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^ Re: [ANN] Why Ruby? -- A Resource for Promoting Ruby
99800 [surrender_it] 'well known' sounds hard :/
99912 [lists zara.6] Here's an idea. How about a wiki for Wanted/Requested Libraries?
99913 [neoneye adsl] Ok idea.
99919 [surrender_it] it would be nice :)
+ 99936 [curt hibbs.c] Yes, just posting this to the ruby-talk ML would be too fleeting and easily
+ 99965 [paul vudmask] Would'nt it be neat for that to be built into raa - ability to comment .

^ Re: redcloth and dynamic content
99801 [itsme213 hot] Will I be able to author the friendly approx equivalent of

^ Re: in search of a compelling reason to use ruby....
99802 [segphault sb] I just wanted to thank everybody for the great responses. After going
+ 99803 [se hexatex.d] Hphew. That was fast and easy, wasn't it? Glad you found solutions to
+ 99812 [jamesUNDERBA] You're welcome.
  99817 [segphault sb] I've been taking a lot of notes while learning ruby, comparing the ruby
  + 99822 [surrender_it] Hope you'll have fun using ruby :)
  + 99824 [burtdav hotm] Sounds to me like you might have a great contribution to make to
  + 99858 [ptkwt aracne] Wear asbestos clothing that day ;-)
    99964 [segphault sb] I've learned quite a bit more ruby, and i've ported a bit of python code
    + 99975 [discord mac.] I agree that there should be some flexible namespace mechanism to help
    + 99990 [surrender_it] In ruby there are a lot of Enumerable functions, not array's :)
    | + 100014 [segphault sb] Its not so much that their names are strange, its the fact that they exist
    | | 100086 [bob.news gmx] "Ryan Paul" <segphault@sbcglobal.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    | | 100088 [gsinclair so] How is this simpler than
    | | 100091 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Sinclair" <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    | | 100105 [kristof vlee] require "enumerator"
    | + 100024 [linse428 stu] There are a really really nice name for it out there.
    |   100025 [vjoel PATH.B] accumulate might be a better name, but it's too loooong.
    + 100056 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, that is an interesting comment about the corporate use of Ruby.
    + 100089 [bob.news gmx] "Ryan Paul" <segphault@sbcglobal.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [OT] cmd.exe & ANSI colour (was Re: [OT]Is Ruby Top 1 ...)
99804 [dooby d10.ka] Babelfish agrees, mainly.
99844 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you for that, I'll explore those further.

^ Re: vim and make
99805 [sroberts uni] The make features are pretty cool for running unit tests... but only

^ Re: OT Re: vim and make
99806 [sroberts uni] ruby -w -I. my_test.rb

^ Re: Unique Object for Each source file
99807 [assaph avaya] That might break a lot of scripts. If I do a top level include that's

^ Question regarding rb_include_module
99808 [djberg96 hot] Ruby 1.8.1
+ 99809 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I'm not much on C extensions. But did you try adding it to Kernel
| 99861 [djberg96 hot] I tried that first, actually, but it doesn't work.  Upon further
+ 99814 [dooby d10.ka] rb_define_global_function("fork", process_fork, 0)
+ 100109 [nobu.nokada ] This defines instance method, but followings do singletons.
+ 100199 [dooby d10.ka] In your example, you define fork as an instance method.
  + 100205 [dooby d10.ka] Oops, sorry.  I see Nobu has answered.
  + 100236 [djberg96 hot] I'm confused then (and I'm tired as I'm writing this).  In Ruby's
    100266 [dooby d10.ka] Confusion is contagious :-)
    100270 [nobu.nokada ] #ifdef HAVE_FORK

^ [OT] in search of a compelling reason to use ruby....
99810 [assaph avaya] 20,000
99811 [assaph avaya] list

^ Re: [ANN] Ruby Installer for Windows 1.8.1-13 final
99813 [vjoel PATH.B] Three things don't seem right...

^ crash using latest ruby-1.9.0 snapshots, FXRuby
99815 [vjoel PATH.B] Anyone else see this? FXRuby's glviewer.rb example crashes with two
100115 [nobu.nokada ] The slight change on ruby.h at 2004-03-10 is very significant
100174 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, Nobu, I think that was it. I had rebuilt FXRuby, and the problem

^ [OT] Web, Cookies and Sessions
99816 [sdmitry lrn.] I know that subject that i'm going to talk about is OT here, but i have no idea
99841 [khaines enig] I don't think there's any magic other than trying to deliver a cookie when
99867 [emschwar pob] You can get a bit sneaky, if you're willing to trust your users a
99894 [sdmitry lrn.] This is it! :-)
99932 [beast system] You can't trust HTTP_REFERER either, some 'security software' diables
99971 [sdmitry lrn.] Well, I don't think it's _that_ important.
99988 [beast system] I wasn't thinking about security, just how it will fail. If someone

