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Re: RDOC generation broken in 1.8.1?
88968 [ xxx@xx .n t] Ok, I think I figured out what I was doing wrong.  After I built Ruby 1.8.1,
88969 [ xxx@xx .n t] Ok, the only way I can get this to work is to run rdoc from the lib
88972 [dave@pr gp o] Ah - I suspect you may have an old copy of RDoc lying around that's
88984 [ xxx@xx .n t] Dave, thanks for the quick response.  Unfortunately, the only version of

Slightly OT perhaps?  Which SDL binding is better?
88977 [im_not_givin] Just wondering, which SDL binding is better/more mature?  RUDL or Ruby/SDL?

recommended way to indent
88978 [neoneye@ad l] At several occasions I wonder how to best indent Ruby code.
+ 88982 [gsinclair@so] I would tend to encapsulate the four values in an object rather than
+ 88985 [ahoward@ng c] i typically do
+ 89028 [ jupp@gm .d ] node,

And more newbie questions
88980 [GGarramuno@a] 1) Is there any Ruby equivalent for Perl's pos() or pos(SCALAR)
88981 [decoux@mo lo] Well, look at [ruby-talk:83195]

FXRuby: Possible to specify color for single cell?
88987 [daniel.sperl] I'm writing a small PIM-like application in ruby, and therefore, I'm
89003 [lyle@us rs s] There isn't a straightforward way to do this in FOX 1.0. You could

RockIT Abandoned?
88989 [BCoish@Dy ax] Does anyone know what the status of RockIt is?
88990 [feldt@ce ch ] It's still a couple of weeks away... ;)
88991 [BCoish@Dy ax] Hey, no problem.  I just needed to know if it was still

Need help with miniruby
88992 [wmwilson01@h] I'm trying to put an app together that I would need to run on quite a few
88993 [gfb@to es ft] Actually, you can use ruby exactly same way as you use miniruby now. I
+ 88994 [wmwilson01@h] How right you are.  It does seem to work perfectly now!  Thanks!
+ 93970 [laza@ma li a] Why don't you use rubyscript2exe? It creates an executable which tars/zips

88995 [khaines@en g] I am having a very frustrating time trying to use FTPTLS to interact with

Question about Ruby implementation
88996 [jgb3@em il b] I've been poking around the Ruby internals, trying to understand the
+ 88999 [dave@pr gp o] It's good style in general. Consider
| 89001 [jgb3@em il b] Yah, I understand that, I think.  But why have MACRO wrap its contents
| + 89004 [dave@pr gp o] See above... Compile it in your head with just the braces...
| + 89005 [ruby-talk@pc] no one prefers this - some compilers actually generate code for the
+ 89000 [billk@ct .c ] It's a 'C' language idiom.  It makes a terminating semi-colon
  89002 [jgb3@em il b] Perfect -- that's what I was looking for.  That makes perfect sense.

unsubscribe mdavis@sevainc.com
88997 [mdavis@se as] unsubscribe mdavis@sevainc.com

Having trouble with ruby-mysql
88998 [martin.morgo] I'm running ruby-1.8.1-i386-mswin32 on winxp.
89011 [jaap@st ck n] In my C:\Ruby\bin there is a file called msvcrt-ruby18.dll
89013 [lyle@us rs s] No, those DLLs have different names because they're different files ;)
89021 [martin.morgo] ok, thanks

(FYI)Accessing WinXP-64bit registry items
89006 [intc_ctor@ya] There probably aren't a lot of WinXP-64bit users out there yet, but I
89009 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Well, I spoke a bit too soon...  Sure it works on 64-bit Windows, but it
89032 [intc_ctor@ya] Here's what I had to do to determine if the script is running on

TkRoot.new :width => 4, :height => 2
89007 [ahoward@ng c] can someone please tell me why the following does NOT produce a window half as
89012 [ferenc@en ar] Try ':pack_propagate => 0'.

exerb corefile
89008 [sdate@ev re ] I have downloaded and installed the latest exerb (3.0) along with the
89014 [lyle@us rs s] The "corefile" that exerb uses is sort-of a minimal Ruby distribution
89041 [sdate@ev re ] Thanks Lyle.
89043 [sdate@ev re ] No bug ... just a matter of using the correct versions.

