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^ VRuby; set color and background of a text label (VRStatic)
92453 [armin xss.de] how do I set the color and the background of a
92496 [dooby d10.ka] This uses vrctlcolor.rb which you should have in your vr/contrib folder.
92514 [armin xss.de] daz, thanks a lot!

^ pty.so: [BUG] Segmentation fault - still
92455 [bobgus rcn.c] As suggested in an earlier email, I blew away /usr/local/lib/ruby - which
92471 [decoux moulo] This is the problem
92486 [bobgus rcn.c] Hmm, perhaps I am working with a collection of old cats and dogs - gcc
92487 [decoux moulo] Well, you have an old compiler, but the problem is here
92506 [bobgus rcn.c] Hmm, lots of stuff
92542 [decoux moulo] Like I've said previously this is the problem
92563 [djberg96 hot] I've noticed that in general, upgrading to gcc 3.3.2 on Solaris has
92613 [phasis bclin] I will intruduce myself.
92677 [romerun rome] After the release of the "superior API"/additional packages,
92710 [djberg96 hot] Well, first let me say that this post was made accidentally by Park to

^ running a class from the base class
92457 [tim.wade nau] I have examined the test object from the test unit stuff and i cannot
+ 92456 [sdate everes] If you always want to do this _at the end_ of your program,
| 92596 [tim.wade nau] thanks -- yes after more spelunking through the test stuff we now have
+ 92489 [shasckaw sky] It is hard to understand what you really want, but I'll try to help.

^ (2004-02-09) Mailing list problems?
92458 [gsinclair so] I'm getting hundreds of old (but recent) ML/NG messages.  I don't think
+ 92462 [botp delmont] [])
+ 92463 [andrew walro] Uggh! 457 new ruby talk messages this morning.
| 92464 [surrender_it] I checked the newsgroup yesterday, and I got near 80 msgs this
| 92467 [andrew walro] We are talking about the mailing list, rather than the newsgroup. I read all
| 92472 [oelkers zrz.] Your Assumption is right. I checked the logs, and it seems that the News -> Mail Job
| 92483 [angus quovad] In the meantime, people using mutt can delete the duplicates with
| 92619 [oelkers zrz.] Ok, the problem now seems to be permanently fixed after I found the error.
| 92620 [robertm spel] Great news, thanks for looking after it now BTW
+ 92529 [nahi keynaut] eban stopped the torrent.  Thank you very very much.

^ Swig: Extra objects being created
92460 [ptkwt aracne] I'm finding that accessor methods on a wrapped C++ class end up creating
92481 [lyle knology] No, you are correct that every time the accessor (or any other method
92606 [ptkwt aracne] Lyle,

^ Euruko 04? European Ruby conference?
92475 [armin xss.de] Stefan Schmiedl, Michael Neumann and I are
+ 92480 [Stephan.Kaem] Yes! I am interested!
| 92484 [mailinglists] I second this.
| 92500 [armin xss.de] I am pretty unbiased where it is.
| + 92527 [mailinglists] I doubt this. But Berlin has one of the cheapest accomodation in germany,
| | 92544 [armin xss.de] Lothar, can you check out whether we would
| | 92551 [mailinglists] If there isn't someone else who is a regular student there i can try
| | 92569 [armin xss.de] let's aim for the last weekend of June for now.
| + 92630 [d.borodaenko] Certainly!
|   92633 [mailinglists] I there any mailing still available from the last year discussing this
+ 92485 [chad chadfow] # Hi all,
+ 92488 [guido.de-mel] o course :-)

^ Phil Tomson's article on SWIG, Ruby and C
92476 [robertm spel] Is there an online location where I can read the article, I haven't

^ Spanish Comunity.
92477 [pbaldanta ya] I'm triying to contact with all spanish ruby user to relaunch the

^ Translation to Spanish: Programming Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
92478 [pbaldanta ya] I'm working on translation of that book to spanish. Could be

^ Re: PHP 625 times as popular as Ruby !?
92479 [lists zara.6] But Perl is dead. Go PHP! :-)
92482 [rove.monteux] Quoting,

