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^ inspecting objects
9371 [aseltine sur] Is there any way to limit the recursion depth of inspect? I have a tree
9443 [gotoken math] No, there isn't.

^ attr_accessor in base class
9373 [bombadil wan] I have a rpoblem with object orientation. Intention is to define
9374 [gotoken math] attr_reader is a private method of Class but you are using it in a
9404 [sent quality] I'm not sure quite what you're aiming for.
9419 [bombadil wan] That doesn't seem a solution. Problem is accessing values of Configuration

^ fileExists function?
9377 [ChrisM SNELL] I'm looking for a fileExists function and coming up short at the moment.
+ 9378 [ljlane debia] File#exist?
| 9387 [ChrisM SNELL] Hmm. The Ruby book doesn't document this function here -- I just now found
| 9388 [Dave Pragmat] Class File mixes in FileTest, so you get access that way. It's
| 9390 [ChrisM SNELL] Alrighty - I see the list of mixins.
+ 9397 [dsafari para] Perhaps this is what you want?

^ Rubicon has moved to ruby-lang.org
9383 [Dave Pragmat] I'm pleased to announce that Rubicon now has a permanent home in the

9389 [lrryklly min] # subscribe

^ What does it take?
9391 [bradclark1 m] I have tried to unsubscribe four times from this list and it has had no
9446 [mitch venux.] Indeed, what does it take? I tried to unsubscribe this morning without luck
9450 [aleksi.nieme] This kind of activity seem to be so common these days that may I suggest two
+ 9451 [mitch venux.] I don't have a problem unsubscribing in any way you guys have it setup, I'm
+ 9453 [decoux moulo] Guy Decoux
| + 9455 [mitch venux.] Yes, I figured it was like that *but* this is what I get when I send
| + 9456 [decoux moulo] Try with the command "# status"
+ 9457 [matz zetabit] There's no confirmation for unsubscription.  I have no idea why they
  9458 [mitch venux.] With any command I send to the ctl address, be it status, # status,
  9493 [matz zetabit] At least your address <mitch@venux.net> have never been in the list.
  9517 [mitch venux.] Ahhh.. I sent the subscribe from this client, I thought it would have

^ Do Vector and Matrix Classes Exist for Ruby?
9392 [jim freeze.o] The title pretty much says it all.
9393 [gotoken math] require "matrix"
9394 [schneik us.i] (http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa-list.rhtml?name=NArray)
9395 [schneik us.i] # In message "[ruby-talk:9392] Do Vector and Matrix Classes Exist for
9396 [Dave Pragmat] We ran out of space to put everything, so we discussed with Matz what
9421 [schneik us.i] Reference.
9440 [Dave Pragmat] That's where we printed the meaning of life, but they made us take it

^ Spiffy timing method anyone?
9398 [jim freeze.o] I noticed that the Time class supports microsecionds. I am interested in
9399 [Dave Pragmat] Goto-san's 'benchmark' library is your friend.

9400 [dasimpson nl] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Examples of textbuf in action
9409 [Dave Pragmat] Does anyone have any sample code that uses, or documentation for,
9414 [aamine dp.u-] Sorry, manuals are not available now.

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-12-28)
9410 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-12-28)

^ The Ruby Way
9411 [schneiker ju] As a member of the "Big 8" newsgroups, "The Ruby Way" (of posting) is to

^ Ruby User Survey (2nd announcement)
9412 [schneiker ju] If you are new to Ruby (or haven't previously taken the Ruby User

^ Gathering Ruby version
9415 [wys helbling] is there a way to get the Ruby  version (or even better the build string)
+ 9416 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby -e 'p RUBY_VERSION, RUBY_RELEASE_DATE, RUBY_PLATFORM'
+ 9420 [bombadil wan] What about RUBY_VERSION constant ;)

^ Re: Speed of Python vs. Perl
9418 [schneik us.i] If someone is looking for something interesting to do, this might give you

^ ANNOUNCE: PyXPCOM - Python bindings for Mozilla XPCOM technology
9422 [schneik us.i] Conrad Schneiker
9431 [ben_tilly ho] As a long-time member of the Perl community I have to
9471 [schneik us.i] # As a long-time member of the Perl community I have to

^ Ruby CVS repositories are ready now
9427 [knu iDaemons] It is my pleasure to announce that the CVS repositories for Ruby are
+ 9430 [elderburn mi] Your English is very good.  Everything is clearly understood, but there appears
| 9432 [knu iDaemons] Ah, thanks for pointing out!  That's what I meant!
+ 9502 [green FreeBS] Hmm, you know, seeing all this organization coming about... I can't put my
  9519 [knu iDaemons] Hehe, I (shamelessly) borrowed many ideas from FreeBSD's committers'

^ Can ruby replace php? The URL please.
9428 [jilanik tin.] The URL please?
9429 [avi beta4.co] ...

