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^ Video4Linux and Ruby
97145 [ehames vates] and found it great.
97198 [spyck lysato] For a small silly example see ruby-talk 94136

^ Re: [ANN] Instiki 0.5.0: IS there a step 2.5 :-) ?
97147 [itsme213 hot] in `mkdir': No such file or directory - C:/Documents and
+ 97157 [ptkwt aracne] There's no 'fork' function on Windows. Apparently it was added in 0.5.
| 97159 [surrender_it] the same goes for win32-mmap and win32-etc probably..
+ 97210 [nobu.nokada ] It seems wrong that instiki.rb defaults server_type to Daemon,
  97231 [david loudth] I just got a patch from Florian Gloss that does this properly. Checks

^ RubyInstaller for Windows [was: Instiki 0.5.0: IS there a step 2.5 :-) ?]
97165 [curt hibbs.c] I will add these suggestions to our feature request list.
97170 [surrender_it] hey, that's cool :)
97179 [curt hibbs.c] the RubyInstaller is now a RubyForge project, and you can download all of

^ Pokeing a snake up my vagina  3057
97166 [june vf.shaw] I have posted pictures of me masterbating with a snake whilst my girlfirend sucks my titties. Enjoy this set ;)

^ New HTML Toolkit
97169 [dejaspam bat] I was thinking today about how much I hate writing programs to
97177 [drbrain segm] Setting attributes in this manner can lead to unreadable code.

^ Comments on Ruby
97173 [dejaspam bat] I've been using Ruby for about a month now and it's become my favorite
+ 97174 [surrender_it] feel free to post rcr to
| 97175 [itsme213 hot] But a symbol itself has no connection back to the class or method. Should it
| + 97178 [drbrain segm] it
| + 97180 [surrender_it] this has been suggested already IIRC.
|   97190 [rasputnik he] I remember from my nuby days (ok, ok, my *total* nuby days) a thread on this -
+ 97213 [nobu.nokada ] Method object is not method itself, rather a wrapper for it,
  + 97225 [Stephan.Kaem] I understood that he liked the pipe characters to be optional, but not
  + 97226 [Stephan.Kaem] I understood that he liked the pipe characters to be optional, but not

^ (no subject)
97185 [vince.forget] unsubscribe

^ Ruby's standard objects
97186 [Stephan.Kaem] as I'm (kind of) browsing ObjectSpace I wonder if there's a way to
+ 97187 [Peter.Vanbro] Do you mean this?
| 97197 [Stephan.Kaem] ....snipped some constant names...
| 97224 [bob.news gmx] "Stephan Kš╬per" <Stephan.Kaemper@Schleswig-Holstein.de> schrieb im
+ 97192 [joaopedrosa ] Check out rbbr - Ruby Browser at

^ [ANN] RedCloth 2.0.5 -- A Textile Humane Web Text Generator
97188 [ruby-talk wh] RedCloth 2.0.5.  Available in RAA.

^ Re: Pokeing a snake.......
97189 [rasputnik he] First Python troll for a while ^_^
98390 [david palmer] And let's not get into perl necklaces :)

^ ruby curses, bug or my mistake?
97191 [srubin fsisy] Ok, I've got a problem in ruby curses.  I'm not sure if this is a bug or
+ 97194 [dblack wobbl] I know 0 about curses but I notice you're using two different variable
+ 97310 [tpeters inva] Curses.refresh

^ [ANN] bmconverter - Converting bookmarks of different browsers
97195 [devnull Karl] bmconverter.rb is a Ruby-script to convert bookmarks of various
97208 [sroberts uni] I was planning on adding support for Safari's (xml, but not XBEL)

^ Class#method (Was: Re: [bug] Array#fetch weird second argument)
97200 [spyck lysato] I often see the SmallTalkish syntax Class#method in texts in this forum,
97240 [timsuth ihug] Class#foo means an instance method `foo' of the class `Class'.
97266 [spyck lysato] Hmm, maybe it wasn't so thought through :). It will probably just

^ File locking, portably?
97201 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Searching the web and books for information on this, I can't seem to
97211 [ahoward fatt] i been doing alot of experiments with locking myself, mainly on nfs systems
97214 [cc1 cec.wust] As a side note on implementation, is there a particular reason you chose
+ 97222 [ahoward fatt] that's a good idea... i've thought of it myself, but our sysads are nazis
| 97248 [john.platte ] SSH tunneling?
| 97256 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This is getting somewhat less portable..... :-)
| 97264 [ahoward fatt] for me it's o.k. - we are all linux.  see my other thread about pty/expect and
| 97268 [john.platte ] Y'all are probably aware, but I should mention that PuTTY has quite a
| 97270 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, I'm using that, but have not done much with it
| 97273 [ahoward fatt] File.flock should work - execpt for NFS.  if you are on a hetrogeneous NFS
+ 97227 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Because I using this for (reading and) writing the config file which
  97333 [cc1 cec.wust] Yea I don't understand Ring servers either, I wish someone would explain