^ Newbiest ? ever
92490 [orion2480 ho] (ruby 1.8.0 Linux)
+ 92491 [happy user.c] Because, matrix = Array.new( 3, Array.new( 4, 0 ) )
+ 92499 [surrender_it] irb(main):001:0> a=Array.new(3,'yo')

^ evaluate and print an expression
92492 [p_bossi_AGAI] I hope that what I'm asking doesn't sound too weird, but I'm trying to
+ 92494 [rodrigo.berm] def evaluate(code)
| 92534 [p_bossi_AGAI] Ok, I understand that I haven't explained myself clearly.
| + 92546 [jesse inter-] Nope, you can't. I've read a rationale for this somewhere, but I don't
| | 92554 [p_bossi_AGAI] Ok, this is what I thought.
| + 92639 [rodrigo.berm] take a look at irb/xmp - print exemple.
|   92703 [p_bossi_AGAI] Neat!
|   92712 [bob.news gmx] "Piergiuliano Bossi" <p_bossi_AGAINST_SPAM@tiscali.it> schrieb im
+ 92538 [bob.news gmx] "Piergiuliano Bossi" <p_bossi_AGAINST_SPAM@tiscali.it> schrieb im
  92555 [p_bossi_AGAI] Thanks Robert, I understand what you mean: it looks like code, but it's

^ Cobol is 626 billions times as popular as Ruby ( Re: PHP 625 times as popular as Ruby !?
92498 [harpo nexs.f] It's a matter of evidence.

^ simple lexing/parsing task
92503 [martindemell] Any nice way to parse a block of ruby code, and return a list of all the
92512 [surrender_it] did you looked at ripper? it's on rubyforge
92535 [cc1 cec.wust] Umm the project hasn't released any files and doesn't have a web page...
92558 [surrender_it] well, ripper.rb has been out for a while, but moved to rubyforge
92577 [martindemell] Thanks - will take a look that that.

^ ruby advocacy
92505 [Ara.T.Howard] one of the groups in our lab is looking into languages for a new project.
+ 92526 [johnm68 msn.] The best form of convincing is accomplished by applying each candidate
+ 92531 [lists zara.6] IIRC, one of the things that made Python hit the newstands big time was

^ Opinion: Ruby + OpenOffice.org
92507 [dcarrera mat] I've been thinking about the idea of Ruby bindings for OpenOffice.org.  I
+ 92510 [surrender_it] do you mean something related to UNO ?
| 92519 [dcarrera mat] Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about.  UNO.
| 92525 [shasckaw sky] I actually use OOo and ruby, but it is as they belonged to two different
+ 92511 [bobgus rcn.c] ...
| 92513 [tom infoethe] Yours,
| + 92515 [yura opmr.co] "The project was born from Daniel Carrera's (OP)
| | 92516 [harryo qiqso] Which issue is this in? I just looked on their website, but couldn't see mention of it in the contents of the Jan or Feb 2004 issues.
| + 92518 [dcarrera mat] Yes, I know James.  I've talked to him several times.  In fact, if you
|   92557 [news-1076422] Not only would this be useful, I'd even be willing to help! I spent
|   92574 [dcarrera mat] Yay!
|   + 92588 [intc_ctor ya] Why couldn't you just swig their C++ libraries?
|   | 92589 [dcarrera mat] I would have no idea of how to do this.
|   | 92608 [neoneye adsl] If you go the other route (writing the extension/embedding yourself), you
|   + 92789 [news-1076681] Essentially an application w/o a GUI (like the old days!). For example, my
|     94877 [domingo dad-] As another possibility I read in some place that it's possible to
|     94920 [news-1079291] I can guarantee that it's not easy, although I would also be happy
+ 92528 [shasckaw sky] I agree.
+ 92532 [ptkwt aracne] Seems like a great idea.  The only way you're going to find out if it's

^ timeout w/o timeout.rb
92508 [Ara.T.Howard] i'm writing some unit tests which do alot of io/select/etc - bad things to mix
+ 92509 [pit capitain] Doesn't work on windows (this is a problem with me, not with your code :-) )
+ 92517 [jgb3 email.b] Doesn't Ruby use SIGALRM internally?  I could be wrong, but if it does,
  92520 [ahoward fatt] ah - good point - and SIGUSR1 would work just as well

^ Problem building mod_ruby 1.1.2 on Mac OS X 10.3
92521 [roman applep] I'm trying to set up my Mac so I can write .rhtml files in Ruby.
92594 [bob peirce-f] My guess is you need to include some directory or library that contains
92605 [mailinglists] This is off-topic here. Please use the mod_ruby mailing list.

