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^ German edition of comp.lang.ruby FAQ has been updated
92656 [ jupp gmx.de] The german edition of the comp.lang.ruby FAQ that is available at

^ Re: Simple parsing of sloppy HTML - LittleLexersame
92660 [john.carter ] Yes and no.
92765 [cjh-nospam n] Regular expressions can't parse reentrant definitions, for example
92770 [john.carter ] Correct, and the fact that I can and do parse lisp via this trick does

^ trouble installing RubyRoot_v1.0.3 and also ruby-gsl-0.1.9.tar.gz + any good optimisers?
92667 [stuart.191 n] A new install of root_v4.00.01.source.tar.gz with
92737 [elathan phys] While you are there, you might want to try ruby-root. You can find

^ [Q] where do I find info on modules?
92671 [user unknown] Is there similar man pages to perdoc or a CPAN type system for Ruby?

^ Printing through Ruby
92678 [sabymus redi] Some days ago there were some threads about printing through ruby. Here is =
+ 92679 [armin xss.de] As long as you stick with Windows (sic),  VRuby has an example
+ 92689 [cribbsj oakw] Check out Rpv (www.rpvreport.com).  I use it a lot in my Python and Ruby

^ [Bug?] Stack overflow in regexp matcher
92687 [david loudth] I've been using the wonderful new RedCloth release from why the lucky
92690 [neoneye adsl] I have never seen Ruby's regexp engine output the regexp-string.
92693 [david loudth] No. This is a clean 1.8.1 install on both machines.
92731 [neoneye adsl] I wasn't able to reproduce the problem.
92733 [decoux moulo] In the example given in [ruby-talk:92687], remove *all* newlines (i.e. you

^ ANN: Ruby Standard Library Documentation, v0.9.0
92692 [gsinclair so] I've bumped the version of the documentation available at
+ 92760 [bobx linuxma] On the [source] popdowns. Would it be too much to ask to change the
| + 92762 [gsinclair so] Good idea.  I'll see if I can work out how to do it.  There are some CSS
| | 92783 [bobx linuxma] I would much appreciate it because those docs are now bookmarked for
| | 92788 [gsinclair so] Remember you can download and install them for offline viewing, which
| | 92819 [bobx linuxma] I just saw that. Very cool too.
| + 92823 [jlst gettysg] This is looking fantastic.  Thanks to everyone involved for all the
|   92829 [gsinclair so] That was my original intention, but there are SOOOOOO MANY files
|   92831 [jlst gettysg] I've tinkered with using rdoc on the stdlib but the results aren't as
|   92832 [gsinclair so] That would be http://stdlib-doc.rubyforge.org :)   (CVS only)
+ 92845 [surrender_it] generator.rb seems to have something wrong with the rd decodnig. I
  92861 [gsinclair so] Thanks.  Fixed in next release.

^ YAML and Class
92695 [martin zsdfh] I notice that the default YAML (ruby 1.8.1) does not dump or load Class by
92726 [ruby-talk wh] from (irb):1:in `dump'
92729 [matz ruby-la] Just because anonymous class cannot be passed to another process.
92734 [martin zsdfh] OK, thanks.

^ Ruby Warnings
92696 [newsgroups h] I have been getting complaints that the code in my tutorial generates
92700 [matz ruby-la] 'hello '.+ 'world'
92724 [batsman.geo ] def foo(a); a end;  puts(foo "a")

^ capturing warnings
92697 [newsgroups h] Here's a method which executes the code in the string `code', giving it the
92723 [neoneye adsl] open3 should do it. Its distributed with Ruby.

^ Access blocked to RubyForge for
92699 [rich infoeth] Hey folks,
92761 [sdate everes] I am on Windows XP and behind a router and when I do
+ 92763 [discord mac.] google is your friend :)
| 92768 [zdennis mkte] Mark,
+ 92767 [curt hibbs.c] Just try to download FreeRIDE to if you succeed.

^ pp equiv of #inspect
92704 [Ara.T.Howard] i often use
92709 [gsinclair so] require 'extensions/object'    # from Rubyforge

^ Repeated Request: WAS[Re: pp equiv of #inspect]
92706 [thomas_adam1] Could your signature please be elided from this list... it basically
92735 [harpo nexs.f] I do like your sense of humour, your reply is only 20% of your signature.

