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The Ruby Programming Language
9843 [maki@in c. o] In Amazon.com, there is `The Ruby Programming Language' page,
9844 [matz@ze ab t] Well, that date was by mistake I think.  I haven't sent the reviewed
+ 9875 [maki@in c. o] OK. I like to wait to publish Ruby books :-)
+ 9914 [fgeiger@da e] Can you give us at least an idea when it will be available? 12th of Feb,
  9917 [matz@ze ab t] Sorry, no clue.  Too busy these days.

Repository reorg.
9846 [knu@iD em ns] /ruby	-> /src

Linux Expo Paris 1/31-2/2
9847 [matz@ze ab t] I'm going to attend Linux Expo Paris.  I'm going to talk on February
+ 9868 [botp@de mo t] would love to, but, unfortunately, money is the problem ;-)
| 9870 [ben_tilly@ho] Dang.  I was vaguely hoping you would go to the one at the
| + 9892 [matz@ze ab t] Too bad.  I hope someday I'll be invited to the US conference.
| + 9894 [matju@ca .o ] Montr?al: Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) 2001
|   9899 [sol123@ms .c] ...
|   9905 [matz@ze ab t] I'm pretty sorry that I will be on the other side of the Atlantic.
+ 9909 [aseltine@su ] matz,
  9910 [gnhurst@hu s] I would like to see a Ruby conference organized here in the US, and
  + 9924 [dblack@ca dl] I think it would be great.
  + 9925 [jim@fr ez .o] Count me in.
    9932 [sol123@ms .c] ...

Re: Ruby 162 install problem solved
9852 [rerwig@my de] 5/../../../../inclu
9926 [g_l_h_kok@fb] I had the same message, when I had copied stuff from the 1.6.2.tar.gz -

IOWA/Trade manager
9867 [jilanik@ti .] I am developing, in my spare time, a database (InterBase) for e-commerce

9874 [MICHAEL.W.WI] After my previous message regarding my inability to 'require "socket"',
+ 9876 [aleksi.nieme] ...
| 9879 [decoux@mo lo] This is strange, I don't need LD_LIBRARY_PATH on 2.7
+ 9882 [mulperi@ik .] This means that socket.so is already "required".
  9883 [MICHAEL.W.WI] ...
  9885 [decoux@mo lo] Can you verify the permissions on *all* directories, i.e.
  9888 [MICHAEL.W.WI] ...

RE:  attr_accessor in base class
9880 [aleksi.nieme] I guess what you're after, but I have to say I was a bit lost too.

ruby and HERE docs
9895 [phillidNOSPA] does ruby have the concept of
9896 [dblack@ca dl] Yes.
9902 [phillidNOSPA] Very nice. Thanks for the speedy reply.

9903 [soit4u@pi em] unsubscribe soit4u@pisem.net

First quines in ruby?
9908 [schneik@us i] # Maybe you are familiar with the practice of writing programs that
9911 [dgjs@ac .o g] I don't think that the author chose _Goedel, Escher, Bach_ as his title
9947 [schneik@us i] # > #

ANN: AspectR 0.2
9919 [feldt@ce ch ] Avi Bryant and me joined forces and merged our two Aspect-oriented
+ 9920 [avi@be a4 co] Gee, Robert, how'd you know I tend to get stuff done at 3am?  I guess it's
| 9933 [hgs@dm .a .u] In the RAA there is reference to a homepage for this package, but the link
| + 9936 [feldt@ce ch ] Yes, AspectR is a very simple "subset" of AspectJ, but in Ruby of course!
| | 9955 [hgs@dm .a .u] Yes, that is much clearer. thank you.
| + 9942 [schuerig@ac ] The "canonical" starting point for AOP is
+ 9923 [avi@be a4 co] Robert,
  9927 [feldt@ce ch ] Avi,
  9943 [avi@be a4 co] I seem to remember finding something like -
  9950 [avi@be a4 co] Ok, well, if anyone's interested -
  9951 [Dave@Pr gm t] In my opinion, please keep it here.
  9954 [schneik@us i] # Ok, well, if anyone's interested - there's a cleaned up and
  9957 [gnhurst@hu s] I have lots going on, but I have not announcing anything yet

Ruby/Qt mailing-list
9928 [jens@ir -n t] It's hosted a Yahoo's mailing-list service, sorry

ANN: Ruby.Weblogs.Com
9929 [sp00fD@ya oo] Ruby.Weblogs.Com is a weblog site, devoted to news and discussion of

a newbie ?
9930 [Ralf.Jantsch] it might be a silly question ;-) anyway is it possible to Ruby sripts with
+ 9931 [feldt@ce ch ] What is WSH?
| + 9935 [marcbutler1@] with
| + 9940 [Ralf.Jantsch] W(indows S(cripting H(ost
+ 9941 [kjana@os xa ] I'm not a Winsows people so don't have enough knowledge but....

