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^ groovy
95098 [lists zara.6] Groovy, a scripting language targeted for JVM, was mentioned in Slashdot
+ 95103 [surrender_it] yes, It seem many rubyist are even groovytes. If you look in the
| 95539 [cmiller past] It's more a matter of focus. JRuby and Jython are focused on porting an
+ 95106 [markusjais y] it looks cool. and it might improve the productivity  for java programmers.
+ 95118 [paul vudmask] surprised at how much.
  95120 [jgb3 email.b] It is certainly easier to use than Java (I write Java code for a living,

^ XML Unit?
95114 [aidan yoyo.o] Is there a ruby equivalent of Java's XML Unit, whereby you can compare two
+ 95165 [phlip_cpp ya] That is a job for XSLT. (I suspect.)
| + 95172 [sroberts uni] Can you process two documents in parallel with xslt? I don't think you
| + 95183 [jamesUNDERBA] Could be.   You might transform the each bit of XML to another,
+ 95173 [ser germane-] Do you just want to test for equality, or are you looking for a

^ ruby way to find free space on drive?
95122 [walter mwsew] Is there a "ruby way" to find the free space on a drive.  I checked
+ 95171 [djberg96 hot] The best way would use the Win32API module, or a C extension.
| 95347 [mike.pub lep] GetDiskFreeSpaceEx = Win32API.new("kernel32", "GetDiskFreeSpaceEx",
+ 95197 [hatespyware ] WMI is the most correct way to do this on windows networks.

^ Can subclass have superclass method return instance of subclass
95126 [walter mwsew] Is it possible to have the Superclass method return an instance of
+ 95127 [jgb3 email.b] Why not just put sum_e into Array, instead of creating a subclass?  That
| 95133 [walter mwsew] That would work in this simple example...  What I find is that I tend
| + 95154 [cjh-nospam n] I use object.extend(Module) a bit, to add aspect-oriented features to
| | 95158 [sroberts uni] Array has lots of useful apis that Enumerable doesn't. I suspect,
| + 95202 [bob.news gmx] <walter@mwsewall.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 95136 [discord mac.] The simplest solution: add a to_qa method to your QArray class. Then
+ 95139 [dblack wobbl] This question has come up before in several contexts -- for instance,

^ Using Hash parameters in SOAP calls
95128 [christian pe] I can't seem to figure out how to pass a Hash to a webservice
95180 [nahi keynaut] It's a bug of SOAP4R.  Serializing Hash (aka ApacheMap in
95247 [christian pe] Thank you! That workaround does work for me.

^ Re: guis and native threads (was: [ ANN] wxRuby 0.2.1 has been released!)
95130 [sroberts uni] Ok, I start to see. Most of the demand that I've seen for "real"/os
+ 95141 [mailinglists] Sure you can do that, but often the synchronize overhead will be very high
+ 95185 [lists zara.6] Also, don't forget another benefit of OS/kernel threads: SMP.

^ Choosing the shell used by %x{ stuff }
95138 [unet rexx.co] Greetings, lovers of Ruby,
95140 [aredridel nb] try %x{ exec zsh -c "stuff" } -- force the interpreter to use.
95241 [shasckaw sky] Wouldn't work under windows... portability problem remain then!
95310 [assaph avaya] FWIW, On windows you can change the COMSPEC environment variable.

^ Compiling 1.8.1 for Windows using mingw
95143 [intc_ctor ya] I'm trying to create a statically linked ruby.exe using mingw.
95147 [nobu.nokada ] $ ./configure CFLAGS='gcc -mno-cygwin'
+ 95151 [ptkwt aracne] $ ./configure CFLAGS='gcc -mno-cygwin'
| 95153 [nobu.nokada ] Don't mind it.  configure checks for mingw32 environment later.
| 95162 [ptkwt aracne] I have it installed under cygwin - the cygwin package manager shows it
+ 95219 [kjana dm4lab] Should it be "CC='gcc -mno-cygwin'" or "CFLAGS='-mno-cygwin'"?
  95342 [nobu.nokada ] Ooops, you're right.  Thank you.

^ Mod_ruby rpm
95145 [donv crusade] Is there a yum repository with an updated mod_ruby anywhere?  I am using

^ Socket error
95146 [greg brondo.] pop = Net::POP3.start("mta.algx.net","myname","mypass") { |pop| }
95148 [surrender_it] it seem you'0re missing thye port parameter.
95282 [greg brondo.] Ok....I fell goofy...I should read the docs a *little* better...Thanks!