^ Repeated Request: WAS[Re: pp equiv of #inspect]
92707 [robertm spel] signature

^ [OT] What is a "role pattern"? (was Re: role pattern lib for ruby)
92718 [aastanti hot] Is there a "role pattern" definition somewhere? Is it a design
92777 [bob.news gmx] "Alfio Astanti" <aastanti@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
92799 [aastanti hot] Thanks a lot!! I have searched c2 indeed, but for some obscure reasons
92827 [shasckaw sky] What is explained on that page is rather different from the academic

^ Avi Bryant's Kansas package?
92721 [khaines enig] Packed with Avi's old Iowa release is a neat little extra that he called
92758 [avi beta4.co] Feel free to do whatever you like with that code.  It was even more of
92773 [khaines enig] Yes, what I have is what you had in the Iowa CVS.  What I like about it is

^ [ANN] ruby-root
92727 [elathan phys] I am pleased to announce ruby-root, which aims to provide

^ Marshal.dump - anonymous module
92728 [alexg ebi.ac] I'm new to Ruby and am having difficulty getting a deep_copy method
92732 [nobu.nokada ] It was a fixed bug.
92790 [alexg ebi.ac] Sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that this is a bug in
92792 [nobu.nokada ] Yes.

^ Return value of foo=
92739 [gavin refine] The question is, is it possible to change the return value of a foo=
+ 92740 [sroberts uni] Sure, lots of builtin classes do it, for example.
+ 92741 [matz ruby-la] The value of assignment is defined to be its right hand value, even
  + 92742 [sroberts uni] Ok, now I'm the confused one... :-) Why does it not look like that in irb?
  | + 92745 [gfb tonesoft] In Ruby 1.8.0 it behaves the way Matz explained. However, in Ruby 1.6.8
  | + 92746 [matz ruby-la] Try using newer version.  I can't explain everything for every
  + 92744 [gavin refine] Thanks for the quick confirmation. While I understand why this is, take
    92747 [matz ruby-la] YMMV.  The point is how many users would have hard time to understand

^ (retry) [ANN] Kwartz -- a template system for Ruby, PHP and Java
92743 [kwa kuwata-l] I'm pleased to announce a public release of Kwartz.
92749 [rubytuzdayz ] Does it run on ms-windows? Thanks
92750 [maco letter.] Yes.

^ Swapping out an instance between blinks
92752 [gavin refine] I'm writing a class (which I'm calling MutableTime) that is like a Time
92754 [ahoward fatt] class MutableTime
92757 [gavin refine] Very tricky! (And helpful, since I thought that Time had at least 1
92759 [ahoward fatt] i do that one alot.  remember though that

^ Novice Question: Getting "bad file descriptor error" when trying to use gets in ruby 1.8.1 for windows
92764 [revision17 p] while (line = gets)
+ 92766 [zdennis mkte] This codes run mighty fine on my win2k, 1.8.1 build. Does the error occur
+ 92791 [sdate everes] Are you running this through an Editor (may be SciTE or TextPad?)
  92856 [revision17 p] Yes I am (SciTE).  I'll try it out without when I get back to my
  + 92860 [dooby d10.ka] This problem was fixed in later versions of SciTE.
  + 92874 [sdate everes] Works for me on Windows XP (Home Edition).

^ return from yielded block
92771 [Ara.T.Howard] i saw something like this recently on clr but can't seem to find it ...
+ 92774 [khaines enig] def block_meth
+ 92775 [nobu.nokada ] Return to where?  The next statement of yield?
| 92793 [ahoward fatt] def meth s
| + 92794 [nobu.nokada ] Use break or next instead of return.
| | 92797 [ahoward fatt] thanks!  thought i tried that - guess not.  i like the look of
| | 92857 [matz ruby-la] No.  "break" terminates "block_meth", "next" terminates "yield".
| + 92795 [bob.news gmx] "Ara.T.Howard" <ahoward@fattire.ngdc.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 92798 [ahoward fatt] yes.  and yes - about 1700 lines to be exact ;-)
| + 92801 [khaines enig] irb(main):001:0> def block_meth
| + 92816 [doodpants ma] The problem is that "return" returns from the enclosing method. The
+ 92776 [surrender_it] this works..
+ 92784 [gedb rushcod] I think the return is returning from the yielding procedure rather

^ DRb / Rinda Examples
92779 [cc1 cec.wust] Why is it that the DRb and Rinda samples are not included by default in
92877 [nahi keynaut] I talked with the author.  Imported now.
92901 [cc1 cec.wust] Thank you very much

^ [OT] Re: Access blocked to RubyForge for
92780 [discord mac.] Hmmm. I *did* test it before I sent it off. And I tested it again right

^ reading UTF-8 lines and writing to TK text area
92781 [mhuggett zam] I'm pretty new to Ruby and was wondering if it is possible to read lines
+ 92848 [nagai ai.kyu] A sample script 'unicodeout.rb' may help you.
+ 92917 [nagai ai.kyu] Did you try "Tk.encoding = 'utf-8'"?