^ spawning processes from Ruby/TK
92523 [assaph avaya] I need to launch an external process from a Tk app. I have a list-box of
+ 92524 [assaph avaya] exec("#{cmd % [file]}") if fork == nil
+ 92625 [nagai ai.kyu] Which version of Ruby do you use?
+ 92634 [vkonovalov a] "unable to remap" is probably cygwin's problem which has solution on its own
  92640 [assaph avaya] I'm using Ruby 1.8.1, both win32 and cygwin versions ('ruby 1.8.1
  92663 [eban os.rim.] % rebase -d -b 0x70000000 -o 0x10000 /bin/{tcl,tk}84.dll
  92668 [assaph avaya] Thanks for the help!

^ self
92530 [Ara.T.Howard] ===============================================================================

^ Ruby Article in Bengali
92536 [sabymus redi] charset=iso-8859-1

^ Re: ruby advocacy (we need to write more articles)
92537 [ptkwt aracne] I think at this point the magazine articles are ours for the writing.

^ Usability of Ruby/SerialPort on Win32
92540 [Stephan.Kaem] As it seems the package is unfortunately loosing bytes now and then.

^ capture stderr
92545 [neoneye adsl] I want to temporarily capture stderr output.
+ 92547 [neoneye adsl] Forgot to do thread.join ... Now it works.
+ 92549 [tietew-ml-ru] [capture stderr]
| 92550 [neoneye adsl] Nice.. this indeed does the same job.  Thanks.
+ 92559 [ahoward fatt] a pipe should work - but it's pretty tricky...
  92564 [neoneye adsl] Yes I got the pipe working.. didn't you see my second mail?  ;-)

^ new german ruby book
92548 [markusjais y] maybe is is already know but maybe not.

^ What Ruby versions are still active?
92552 [cyclists nc.] I'm preparing the next release of RMagick. Are enough people still
+ 92553 [paul vudmask] Rootr.net, my isp is using 1.6x. I think there are a few of us there
+ 92568 [discord mac.] My webhost is running 1.6.x, and Apple still hasn't updated to 1.8.x
+ 92611 [cc1 cec.wust] I don't know if it's possible, but a really useful function which would

^ How to create babel-17
92556 [jfc segonet.] ...
92708 [sroberts uni] Cool! I thought I was the only one who'd read Babel-17!

^ RDoc in 1-click-installer experiences...
92560 [Stephan.Kaem] I just observed the following when running RDoc on my sources on a Win98

^ Using ole_free for Excel on W2K (Ruby 1.8.0-10)
92561 [MoranCM nava] This is my first post.  My apologies if I do something wrong.  I am using
92575 [rocioestrada] shk!!
92576 [MoranCM nava] Thank you!  excel.Quit works instead of excel.Application.Quit.  Silly

^ [ANN] win32-service 0.4.0
92562 [djberg96 hot] I'm happy to annunce the release of win32-service 0.4.0!

^ ruby fixnums
92565 [elathan phys] As I have understood Ruby fixnums are passed by value and
92566 [lyle users.s] Well, you have to understand that the internal representation for Fixnum
92571 [elathan phys] Thanks for the detailed reply.

^ manipulating a symbol in C
92570 [elathan phys] def foo(meth)
92572 [elathan phys] Braindamage. It works. Lots of coding today, less coffee than

^ Vruby - passing arguments?
92578 [armin xss.de] suppose I have my own class MyOwnderDrawButton to draw
92830 [armin xss.de] I got that most useful answer below from Steve Tuckner.

