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^ OT: mime types and file extensions (was Re: Puzzling...)
93441 [discord mac.] The mime type is there for a reason. When a file is downloaded, the
93591 [ jupp gmx.de] The result can be very surprising. Suppose it's some text document

^ Rubyx OS website
93455 [andrew walro] I've been thteatening to launch Rubyx for a while, but the documentation is
93456 [cmiller past] Pet peeve: The front page of your site should explain what rubyx is,
93457 [xlucid users] I second this.  It's important that the first page tell you whether or
93458 [gavin refine] And (general comment, not specific to the Rubyx site) nearly as
93462 [andrew walro] Thanks for the tips; I'll make the necessary changes.
93543 [andrew walro] I've made the changes.

^ Appropriate use of camelCase
93459 [gavin refine] Following the 'instance variable capitalization' thread, I'm convinced
+ 93463 [matz ruby-la] We don't force you.  You are completely free.  But I prefer under_score
+ 93511 [bg-rubytalk ] * If it looks and acts like a variable, I name it like a variable, for
+ 93516 [dblack wobbl] You can get at least a good rough idea from the source.  From
  + 93521 [nobu.nokada ] They all aren't method names; regexps, string literals, local
  | 93522 [dblack wobbl] Like I said: rough :-)  Hopefully the irrelevant ones occur in about
  + 93523 [nahi keynaut] Chunky bacon!
  | 93526 [khaines enig] This is another perfect example of something that is a religious issue.
  | + 93529 [patrick.benn] FWIW, I have yet to hear a good reason for hard tabs.  :)   As soon as a
  | | + 93533 [khaines enig] LOL.  I'm a convert from spaces to tabs.  With tabs, I don't have to
  | | | + 93571 [bg-rubytalk ] In emacs ruby-mode, hitting 'tab' means to indent the code by the
  | | | + 93671 [austin halos] I use vim. I indent and unindent with tab and backspace. I only use spaces.
  | | + 93540 [jason jvoege] Don't go there. :-)
  | + 93567 [gavin refine] I agree that what matters is consistency, and what_works_for_you. (See,
  | | 93569 [mreed theree] True.  However, the standard only matters at the interface level.
  | + 93670 [austin halos] Whenever I have been in a position to make code formatting standards, I have
  |   93676 [khaines enig] And I agree with you here.  If I were writing code that was going to be in
  |   93701 [paul vudmask] That seems like a real world use of case to me. Some of the
  + 93525 [khaines enig] I don't see this as that much of a factor, personally.  It really boils
    + 93527 [paul vudmask] camel_case
    + 93549 [dblack wobbl] No.  What feels better to my brain is observing the stylistic
      + 93561 [Patrick.Benn] writing a lot of code, and when I am really into a coding groove it's
      | 93562 [khaines enig] The speed issue comes up when I am refactoring, largely.  That's when I
      | 93585 [gsinclair so] I use Vim, and almost never have to touch the TAB or SPACE key for
      + 93673 [austin halos] I somewhat do convention changes with Delphi when I have to use Delphi. The

^ Need examples comparing Ruby to Python
93464 [dmq gain.com] I'm putting together a web page comparing Ruby to Python, and I need
+ 93465 [emmanuel.tou] file, length, name, title = line.chomp.split(/\s*\|\s*/)
| + 93468 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):029:0> " Song Title ".strip
| + 93470 [angus quovad] Do you realize that then 'file' will hold "/jazz/j00319.mp3  "?
| + 93589 [discord mac.] I'm getting into this a little late, but...
|   93611 [dmq gain.com] This squeezes everything, not just the name.  But it is still the best
+ 93466 [emmanuel.tou] and good luck for your project!
+ 93471 [surrender_it] imo, python and ruby offer enough feature to be interchangeable.
| 93491 [dmq gain.com] Good point.  I've changed the statement in the wiki.
| + 93499 [surrender_it] I don't think that is a personal preference :)
| + 93504 [jim weirichh] Is this what you want ...
| | + 93507 [dblack wobbl] s/it/t/ :-)
| | + 93578 [dmq gain.com] Yes.  That works if I change the 'it' to 't'.  Looks like the
| |   93579 [jim weirichh] Yeah, I lost the "i" when I was fixing a line wrap issue in the email
| + 93575 [flgr ccan.de] This ought to work and be quite close to Ruby idioms. (Blocks are used
|   93582 [dmq gain.com] I'm not seeing any fundamental advantage of Ruby blocks over Python
|   + 93583 [hal9000 hype] David,
|   | + 93596 [spyck lysato] A difference between ruby and python is that functions can easily be
|   | | 93618 [jim weirichh] The Python and Scheme examples are a bit different.  The Scheme code
|   | | 93624 [spyck lysato] Yes, thats why I had a comment in the scheme code.
|   | | + 93630 [jim weirichh] It would be more accurate to say: "But if you want to call compose with
|   | | + 93631 [surrender_it] already defined for you in 'callable' objects (proc, methods,
|   | | + 93702 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
|   | |   93736 [spyck lysato] Yes, I guess the choice in Ruby is quite ok.
|   | + 93612 [dmq gain.com] Hal,
|   |   93680 [austin halos] What I think that you'll find is that many people who chose Ruby over Python
|   |   93681 [joe vpop.net] Same here!  Every once in a while I have to go into some python code,
|   |   93688 [jos catnook.] Hear, hear! I have been promoting Ruby at work for web stress testing, but at
|   + 93599 [ahoward fatt] there are no fundamental advantages of _any_ turing complete language over
|     93622 [dmq gain.com] What I mean by "fundamental advantage" is not anything to do with
+ 93476 [happy user.c] Even though it's nice to know about these small differences in both
| 93496 [dmq gain.com] I agree.  The differences ended up small because I took the examples
| 93514 [aero6dof yah] David,
+ 93518 [jamesUNDERBA] James
  + 93546 [nml fjserv.n] Associating methods with properties
  + 93568 [dmq gain.com] Thanks to both Alan and James.  These are both *excellent* links, and

