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^ iconv available in 1.8.0-win pragprog?
87907 [emmanuel.tou] Is iconv available for windows in ruby-1.8.0 as shipped by
87937 [emmanuel.tou] Yes, I just checked under linux and "require 'iconv'" works fine here. so i

^ types? casting and bools
87924 [kgergely mla] Why ruby handle booleans so liberally?
+ 87925 [dblack wobbl] if 0
| 87980 [kgergely mla] I meant false, of course...
| 87987 [austin halos] Well, there is no #to_bool method. What would 1.to_bool be, anyway? Remember
+ 87935 [austin halos] It doesn't. Ruby treats all values excepting false and nil as true. It
  87988 [kgergely mla] No, I'm just asking how ruby "dare" to convert my 0 to true (or false, it
  87991 [wjl icecaver] ...
  87994 [kgergely mla] This is simple, but I think you must consider the above not to allow
  88020 [austin halos] I disagree. When I first came to Ruby, I was bothered by the fact that there

^ non-blocking io
87926 [ahoward ngdc] rubyists-
87927 [decoux moulo] ...
87946 [ahoward ngdc] great!  i had tried -rio-wait.  duh!

^ Creating HTML tags
87928 [gruby sysarc] I would like to be able to use the HTML generation methods from the
87945 [ahoward ngdc] ~/eg/ruby > cat cgiext.rb

^ Bug with fifos in Linux?
87929 [lewisd f00f.] I don't know if this is a new bug, known bug, or some sort of feature...
87930 [decoux moulo] ...
87932 [lewisd f00f.] Should that be File::NONBLOCK and File::RDONLY?  I just changed my code to
87936 [decoux moulo] ...
87942 [lewisd f00f.] lewisd@derlewi:/tmp$ ruby
87985 [decoux moulo] ...
88001 [lewisd f00f.] Oh, well I guess that settles it. :)  Thanks.  I should be able to come up

^ [Nuby] Object ID Lookup?
87947 [web jimmoy.c] Is there a way to lookup an object reference from the object's id?
+ 87948 [vjoel PATH.B] You can use ObjectSpace._id2ref(x.id) to get a reference to x.
| 87959 [web jimmoy.c] Thanks for the answer.  My Ruby in a Nutshell says this is an "internal
| 87966 [matz ruby-la] I don't recommend you to use it too often, because it's difficult to
+ 88168 [drbrain segm] s.=20
  88170 [web jimmoy.c] Yes, the code similar to the above example works as-is with the

^ ANN: Zeus Programmers Editor V3.92
87949 [jussij zeuse] The latest release of the Zeus for Windows programmer's
87953 [maillist bes] SPAM.

^ Re: Zeus Programmers Editor V3.92
87950 [djberge qwes] I don't see Ruby support listed anywhere.  Did I miss something?
87976 [jussij zeuse] This new version of Zeus has a generic class browser built
88023 [harryo zip.c] I worked out how to create a workspace, but how do I add files to it?

^ Ruby parser with character ranges
87951 [edwards nosp] Is there a parser for ruby syntax that identifies the exact ranges of
+ 87954 [hal9000 hype] irb has a lexer that is pretty easy to use. I think it only stores
+ 87955 [surrender_it] dunno if this helps, but you may find useful ripper
+ 87958 [dooby d10.ka] ...
  87961 [edwards nosp] Thanks but I need a parse, not a lexical scan. I am looking for all

^ create/read/write structs in ruby
87952 [michael hale] I am creating an extension in ruby for a library with a sizeable amount
+ 87960 [vjoel PATH.B] Take a look at swig (www.swig.org). You can feed it your C/C++ source
+ 88115 [bob.news gmx] "Michael Hale" <michael@halefamilysite.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Can xemacs do syntax highlighting for ruby
87957 [nigel waspz.] I have decided to give emacs a go since it is so well respected but there are one or two features from other editors that I feel I can't do without.
87962 [nigel waspz.] Whoops, please ignore, I've just found ruby-mode-el
87972 [dcarrera mat] Where is it?  Do you have a link?
88114 [djkea2 mugca] Regards,

^ Mirror for FreeRIDE?
87964 [edwards nosp] I'd like to check out FreeRIDE, but it is offline. rubyide.org has been
+ 87970 [hal9000 hype] Hmmmm.
| 88017 [ jupp gmx.de] Hacked. Bug in Linux Kernel.
+ 87973 [curt hibbs.c] The FreeRIDE project was moved to RubyForge last August (although the CVS
  87983 [edwards nosp] savannah has been down since Dec 1 and there is no word on when it will
  88009 [curt hibbs.c] Rich, Laurent... Should we move FreeRIDE's cvs repo to RubyForge now?

