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^ expect, rexpect and others
87673 [bg-rubytalk ] I know that now Ruby includes "expect", and that's great, however I noticed

^ Finding Software, prenatal projects at RubyForge (Was: format money)
87674 [ jupp gmx.de] Rubyforge has an RSS feed with a list of all projects. RAA could use
87711 [tom infoethe] Yup - http://rubyforge.org/export/rss_sfprojects.php
87714 [hal9000 hype] Well, maybe they could be marked inactive in some way. When they
87716 [tom infoethe] Hm, that's an good idea.  Might be a tricky bit trying to figure out
+ 87721 [hal9000 hype] Personally I'd be conservative with it -- mark it inactive if it
+ 87732 [surrender_it] well.. how's the 'most active projects' stuff working?
  87828 [tom infoethe] There's a formula buried somewhere in the GForge code with a bunch of
  87842 [gsinclair so] It's pretty inscrutable.  I think the developers must have just been
  87863 [tom infoethe] Nah, no problem at all so far.

^ nuby question re a method
87680 [vanjac12 yah] I am new to ruby, and have a simple question.
87682 [markjreed ma] Actually, an instance of the AddressBook class *contains* an array of persons
87683 [david.naseby] There's some precedence difference between do..end and {}, but semantically
87776 [vanjac12 yah] Thanks for both responses. In particular for the syntax error.

^ Why can't I get ruby 'extras' to just plain work?!
87681 [rich lithino] I'm getting really frustrated.
87694 [rasputin ido] Do you get errors? What are they?

^ Re: yaml load error
87684 [ahoward ngdc] hate to follow up on my own post, but the problem is that the line

^ Request for comments (longish)
87691 [luke madstop] ...
87696 [dblack wobbl] I don't think it matters, except that it might be a little faster with
+ 87697 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, |h,k| would make more sense as it's the Hash object itself
+ 87699 [gsinclair so] Love that trick.  Here's how I initialized a hash recently.  (The
+ 87708 [luke madstop] Thanks for your comments.

^ new free usenet server
87698 [raderack ter] ...

^ ruby 1.8.0: Error on "%02d" % "08" or "%02d" % "09"
87701 [samul web.de] I'm using ruby 1.8.0 (Win native and cygwin version). These two commands
+ 87703 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 87707 [austin halos] irb(main):003:0> "%02d" % 08
  87709 [samul web.de] Your example is different as the second argument is not a string --

^ Docs for Socket, OpenSSL, etc
87706 [jfh cise.ufl] Are there any plans to add docs for modules like Socket and OpenSSL, etc to
+ 87724 [surrender_it] www.ruby-doc.org may help. It has many documentation available.
+ 87762 [gsinclair so] I have plans to put them in the latter, but those are very long-term
| 87772 [jfh cise.ufl] Ok, I've added a tiny blurb for UNIXServer::accept, and I see it show up in
| 87773 [jfh cise.ufl] *smack* duhhh...
| 87777 [gsinclair so] # I think you're double posting to ruby-talk.
| 87778 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 87766 [neoneye adsl] Don't know...
  87769 [jfh cise.ufl] I found that too, but I'd rather not have to dig around for docs, especially
  87780 [dave pragpro] Hold off for just a week or two: RDoc might change just slightly as I
  87781 [jfh cise.ufl] KO...let me know when to start back up.
  87798 [dave pragpro] In the meantime, I assume you've looked at

^ Ruby -Word2002-XML
87715 [usenets yaho] ...
+ 87735 [james rubyxm] Well, the short answer is "Yes."  You can use WIN32OLE to create an
+ 87739 [ jupp gmx.de] I don't use Word 2002 (perhaps it is not available for Linux?) but I

^ License policy for RubyOperatingSystem
87718 [neoneye adsl] We are planning to make a Ruby Operating System (ROS),
87944 [maillist bes] Make it was same as ruby.
88015 [neoneye adsl] That were also my initial idea, but as Shasckaw points out,

