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^ [ANN] RubyGems 0.2.0
94935 [chad chadfow] The first public release of RubyGems (http://rubygems.rubyforge.org)
+ 94940 [david.naseby] Very noisy script at the moment (output below). Is this just a 1.8.0
| 94941 [rich infoeth] David,
| 94943 [david.naseby] I'd heard there were problems with the 1.8.1 pragprog distro, so I haven't
+ 94955 [surrender_it] rubygems-0.2.0>gem --remote-insta
| + 94956 [discord mac.] % sudo gem --remote-install=RedCloth
| | 94963 [surrender_it] oops, I should have read the message with more care.. anyway I think
| | 94965 [chad chadfow] Don't wait....code it! ;)
| | 94970 [curt hibbs.c] I like this. I would be interested in working this for msi (Windows) -- this
| + 94957 [ruby-talk wh] case-sensitive.
|   94962 [chad chadfow] What do you all think--should this be case sensitive or not?  It's
|   94967 [gsinclair so] $ gem --remote-install=redcloth
|   94968 [chad chadfow] That's an interesting idea.  Definitely a better error message than
+ 94958 [discord mac.] downloaded it and tried it out :) very nice.. Thank you, this is a very
| 94959 [discord mac.] er, sorry, I guess I should have read the docs more carefully.
| 94961 [chad chadfow] Actually, you were right.  --gen-rdoc generates html output (which can
+ 95002 [ptkwt aracne] I've yet to try it, but I did glance at the docs today and it does look
| 95003 [rich infoeth] Please try it and give us your feedback...would welcome all help (and
| 95068 [flgr ccan.de] I'd like to ask for having both: A choice to install precompiled
| 95071 [chad chadfow] Not to speak for everyone, but I've been thinking the exact same thing
+ 95500 [mailinglists] Can you please work an a clean and unambiguity way to report errors.
  95502 [chad chadfow] I responded privately without realizing this went to ruby-talk too.

^ Ruby 1.8.1 write to file?
94936 [ks cs.auc.dk] I have upgraded to ruby 1.8.1 .. and suddenly now my file-writing does
94939 [chad chadfow] Can you show us your ruby -v output?  I'm on "ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25)
94977 [ks cs.auc.dk] Just now I figured the problem: error 40! (40 cm away from the screen)

^ Ruby Vim Download Link Broken?
94942 [ng johnwlong] As the link for the download of ruby-vim. This currently returns a 404. Is
94947 [dooby d10.ka] daz
94948 [ng johnwlong] Is
+ 94953 [dooby d10.ka] I forwarded your request to Shugo Maeda but it
+ 94966 [gsinclair so] It's not the same project.  The RubyForge project contains
  94980 [dooby d10.ka] Oops, when the project names are the same, Google is /not/ our friend :(

^ Embedding Ruby, part 2
94946 [GGarramuno a] Thanks Guy and Kent.  Working perfectly.  I have the 3d program maya
94964 [isambart net] b = "joint"
94993 [ggarramuno a] Sadly, it's not a good solution, for a bunch of reasons.
94989 [joe notcharl] FYI, you can convert symbols (like :type) to strings, so it's simple to use
95012 [isambart net] It was the reason why I suggested this solution. But the problem is
95036 [ggarramuno a] Me too, but the -type afaik cannot be parsed appropiately, right?

^ Apollo future
94971 [n.vasiliev a] I noticed there was a project embedding Ruby scripting into Borland

^ reg multi match replace
94976 [paul vudmask] i'm still a noob and had the need for a simple template system and thot
95019 [neoneye adsl] A few hints.
+ 95020 [dblack wobbl] Unless your hash keys have non-alphanumeric characters :-)  I don't
| 95029 [paul vudmask] Thanks David, Soon after i fired the email i noticed it did not work on
| 95037 [dblack wobbl] The thing is, you don't need an inner and outer match in the first
| 95038 [paul vudmask] Right, David, now i see that - pretty cool, thanks! :P
+ 95022 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Re: SOAP4R newbie question
94978 [Paul.Allton ] Thanks I'll check that out.

