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^ creating new Ruby strings in C
87432 [boson cybers] Some questions about the rb_str_new..rb_str_new5 functions.
87457 [decoux moulo] yes, and no : see mmap
87458 [decoux moulo] hash

^ unary +@ can't be defined for Symbol?
87433 [transami run] class Symbol
87438 [news stud.nt] p(+(:a)) #=> [:a]
87439 [transami run] Thanks, Kent.

^ Finding a panel's size and/or storing extra data with the panel.
87440 [NewGroups nt] I am trying to write (Ruby and Tk 8.3) a TkPanel containing two TkPanels
87486 [nagai ai.kyu] 'ext/tk/sample/tkmultilistbox.rb' (included in 1.8.1-preview3) maybe

^ cgi module and XHTML
87441 [dickens drea] I noticed that the cgi module only supports the html3, html4 and html4Tr

^ CGI.pretty and textarea
87442 [dickens drea] def form(cgi)

^ Re: newbie question
87448 [vnainar mant] If function are params are only copies ,  why do  the two  functions below
+ 87450 [sdmitry lrn.] Because in this case, not object that 'a' refers to is changed, but variable 'a' itself assigned to a new object [9,8,7].
| 87452 [vnainar mant] Thanks for prompt reply. But why is a treated differentlyi from b[0] ? .
| + 87453 [djd15 po.cwr] I believe all variables are passed by reference in Ruby, since everything
| + 87456 [transami run] I find it confusing sometimes myself too, but it does "pan out" when you think
|   87475 [vnainar mant] If you assign to the variable within the function the original is NOT
|   + 87476 [dblack wobbl] Variables are untyped; there's no such thing as a variable of a simple
|   | + 87479 [transami run] I think nainar meant that v would not be changed.
|   | + 87480 [dblack wobbl] Having read Peter's reply I now see that what you were expecting was
|   |   87482 [michael_s_ca] NOT
|   |   87499 [vnainar mant] Yes , my last post was a bit confusing. Maybe , functions like my examples
|   |   87511 [dblack wobbl] They don't; it's exactly the same.  The best way to think of it is
|   + 87477 [Peter.Vanbro] To me the previous two sentences say exactly the opposite of each other. A
+ 87468 [austin halos] Function params aren't copies; they are (1) variables that (2)
  87470 [Peter.Vanbro] Sorry for the confusion. To me the value of a variable is a reference to

^ Prove this security update from M$
87454 [sguxvskhl hf] type="multipart/alternative"
87455 [dcarrera mat] One advantage of not running any MS software is that this kind of crap is

^ Trying to create a Ruby daemon
87459 [samuel.kvarn] Does anyone here have an example on how to create a Ruby daemon that
+ 87461 [beast system] As long as I've been using Linux, I'm embarraced to admit that I still
| 87466 [samuel.kvarn] Same here :)
| 87702 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
| 87705 [samuel.kvarn] As both Gennady and Reimer already pointed out, using Process.setsid
| 87765 [bob.news gmx] "Samuel Kvarnbrink" <samuel.kvarnbrink@humlab.umu.se> schrieb im
| 87768 [samuel.kvarn] Ask me again when my degree project is finished... deadline
+ 87467 [behrends cse] exit if fork                   # Parent exits, child continues.
| 87472 [samuel.kvarn] Great! Now my daemon works just the way I want it to :)
+ 87469 [kjana dm4lab] Following is a tiny sample.  You can get more knowledge from other
  87500 [bystr mac.co] You really need a second fork here, as the previous post suggested, if

^ Re: require 'xxx/xxx' (was ruby-dev summary 22012-22103)
87473 [dooby d10.ka] Thinking about 'ri/ri' and 'rdoc/rdoc', I was going to suggest a

^ subclassing Errno::XXX
87492 [vjoel PATH.B] What changed from 1.7.3 to 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 that could have caused this?
+ 87493 [usa osb.att.] p Errno::ENOENT::Errno # => 2
+ 87495 [matz ruby-la] In 1.8, Errno::XXX classes are required to define Errno constant that
  87497 [nobu.nokada ] I'm getting to feel a subclass of SystemCallError may inherit
  87503 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure what you mean.  Do you mean when MissingFileError
  + 87505 [nobu.nokada ] I meant SystemCallError#initialize should use Errno in the
  + 87520 [dave pragpro] I'm not addressing Nobu's point, but there is an argument to say that
    87558 [hal9000 hype] If that's the case, maybe it should be a reader class method wrapping

^ ruby-zip problem
87494 [tksano m3.kc] I'm now playing with ruby-zip. I can make it work right for
+ 87585 [james rubyxm] I've encountered the same issue doing the same thing.
+ 87672 [thomas First] Oups, you found a bug. A fix has been committed to CVS.
  87678 [james rubyxm] You're my hereo!

