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^ Ruby mode for emacs
9619 [volkmann2 ho] Is anyone successfully using Ruby mode for emacs under Windows 2000?
9620 [ntalbott rol] I'm using XEmacs version 21.1 here, and it works fine.
9621 [volkmann2 ho] Thanks! I downloaded that and the tab key in Ruby mode is working fine!
+ 9629 [ntalbott rol] Hope that helps,
+ 9630 [jimm eris.io] Here are the relevant bits from mine. The indentation was ruined when I

^ Ruby mode for emacs
9622 [volkmann2 ho] Is anyone successfully using Ruby mode for emacs under Windows 2000?

^ incrementing numbers
9626 [volkmann2 ho] What's the easiest way to increment a number?
9683 [rpg xs2all.n] What do you mean by easiest?  i += 1 is shorter than i.succ! even if

^ Win9x Problem starting RubyWin V1.6.2 through menu shortcut
9632 [ xx here.com] When I run a shortcut to Rubywin off my START menu, I

^ using procs and blocks from C
9647 [avi beta4.co] How do I do the equivalent of  "myMethod(arg1, arg2, &proc)" from the C
9648 [decoux moulo] rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "12*&", ...);
9649 [avi beta4.co] Sorry... are you actually saying I can use that somehow when *calling* a
9650 [decoux moulo] if (*p == '&') {
9651 [avi beta4.co] Hmm... either I'm misunderstanding you or that's not what I need.  I want
9652 [decoux moulo] Sorry I've not understood this
9653 [avi beta4.co] Ahhh, yes, that's what I was looking for.  Somehow missed it.

^ Config files?
9660 [schuerig acm] Does Ruby have a facility for config files similar to Java's Properties
+ 9665 [matju cam.or] I'm trying to write something similar right now.
| 9677 [sent quality] I'm not familiar with Java's Properties, and I
| 9686 [schuerig acm] Thanks, that's what I've been looking for. I even looked for such a
+ 9731 [knu iDaemons] Isn't this the very thing?
  9734 [schuerig acm] Looks like it. Thanks.

^ binding to FocusOut for TkEntry widgets
9668 [volkmann2 ho] When I tab out of a TkEntry widget that has event binding for the FocusOut

^ TkScale variable option can't be an object attribute
9671 [volkmann2 ho] Setting the "variable" option of a TkScale is supposed to make it get its
11610 [jfn enteract] Sorry for replying to this a month later -- nobody else did, and I was

^ [ANNOUNCE] Coroutines for Ruby
9678 [Marc.DeSchee] I just created coroutine support for Ruby.
9704 [schneik us.i] # I just created coroutine support for Ruby.

^ Regexp engine (was Re: 101 Misconceptions About Dynamic Languages)
9687 [avi beta4.co] What's wrong with libpcre?  Does it have poor multibyte support? It
9701 [matz zetabit] Licensing is OK.  Performance and multibyte support might be problem.
9711 [decoux moulo] Do it have some incompatibilities with perl regexp ?
9713 [ben_tilly ho] It used to.  TCL tried to be compatible with the POSIX

^ new and initialize -
9688 [g24ever hotm] I am not suggesting a change but I am curious why languages including Ruby
9693 [gotoken math] Simple reason: there isn't an instance before that is created by `new'.

^ Ruby, FOX, and widely available C++ implementations (Was: Re: 101 Misconceptions About Dynamic Languages)
9705 [patrickdloga] I wonder if g++ is the most widely available C++.
9709 [schneik us.i] # in message news:LAW2-F74aJswFCHOzyf00004122@hotmail.com...
9752 [patrickdloga] I did not know that about wxWindows. OK.
9765 [ljohnson res] As much as I hate to help the competition ;) I feel compelled to point out
9790 [dsafari para] *Dances enthusiastically waving his hands in the air*

^ Standard library reform
9712 [aleksi.nieme] This a "reply" to a thread which was [ruby-talk:9710] Re: 101 Misconceptions
9767 [matz zetabit] I just don't know.  Come up with the rough sketch.  I can't imagine

^ inheritance problem with postgres extension
9714 [bombadil wan] I have found a little problem with PostgreSql extension for Ruby. Anybody
+ 9715 [decoux moulo] ruby call PGconn::new without arguments, this is why it give an error
+ 9755 [matz zetabit] As Guy Decoux said, the current PostgreSQL interface did not call

^ Name of iterators for trees?
9716 [agnottok hot] Iterators is a nice concept and I'm trying to apply the idea to trees.
9722 [kom mail1.ac] I think the later is more common.  ex. String#each and String#each_byte.
9725 [ben_tilly ho] At a guess trees should be a module that you mix-in and

^ Ruby 1.6.2 installer
9717 [Dave Pragmat] The .exe file containing the Ruby 1.6.2 installer has been corrupted,

^ Can someone tell the the scoop on Mac ports
9718 [Dave Pragmat] Not being a Mac user, I'm a bit confused over the status of Mac
9744 [matz zetabit] Ruby 1.1c9 could be compiled on MacOS, using CWGUSI.  I don't think
9745 [Dave Pragmat] I was told it compiles out the box under OSX.
9748 [matz zetabit] Yes, please.

