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^ (noob) need help parsing Apache log file
93875 [user unknown] Being very new to Ruby, I want to be able to write a small script to
93877 [discord mac.] # reject! deletes matched lines
+ 93880 [user unknown] You think you have it bad... This is MY home box.
+ 93913 [user unknown] Mark. One other thing....
  93920 [discord mac.] You need to catch the errors. Enclose the error-generating code in a
  93921 [user unknown] Mark. Thanks for all you help.
  93922 [discord mac.] We're all nice here because programming in ruby is fun :) as for
  94102 [emschwar pob] To be fair, unlike Ruby, Perl has *tons* of documentation distributed
  + 94152 [webrg.ruby-t] To be realy fair, as a perl newbie (and even now) I found/find the Perl
  + 94169 [discord mac.] We're all nice here because programming in ruby is fun. As for

^ help with ruby range used as condition
93888 [chris_guenth] having read "Programming Ruby: the pragmatic programmer"s Guide" I tried the
+ 93889 [malteDELETET] (Please give your full name in the from header.)
| 93890 [thomas_adam1] There was a major discussion about this recently -- "save the flip/flop".
+ 93892 [news stud.nt] file = File.open("ordinal")

^ building plruby on cygwin
93895 [lists zara.6] Has anyone succeeded building plruby on cygwin? When I tried "ruby
93897 [decoux moulo] I know nothing in cygwin but try to modify the Makefile and add

^ Test::Unit: multiple level of testing
93899 [lists zara.6] I'd like to get suggestions on how to use Test::Unit to fulfill the
94007 [neoneye adsl] May I suggest that you have 3 files which does test_all, but with the

^ Test::Unit: metadata
93900 [lists zara.6] This post is related to the other one I sent earlier. It is about the
+ 94009 [neoneye adsl] I think you can extract info from Test::Unit.
+ 94013 [W.L.Kleb lar] Personally, I am usually only interested in the number of tests failing.

^ ruby-sdl and directfb (tv out)
93909 [wmorgan-ruby] I've been using ohai's excellent ruby-sdl in my quest to build a
94011 [tpeters inva] Maybe you have success when using this info from

^ embedding?
93910 [eric-no-spam] I've written some simulators in C that use Tcl and custom commands as an
+ 93931 [discord mac.] Since nobody else has said anything yet, I guess I will :)
+ 93933 [chad chadfow] Have a look at README.ext in the source distribution for Ruby.
+ 93978 [shasckaw sky] Have you tried Lua instead of Tcl? I've heard that even pythoners think
  + 94003 [me webmaster] Lua is very easy to embed into C... There is a few good tutorials on the
  + 94010 [eric-no-spam] Actually I have looked at Lua.  The syntax makes it less than
    93963 [hatespyware ] I'm a bit out of my element on this one, but I don't believe it is

^ refresh frontmost finder window's contents
93911 [user unknown] I would like to program something to redraw the contents of a finder
93918 [user unknown] Sorry. Wrong group. Please ignore.......

^ [BUG] Aliasing :lambda
93919 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 93924 [flgr ccan.de] D'uh, the topic should be "[BUG] module_functioning :lambda".
+ 93939 [nobu.nokada ] Thank you for the report.

^ [META] Gateway not working? [was: UnboundMethod#hash apparently broken in 1.8.1]
93923 [nathaniel ta] ...
93925 [nathaniel ta] [META] Gateway not working? [was: UnboundMethod#hash apparently broken in 1.8.1]
93928 [dblack wobbl] The little note above is because I tried to post directly to clr and

^ fcgi install problems
93932 [jim freeze.o] I seem to be having some fcgi install problems. I checked out
+ 93938 [david loudth] Did you install the FastCGI Developer's Kit and mod_fcgi? The file
| 93942 [rasputnik he] You don't need mod_fcgi unless you use Apache.
+ 93940 [rasputnik he] I built a NetBSD package for this last week.
+ 94014 [ahoward fatt] - http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?UsingRubyFastCGI

^ Installation/Config Question
93934 [patrick.benn] I'm trying to set up a common (checked into version-control) copy of