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
89010 [jatonblue@be] Dear Everyone

ruby-dev summary 22273-22434
89015 [ttate@tt ky ] Here is a ruby-dev summary in these days.
89016 [austin@ha os] When will Oniguruma be integrated with Ruby?
89017 [matz@ru y- a] Soon to be with 1.9.
89039 [sdate@ev re ] Is there a document which describes what is new with Oniguruma ?
+ 89040 [markjreed@ma] What's Oniguruma?
| 89042 [sdate@ev re ] I am currently looking at the documentation that came with it and may
+ 89045 [matz@ru y- a] The biggest difference is license.  The current regex engine is under
  89057 [sdate@ev re ] Ah ! I thought it was GPL. Does not bother me either way, but from

Ruby and .NET
89018 [James.Weiric] ...
89029 [jbritt@ru y-] THere was a project to port the Ruby source to C# (I think), but it

And yet again more silly questions...
89019 [GGarramuno@a] 1) Is there any "which" or "where" command in ruby?  That is, a
89020 [drbrain@se m] =20

Latest 'ri' with PickAxe content updated for 1.8 ?? (was Re: Extracting multiple lines from a file)
89022 [aastanti@ho ] [snip
89023 [dave@pr gp o] It's in the latest Ruby CVS (from ruby-lang).
+ 89030 [harryo@qi so] Generating RI...
| 89033 [dave@pr gp o] That looks like a problem with yaml/syck.  _why_??
| 89034 [harryo@qi so] Would be included in the nightly snapshot?
+ 89036 [gsinclair@so] Just curious, will Ruby one day be distributed with the 'ri' data
| 89037 [dave@pr gp o] I haven't discussed this with Matz, but my personal hope is that the
+ 89047 [aastanti@ho ] Thanks a lot, Dave, I'll take a look.

ruby-opengl, ruby-glut
89025 [alwinblok@fa] I'm trying ruby-opengl on osx. (without x11) and so far, with some
90038 [alwinblok@fa] Whohoo!
90243 [invalid@se -] How did you manage that? I tried to compile it last week, but gave up
90268 [james@la ya ] I'm pretty sure they are still current but please, PLEASE do modify
90336 [alwinblok@fa] The problem is I don't remember exactly the steps I took, so I can't
90341 [alwinblok@fa] ...

Typo on multi-tk.rb
89026 [andre@di ir ] @@ -17,7 +17,7 @@

Win32API question: accessing a PBOOL
89027 [intc_ctor@ya] " BOOL IsWow64Process(
+ 89031 [phasis@bc in] I think the pointer type is 32 bit.
+ 89035 [ptkwt@ar cn ] puts "result is: #{result}, is64 is #{is64.unpack("c")[0]}"

Re: ruby-dev summary 22273-22434(GPL misconceptions)
89044 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I guess I still don't get the problem with the GPL in this case.  Just
+ 89046 [austin@ha os] Scripts aren't, but apps embedding Ruby would be.
| 89050 [neoneye@ad l] I am working on a regexp engine written entirely in Ruby. My friend Mark
| 89065 [im_not_givin] Uhhh.... does this mean that I can't make a closed-source game that uses
| 89069 [matz@ru y- a] No and no.  The current Ruby contains a component (regex engine) under
| 89110 [im_not_givin] Thanks
+ 89048 [decoux@mo lo] A better regexp engine.
+ 89913 [emschwar@po ] The FSF quite clearly believe it does.

including singleton methods with a module?
89053 [ferenc@en ar] I have a module, which defines several instance methods, and a singleton
89055 [decoux@mo lo] you can use ::append_features
89056 [ferenc@en ar] Thanks, the good old append_features worked. :)

rdoc: how to generate rdoc & ri documentation of standard library?
89054 [usenet@an re] how can I generate rdoc & ri documentation of the standard library? I
89061 [dave@pr gp o] If you just let it run in the standard library, it will document
+ 89066 [usenet@an re] Ok, thanks. Where do I have to put the ri data to make it available to
| 89067 [decoux@mo lo] rdoc --help can be helpfull :-)
+ 89092 [ian@ca ib n.] If I issue the command line above, I get class entries for Array and
| 89094 [dave@pr gp o] Hmm.. Perhaps, but not in RDoc, exactly... The class TSort extends
+ 89097 [RandyS@Th Pi] less also runs natively on Windows. The home page is

89058 [BCoish@Dy ax] This is probably going to seem a bit silly, however I will ask
89060 [decoux@mo lo] well, you have several problems

ruby-1.8.1-i386-mingw32 without MSYS
89059 [jloatssr@ao ] when attempting to use the latest stable ruby-mingw32 binaries to run a script,
89064 [jloatssr@ao ] Scratch all of that. It wasn't the ruby, it was the Microsoft(tm). Works as
89151 [kgergely@ml ] So did you spent the newyear with installing ruby on windows???