^ Ruby vs. Python and Euphoria: sieve benchmark
9719 [kenrhodesusa] <E13rNw8-0005hw-00@ev.netlab.zetabits.co.jp>
+ 9720 [dblack candl] Can you repost your question and attachment in plain-text format?
| 9721 [aleksi.nieme] This is what I'd expect the python program to be. Say
+ 9723 [Dave Pragmat] I didn't unpack your code, but you'll find python, Ruby, perl, and
  9728 [aleksi.nieme] I became curious a little and thought to translate the original source. I
  + 9729 [Dave Pragmat] 1. I only create the array once, and then dup it for each iteration.
  + 9735 [kenrhodesusa] count +=1
    9738 [dgs uclink.b] I believe that "+=" increment/assignment is supported in Python 2.0, but
    9749 [kenrhodesusa] I am confused here...

^ putc doesn't work in RubyWin
9726 [rubinubi cyb] putc crashes RubyWin if you run the program by selecting Run File under
9964 [CQN02273 nif] Sorry, This is (was) Rubwin's limit. RubyWin is not Ruby.

^ require loop
9730 [ted_meng yah] I thought "require" would handle infinite loop
9768 [matz zetabit] Currently, it does not.  Rather it detect loop explicitly.
+ 9772 [Dave Pragmat] I must be particularly dumb today. Why does this need to be caught at
| 9813 [matz zetabit] To avoid providing incomplete load status (mostly relating thread race
+ 9795 [decoux moulo] What do you do with this ?
  + 9809 [Dave Pragmat] I dependency problems, but is it a Ruby interpreter problem?
  + 9811 [decoux moulo] I don't know, actually ruby must wait in some cases for example

^ Opensourcing a publication...
9732 [Dave Pragmat] Say we were thinking about open-sourcing a publication.
+ 9733 [jens irs-net] I'm not sure, but I think that
+ 9736 [ale crimson.] The last one lists couple of different licenses.
+ 9737 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Workaround for Windows backquote problem
9739 [ptkwt user2.] version = `ver`
9742 [ben_tilly ho] At one point what Perl did is use command.com on both
9746 [Ken Alverson] AFAIK, WinNT (at least W2k) doesn't include command.com.  The only reason
9753 [friedberg ex] I've got a machine which is a clean install of w2k /prof/ sp1, and it has a
9773 [Ken Alverson] Huh...whattaya know, me too...I thought for sure it wasn't...maybe it's nt4
9775 [0317025435 t] has a
9821 [ptkwt user2.] The problem I find is that if I use `command.com /c ver` on an NT machine

^ Possible bug in Tempfile/Fork interaction
9740 [mgdixon ichi] I ran into a bug (feature?) in Tempfile/fork interaction. Specifically, my
9741 [ben_tilly ho] When you fork, the child gets its own copies of all open
9754 [matz zetabit] @@ -17,12 +17,15 @@

^ Write Ruby's Array in Ruby
9743 [matju cam.or] Here is a _rough_ sketch of the ArrayInterface / ArrayMixin modules. See

^ Re: Digest Articles 9686-9738 (3/4) (ruby-talk ML)
9747 [hmorita ohms] MacOS (not X) port of Ruby, by Hisakuni FUJIMOTO

^ Threads and I/O
9750 [hal9000 hype] Is there any way for the main thread to kill a thread
9751 [matz zetabit] require 'timeout'
10005 [hal9000 hype] Matz (or anyone else)...

^ Applying the patch with a single command
9756 [jilanik tin.] Is it possible to apply this patch with a single command?
9757 [gotoken math] 1. Save from "--- lib/tempf ...." to the end of message into
9758 [aleksi.nieme] I guess you've forgot this thread

^ Re: Learning Ruby
9759 [dsafari para] I am working on it. I call it RUDE (RUby Development Environment - naming
9836 [schneik us.i] # > Is there a good IDE or even intelligent editor (i.e. Intelesense and
9837 [joe vpop.net] PERL -- Programming Environment for the Ruby Language ;-)
+ 9859 [progress asi] I like this one 8^)
+ 9861 [jim freeze.o] RAD -- Ruby Accelerated Development (aka Rapid Application Development)
  9904 [schneik us.i] # > > # I am working on it. I call it RUDE (RUby Development
  9916 [dsafari para] I laughed when I first saw this one. But seriously now, *wipes a smirk of his
  9918 [ben_tilly ho] Yes, it would.