^ How to unit test finalizers?
87719 [samuel thoug] That's fine.  I'm guessing that the GC will eventually, most likely,
+ 87753 [matz ruby-la] How about not relying on finalizers, i.e. separate finalizing process
| + 87826 [samuel thoug] Oh, right on.  I had my thoughts so narrowly focused that didn't even
| + 87910 [pbrannan atd] While it is your responsibility to call the finalizers, it is our
|   87914 [neoneye adsl] Wouldn't it be possible to spawn a child process, where a instance outputs
|   + 87943 [sera fhwang.] One of the things you run into when you try doing things like this is
|   | 87977 [neoneye adsl] You misunderstand what I am saying.
|   + 88016 [pbrannan atd] This only guarantees that the finalizer was registered properly with the
+ 87760 [sera fhwang.] I never solved this one, myself. I just ended up having the finalizer
  87810 [drbrain segm] The problem Samuel (and myself) are working on falls outside this

^ rexml, rbbr, ruby-mysql, and exerb errors (was: Re: Why can't I get ruby 'extras' to just plain work?!)
87728 [rich lithino] "D:\rubyMine\rexml\tests>ruby include.rb
+ 87736 [tksano m3.kc] I have no answer to the rest of your problems, but
| 87742 [rich lithino] Awesome - I'll try and wait for the 3.0.0 release then
| 87746 [tksano m3.kc] I'm not the author, so I don't know. But you can use exerb
+ 87797 [mutoh highwa] 1. Re-install rbbr.

^ race condition in makedirs
87730 [vjoel PATH.B] In the ftools.rb implementation of File.makedirs (ruby 1.8.1-preview3),

^ [Q] Fast loading of BIG data structures
87737 [slumos yahoo] ...
+ 87738 [dcarrera mat] Try PStore.
| 87741 [vjoel PATH.B] ... using Marshal, which the OP found less efficient :(
+ 87740 [transami run] Curious. What kind of machine are you running this on? These times seem a bit
| 87832 [slumos yahoo] ...
+ 87743 [billk cts.co] On the off-chance it's something about the way Marshal is doing
+ 87770 [surrender_it] I suppose load should be little faster than require :)
+ 87771 [bob.news gmx] "Steven Lumos" <slumos@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 87793 [ahoward ngdc] that's a cool idea: a code generation database
+ 87851 [ jupp gmx.de] Special purpose C extension. Not that I recommend it in general

^ Re: support rfc2045,6,7 in rubymail
87763 [Pavel.Arnost] yes, encoding is what i want..

^ prog for g.c.d. of 2 integers
87775 [vanjac12 yah] Topics from mathematics make good practice programs, IMO.
+ 87782 [bob.news gmx] "Van Jacques" <vanjac12@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 87786 [michael_s_ca] Not trying to "golf", but is the begin/end necessary here?
| | 87790 [bob.news gmx] "Michael Campbell" <michael_s_campbell@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | + 87801 [michael_s_ca] Newsbeitrag
| | + 88074 [behrends cse] ...
| + 87827 [Peter.Vanbro] Actually you don't need the test since
| | 87872 [vanjac12 yah] Good point. a % b = a if b > a . Also, I liked Robert's solution,
| | + 87899 [vanjac12 yah] Florian Pflug writes
| | + 87906 [bob.news gmx] "Van Jacques" <vanjac12@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| |   88069 [vanjac12 yah] Yes, mod is not a good name. I was going to change it to gcd but never did.
| |   88118 [bob.news gmx] "Van Jacques" <vanjac12@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 87884 [fgp phlo.org] A few remarks about the above - it's late, and i am tired, so forgive me if
+ 87852 [ jupp gmx.de] I don't agree with that. When starting with mathematics the most
  87855 [neoneye adsl] [snip gcd]
  87901 [ jupp gmx.de] I don't want to manually update two locations. Chances are good that
  87902 [neoneye adsl] Simon Strandgaard

^ problems with racc: $end token
87783 [luke madstop] I'm trying to write a simple parser using racc, and I'm apparently
87789 [jim freeze.o] I apologize for not being able to dig more into this, but for
87791 [luke madstop] Well, kind of, but we're both doing the same thing.  Most of the examples
87792 [jim freeze.o] What if you do: return ["", ""]  ?
87799 [luke madstop] I still get a syntax error, but this time the apparently-magical token
+ 87800 [jim freeze.o] @q.push [false, '$']   # optional from 1.3.7
| 87818 [luke madstop] Yep, I've tried that, along with about nine other variations of having an
| + 87820 [jim freeze.o] I agree. Could be a grammar/file syntax mismatch.
| + 87833 [jim freeze.o] I took your code and repeated the $end problem.
|   87836 [luke madstop] Um, wow, thank you!
|   87885 [aamine lover] Set @yydebug=true in your "inner" and use racc -g.
+ 87811 [luke madstop] Okay, I may have actually tracked this down to my apparent ignorance of
  87815 [cez necrofis] I had that problem a day or two ago...
  87822 [neoneye adsl] Use '\z'  (lowercase) if you want to match the end.