^ ObjectGraph: a Ruby class inheritance hierarchy graph
97215 [assaph avaya] What the...?
97235 [neoneye adsl] I have done something similar which builds a tree of the exception
97313 [assaph avaya] Unfortunately I don't read Swedish (and could find an online translation
97321 [botp delmont] the code samples in http://neoneye.dk/rubybook/ looks good.

^ wxRuby and Unicode
97217 [wemagor hotm] Is it possible to output Russian text using wxRuby?  I know it's
97265 [curt hibbs.c] I think so (especially if you build from source), but I'm not 100% sure.

^ RAA/2.4 status (was Re: RAA trouble and maintenance)
97219 [nahi keynaut] Adjuncts.
97221 [surrender_it] would SOAP interface allow us to update data and not just retrieve
97234 [nahi keynaut] It should be easy to allow under current daemonized RAA.
97247 [tom infoethe] Sounds great!  Those who are interested in this may want to click the

^ FXText scrolling
97236 [    s xss.de] Greetings,
97246 [lyle knology] I think the problem is that you're using a data target with the FXText

^ Hash == not always working? Or am I missing something?
97253 [walter mwsew] I am having difficulty with Hash and sometimes Arrays with ==.  Below
+ 97257 [decoux moulo] your 2 Hash are not the same : they don't use the same default value
| + 97258 [walter mwsew] So even though the items are the same, that doesn't matter if the
| + 97260 [walter mwsew] Thanks for the response Guy,
|   + 97262 [decoux moulo] Try this
|   + 97300 [discord mac.] assert_equal(expected.sort, @shipTo1.word_counts.sort)
+ 97259 [neoneye adsl] I see you make usage of #default_proc.. but the Hash you
+ 97261 [flori nixe.p] You compare a hash created with a block argument to a hash created
+ 97271 [matz ruby-la] Because they have different default proc (the one has none, the other

^ Re: test / unit question:  add "Warnings" to Failures and Errors
97269 [itsme213 hot] Hmmm ... different categories of test results reported. Better than a
+ 97274 [hal9000 hype] A simple solution might be for Test::Unit to ignore
+ 97280 [bret pettich] I argue against this.
  + 97293 [itsme213 hot] True. A very succinct _view_ of the results is useful e.g. a binary
  + 97312 [fmitchell co] It depends, if it allows you to distinguish broken test code from broken
  + 97324 [nathaniel ta] Bret, you've pretty well summed up my reaction to this. I've just
    + 97370 [bret pettich] I guess i don't see this. I usually just notice what the error/failure is
    + 97503 [jim weirichh] I certainly agree that for unit tests, you are looking for a binary

^ cgi font not working (ruby 1.8)
97272 [tigre digita] ./pass.cgi:28: undefined method `font' for #<CGI:0x40308180> (NoMethodError)
97301 [discord mac.] If you want to use the font tag, you must use html3, not html4; W3C

^ Hash, ==,  key-value comparison
97277 [walter mwsew] Ok,
+ 97279 [elathan phys] * Change '==' method to compare only key-value pairs.
| + 97281 [walter mwsew] Personally, I like the idea.  You get my vote!
| | + 97282 [elathan phys] I will add a ChangeLog entry if it is accepted.
| | + 97346 [jean_hugues_] I tend to think about == as "has the same value as".
| + 97316 [nobu.nokada ] I feel Hash#=== would test membership, i.e., alias for
| | 97455 [ambrus math.] I'd agree with that. This way you could easily test for many possible
| | 97496 [bob.news gmx] "Zsban Ambrus" <ambrus@math.bme.hu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 97499 [ambrus math.] bad= {};  # bad magic words that the player might try
| | 97556 [bob.news gmx] "Zsban Ambrus" <ambrus@math.bme.hu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 97320 [matz ruby-la] They are possible options, along with
|   + 97322 [walter mwsew] I think that most common case for == would be content equals and not
|   + 97327 [ahoward fatt] s/content_equal/equiv/ ?
|     97352 [gsinclair so] * Hash#== compares only the data
+ 97284 [ahoward fatt] how about
| + 97285 [walter mwsew] Thanks, but that doesn't work
| + 97337 [bob.news gmx] "Ara.T.Howard" <ahoward@fattire.ngdc.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 97303 [discord mac.] a.sort = b.sort
+ 97306 [flgr ccan.de] irb(main):001:0> class Hash
  97336 [bob.news gmx] "Florian Gross" <flgr@ccan.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ parser for DL interface
97278 [elathan phys] Has anyone created a Ruby script to auto-generate structs
97286 [ptkwt aracne] You mean it would parse the .h files to find structs and enums and then do
97294 [elathan phys] Yes. I will give it a try.
97296 [shanko_date ] Wonderful! Please hurry ;-)

^ ANN: Alexandria 0.1.2
97288 [lrz gnome.or] Alexandria 0.1.2 is out.