^ [ANN] FreeRIDE 0.6.0-1 -- a Windows Update
93936 [curt hibbs.c] Until now, the FreeRIDE debugger did not work under windows. We now have a
+ 93943 [mailinglists] It does still not work. The maximum was 3 single step commands before
| 93957 [curt hibbs.c] I can't reproduce this problem. Does it happen consistently? Can you send me
| + 93973 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, I can't seem to debug any programs in latest FreeRide. Maybe I'm
| | 93998 [curt hibbs.c] Hmmm... I'm going to have to try this on a clean system. What version of
| | + 94000 [mailinglists] Win2000 + Service Pack 4
| | + 94028 [feldt ce.cha] Win XP Pro with SP1 but I have to retract from this bug report. After a
| |   94045 [curt hibbs.c] Fantastic! Of course, when they do find problems, it would be better to
| + 93994 [mailinglists] I used the file "examples/HelloWorld/hello.rb" from the FreeRIDE distribution.
+ 94042 [lyle knology] While I'm glad to hear that this is now working (for at least some
| + 94044 [curt hibbs.c] Remember FreeRIDE has always used a private build of Ruby to run itself in
| + 94085 [mark.watson ] Im not sure whether upgrading to Ruby 1.8.1 'fixed' the problem or if
|   94096 [curt hibbs.c] I didn't really go into all the details, but there are some good reasons why
|   94113 [cpine hellot] Looking good!
|   94405 [curt hibbs.c] Sorry for the delay in responding (posting to the FreeRIDE Users mailing
+ 94419 [jlsysinc all] class A

^ RDoc Vim Syntax File?
93941 [jgb3 email.b] Has anyone created an RDoc syntax file for Vim?  Before I go and do it,
93956 [gsinclair so] Never heard of anyone doing it, and I would appreciate the effort.

^ Implementation of Binding#[]= and #[]
93948 [batsman.geo ] IIRC the RCR for Binding#[]= and Binding#[] was accepted a long time ago,

^ [ANN]Version 0.0.1 of Cardinal has been released
93949 [msparshatt y] version 0.0.1 of Cardinal is now available. This is just a preliminary

^ turn hash into object variables?
93959 [ruby hitmedi] class SomeClass
+ 93960 [david.naseby] class SomeClass
| 93961 [harryo qiqso] Also, if you want others to be able to access those instance variables, you'll probably want to define readers and/or writers for them.
| 93979 [Peter.Vanbro] attr_reader is defined in Module, so it can be used in module and class
+ 93962 [gsinclair so] Hash#values_at(k1, k2, ...)

^ perl6 grammar rules in ruby
93964 [cc1 cec.wust] Has anyone taken a look at the idea of having embedded grammars in ruby
+ 93967 [neoneye adsl] I am working on a regexp engine, written entirely in Ruby.
| 93977 [cc1 cec.wust] The reason I like the grammar usage is I don't mind embedding code
| 93980 [neoneye adsl] You want something ala rebol's gramma?
| 93986 [cc1 cec.wust] Yea that looks similar, but if you look at the perl6 grammar spec,
+ 93982 [batsman.geo ] I believe this can be implemented easily in Ruby as it stands now,
  93989 [cc1 cec.wust] 1)  That example didn't show it but they are embedding grammars inside
  94015 [ahoward fatt] sound like an o.k. idea, but what advantage would it have over racc, which is
  + 94017 [cc1 cec.wust] Well take for instance parsing some html, but while it is possible to
  | 94338 [hatespyware ] XML is maybe a better example, since you often need to dynamically
  | 94427 [sroberts uni] Racc is great, and wouldn't it be greater if you could embed racc
  + 94170 [hatespyware ] FWIW, I am having a love affair w/ boost::spirit.  I use it _all_ the
    94251 [feldt ce.cha] Is the importance the integration with the language or the fact that you
    94255 [cc1 cec.wust] The advantage of the embedded system is you can call out to a grammar
    + 94257 [feldt ce.cha] Sounds useful and might mean people start using grammars more. I see
    + 94264 [feldt ce.cha] I've taken a look and I agree it looks powerful. The embedding in the
      + 94308 [cc1 cec.wust] I don't think it's built into parrot, but perhaps I am mistaken, mostly
      | 94332 [hatespyware ] Could you please explain your take on the relationship between regular
      | 94336 [cc1 cec.wust] A major part of all programming language use is parsing text in some
      | 94426 [sroberts uni] The question I and "anon luker" have isn't why a library for embedding
      + 94352 [surrender_it] I may be wrong but in a talk larry wall said that there is a tool to

^ Why is Ruby NOT tail recursive?
93971 [laza mailina] I have just been reading a chapter on how to implement tail-recursiveness
94033 [matz ruby-la] Just because it was too hard to implement tail recursion with the

^ [ANN] win32-etc 0.2.0
93984 [djberg96 hot] I'm pleased to announce the release of win32-etc 0.2.0

^ Set of Sets and eql?
93987 [timsuth ihug] I recently discovered the 'set' library after browing www.ruby-doc.org. It's
+ 93988 [timsuth ihug] # Also using #object_id for #hash.
+ 93995 [timsuth ihug] I just realised why :)
  94019 [chr_mail gmx] You don't need an ordering to define a nice Set#eql?

^ Possible project? sysinfo lib
93990 [emiel il.fon] 'lo all,
+ 94018 [ahoward fatt] have you seen this?
+ 94025 [gsinclair so] Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the intention of both projects, but check

^ Freeride IDE debugger now working on Windows
93991 [itsme213 hot] I was waiting for this ... perhaps others were as well.