^ Q: introspection
87965 [mghallNO SPA] Is there a way to find out the methods that a given class/modules provides,
+ 87967 [jgb3 email.b] I'd be interested in this, too.  I typically do (
+ 87968 [nobu.nokada ] In 1.8, public_methods et al take an optional argument which
  + 87969 [jgb3 email.b] Now that's handy.  I only wish I'd known about it a month ago. ;)
  + 88028 [mghallNO SPA] Thanks much!

^ Google for 'best programming language'
87971 [hkmps10 hotm] ...

^ installing extmath on MAC OS X
87975 [vanjac12 yah] MAC OS X comes with ruby installed (v.1.6.7), which is nice.
88010 [samuel.kvarn] <OT>OS X has a root account just like any other *nix, but root login is
88048 [vanjac12 yah] Maybe this is the source of my latest problems (see the other thread on this).
88075 [samuel.kvarn] Rich Kilmer has a very good step-by-step guide on how to retrieve the

^ strange rb_gc_mark error
87981 [elathan phys] I have a pure C function, which may be called arbitrary
87984 [matz ruby-la] Show us whole program, if possible, to reproduce your error.
87986 [elathan phys] I will try, but it is a little bit hard because the C func is called
87997 [elathan phys] Okay, it is my fault. :-(
+ 87998 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 88002 [lewisd f00f.] I don't know if it makes a difference, but in my libxosd-ruby code I'm
| 88003 [decoux moulo] ...
| 88007 [lewisd f00f.] xosd_destroy(osd);
+ 88011 [ahoward ngdc] struct FooWrap { Foo *foo; };

^ Celebrating Ruby (Was: History of programming languages)
87989 [ jupp gmx.de] - 4000 days of Ruby (4 * 10 **  3)

^ Addition to German FAQ
87990 [ jupp gmx.de] I did add the following small statement to the German edition of the

^ #Smalltalk
87992 [dave pragpro] Interesting stuff. The implementation page has use useful techniques
88111 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, that technique does not allow closures, which is
88399 [feldt ce.cha] This is just to note that in the paper

^ additional methods for Array
87993 [lists zara.6] I'm wondering what other people's thoughts are about adding these
+ 88013 [vjoel PATH.B] I've found the need for #rotate recently...
+ 88021 [austin halos] I would suggest that you may want to implement these in pure Ruby and add
  88026 [gsinclair so] I've highlighted the relevant messages as a reminder for me to add

^ Re: additional methods for Array + custom operators
87995 [kgergely mla] Maybe Array#%() can be a synonim (% - the modulo operator)
+ 88022 [austin halos] This isn't completely intuitive, to me. (Yes, I get where it comes from;
+ 88027 [Peter.Vanbro] I know how operators work in Prolog (or at least in Sicstus Prolog), I

^ fox-toolkit.org down?
87996 [carl ycs.biz] Anybody know what's wrong with the Fox web site?
87999 [noel.cuillan] i've no problem with this web site !
+ 88004 [carl ycs.biz] I can't traceroute it, since it appears that comcast has blocked my
+ 88005 [carl ycs.biz] Don't know what happened, but now it's working again for me.
  88014 [mailinglists] The site is hosted on a private server in Jeroen's house.

^ .unpack("B*")
88006 [bxs hadiko.d] I have a problem with "unpack".
+ 88008 [mike ratdog.] ...
+ 88029 [mike ratdog.] ...
  88030 [bxs hadiko.d] both postings helped me out, thanks.

^ RubyUnit not installed (Was: installing extmath on MAC OS X)
88018 [ jupp gmx.de] [Ruby 1.6.7 on Mac OS X fails to run testcase]
88047 [vanjac12 yah] Please bear with me, as my UNIX is extremely basic, and this
88066 [ jupp gmx.de] Mince alors !

