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cgi.rb params initialize_query()
90574 [danj@3s el c] I assert that initialize_query is broken. CGI::parse should _always_ be
90575 [aredridel@nb] Biggest problem: one would overwrite the other, unless your string-like
90577 [danj@3s el c] cgi params are always an array of values for a given key. A variety of

Re: determine method passed and determine the receiver that received the method
90588 [bob.news@gm ] "Pe?a, Botp" <botp@delmonte-phil.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
90589 [bob.news@gm ] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:...
90592 [batsman.geo@] Isn't it a shame that you cannot propagate blocks with define_method?
90625 [bob.news@gm ] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
90629 [batsman.geo@] What would you think about Kernel::block_given, returning a Proc

[ANN] dime - distributed monitoring environment
90591 [andre@di ir ] I'm happy to announce the first release of dime (Distributed

Fresh RDoc install can't find HTML template
90593 [ jimm@io co ] When I run RDoc on any of my projects, I see the following error at the end of
90603 [dave@pr gp o] Is it possible you have an old rdoc lying around in a /usr/.../bin

OT: Haskell software?
90595 [jgb3@em il b] This isn't really Ruby-oriented, but with the many times I've heard
+ 90596 [nathaniel@ta] Nathaniel
+ 90597 [djd15@po cw ] Towards the bottom, it lists several Haskell programming projects. No links,
| 90631 [jgb3@em il b] Thanks!  That should get me started anyway.
+ 92501 [ser@ge ma e-] darcs isn't what I'd call "small", but it is a good example of what

perl bug File::Basename and Perl's nature
90598 [xah@xa le .o] Just bumped into another irresponsibility in perl.
+ 90599 [thomas_adam1] Was there really *any* need for this e-mail....? I couldn't give a rats
| 90600 [tim@ba es id] The OP was cross-posted to a number of perl-related newsgroups, and also
| 90605 [michael_s_ca] Not to mention this guy's reputation for bile and rantings.  Best off just to killfile him altogether.
+ 90604 [roberson@ib ] The program did what it was documented to do.
| 90696 [ jupp@gm .d ] versioning
+ 90608 [yf110@vt 1. ] Well, that's what you asked for, isn't it.
| 90685 [xah@xa le .o] just a few notes to wrap this thread up.
| + 90689 [roberson@ib ] You don't -need- to feed it the OS type: it defaults to using
| | 90732 [xah@xa le .o] a correction to my previous post.
| | 90739 [tassilo.pars] [ F'up set ]
| | 90743 [robertm@sp l] Fuck Perl and fuck Perl morons around the world.
| + 90698 [thomas_adam1] It doesn't really need wrapping up from you though, Xah. It would appear
+ 90611 [michele.simi] <snip trollish rants against Perl>
+ 90624 [gnari@si ne ] [snipped rand about File::Basename docs]
| 90627 [thomas_adam1] "When I read a word I don't understand, I write it down. I aspire to be
+ 90638 [bik.mido@ti ] Taking into account the aggressive and trollish tone of your post I'm
  + 90652 [joe@no ch rl] No it's not.  This is a newsgroup about Ruby.  And that's a newsgroup
  | 90654 [matthew.garr] Nice of you to spam all the newsgroups yet again with this useless reply...
  + 90659 [bik.mido@ti ] [OT, slightly edited]

Keyword arguments in Ruby
90602 [grom_3@op us] Is it possbile for Ruby to have keyword arguments added in like in
+ 90609 [batsman.geo@] _           _
| 90632 [michael_s_ca] It might be instructive for the newcomers to note that this slide refers to "visions for the future", not current functionality.
+ 90610 [surrender_it] They're going to be added in ruby2.0.
+ 90622 [surrender_it] I supposed I answered but my msg didn't show up on comp.lang.ruby.

La chance de votre vie
90606 [Marc_X4@ho m] Faite de l'argent facilement avec un commerce internet ? paliers multiples.

Constant inheritance
90612 [david@lo dt ] Is there anyway to let a subclass overwrite a constant in the
+ 90614 [j@rj ml d. r] You could just use a class variable (e.g. @@x) instead, the downside
| + 90616 [david@lo dt ] Right. The problem is that this really is a constant. The previous
| | + 90618 [j@rj ml d. r] irb(main):001:0> class A
| | | 90620 [david@lo dt ] Excellent! This way I can still refer to the class constant like
| | + 90619 [djd15@po cw ] class Subscription
| | + 90635 [vjoel@PA H. ] self.class::PRICE * 0.9
| | + 90651 [joe@no ch rl] Doesn't answer the original question, but I'd disagree that PRICE should
| + 90628 [bob.news@gm ] "Jim Driscoll" <j@rjimlad.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 90617 [djd15@po cw ] class A

Running a specific test in a suite from the command-line
90613 [david@lo dt ] I remember being able to write "ruby my_test_suite.rb
90615 [david@lo dt ] My bad. I should have looked at the code instead of just the
90634 [nathaniel@ta] That's a good idea... until then, --help provides quite comprehensive

attr_accessor/_reader/_writer and method_defined?
90621 [lists@za a. ] Why does a method defined using attr_accessor/_reader/_writer is not
90623 [djd15@po cw ] Taking a peek at pp.rb, #pp is defined for several things, including Kernel.