^ JRuby BSF
95150 [donv crusade] I'm thinking of using Ruby to script deployment to IBM Websphere Application

^ Installer packages for MacOSX
95155 [discord mac.] I just posted some binary installer packages for Ruby 1.8.1 (stable
+ 95161 [ptkwt aracne] That sounds great.  Can you choose alternate installation locations?
| 95166 [discord mac.] Well, not really. This was really intended to be an either/or thing;
| 95170 [ptkwt aracne] It's not a big deal, I was just curious.
| 95175 [sroberts uni] Not on a un*x system. The paths will be hard-coded in, and it won't
+ 95179 [sroberts uni] 1 - I've been meaning to build 1.8 for ages, but haven't because I'm
+ 95270 [discord mac.] I've tried to get rubycocoa it to compile and work properly... but with
| 95279 [ptkwt aracne] I believe there is a patch for Panther at the rubycocoa site.
| + 95283 [discord mac.] Oh, good! :) I'll look into that. I'm wondering now, if it would be
| + 95348 [roberto REMO] Darwinports is really a nice system (if you're more into compiling things
+ 95281 [discord mac.] This explains the problem. OSX 10.3, it appears, ships with a working
  + 95346 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
  | + 95355 [sroberts cer] But it seem you don't need a libreadline.a, since OS X comes with the
  | + 95375 [discord mac.] well, okay. if, by "outside", you mean "XCode" :) I'm 99% certain now
  + 95354 [sroberts cer] I don't think it does. Note the error message? It refers to
    95374 [discord mac.] /supp, I'm assuming, is a virtual directory denoting the search path

^ Does anybody Purify Ruby
95156 [cjh-nospam n] After having serious reliability concerns with ruby-gtk2 on Windows,
+ 95157 [cyclists nc.] Check out valgrind: http://valgrind.kde.org/overview.html
| 95184 [cjh-nospam n] Indeed, valgrind looks good (much bigger slowdown than Purify,
+ 95159 [rt alum.wpi.] Might want to try valgrind as well. (http://valgrind.kde.org/)
+ 95356 [sroberts cer] We have purify on solaris/sparc and insure on linux/x86.
  95363 [rt alum.wpi.] I'm not sure when you tried, but it's come a long way.  I've run

^ Libglade and Translatable Strings
95167 [kapheine hyp] I've been trying to figure out how to do this and I just keep going in
95193 [kapheine hyp] Posting to ruby-talk must in itself be some kind of cure for coder's
95433 [kapheine hyp] te

^ Ruby and Mozilla
95178 [ser germane-] I've been considering, for a while now, starting a "reward" fund to
+ 95181 [neoneye adsl] I love XUL... because its declared via xml, I think it should be lot
+ 95252 [sera fhwang.] Maybe this is a tangent, but: I don't have a strong opinion about what
  95286 [ser germane-] No, it isn't a tangent; it is terribly apropos.
  95297 [dblack wobbl] We're getting toward what I hope is the end of the longer-than-expected
  95299 [dblack wobbl] I should clarify that the corporation already exists (Ruby Central,

^ can't logon into jabber server using jabber4r
95182 [martins aard] I'm trying to connect to an internal company jabber server using jabber4r.
95187 [rich infoeth] Could you tell me which version of rexml you have?
+ 95276 [martins aard] 2.5.7
+ 95277 [martins aard] 2.5.7
  95320 [rich infoeth] This is your problem...an old version of REXML.

^ Thinking about a date-matching algorithm...
95190 [hal9000 hype] I did a little swapping of ideas with dblack on this. Now I'm
+ 95198 [ gv cs.uu.nl] I don't get it.  Are you asking for something along the lines of Perl's date-parser in Date::Manip?
| 95199 [hal9000 hype] I don't see what parsing has to do with this.
+ 95204 [bob.news gmx] "Hal Fulton" <hal9000@hypermetrics.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 95211 [g intersect-] Not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for, but I would
| 95232 [michael_s_ca] 4th
| + 95234 [mlipper US-A] Hey Hal,
| + 95392 [hal9000 hype] I'll check. But I don't see how parsing relates. I'm not trying
+ 95239 [sroberts uni] Funny, I'm working on this right now!
| 95394 [hal9000 hype] [snip much fascinating stuff]
+ 95242 [vadimn redha] If you read elisp, you can borrow a lot of ideas from the Emacs
| 95243 [Josh_Neland ] Why not just provide a each_before(stop_time) {block} method?
| 95246 [sroberts cer] - know if a time exists satisfying a condition
| 95396 [hal9000 hype] Hmm. Maybe you could implement some sort of discrete range or list of
+ 95244 [jeremy hineg] You might check out the remind application and see what algorithms it
| 95395 [hal9000 hype] Coolness, thank you.
+ 95250 [jim weirichh] What a timely question!
| + 95251 [mlipper US-A] Hey Jim,
| | 95315 [jim weirichh] ECal is actually a learning project for our XP Users group.  Once a
| | 95353 [mlipper US-A] No sweat.
| + 95402 [hal9000 hype] I've never heard of that one before!
|   95413 [discord mac.] DayOfMonth(1).difference(DayOfWeek(:sunday)).union(
|   95436 [batsman.geo ] This weighs a ton (reminds me of Java), how about
|   + 95442 [discord mac.] I agree :) I wouldn't ever suggest using huge, non-verbal method names
|   + 95465 [hal9000 hype] Yes, that's more like what I'm thinking.
|     95850 [mlipper US-A] I sent a response last week to the ML, but it seems to that it did not
|     95856 [hal9000 hype] I did look at it, but got sidetracked by looking at the iCalendar code
+ 95258 [vjoel PATH.B] What about using regexps?
| 95263 [vjoel PATH.B] tenth_day = proc { |d|
| 95408 [hal9000 hype] Joel,
+ 97552 [austin halos] I am now only 1,700 messages behind on ruby-talk, but I thought that I would