^ Installing tk interface to ruby on RH9.0 GNU/LINUX
92785 [himanshu stu] I installed ruby 1.8.1 and it works fine. I also installed tk8.4 and
92786 [decoux moulo] It's trying to say that at runtime, it can't find libtk8.4.so
92787 [himanshu stu] Thanks a lot for the surprisingly prompt and absolutely

^ OT: Traits
92796 [djberg96 hot] All,
+ 92858 [matz ruby-la] "module" in Ruby and "trait" are very similar idea.
| + 92873 [david.naseby] I've just done a writeup of Traits in Ruby on my blog
| + 92888 [djberg96 hot] Yes, I thought so, too.  Their argument against mixins boiled down to
|   92969 [bob.news gmx] "Daniel Berger" <djberg96@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   93000 [intc_ctor ya] Sometimes you want an object's role to change so it would be nice if
|   93002 [dblack wobbl] class Object
+ 92859 [ptkwt aracne] OGI is in my neighborhood. :)
+ 92913 [surrender_it] I wonder why the author did not post a message here, I hope he does'nt
  92924 [djberg96 hot] Actually, he did post to the mailing list (I can see it in the

^ slow IO
92800 [dlandrith ma] I'm having an IO problem.  The code below is designed to read a series
+ 92802 [jlst gettysg] Suffice it to say that few file systems are optimized for the case of >
+ 92803 [ahoward fatt] input = output = nil
| 92806 [dlandrith ma] Fair enough. But we sometimes get directories with several hundred
| + 92807 [dlandrith ma] <SNIP>
| + 92811 [jlst gettysg] Sorry, no offense intended.  I read this as a forward slash, i.e. a
| + 92869 [nobu.nokada ] On what filesystem did you execute it?  EXT[23]-fs is not
|   + 92876 [ruby-lists l] with htree its perfectly fine. try a tune2fs
|   + 92882 [khaines enig] Yes.  If you have a partition that you can do it on (or you can put
|     92909 [dlandrith ma] We're using Reiserfs already.
|     92912 [khaines enig] Well, dang.  Did the threads about your code possibly hitting garbage
+ 92809 [kjana dm4lab] Probably here is a problem: many Strings created and discarded may

^ Windows Logfile Archival Script
92804 [MoranCM nava] I have been doing a lot of automation scripts with Ruby.  Since I'm new to
+ 92808 [happy user.c] By the way, there is a zlib extension which you can use instead of
+ 92810 [tom infoethe] Yours,
+ 92837 [nobu.nokada ] You don't need ftools.rb here.

^ Running multiple mod_ruby applications on the same Apache
92805 [david loudth] Is there anyway to bind a mod_ruby space to a single virtual host in
+ 92817 [samuel thoug] I would just set up another Apache on another port and then use mod_proxy to
+ 92820 [khaines enig] This is a limitation of the current Ruby interpreter.  All of the mod_ruby

^ Conversion between utf-8 and iso8859-1?
92812 [spamblock da] I need to convert between different character sets,
+ 92871 [mikkel-remov] "Hadmut Danisch" <spamblock@danisch.de> skrev i en meddelelse
| 92893 [aredridel nb] iconv sounds like the tool to me.
| 93868 [ser germane-] Or, if all you're doing is converting iso-8859-1 to UTF, you could use
+ 92977 [angus quovad] utf8string.unpack("U*").pack("c*")   # => latin1 string

^ ERB generates unwanted EOLs
92813 [bob.work ves] If I add any inline code to an ERB template, extraneous end of line

^ Windows UDP oddities/failures
92818 [stevetuckner] I am having a peculiar problem with UDP in windows. A simple test that

^ Great book on OO programming languages - Java, C++, C#, Ruby
92821 [ jupp gmx.de] At the local bookstore I found a great book entitled

^ cgi params in ruby
92822 [cere u.washi] #!/usr/bin/ruby1.8  -w
+ 92824 [armin xss.de] -> Array
+ 92825 [discord mac.] interestingly enough, I was just working on that same problem this
  92835 [cere u.washi] Thank you both for helping me with this.
  92839 [discord mac.] First of all, part of the problem you had, I think, is with the (IMHO)
  92841 [cere u.washi] I agree with you about the cgi syntax strangeness.  If you want to hand
  92855 [discord mac.] # You want the following code block to return a string each time;

^ ruby 1.8.1 i386-mswin32 version;  binary msysql ruby module to download?
92826 [armin xss.de] does anybody have a mysql module binary that
92828 [cribbsj oakw] There is a pure-Ruby Mysql client library on the RAA that works great.

