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^ [ANN] Kwartz (2004-04-05) - a template system for Ruby, PHP and Java
96559 [kwa kuwata-l] New version of Kwartz has been released.

^ to_str (Re: deciding between ruby and python)
96567 [matz ruby-la] Suppose you understand "duck typing".

^ ANN: Ruby-GNOME2 Portuguese-BR WebSite
96577 [joaopedrosa ] Hey all,

^ Modules / class extension / selector namespaces
96581 [itsme213 hot] Just wanted to point out a very fresh and good discussion of (one scheme of)

^ [ANN] Copland 0.3.0 "Canticle of Freedom"
96583 [jgb3 email.b] Copland is an IoC container for Ruby, similar to Hivemind in implementation.

^ Recommended MYSQL binding for Ruby?
96584 [im_not_givin] All those bloomin' bindings for the same packages!  Everybody's got to
+ 96589 [joaopedrosa ] Don't know, but if all else fails, try ODBC :)
+ 96638 [roberto REMO] DBI/DBD for Ruby work fine for me.
+ 96662 [david loudth] MySQL/Ruby[1] is a C extension for Ruby that compiles against the MySQL

^ [bug] Array#fetch weird second argument
96593 [neoneye adsl] While adding a testcase to rubicon for Array#fetch, I discovered that
+ 96595 [Peter.Vanbro] irb(main):004:0> %w(a b c).fetch(10)
| 96597 [neoneye adsl] Ah.. Bommer.  I see the second argument is the default value.
+ 96612 [dave pragpro] Did you try 'ri Array.fetch?'
  96617 [neoneye adsl] [snip ri-output]

^ define_method and blocks
96601 [fgp phlo.org] I'm trying to add a method that receives a block as an argument via
+ 96604 [drbrain segm] I believe that both procs and blocks use the block from the scope in
+ 96621 [djd15 po.cwr] I thought Matz was contemplating &block parameters for blocks for the future,
| 96627 [batsman.geo ] Running Debian GNU/Linux Sid (unstable)
+ 96633 [isambart net] As it seems you can't do it with define_methods, you could try using
+ 96637 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!

^ line directives
96603 [ajohnson cpa] Does ruby support anything like #line directives in C or Perl? or
+ 96620 [assaph avaya] What exactly do you need it for?
+ 96723 [ajohnson cpa] I'm replying to my own post as I found the following response in the
| 96726 [gfb tonesoft] If you execute your extracted code via 'eval' you can indicate a file
| 96735 [ajohnson cpa] Well, one problem with that is that the source is extracted and assembled
+ 96875 [bob.news gmx] "Andrew Johnson" <ajohnson@cpan.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  96880 [jim weirichh] I aways thought the line directive was used by preprocessors, so that

^ object.@attribute
96605 [rohitlodha h] Why cannot we have attribute access of the object from anywhere in the program by sennding a message @attribute
+ 96606 [hal9000 hype] That's not how it works.
| + 96610 [shu rufuran.] class Foo
| + 96611 [cyclists nc.] Well, I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it's useful, but
| + 96636 [jason jvoege] Hehe...I'll avoid the Perl wisecrack, but I can think of a couple scenarios
|   96659 [g_ogata optu] I've hit this before too.  Maybe attr_accessor(:foo?) should define
|   96672 [hal9000 hype] FWIW, I've considered an attr_query that created foo= and foo? methods.
+ 96607 [shanko_date ] Would this work for you?
  96609 [rohitlodha h] Would this work for you?
  96613 [gsinclair so] puts e.number #=>> will print 1.0
  96653 [alex_verk ma] Or even

^ ANN: (product) New Ruby IDE Mondrian looking for beta testers
96608 [olivers mond] and to see if anyone out there wants to test a beta version of my new
96614 [neoneye adsl] Looks similar to FreeRIDE, and the specs also. Is this a commercial
96616 [olivers mond] I guess I anticipated comparisons to FreeRIDE. :)  You're right, it is

^ : [BUG] unknown node type 0
96618 [guslist free] How do we go about reporting this kind of bugs, when the interpreter
96619 [matz ruby-la] Show us the error reproducing code, which need not to be short, if

^ Gtk2 question...
96623 [hal9000 hype] I've been working for several hours now on something that is probably a
+ 96625 [surrender_it] is'nt this a tautology ?
+ 96648 [aredridel nb] True.