RubyUnit - running all unit tests
9934 [w.l.kleb@la ] so i have a directory full of classes and unit tests
+ 9962 [ale@cr ms n.] There's no tool, AFAIK, in RubyUnit for that. I guess there will be one
| 9969 [CQN02273@ni ] RubyUnit has runtest.rb.
+ 10135 [w.l.kleb@la ] ruby -e "Dir["*UT.rb"].each {|ut| require ut}

[totally OT]Re: First quines in ruby?
9937 [cold_mountai] last

which ruby ...?
9938 [kentda@st d.] I was reading some software magazine I grabbed off a shelf in boredom,
+ 9949 [schneik@us i] # I was reading some software magazine I grabbed off a shelf in
+ 9971 [matz@ze ab t] I've noticed two or three other Ruby languages (years later I decided
  9981 [schneiker@ju] It's too late now--despite all the other things called 'ruby' (gems,

Newbie telnet question
9939 [noel.rappin@] I've just started working with Ruby, and I'm getting some odd behavior... I

Questions about CGI
9944 [erne@po er a] After reading the pickaxe book, I have become confused.  I'm trying to use
+ 9945 [decoux@mo lo] The example given in cgi.rb is
+ 9946 [chrisg@ap li] Comments inlined below.

smallest non-zero number (and other limits)
9948 [w.l.kleb@la ] is there a ruby method which gives the smallest non-zero number
9952 [schneik@us i] # is there a ruby method which gives the smallest non-zero number like

Vim syntax files again.
9956 [hgs@dm .a .u] This may be more vim than Ruby, but
9958 [schneik@us i] # This may be more vim than Ruby, but
10065 [hgs@dm .a .u] I tried installing the newer file referenced there, and I still don't
+ 10067 [hipster@xs a] assuming vim 5.x and you have ruby.vim in ~/.vim
| 10075 [hgs@dm .a .u] vim 5.7 (gvim in fact) and my vim stuff lives in
| + 10077 [jim@fr ez .o] After you put ruby.vim into the syntax directory, you may want to try from
| | 10082 [hgs@dm .a .u] It said it could not read this file.
| | + 10083 [jim@fr ez .o] Oh, sorry. I forgot that I had to edit my ruby.vim file for gvim 5.6.
| | | 10087 [hgs@dm .a .u] It claims I am using gvim5.7.
| | + 10090 [behrends@cs ] That should be
| |   10093 [hgs@dm .a .u] Aha!  That was interesting!  This brought up things in colour.
| + 10088 [hipster@xs a] I'm terribly sorry. I was assuming a unix environment, too   :\
| | 10092 [hgs@dm .a .u] No problem, I use unix a lot but am trying to get this Win98 machine
| + 10089 [behrends@cs ] The critical variables here are $VIM and $VIMRUNTIME. You can display them
+ 10071 [neumann@s- i] Have you syntax-highlighting switched on?

Dynamically instantiating a class (with a string)
9959 [ptkwt@us r2 ] I know I could (and probably should) do this with some kind of a factory
+ 9960 [Dave@Pr gm t] eval classname
+ 9967 [ale@cr ms n.] I'd like to leave you with Dave's answer, but I don't like eval too
+ 9972 [matju@ca .o ] In Ruby, Classes are named by Constants (that is, constant references to

ruby and mysql
9961 [mjais@we .d ] I want to develop a short addressbook with ruby and mysql

Ruby/Tk -- Creating a class with Labels and Buttons that talk to each other
9963 [jfn@en er ct] [what I've done so far to try to solve the problem]

[SOLUTION] Re: Ruby/Tk -- Creating a class with Labels and Buttons that talk to each other
9968 [jfn@en er ct] Sorry to follow up on my own post, but a workable solution has been arrived
10055 [schneik@us i] # Sorry to follow up on my own post, but a workable solution has been

Ruby/Tk Newbie
9973 [takaoueda@my] It seems to me that "@root" in p. 157 , Programming Ruby is an error for

