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^ non-english characters
88299 [lists debona] how do I match non-english alphabetical characters? Such as the german
88304 [matz ruby-la] Which encoding do you wish to use?
88307 [lists debona] I'm not sure, how can I find out what the germans use? and once I know
+ 88308 [matz ruby-la] Ask somebody around you to find out.  Then if you're going to use
| 88310 [messju lammf] hmm.
| + 88311 [matz ruby-la] That's restriction, character class is defined as [a-zA-Z_].
| + 88313 [bob.news gmx] "messju mohr" <messju@lammfellpuschen.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   88318 [messju lammf] yes, it looks like i got confused by the PCRE library which treats \w
|   88363 [ahoward ngdc] depends on your definition of 'treats' and 'locale' ;-)
|   88366 [messju lammf] 1. i was talking about ISO-8859-* charactersets and already said, that
+ 88404 [ jupp gmx.de] For German you can use an awful lot of different encodings :-| Take a

^ [BUG] with ruby 1.8.1 on mingw
88312 [timsuth ihug] I have a short (40 line) program which gives the following message when run
+ 88314 [bob.news gmx] "Tim Sutherland" <timsuth@ihug.co.nz> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 88316 [decoux moulo] Try with the CVS version of ruby
  88420 [timsuth ihug] Thank you Guy. With Ruby "2003-12-17", I cannot produce the problem anymore.

^ Other little bugs for rbbr
88319 [surrender_it] I know I should post it to the sourceforge bug system, but I'm running
88355 [mutoh highwa] Why don't you join Ruby-GNOME2 ML?
88395 [surrender_it] cause I'm just a casual user :) btw, I'll join it when I found

^ Bug in irb?
88320 [Roland.Schmi] the following happens in irb.

^ WIN32OLE and connect and IIS://
88330 [ oct zoy.org] using ruby 1.8.0 (2003-08-04) [i386-mswin32]

^ [ANN] suby-muse mailing list (was: Copying methods from one class to another)
88351 [transami run] I'll answer with a reference to a new mailing list. There you will find the
88356 [chad chadfow] # ANN: SUBY-MUSE MAILING LIST
88359 [transami run] Indeed, I have. But I just want to point out, I came to ruby-talk with a
+ 88390 [hal9000 hype] It's almost impossible sometimes to avoid that slant. What if everyone
+ 88397 [pit capitain] I asked very much the same question a couple of weeks ago and got only

^ 42.type and TypeError or 42.class and ClassError
88357 [ahoward ngdc] why has #type been deprecated?  i don't really like using Object#class since
+ 88361 [jgb3 email.b] I have no idea if this is one of the reasons #type has been deprecated,
+ 88365 [matz ruby-la] Because type has broader meaning and tends to introduce confusion.
+ 88403 [ jupp gmx.de] That can be answered by quoting Gamma, Helm, Johnson Vilissides,
  88405 [rodrigo.berm] $42.50  at   http://www.bookpool.com/.x/7amhiaqbd0/sm/0201633612
  88463 [ jupp gmx.de] 54.99 USD is what is printed on the cover. Actually I didn't pay that

^ gsub question
88377 [lists debona] perl -e '$a="hello hi hello";$a =~ s/(\w+)/$1a/g;print $a; '
+ 88379 [Peter.Vanbro] $1 is evaluated before the matching happens, and since you didn't match
+ 88380 [jgb3 email.b] Because the $1 isn't defined at the time the replacement string is
+ 88381 [jason jasona] The interpolation (AIUI) is done before the string gets passed to

^ Re: paging (was Newbie questions)
88382 [dave pragpro] Here's the code I'm using in 'ri'. Will it work across the systems that
+ 88383 [lewisd f00f.] Looks good, but you might want to throw "/usr/bin/pager" after the ENV.
| + 88385 [dave pragpro] Is that a distinct program, or just an alias for 'less'? If it's
| | + 88387 [thomas_adam1] It is a symbolic link in Debian to Debian's alternatives (man
| | + 88393 [lewisd f00f.] That depends on the system configuration.  It's usually a symlink to
| + 88386 [luke madstop] Well, that's only set on some portion of Linux boxes.  As you mentioned
|   88394 [lewisd f00f.] What's important to me (and maybe I'm way off target here :) is not that
+ 88396 [rasputnik he] If that 'for' list gets much, it'll soon be easier to just
+ 88445 [mike ratdog.] If you want to be like man etc. then you should use ENV['PAGER'], I

^ Binary-safe file IO
88389 [carl youngbl] a binary file and encode it to base64 and then decode it again and write
+ 88392 [hal9000 hype] Are you on Windows? If so, 'wb' as a mode might help (binary mode).
| 88411 [carl youngbl] Is this only applicable to Windows then?  I happened to be on Windows at
| + 88412 [chad chadfow] # Is this only applicable to Windows then?  I happened to be on Windows at
| + 88446 [bob.news gmx] "Carl Youngblood" <carl@youngbloods.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 88401 [lyle users.s] File.open("oldbinfile", "rb")