^ mod_ruby, fcgi, etc ...
92580 [usenets_remo] Looking for mswin32 version for mod_ruby, eruby, fcgi, etc for the latest

^ Help!
92581 [usenets_remo] Need step by step instruction(and what other windows dlls to get) on how to
+ 92598 [rocioestrada] #in the /apache2/conf/httpd.conf
+ 92628 [fiatgirl pac] I just installed apache/php this weekend with Windows XP and got great

^ access raw CGI post data
92585 [jhw1701 yaho] What's the best way to access the raw HTTP POST data in a ruby script
92587 [emschwar pob] Why?  Just use CGI.rb, and it'll parse all that stuff out for you.

^ YAPV done!
92586 [gavin refine] is 'done' [1].
+ 92593 [rodrigo.berm] Great !!
+ 92609 [andrew walro] Great work - thanks!
+ 92616 [jimhill swcp] That sound you hear is me (new to Ruby) banging my head against the wall
| 92622 [robertm spel] I am having problems with IE
+ 92730 [gavin refine] FYI, I've added an index to the site now. (Click on 'INDEX >' at the top

^ Simple parsing of sloppy HTML - LittleLexer
92597 [john.carter ] There have been a couple of threads on parsing HTML.
+ 92604 [surrender_it] I wonder if you're going to add some more documentation. It seem that
+ 92645 [cjh-nospam n] Cute, but it's not a parser, it's a composite lexer.

^ expect.rb
92600 [tjk annapoli] Does anybody know where I can get the expect.rb ?
+ 92601 [tjk annapoli] I found some example expect code for Ruby now I just need to find the
+ 92603 [ahoward fatt] what kind of process are you trying to 'expect' ?

^ Re: expect.rb -- self solved
92602 [tjk annapoli] If there is a better module let me know.

^ how can I obtain ruby binaries for FreeBSD?
92612 [vkonovalov p] subj.
+ 92614 [pienjo c64.o] ruby is available in the FreeBSD ports collection (In fact, it's used in
+ 92615 [pienjo c64.o] ruby is available in the FreeBSD ports collection (In fact, it's used in
+ 92629 [mrchameleon ] I have recently built ruby 1.6.x and 1.8.x from the ports collection.

^ [repost after cancel, ignore previous message]Re: YAPV (Yet Another Pickaxe Version)
92618 [harpo nexs.f] Well ... I spoke too quick, It does not render so well.

^ [OT] Re: YAPV done!
92621 [batsman.geo ] That might well have been more expensive than buying the real book and
92623 [jimhill swcp] Paper's cheap, time isn't.  You're right that the printed/bound book
+ 92632 [mike stok.co] Places like Amazon have Programming Ruby "Used & new from $16.50" if a
+ 92635 [Tim.Hunter s] Let me take this opportunity to gently remind everybody that the best
  92642 [jimhill swcp] <blush>
  93060 [austin halos] I think they want to, but the publisher may be a bit gun-shy at this point.
  93063 [dave pragpro] Watch this space... :)

^ qurl.net functional again and Re: new german ruby book
92627 [ jupp gmx.de] Looks promising. Above URL is awful. qurl.net is alive again. Short

^ ruby-dev summary: 22688-22826
92631 [maki rubycol] This is a summry of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 92637 [pbrannan atd] For the record, I really like both of these ideas; they would completely
| + 92638 [harpo nexs.f] I don't know, but you should take care of this kind of things.
| + 92646 [matz ruby-la] Any name suggestion?
|   + 92655 [ahoward fatt] * link
|   | 92672 [akr m17n.org] I can't imagine a situation that needs relative path and $: in single
|   | 92702 [ahoward fatt] the situation is the one where you include a module, say strinio or yaml, with
|   | 92705 [matz ruby-la] The point is the word "relative" itself is not specifically related to
|   | 92715 [ahoward fatt] at least it's better than cousin or uncle!  ;-)
|   + 92686 [sroberts uni] #require_relative()
|   + 92691 [pbrannan atd] Well obviously I've been using "requirelocal" to mean "require a file
|   + 92769 [maki rubycol] Oops, sorry.  I always thank for (a lot of) your patience.
+ 92662 [nahi keynaut] My thanks go as well to ruby-dev summary team.
+ 92675 [timsuth ihug] Great. This would save the headaches some win32 users have been having with
+ 92684 [lyle knology] ...
| 92725 [surrender_it] I hope it is. This lib is really clean and easy to use, but I wonder
| 92782 [kou cozmixng] In <1bdn20tgvgtsrp5mifoeg23lh5t8n5ha2n@4ax.com>
| 92849 [surrender_it] is considered valid from feedvalidator.org, but I don't know how to
+ 93066 [austin halos] No offense to Sutou intended, but I do not see a reason why an RSS library