^ Thinking about a window-packing algorithm...
95192 [hal9000 hype] Here's another one I'd like to bounce off you.
+ 95194 [kapheine hyp] Are you familiar with sawfish? It has a 'best-fit' window placement mode
| 95245 [guslist free] Is the algorithm used in 'Expose' available somewhere? That could be a
+ 95331 [    s xss.de] Is there anyone left but me who remembers the days, when version numbers
  95410 [hal9000 hype] Ha ha! I do, but that was before "release often."  ;)

^ Question about unexpected result with class variables and inheritance
95195 [samul web.de] class A
95196 [ gv cs.uu.nl] Thomas, you are right, it is a question that has recurred more than once in this newsgroup / on this mailinglist.
95203 [samul web.de] Well, the thread called "Class variables - a surprising result" discusses

^ [ANN] Log4r 1.0.5 now with RubyGems option
95200 [leon ugcs.ca] Greetings, I'm pleased to announce the release of Log4r 1.0.5. The
+ 95206 [surrender_it] thanks, it's wonderful to see that you're still working on it :)
| 95254 [leon ugcs.ca] Thanks! Spending time with Ruby actually cures the programming blues. :-)
+ 95216 [gsinclair so] $ gem --remote-install log4r
  + 95218 [surrender_it] Successfully installed log4r version 1.0.5
  | 95222 [chad chadfow] Do you mean you want to say the version of the RubyGems package or the
  | 95225 [surrender_it] no, the version of RubyGems I'm using. I mean, obviously I can't do a
  | 95267 [chad chadfow] #
  + 95220 [gsinclair so] The problem is that my RubyGems believes it should look towards
  | 95295 [chad chadfow] The name is familiar to people who use debian or other apt-based
  + 95221 [chad chadfow] It looks like you have an old sources file from before the alpha

^ too much xml the base library?
95207 [surrender_it] I understand that when XMLRPC4R or SOAP4R were written it made sense
+ 95238 [ser germane-] Different strokes for different folks.  If Michael and Hiroshi can
+ 95357 [nahi keynaut] Yes.
  95361 [sroberts cer] What about XOM4J? It uses an underlying stream parser to implement the

^ Find a class by its name when this name is in a string
95208 [guillaume.do] I need to find a classe when I have its name in a string like this
95209 [surrender_it] your FIND is Module#const_get
95237 [guillaume.do] Ok thank but with old messages I make this method

^ Rubyx GUI (Was Re: Scripts Etc...)
95210 [andrew walro] Already on the TO-DO list. It will though, be easier to include fresh gui code
95213 [surrender_it] Gkt or qt, cause they run on framebuffer :)

^ Newbie want help
95212 [alw it-servi] I have tried to rewrite an old short Perl script, that reads a Unix
+ 95214 [mneumann nte] File.foreach("/etc/passwd") do |line|
+ 95215 [surrender_it] open('/etc/passwd') do |fd|
| 95217 [alw it-servi] Thank You very much for your help.
+ 95223 [bob.news gmx] "Allan Wermuth" <alw@it-service.sdu.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 95272 [mghallNO SPA] require 'etc'
  95274 [rohitlodha h] require 'etc'

^ Is anybody still using NQXML?
95224 [ jimm io.com] I think it may be time to retire NQXML.
95226 [surrender_it] this make me wonder if my previous post did it to the ml/newsgroup..
95228 [ jimm io.com] It did. I've been thinking about retiring NQXML for a while now. There has not

^ Thinking about a date-matching algorithm
95229 [paul vudmask] Looking at the subject, naturally i came up with this.
95391 [hal9000 hype] I'm back in town now and answering emails...