^ Secure Ruby - second challenge !
88398 [dragoncity i] Further to the excellent 'attacks' on my 'rubyrun' tool, I have revised
+ 88415 [flori ping.d] I just did
| + 88421 [cjh_nospam m] Brett might however feel it would be sufficient for his purpose to
| + 88493 [dragoncity i] giving either permission errors or saying 'ruby' already exists.
+ 88443 [g intersect-] Rather than simply replacing the executable - which you could reduce
+ 88517 [nobu.nokada ] It remains the decrypted temporary file if fox.so is not found.

^ [Test::Unit] how to teardown at end of TestCase
88400 [vjoel PATH.B] Is there a way to get some code to run after all the tests defined in a
88402 [nathaniel ta] It's on my (too long) to-do list... :-/
88430 [vjoel PATH.B] That's life... No problem, for now I'll stick with "def test_zzz".

^ Ruby as CGI with Apache on Linux
88406 [zdennis mkte] I feel bad for asking this question, but I am going to pull my hair out with
+ 88431 [rasputnik he] Change to ' print "Content-type: text/html\n\n" '
+ 88456 [ahoward ngdc] i'm sure about this virtual/app-handler type set up, but it seems like you may

^ Re: Ruby as CGI with Apache on Linux[IGNORE THREAD]
88407 [zdennis mkte] I feel bad for asking this question, but I am going to pull my hair out with
88408 [zdennis mkte] Please ignore this thread, a moment after I send the original post it

^ Yukihiro - Please ensure backwards compatibility
88414 [jobeicus hot] having recently migrated one of my machines from a 1.6 flavor to the
+ 88418 [austin halos] This is a deprecation warning. It will no longer be backwards compatible in
| 88461 [elathan phys] I had this "problem", too. I can't see why Ruby is so verbose on that
| + 88464 [michael_s_ca] that
| + 88473 [ahoward ngdc] this word is the reason for many, many, many hours spent debugging perl
| + 88570 [martindemell] Well, for one, I think more people would expect it to be interpreted as
|   + 88571 [me lypanov.n] /me nods
|   + 88573 [ruby-lists l] /me nods
|     88661 [ng johnwlong] foo.gsub!(/#{bar}/, ...)
|     88683 [batsman.geo ] => "."
+ 88492 [flgr ccan.de] Your statement won't be ignored, there will just be that warning. Why?

^ Configuration Files
88419 [ws johnwlong] charset="Windows-1252"
+ 88423 [zdennis mkte] John,
| 88429 [ng johnwlong] to?
| 88454 [zdennis mkte] Thanks John for your reply. That was the clarification I needed. I am going
+ 88424 [lewisd f00f.] That sounds like a great config file system.  I rolled my own basic one
| + 88426 [ng johnwlong] plugin.player {
| + 88427 [gsinclair so] However, the code for parsing this is a secret :)
|   + 88428 [hal9000 hype] Why, you lucky stiff...
|   + 88458 [ahoward ngdc] i'm with you (and use it myself), but the above is problematic if you actually
|     + 88462 [gfb tonesoft] I just got it :-). However it seems like cheating ;-) -- there were no
|     | 88477 [ahoward ngdc] it may seem like cheating, but i spent twenty minutes debugging something just
|     | 88479 [gsinclair so] Interesting.  Thanks for the warning.
|     | + 88482 [gfb tonesoft] I use Austin Ziegler's Text::Format for expanding tabs. Works great for
|     | + 88508 [ahoward ngdc] __exactly__ what i'm hoping for.  it's easy enough to process tabs in a
|     + 88471 [ruby-talk wh] The above throws an error for you?  Man, a lot has been fixed since 1.8.0.
|       88472 [gfb tonesoft] I use YAML form the latest ruby-1.8.1preview3, and when I
+ 88442 [nakahiro sar] Interesting.

