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^ 'Daemonizing' a script
88551 [carl ycs.biz] I got this code from Webrick::Daemon that is supposed to turn a ruby
+ 88554 [gfb tonesoft] What do you mean by "silently croaks"? Like nothing happens, just a
+ 88555 [carl ycs.biz] Never mind.  I feel sheepish for bothering the list with this.  I just
  88556 [hal9000 hype] Ha, no sweat, Carl. We've all done it.

^ Could I have an example of using Continuations as 'co-routines'?
88552 [im_not_givin] I've been hanging around on the irc channel recently, getting advice to
+ 88557 [gfb tonesoft] Also the Pickaxe has some basic examples (you may have seen them
+ 88562 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
  88612 [im_not_givin] What do you suggest I use as a coroutine in Ruby, then?

^ tk file dialog and directories
88560 [ahoward ngdc] rtk'rs-
88575 [nagai ai.kyu] If you use Tk8.3+, please use 'Tk.chooseDirectory' method.
88579 [ahoward ngdc] thanks!
88582 [rocioestrada] A lil' example I cooked someday, works in linux/windows(using tk8.4.4).

^ Nice mention of Ruby in Slashdot
88563 [cyclists nc.] First post!
88567 [ptkwt aracne] Well, it's some mention anyway...

^ How do you set the stack level on Windows?
88565 [rich lithino] I'm wanting to not get the error - 'SystemStackError' ...
88578 [lyle knology] Is there any way to make populateDisplay() non-recursive? It looks like
88608 [rich lithino] Thanks for the quick response!!

^ registry.rb problem?
88566 [ptkwt aracne] I just found out about registry.rb in the Win32 distribution of Ruby (it's
+ 88569 [chad chadfow] #
+ 88576 [dooby d10.ka] There were slight changes in Rev 1.2, yours is Rev 1.1

^ apache/mod_fastcgi - problem with DBI::DBRC
88568 [carl ycs.biz] I'm trying to use Daniel Berger's handy database connection abstraction
88596 [carl ycs.biz] I figured it out.  I just needed to look at the cgi environment table.

^ Problem with bdb
88572 [usenet andre] I have compiled bdb on Debian Woody, but when I try to use it I get the
88577 [decoux moulo] What is the output given by extconf.rb ?
88580 [usenet andre] extconf.rb: Entering directory `src'
88623 [decoux moulo] how it's defined db_version in db.h
88635 [usenet andre] char *db_version __P((int *, int *, int *));
88644 [decoux moulo] This is db.h for Berkeley DB 2.x

^ replacing two EOL chars by one
88581 [xah xahlee.o] i have a bunch of java files that has spaced-out formatting that i
+ 88583 [ptmcg austin] Is this language really necessary?  I'm sure I've used these words myself,
| + 88585 [noreply gunn] I'm sure that quite a few people know the answer, but most of them
| | 88590 [rjain nyct.n] And it's crossposted to numerous groups that have nothing to do with
| + 88603 [spam thalass] We don't get  the usenet "in color" around here, so  I guess that this
|   + 88604 [tov eecs.har] If you want to remove blank lines, then sed '/^$/d' will do.  If, on
|   + 88617 [tov eecs.har] If you want to remove blank lines, then sed '/^$/d' will do.  If, on
+ 88584 [flori ping.d] -p iterates over every line in a file. So you should change
| 88586 [flori ping.d] Hmm, perhaps this is better because it would also work files with 0
+ 88587 [billk cts.co] ruby -i~ -e '$/=nil; puts gets.gsub(/\n\n/,"\n")' *.java
+ 88588 [gnari simnet] snipped long rant about perldocs
| 88619 [xah xahlee.o] Thank you kindly.
| + 88624 [shoot the.mo] The boy's an idiot!
| + 88627 [gnari simnet] (snipped rather much more)
| + 88628 [jurgenex hot] [246 lines of signature snipped]
| + 88632 [matthew.garr] Since you're obviously in need of an expanded vocabulary, I think you'll
| + 88634 [spam thalass] Perhaps instead of losing you time with this, you would better use one
+ 88589 [zdennis mkte] Shouldn't this be posted on a perl list, unless say we all gave Ruby answers
| 88592 [flori ping.d] ruby -0777 -p -i~ -e 'gsub(/\n\n/, "\n")'
+ 88591 [jurgenex hot] [rest of rant snipped]
+ 88601 [gregm-news t] Have a look at tr and sed.  tr is also a handy tool for fixing Windows
+ 88641 [Padraig Linu] Of course you can do it in Perl.
+ 88680 [genericax ho] is incivility a word? Curious. Anyhow, if I understand this you want