^ RubyGems 0.2.0 and peer to peer
94983 [trevor.andra] I was just wondering why Rubygems uses a peer to peer configuration.  I
94997 [rich infoeth] RubyGems allows for installation of gems from a remote service.  There

^ 1.6 to 1.8 problem?
94984 [ bob bob.com] I'm trying to run this ruby script from a magazine, so there are no typoes,
+ 95005 [dave pragpro] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 95011 [ian caliban.] You may care to try the Ruby/Amazon library. It uses Amazon's XML over

^ GUI testing on unix
94985 [neoneye adsl] I am curious to if there exists any GUI testing packages for unix.
+ 94974 [Richard_Dale] I haven't used any UI testing tools in conjunction with QtRuby, but here is
| + 95018 [surrender_it] I believe this is a testing module for C++ *written in* qt, not to
| | 95032 [Richard_Dale] Well, I've downloaded the source to see what it does, and I still don't
| + 95025 [neoneye adsl] [snip KD (KDAB), QtUnit, Squish, LogicaCMG, WinRunner]
|   95033 [Richard_Dale] I would be very surprised if any of these have been used with ruby.
|   95041 [neoneye adsl] It surprises me that there isn't any ui-testing supported on unix/ruby.
|   + 95046 [bret pettich] Some people use dcop to test Qt applications. But that isn't Ruby.
|   | 95101 [Richard_Dale] I've recently added dcop support to the 'Korundum' KDE superset of QtRuby.
|   + 95051 [paul.rogers ] for testing web applications check out Web Testing With Ruby
+ 94975 [frederic tao] ...
| 94994 [neoneye adsl] I browsed this homepage, but could not find any information about testing.
| 95001 [frederic tao] Sorry, but i don't know what UI testing is.
| 94972 [neoneye adsl] Simon Strandgaard
+ 95056 [phlip_cpp ya] Write tests in Ruby that create your forms and manipulate the controls thru
| 95082 [neoneye adsl] Interesting.. something like that should do it ;-)
| 95129 [phlip_cpp ya] thru
| 95132 [neoneye adsl] [snip talk about testing principles]
| 95169 [phlip_cpp ya] Here's how far I got with a quick experiment in that totally proper GUI
+ 95174 [phlip_cpp ya] The k3d project ( http://k3d.sf.net ) contains a way-cool playback system

^ [OT] outwit - unixlike tools for windows
94987 [martindemell] Looks like a *very* useful addition to the windows toolbox - contains
94995 [sdate everes] Good Idea !

^ `#catch'ing many symbols
94988 [g_ogata optu] I find it odd that #catch can't take more than one symbol.  It doesn't
95010 [bob.news gmx] "George Ogata" <g_ogata@optushome.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
95262 [g_ogata optu] Thanks, I'd forgotten about the second throw arg.  I guess that
95337 [bob.news gmx] "George Ogata" <g_ogata@optushome.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
95455 [g_ogata optu] It's not a case of it being difficult, I just think it's more

^ setup.rb vs. install.rb
94991 [mlipper US-A] Hey everybody,
94999 [aamine lover] install.rb is not removed, but combined in to setup.rb.
95024 [mlipper US-A] Cool. Thanks!

^ REXML pull parser usable?
94992 [surrender_it] I'm just trying to understand the Xml Pull API, cause it seem quite
+ 94990 [surrender_it] alias next pull
+ 95176 [ser germane-] 1) Namespace support.
  95205 [surrender_it] thanks for thew answer, this was very interesting.
  95235 [ser germane-] True... but even when REXML was in its infancy, and *everything* was

^ Service issues on ruby-lang.org
94996 [rich infoeth] I was not able to have access to ruby-lang.org throughout the

^ RAA trouble and maintenance
94998 [nahi keynaut] RAA database crashed several times in past few weeks
96498 [nahi keynaut] Fully reimplemented RAA/2.4 load test site opened at
+ 96499 [nahi keynaut] For the person who is interested in the implementation, or the
| 96500 [ruby-talk wh] What do you mean?  Is it broken?  Or by 'fixed' do you mean there is not
| 96501 [nahi keynaut] I was thinking my post [ruby-talk:95422] and your post
+ 96535 [djberg96 hot] I just tried to update win32-mmap and I got this error: "RAA is in
| 96545 [dooby d10.ka] I can't try it, 'cos I haven't any projects up there but IIUC
| 96560 [nahi keynaut] Yes, we will.  I hope the test site does not keep information-lost
+ 96978 [nahi keynaut] I added history(versions) and dependency support to the test site.
  97218 [nahi keynaut] Done.

^ Embedding Ruby into Maya, part 3
95000 [ggarramuno a] All is going well.  I have the basic functionality up and running of having
95017 [surrender_it] would'nt a simple StringIO subclass work for this?
95034 [ggarramuno a] Yes.  That seems like what I was looking for.