Simple Tk Menu
90630 [developers@r] Can someone tell me a simple way to create a TkMenu??
90657 [volty_x@ya o] ...

Status of qurl.org? (Was: Regular Expressions)
90639 [ jupp@gm .d ] Does anybody know what has happened to qurl.org? I recently tried to
90645 [michael_s_ca] www.tinyurl.com seems to be up and running, however.

Regurgitating the contents of a file
90640 [pmak@aa ni e] What's the shortest way to regurgitate the contents of a file? I mean
+ 90642 [dcarrera@ma ] puts File.open("filename.txt").to_a
| 90643 [sroberts@un ] If you don't want the whole file in-memory, maybe look at copy_stream
+ 90647 [vjoel@PA H. ] puts File.read("filename.txt")
| + 90666 [bob.news@gm ] "Joel VanderWerf" <vjoel@PATH.Berkeley.EDU> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 90695 [ jupp@gm .d ] AFAIK that reads the whole file to memory while
|   90697 [vjoel@PA H. ] It certainly does. But the OP did say "shortest" ;-)
|   90701 [ahoward@fa t] irb(main):001:0> 'puts File.read("filename.txt")'.size
+ 90682 [gedb@ru hc d] IO.foreach("filename.txt") {|x| print x }
+ 90686 [intc_ctor@ya] File.foreach("filename.txt") {|line| puts line }

Problem with Ruby 1.8.1 on FreeBSD 3.2
90641 [ppi@am g. rg] I installed Ruby 1.8.1 from source on FreeBSD 3.2.
90644 [rasputnik@he] My guess is the stock ruby configure script misdetects something and
90648 [ppi@am g. rg] I'll try this when I have a little more time.

[ANN] Ruby-GraphViz
90649 [gregoire.lej] This new version now support subgraph and all node, edge and graph

Ruby DBD MySQL seg faults under mod_ruby
90650 [mmead@go f. ] I have an rhtml website using mysql as a backend  working
90653 [mmead@go f. ] I know.  Bad form to respond to myself.
90656 [mmead@go f. ] For anyone going to take a look at this, I've found it fails

Blocks as Block / Proc parameters
90665 [bob.news@gm ] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 90671 [matz@ru y- a] Too big for the current implementation.  But I plan to accept your
| 90672 [bob.news@gm ] "Yukihiro Matsumoto" <matz@ruby-lang.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 90673 [batsman.geo@] We have Kernel.block_given? already... so having Kernel.block_given too
  90674 [bob.news@gm ] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

ruby-math and "why is ** not abelian?"
90667 [vanjac12@ya ] I was reading the 1st thread in the ruby-math discussion at
+ 90668 [peter@se an ] The problem is that ** is the 'raise to the power of' operator
| + 90670 [emmanuel.tou] OK, i didn't realise the OP didn't know that (hence my initial
| + 90710 [    s@xs .d ] 2**4 = 16 = 4**2
+ 90669 [emmanuel.tou] this should probably be posted to ruby-math, it's really quite off-topic
+ 90725 [ jupp@gm .d ] Neither (Float, +) nor (Float, *) is a group. A non-group cannot be
  + 90857 [vanjac12@ya ] Why is " Neither (Float, +) nor (Float, *)" a group?
  | + 90864 [timsuth@ih g] (Q, *) and (R, *) are not groups since the `0' element has no (multiplicative)
  | + 90984 [ jupp@gm .d ] The associative law is violated. Using machine numbers
  + 90858 [vanjac12@ya ] BTW, I found that my link to the ruby-math site did not work for me. But