^ Hex editor and FXRuby ?
88594 [noel.cuillan] Anyone know to make a hex editor in FXRuby ?
+ 88595 [neoneye adsl] IIRC there exists a library where you can memory map a file, this way you
| 88597 [neoneye adsl] Simon Strandgaard
| 88615 [noel.cuillan] thanks Simon, I will try this way !
+ 88598 [mailinglists] FXtext should display a Megabyte in reasonable time.
  88616 [noel.cuillan] You're right, Lothar, appending text is the way i used to add data to

^ Bold/underlined/colors and ri
88605 [dave pragpro] It's always bugged me that 'ri'' throws away a fair amount of
88620 [gfb tonesoft] You can use the same approach as man does: it relies on a pager's

^ Scheduling alarms
88607 [andre digira] I'm trying to find out how to schedule alarms in ruby, as in the alarm(2)
88611 [nobu.nokada ] You can also use timeout.rb.
88631 [andre digira] This will probably be fine for what I need, but it would be nice to have a
88636 [nobu.nokada ] True.  I guess you'd better use SIGHUP, SIGUSR1, SIGUSR2 and so

^ Ioctl problem
88609 [pcallihan co] I'm trying to use Ruby IO:ioctl on /dev/mixer.  It work with c but not
88626 [matz ruby-la] You mean like this?

^ Trouble using IO::ioctl
88610 [callihan yah] I'm trying to write a audio volume control with Ruby.  I want to use
88613 [nobu.nokada ] devmask = [0].pack("i")
88614 [pcallihan co] Thank you for the help.  That fix the problem.  I could find any

^ Ruby for Windows, Compiler (like DJGPP)
88618 [Legion Peopl] I'm a beginner in the C++ world, and have been using DJGPP compiler program.
+ 88621 [mailinglists] No because it is not a compiler. You run it "ruby.exe file.rb" thats
| 88622 [chad chadfow] # Hello Legion,
+ 88630 [surrender_it] it seem to me rhide was something like TurboC or TurboPAscal, I mean a

^ [ANN] rbbr-0.5.1
88625 [mutoh highwa] rbbr-0.5.1 is now available. Enjoy!

^ ruby-dev summary 22196-22272
88633 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^ FAQ?  raw i/o in Ruby
88637 [markjreed ma] Is there an interface to termios, or a higher-level module that abstracts
88638 [markjreed ma] Well, I don't know how useful this is, but here's an extension

^ BUG in fcntl?
88639 [markjreed ma] require 'fcntl'
88640 [nobu.nokada ] Because IO#getc retries at EAGAIN.  $stdin.read(1) doesn't stop
88659 [markjreed ma] D'oh.  Thank you very much!

^ Ruby 1.8.1 preview4
88643 [matz ruby-la] You can get the (hopefully) final preview to 1.8.1.
+ 88645 [nakahiro sar] Thanks, matz.  I'll be a good boy.
| + 88646 [decoux moulo] nasun% ruby -v
| | + 88647 [armin xss.de] happy Xmas to all hard-working ruby-coders :-)
| | + 88650 [nobu.nokada ] Change US-ASCII.rb:3 to <<-'EOL', or try [ruby-core:01960].
| | | 88651 [decoux moulo] it work now (I have modified US-ASCII)
| | | 88699 [nakahiro sar] We should commit the 'EOL' change before 1.8.1, I think.
| | + 88673 [not email.co] snark {87}% /opt/bin/ruby -v
| + 88655 [gsinclair so] Finished in 215.493 seconds.
| + 88658 [neoneye adsl] Just installed ruby-1.8.1-preview4,  After this failure, it seems to hang
| | + 88660 [decoux moulo] Same here : I've error with drb
| | | 88785 [decoux moulo] Well, if it work on Solaris-32 and don't work on Solaris-64 this is just
| | + 88773 [nakahiro sar] 'ruby runner.rb -v' dumps the test evaluating.
| |   88784 [neoneye adsl] Still happens, After a few minutes I CTRL-C it.
| |   88787 [nakahiro sar] Thanks.
| |   88828 [neoneye adsl] server.neoneye.home
| + 88662 [maki rubycol] I tried to do so.
| + 88684 [exoticorn ep] ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-22) [mipsel-linux]
| | 88700 [nakahiro sar] Thanks.  Very interesting.  Seems to be 3 kind of errors.
| | + 88708 [dennis.ranke] Now that I come to think about it, these floating point errors would make
| | + 88734 [exoticorn ep] irb(main):002:0> VERSION
| |   88759 [nakahiro sar] Last 2 point.
| |   88786 [exoticorn ep] Yes, it's "p".
| |   88822 [nakahiro sar] Thanks.  Tests in 1.8.1 use this workaround.
| + 88688 [dagbrown LAR] Finished in 106.388445 seconds.
+ 88657 [tom infoethe] Merry Christmas to all!
+ 88701 [kapheine hyp] jello test # ruby soap/test_streamhandler.rb
| 88702 [nakahiro sar] Hmm.  Seems to have an old version of http-access2 installed.
| 88703 [kapheine hyp] That solved the problem. All of the tests pass now. Thanks.
+ 88724 [rocioestrada] Well...
  88760 [nakahiro sar] Is it FAT32 filesystem you are running test on?  Please ignore this
  88764 [rocioestrada] Ok!