^ Re: how to match acented letters on windows
96626 [assaph avaya] 1. if you don't mind altering the string before checking, look at unac (http://www.gnu.org/directory/text/Misc/unac.html).
96639 [sroberts cer] Are you sure you want to do this?
+ 96641 [joaopedrosa ] Sometimes accented letters are only pronunciation
+ 96647 [Peter.Vanbro] In French accents make a big difference in pronunciation. School example
| 96649 [guslist free] Not to make it a discussion about the French language, accent can change
+ 96671 [surrender_it] well, I can't cause even if wovels have just one name in my home
  + 96678 [assaph avaya] That was my problem also (analysing the text structure, not meaning).
  + 96681 [sroberts uni] How about doing the opposite, counting the number of blocks that

^ Jabber4r
96629 [nml fjserv.n] I want to write a jabber bot in ruby using the Jabber4r library. The first
+ 96736 [ben blahr.co] Neil-
| 96809 [nml fjserv.n] Thanks for the response.  I had previously tried using a password and
+ 96785 [rich infoeth] Is it possible to upgrade your Ruby installation to Ruby 1.8.1?

^ ["a", "b", "c", "d"] to "a, b, c, d"?
96631 [martinankerl] I want to process each element of an array, but the last element
+ 96632 [NOSPAM keepy] ["a", "f", "x", "test"].join(", ")
+ 96635 [martin zsdfh] can't you just use join?
  96705 [martinankerl] Thanks! Somehow I have never seen this method...

^ Where does the name Rite come from?
96634 [mneumann nte] Where does the name Rite come from? rewRite? :-)
96642 [matz ruby-la] The name popped in my mind one day.  I coined Rite as "Ruby that
96652 [drbrain segm] Is the 'R' vs. 'L' intentional (like Rinda), or accidental?
+ 96669 [rocioestrada] AFAIK and FWIW japanese doesn't have 'L' there's not "la li lu le lo"
| 96670 [shu rufuran.] 「リテ」 doesn't make much sense as a transliteration of Rite, it sounds
| 96675 [rocioestrada] Since Matz said it was about "lightness" I used リテ meaning lite, but
+ 96685 [matz ruby-la] Intentional.  We are making fun of ourselves.

^ Bug in sub?
96640 [feldt ce.cha] I assume it's been a long day and I'm missing something but line 3 below
96643 [decoux moulo] svg% ruby -e 'p "abcdef".sub(/(.)./, "\\+")'
96644 [feldt ce.cha] Yeah, that's right the "last matched group"; I don't use that one much
+ 96646 [martin zsdfh] Sorry, call me thick but I don't understand that :-)
| 96650 [ahoward fatt] __not_a_bug__ # that's python for not a bug
| 96676 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, and further: If you want to do substitutions and aren't sure there
| 96687 [discord mac.] mark@imac% cat test.rb
| 96702 [michael_s_ca] block
+ 99779 [benjovi Glob] Perhaps I'm missing the point, but what semantic have consecutive
  99784 [discord mac.] puts "\\","\\\\","\\\\\\"

^ [OT] Using CVSGRAB to grab packages from Rubyforge - not working
96651 [shanko_date ] I am using cvsgrab (on Win 2K Prof) to grab packages
96673 [gsinclair so] I just go to the website, browse the CVS, and click on "download
96674 [tom infoethe] Ahh... so that's the souce of those log entries!  I wondered who was
96795 [sdate everes] I did various rootURL/packagePath combinations about 10/12
96814 [tom infoethe] It's OK, no problem, it's not a big deal... it's just that if hitting