^ Re: ANN: EZExerb 1.0.0
93474 [rich lithino] Thanks!

^ Ruby-gtk ?
93485 [martin zsdfh] what's happened to ruby-gtk?  I have looked in RAA and rubyforge but I can't
+ 93490 [surrender_it] ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp
+ 93492 [jason jvoege] It's now part of the Ruby-GNOME2 project.
  93784 [charleshixsn] A word of warning, however.  SourceForge lists that project as being
  + 93835 [bighead user] Hey
  | + 93838 [ruby-lists l] 100% agreed.
  | | 93906 [lrz gnome.or] Documentation is indeed lacking, we especially need API reference and
  | + 93985 [cjh-nospam n] On the subject of ruby-gtk2, the absence of (sufficient) docs is
  |   93992 [mutoh highwa] Use "toggled" signal.
  |   94043 [cjh-nospam n] Thanks. I had tried this, but without having found the samples I didn't
  |   94060 [mutoh highwa] This is a GTK+ issue. I don't know how to be disable it.
  + 93902 [jeremy chaos] Can you be more specific?  I have been using ruby-gnome through
    + 93904 [rasputnik he] 'me too' - maybe its a platform thing? I've seen GTK on Windows
    | 93905 [surrender_it] the latest gtk from dropline have native l&f and are quite stable,
    + 93954 [charleshixsn] Not much more specific, but I'll try.
    + 93955 [charleshixsn] Sorry, left out something.  Debian Sid.

^ delegate.rb:110: warning: method redefined; discarding old __getobj__
93486 [neoneye adsl] I am beginning to make use of 'delegate' to ease my unittesting,

^ Re: mime types and file extensions (was Re: Puzzling...)
93494 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Hubbart" <discord@mac.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Can't use interpreter
93505 [dmq gain.com] I would like to try the Ruby interpreter on either Windows XP or
93508 [surrender_it] For what I know ruby from pragprogs and pythonbring diferent tk
93509 [dmq gain.com] $ruby -v
93520 [rt alum.wpi.] The 'ruby' binary IS the interpreter.
93534 [dmq gain.com] I tried this the first time and got no response.  Now I see I can type
93541 [surrender_it] that *is* an interpreter, and works like perl or many other packages
93565 [dmq gain.com] I normally think of the "shell" as the program providing the Unix
+ 93566 [rasputnik he] Which tutorial? This is a Debian packaging issue, remember.
| 93581 [dmq gain.com] Part of the problem is Debian specific ( how to find and install a
| 93683 [austin halos] Note that if you compile Ruby from source, this isn't an issue. irb is
+ 93573 [discord mac.] Usually, irb is part of the ruby package... on my box (darwin/osx), it

^ Re: Tk on OSX (Tk Aqua)
93510 [intc_ctor ya] Yeah, I'd much rather use the Aqua version, but I'm wondering if it'll

^ Re: Puzzling... no longer
93513 [jlsysinc all] Thanks for the link Kent.  It wouldn't work at all for me.  Both ruby-run
+ 93530 [rubytuezdayz] John, would you mind sharing what you did. And if possible, perhaps the
| 93535 [jlsysinc all] You have to manually copy the mod_ruby.so to your apache modules directory
| 93537 [rubytuezdayz] Jon, at last! I've been looking for this day and thank you. It works!
+ 93531 [rubytuezdayz] John, would you mind sharing what you did. And if possible, perhaps the

