [hal9000 hype] I don't know Sean's situation or background, but let me point out that

^ Currency class (was Major Addition Bug?)
100030 [carl youngbl] This got me thinking.  It would be really cool to have a currency class
100038 [discord mac.] Current currency exchange rates, from the IMF. In CSV form. Averaged
100045 [dhtapp see_s] Interesting...I just had a look at this link, as well as its
100047 [dhtapp see_s] Never mind; I just read the notes..."official" rounding is 6 significant

^ are there any ruby IDEs?
100032 [segphault sb] I use vim most of the time, but i'm curious if there are any
+ 100033 [thomas_adam1] Freeride - http://freeride.rubyforge.org/
+ 100034 [Stephan.Kaem] There's FreeRIDE ( http://rubyforge.org/projects/freeride/ ) and
| 100133 [just-for-new] You recommend FreeRIDE?
| + 100135 [curt hibbs.c] Did you report your crash? What operating system were you running?
| + 100148 [Stephan.Kaem] Would I? Good question indeed. I would prefer to use some Open Source
|   + 100158 [kristof vlee] What about (X)emacs ?  It supports Ruby fairly well, and it
|   | 100171 [Ruben.Vandeg] I use Emacs for Ruby programming.. and programming in general, and for
|   | 100190 [kristof vlee] That's interesting, I will also take a look at it.
|   | + 100277 [Ruben.Vandeg] Do you know http://www.emacswiki.org ?  You can find a lot of
|   | | 100285 [kristof vlee] Thanks, I will take a look at it.  The problem is that there
|   | | 100600 [Ruben.Vandeg] I agree, I find it quite annoying too, but i don't know a way around
|   | + 100360 [cc1 cec.wust] There is code somewhere on the rubygarden wiki for executing a range of
|   | + 100921 [g_ogata optu] C-a -- beginning-of-line
|   + 100159 [zdennis mkte] I use Crimson Editor. http://www.crimsoneditor.com . I like it thus far!
+ 100037 [se hexatex.d] Have a look at the beta of Arachno Ruby IDE at www.scriptolutions.com. I
| + 100090 [unet01 radio] very impressive! After installation it just keeps crashing ... :-(
| | 100108 [surrender_it] send a pr about it. It is stable on my winxp box
| | 100112 [unet01 radio] Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version
| | + 100117 [robertm spel] When you installed it, did you let it set you Paths? (I think its the
| | + 100128 [se hexatex.d] Keep in mind that it is a very early test version so this is expected.
| | + 101630 [llothar web.] i'm back from my holiday and started working again today.
| + 100426 [segphault sb] Arachno looks intriguing, and the web site *says* it will run on linux,
|   100433 [se hexatex.d] Just wait a couple of days until Lothar comes back from his vacation. In
+ 100049 [gsinclair so] See http://vim-ruby.rubyforge.org.
| + 100050 [nick.faiz ce] Apparently there's an ruby plugin for Eclipse, also, depending on what tools
| + 100059 [segphault sb] Most of this is pretty grotesque, but it works relatively well. I wanted
| + 100695 [vor_lord NOS] I noticed that 6.3a did not have updated files (all of my indentation
+ 100077 [surrender_it] ruby development tool is an eclipse plugin
| 100126 [curt hibbs.c] FreeRIDE also has an integrated debugger.
| + 100129 [lagi yasoo.c] # help
| + 100130 [curt hibbs.c] ...
+ 100103 [burtdav hotm] I did a bit of a look-around for an answer to this question a while ago, and
| 100110 [unet01 radio] For me the winner is: RDE!
| 100111 [thomas_adam1] Call me old-fashined but 'gvim' does quite nicely.
+ 100405 [bighead user] OMG OMG OMG! You guys forgot the most fun filled editor for Ruby!

^ Re: REXML bug?
100039 [ser germane-] Yeah, I haven't had time to work in it.  I got married this weekend
100208 [kwa kuwata-l] Congratulations!
100451 [ser germane-] Thanks!

^ Re: [OT]Is Ruby Top 1 of Programming Languages that are Loved?
100041 [ser germane-] Assertions are good, and useful, but they require a lot of extra
+ 100044 [billk cts.co] Why does that somehow sound in violation of at least one of the
| 100144 [ser germane-] It requires a lot of effort on the part of the person implementing the
| 100201 [surrender_it] yet, ocaml is OO and can do type inference anyway. In the end we don't
| 100207 [ser germane-] Sorry.  I didn't mean to imply that you can't do type inference with OO
+ 100048 [gsinclair so] So, Sean, what kind of type checking would you like to see in Ruby?
  100076 [surrender_it] static automagic interface inference :))

^ 100000th ruby-talk post!
100051 [dblack wobbl] And the winner is.... Michael Geary.  Congratulations, and welcome to
+ 100052 [dblack wobbl] I see that this was already commemorated in another thread.  How can
| 100092 [Stephan.Kaem] Some lines of Ruby should do, I think.
| 100138 [probertm nor] it's
+ 100065 [Mike DeleteT] David Alan Black
  100075 [Mike DeleteT] back in 1989.