^ installing freshly built Ruby under Cygwin
96654 [ptkwt aracne] I'm running the cygwin tools on an XP box.  I've set up the MinGW
96655 [eban os.rim.] Check X:/usr/local. MinGW is not Cygwin.
96658 [ptkwt aracne] Oh, I see.  The confusing thing is that I'm doing all of this in a Cygwin
96660 [michael_s_ca] Cygwin

^ Object oriented does not mean class oriented
96656 [rohitlodha h] I see for every class i declare, it is basically a new object extending the class object.
+ 96661 [djd15 po.cwr] I'm not sure I understand your proposal.
| 96665 [rohitlodha h] I'm not sure I understand your proposal.
| 96667 [msparshatt y] If I understand correctly the difference between,
+ 96668 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 96885 [bob.news gmx] "rolo" <rohitlodha@hotwireindia.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  96899 [rohitlodha h] What do we gain by this?  What is it that you want to achieve?

^ 1.8.1: Debugging threads/Yaml ...
96663 [dmartenson m] I need some advice on debugging a Ruby program comprised of multiple
96666 [vjoel PATH.B] Thread.abort_on_exception = true

^ my swig stuff is wrong, but I can't figure out another way...
96664 [sroberts cer] I've read the swig basics, and the ruby section, and looked through a
97099 [vor_lord NOS] Seeing as no one's responded to this yet here, it's a fair bet you
97100 [vor_lord NOS] Argh, please ignore this if someone responded on the mailing list side

^ Different types of include
96679 [daniels pron] How is an 'include' outside of a module different from one inside a
+ 96680 [daniels pron] which succeeds in the first case, but cannot find FXTreeList in the
+ 96682 [Peter.Vanbro] Yes. The first example includes Fox in Object, hence making its constants

^ lil problem w/heredoc
96684 [paul vudmask] I'm having some trouble w/heredoc.
96696 [neoneye adsl] Ruby is sensitive to if there is whitespaces after the ending EOS.
96712 [paul vudmask] !! I had a space following the EOS....now it's gone and it works. That's

^ [OT] Re: Where does the name Rite come from?
96686 [hal9000 hype] To quote from _Lost in Translation_, Scarlett Johansson's character

^ Redcloth and instiki
96688 [guslist free] While saving some pages with instiki and get the following error
+ 96689 [assaph avaya] Can you please post the original textile?
+ 96746 [ruby-talk wh] /\250\371\251M\250\371\25M
  96789 [guslist free] [gus@gusmac gus]$ uname -a
  96790 [assaph avaya] Silly question: is the redcloth.rb file on your system encoded as ascii
  96791 [guslist free] Even sillier question: how do you tell?
  96797 [assaph avaya] [PLUG] I just open it in jEdit and look at the buffer properties :)
  96805 [ruby-talk wh] naw, haven't gone to bed yet.  i'm always wired till about 3am.
  96812 [guslist free] I bailed out before that.