^ Ruby bindings to openmotif and/or lesstif?
93517 [thomas_adam1] Just a quick question. Does anyone know in existance of any ruby bindings

^ At last!!! mod_ruby/eruby for mswin32 for Ruby 1.8.1/Apache2.0.48
93538 [rubytuezdayz] I'm excited. Thanks to Jon and Kent, now we have mod_ruby/eruby binaries for
93542 [surrender_it] wonderful, thanks :)

^ Re: Appropriate use of camelCase (Tabbing in emacs)
93548 [jim freeze.o] Speaking of tabs, I have a colleague that uses emacs. Using
+ 93555 [kjana dm4lab] (add-hook 'ruby-mode-hook
| + 93557 [nobu.nokada ] Since 2003/02/17, ruby-indent-tabs-mode is used for that
| + 93559 [jim freeze.o] Thanks
+ 93556 [bob.news gmx] "Jim Freeze" <jim@freeze.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [OT] RE: Photo's of Matz?
93552 [Gavri_F info] Note that ruby is the only major open source project which has a moderately attractive leader. :)
93577 [matz ruby-la] Thanks.  But I think Guido is a good looking guy, and Larry is .. well
93602 [flori nixe.p] At least unless we can't find some attractive serial killers as well...
93606 [neoneye adsl] Where is the top 100 collection of best quotes in ruby-talk?
93615 [ng johnwlong] John Long

^ bitwise AND, OR, XOR, NOT for strings?
93560 [davegaramond] (reposted via c.l.r from another email account; post to mailing list
+ 93563 [bob.news gmx] "David Garamond" <davegaramond@icqmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 93564 [ahoward fatt] this is a great idea.  it might also be useful to have
  93647 [lists zara.6] Thanks for the responses. I'm gonna try submitting this as an RCR.

^ YAPV changed to html
93570 [gavin refine] have been changed from ASP to HTML proper.

^ Congrats to Matz...working 11 years on Ruby and counting!
93572 [rich infoeth] For 11 years of composing Ruby -
+ 93574 [neoneye adsl] Congratulations ;-)
| 93607 [neoneye adsl] Now it converts from Ruby into xhtml 1.0 strict.
+ 93586 [lrz gnome.or] Rich, this is very beautiful, you should had said that in your FOSDEM

^ International Workshop on interpreted languages
93576 [djberg96 hot] I came across this and thought I would mention it if anyone was
93609 [ jupp gmx.de] So the workshop takes place at Nilokeras at the shore of Oceanus

^ REXML Performance
93580 [scott.fisher] xmlDoc = Document.new(File.new(fileToParse))
+ 93592 [steven.jenki] There was a longish thread on this topic earlier this month. The punch
+ 93640 [ser germane-] Which version of REXML are you using?  Recent versions had a speed

^ date/format.rb fix
93584 [bhilton vpop] The _parse() function of date/format.rb does not handle fractions of
93614 [nahi keynaut] You got that right.
93691 [bhilton vpop] I wasn't sure - that's why I updated the regex to simply drop the

^ SQLite on Windows
93587 [web jimmoy.c] I put up a little page about what I did to get SQLite running under

^ sorry for this test. please delete
93588 [bighead user] Archit

^ sorry for teh spam. pl zplz plz plz plz ignore.
93593 [bighead user] Foo

^ HTML/XML Parsing...
93594 [rubytuzdayz ] I'm wondering if anyone ever come across an example on how to parse an html
93595 [dhtapp cox.n] My first suggestion would be to
93600 [discord mac.] It's been a while since I worked with databases, but perhaps something

^ instance_eval and constants
93597 [ruby-talk gr] I think this used to work in the past, but isn't working with recent
93598 [vjoel PATH.B] MyClass.block { puts self::SomeConstant }
93605 [ruby-talk gr] Sure, but that obviates the point of the code, doesn't it?  In that case

^ PGresult#type (and other postgres questions)
93601 [gavin refine] I'm putting RDoc documents into postgres.c, and I have a few questions
+ 93604 [gavin refine] PGresult#print( file, opt )
| 93627 [decoux moulo] PQprint
+ 93608 [martin zsdfh] Escape the supplied string so that it is valid SQL I believe - e.g. replace '
+ 93626 [decoux moulo] OID
  93628 [decoux moulo] Well, this is the status of the connection (PQstatus)
  93650 [gavin refine] [snip - a great many helpful pieces of missing information]