Windows bugs
9974 [crippel@pr m] Running the following snippet
+ 9977 [ale@cr ms n.] ruby 1.6.2 (2000-12-25) [i686-linux]
| 9996 [crippel@pr m] This same is true for cygwin/mingw32 ruby 1.7.0. However this bug
+ 9978 [matz@ze ab t] <code snip>

line continuation
9975 [ruby_david@h] can a ruby statement break into multiple lines?
9976 [neumann@s- i] Yes, if you have the Ruby-book see page 201.
9988 [harryo@zi wo] While it's nice that you can do this, can someone explain why it is
+ 9990 [hal9000@hy e] Well, for one thing, Ruby has no required statement terminator (semicolon).
+ 9991 [avi@be a4 co] Very simple - C++ and Java make you end every statement with a semicolon.
| 10002 [jtc@di en io] I think the answer is more complex than that and has to do with the
+ 9993 [dblack@ca dl] Because the code layout is, in many cases, the *only* information
+ 9995 [ale@cr ms n.] I guess this was already answered in other mails.
| 10007 [green@Fr eB ] I disagree with that, since it is in the style of functional programming to
| 10015 [  zak@al .c ] While I agree with you that there's a certain tendency to produce
| + 10017 [dblack@ca dl] I'm just curious -- do you make that distinction automatically (single
| | 10020 [Dave@Pr gm t] Not speaking for Aleksi, but it's a convention that I like. It seems
| | + 10023 [dblack@ca dl] I agree -- though I'm not to be trusted, as I also tend to like the
| | + 10025 [matju@ca .o ] Here's a reason not to do it. the | name, address | construct is not an
| |   10036 [aleksi.nieme] I guess they have some studies about these things, so it would be
| + 10024 [green@Fr eB ] You think so?  My eyes, when following it, are drawn to the periods and the
|   10145 [harryo@zi wo] Well, my simple question sparked a lot of discussion :-).  I should
+ 9997 [spcoltri@hr ] Because C++ and Java statements are terminated with a ; .

Sablot for XSLT processing
9979 [volkmann2@ho] I have Sablot installed and can run it successfully from the command line.
10016 [maki@in c. o] Did you install Ruby's Sablot module?  No error occured at that time?

Ruby refs on Slashdot
9980 [schneiker@ju] FYI. See the original for much better formatting and to see the links.
9982 [dblack@ca dl] I have to admit that I haven't kept up with the culture of slashdot,
+ 9983 [sent@qu li y] Slashdot typically has lots of posts from people
| 10003 [michael.carm] As one of those people (I read the slashdot article with the posts commenting
+ 9984 [ale@cr ms n.] I try to read the headlines occassionally, but it seems I'm missing too
| 9987 [dblack@ca dl] Yes -- I certainly don't dismiss everything he said; it's more that a
+ 9985 [elderburn@mi] It was Distaeli, I believe (could have been Gladstone, I get them mixed up) who
  + 9989 [dblack@ca dl] [interesting remarks on benchmarking snipped]
  | 9992 [hal9000@hy e] Hey, you don't think we'll have an M10K bug, do you?
  | 9994 [dblack@ca dl] I don't know, but I have a feeling we won't have to wait long to find
  + 9999 [green@Fr eB ] Wow, this is EXACTLY what my science fair project (don't laugh, mandatory
    10000 [ben_tilly@ho] Well then what is Ruby?
    10009 [dblack@ca dl] I didn't say that there isn't more than one way to do this or that in
    10027 [ben_tilly@ho] OK...
    10032 [dblack@ca dl] Yes -- which is why my comments were specifically about
    10052 [schneik@us i] # > The fact that Ruby was mentioned will get some
    + 10072 [nconway@kl m] I did -- not due to the Slashdot comments (which as you observed, are
    + 10108 [tarod@ho e. ] I read the article in Byte and meant to check it out but forgot.  /.

system command on Windows(Arrgghhh!)
9986 [ptkwt@us r2 ] I'm simply trying to run an app in a Dos window under Windows(98|NT|2K) -
10006 [phasis@ch nn] To remove system command or backticks problems on Windows,
10048 [ptkwt@us r2 ] (snipped all my whining  about system and backticks not working right on
+ 10069 [neumann@s- i] I've done that with a 1.4.6 version, see RAA under mswin32.
| 10111 [ptkwt@us r2 ] Actually, I need to get popen to work under Win98 as well.  What I'm
+ 10179 [andy@to ls e] I am currently wrapping up eban's cygwin distribution for the
  + 10186 [schneik@us i] # > In article <9504t2$4lp$1@b5nntp2.channeli.net>,
  + 10190 [ptkwt@us r2 ] So, I imagine that there were several ports of Perl for windows prior to
    10191 [andy@to ls e] Because the POSIX functionality is provided by the cygwin environment,

Thread synchronization
9998 [hal9000@hy e] My knowledge of threading in general is weak
10004 [marcbutler@a] [clipped]