^ Re: meta data
88422 [RandyS ThePi] Oops, sorry. When I said distribution, I meant *modules*.
88425 [chad chadfow] #

^ setting $0
88432 [vjoel PATH.B] With the following file, t.rb,
+ 88434 [gsinclair so] 8.3 format?  ;)  (It's the right number of characters, just no dot.)
+ 88435 [markjreed ma] Looks like a bug.  I find it suggestive that the length of the truncated
| 88436 [zachc nortel] I'm very new to ruby but I'll take a stab at this. Am sure that someone can
| 88441 [nobu.nokada ] It icnludes also arguments, and the interpreter name length.
+ 88439 [matz ruby-la] It's a Linux restriction.  Wishing if linux has setproctitle(3).
  88455 [gfb tonesoft] I experienced the same problem just 2 weeks ago. It happens on Solaris

^ question about I/O and pipes
88444 [temuphaey0 j] cnt = 0
+ 88447 [bob.news gmx] "Jean-Baptiste" <temuphaey0@jetable.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 88480 [drtrey midso] Does that help?
+ 88451 [nobu.nokada ] See [ruby-talk:84112], http://ruby-talk.com/84112
+ 88514 [RandyS ThePi] Perl distributes a little script called pl2bat which appends a batch
  88515 [RandyS ThePi] One more time with a little less perl.
  88717 [aastanti hot] How is supposed to work?
  88762 [RandyS ThePi] Hmm, that's strange. if run as 'count.bat <somefile' or 'cat

^ Obtain Bios data [win]
88459 [rodrigo.berm] I need to get some bios data [eg. service tag, bios version] from a
88507 [phasis bclin] require 'win32/registry.rb'
88675 [intc_ctor ya] find the file specified. (Win32::Registry::Error)

^ CGI::Session on mod_ruby
88460 [ng johnwlong] The following script is a simple page counter that works well for me running
88470 [ahoward ngdc] from cgi/session.rb

^ FreeRIDE project moved to RubyForge
88474 [laurent mold] To all FreeRIDE fellows,
88720 [charleshixsn] FXScintilla doesn't currently seem to be accessible.  (Presumably the
88737 [tom infoethe] Hm.  There are some FXScintilla files (rpms, debs, etc) in the FreeRIDE
88739 [curt hibbs.c] No, don't do that. Any such files in the wiki dirs would be old and

^ Library questions
88475 [agemoagemo y] I'm trying to get a couple of libraries set up to use

^ more optparse examples...
88476 [ahoward ngdc] i've been slowing adding to my optparse examples over the last few days...

^ WxRuby?
88478 [dcarrera mat] The FreeRide annoucement just reminded me... what's up with wxRuby?
88481 [curt hibbs.c] We are now making preparations for a 0.2 release, which will include binary
88483 [dcarrera mat] What would you recommend for people stuck with Solaris?
+ 88489 [curt hibbs.c] I'm not aware of anyone who is doing a Solaris build. You would have to
+ 88498 [lewisd f00f.] Does wxRuby work on Linux on handhelds?  For example, Linux on the Zaurus?
  88502 [curt hibbs.c] If wxWindows runs on the Zaurus (check the wxWindows web site) and Ruby runs

^ What happened to File.copy?
88484 [rcoutts envi] Did File.copy and File.cp disappear sometime between Ruby 1.6 and 1.8?
+ 88485 [hal9000 hype] #copy is not in the core, it's in the ftools library.
| + 88488 [rcoutts envi] Thanks all.  Rookie question... :)
| + 88491 [flori ping.d] o=lambda{|o|p o};O=Struct.new(:a,:b,:c);e=%q(_(?h,_(?h,_(?\ ,_(?s,_(?u,_(74)),
|   88497 [hal9000 hype] Thanks. I think I liked it better the other way.
+ 88486 [markjreed ma] require 'fileutils'
+ 88487 [gfb tonesoft] require 'ftools'
+ 88490 [flori ping.d] Try to require 'fileutils' and use FileUtils.cp or FileUtils.copy

^ How to return more than one result from a method?
88494 [cyclists nc.] I'm trying to code a method that has two result values. The values are
+ 88495 [chad chadfow] # I'm trying to code a method that has two result values. The values are
| 88499 [cyclists nc.] The method compares two Images and returns a "difference" image (a new
| + 88500 [chad chadfow] # >
| + 88501 [hal9000 hype] Here are some ways to do it.
+ 88496 [dblack wobbl] Could you just assign them directly to variables in the calling scope?
  88519 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  88522 [dblack wobbl] Do you mean: even if you don't need to deal... ?
  + 88528 [markjreed ma] No, the original message addressed the not-needing-to-deal; this was the
  | 88530 [dblack wobbl] Yes, that was our starting point :-) My var1, var2 suggestion was as
  | 88533 [hal9000 hype] A semantic issue. But then, isn't everything?
  | 88541 [dblack wobbl] I should have said: I thought Robert meant that saving to one variable
  | 88859 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 88858 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [ANN] RCRchive -- new RCR home
88503 [dblack wobbl] I'm pleased to announce that RCRchive, the new home for the RCR (Ruby
88513 [transami run] Looks great David. I am pleasently surprised, it's a bit more features full

^ overloading << operator
88504 [carl ycs.biz] How do I create a class that will allow me to pass a string, for
88505 [dblack wobbl] class Logger