Print empty values to a file?
90679 [qubert@or it] I am in the middle of writing a wrapper to FORTRAN programs using
+ 90680 [lyle@us rs s] OK, this is very evil, but you could redefine the to_s() method for
+ 90681 [STUCKNER@MU ] If you are just outputing numbers and strings and nil, then you can just put
+ 90684 [ahoward@fa t] you may want to consider methods which do not require global values, and which
+ 90687 [bob.news@gm ] "Qubert" <qubert@orbit.gotdns.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 90688 [mike@st k. o] Have you considered using YAML?  YAML (well syck) comes with Ruby 1.8.x
+ 90902 [qubert@or it] Thank all of you very much.  This group offers a wealth of

amrita-nuby question: generate "id="
90683 [hvs1@ch ll .] i'm using Amrita to generate static website pages, and having fun with
+ 90690 [samuel@ac .u] Since the "id" attribute has a special meaning for Amrita itself, you
+ 90691 [ahoward@fa t] you need to pass an array of procs, one for each link, so you have the

rdoc and hyperlinks
90693 [vjoel@PA H. ] For some reason, my rdoc installation isn't generating hyperlinks for
90911 [sroberts@un ] I thought "hyperlinks, rdoc can do that now? cool!" and updated to the latest
90912 [sroberts@un ] Ack, forget this.
90920 [vjoel@PA H. ] Well, that does _something_. It can be used to link to a file, which is
90922 [vjoel@PA H. ] if I have a file named doc/my_file.txt (relative to the dir I run rdoc
90925 [dave@pr gp o] I've been looking at this, but it turns out to be somewhat harder that
90928 [vjoel@PA H. ] Sounds painful, and not worth the effort. As a workaround, how about
+ 90935 [sroberts@un ] I agree. Magic is nice, but some kind of explicit markup like Joel
+ 90936 [dave@pr gp o] Oh.. I always thought that link: already worked in a tidylink, but

SPAM (Was: La chance de votre vie)
90694 [ jupp@gm .d ] To my understanding 'commerce internet ? paliers multiples' does not

def foo[](x)
90699 [gavin@re in ] #Works
+ 90703 [surrender_it] => nil
| 90711 [djd15@po cw ] class Foo
+ 90704 [jgb3@em il b] class Foo2
+ 90705 [david@lo dt ] I've been puzzled by this myself. There has been many times where I've
  90715 [gavin@re in ] Please check it out and vote! :)
  + 90717 [vjoel@PA H. ] x.foo[1]
  | 90719 [gavin@re in ] I addressed this in the RCR.
  | + 90721 [vjoel@PA H. ] Your rule above, as I read it, would resolve the ambiguity: @beernuts[0].
  | + 90722 [gavin@re in ] To be more clear (since I only realized what you meant halfway
  |   90728 [matz@ru y- a] The example above (7+3*2) is just a matter of precedence, but this one
  |   90760 [gavin@re in ] Thanks for your consideration of the problem, and thanks for the source
  |   90775 [matz@ru y- a] You can withdraw it by yourself.  I'm not going to reject any RCR
  + 90744 [bob.news@gm ] "Gavin Kistner" <gavin@refinery.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

compiling ruby-1.8.1 + official ruby installer for win?
90700 [kgergely@ml ] cl -nologo -O2 -DRUBY_EXPORT -I. -I./win32 -I. -I. -I./missing

programming languages
90706 [kgergely@ml ] What about forth?
90708 [surrender_it] well, IIRC you can do everything with an asm language with just
90720 [mailinglists] No only philosophical questions like calculation of PI can be done
90724 [surrender_it] you can do I/O on a oisc cpu

Mail System Error - Returned Mail
90707 [Mail@ru y- a] Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server.

gd-Library & windows
90709 [me@pr va y. ] a friend of mine doesn't manage to get the gd-library working on his

Output problem with accented characters
90713 [lpoliveira@m] ...
90729 [ jupp@gm .d ] Sounds familiar even though I have not been using Windows for quite a

Server Report
90714 [d-lewart@ui ] ...

OT: Re: ruby-math and "why is ** not abelian?"
90726 [vjoel@PA H. ] But non-groups can be commutative.

Time is now a Bignum
90727 [vjoel@PA H. ] Another consequence of the passing of the middle of the epoch
90737 [ahoward@fa t] _very_ valuable info for me - thanks joel

Ruby9i 0.2.1 released (finally!!)
90733 [list@ji ca n] I have finally revisited this project for the first time since last

Is there a way to control Windows Media Player with ruby?
90734 [agemoagemo@y] I *think* I've seen something that suggests it can be
90738 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Check out this article by Brian Marick.

storing message in exception object
90735 [lists@za a. ] I found myself using exception object (instead of ) more and more. They
+ 90742 [lists@za a. ] ... exception object (instead of exception class) ...
+ 90747 [bob.news@gm ] "David Garamond" <lists@zara.6.isreserved.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  90883 [lists@za a. ] Beautiful, thanks!