89062 [BCoish@Dy ax] Thanks for the speedy response!
89063 [decoux@mo lo] Well, I've seen that I've said a stupidity : this is Fixnum which redefine

89068 [BCoish@Dy ax] Thanks again for the reply, I defined my own to_s for Fixnum and Float

Denying access to methods on DRb
89070 [andre@di ir ] What is the way to specify that only some methods on an object
89079 [vjoel@PA H. ] Foo.instance_methods.each do |m|
89083 [andre@di ir ] But that would make them unavaible for local use (my original idea was
+ 89084 [austin@ha os] If you only want methods available locally, then you should probably put a
| 89091 [andre@di ir ] class Foobar
| 89099 [austin@ha os] class FooProxy
| 89101 [andre@di ir ] Great, I'll have a look at it. Thanks a lot!
+ 89102 [drbrain@se m] Would including DRbUndumped help?  This forces a DRbObject to be created
  89107 [andre@di ir ] I believe this wouldn't solve the problem for local access to the methods.
  89211 [drbrain@se m] Use include DRbUndumped instead of declaring methods private.

Array #== and #===
89071 [ws@jo nw on ] irb(main):001:0> o = Object.new
+ 89073 [flgr@cc n. e] irb(main):007:0> Array === o
| 89074 [ng@jo nw on ] ri Class#=== doesn't exist for 1.8.0 (I'm on windows). Could you explain
| 89075 [nathaniel@ta] Try Module#=== instead.
| 89076 [ng@jo nw on ] That worked. Thanks.
| 89077 [nathaniel@ta] Because the class Object is an instance of an Object (as is everything
| 89081 [ng@jo nw on ] I see. Thanks.
+ 89078 [ahoward@ng c] ~ > irb

Re: Overriding to_s
89072 [austin@ha os] You probably don't want to override #to_s to take a parameter.

class-name matching problem with rdoc
89080 [vjoel@PA H. ] After doing 'rdoc --ri' on the FXRuby tree (which mostly went well), I
89086 [dave@pr gp o] Thanks - simple typo/thinko on my part. Fixed in the CVS.
89096 [chad@ch df w] Happy new year all!

amrita parse error
89082 [carl@yc .b z] I'm building a web site with ruby/mod_fastcgi/postgres that uses amrita
+ 89090 [david.naseby] Amrita uses html-parser by default, which I believe doesn't handle
+ 89103 [shu@ru ur n.] I was disatisfied with amrita's speed, so I have written a simpler XML

Aliasing operators possible?
89085 [GGarramuno@a] I'd like to alias the =~ operator, is this possible?
89087 [cyclists@nc ] "old=~" isn't a legal method name. Try

More questions about =~
89088 [GGarramuno@a] irb(main):006:1* class String
89104 [decoux@mo lo] Yes, internally ruby is optimized to call directly the C function rather
89111 [GGarramuno@a] Hmm... so, is there a way to overload/redefine it from ruby?
+ 89112 [davel@ca uc ] no way of overloading or redefining from ruby that I know of, but you do
| + 89113 [sdate@ev re ] rather
| + 89117 [davel@ca uc ] I should clarify: you can use a literal regexp, but not "in-place".  the
+ 89138 [neoneye@ad l] Look here if you want to overwrite  $1..$9, $', $`, $+
  89143 [GGarramuno@a] Kind of.
  89147 [neoneye@ad l] #begin /#end can tell the offset.. is that what you want ?
  89155 [GGarramuno@a] Kind of.  Those are what I call the building blocks.
  89156 [neoneye@ad l] How about #scan ?
  89178 [GGarramuno@a] No, different thing.
  89190 [nathaniel@ta] A lot of those things are provided by the Ruby package optparse (which
  89207 [GGarramuno@a] I can compare the features, most likely.  But the first thing that

Embedding Ruby as a plugin (e.g. PhotoShop)
89089 [NoSpam@No pa] I'm trying to embed Ruby as a plugin to a program called
89157 [neoneye@ad l] Great initiative.  BTW: I recommend using SWIG as much as possible.

[OT] Good article on Open Source, GPL, copyright, etc.
89093 [cyclists@nc ] There is periodically some discussion on c.l.r. about Open Source
89098 [dcarrera@ma ] Thanks for the excellent reference.
89100 [austin@ha os] Attribution. The original BSD licence would be OSI compatible (it required

[WIN32] ruby-gettext
89105 [ oct@zo .o g] has anyone managed to run ruby-gettext on the win32 ruby. I don't know
89139 [mutoh@hi hw ] OK, I made a binary package for mswin32 just now.
89140 [ oct@zo .o g] Thanks a lot Masao :)

[WIN32] racc
89106 [ oct@zo .o g] I installed racc from the tar.gz without building the extension. Can i

Win32API question/suggestion
89109 [djberg96@ho ] As I sit here finally learning the Win32API module, rather than
+ 89114 [sdate@ev re ] <good idea snipped >
+ 89136 [dooby@d1 .k ] (There may be better ones)
  89137 [dooby@d1 .k ] Correction - sorry.                \lib\ruby\site_ruby\1.8\win32
  89158 [djberg96@ho ] Thanks daz.  I played around with it some.  There are two problems I

Drb and observer pattern
89115 [Stephan.Kaem] I'm trying to built a set of programs that
89116 [andre@di ir ] Have a look at the thread starting at ruby-talk:88698.