^ Chinese Ruby books?
93603 [emschwar pob] I may have to train some Chinese colleagues in the test harness I

^ [ANN] Instiki: There's no step three
93610 [david loudth] What is Instiki?
93613 [careck circl] Unfortunately there is a step 3 with this release: check out insticki.rb
93625 [david loudth] DOH!
93629 [careck circl] Great, it works now and is looking good at first sight. Unfortunately
93634 [david loudth] Hmmm. The point about Madelein (and prevaylence in general) is that you

^ Failure building PL/Ruby on MacOS X 10.3
93616 [gavin refine] I have Ruby 1.8.1, PostgreSQL 7.4.1, mod_ruby 1.1.2, eRuby 1.0.5,
93651 [lists zara.6] I'm not familiar with the packaging system used in Mac OS X, but have
93666 [gavin refine] which has array.h inside /src/include/utils/ and *not*
93667 [decoux moulo] svg% cat pgsql/data/PG_VERSION
93693 [gavin refine] Well, there's our confusion, then. :)
93735 [decoux moulo] Well, the next version will test the directory. Just to give you an

^ Further failures
93617 [gavin refine] #if PG_PL_VERSION >= 74
93620 [ahoward fatt] export PATH=/usr/local/pgsql/bin:$PATH
93665 [gavin refine] Indeed, the problem (as I realized when I inspected the error messages
93672 [ahoward fatt] be careful - if you run ldd on the postgres.so lib you'll probably see

^ io/nonblock - blocks w/threads?
93619 [Ara.T.Howard] this program does not work as expected w/o inserting the 'Thread.critical'
93633 [bob.news gmx] "Ara.T.Howard" <Ara.T.Howard@noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
93642 [ahoward fatt] right you are - in the actual code i do - this is a distilled example...
93646 [bob.news gmx] Some answers - but not all...
+ 93663 [jim weirichh] require 'thread'
| 93668 [ahoward fatt] rtfm eh?  ;-)
+ 93669 [ahoward fatt] thanks for the response...

^ New paradigm of introspective OO development
93623 [jaredthirsk ] ==  Introduction to DAF ==
+ 93697 [h.lahman ver] Responding to Thirsk...
| + 93698 [matt technor] Errrr, punch cards were used for 1890 census.
| | 93707 [harryo qiqso] True, but that was purely for data (and characterisation of the data into buckets, I guess), not for programming any kind of computer per se ... as far as I recall from that one lecture, 20 years ago, where the origins of Hollerith cards was discussed :-).
| + 93700 [mailinglists] But they are only really useful for interface specification and
+ 93738 [TAKEcristian] academic background in cognitive science, so I also have a
+ 93791 [charles soft] Smalltalk is allready capable in all these respects.
+ 99916 [shashank icm] You should visit omg.org to know the current technologies being promoted

^ proposal: debug keyword
93632 [neoneye adsl] A debug keyword which enables debug-output for a specific method.
+ 93637 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 93639 [neoneye adsl] Agree it isn't POLS, but debugging is sometimes tuff.
| + 93641 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 93643 [neoneye adsl] First I tried with 'toff' but it looked wrong ;-)
| | 93645 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 93648 [stevetuckner] I too am interested in how others debug their unit tests (or code in
+ 93751 [neoneye adsl] Question still stands, should I make an RCR out of it?
  + 93755 [bob.news gmx] charset="iso-8859-1"
  + 93825 [neoneye adsl] no replies...    I have submitted an RCR.

^ Profile-independent directory specification for NT?
93635 [MoranCM nava] Is there a way to specify a directory in Ruby that is profile-independent
+ 93659 [none invalid] The environment is available under the hash ENV. So, you can do
+ 93661 [austin halos] profile_path = "#{ENV['USERPROFILE']}\\My Documents\\"
| 93664 [MoranCM nava] Thanks!  This works perfectly.  However, Austin's solution does not.  I'd
| 93674 [austin halos] I just tried my version in Windows XP with irb and it produced the exact
| 93678 [MoranCM nava] My bad.  I did #ENV{ instead of #{ENV.  It behaves correctly now.  I
+ 93694 [fgp phlo.org] Be aware that this is only correct on english versions of windows. In german
| + 93712 [djberg96 hot] In theory, each user has a home directory set.  You can see if it's
| + 93818 [  eg jnk.jnk] In Win2K and up you can call a Shell function SHGetFolderPath( ) which
| + 93884 [kusunose hcn] require 'win32ole'
|   93965 [wsdng online] WIN32OLE.new('Shell.application')
+ 93898 [hatespyware ] If you want a profile _independent_ path, then just use an absolute