^ XML/HTML display code for Ruby
92641 [cc1 cec.wust] Alright so I know that RDoc does syntax highlighting on ruby code if you
92644 [neoneye adsl] IIRC enscript cannot (yet) color Ruby code.. thats what rubyforge is using
+ 92685 [neoneye adsl] If you have VIM you can convert your ruby file to html.
| 92688 [pbrannan atd] Paul
| 92694 [jim weirichh] source2html is also an option ...
| 92756 [cyclists nc.] ...
+ 92717 [aero6dof yah] It isn't a syntax hiliter for display but... Emacs has the mmm-mode
+ 92736 [cc1 cec.wust] I'm not exactly familiar with the syntax for highlighting in a2ps, but I
  92753 [rodrigo.berm] What I do is to convert my ruby(or any) scripts into html using vim,

^ testunit: comparison of Fixnum with true failed (ArgumentError)
92643 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I am trying to get the advection code that I released in a NASA tech brief
92880 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Found it: the second argument for TestRunner changed from a boolean to an

^ Emacs ruby-mode hanging
92647 [guslist free] There must be an endless loop in ruby mode on Emacs. I enter the
92648 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, Emacs 21.3.1 with ruby-mode.el from CVS HEAD works fine for me.
92738 [guslist free] I just installed Emacs 21.3.1 and ruby-mode.el from CVS HEAD, it still
92751 [matz ruby-la] can you try this patch?
92755 [guslist free] You are the man! It works!

^ (noob) cast string to array?
92649 [user unknown] and I *love* it so far.
+ 92650 [neoneye adsl] Great.. Welcome to Ruby.
| + 92651 [david.naseby] Welcome to the language. The vast majority of us love it too.
| | 92652 [michael_s_ca] Very dangerous.  If one of the ! methods doesn't actually do
| + 92654 [rodrigo.berm] # sub { block way! }
| + 92680 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   92681 [neoneye adsl] I am curious to when 'nil' may be returned?
|   92682 [gsinclair so] irb(main):001:0> "xyz".gsub!(/a/, "b")
|   92683 [neoneye adsl] Bommer, I feel sleepy :-)
+ 92653 [martin zsdfh] irb(main):002:0> s = '["a string", "another string"]'
| + 92657 [user unknown] This is great! Thanks Martin. Thanks for all the fast responses as well
| | + 92658 [david.naseby] Avoid eval!!!
| | | 92661 [martin zsdfh] I think that may be a bit harsh :-)
| | + 92659 [thomas_adam1] Yes. gsub is global.
| | + 92664 [user unknown] Ignore this please. It was answered. Nice timesaver....
| | | 92665 [botp delmont] I think you do not need "[]" replacement since you just _need_ an "array".
| | | 92666 [david.naseby] u = s.scan( /[\w\s]+/ )
| | | 92669 [botp delmont] wow. thanks for the tip, david.
| | + 92674 [Stephan.Kaem] Yes, it is. Check your e-version of the pickaxe book (the e-verstion of
| + 92673 [harpo nexs.f] As the string s comes from the world outside the ruby script, here it is
+ 92670 [mike stok.co] One thing that you might consider is that you have a line which looks
  92711 [user unknown] <XOCWb.33248$TPZ.8375@twister01.bloor.is.net.cable.rogers.com>, Mike
  + 92713 [bob.news gmx] "Koncept" <user@unknown.invalid> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | 92719 [neoneye adsl] Try
  | 92778 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <neoneye@adslhome.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 92714 [dblack wobbl] You are missing something, and I forgive you :-)
  + 92716 [martin zsdfh] I think that you are discarding the result of flatten....
  | 92722 [user unknown] That is exactly what beginners are good at doing. You are absolutely
  + 92720 [mike stok.co] irb was just showing what the value of the expression was.  If you want