^ Amrita : collections not mapped to correct html element?
93993 [itsme213 hot] <ul>

^ Why ist fastcgi so slow?
93999 [usenet andre] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
93981 [ahoward fatt] what is the name of the file?  foo.cgi or foo.fcgi?  if it is foo.cgi apache
94004 [usenet andre] foo.rb, and yes, it is executed by mod_fastcgi.
94005 [ahoward fatt] hmm.  can you see it running with 'ps -elf'??  can you show the assoc
94006 [usenet andre] Yes.
+ 94008 [usenet andre] No, I had also set the fastcgi options -restart and -autoupdate in my
+ 94012 [ahoward fatt] really?  i needed to
  94103 [shu rufuran.] Yes, there is one, but if you (Ara) are using FCGI#each_cgi, you're

^ Problem loading driver with dbi, 1.8.x
94020 [djberg96 hot] ruby-dbi 0.21

^ [ANN] Jabber4r 0.6.0 now works with Ruby 1.8.1
94021 [rich infoeth] Jabber4r (Ruby-Jabber client library) has been updated (0.6.0) to work
95177 [ser germane-] Rich,
95186 [rich infoeth] it just keeps changing on me from one version to another ;-)

^ [ANN] Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Chapter Four: Little Leaves of Code
94023 [ruby-talk wh] Just wanted everyone to know that Chapter Four of the (Poignant) Guide
+ 94024 [tom infoethe] FWIW, I'm interested in hearing about them here...
| 94029 [rodrigo.berm] nice reading ...
+ 94026 [dblack wobbl] I think just announcing them will involve fewer posts than a big
| 94027 [zdennis mkte] I say announce away, they directly pertain to Ruby. And I enjoy reading
+ 94032 [harryo qiqso] I absolutely love your work, but please, please, please can you change the layout so that it prints without chopping off the right hand side?
| 94035 [ruby-talk wh] yeah, sorry.  the comics are 800 pixels wide and are keeping the pages
| 94036 [harryo qiqso] The main title of chapter 4 gets cut just after "Floating Leaves of Co". The sentence on the second? page that ends in " ... Ambrose Caverns is with the elf. He is" gets cut off just after "Amrbose Cave".
| + 94038 [ggambill com] Seems to print well in landscape on Win 2K and MS IE.
| + 94040 [ruby-talk wh] Better, better.  Also go to 'Page Setup...' and set all the margins to
|   94041 [harryo qiqso] Excellent!  It now fits just fine.  Thanks for the suggestions.
+ 94039 [andre digira] "You want to climb aboard a jet bound to Brazil with it. And after five
+ 94088 [dhtapp cox.n] I can't speak for the more experienced folks (which is to say,  everybody
  94100 [ralph amissa] Heh, Why_ promises a smallish book unless we are to to distinguishing here
  94159 [jgb3 email.b] It's often just as entertaining as the Poignant Guide, though perhaps
  94260 [ jupp gmx.de] Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT

^ Suggested technical changes to L2P (Was: [ANN] Learn to Program -- A Tutorial for the Future Programmer) Reply-To:
94031 [ jupp gmx.de] I think it makes sense to have a handy abbreviation for 'Learn to