Message #10000
10001 [hal9000@hy e] Congrats to Ben Tilly for posting the 10,000th
10029 [ben_tilly@ho] *shock*

exercise training program in ruby
10008 [tcovert@sa u] I'm hoping this helps someone, I learned a lot from doing it.
10010 [MICHAEL.W.WI] ...
10013 [tcovert@sa u] You should have some more options now. .tgz, which winzip can do. tar.bz2

OFFTOPIC (was Re:  Re: exercise training program in  ruby)
10011 [aseltine@su ] I hope I'm not way out of line, but Michael, you *need* to get a new
10014 [joe@vp p. et] ROTFLMAO.  :-)

Re: OFFTOPIC (was Re:  Re: exercise tra...
10012 [MICHAEL.W.WI] ...
10049 [schneik@us i] # # I hope I'm not way out of line, but Michael, you *need* to

Not yet released?
10019 [ase@cs au .d] Heyas.
10021 [Dave@Pr gm t] Amazon in the UK got really confused over this book. At various times

building Sablot extension module under Windows
10022 [volkmann2@ho] Can anyone tell me how I can build the Sablot extension module (XSLT

Loading/Unloading classes.
10026 [ase@cs au .d] Heyas.
10047 [matz@ze ab t] use load or eval to define classes; use remove_const to undefine them.
+ 10079 [ms@ia ta e. ] Could somebody show me a short working example? or tell me what's wrong
| 10084 [feldt@ce ch ] As Guy already pointed out its because remove_const is private. However
| 10094 [ms@ia ta e. ] Thanks. This is interesting because of some mobile agent work I've been
+ 10080 [decoux@mo lo] remove_const is a private method of Module

dynamic class creation question
10028 [dblack@ca dl] I'm trying to hone my skills at manipulating classes and methods.  The
+ 10045 [dblack@ca dl] You can use constants (courtesy of const_set()) to "talk" to a class
+ 10046 [matz@ze ab t] class FirstStage

Block formatting (was: line continuation)
10030 [sent@qu li y] And there's your reason. "Looks nice" is a good
10033 [lists.ruby-t] It might be helpful to remind readers that {} and do/end have
10034 [aleksi.nieme] I'm quite sure that we're talking about different emphasis people put to
10035 [sent@qu li y] True, but then as a rule I don't build complex

Re: GTK problems under Windows
10031 [sent@qu li y] Thanks for trying. I finally tried a WinNT box

dumb python-y question
10037 [johann@ph si] I'm a long-time python-head, just playing with Ruby for fun, and I was
+ 10038 [avi@be a4 co] class ObjMirror
+ 10039 [brk@je ko .c] Ruby has method_missing instead of __getattr__.
+ 10040 [neumann@s- i] There is "method_missing" which is called when a message is send to an object, which cannot handle it.
  10099 [johann@ph si] Neat!  Thanks, and thanks to everyone else who mentioned

Using cgi.rb in miniature server?
10041 [schuerig@ac ] I'm trying to write a simplistic server that's launched by inetd. From a
10070 [neumann@s- i] def serve(io)
10100 [schuerig@ac ] Thanks, I'm going to try it as soon as I recover from my XServer

slightly ot: editors (was Re: Learning Ruby)
10044 [avi@be a4 co] I'd actually recommend SciTE, from http://www.scintilla.org.  With a

Arity of methods without having instance?
10050 [feldt@ce ch ] In AspectR we would like to get the arity of methods of classes without
10051 [matz@ze ab t] c.instance_method(method).arity
10056 [feldt@ce ch ] Great, thanks! Would be great if we can work to cover these in the online
10107 [Dave@Pr gm t] I'm trying to keep a list at

difference between alias and alias_method
10053 [rpg@xs al .n] Is there a difference between these two pieces of code?  Is one of the
10054 [matz@ze ab t] alias is a statement, so that it's slightly faster than alias_method

Here documents and emacs ruby mode
10057 [feldt@ce ch ] when I use "here documents" in emacs in ruby mode

10058 [botp@de mo t] Could we set the subject NOT to include the thread #? In my mail client
10059 [phred@we l. ] I appreciate the post (not thread) numbering in ruby-talk as it helps
10060 [jens@ir -n t] Hehe ... I have written/coded most parts of my mail program
10061 [botp@de mo t] server side or client side? or both?
10062 [botp@de mo t] if you arrange the post by subject, how do you do it?
10064 [jens@ir -n t] client side ...
+ 10066 [botp@de mo t] ok jens.
| 10068 [jens@ir -n t] Mission Impossible ...
| 10095 [sent@qu li y] means I can control how it handles the subject.
| 10103 [jim@fr ez .o] Care to share that with the rest of us.  :)
| 10114 [botp@de mo t] no problem, Jens.
+ 10097 [matju@ca .o ] I don't know how PMC works but I guess that you can also keep the whole