Confused abour 'ri' in 1.8.1?
89118 [fmitchell@co] Sorry if this has been asked before, but ...
+ 89120 [markjreed@ma] Quite recently covered in another thread.  Apparently what you need to do to get
+ 89121 [jbritt@ru y-] I believe that there is, as yet, no actual repository for this. Since
  + 89123 [harryo@qi so] That would be excellent.
  + 89124 [gsinclair@so] [James:]
  | 89128 [dave@pr gp o] Why wouldn't you just use :nodoc: and the new .document files?
  | 89132 [gsinclair@so] Ah, good thinking.  I don't know what the new .document files are, though.
  + 89127 [dave@pr gp o] Please don't, yet: things are changing.
    + 89134 [gsinclair@so] At http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib, you can see which lib/ files have
    + 89153 [harryo@zi .c] I successfully built the ri documentation from last night's snapshot on
      89154 [dave@pr gp o] Just run  'rdoc --ri-site and it'll put it in a site-wide directory

Loop/Iterator questions
89119 [GGarramuno@a] 1) Is there anything like Perl's continue block available?  This is
+ 89122 [markjreed@ma] Not that I'm aware of, although I could easily be mistaken.
| 89224 [GGarramuno@a] Hmm... that does not seem quite correct, thou.
| 89225 [decoux@mo lo] getc return a Fixnum, not a String
| 89233 [GGarramuno@a] Thanks for mentioning that.  That could indeed be some future gotcha I
| + 89235 [jgb3@em il b] I think you just need to put the catch(:arg) inside the outer loop, like
| + 89241 [austin@ha os] while $stdin.getc
|   89245 [GGarramuno@a] Hmm...
|   + 89246 [markjreed@ma] There are TWO loops.  The throw breaks out of the INNER loop, but the
|   + 89247 [jgb3@em il b] "catch" is just a method.  All it does is evaluate the block that you
+ 89125 [jgb3@em il b] I like that feature... I'd never heard of that before!  You could do
+ 89126 [gsinclair@so] i = 10
+ 89131 [austin@ha os] irb(main):006:0> 10.downto(1) do |i|
  89142 [GGarramuno@a] Well, the idea of the continue block is to do more than a single
  89146 [austin@ha os] I think that my point is that I've more or less eliminated "normal"

nested methods and scope
89129 [jgb3@em il b] Sorry if this has been rehashed before--I searched the archive and
89133 [vjoel@PA H. ] I can't give much of an explanation of the rationale, but here's a way
89135 [jgb3@em il b] That's clever -- thanks for the suggestion. :)

mod_ruby and win2k
89141 [dtillman@ox ] two days and no traffic I presume that list dead?
89144 [ng@jo nw on ] I understand your frustration with the mod_ruby list. It's not dead, just a
89145 [dtillman@ox ] Thank you very much!
89149 [carl@yo ng l] Check out this ruby garden wiki link for some good tips on using

tk 8.4 for Windows?
89150 [news01@er c-] is there still a downloadable _binary_ ruby distribution out there which

background child process
89152 [vjoel@PA H. ] How can one start a background child process in a platform independent
89257 [nobu.nokada@] I agree it should be there and kind of feel I've suggested it a

Ruby general question
89159 [greg@br nd .] Ok.  I'm sold on Ruby (it really is great).  I have a question though:  Why
+ 89161 [dossy@pa op ] <rant>Because that's all they teach in school these days, and most
+ 89166 [surrender_it] you should ask this even in a java newsgroup/mailing list ;)
+ 89177 [ndrsbngtssn@] I think it's because of the lack of an obvious choice for a GUI toolkit.
| 89179 [ferenc@en ar] Both are agreed.
| + 89203 [rcoutts@en i] Regarding an IDE and debugger, try out the Eclipse IDE (www.eclipse.org)
| + 93974 [laza@ma li a] Ferenc,
+ 89204 [ jupp@gm .d ] Why do people use Java (the programming language)?
  89387 [tom@in oe he] One indicator of Ruby's usage are the download charts of the Ruby