^ How can I copy a read-only file?
95004 [curt hibbs.c] I've got a generic method that copies files. I want to preserve the
95008 [joe notcharl] Yes.  That's because you don't have permission to read it, as expected.
+ 95009 [dooby d10.ka] Perhaps you've repeated the copy and you already have a read-only
+ 95013 [joe notcharl] Duh.  read-only, not write-only.  Ignore me.
+ 95015 [bob.news gmx] "Joe Mason" <joe@notcharles.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  95021 [curt hibbs.c] want

^ Fw: Ruby Vim Download Link Broken?
95007 [dooby d10.ka] Shugo replies ...

^ RAA - So much is broken
95014 [mailinglists] can't we add a link checker to RAA that from time to time verifies
+ 95026 [khaines enig] I'd be willing to volunteer server space and bandwidth for a mirror
| 95027 [chad chadfow] #
| 95043 [chad chadfow] #
| + 95044 [hal9000 hype] I vote for all three.  :P
| | 95045 [chad chadfow] # > #   I could do http://raa.rubycentral.org and/or http://raa.rubycentral.org.
| | + 95049 [rasputnik he] Would it be helpful to have a RAA config (which I knov nothing about, I
| | | 95057 [ptkwt aracne] (for some reason the parent of this post didn't show up in my newsfeed, so
| | + 95050 [hal9000 hype] Actually, that's not quite what I meant.
| |   95052 [jamesUNDERBA] Perhaps we can get RubyForge to export a metadata file (in, say XFML, or
| + 95100 [nahi keynaut] The site retrieves RAA information via SOAP.
+ 95099 [nahi keynaut] Interesting.  Could be added the feature to RAA after replacing
| 95152 [cjh-nospam n] Email the contact person(s) for the project, and after
+ 95119 [khaines enig] Sorry about the lack of quotes.  I deleted what I was going to reply to.
  95125 [mailinglists] Right this was my intention. It was pure coincidence that at the day

^ [Ruby-gnome2] possible bug in memory management
95023 [davinciSINSP] I have found a reproducible bug, but I don't know if it is in Gtk2
+ 95031 [mutoh highwa] You're script works fine(100000 times loops) on my linux box.
| 95109 [davinciSINSP] El martes 16 de marzo, Masao Mutoh escribióº
| 95160 [mutoh highwa] 2 or 3 times, though I finished 100000 times once(others I quited it
+ 95039 [lrz gnome.or] If I understand correctly the problem is that you're executing an
| 95110 [davinciSINSP] El martes 16 de marzo, Laurent Sansonetti escribióº
+ 95288 [maznawak9876] I tried it, and well, it didn't freeze, but Enlightenment has a hard time

^ ruby 1.8.1/cygwin: Writing text files (dos mode) broken?
95035 [PeJaMa web.d] I was recently running some tests before switching to ruby 1.8.1 on cygwin. I
95066 [paul.rogers ] when installing cygwin you get the option to select the file type -
95108 [PeJaMa web.d] No, I was definitely using dos-mode when I installed cygwin.

^ Manipulating UDP sender's address
95040 [gfb tonesoft] Is there a way, in general, to "fake" a sender's IP address when sending
95097 [flori nixe.p] Spoofing seems to work pretty good in Ruby (see below). You would have
+ 95115 [sdate everes] Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
| 95121 [flori nixe.p] The raw sockets are pretty new in Windows XP. They are perhaps not yet
+ 95366 [gfb tonesoft] Thank you so very much!!! I expected only some tips, but got a complete
  95380 [flori nixe.p] Cool.

^ why use heredoc in doublequotes?
95042 [neoneye adsl] str = <<TEXT.squeeze("o")
+ 95077 [sroberts uni] I don't really understand what you're squeezing is supposed to show, the
+ 95104 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 95113 [neoneye adsl] Space the final frontier...
  | 95116 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | 95117 [dblack wobbl] Yes, though you might lose them again if you have any '\' characters
  + 95123 [ahoward fatt] ~/eg/ruby > cat heredoc.rb
    95131 [neoneye adsl] I bet this can be useful for making an obscure compact quine.
    95135 [discord mac.] Since Ruby doesn't care what you use as delimiters, usually...
    95201 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Hubbart" <discord@mac.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [ANN] Copeland 0.1.0
95047 [jgb3 email.b] Copeland 0.1.0 "Fanfare for the Common Programmer" is ready for public
95048 [hal9000 hype] This sounds interesting, though I certainly don't understand it yet.
95054 [jgb3 email.b] Ugh.  Bitten by Google again.  I guessed at the spelling (Copeland) and
+ 95058 [dblack wobbl] cd copeland
| 95079 [jgb3 email.b] Thanks for the great one-liner, David.  Seems like I'm always surprised
| 95084 [tom infoethe] Heh, that's classic.
+ 95061 [tom infoethe] Ack, yeah, I should have noticed that, sorry Jamis.  Oh well.
+ 95078 [neoneye adsl] I thought the project was named after Tom Copeland  ;-)
  95085 [jgb3 email.b] The docs are a work in progress, and are written with the expectation
  95102 [surrender_it] I have no experience with IoC and actually I don't even think I
  95124 [jgb3 email.b] I had looked at rico (which is based on the PicoContainer project), but