^ ruby-dev summary 22012-22195
87784 [ksaito uranu] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

^ FastCGI ?
87787 [transami run] "In a fit of stupidity, I lost the source to fastcgi for ruby.
87816 [ahoward ngdc] lynx -source http://www.codeforpeople.com/packages/ruby-fcgi-0.8.4.tar.gz

^ Ruby Doc Vision (was Re: Docs for Socket, OpenSSL, etc)
87803 [jfh cise.ufl] Ack! I guess I haven't run through Pickaxe in a while ( I know, bad
+ 87812 [dave pragpro] The vision I'm personally moving towards is RDoc/ri integration. RDoc
| 87843 [gsinclair so] Sounds awesome.  Thanks Dave.
+ 87846 [gsinclair so] Jim...:->> ).
  + 87849 [dave pragpro] Because I may need to extend RDoc's markup slightly to help it get more
  + 87854 [lewisd f00f.] If one wanted to spent some time documenting a library or extension (one's
  | 87860 [dave pragpro] For Ruby libraries, you could just have a look at RDoc's README for
  | + 87877 [gsinclair so] ...
  | + 87878 [gsinclair so] - file-level comments can be used to describe background (e.g. CGI)
  + 87875 [matz ruby-la] For documenting Ruby code, yes.  But it's still used for other
    87879 [gsinclair so] Hmmm... I've written a couple of articles and was wondering what might be

^ [BUG] greedy gsub
87806 [ahoward ngdc] ~/eg/ruby > cat bug.rb
87808 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Ruby-Talk Subject Matters
87819 [transami run] Out of curiosity, how do others feel about "suggestive" threads? Do you feel
+ 87824 [jgb3 email.b] "Suggestive", meaning "suggesting new features?"  I'm still pretty new
| 87905 [martindemell] ...
+ 87825 [hal9000 hype] Just my opinion.
| + 87830 [vjoel PATH.B] ...
| + 87831 [dcarrera mat] What's an RCR?
| | + 87835 [neoneye adsl] terminology used in our community :-)
| | | 87838 [dcarrera mat] He he.
| | + 87840 [transami run] Ruby Change Request.
| | | 87915 [batsman.geo ] Don't spread the confusion anymore! :-)
| | | 87917 [transami run] That's not true. That's only applies to Ruby itself. And not, for instance,
| | + 87866 [surrender_it] ehi, IMO the keyword is 'endles'.
| + 87839 [neoneye adsl] How about announcements, are they considered signal?  or noise?
|   87850 [gsinclair so] Hal mentioned RAA and RubyForge announcements.  I think they're an
+ 87886 [austin halos] I think, in general, such discussions are good if short. However, I stopped

^ OCaml:Haskell::Perl:Ruby? (was Underpinnings of Method Wrapping)
87837 [transami run] It was more of a joke than anything else. Somtimes it is a bit of an eye sore
87853 [michael_s_ca] anyway.

^ rbbr errors  (was: Re: rexml, rbbr, ruby-mysql, and exerb errors)
87847 [rich lithino] Thanks for your suggestions (and for your patience) ... here is everything
87974 [mutoh highwa] Thanks for detail reporting.
88000 [rich lithino] So the first 18 lines of file 'stockbrowser.rb' at location
88051 [mutoh highwa] Good.
+ 88076 [rich lithino] errors)
| 88095 [nobu.nokada ] all user specific data are stored there.  On Windows, "My
+ 88083 [surrender_it] wow, if you're going to correct such issues[1], I'd like to add dsome
+ 88099 [surrender_it] I just sent a longer message that does not seem to have appeared here.
  88145 [mutoh highwa] Hmm, rbbr doesn't use %USERPROFILE% directly.
  88154 [surrender_it] thanks for the answer.. and btw, thanks for ths suggested fix, set