^ Re: 101 Misconceptions About Dynamic...
9434 [MICHAEL.W.WI] Langua

^ Passing cmd-line args through .rb shortcut on Win?
9437 [ChrisM SNELL] .rb files are associated to ruby.exe - that works fine. If I set up a
9445 [Dave Pragmat] It's a bug in the file association which is fixed in the 1.6.2
9449 [Dave Pragmat] Sorry, I think that might be HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (I'm not a Windows user)
9452 [ChrisM SNELL] Now it seems my arguments are being passed to ruby.exe, not myruby.rb -- can
9461 [Dave Pragmat] I just checked this on my NT box. My key
9463 [ChrisM SNELL] Thanks!

^ array.each_index_but_last ?
9439 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What is the idiomatic Ruby way to go through all the elements of an array,
+ 9444 [dblack candl] (0...my_array.size - 1) .each do |i| ... end
+ 9447 [gotoken math] my_array[0..-2].each{....}
+ 9448 [hipster xs4a] exactly where Haskell list-lingo (head, tail, init, last) comes in
| + 9459 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, these are useful -- I think Lisp and Prolog have some of these
| + 9539 [druid primen] I'm trying to learn both Hakell and ruby at the same time, and I
+ 9504 [r2d2 mao.acc] If you want to do things like this a lot you could create iterators for

^ reading an entire file as a string
9460 [raja cs.indi] [This is something i've been wanting to ask for a while.]
9462 [decoux moulo] and you have an array with only 1 element, which contains the entire
9464 [raja cs.indi] IO.readlines ("path", nil)[0]
9465 [Dave Pragmat] I'd vote for this in 1.6.3/1.7. I've found myself wanting it too.
9468 [matz zetabit] OK.  But unlike readlines and each, read is not fundamentally for
+ 9469 [Dave Pragmat] I'd vote for 'a'.
| + 9470 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, while we are talking about this sort of thing, what about adding
| + 9476 [jimm fnord.i] One of the things that helped me get up to speed quickly in Ruby were all
| + 9481 [elderburn mi] Why not 'a' _and 'b' (or does that make it 'c'?)
| | 9482 [Dave Pragmat] 'a' is a superset of 'b'. THe *args thing means that it calls f.read
| + 9483 [matz zetabit] How about IO::read(path[,size[,offset]]), where offset is the optional
|   9484 [Dave Pragmat] Sounds good. Will File#read change too?
|   9492 [matz zetabit] I think it won't.  there cannot be "initial offset" for each
|   + 9512 [Dave Pragmat] Personally, I think it's go for consistency here. If you treated the
|   + 9514 [decoux moulo] ??? I don't understand
|     + 9515 [Dave Pragmat] class ErrMsg
|     + 9516 [decoux moulo] Why you don't use #seek for this very special case ?
|       9518 [Dave Pragmat] I'm not particularly advocating modifying just OP#read. Instead, I was
|       + 9538 [matz zetabit] Hmm, let me summarize,
|       | + 9547 [hipster xs4a] (c)
|       | + 9548 [   xm w3d.ru] /skipped/
|       | + 9623 [gnhurst hurs] (c) looks fine.
|       + 9546 [decoux moulo] (c) is OK, for me
+ 9472 [raja cs.indi] All the time i've had a need for this has been as in option (b).
| 9474 [schneik us.i] #
| 9475 [hipster xs4a] Which is basically foldl or foldr depending on the implementation. But
+ 9526 [matju cam.or] File.open(path) {|f| f.read(*args) }
  9527 [Dave Pragmat] Except because of scope you have to write
  + 9528 [matju cam.or] Sorry, I tried both of the following and I cannot find a difference in
  | 9532 [matz zetabit] Thechenically they are same, but appearance makes difference.
  | + 9540 [   xm w3d.ru] What of presented methods are better ... _and_ why ?
  | | 9542 [matz zetabit] I think it's mostly up to preference.  I prefer 3, because it tells me
  | + 9543 [ale crimson.] I'm sorry, I'm not following the idea of sameness here.
  |   + 9544 [matz zetabit] Ah, you fooled by my stupidity. ;-)
  |   + 9553 [matju cam.or] This was simply a stupid error in my original mail. It is assumed that
  + 9529 [matz zetabit] In fact,
  | 9530 [Dave Pragmat] if (rb_block_given_p()) {
  + 9531 [steve deaf.o] buff = File.new("filename").read(nil)

^ Newbie question: call-by-reference
9466 [casaldaliga ] list and found nothing, so it must be too obvious.
9467 [matz zetabit] How about wrapping the value by an array?
+ 9487 [sent quality] Or you could wrap it in a class. More work, for
+ 9525 [matju cam.or] Zero-Dimensional Arrays. Fun For The Whole Family.