^ Ruby and Mozilla
95230 [paul vudmask] Ruby for XUL would be super! XUL(or any declarative
+ 95231 [surrender_it] Well, ruby-gnome2 allows you to use glade xml files, and
+ 95284 [ser germane-] Javascript scales really poorly, so restricting the application code
  + 95308 [ptkwt aracne] Also, I could be wrong as I haven't had to deal much with JS, but doesn't
  | + 95324 [drbrain segm] =20
  | + 95328 [ptkwt aracne] doesn't=
  |   + 95335 [drbrain segm] Yep!
  |   + 95370 [ser germane-] I'm not up to speed with Ruby/XPCOM, but isn't it a one-way binding
  |     + 95378 [curt hibbs.c] I'm not up to speed with Ruby/XPCOM either, but I've done a lot of
  |     + 95414 [ptkwt aracne] Oh, certainly that would be cool.  Not sure how to acheive that, though.
  |       95426 [curt hibbs.c] With rbxpcom you can create new services (as xpcom objects) that can be
  + 95325 [drbrain segm] @vudmaska.com>...

^ FastCGI & Threading
95233 [usenet andre] I'm using FastCGI with a web application that occasionally has to make
95240 [mailinglists] They also block. The MySQL client library has a blocking API.

^ building time interval
95236 [surrender_it] I wonder: is there a simple way to build a relative time object from
95296 [assaph avaya] irb(main):001:0> t1 = Time.now

^ Copland tutorials
95249 [jgb3 email.b] I've written a few tutorials to help people understand and use the
95329 [cc1 cec.wust] I skimmed through them, they seemed reasonably informative.  It might
95365 [jgb3 email.b] Thanks for your input, Charles. I'll try the before/after approach,
95377 [khaines enig] Jamis, my thoughts after reading through your documentation were much the
95401 [jim weirichh] I did a presentation on dependency inversion at our local Java users

^ Can I stop each's iteration, and get the results so far?
95253 [sroberts cer] Basically, I want to break from a find_all, and get the array of
+ 95255 [walter mwsew] This might be overly simplistic, but if this is not going to be used
+ 95260 [bill 32768.c] I can't think of a way to use 'break' here. But you could use
+ 95338 [bob.news gmx] "Sam Roberts" <sroberts@certicom.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  95358 [sroberts cer] Thanks, thats useful to know, and odd!
  + 95359 [dblack wobbl] I think the idea of breaking from find_all is sort of contradictory,
  | 95362 [sroberts cer] Hmm, well its not contrary to the idea of breaking from "select" since
  + 95364 [bob.news gmx] "Sam Roberts" <sroberts@certicom.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ ./lib/ftools.rb:204: [BUG] Segmentation fault
95256 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I need some pointers on compiling on a IA64 system
+ 95257 [Bil.Kleb NAS] [more data]
| 95339 [decoux moulo] For such problems, it's best to give a backtrace of all stack frames and
| 95368 [Bil.Kleb NAS] (I code test-first and so I have no idea how to run debuggers or how
| 95369 [decoux moulo] Yes, and this is why I've given this response.
| 95372 [Bil.Kleb NAS] OK, so how do I tease more information out of miniruby (or gcc)?
| 95373 [decoux moulo] Well, ruby is trying to do
| 95415 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Perfect.  Thanks.
+ 95407 [hal9000 hype] Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

^ [ANN] Samizdat 0.5.1, the "Paris Commune" release
95259 [d.borodaenko] Samizdat 0.5.1 "Paris Commune" release is out

^ Bug in Amrita 1.8.2
95261 [usenet andre] I have found a bug in Amrita 1.8.2. With use_compiler = true, Amrita

^ ruby yaml and end-of-doc marker
95264 [pmy virginia] I'm working on an application that does some IPC by passing yaml via sockets.

^ Class.allocate callback
95265 [aengstrom gn] I want to get a callback whenever an object is created in the vm. To do
+ 95266 [aengstrom gn] [snip script]
+ 95317 [matz ruby-la] Not really a bug.  Hooking every instance allocation might too slow
  95334 [aengstrom gn] Thanks for the reply. I can understand this decision - it makes sense.

^ TkText-like widget in FOX
95268 [dejaspam bat] I'm considering using the FOX toolkit in a project instead of Ruby/Tk,

^ TkText-like widget in FOX
95269 [batkins57 my] I'm considering using the FOX toolkit in a project instead of Ruby/Tk, but I don't see anything in FOX equivalent to Ruby/Tk's TkText widget.  I basically need an editable widget that will allow me to set the font, color, boldness, etc. of specific regions of text.  Does such a thing exist?
+ 95271 [vjoel PATH.B] See examples/styledtext.rb. To make it editable, just add the line
+ 95278 [mailinglists] No it does not exist. You can use the FXText class to show different
| 95289 [david.naseby] FXScintilla allows all of the above.
+ 95303 [alwagner tca] The GTK+2 text widget is just like the Tk widget, with tags, marks,
| 95316 [mailinglists] No, it is the Tk widget, ported to GTK.
| 95420 [alwagner tca] Even better.  It is more alike than I thought :)
+ 95454 [lyle knology] As Joel and Lothar reported, you can use FOX's FXText widget to do some