mod_ruby and oracle
90736 [martins@aa d] Has anyone had success connecting to an oracle database from mod_ruby on
92940 [martins@aa d] Just a follow-up for anyone else who may be trying this. I had to add

nuby: can't get an image via http
90746 [guido.de-mel] I want to download maps from chizumaru, they provide good digital maps
90748 [emmanuel.tou] here is my version. i works a bit better, but still produces a corrupted
90793 [emmanuel.tou] I confirm that the code i posted in the previous message (and that I repost
91117 [akr@m1 n. rg] How about following patch?
+ 91159 [emmanuel.tou] I'd be happy to test, unfortunately i don't have a compiler nor much time to
| 91160 [emmanuel.tou] i'm stupid :O)
+ 91252 [emmanuel.tou] That's it! The patch *looked* right, but now it's tested right. it's now

choosing ruby?
90750 [p_bossi_AGAI] We are on the way to start a new project, a web application with a bunch
+ 90752 [bob.news@gm ] "Piergiuliano Bossi" <p_bossi_AGAINST_SPAM@tiscali.it> schrieb im
| + 90754 [batsman.geo@] I'm sorry to have to tell you that rjni is at best alpha :-(
| | + 90839 [vjoel@PA H. ] If you release rjni you will be granted 3 wishes ;-)
| | + 90840 [zdennis@mk e] Release the code!! If you don't have time others may. I may. =)
| + 90755 [ddwoske@ya o] I would recommend Ruby wherever appropriate, but in this case, I agree
|   90779 [bob.news@gm ] "Don Dwoske" <ddwoske@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   + 90789 [Mark.Volkman] ...
|   + 90811 [ddwoske@ya o] There are lots of ways to build Java webapps, so perhaps we shouldn't
+ 90873 [p_bossi_AGAI] Thanks to everybody for your valuable feedback.

[OT] Re: nuby: determine method passed and determine the receiver that rec eived the method
90753 [batsman.geo@] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ diff -u e.rb.old e.rb

90756 [me@pr va y. ] I'm looking for a free windows editor for programming in ruby. It
+ 90757 [thomas_adam1] =====
| 90758 [mike.woodhou] Did you look at the Scite editor that's part of the Windows distribution?
+ 90759 [emiel@il fo ] When I developed on windows I used Eclipse with the ruby plugin. It had
+ 90761 [nemo@he lo r] The windows installer comes with SciTE.  I'm happy with it.
| + 90762 [zdennis@mk e] SciTE is great until you find Crimson Editor. http://www.crimsoneditor.com
| | 90766 [me@pr va y. ] Well, I have "walked" through the menu / syntax and I couldn't find
| | 90767 [zdennis@mk e] 346&page=1&ftype=6&fval=ruby&backdepth=1
| | + 90769 [nemo@he lo r] It looks nice, but it doesn't seem to support code folding, nor does it have
| | | 90777 [curt@hi bs c] FreeRIDE is supports syntax highlighting, code folding, and has a
| | + 90772 [sroberts@un ] Crimson looks like a less-mature version of textpad (textpad.com).
| | | 90867 [jussij@ze se] If it's a "Codewrite like" editor you want (ie project workspace
| | + 90781 [curt@hi bs c] I just downloaded and installed Crimson (v 3.6) and it included Ruby syntax
| + 90764 [paul@vu ma k] free -open-source - great plug-in support
| | + 90765 [michael_s_ca] vim, emacs, scite are all viable.  emacs is a lifelong adventure
| | + 90800 [chrismo@cl b] I'll second this - works great for me.
| + 90807 [surrender_it] I'd switch to latest scite. It has features missing in sciute 1.41,
| + 90822 [philrob@HO Y] With total disregard for any kind of safety measures "nemo"
+ 90771 [Stephan.Kaem] your might like to try 'Syn'
+ 90799 [rocioestrada] Windows editor? RDE
  90825 [me@pr va y. ] He inserted  GD.so in C:\ruby\lib\ruby\1.8\i386-mswin32 and run his
  90832 [rocioestrada] ms-win32?, the pragprog doesn't create a /*mswin but /*msvcrt? or is a

fltk build and doc access problems
90763 [jim@fr ez .o] I am trying to install ruby-fltk on Linux and am having problems.
90823 [ggarramuno@a] Check out the offending lines and surrounding.
90824 [jim@fr ez .o] Using the wrong what? Wrong fltk build on linux or the wrong ruby-fltk?
90829 [ggarramuno@a] Neither.

checksum with ruby, how?
90768 [shasckaw@sk ] I'm searching for checksum funtionality to use with ruby,
+ 90773 [zdennis@mk e] On a *Nix machine use the 'md5sum' program to do this.
+ 90782 [vjoel@PA H. ] $ irb -r digest/md5
+ 90784 [mike@st k. o] To set a baseline, I used md5sum to checksum "hello there\n"
  90827 [shasckaw@sk ] Your guesswork has really been instructive in itself. Thanks a lot.
  90835 [dooby@d1 .k ] For the archive (and the 'doc. squad') --
  90837 [gsinclair@so] The standard library documentation at http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib does not