^ Re: RCR Suggestion: Binding#eval
99818 [jean_hugues_] For sure the Binding class would deserve some methods, it has
99820 [assaph avaya] created
99821 [jean_hugues_] I could not agree more ! I have been missing that feature a lot and

^ Re: My favorite RCRs...
99819 [jean_hugues_] About the need to register before posts at www.rcarchive.com

^ Re: What so special about PostgreSQL and other RDBMS?
99823 [quirk syntac] And what was your reply?
+ 99831 [quirk syntac] What cold comfort that is. I would prefer the right to make my
| + 99832 [quirk syntac] Yup. That's actualy an understatement. Those who insist on playing
| | 99833 [quirk syntac] My name is Dmytri Kleiner, you could have easily found that out with a
| | 99873 [sommar algon] Our customers seems to be quite satisfied with our system.
| | 99915 [quirk syntac] sufficient quality to keep your customers satisfied.
| | + 99929 [stevesusenet] What database does Google use?
| | | + 99933 [blthecat ckd] <6f8cb8c9.0405120252.6f31f716@posting.google.com> from Steve contained
| | | + 99935 [volker.hetze] "Steve" <stevesusenet@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:6f8cb8c9.0405120252.6f31f716@posting.google.com...
| | | + 99953 [aredridel nb] Random access memory.
| | + 100070 [mooregr_dele] I'm curious about this terrible OS you refer to.  I know the one I use is
| |   100114 [quirk syntac] Eeek. Someone actually wants me to discuss Windows.
| |   100225 [mooregr_dele] message news:<0wBoc.183156$M3.141910@twister.nyroc.rr.com>...
| |   + 100248 [newsgroup1 g] _Short Summary_
| |   | + 100289 [quirk syntac] [comp.databases.ms-sqlserver group removed]
| |   | | 100359 [newsgroup1 g] Part of the beauty of SQL is that there are standards which if you try and stick
| |   | + 100367 [damorgan x.w] Interesting list ... Speed and extras. Not one would be on my list
| |   | + 101235 [gavin refine] FWIW, although I have no first-hand experience to support this,
| |   + 100301 [quirk syntac] [comp.databases.ms-sqlserver removed]
| + 99934 [volker.hetze] "Quirk" <quirk@syntac.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:4e20d3f.0405110143.3fba4756@posting.google.com...
|   100022 [quirk syntac] Your argument, as usual, is that I should just believe you, not
|   100547 [volker.hetze] "Quirk" <quirk@syntac.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:4e20d3f.0405121205.4c9ac7e8@posting.google.com...
|   100714 [quirk syntac] [comp.databases.ms-sqlserver removed]
|   + 100716 [hjr dizwell.] [snip to cut to the chase]
|   | 100767 [quirk syntac] Hmm. Ok, well, first let me say I am in favour of the Open Source
|   | 100782 [galenboyer h] But then, that application vendor needs to have multiple code
|   + 100805 [wizofoz2k ya] <nit-picking>
|   | 100819 [doug.blot.hu] Guys, Guys....
|   | + 100930 [niall.litchf] acrimony.
|   | | 101043 [quirk syntac] Thanks Nick,  your alternative propositions are much clearer than the
|   | | 101259 [niall.litchf] Last time I looked my name was Niall, but then its only in my email address
|   | | + 101268 [doug.blot.hu] database
|   | | + 101316 [quirk syntac] Sorry Niall.
|   | |   + 101342 [kennedy-down] single
|   | |   | 101393 [quirk syntac] Seems contradictory, I assume you mean there are _somtimes_ better
|   | |   + 101372 [galenboyer h] I fail to understand how this has anything to do with whether you
|   | |     101444 [quirk syntac] I made four suggestions in my original post in this thread. One
|   | + 101041 [quirk syntac] Thanks Doug, it's nice to know that there are one or two actual
|   |   101055 [wizofoz2k ya] It's a pity that you have considered my reply as that of a zealot.
|   |   101187 [quirk syntac] Sorry if you thought I was refering to you specificly, rather I was
|   |   101218 [pagesflames ] Sorry for interrupting your flame, but I must step in. This statement
|   |   101323 [quirk syntac] Dusan, phrases like 'simply not true' and 'in fact' must be based on
|   + 101023 [volker.hetze] "Quirk" <quirk@syntac.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:4e20d3f.0405190205.416ed0ce@posting.google.com...
+ 99930 [volker.hetze] "Quirk" <quirk@syntac.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:4e20d3f.0405110058.684e5968@posting.google.com...
| + 100113 [xlucid users] You are unlikely to be locked-in to purchase decision for your
| | 100548 [volker.hetze] "Gawnsoft" <xlucid@users.sourceforge.remove.this.antispam.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 100717 [quirk syntac] [Oracle and Sybase groups removed]
|   + 100813 [joel-garry h] Actually, I have seen both small and medium sized software companies
|   + 100938 [joel-garry h] [cdos put back in for those not using google to say that]
+ 100036 [joel-garry h] As someone who has profited greatly from this, I must point out that