^ Idea: Simplified GTK
96697 [hal9000 hype] Here's an idea. I've begun implementing it.
+ 96699 [chad chadfow] Do you need the instance variables?  It seems like, in many cases, you
| + 96701 [cc1 cec.wust] Just cause you yield the instance to the block, doesn't mean you can't
| | 96716 [chad chadfow] #
| + 96704 [walker letha] Or -
| | 96729 [hal9000 hype] Correct assessment. But there are times when you'd want to capture
| | + 96734 [walker letha] def vbox
| | | 96738 [hal9000 hype] That seems reasonable, as long as we avoid doing an instance_eval. (see
| | | 96742 [asim pair.co] Since the only thing that can happen to a button is that someone
| | | 96745 [walker letha] Yeah - button "Quit" { Gtk.main_quit } was the original example I used. As Phil suggests, we would split the block actions dependent on container / not container, and most common.
| | | + 96747 [hal9000 hype] Heh, whose? :)
| | | | + 96751 [itsme213 hot] widget_name { block }
| | | | | 96759 [walker letha] Interesting idea. Adding with_context would make it a bit not-so-Ez-Gtk ... unless we named it ... style?
| | | | | + 96769 [itsme213 hot] .... unless we named it ... style?
| | | | | | 96771 [walker letha] yeah, with() { ... } is better.
| | | | | | 96786 [drbrain segm] That's pretty darn ugly, and it has this feeling of unmaintainability
| | | | | | 96788 [daniels pron] I decided to whip up an 'ez-fox' implementation, just to see what it
| | | | | + 96793 [hal9000 hype] [snippage]
| | | | |   96799 [itsme213 hot] Hmmm, worth watching out for, thanks. But in this case the client side can
| | | | |   96801 [hal9000 hype] For one thing (and this is a minor point) I like to make things a single
| | | | |   96804 [walker letha] button {
| | | | |   96806 [hal9000 hype] To me, it's like gsub with/without a block, ranges or regexes
| | | | |   96807 [walker letha] Those are with or without blocks. What I'm arguing here is that it acts differently depending on wether or not a string argument is also passed. And that determines if the block is called now or on an event.
| | | | |   96810 [walker letha] What's a good way to specify packing options using EzGtk style? - Or for that matter, alignment?
| | | | |   96851 [hal9000 hype] I'm not ready to let this thread die.  ;)
| | | | |   + 96855 [walker letha] If homogeneous is false in the creation of the widget, then expand and fill determine what it looks like afterwards. The example I gave earlier was what I ended up using - method based context. (all the context bits like that are controlled by method_missing as it is, and are only valid methods if their current context has a context named that)
| | | | |   | 96867 [surrender_it] yup, just put the work on rubyforge even if not fully completed.
| | | | |   + 96917 [kero chello.] Some layout options are for the container (can only find "space between
| | | | + 96753 [walker letha] My own reasoning was - keep all the setup stuff inside the button { ... } constructor. Both do have strong arguments.
| | | |   + 96764 [itsme213 hot] class variable on class Object, as it is above, or use a global. But using
| | | |   | + 96768 [walker letha] Yup - I already replied to this in another email.
| | | |   | + 96775 [jean_hugues_] I definitely agree, everything seems to be ready there in the interpretor.
| | | |   + 96919 [kero chello.] To stress the difference between action-blocks and layout-blocks, why not
| | | |     96937 [hal9000 hype] Thanks for weighing in on this, Kero. I can't help but feel if this
| | | |     96938 [walker letha] Been meaning to chime in on Kero's posts, but got distracted with coding :D. And this is a timely reminder.
| | | |     96939 [asim pair.co] One solution could be to have different kinds of buttons. A
| | | + 96915 [kero chello.] button "Options..." {
| | + 96748 [itsme213 hot] Dynamically scoped variables do precisely what your "explicit stack" was
| |   96752 [rt alum.wpi.] I have to say, his implementation using callcc is pretty bad-ass.
| |   96757 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net
| + 96727 [hal9000 hype] Nice and clean. Sometimes you'd need to save references to the
| + 96963 [feldt ce.cha] Have you checked out Rich's Guitopia? Looks similar to this. We plan to
|   96965 [chad chadfow] Yes.  It's not exactly like this--better, actually.  But, it's not
|   + 96979 [rich infoeth] But its not bound to a GUI yet.  Just an experiment in using Ruby to
|   | + 96991 [chad chadfow] Oh, cool.  I had no idea.  Anyone on this thread want to bind utopia to
|   | | 96996 [hal9000 hype] I'm willing to contribute to the effort. But since my knowledge of
|   | | 97025 [feldt ce.cha] I'm not sure if we've discussed this previously but Rebol's GUI layer
|   | + 97065 [kero chello.] I'm grasping everything on that page now. I suggest cutting the examples
|   |   97067 [hal9000 hype] wrt hiring you... as the U2 song said, "If I could, I would."  ;)
|   |   97666 [kero chello.] Thank you :)
|   + 97023 [feldt ce.cha] proofs-of-concepts I guess. We'll see in 2 months...
+ 96719 [ptkwt aracne] This is exactly how the FLTK ruby bindings I'm using work (unfortunately
  96730 [hal9000 hype] I'll check that out when it is available.
  + 96741 [ptkwt aracne] I hope it will eventually be available.  These particular RubyFLTK
  + 96811 [nathaniel ta] Well, I'm not him, but I'll go ahead and do a little "show and tell"
    + 96828 [ptkwt aracne] Interesting.  I'd be interested in seeing your implementation of setup and
    + 96834 [nathaniel ta] Well, you're certainly welcome to see it, though I'm not sure how much