^ [ANN] Ruby Standard Library Documentation v0.8.1
87848 [gsinclair so] Folks,

^ Simple issue giving problems
87856 [coish hfx.ea] I have a problem that may or may not be an easy fix. :)
+ 87858 [jgb3 email.b] Well... given that the swap is only a one-liner, you really don't need
| + 87868 [coish hfx.ea] Thanks for your speedy response.  You are quite correct as there is a
| + 87900 [ jupp gmx.de] def swapper(first, second)
|   87909 [bob.news gmx] "Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT" <jupp@gmx.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   87956 [ jupp gmx.de] Of course. Unless the aim is an exercise in functional programming.
+ 87859 [bystr mac.co] a=1
| 87869 [coish hfx.ea] True, in the case you present I would not expect a and b to be altered.
| 87870 [coish hfx.ea] Sorry didn't mean to send that one. :)  Hit wrong key sequence.
| + 87871 [neoneye adsl] irb(main):001:0> ary=%w(a b c d)
| + 87873 [surrender_it] I don't think this is possible. The only thing you can do is wrap vars
| + 87911 [bob.news gmx] "Brad" <coish@hfx.eastlink.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 87982 [jweirich one] No, it doesn't hurt to ask.
|   88019 [coish hfx.ea] Thanks for the reply, it's appreciated.  I think this may be what I'm
+ 87931 [surrender_it] ...
+ 87933 [surrender_it] def swapper(obj,a,b)
  87939 [news stud.nt] Because the scope of the variables is different, I believe. The method

^ Appending to an array
87857 [thomas_adam1] I am having a rather weird problem with array manipulation.
+ 87861 [jgb3 email.b] The << operator for array only appends the single object given to the
| + 87862 [thomas_adam1] James,
| | 87864 [lewisd f00f.] a = []
| + 87912 [bob.news gmx] "Jamis Buck" <jgb3@email.byu.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 87865 [bystr mac.co] Here uniq() returns an array and you are adding this single object of

^ YAML treatment of '#' character in middle of a string
87867 [dblack wobbl] I'm wondering whether the "#" and everything after it are
+ 87920 [mike ratdog.] ...
| 87922 [dblack wobbl] I'd read that part of the spec yesterday and come away uncertain
+ 87938 [ruby-talk wh] Treatment of the comment character has long been discussed on the yaml-core
  88012 [dave pragpro] As it stands right now, though, yaml can't read it's own output, which
  88144 [ruby-talk wh] Yeah, that bug was fixed a few hours after you reported it.  Checked into Ruby
  88146 [dave pragpro] I know that feeling :)

^ Fwd: Can't define +@ for Symbol (plus ruby install problem)
87876 [transami run] I wanted to see if the +@ problem was fixed in 1.8.1 preview 3 but when I do
87883 [Peter.Vanbro] Maybe the parser discards the +, since for numbers it usually is a no-op.

^ Nuby interruption (Was: Can't define +@ for Symbol (plus ruby install problem))
87880 [dhtapp cox.n] ...
87881 [transami run] +@ and -@ are used to define unary operators for + (plus) and - (minus). It is
87940 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> class Foo; def ~@; "FOO"; end; end

^ backtick processes running away
87887 [kdresner cs.] I have a program right now that as part of its behavior runs some
87888 [kdresner cs.] Nevermind, looks like popen works afterall.

^ History of programming languages
87889 [dcarrera mat] Here is a diagram with a "family tree" showing the history of programming
87918 [lewisd f00f.] Has Ruby really been around since February 1993?
87921 [dblack wobbl] Yes.
87923 [neoneye adsl] Simon Strandgaard

^ getting a method from a block in C
87890 [elathan phys] def bar
87891 [decoux moulo] ...
87893 [elathan phys] Ah nice! That is what I wanted. Thanks a lot.
87896 [decoux moulo] ...
87978 [elathan phys] foo.rb:42: [BUG] rb_gc_mark(): unknown data type 0x28(0x89963f8) non object

^ regexp for $(text)
87892 [drejewic wsi] I have string
87894 [emmanuel.tou] just escape the ( and the $.
87895 [emmanuel.tou] irb(main):004:0> a.scan(/\$\((\w+)\)/).flatten
+ 87897 [drejewic wsi] Thank you :-)
+ 87913 [bob.news gmx] "Emmanuel Touzery" <emmanuel.touzery@wanadoo.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

87898 [acidcash hou] ...

^ threads and io
87903 [temuphaey0 j] ...
+ 87904 [surrender_it] if you're working on windows, that is a known issue I'm afraid :(
+ 87908 [neoneye adsl] Tell us about what you are trying to accomplish?
+ 87919 [lewisd f00f.] I think the problem here is that you're getting some sort of exception
  88128 [temuphaey0 j] ...