^ RCRchive: Ruby Garden RCRs moved to 'legacy' category
88656 [dblack wobbl] In response to concerns from Matz, the RCRs from Ruby Garden have been

^ win32ole, outlook, ruby 1.8
88663 [greg brondo.] I'm using ruby 1.8 on Windows via rubyinstaller accessing outlook with
88669 [greg brondo.] WIN32OLERuntimeError: Move
+ 88670 [drbrain segm] Are you specifying the destination folder as the argument?
+ 88676 [greg brondo.] ACK!  Never mind.  Figured it out.  The move method takes an outlook folder
+ 88694 [jamesvtoomey] This code successfully deleted the email with the subject line "Delete
  88748 [greg brondo.] I figured it out.  It needed an outlook folder object for the move to work.

^ md5
88664 [kgergely mla] Is there any efficient way to calculate the md5 hash for a file?
88665 [messju lammf] require 'md5'
+ 88667 [kgergely mla] Thx.
+ 88678 [carl ycs.biz] Speaking of which, where can I find documentation for the Digest class?
  + 88685 [gsinclair so] The two are closely related :)
  + 88705 [messju lammf] there is a ext/digest/digest.txt in the ruby source-distribution.

^ Ruby for AIX 5.2?
88666 [don_felician] Latest stable ruby, as well as 1.8.1 preview 4, does not build on AIX
+ 88671 [luke madstop] The solution I'm providing works on AIX 5.1, and I expect on 5.2, also.
| + 88697 [don_felician] Add -liconv to DLDFLAGS in ext/iconv/Makefile.
| + 88711 [matz ruby-la] I have no way to confirm, but does this patch fix the problem?
|   88730 [luke madstop] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   88736 [matz ruby-la] That's too bad.  From the attached information, at least
|   88741 [luke madstop] When I try it without static, I cannot get past bigdecimal.  It fails to
|   + 88743 [matt technor] Well, I'm currently working on a contract at IBM in Boulder and I'm doing
|   + 88744 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, I have never compiled Ruby on AIX, but the patch was submitted to
|   | 88745 [matt technor] You are welcome to an account on my AIX box.  However, it is running
|   + 88756 [nobu.nokada ] Is ruby.imp file for that purpose?  It isn't created?
+ 88709 [philippe.luc] -brtl is an option for the binder/linker. So in gcc you should

^ Testing contents of string for known types
88668 [carl ycs.biz] Is there a built-in way to test the contents of a string to try and find
88672 [jgb3 email.b] Something like this, perhaps?

^ creating an object of a specific type
88674 [elathan phys] static VALUE foo_init (self)
88679 [lyle users.s] VALUE fooInstance;
+ 88681 [elathan phys] It does. Thank you.
+ 88682 [ged FaerieMU] #include <intern.h>

^ Question about Ruby2 and Rite....
88686 [jfrapper lyc] I have been familiarizing myself with ruby over recent weeks.  This
88689 [surrender_it] I'm not sure if parrot and Rite would solve the same problems. For
+ 88690 [markjreed ma] What's MMD?
| 88695 [austin halos] Multi-method dispatch.
+ 88691 [markjreed ma] Undoubtedly not; for one thing, Rite isn't being specifically
  88712 [surrender_it] trust, this are open source/free software people, they will do it ;)