^ It's OK; I worked out the problem
88025 [harryo zip.c] The issue was to do with permissions.  I was running Zeus on files on a
88036 [jussij zeuse] Zeus in general does try to provide some sort of meaningful error

^ inplace assignment
88031 [transami run] is there anyway, anyway at all, ugly hacks accepted, of doing inplace
88032 [hal9000 hype] Not sure what you mean, can you give an example from
88034 [transami run] Sure,
+ 88035 [nobu.nokada ] Array#replace isn't concerned with constants.
| 88039 [hal9000 hype] Thanks for pointing this out. I don't think I ever noticed that.
| + 88040 [nobu.nokada ] No.  A constant in Ruby is a name which can point to only
| | 88055 [hal9000 hype] Actually, I completely misread your example. I already understood this
| + 88046 [gsinclair so] That's what #freeze is for.
| + 88057 [surrender_it] every 'changeable' object, such has String, Hash, Array etc works this
|   88097 [hal9000 hype] Thank you. Yes, I knew this already. My brain was not working properly.
+ 88037 [hal9000 hype] OK, I thought that was what you meant.
| + 88041 [transami run] Well, the reason its a constant is b/c its a class. It's funny how things come
| | 88056 [dblack wobbl] s = String   # now it's a variable
| | + 88058 [neoneye adsl] irb(main):001:0> class A < A
| | | 88060 [dblack wobbl] I assume Tom meant that A would already exist.
| | | 88062 [decoux moulo] ...
| | + 88059 [transami run] See, you knew exactly what I was talking about, and I only used two words!
| |   + 88063 [jgb3 email.b] Sounds like a factory method to me.   Is there one specifically about
| |   | 88086 [transami run] Thanks! It is a Factory. I was having a hard time placing it because I tend to
| |   + 88064 [dblack wobbl] Two classes being described as "duck similar" brings the whole thing
| |   + 88082 [Peter.Vanbro] If used for wrapping, this technique would only change the wraps for newly
| |     88085 [transami run] I have circumvented that problem. Hopefully there are no hidden catches in
| |     88087 [Peter.Vanbro] I think I may have misread the part of your post above. Did you mean that
| + 88049 [batsman.geo ] Don't you like open classes? ;-)
|   88053 [djd15 po.cwr] 1 = 2
+ 88038 [gsinclair so] For "constants" I presume you mean "integers" here?  (Constants can be
+ 88117 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Tk emergency
88033 [carl ycs.biz] I'm trying to code up a quick app with an urgent deadline and I'm having
88110 [mghallNO SPA] Command-Line Name: -exportselection

^ append_features(mod) -- mod.kind_of? makes absolutely no sense
88042 [transami run] First of all, if class Class inherits class Module then why isn't
+ 88044 [nobu.nokada ] p self				# try this.
| 88061 [transami run] Okay, that at least clarifies where MyModule went. How did it become self? In
| + 88065 [nobu.nokada ] More precisely,
| + 88067 [dave pragpro] Perhaps you might be more specific? I'm always interested in improving
| | 88073 [transami run] According to Christoph I may just own a first addition. But just the same, my
| | + 88080 [swap gmx.net] ...
| | + 88112 [dave pragpro] Yes - I see what you're saying: the text was too concise. In fact after
| + 88070 [swap gmx.net] ...
+ 88045 [swap gmx.net] ...

^ dbi install failed
88050 [sanniso gmx.] setup.rb:586: warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version
88054 [sdate everes] ...
88089 [sanniso gmx.] Thanks a lot! That was it!
88090 [mneumann nte] Install it, and try again.
88092 [sanniso gmx.] I just did it!

^ FXRuby and Windows system menu keyboard shortcut
88052 [yonatan_avra] I'm using Ruby 1.8.0 for Windows, and I'm trying to decide between
88158 [llothar web.] Here you must add your own a shotcut key and send a windows SYS_

^ rbbr errors
88068 [Meino.Cramer] ...starting the recent version of rrbr is working.
88071 [lrz gnome.or] It seems that you are running an old version of Ruby-GNOME2 (IMHO <

^ Security of ruby-hosted web sites
88072 [jamesUNDERBA] I have a friend interested in hosting ruby web sites (with apache, on I
88127 [ jupp gmx.de] Security issues with server-side applications in almost any case

^ All there is to know about Duck Typing (was: inplace assignment)
88077 [transami run] Alright, a number of things related to Duck Tpying have been popping up and I
+ 88078 [transami run] All there is to know about Duck Typing (was: inplace assignment)
+ 88079 [dblack wobbl] They weren't.
+ 88081 [david.naseby] People generally CONTROL the incorrect usage of any expression. "Duck
  + 88084 [john.carter ] It was super duck typed.
  | 88088 [transami run] OopsCDaisy? That actually sounds familiar -- not to mention a very fun name.
  | 88094 [john.carter ] You could invoke any method on any object of any class.
  | 88096 [hal9000 hype] Hmm. I'm uncertain how good this idea is in general practice.
  | + 88101 [lewisd f00f.] This sounds like some "fun" code I was writing the other day, just for the
  | | 88103 [transami run] I would certainly enjoy seeing it. How much have you tried it out?
  | | 88138 [lewisd f00f.] ...
  | + 88113 [john.carter ] As usual, Matz & Ruby is way ahead of us...
  + 88091 [transami run] Your last statement undoubtedly has merit, but keep in mind that variables are
    88093 [david.naseby] I won't carry on this thread for much longer, because I don't want to