^ inheritence of class vars
92833 [Ara.T.Howard] am i the only one suprised by this?
92846 [dblack wobbl] You must not have been perusing the ruby-talk archive lately :-)  It's
+ 92862 [vjoel PATH.B] The per-hierarchy thing was never very clear. Just _which_ hierarchy a
| 92872 [dblack wobbl] See ruby-talk 19972 (and surrounding thread); I brought this up, and
+ 92944 [fgp phlo.org] Might be me being stupid.. but if these new rules are in place, what will
| 92946 [dblack wobbl] I think that's the main difference, at least in terms of usage.
+ 93040 [pbrannan atd] I think making class variables an alias for class instance variables

^ accessing constants from class methods
92838 [Ara.T.Howard] class Abstract
+ 92847 [dblack wobbl] ^^^^^^^  you mean Abstract/Concrete, I assume :-)
+ 92864 [dooby d10.ka] #-----
| 92883 [ahoward fatt] perfect!
| 92885 [dblack wobbl] OK, it's probably something simple but I'm staring and staring at the
| 92887 [msparshatt y] The origional code defines x as
| + 92896 [dblack wobbl] Yes, that much I saw :-)  What I didn't get was what the problem
| + 92955 [dooby d10.ka] Your post didn't get through to the NG, David.
|   + 92956 [vjoel PATH.B] The first argument to #const_set should be a symbol or string, and the
|   | 93019 [dooby d10.ka] Faith restored, once again :)
|   + 92984 [ahoward fatt] yes exactly - sorry david.
+ 92970 [bob.news gmx] "Ara.T.Howard" <Ara.T.Howard@noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Interesting article on the shortcomings of the OO model
92840 [intc_ctor ya] She argues that objects (as now conceived in OO programming ) fall
93498 [bob.news gmx] "Phil Tomson" <intc_ctor@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Ruby/.NET Bridge question (www.saltypickle.com/rubydotnet)
92842 [yura opmr.co] Did anyone try to add a message filter to the Application?

^ ANN: webrick-fcgi 0.1.0
92843 [aredridel nb] I've been working this week on a webrick servlet compatible module using
92850 [ahoward fatt] very cool!

^ [ANN] MutableTime class
92844 [gavin refine] I've just finished my first general-purpose Ruby class, MutableTime.
92881 [cyclists nc.] RubyForge

^ Sean Chittenden and REXML
92851 [ser germane-] Hey Sean,
92921 [jamesUNDERBA] This wouldn't be the same James who runs rubyxml.com, would it?
92978 [ser germane-] Shame, shmame.  I think its funny.

^ [ANN] win32-pipe 0.1.0
92853 [djberg96 hot] All,

^ ANN: REXML 2.7.4
92854 [ser germane-] I've had a busy few months, which is why I've been quiet.  REXML 2.7.4
92867 [nobu.nokada ] What about [ruby-core:01960]?
92998 [ser germane-] Well... the patch in 01960 undoes a bunch of work that was done
+ 93100 [nobu.nokada ] Could you elaborate it?
| 93246 [ser germane-] Sure.
| 93340 [nobu.nokada ] I don't think UConv is obsolete, and as for IConv, which is a
+ 93101 [nobu.nokada ] Is XHTML OK?  If so, glance at <http://www.dm4lab.to/~usa/ruby/>.

^ buffering question: interleaved output from child processes
92863 [vjoel PATH.B] The following code, when connected to the terminal's stdio, interleaves
+ 92865 [nobu.nokada ] $stdout.sync = true
+ 92866 [dooby d10.ka] That's a no-op :-)
  92868 [vjoel PATH.B] Ok. No more posting after midnight for me! :)

^ Re: webrick-fcgi 0.1.0
92870 [mikkel-remov] "Aredridel" <aredridel@nbtsc.org> skrev i en meddelelse
92891 [aredridel nb] Absolutely. In my testing, it has been the most stable and flexible for

^ Methods outside classes
92875 [imodev softh] I've got a little curiosity about defining methods. As far as I know (and
+ 92879 [msparshatt y] That's right
+ 92933 [sera fhwang.] Some languages draw hard distinctions between "methods", "functions",
  + 92934 [dblack wobbl] I think the difference is mainly cosmetic, though.  At the top level
  + 92943 [cc1 cec.wust] What is the technical definition right now?  And which part is

^ noobie question - module/class vs obj
92878 [paul vudmask] Couple questions
92894 [gavin refine] Well, in JS that's creating an Object literal, rather than creating a
92895 [gavin refine] Oops...I thought that would work. Frankly...I'm a beginner to, and

^ Simple litle style question
92884 [khaines enig] This is just a simple little stylistic query that I became curious about
+ 92886 [dblack wobbl] I prefer "simple_example" :-)
| 92892 [jim weirichh] Amen!
+ 92890 [grzegorz pit] I would do the following, which is more in the spirit of an expression-based