^ [Q] Array.new - strange behavior
99825 [unet01 radio] dear rubyists,
+ 99826 [assaph avaya] foo = Array.new(3) {Array.new}
+ 99829 [DocBoobenste] I think I had a similar problem when I started with Ruby (coming from
+ 99830 [surrender_it] yes, it's the normal behaviour.
+ 99836 [bob.news gmx] "E.-R. Bruecklmeier" <unet01@radio-eriwan.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Re: TkComposite Fix
99827 [nagai ai.kyu] On the latest CVS, TkComposite class is in tk/composite.rb.
99828 [nagai ai.kyu] TkComposite module

^ Re: safe eval?
99834 [decoux moulo] svg% cat b.rb
99863 [flgr ccan.de] Heh, good one. Thanks for pointing this out.
99941 [decoux moulo] I really don't know if I must post this :-(
+ 99958 [ahoward fatt] yes, you must!
+ 99961 [guslist free] You are evil :)
+ 99984 [flgr ccan.de] Heh, I don't actually regard this one as a bug of safe(), but more as
  100095 [decoux moulo] Well, it's not really important for me : I was just able to run code not
  100141 [guslist free] What happens exactly when you set $SAFE with value greater than 4? Does
  100143 [decoux moulo] Nothing special
  100153 [ahoward fatt] 000c => 4000 ... what's the point?
  100260 [decoux moulo] and there is something worst : imagine that I want to introduce a back-door

^ Re: RCR: Unique Object for Each source file
99835 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
99838 [guslist free] def load(file, wrap=false)
99840 [bob.news gmx] "Guillaume Marcais" <guslist@free.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
100106 [nobu.nokada ] Loaded file is evaluated in its context, not in loader's

^ UDP socket
99837 [peefh wanado] I'm looking for the source code of any existing and running program whitch
99875 [billk cts.co] UDP_RECV_TIMEOUT = 3  # seconds
100009 [Peefh.AVIRER] Yes! Why didn't I remember this select command? :/

^ Re: DRb Connection Closed Error?!?!?!?
99839 [dooby d10.ka] Knowledge of that could make a considerable difference ;-)

^ Re: What do you use Ruby for?
99842 [vladare yaho] I used ruby to write a programs helped do my work. I am ported to Ruby
99914 [wsdngtmp onl] It might be easier to start with if there are no Smalltalkers around
99926 [glenn_m_smit] Well in the interest of learning Ruby and keeping up the momentum of
+ 99928 [bob.news gmx] "Glenn" <glenn_m_smith@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 99947 [glenn_m_smit] What's changed is that I'm using actively trying to use Ruby as much
+ 99948 [tom infoethe] <subliminal>

^ GetoptLong order of options
99843 [milo.thursto] I've just started trying out ruby, having been using perl, and
99846 [bob.news gmx] "Milo Thurston" <milo.thurston@bioinf.ceh.ac.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
99921 [milo.thursto] Thanks, I'll try that out.
99922 [bob.news gmx] "Milo Thurston" <milo.thurston@bioinf.ceh.ac.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Re: Code Conventions for Ruby
99845 [burtdav hotm] TMTOWTDI
99876 [dblack wobbl] But even in Perl, whose motto that is, that doesn't mean everything is

^ (none)
99847 [rohitlodha h] I am looking at versioning of objects. Objects comprise of valuetype

^ Iowa & FastCGI; test help?
99848 [khaines enig] Is there someone out there in RubyLand who uses FCGI who would be willing to
+ 99896 [sdmitry lrn.] I will, just mail me privately :)
+ 99950 [aredridel nb] I would. I've been eyeing Iowa a lot lately, but FCGI is the only

^ REXML code no longer works
99849 [srubin fsisy] Ok,
+ 100040 [ser germane-] Yikes!  This is not good.  Can you tell me which version you WERE
| 100149 [srubin fsisy] Ok, the version of REXML that is included in the stable
+ 100156 [ser germane-] Scott,
+ 100450 [ser germane-] I've applied Kou's patch, since it is as good as any.