^ source browser anywhere?
97290 [rasputnik he] Just trying to pick my way through a fairly typical ruby code tree.
+ 97292 [batsman.geo ] map <C-J> <C-W>j<C-W>_
| 97347 [rasputnik he] I think that's probably my best bet,  thanks. It saves cluttering the screen
+ 97298 [jim weirichh] This is not /quite/ what you asked for, but I've found myself using the
  + 97299 [khaines enig] Eclipse is great when I am coding in Ruby and writing HTML in the same
  + 97334 [wsdngtmp onl] If you prefer emacs and use eclipse just for some browsing stuff you
    97335 [botp delmont] cool. Is ruby fully supported in ecb?

^ Precompiled RMagic on Win32 (rubyinstaller build)
97291 [rich infoeth] Does anyone have said compiled extension for the prag prog
+ 97304 [eule space.c] What a coincidence.. I have just had 2 sleepless nights because of
| + 97307 [joaopedrosa ] I am not him, but am interested in those files as
| + 97309 [cyclists nc.] Kaspar,
| | + 97314 [surrender_it] please do this. RMagick is lovely, and having it on win32 too would be
| | + 97365 [eule space.c] Of course I would. [Private Mail]
| |   97367 [mailinglists] I would like to add the library to my Arachno Ruby distribution.
| |   97568 [eule space.c] What kind of environment do you build under ? I have succeeded only with
| + 97325 [rich infoeth] If you could place these on rubyforge it would be very cool indeed!
+ 97586 [eule space.c] A preliminary RMagick binary with minimal install instructions can be

^ dbi: parent / child relationship
97295 [paul vudmask] I've got a few situations where i'm selecting a parent child
+ 97297 [khaines enig] Using Kansas, back wherever I was setting up my database handle, I'd
| 97302 [paul vudmask] That sure likes like a ruby way, i'll look into Kansas, thank you.
| 97311 [khaines enig] It's very alpha right now.  I mean, it works, but I'm adding a lot to it
+ 97305 [eule space.c] If I get you right there, you are talking of a

^ [ANN] Instiki 0.6.0: Feeds, Exports, Safety, and Compatibility
97308 [david loudth] What's new in Instiki 0.6.0?
+ 97317 [flgr ccan.de] No problem. Glad I could help at a nice project. :)
+ 97354 [surrender_it] thanks for instiki.
+ 97366 [dejaspam bat] Excellent.  Instiki is a truly awesome piece of software.
+ 97369 [dejaspam bat] Hmm.  When I run "ruby instiki.rb 60" with 0.6.0 I get
+ 97395 [dejaspam bat] If you dislike using WikiWords and would prefer to explicitly create
+ 97417 [fmitchell co] Is there some way to create preformatted text or code blocks?
+ 97537 [cc1 cec.wust] How is it we actually password protect a Wiki?  I notice it mentioned
  97538 [david loudth] It's current only available in multi-web mode. I should probably
  97542 [cc1 cec.wust] Also related, what is the recommended way to shut it down other then to
  97562 [rasputnik he] My understanding was that Madeleine is happy to just be killed, so
  97611 [jos catnook.] Or run it under a process monitor such as djb's daemontools. No pidfiles

^ Instiki Suggestion (previously called Re: [ANN] BlueCloth: a Markdown implementation for Ruby)
97315 [ng johnwlong] Or even better allow the user to run multiple filters on the markup. Drop
+ 97319 [chad chadfow] This is the approach rublog takes with its Convertors.  Works very
+ 97398 [david loudth] I like the simplicity of dropping in a file and having that syntax
  97406 [curt hibbs.c] I agree with this!

^ Speed
97318 [catcher linu] Is Ruby as fast as it is going to get until the re-write at version 2?
97323 [ahoward fatt] that depends on your algorithim
97328 [drbrain segm] And if that's not fast enough, use RubyInline.