^ Does String cache its 'hash' return value?
88692 [im_not_givin] What I mean is, if I repeatedly call a String's hash method (i.e. like
+ 88693 [flori ping.d] Yes, it will. Have you considered unsing Symbols instead of Strings?
| 88750 [im_not_givin] Depends... if Symbols are used as the keys for a hash table, can they be
| + 88753 [surrender_it] why the should'nt ? Many lybraries make use of symbols as constants,
| + 88754 [austin halos] I don't understand your question.
| + 88755 [flori ping.d] You can use ID2SYM(rb_intern("foo")) to get the VALUE of symbol :foo. I
|   88758 [im_not_givin] WOW DAT WAS KWICK U R LEE7!!!11111
+ 88757 [nobu.nokada ] Hash (accurately, st library) has cache, but String doesn't.

^ Using DRbObservable
88698 [andre digira] I'm trying to find out how to use the DRbObservable module. This is
88704 [drbrain segm] include DRb::DRbUndumped # I added this
88710 [andre digira] It works! How do I know when I need to include DRb::DRbUndumped? I read
88749 [drbrain segm] When you include DRb::DRbUndumped in a class, its objects stay on the
88761 [andre digira] Thanks a lot, Eric.

^ bug: threads and win32
88707 [hatespyware ] [i386-mswin32]), since it lets me do WSH stuff (ASP, COM, etc).  I am
88713 [surrender_it] I may be wrong but there is no workaround for this. Ruby Threads do
88751 [hatespyware ] Yuck!  On a hunch, I tried the cygwin version.  It works, but _very_
88766 [phasis bclin] Try this patch to win32/win32.c ( ruby 1.8.0 )
+ 88778 [hatespyware ] Woohoo!  Thanks, Park!  I will give this a try.
+ 88844 [surrender_it] have you tried it? If it works, why don't you submit it to ruby-core ?
  88846 [usa osb.att.] Of course, we (ruby windows version maintainers) are testing
  + 88848 [phasis bclin] Here is the patch for ruby 1.8.1.
  | 88853 [usa osb.att.] Oh, great!
  | 88854 [phasis bclin] OK.
  + 88891 [surrender_it] thank you, and Park (and the php dev too) :)

^ ruby-1.8.1p4 and ri
88714 [fritz.heinri] i had a little frustration with ri18 as found in the newest tarball as
+ 88716 [joey joeygib] Nope. Win2k as well.
+ 88718 [dave pragpro] I'm working slowly through stuff to get this resolved. In this

^ need help with unpacking ip address
88721 [wmwilson01 h] I was wanting to write a quick little subnet calculator, but I'm having
+ 88722 [dennis.ranke] You are unpacking the the binary data of the string "". You
+ 88723 [decoux moulo] one way to do it
  88732 [wmwilson01 h] Thanks!

^ Strings to regexps (non-demanding post :->)
88725 [jfh cise.ufl] The main reason I like this
+ 88726 [decoux moulo] svg% ruby -e 'p %r"/usr/local/lib/blah/blah/blah"'
| 88727 [michael_s_ca] that
+ 88728 [jgb3 email.b] line.match( %r|/usr/local/lib/blah/blah| )
  88729 [jfh cise.ufl] Works for me -- thanks, guys.

^ RubyGems and dependencies
88731 [sera fhwang.] 1. If I use RubyGems to document a dependency to another gem then am I
+ 88733 [chad chadfow] #
+ 88738 [rich infoeth] Gems dependency checking is only for other Gems.  If you have libraries
+ 88740 [joey joeygib] This is the situation I tried to point out at RubyConf that I'd seen with
| + 88742 [luke madstop] Isn't this a relatively straightforward 'require <lib>' test?  I don't
| + 88770 [ptkwt aracne] begin
|   88789 [curt hibbs.c] This is too simple. RubyGems should also check that the proper version is
|   + 88791 [chad chadfow] # > >
|   | 88845 [austin halos] dependencies.each do |lib, tests|
|   + 88802 [jweirich one] I was thinking along these same lines.
|     88811 [rich infoeth] Well, when we were discussing this at RubyConf03 we decided that Gems
|     88879 [martindemell] Another idea is to have a lightweight gem manifest, downloadable as a
|     + 88885 [rich infoeth] The issue is that what a Gem IS is a directory of Ruby files, along with
|     | 88943 [RandyS ThePi] How well will this method scale? If I'm understanding you correctly, the
|     + 88946 [RandyS ThePi] IMO it would be best to have some kind of database that stores module
+ 88804 [carl youngbl] Another cool feature would be to bundle all the necessary tools to