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Chinese Ruby books?
93603 [emschwar@po ] I may have to train some Chinese colleagues in the test harness I

[ANN] Instiki: There's no step three
93610 [david@lo dt ] What is Instiki?
93613 [careck@ci cl] Unfortunately there is a step 3 with this release: check out insticki.rb
93625 [david@lo dt ] DOH!
93629 [careck@ci cl] Great, it works now and is looking good at first sight. Unfortunately
93634 [david@lo dt ] Hmmm. The point about Madelein (and prevaylence in general) is that you

Failure building PL/Ruby on MacOS X 10.3
93616 [gavin@re in ] I have Ruby 1.8.1, PostgreSQL 7.4.1, mod_ruby 1.1.2, eRuby 1.0.5,
93651 [lists@za a. ] I'm not familiar with the packaging system used in Mac OS X, but have
93666 [gavin@re in ] which has array.h inside /src/include/utils/ and *not*
93667 [decoux@mo lo] svg% cat pgsql/data/PG_VERSION
93693 [gavin@re in ] Well, there's our confusion, then. :)
93735 [decoux@mo lo] Well, the next version will test the directory. Just to give you an

Further failures
93617 [gavin@re in ] #if PG_PL_VERSION >= 74
93620 [ahoward@fa t] export PATH=/usr/local/pgsql/bin:$PATH
93665 [gavin@re in ] Indeed, the problem (as I realized when I inspected the error messages
93672 [ahoward@fa t] be careful - if you run ldd on the postgres.so lib you'll probably see

io/nonblock - blocks w/threads?
93619 [Ara.T.Howard] this program does not work as expected w/o inserting the 'Thread.critical'
93633 [bob.news@gm ] "Ara.T.Howard" <Ara.T.Howard@noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
93642 [ahoward@fa t] right you are - in the actual code i do - this is a distilled example...
93646 [bob.news@gm ] Some answers - but not all...
+ 93663 [jim@we ri hh] require 'thread'
| 93668 [ahoward@fa t] rtfm eh?  ;-)
+ 93669 [ahoward@fa t] thanks for the response...

New paradigm of introspective OO development
93623 [jaredthirsk@] ==  Introduction to DAF ==
+ 93697 [h.lahman@ve ] Responding to Thirsk...
| + 93698 [matt@te hn r] Errrr, punch cards were used for 1890 census.
| | 93707 [harryo@qi so] True, but that was purely for data (and characterisation of the data into buckets, I guess), not for programming any kind of computer per se ... as far as I recall from that one lecture, 20 years ago, where the origins of Hollerith cards was discussed :-).
| + 93700 [mailinglists] But they are only really useful for interface specification and
+ 93738 [TAKEcristian] academic background in cognitive science, so I also have a
+ 93791 [charles@so t] Smalltalk is allready capable in all these respects.
+ 99916 [shashank@ic ] You should visit omg.org to know the current technologies being promoted

proposal: debug keyword
93632 [neoneye@ad l] A debug keyword which enables debug-output for a specific method.
+ 93637 [bob.news@gm ] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 93639 [neoneye@ad l] Agree it isn't POLS, but debugging is sometimes tuff.
| + 93641 [bob.news@gm ] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 93643 [neoneye@ad l] First I tried with 'toff' but it looked wrong ;-)
| | 93645 [bob.news@gm ] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 93648 [stevetuckner] I too am interested in how others debug their unit tests (or code in
+ 93751 [neoneye@ad l] Question still stands, should I make an RCR out of it?
  + 93755 [bob.news@gm ] ...
  + 93825 [neoneye@ad l] no replies...    I have submitted an RCR.

Profile-independent directory specification for NT?
93635 [MoranCM@na a] Is there a way to specify a directory in Ruby that is profile-independent
+ 93659 [none@in al d] The environment is available under the hash ENV. So, you can do
+ 93661 [austin@ha os] profile_path = "#{ENV['USERPROFILE']}\\My Documents\\"
| 93664 [MoranCM@na a] Thanks!  This works perfectly.  However, Austin's solution does not.  I'd
| 93674 [austin@ha os] I just tried my version in Windows XP with irb and it produced the exact
| 93678 [MoranCM@na a] My bad.  I did #ENV{ instead of #{ENV.  It behaves correctly now.  I
+ 93694 [fgp@ph o. rg] Be aware that this is only correct on english versions of windows. In german
| + 93712 [djberg96@ho ] In theory, each user has a home directory set.  You can see if it's
| + 93818 [  eg@jn .j k] In Win2K and up you can call a Shell function SHGetFolderPath( ) which
| + 93884 [kusunose@hc ] require 'win32ole'
|   93965 [wsdng@on in ] WIN32OLE.new('Shell.application')
+ 93898 [hatespyware@] If you want a profile _independent_ path, then just use an absolute

Re: ANN: REXML 2.7.4 (and a question for MATZ)
93644 [ser@ge ma e-] Thanks for the EUC encoded link.
+ 93662 [austin@ha os] I'm not Matz, but I know that the PP version of 1.8.0 for Win32 doesn't
+ 93714 [nobu.nokada@] Iconv for ruby is just a wrapper for external iconv library.