^ Performance of Hash.inject
97326 [daniels pron] I was doing some playing with some implementations for Hash#== and ended
97332 [g_ogata optu] Your *Inject methods don't actually quit early; they just stop
97338 [bob.news gmx] "George Ogata" <g_ogata@optushome.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

97329 [Ara.T.Howard] i just had something weird crop up when intalling ruby as root in a
+ 97330 [nobu.nokada ] XLDFLAGS is for linking main program.
| 97331 [nobu.nokada ] $ make LD_RUN_PATH=/runpath/ruby ruby
| 97356 [ahoward fatt] neither do on our machine?  very weird.  i've found some things on google
| 97549 [nobu.nokada ] Linux 2.4.20, and
+ 97416 [cez-misc.rub] By far the best way to do this, is to use RPATHs. That is, hardcode the
  97446 [ahoward fatt] isn't this what setting LD_RUN_PATH does anyhow?  seems safer to set the env

^ ssh using ruby
97340 [botp delmont] I've been using net/telnet and it's cool (of course, since it's made in ruby
97341 [armin xss.de] One possibility: 'expect'.

^ Bug in String.index?
97342 [mkcon gmx.de] Is this a bug or a strange feature?
+ 97344 [news stud.nt] No idea.
+ 97345 [nobu.nokada ] A bug.
  97872 [matz ruby-la] Indeed.  I will fix.
  98642 [mkcon gmx.ne] Thanks a lot for all replies - especially for nobu.nokada's patch!
  98656 [matz ruby-la] I'm working on local copy.  Wait for a few days.

^ What's "io/nonblock"
97349 [gsinclair so] Ara's "session" package tries to require 'io/nonblock' and fails on my

^ "bad file descriptor" in Win32 DLL
97351 [chk online.d] Using Ruby 1.81, the DLL (msvcrt-ruby18.dll) sometimes raises an exception
97355 [eule space.c] I get that too, but often because I try to #write to something I cannot
97357 [chk online.d] Kaspar,
97364 [eule space.c] ... warning: Object#type is deprecated; use Object#class
+ 97372 [chk online.d] Ruby DLL. Strange that this exception is only thrown irregularly, once in
| 97548 [nobu.nokada ] Your program may be GUI mode?  stdin/stdout/stderr are not
+ 97373 [chk online.d] return true if sSubject =~ /abcxyz/
  + 97377 [neoneye adsl] return true if / abcxyz | ef | d /x.match(sSubject)
  | 97383 [chk online.d] Simon,
  | 97390 [neoneye adsl] I made a few improvements.. what do you think?
  | 97393 [chk online.d] Oh well, these things do look good. I'll look at it deeper tomorrow. Thanks!
  | 97394 [neoneye adsl] The better one starts out, the better chances for success.
  + 97387 [vjoel PATH.B] case aSubject when /abcxyz/, /d/, /ef/: return end
    97391 [chk online.d] Joel,

^ proposal Hash eql? , ==, ===
97353 [walter mwsew] (Note:  I sent a similar email last night in response to Matz, but
97559 [matz ruby-la] I agree with both Hash#== and Hash#eql?  But I'm not very positive
97571 [elathan phys] elathan@testbed:~/hacking/ruby> cat ../test.rb

^ Re: What's "io/nonblock"?
97358 [gsinclair so] Chad Fowler knows what it is, and told me it's standard with 1.8.
97361 [ged FaerieMU] A problem, perhaps, but io/nonblock.rb is installed from
97368 [ahoward fatt] would do - but __i__ require io/wait as well.  the truth is i currently don't

^ ruby-dev summary 23269-23378
97359 [ksaito uranu] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

^ [ANN] MIME::Types 1.13
97360 [austin halos] I am pleased to announce the release of MIME::Types 1.13.

^ [ANN] BlueCloth 0.0.2 (beta)
97363 [ged FaerieMU] Hot on the heels of the initial release, I'd like to announce the
97420 [ian caliban.] The README makes reference to a sample program in the bin directory,
97632 [ged FaerieMU] Ack. It'll be in the next release. In the meantime, you can download it

^ RDoc Support for Instiki 0.6.0
97374 [batsman.geo ] Please find a patch providing RDoc support to Instiki at
97408 [dave pragpro] That is very cool!

^ a good guide to ruby-tcl\tk
97375 [bxs hadiko.d] is there a good guide to ruby-tcl\tk online?
+ 97376 [rodrigo.berm] ironic but the best guide to ruby-tcl\tk online IMO .... is the perl/tk guide (so far)
+ 97379 [ahoward fatt] * read the perl tk book - it really is useful
+ 97384 [ptkwt aracne] Phil
  + 97392 [bxs hadiko.d] thanks to you all. Being more of the lazy type, I will first try to use
  + 97482 [nagai ai.kyu] The latest version of demos are included in the Ruby source archive.