^ [ANN] Rubyx OS (Ruby oriented linux distro)
94037 [andrew walro] I am pleased to announce the first public release of Rubyx, codename
+ 94048 [ptkwt aracne] Very cool.
| 94049 [andrew walro] I just have. Thanks for the tip!
+ 94053 [surrender_it] does this mean we can tell about it to our freinds and relatives (as
| 94054 [andrew walro] Absolutely :)
+ 94055 [andrew walro] What do I need to put in the HTML of the Rubyx homepage to get a little icon
| + 94056 [messju lammf] you need a favicon.ico. see for example here
| + 94057 [rasputnik he] Just create an image called /favicon.ico at the top of your site.
|   94109 [jwkenne attg] That's not reliable; it seems to depend on the server.  It may be
|   + 94111 [Gavri_F info] it's been accepted.
|   | 94115 [harryo qiqso] Sadly, it got the typical negative response that non Perl/Python scripting always seems to get on slashdot.
|   | 94140 [andrew walro] There are some really funny responses though! The guy who said it would be in
|   | 94149 [tom infoethe] I bet.  When Simon's ROS project got Slashdotted it made quite a spike
|   | 94246 [neoneye adsl] I have never been so exited my whole life.. I couldn't sleep that night ;-)
|   + 94123 [andrew walro] Grrrrrrrr........ I just CANNOT get this f***** favicon to work. I've added
|     94135 [rasputnik he] Bloody hell. I haven't done one for a while but I'm sure it wasn't that
|     94137 [andrew walro] Its working now. And do you know the worst bit? I don't know why it's
|     + 94142 [joe notcharl] Browser caching?
|     | 94145 [andrew walro] Thought of that, but I had restarted apache and used the 'refetch favicon' in
|     + 94188 [xlucid users] I had another go at it yesterday, re-inspired by this thread.
|     + 94593 [wsdng online] Maybe, you added the page to your favorites. The favicon is named
+ 94092 [linux marcre] damned! I had the same idea. but I would choose FreeBSD as underlying
| + 94093 [andrew walro] Well, Linux is better supported (by hackers) nowadays, and has better arch
| | 94214 [andrew walro] Spot the missing '?' in the slashdot article? It was only just pointed out to
| | + 94232 [zdennis mkte] Ok, Andrew....I'm having a Rubyx OS problem. I downloaded the iso but
| | | 94240 [andrew walro] Another section fo rthe documentation :)
| | | 94242 [zdennis mkte] Here's the tail end of the problems I get after I select a hard disk.
| | + 94238 [matt technor] I just burned a CD this morning.  I think you would have had many more
| |   94241 [wmoxam klick] Funny, it made FireFox freeze up on me. I had to use IE to download it.
| + 94128 [ptkwt aracne] Why not go ahead with that idea?  Couldn't you use the rubyx script to
| | + 94130 [andrew walro] Well, I'm not familiar with the BSD kernel build process, but there is no
| | | 94164 [ptkwt aracne] That's great.
| | + 94167 [linux marcre] why not? as I far as I know FreeBSD 5.x switched to the NetBSD init-system
| |   94224 [rasputnik he] I know we're veering OT but the NetBSD rc system knocks spots of Linuxs'
| + 94132 [lists zara.6] Showing off YAML is a good idea, because is is one of Ruby's strength
| + 94186 [ jupp gmx.de] Feel free to start 'RuBSD'. Could you detail what precisely makes you
|   94268 [linux marcre] would you join the project? I haven't too much time so I wouldn't start it
|   + 94270 [andre digira] Should you guys decide to start something for Dragonfly, I'd gladly join
|   + 94394 [ jupp gmx.de] The objective arguments for using FreeBSD you provide make it hard to
|     94502 [linux marcre] advantages all 3 BSDs (I count Dragonfly to FreeBSD at the moment, sorry for
|     94584 [ jupp gmx.de] Surprisingly many people *do* speak German.
|     94585 [linux marcre] I guess I lost my irony markers somewhere... :)
+ 94187 [ jupp gmx.de] 'Linux' with an uppercase 'L' is a registered trademark of Linus
+ 94250 [andrew walro] Please move any further Rubyx discussion over to the rubyx mailing list; Its

^ Problem adding new module...
94059 [candiazoo co] Stats = Ruby 1.6.8 on BeOS R5 BONE
94061 [ahoward fatt] does this file exist?
94069 [nobu.nokada ] In general, when LoadError for .so reports the full path, the
94076 [ahoward fatt] ah.  so perhaps _sqlite.so cannot find the sqlite libs.
94078 [candiazoo co] Yes.   :)  It exists.
94079 [candiazoo co] Mike J.
94082 [candiazoo co] Also...

^ pickaxe with pics?
94062 [rasputnik he] Rasputins theorem: In the infinite universe of online versions of the
+ 94063 [happy user.c] /kent
| 94077 [rasputnik he] I have one but its hard to instant message it to someone.
+ 94064 [dave pragpro] I suspect not, unless they're good with a pen... :)
| + 94066 [Gavri_F info] The German version of the Pickaxe has illustrations. Rip 'em. I don't think they'd mind  :)
| + 94074 [news stud.nt] Or don't have the emotional baggage connecting them to the TeX source
| | 94081 [dave pragpro] Touché¡
| | 94101 [harryo qiqso] Just out of interest, what are you using instead?
| | 94104 [dave pragpro] If the brand new books, the images are in external files and included
| | 94189 [itsme213 hot] If you don't mind my asking, what else do you'll use in your writing? Write
| | 94191 [dave pragpro] Books written for the Pragmatic Bookshelf now are written in XML, with
| | 94348 [jim freeze.o] Excuse my ignorance, but is the XML transformation to <whatever> via
| | 94361 [dave pragpro] It's just standard XSLT: we're using xsltproc to do it at the moment,
| | 94366 [jim freeze.o] Thanks Dave.
| | 94369 [dave pragpro] Cheers
| + 94091 [intc_ctor ya] Let's commission Why the lucky stiff to do the illustrations for the
+ 94070 [NOSPAM keepy] Check http://home.vr-web.de/juergen.katins/ruby/buch/
  94086 [thien_vuong ] There is an English version of it at the same site also, but you have to