Re: [ot] proposal: debug keyword
93649 [neoneye@ad l] diamonds are forever
93708 [cc1@ce .w st] It would be nice if we had macros for the debug stuff, so the code would
93731 [bob.news@gm ] "Charles Comstock" <cc1@cec.wustl.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

[ANN] Postgres Documentation
93652 [gavin@re in ] With the excellent help of Martin Hart and Guy Decoux, I have finished

hex to float conversion
93653 [paul.rogers@] I have a hex number that I need to convert to a 32 bit float
+ 93655 [mreed@th re ] If you have the original hex in a string, you'll need to convert it to
+ 93656 [dave@pr gp o] hex = 0x44361000

Operators +, += and = in Ruby 2
93654 [bob.news@gm ] this occurred to me some days ago and I'd like to hear what others think.
+ 93657 [neoneye@ad l] It would be really nice to be able to overload '+=', so that #close can be
| + 93660 [austin@ha os] I don't see the problem here.
| + 93730 [bob.news@gm ] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 93658 [austin@ha os] x.add(y)
+ 93675 [dblack@wo bl] But wouldn't calling dup be slower than not calling dup?
+ 93733 [dennis.ranke] Yes, I think so. With your proposed change it would be impossible to
  93739 [bob.news@gm ] "Dennis Ranke" <dennis.ranke@epost.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  93741 [dennis.ranke] Ok, but I can't really see this working. Let's take a Vector class, for
  93743 [bob.news@gm ] "Dennis Ranke" <dennis.ranke@epost.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  93746 [dennis.ranke] Well, yes, but what kind of object should #op_dup return? It would have to
  93752 [bob.news@gm ] "Dennis Ranke" <dennis.ranke@epost.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Elvin bindings?
93677 [khaines@en g] I've been thinking about doing Ruby bindings to Elvin

Semi-OT: Machine translation
93679 [khaines@en g] There's an interesting little library on RAA that will send text through
+ 93687 [muellerix@gm] You can also access babelfish via a webservice.... Done that a while ago and
+ 93699 [surrender_it] in the soap4r distribituion there was a SOAP client for babelfish
  93713 [nahi@ke na t] In Ruby/1.8.1, too.

Slice or Value of Empty Array
93682 [jim@fr ez .o] ruby -v -e 'p [][0..0]; p [][0..-1]; p [][-1..-1]'
93686 [austin@ha os] (reformatted)
93692 [jim@fr ez .o] Hmm, vaguely. Do you have the reference?
95189 [austin@ha os] [ruby-talk:24773]

Amrita : 2-way functionality for forms?
93684 [itsme213@ho ] Ruby model (hashes, sequences, objects, etc.)

print with no arguments?
93685 [c1205@er uq ] findcols.rb:84:in `print': wrong number of arguments(1 for 0)
+ 93689 [ahoward@fa t] perhaps you have another 'def print...' in scope somewhere which does NOT take
| 93695 [c1205@er uq ] Indeed, that's it. So I was poking fun at me myself. I'll quickly
| 93696 [bighead@us r] Hey
| 93773 [c1205@er uq ] [print "*" if @cumul[i] > n]
+ 93690 [nathaniel@ta] Have you perhaps overridden print somewhere in your code?

[ANN] Ruby/Libburn 0.1.0
93703 [lrz@gn me or] I'm pleased to announce the first release of Ruby/Libburn.

GIS packages?
93704 [akriger@gr a] ...
93706 [emeza@sa sa ] I am working with MapInfo , my maps are exported to SVG format.
93715 [sdate@ev re ] Which version of MapInfo are you using ?  Do you have any Ruby interface to

thread gurus please help...
93709 [Ara.T.Howard] following is a _simulation_ of a rather complex gui i'm working on.  the gui
+ 93710 [ahoward@fa t] forgot to mention that i have $VERBOSE=nil so i don't see the
| 93717 [vjoel@PA H. ] I've never seen forking have an adverse effect on threads in the parent.
| 93720 [ahoward@fa t] wow.  that is really bizarre.  if i understand correctly all but the 'main'
+ 93716 [nobu.nokada@] instead of non-blocking mode.
  93721 [ahoward@fa t] wow.  tried babelfish but i'm a bit lost on that one ;-)
  + 93722 [akr@m1 n. rg] You use eof? or other stdio related methods.
  + 93726 [nobu.nokada@] 'Bean jam' is sweet paste made boiling red beans and sugar.  It