^ (no subject)
9763 [mbelden reco] How do I unsubscribe from the list?

^ A generic prototype
9764 [crippel prim] This in response to [ruby-talk:9761]
9774 [kom mail1.ac] Just F.Y.I.
9793 [crippel prim] Thanks for the interesting reads (well sort of a reading)! I think that

^ regex engine (Re:  Re: 101 Misconceptions About Dynamic Languages)
9766 [matz zetabit] (a) fast

^ subscribe Atli Oddsson
9769 [abo tolvumyn] kvea, Atli

^ obj.freeze?
9770 [jim freeze.o] obj.freeze is not working as I expected it.
9771 [decoux moulo] You put a new object in fred

^ Is comp.lang.ruby and ruby-talk the same thing?
9776 [0317025435 t] /rob
+ 9777 [aleksi.nieme] c.l.r is a newsgroup
+ 9779 [Dave Pragmat] there's a bidirectional gateway between the two. however there's often

^ socket.rb?  firewalls?
9778 [MICHAEL.W.WI] This is a multipart message in MIME format.
9780 [Dave Pragmat] If you go into the ruby/ext/socket directory and type
9781 [MICHAEL.W.WI] haven't skipped a > page yet, and I know some of this! ;), and
9782 [Dave Pragmat] is that directory in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or the Solaris equivalent)?
9787 [sp00fD yahoo] that's
9788 [dgs uclink.b] I think a better idea would be to re-build (or at least re-link)
9789 [sp00fD yahoo] and

^ Ruby and win32ole
9784 [g24ever hotm] COuld not get the win32ole example in Dave's book to work with Excel on NT
9791 [wys helbling] Are you using Ruby 1.6.1? The "1.6.1-win32ole" does not work properly!

^ Manual entry for cgi.rb -- how to end entry?
9785 [chrismo home] I don't get it -- cgi will run in offline mode, but how do I signal that I'm
9786 [ljlane debia] ctrl-d, in *nix at the least.

^ Ruby 162 installer available
9792 [Dave Pragmat] It seems like the traditional ways are always the best.
+ 9794 [mulperi iki.] Should "If all fails, reboot" be 71. for "The Pragmatic
+ 9820 [ray_drew yah] [Win98]
  + 9822 [hgs dmu.ac.u] No.  I have had the same on Win98. [ruby162-0.exe]
  | 9826 [schneik us.i] #
  + 9828 [935551 ican.] IRB freezes on my Windows 2000 professional system as well, every time.
  + 9863 [rerwig my-de] Nope.
    + 9869 [Jan.Matejka ] Strange thing happened: both ruby162-0.exe and
    | + 9877 [Dave Pragmat] They are now. When the -0 version became corrupted, I copied the new
    | + 9881 [andy toolshe] There are actually both ruby162-1.exe, there is no ruby162-0.exe
    |   9912 [rerwig my-de] Well, nobody will gain from an "almost" working installation. For me
    + 9891 [jmichel schu] Not really. Have you tried the cursor keys? They do strange things instead
      9913 [rerwig my-de] instead
      9966 [CQN02273 nif] I think I fixed this bug in RubyWin
      9970 [andy toolshe] Looks like I need to include in the Windows InstallShield

9796 [maxim rost.r] unsubscribe

^ Miniturising libraries on linux
9798 [jfenn uklinu] I have been thinking about how to go about putting ruby in a limited resource
+ 9801 [decoux moulo] You can look at lib/irb/loader.rb, it redefine "load" and "require"
| 9872 [jfenn uklinu] Okay, just look in $"
+ 9825 [matju cam.or] This is a really cool thing!
  + 9856 [decoux moulo] No, I think that he define it as a normal ruby def and because
  | 9871 [jfenn uklinu] er, I did see the warning, just didn't know what to do about it
  + 9873 [jfenn uklinu] Yes, laziness at fault, since I put it together myself I knew that all the bits were in the right place but should allow for others mucking it up :)
    9878 [ben_tilly ho] No.
    9884 [aleksi.nieme] What a great idea. Can I ask which particular platform or machine you have
    9953 [jfenn uklinu] Well the agenda VR3 will be my test environment but should be useful on any linux PDA or older computer. But a lot of the more expensive PDAs wont need to use horrible compression hacks because the have quite a lot more resources (all though it might come in handy for people cramming in as much as possible.)
    11232 [kentda stud.] Do you have a webpage with the account of your efforts, beyond what is
    11239 [jfenn uklinu] I'll stick together a little webpage. Although I'm greatly underqualified at this kind of thing, I just got involved because I wanted it on my PDA.