^ Ruby and Sun-RPC or ONC-RPC ?
96698 [joshirish_nn] Does Ruby support (or does it have packages for) Sun RPC ?

^ serial port programming
96700 [sabymus redi] charset=iso-8859-1
+ 96703 [tom infoethe] Yours,
+ 96706 [Stephan.Kaem] Tom already mentioned http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-serialport/, so

^ SOAP and SSL
96708 [srubin fsisy] I tried asking this question before and nobody replies, so I'm going to
96800 [nahi keynaut] I'm the man who must respond.
97055 [nahi keynaut] Added SOAP over SSL client/server sample at

^ defadvice in Ruby? (was: Re: deciding between ruby and python)
96709 [vadimn redha] It occurred to me that it would be useful to be able to trace all
+ 96711 [decoux moulo] name is not defined, ruby think that it's a method and call
+ 96714 [matz ruby-la] Have you checked AspectR?  <http://aspectr.sourceforge.net/>
| 96715 [vadimn redha] Ah, yes, I'd seen it mentioned and promptly forgot about it.  There is also
+ 96720 [discord mac.] I believe the "standard" way of tracing method calls would be to use
  96724 [vadimn redha] It seems to work either way, but yours seems better.  Thanks for

^ Re: New variable types and assorted lunacy
96710 [surrender_it] welcome!
+ 96713 [mreed theree] No, no, no, no, no!  Eeeeeevil!  You could never be sure of anything if
| + 96717 [surrender_it] hey, that's ooold thinking man! get in the third millennium! You think
| + 96808 [cristofd hev] You should post your brainfuck programs to the archive at
+ 96722 [ptkwt aracne] You want some sort of n-ary (ternary in this case) type.
+ 96737 [flgr ccan.de] You can overload + to return bound values.
+ 96866 [kristof vlee] The reason why assignment is not a method, is because it

^ Ruby Poetry
96718 [elathan phys] I don't know if anyone has done it before (I did some Googling,

^ Re: SOAP and SSL (HELP!)
96721 [ptkwt aracne] I noticed your post about this the other day and I was really hoping that

^ Ruby 2.0 and "warning: don't put space before argument parentheses"
96725 [itsme213 hot] Will 2.0 stop issuing this warning for
+ 96728 [discord mac.] As of semi-latest 1.9, at least, there is no warning issued, but I
| 96731 [discord mac.] oops! sorry for replying to my own post, but...
| 96733 [Mark.Volkman] "very" common?
+ 96739 [djd15 po.cwr] As I recall, the warning was added in 1.8 because that sort of style was being
  96755 [itsme213 hot] being
  + 96765 [billk cts.co] I recall Matz having addressed this in a couple threads, but,
  | 96766 [michael_s_ca] Nor me, but then again I come from a C background, so both
  + 96779 [djd15 po.cwr] Personally, I don't see much of a difference. That's me, though.