^ win32old ruby 1.8
88506 [greg brondo.] I'm using ruby 1.8 on Windows via rubyinstaller accessing outlook with

^ amrita question
88509 [carl ycs.biz] I am trying to nest one amrita template inside another.  The problem I'm
88516 [ahoward ngdc] ~/eg/ruby > cat amrita0.rb
+ 88527 [carl ycs.biz] By the way, on this first example, my installation of ruby/amrita did
| 88540 [ahoward ngdc] ~ > ruby -r amrita/template -e 'include Amrita; TemplateText.new("<p id=p></p>").expand STDOUT,{:p=>noescape{"<p>"}}' <p><p></p>~ >
+ 88531 [carl ycs.biz] I am trying to find a nice template solution in Ruby, and amrita looks
| + 88536 [david.naseby] noescape {} should work: what version of Amrita/Ruby are you running? Did
| | 88538 [carl ycs.biz] I'm using the unstable 1.8.2 version.  I just figured out that noescape
| + 88543 [ahoward ngdc] i can easily see (share) that point of view.
|   88548 [carl ycs.biz] Sorry, I guess we are having a problem with the delayed reaction time of
+ 88537 [carl ycs.biz] I fixed the problem I was having by using SanitizedString[msglist]

^ libnet-ldap binary transfers
88520 [bsanyi sunse] I think there's a bug in libldap-ruby.  I want to copy my CA CRL

^ xml-rpc server with long-run methods
88521 [Pavel.Arnost] please let me explain my idea of simple ruby-based backup system:)

^ Ruby news site
88523 [rb raphinou.] Some weeks ago I started a site about Ruby news. I maintain it without much
88934 [gsinclair so] Just wanted to say that I think this is a terrific website, and am

^ string to UTF
88524 [temuphaey0 j] How to convert a single string into UTF format.
+ 88526 [neoneye adsl] I have made a utf8 encoder/decoder.. fetch these
+ 88529 [markjreed ma] I assume you mean UTF-8?  There is also UTF-7, UTF-16, and UTF-32,
  + 88553 [nobu.nokada ] Only for ISO-8859-1, iconv is not needed.
  + 88642 [p_bossi_AGAI] Is iconv available on Windows 1.8.0 PragProg distribution?
    88648 [emmanuel.tou] yes, i reported this recently. it's a pretty bad problem for me :O/
    88649 [p_bossi_AGAI] You are right, I'm sorry, I should have checked first.
    88652 [emmanuel.tou] I would like to point out that a port of this feature to windows is
    88653 [nobu.nokada ] It's supported, if you have it installed and pass proper
    88654 [emmanuel.tou] great :O)

^ Amrita question(s)
88532 [michael_s_ca] First off, is this the place to ask?  If not, apologies, and please
+ 88534 [carl ycs.biz] I checked out the amrita mailing list and the archives seem to indicate
| 88535 [michael_s_ca] Ergh... ok.  Hadn't considered that; thanks.
| 88539 [carl ycs.biz] You could also create a TemplateText object with
+ 88542 [ahoward ngdc] i'll let someone else answer that.  IMHO ruby has big potential to be a
  88546 [michael_s_ca] doesn't
  88559 [ahoward ngdc] </snip>
  88561 [michael_s_ca] Bingo, that's the missing "gem" of info.  I'm still new to ruby, and don't think in "procs" yet; my knowledge of lisp (etc.) is academic at best.

^ Lexically scoped variables
88544 [sunshine sun] About a year and a half ago, I added Ruby scripting support to a
+ 88545 [walker letha] Take an idea from File?
| 88599 [sunshine sun] Thanks, but this proposal is very special-case, whereas I'm looking for a
| + 88600 [walker letha] if true
| | + 88602 [sunshine sun] This is incorrect.  In Ruby, the binding of 'foo' continues to exist after
| | + 88606 [dblack wobbl] $ cat iffoo.rb
| + 88860 [bob.news gmx] "Eric Sunshine" <sunshine@sunshineco.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 88629 [surrender_it] not that I'm aware of..

^ [ANN] O'Reilly Network Article: "Ruby's Present and Future"
88547 [lyle users.s] Haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but they are running a nice

^ [ANN] 2003 OSDir.com Editor's Choice Awards in Open Source
88549 [lyle users.s] I was not familiar with OSDir.com, but it looks to be an offshoot of
88558 [surrender_it] I remmeber someone from OSDir.com was in this list too, maybe the
88564 [steve foowor] That would have been me.  8^)

^ String.strip( string_to_strip )
88550 [achou tealea] charset="iso-8859-1"
88574 [austin halos] Not really :) At first, I wasn't understanding what your code was
88677 [achou tealea] charset="iso-8859-1"
88696 [austin halos] Oh, probably. I'm sort of hoping that Ruby regexen will be simplified the