^ Socket error with net/pop
95053 [greg brondo.] pop = Net::POP3.start("mta.algx.net","myname","mypass") { |pop| }

^ ruby/tk and script encoding
95055 [ferenc engar] I have big problems with supporting the iso8859-2 characters in my
95059 [ferenc engar] On the debian machine, the locale was not properly installed (I never

^ YAML tutorial
95060 [matt technor] Ok, I am so not a Ruby wizard.  In fact, I don't do much development at
+ 95062 [careck circl] Have a look at the cookbook: http://yaml4r.sourceforge.net/cookbook/
+ 95087 [neoneye adsl] Oniguruma is Ruby's new regular expression engine,
  + 95089 [michael_s_ca] All well and good, but... what does Oniguruma mean in English?  (if
  | 95091 [shu rufuran.] ¡Öµ´¼Ö¡×(Oniguruma) means more or less "Ghostcar", I think. Oni is a
  | 95111 [kjana dm4lab] While a Kanji representation looks so fearful, it also an another name
  + 95134 [matt technor] I know what it is, I was wondering what the word means in English.
    95137 [billk cts.co] According to http://ruby-talk.org/36756 it means Demon Wheel....
    95142 [ jimm io.com] Come to think of it, "Ghostwheel" was the name of the inter-dimensional
    + 95144 [shu rufuran.] That's right! To imagine though, a regexp engine controlling Shadow.
    + 95168 [hal9000 hype] You almost frighten me knowing that. :)

^ A little article on using Ruby to parse and analyze SQL queries...
95063 [tom infoethe] Yours truly,

^ counterflashing fucking Hell
95064 [stylezz01 ho] counterflashing fucking Hell

^ Exception when writing to a file
95065 [assaph avaya] docname = 'dir/file.gz'
95107 [news stud.nt] Does your lines in docs contain the trailing newlines from doclist.txt?
95149 [assaph avaya] Thanks! Worked like a charm :)

^ mysql-ruby 2.4.5 + Ruby 1.8.1 + MSVCC (win32)
95067 [fjoanis.remo] This is my first post in this group so please bear with me...

^ Parse error with RubyGems yaml file
95069 [riso302 char] I've had good luck with RubyGems on Win32. However, using Ruby 1.8.1
95074 [chad chadfow] Rich and I are looking at this now.  So far no luck.  It looks valid.

^ Iconv::IllegalSequence raised
95070 [kapheine hyp] I'm having some problems with iconv. I'm trying to convert (as an
95072 [kapheine hyp] linux-gnu]
95073 [assaph avaya] Use "utf-8"... :)

^ memory leak in ruby or dumb mistake?
95075 [vjoel PATH.B] Can anyone see anything I'm doing wrong?
+ 95076 [vjoel PATH.B] $ ruby -v
+ 95080 [flori nixe.p] Try str = nil before the second GC.start in your task.rb. ;)
| 95081 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, but that's not the problem. The long string that 'str' refers to
| 95083 [flori nixe.p] Argh, you're correct. Your sz call grepped my "vim task.rb" instead of
| 95092 [vjoel PATH.B] Now that I think of it, I should have used
+ 95094 [flori nixe.p] def sz
  95095 [vjoel PATH.B] Hm, interesting. Not an extension issue at all then.

^ Rhizome.org seeking Software Consultant
95086 [sera fhwang.] Rhizome.org, the arts non-profit I work at, has enough funding so I can

^ [ANN] Copland 0.1.0
95088 [jgb3 email.b] Okay, this time I mean it.

^ Workable hyperlink on FXDialogBox screen
95090 [colotechpro ] I'm trying to put a workable hyperlink on my FXDialogBox screen, and
95093 [david.naseby] This relies on IE - some other clever person might be able to expand the

^ Global $DBH?
95096 [candiazoo co] I recently decided that for the sake of portability it might be better
95164 [drbrain segm] =20
95188 [candiazoo co] Very cool.  Is singleton a mixin?  I still have a lot to learn.  Thanks
95275 [drbrain segm] =20