^ Break points IN ruby code?
99850 [kenosis comc] I've been having trouble setting break points in certain ruby constructs
+ 99853 [Ephaeton gmx] Finally a(nother) good use for a continuation :)
| + 99865 [kenosis comc] Ok, clue me in.  What pray-tell is a "continuation"??? :)
| | 99866 [msparshatt y] This was recently discussed on this mailing list. If you search the
| + 100173 [kenosis comc] Can you please elaborate?  The docs on continuation/callcc are pretty
+ 99870 [kenosis comc] More precisely, break points set in certain constructs fail to be triggered,

^ SciTE and Scintilla
99851 [eule space.c] I have updated my website with a new version of the Scintilla editing
100250 [sdmitry lrn.] Great job, but is it possible to use your changes to Scintilla in other projects, like FreeRIDE?
100281 [curt hibbs.c] FYI -- FreeRIDE already has code-folding enabled in its Scintilla based edit
100287 [rich infoeth] Right, so if you have Scintilla compiled in with this Ruby lexer then I

^ Re: versioned objects
99852 [Austin.Ziegl] You may want to check out Transaction::Simple to see if that covers your
99868 [rohitlodha h] Sorry for goofing up with subject. But you could read my mind for the

^ Proposal: Object#send(nil) -> self
99854 [gsinclair so] A quick one.  I see some sense in Object#send accepting 'nil' as the
+ 99855 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Sinclair" <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 99882 [gsinclair so] Of course there are plenty of alternatives, but that one (and the one
+ 99859 [vjoel PATH.B] What about something like this (untested)?
+ 99862 [itsme213 hot] Perhaps ... see http://rcrchive.net/rcr/RCR/RCR249
| 100079 [dooby d10.ka] Just looked (and voted in favour) assuming that what
| 100080 [hal9000 hype] I'm not entirely sure I see a need for it, but I don't
| 100083 [gsinclair so] class Object
| + 100102 [nobu.nokada ] "self" is a keyword, so it cannot be a method name unless
| | 100140 [Austin.Ziegl] What about #myself? I'm still not convinced on the need for an identity
| + 100145 [hal9000 hype] Excellent points. :)
+ 99872 [discord mac.] While the example seems *somewhat* contrived :) , I can see situations
+ 99874 [dblack wobbl] I don't like the special-case nature of this.  I believe send should
  99883 [gsinclair so] I (generally) don't like special cases either, but this doesn't strike
  99885 [dblack wobbl] I would say "no message" is a very special case of "a message" :-)
  99900 [gsinclair so] OK, I can't argue with that :)
  + 99917 [wsdngtmp onl] If you really need a method returning self, please name it #yourself.
  | 99937 [Austin.Ziegl] I'll admit that I don't see a reason to have a no-message-message, but I
  + 99944 [itsme213 hot] It's a great paradigm, in the sense that the "identity" function is quite a
    99955 [hal9000 hype] Well, I can see that; but I don't accept the idea that nil should
    + 100005 [itsme213 hot] Nope, it was Gavin. And I was agreeing with Gavin (and you) that the
    + 100043 [gsinclair so] Original poster was me, and I accept that #self(nil) is unpopular, and
      100074 [dooby d10.ka] 'yourself' sux from reflexivity (I know what I mean :) but I think

^ [ANN] SQLite/Ruby 1.1
99856 [jgb3 email.b] SQLite/Ruby version 1.1 is now available.

^ Some pointers needed on FXRuby-based app
99857 [philrob HOLY] I'm teaching myself Ruby by way of building an application using
99860 [cribbsj oakw] Here's one shot at it...
99864 [philrob HOLY] Jamey Cribbs <cribbsj@oakwood.org> shot from the breach towards
99869 [cribbsj oakw] Try this...
99871 [philrob HOLY] Jamey Cribbs <cribbsj@oakwood.org> shot from the breach towards his

^ [ANN] SQLite/Ruby 1.1.1
99877 [jgb3 email.b] Sorry for the fast turn-around. Not even an hour after I release 1.1,

^ Problem with yaml and lines beginning with a colon
99878 [NOSPAM keepy] For some reason, yaml reads strings beginning with a colon as symbols
+ 99890 [ruby-talk wh] This is a bug in Ruby CVS.  Has been since Apr 3.  For now, you can
| 99920 [NOSPAM keepy] You remark helped me locate where strings with a leading colon
+ 100442 [ruby-talk wh] Just wanted to followup and say that this is fixed in CVS.  Symbol
  100465 [NOSPAM keepy] Good news.