^ Has a Module been defined?
88098 [spamblock da] how can I check whether a Module/Class with a given
88100 [hal9000 hype] Here is my first thought. There might be a problem with it,

^ Arity?
88102 [jlsysinc all] arity  prc.arity -> anInteger
+ 88116 [surrender_it] => -1 # no args
+ 88120 [djd15 po.cwr] #arity seems to have been changed since that was written.
+ 88136 [lewisd f00f.] I experienced this same confusion.

^ Q: How to convert hashed parameters to local variables?
88104 [dm accesscab] In my efforts to write yet another template language {I know, I
+ 88105 [walker letha] args.each { |key,val| eval "#{key}=#{val}" }
| 88106 [dblack wobbl] The variables you create that way will only be in scope in the
| 88109 [walker letha] Not quite; eval creates variables at current scope, But you are right about one thing - the .each |key,val| scope will keep all the variables.
| 88124 [dblack wobbl] No it doesn't.  Well, strictly speaking it does, since "current
| 88125 [decoux moulo] ...
| 88126 [dblack wobbl] I was saying that if you do
+ 88108 [jgb3 email.b] The ostruct solution presented earlier is a nice one.  Another
+ 88122 [pit capitain] def parameters(args,defaults,&blk)
  88123 [pit capitain] This wasn't correct: you can even call methods, just not access instance

^ Re: How to convert hashed parameters to local variables?
88107 [david.naseby] require 'ostruct'
88119 [bob.news gmx] "Dennis Misener" <dm@accesscable.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ ruby 1.8 for Zaurus?
88121 [rasputnik he] Just wondered if anyone had built a newer copy since 1.8 came out?
88129 [raphael.baud] What do you develop with it? Graphical apps? Is it with Opie?
88130 [rasputnik he] So far, just 'hello world' :)

^ Subclassing Array
88131 [firstname la] ...
+ 88132 [surrender_it] class SimilArray
| 88134 [firstname la] ...
| + 88155 [surrender_it] oops forgot that :)
| + 88177 [cpine hellot] You could also test to see if the array has changed (clone it before sending
|   88178 [cpine hellot] sending
+ 88133 [jgb3 email.b] Well, looking at the ruby sources, it appears that Array is completely
+ 88141 [batsman.geo ] That's unfortunately not the case (for performance reasons), but you

^ threads and parameters bug (?)
88135 [temuphaey0 j] ...
88137 [decoux moulo] ...
88182 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [ANN] Ruby-DOOM was Re: learning the "Ruby way"
88139 [tom infoethe] To follow up on this, I've been working on a little utility to generate
88687 [charleshixsn] Given this it should be trivial to convert the image into an xpm format,
88715 [tom infoethe] Thanks,

^ pre-announcement of upcoming dedicated RCR site
88140 [dblack wobbl] This is to let you know that the transition to a new, dedicated
88142 [rodrigo.berm] Is Matz aware of this ?
88143 [dblack wobbl] Of course :-)

^ extremely strange segfault
88147 [luke madstop] I'm trying to use ruby on AIX 5.1 to generate Nagios configuration files.
+ 88148 [luke madstop] Sorry, forgot to mention:  I'm using ruby 1.8.0.
+ 88149 [matz ruby-la] Posting the patch to the ruby-core mailing list is most convenient for me.
| 88157 [luke madstop] Okay, I'll do that.
| 88160 [vjoel PATH.B] Is is feasible to GC.disable in your app? That would at least tell you
| + 88169 [luke madstop] I can't test it until I get back to work, but how would I do that?  There
| + 88203 [luke madstop] Well, I can't precisely say that it was a problem with GC, but I can't
|   88214 [news-1071599] If this is the strangest bug you ever had, you are doing pretty good.
|   88238 [luke madstop] That's what this was, though.  I would encounter the bug, so then I'd add
+ 88185 [decoux moulo] ...
  88204 [luke madstop] (Here I delve into unknown territory...)
  + 88207 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 88208 [decoux moulo] ...
    88210 [luke madstop] Yes, it's 0.8.1.  I'll try 0.7.2 when I get a chance.