[ANN] DRbFire 0.1.0
93711 [nathaniel@ta] It is with great pleasure that I introduce DRbFire 0.1.0 to the world.
93765 [shanko_date@] ...
93777 [nathaniel@ta] First of all, that (improperly labeled) error is due to the host
93800 [shanko_date@] Yes, I have played a little with DRb before so
93806 [nathaniel@ta] Good... I thought it was fixed, but apparently it hasn't been. Hope it
93830 [sdate@ev re ] Ok, I will try that ..
93831 [nathaniel@ta] Oh. Good idea :-)

tutorial directory
93718 [neoneye@ad l] I visited Lua's Tutorial Directory and got the feeling that Ruby should
+ 93719 [jamesUNDERBA] Not looking to knock another language or site, but a cursory glance
| + 93727 [surrender_it] slides about ruby/gnome2 recently shown at FOSDEM
| + 93728 [cc1@ce .w st] Is there any chance any of these articles can be subsequently mirrored
|   93824 [jamesUNDERBA] I could archive mirrors at ruby-doc.org.  Google cache and the Wayback
+ 93753 [cpine@he lo ] When looking at other languages, I find myself looking for their "pickaxe".

ruby2html -was RE: Congrats to Matz...working 11 years on Ruby an d counting!
93723 [botp@de mo t] simple yet kewl.
93742 [neoneye@ad l] Don't know how to do it.  I have played around with the
93744 [cc1@ce .w st] Well you could make it a div instead of a span, guarateeing it would
93745 [neoneye@ad l] I have just tried out what you suggest (making it a div), but
93757 [cc1@ce .w st] Hmm, I forgot about that problem.  Well there is one thing I can think

ruby-dev summary 22877-23014
93729 [aamine@lo er] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list in these days.
+ 93740 [surrender_it] yuhu!
| 93747 [nobu.nokada@] Well, rather I'll feel nice if there are also those two in
| + 93759 [surrender_it] agreed, put 'em all in Process :)
| + 93772 [ahoward@fa t] both.
+ 93760 [pbrannan@at ] IO#print is not useful in most cases; IO#puts is sufficient.  So we
| 93808 [akr@m1 n. rg] My point is that sysread (or sysread like method which care stdio
| 93836 [pbrannan@at ] What about non-blocking writes?
| 93917 [akr@m1 n. rg] non-blocking writes needs O_NONBLOCK.
+ 93983 [timsuth@ih g] The Unix Socket FAQ says

Why don't $global and @instance variables need declaration?
93732 [lists@za a. ] Sorry if the answer is obvious, but I can't find a satisfactory or more
93737 [bob.news@gm ] "David Garamond" <lists@zara.6.isreserved.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

language contest ==> unit test framework from lisp to ruby
93734 [p_bossi_AGAI] A few days ago I made a post (rubytalk:92963 ==> [2]) about the

Re: Why don't $global and @instance variables need *initialization*?
93748 [lists@za a. ] Oops, my bad English strikes again. The question should have been: "why
93749 [decoux@mo lo] The message is important : ruby don't know if it's a variable or a method
93754 [lists@za a. ] I see. I thought Ruby's intention was to protect someone from making a
93762 [lists@za a. ] which can be used to implement the behaviour for instance and global
93764 [decoux@mo lo] What are you trying to solve ?
93766 [lists@za a. ] Making Ruby raise NameError when an uninitialized global or instance
93768 [bob.news@gm ] "David Garamond" <lists@zara.6.isreserved.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
93771 [lists@za a. ] Help in detecting typo?

Re: LEGO Mindstorm & Ruby
93756 [cc1@ce .w st] I've heard tell there is a framework, and I'm pretty sure it was
93758 [sdate@ev re ] It requires DRb and works only on RCX 2.0 (USB Port interface).
93763 [shanko_date@] ...
93767 [shanko_date@] ...
93793 [matt@te hn r] Not really.  You can use the brick as a smart peripheral and drive it via

Need some thread help
93774 [wmwilson01@h] I'm having some trouble with this code.  I can't figure out where to do the
93776 [decoux@mo lo] Thread#join work, but you never remove the object from the Array threads,
93778 [wmwilson01@h] Doh!  Thanks a bunch!