^ ruby on EPOC ?
9799 [Bostjan.Jerk] Is anybody thinking about porting ruby to EPOC platform (Psion) ?
9887 [matz zetabit] Eban, who is the porter of Cygwin Ruby etc., plans to work on it.
9915 [fgeiger date] Great! Is there any time schedule telling us when it will be available? Will

9800 [jilanik tin.] for people who are interested in Avi Bryant's web application frame
+ 9802 [avi beta4.co] Jilani,
| 9806 [jilanik tin.] Ok.
+ 9805 [jilanik tin.] Jilani
+ 9810 [Dave Pragmat] I'm wondering. For now, and unless the volume grows, could we arrange
  9824 [chadfowler y] I second this sentiment.
  9832 [avi beta4.co] Ok, well, if explicitly discussing my pet project here isn't considered
  + 9833 [Dave Pragmat] and multiple iowa servers on the same apache?
  | + 9841 [aseltine sur] Avi,
  | + 10042 [avi beta4.co] Avi
  |   10106 [Dave Pragmat] Trying to beat Matz at the change game, eh?
  |   + 10112 [avi beta4.co] Oh, I don't stand a *chance* against Matz at that game.
  |   + 10121 [avi beta4.co] * You can subclass Session and Application to store data or logic
  |     10127 [aseltine sur] Thanks, Avi! :)
  + 9850 [jilanik tin.] Something like Gadfly.
    9853 [avi beta4.co] Hmmm..
    9854 [Robert.Dawso] Please forgive me for responding to this, and adding a Ruby newbie comment.
    9855 [   xm w3d.ru] Everyone likes it ;)
    9860 [avi beta4.co] If you look at the current RDBC implementation and drivers (on the RAA),

^ Gtk.idle_add
9803 [avi beta4.co] Does Gtk.idle_add work for anyone else?
9804 [decoux moulo] Try

^ WIN32OLE - need some help
9807 [zippy1984 my] I am trying to port some VB code to Ruby, but I have a problem
9965 [CQN02273 nif] Sorry, Win32OLE does not support calling by reference.

^ Re: Ruby 162 installer available??
9808 [rerwig my-de] After installing on Windoew NT, I got this message when starting
9812 [andy toolshe] Make sure you have ruby162-1.exe, as ruby162-0.exe had this problem.
9849 [rerwig my-de] file,

^ regexp bug?
9814 [Dave Pragmat] % cat t.rb
+ 9815 [decoux moulo] What is the meaning of /s for you ?
+ 9816 [ms iastate.e] Perhaps this is the same thing?
+ 9817 [decoux moulo] /s mean SJIS character, perhaps you make confusion with a P language :-)
  9818 [Dave Pragmat] oh merde!
  9819 [ms iastate.e] And I thought I was about to learn about a new regexp option. Oh well.

^ win32 - how to extension
9823 [sol123 msn.c] Anyone have procedures to create an extension for ruby within the win32 e=
9858 [agnottok hot] Well, I've been using Cygwin. It's easy and hasslefree and works "out of the
9889 [sol123 msn.c] I was more looking to create extensions using microsoft C tools/compiler,=

^ Simple file processing...
9829 [backlund che] I have a problem with a supposedly elementary thing.
9866 [r2d2 mao.acc] Do you mean that the main loop would have to know which parameters are
+ 9890 [sent quality] In real life, I very rarely write pseudocode like
| 9893 [sent quality] And for that reason, I would personally avoid
| + 9921 [r2d2 mao.acc] (since you are running her code). And you probably trust yourself. And matz.
| + 9922 [decoux moulo] Run it with $SAFE >= 4
+ 10018 [neumann s-di] You may also have a look at EDF (Easy Data Format) available at RAA.

^ Simple file processing...
9830 [backlund che] I have a problem with a supposedly elementary thing.
9851 [sent quality] for each line
9864 [ale crimson.] Kevin, one comment on your style. I tend to outline my routines in a

^ Ruby threads implementation - I/O Blocking? Interpreter / PCodes?
9831 [gastonfong y] I browsed through the ruby source code. It seems that Ruby manages threads
9835 [matz zetabit] No, at least Ruby level.  All IO operations are checked to avoid

^ Problem with ruby-libglade 1.1
9834 [schuerig acm] I don't seem to be able to get ruby-libglade 1.1 to work. When I run the
9838 [avi beta4.co] What version of libglade do you have?  I only tested with version 0.13.
9897 [schuerig acm] libglade 0.14, the current version from the Helix Gnome.
9898 [avi beta4.co] Hmmm... I guess it's a bug.
9901 [schuerig acm] Thanks. Don't ignore the possibility that I might be doing something
9900 [schuerig acm] Sigh -- that's been the culprit. It does work with Ruby/Gtk 0.24. That