^ Ruby implementation of basic auth http client
9473 [bootpe my-de] Has anyone already implemented a Ruby HTTP client
9478 [erne powerna] require 'net/http'

^ ruby-mode for Emacs crashing
9490 [volkmann2 ho] I'm using ruby-mode.el with GNU Emacs 20.7.1.
9511 [jimm eris.io] Not sure what your problem is. Here is the relevant Ruby section from my

^ Subprocess
9494 [Bostjan.Jerk] Is there a way to start a subprocess and return from it ?
9495 [   xm w3d.ru] Yeah ... learn UNIX. It's fork-exec stuff.
9496 [Bostjan.Jerk] Yeah and what if I want to run it on M$ ?
9497 [   xm w3d.ru] Hmmm ... ruby threads are platform-independent.
9498 [   xm w3d.ru] Also ... final thoughts - ruby may block thread execution while performing
+ 9501 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat b.rb
| 9506 [   xm w3d.ru] This is because initialize waits for array of args ... and [1, 2] makes
| 9507 [Bostjan.Jerk] Found the way to do it.
+ 9505 [elderburn mi] If I am writing something for myself only? var = [] amd var = {}.  If I am

^ http read
9508 [Bostjan.Jerk] I want to write a small script to read html data from http server.
9509 [   xm w3d.ru] You should send a request to server to get something.
9510 [   xm w3d.ru] require 'socket'
9513 [Bostjan.Jerk] OK, thanks. Works like magic.

^ Enhancing the functionality of an object
9520 [steve deaf.o] I have a OOP programming problem.
9524 [jstern fosha] You can keep index variables that indicate the valid range
9537 [sent quality] It depends on what you need. If you really need

^ Larry Wall INterview
9521 [ianm74 my-de] ActiveState announced that they will add Perl scripting to Zope?
9522 [mitch venux.] Since that Ruby article appeared in DDJ nearly everyone I've talked with has
10583 [gstrock pacb] Larry Wall's interview is how I found out
+ 10584 [jim freeze.o] Wow. Sounds exactly like myself.
| 10590 [andy toolshe] Resistance IS futile :-)
+ 10618 [lists.ruby-t] I'm quickly passing obnoxious, or so I suspect.  I've been planting
  + 10634 [john_van_v y] I'm a big perl person and have been trying to organize in NY.
  | 10640 [schneik us.i] # I'm a big perl person and have been trying to organize in NY.
  | 10648 [john_van_v y] ksh -> expect -> ssh -> remote machines,
  + 12704 [djberg96 hot] I joke with my boss that I'm going to write all of my production scripts
    + 12723 [hdstich comm] on the german Ruby mailing list was sometime ago a
    | 12828 [ale crimson.] That's an attitude I like! :)
    + 12724 [decoux moulo] Look at
      + 12726 [hdstich comm] hmm, but the description says
      + 12727 [decoux moulo] Look for this "Database Independent API for Ruby" ...  "dbi.rb"

^ Problem with mod_ruby + mysql.
9523 [markv pixar.] I've got a configuration problem of some sort when trying to use the mysql
9783 [knos free.fr] does mysql support work in command line+?

^ Strange Hash behavior
9533 [agnottok hot] class C
+ 9534 [avi beta4.co] But it will also use some method to test equality... I don't remember
+ 9535 [kosako sofne] Hash use "eql?" method for key equality.
+ 9536 [matz zetabit] Hash checks equality of keys by `hash' and `eql?'.
  9550 [agnottok hot] Ok, thanks. But for me its a violation of "Principle of Least Surprise".
  9551 [aleksi.nieme] It's pretty common for Hash to require these two things. With the method
  9552 [decoux moulo] Because you are not in a case of perfect hashing, i.e. 2 differents
  9633 [ben_tilly ho] The above explanation makes more sense if you understand
  9642 [decoux moulo] ruby version
  9645 [ale crimson.] Thanks Ben and Guy, for the extra information.
  9646 [decoux moulo] This is not the hash function used in st_lookup, this is just the hash

^ Tk-related developments in the Python world (Tkinter 3000)
9541 [schneik us.i] Ruby-izing this.