93779 [han.holl@po ] The following code works, but I was wondering if the creation of the @obj
+ 93780 [decoux@mo lo] The problem is not with the instance variable, but with the evil eval :-)
| + 93814 [han.holl@po ] Oh, yes. I prefer that _very_ much.
| | 93819 [decoux@mo lo] [].instance_eval("1+2") is the evil eval
| + 93815 [han.holl@po ] I'm still having a problem with this: The above works, but what I'm
|   93822 [ian@ca ib n.] Actually, I was looking forward to an answer to that question, because
|   93823 [decoux@mo lo] cb.class give the class of `cb'
+ 93781 [walker@le ha] class A
+ 93788 [pit@ca it in] No, you don't need the instance variable (see below).
| 93816 [han.holl@po ] [ cut ]
+ 93811 [bob.news@gm ] "Han Holl" <han.holl@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  93863 [han.holl@po ] You're right, it's quite complicated.
  93864 [bob.news@gm ] "Han Holl" <han.holl@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  93885 [han.holl@po ] That's correct. One of the greatest advantages is that ruby is very good at
  93887 [bob.news@gm ] "Han Holl" <han.holl@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Extensible meta-data ?
93782 [itsme213@ho ] I need to easily attach various kinds of meta-data to modules, classes,
93783 [surrender_it] look on RAA for 'metatags'
93792 [itsme213@ho ] Thanks, but this is very oriented towards documentation strings. I am
93813 [bob.news@gm ] "Its Me" <itsme213@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
93843 [itsme213@ho ] Correct. I know I could stick in a "self" before the end to make it work,
93866 [bob.news@gm ] "Its Me" <itsme213@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

TDD Roman Numeral tutorial in Ruby
93787 [phlip_cpp@ya] Your implementation duplicates I, V, etc. If you were to resolve that

CGI and multipart data
93790 [martin@zs fh] I have a single HTML form which contains simple text controls as well as file
+ 93795 [paul@vu ma k] If it is just posted, its text. If you use enctype=multipart/form-data
| 93799 [martin@zs fh] that's not quite what I meant...  On a multipart form, is there a way to
| 93803 [paul@vu ma k] No, not as far as i know(which is not very far!!)
+ 93796 [paul@vu ma k] Here is the code that i use. Prob not the best but has worked for me so far.
+ 93802 [martins@aa d] The source for cgi.rb is a good place to start I found.
  93805 [martin@zs fh] fair point - I have looked at it - which is why I asked the questions about

Ruby <-> Java : JSR 223
93794 [itsme213@ho ] Some time ago I saw some work announced here on a Ruby-to-Java bridge (using
93869 [guslist@fr e] There are a few nice sentences about the greatness of Java in the
93969 [bob.news@gm ] "Guillaume Marcais" <guslist@free.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

D and Ruby -- was Re: Introducing myself and my interest in ruby
93797 [vjoel@PA H. ] Very nice. LOTY 2004 anyone :-)

Enumerable#zip(aRange)  does not work ?
93798 [surrender_it] I wonder why this happens: would'nt make much more sense if it just
93826 [flori@ni e. ] The problem is that Range doesn't define a to_ary method to convert it
93827 [neoneye@ad l] Why isn't usage of 'to_a' and 'to_ary' consistent?
93828 [emmanuel.tou] to_a is for manual conversion, that you call yourself (explicit conversion)
93829 [neoneye@ad l] I wasn't aware of this convention.

Rubyx OS
93801 [andrew@wa ro] I am making good progress with the 'Installing Rubyx' document on the rubyx
+ 93861 [andrew@wa ro] I've just finished the basic installation documentation. Next I'm going to
| 94046 [matt@te hn r] I'm guessing that your ftp server is horribly overloaded.  Please let me
| 94050 [andrew@wa ro] It shouldn't be; It's on a very fast connection. You can get the iso from
+ 93870 [ jupp@gm .d ] Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT

RDoc, ri and code completion in jEdit
93832 [rob_m_mckinn] I'm implementing na?ve Ruby code completion for the jEdit editor, using
93834 [dave@pr gp o] The RDoc that comes with the 1.8.1 and 1.,9 branches includes its own
93847 [rob_m_mckinn] Dave, thanks for the prompt reply. To clarify my understanding of your
93856 [dave@pr gp o] Have a look at rdoc/ri/ri_display.rb: the comment at the top tells you

FXMessageBox question
93833 [y.leikind@sa] There are 2 ways to use FXMessageBox - via static methods like #error or

to_yaml and options hash
93840 [Ara.T.Howard] ~/eg/ruby > ruby -r yaml -e 'print([0,1,2].to_yaml(:UseVersion => true))'

[RACC] Multiple entry points?
93844 [angus@qu va ] and I want to parse a single statement. How I can tell the parser to
+ 93860 [cc1@ce .w st] I think,
+ 93896 [aamine@lo er] Use dummy token.
  93901 [angus@qu va ] A simple and clever solution! Thank you very much!