^ Passing parameters to InterBase Transactions
9545 [jilanik tin.] I am using Ruby with InterBase and it works really fine; now I am trying

^ deamon with auth
9549 [mips cybersp] I did the choice of ruby for a project i'm on which is based on a deamon where you log in to access it's features.
9596 [decoux moulo] It's hard to reply to such a question, may be you can be more specific ?

^ how 2 use __END__ and DATA
9554 [rubinubi cyb] I want to read data from my program file rather than from an external
+ 9555 [Dave Pragmat] puts "hello world"
| 9556 [decoux moulo] puts DATA.readlines
+ 9557 [hgs dmu.ac.u] If you rewind DATA you will get the lines before __END__ as well! :-)

^ ANN: Some survey results
9558 [Dave Pragmat] The first 80 survey results are available at

^ Re: Learning Ruby
9560 [sol123 msn.c] Try, TextPad (Win) www.textpad.com
9561 [hgs dmu.ac.u] but there is no IDE yet.
9562 [matz zetabit] Emacs?
10043 [harryo zipwo] Sounds like an excellent way to balance things out.  You get the

^ Which GUI toolkit to use?
9563 [djevink xs4a] I'm new to Ruby and which to start some pilot GUI with it I don't read
9564 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I don't do much with GUI's yet, but it seems to be Tk...
9574 [jens irs-net] I prefer Ruby/Qt ... it's still in an early state

^ DATA and ARGV don't seem to work under winruby
9565 [rubinubi cyb] I guess that the subject says it all. I couldn't get the __END__ DATA

9566 [ruby_david h] Response.Redirect "another_url.htm"
9615 [thomas strom] As a side note: relative paths in Redirects (Location:) are not

^ ANN: Windows InstallShield 1.6.2 Available
9567 [andy toolshe] I'm pleased to announce that the Windows InstallShield version of

^ glade-ruby
9568 [sbalu nyx.ne] Is there any way glade-xml be xlated to ruby-gtk ?
9573 [avi beta4.co] I've previously done a libglade wrapper for java, and it was pretty
9575 [Dave Pragmat] Never having used it, can I ask a stupid question?Glade seems bound
+ 9576 [jens irs-net] Qt has it's own GUI Builder: Qt Designer
| 9577 [Dave Pragmat] But wouldn't it be nice to have one representation that could be used
| 9578 [joe vpop.net] Yes it would!  sort of like a DBI for gui toolkits.
| 9579 [schneik us.i] Can I ask an indirectly self-referential meta-rhetorical presumptive
| 9580 [jens irs-net] yes... it would. I'm not an expert, but I think
+ 9585 [avi beta4.co] The glade file format is extremely bound to Gtk; not only in terms of

^ GTK problems under Windows
9583 [sent quality] I'm porting my game from Ruby/GTK/Linux to
9600 [ntalbott rol] Hmmm.... that code executes fine for me, although nothing gets printed when

^ 3 + 2.im works!  why?
9584 [rpg xs2all.n] true
9587 [Dave Pragmat] This is all the magic of Numeric#coerce.

^ rescue / ensure
9589 [berndlor t-o] I don't understand what the ensure-clause is for.
+ 9592 [green FreeBS] f = File.open ...
+ 9593 [ale crimson.] I suggest you to do some testing where you try to exercise it a bit,

^ Re: Redirection (was "")
9595 [neumann s-di] require "cgi"

^ Problems with quotes in Win9x spawns
9611 [ xx here.com] From DOS command line under Win98
9631 [phasis chann] You can define your own system in Windows regardless of build versions

^ Non-blocking I/O?
9617 [schuerig acm] I'm trying to watch some (log)files for changes. For this purpose,
+ 9628 [kjana os.xax] You intended `tail -f'?
| + 9640 [schuerig acm] Close :-)
| + 9641 [decoux moulo] #sysread use internally read(2). Just catch IO::EOFError
|   9658 [schuerig acm] Works, thanks. But I must admit, that I don't like using exceptions for
+ 9663 [matju cam.or] Do not use Non-blocking I/O. This is not a concept that is useful here.
  9669 [schuerig acm] Apparently it works on Linux. Whatever "it" is exactly. That is, I can't
  9670 [christians s] This is very likely outside the interest of the discussion, but Linux's
  9673 [schuerig acm] Sigh.
  9681 [ben_tilly ho] Reference please?  This conflicts with my understanding
  9689 [christians s] Our server cluster is CPU limited (we have a 96Gb switch). Profiling showed
  9690 [louie TransS] One of the problems with select() is that the kernel keeps no state