^ handling large data sets
87498 [nospam tugra] What's your prefered way to handle large data sets used by Ruby scripts?
+ 87513 [gsinclair so] Martin,
+ 87515 [bob.news gmx] "Martin Pirker" <nospam@tugraz.at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 87516 [walker letha] If you're working with a massive number of records, but not editing each
| 87517 [armin xss.de] how large is the data?
| 87590 [jim freeze.o] How do you read a file larger than 4 GB?
| 87651 [NewGroups nt] <jim@freeze.org> writes
| 87689 [jim freeze.o] I wasn't aware that File could index into a file
+ 87571 [ahoward ngdc] rbtree (red-black) tree.
  87594 [nospam tugra] very interesting
  + 87602 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):002:0> t = RBTree.new
  + 87605 [bob.news gmx] "Martin Pirker" <nospam@tugraz.at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Surprising(?) behaviour of the comma operator
87506 [invalid see-] I just stumbled over a (at least for me) surprising behaviour
+ 87508 [nobu.nokada ] Ruby has no comma operator like C.
| + 87557 [hal9000 hype] Correct of course. To clarify a little for the original poster,
| + 87611 [invalid see-] Normally I don't use multi-statements, but (coming from C++) I
+ 87510 [dblack wobbl] a = 1,2

^ Ruby blocks... forever
87519 [nathaniel ta] Ruby 1.8.1preview2, running on Debian Linux. Server is WEBrick based,
+ 87521 [decoux moulo] rt_sigsuspend
| 87529 [nathaniel ta] I can find no evidence that Ruby/ODBC or FreeTDS (which I'm using
| 87531 [decoux moulo] svg% ldd ruby
| 87533 [nathaniel ta] OK, it appears that Ruby/ODBC and FreeTDS's ODBC layer both link to
| 87534 [decoux moulo] This mean that it can exist a thread synchronisation problem, and perhaps
| 87537 [nathaniel ta] OK... do I need to use --with-pthread-ext when I build?
| 87539 [decoux moulo] Probably best but this is the option
| 87540 [nathaniel ta] OK.
| 87541 [decoux moulo] it compile ruby with -lpthread to be sure that the thread system is
| 87542 [nathaniel ta] Thanks, Guy, that helps me understand things better.
+ 87523 [bob.news gmx] "Nathaniel Talbott" <nathaniel@talbott.ws> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ 1.8.1preview3 is out...
87544 [nathaniel ta] Maybe everybody else already knew this, but I just noticed on
87561 [tom infoethe] Yours,

^ ruby-gdkpixbuf
87545 [rasputin ido] Is there a copy of the distfile for gtk-pixbuf mirrorred anywhere?
87546 [decoux moulo] Have you looked at
87548 [rasputin ido] Thanks, but I was hoping to avoid GNOME if I could.
87596 [mutoh highwa] We produce ruby-gtk2 package which doesn't include GNOME.
87617 [rasputin ido] Thanks a lot, thats ideal :)

^ Joining scripts?
87549 [qubert austi] I have been working on a couple of Ruby wrappers for some fortran
+ 87550 [wjl icecaver] charset="utf-8"
+ 87574 [surrender_it] I'll wrap up the main functions in a method.
  87576 [gsinclair so] [gabriele renzi ha scritto:]

^ format money
87553 [saggmannen y] 2111000.5756 should be written as the string "2,111,000.58"
+ 87554 [markjreed ma] Yes, there is.  I'm sure that there's a module in the RAA for this,
| + 87555 [Peter.Vanbro] This would turn 111000.5756 into ,111,000.58
| | 87556 [walker letha] balance.to_s.reverse.gsub(/(\d{3})(?=\d)/,'\1,').reverse
| | 87562 [Peter.Vanbro] Apparently I hid my try pretty well in my reply :-)
| | 87564 [walker letha] *hits forehead*
| | 87621 [saggmannen y] both your solutions work fine if the number of decimals is less than
| | 87631 [markjreed ma] The original poster specifically wanted rounding to the nearest
| + 87563 [austin halos] This has been superseded by the Standard Library Extensions that Gavin
+ 87566 [gsinclair so] written by Austin Ziegler) which gives you control over the characters
  + 87568 [markjreed ma] What's the relationship between that and the RAA?
  | 87569 [gsinclair so] I don't really understand your question.  RubyForge is a breeding
  | 87578 [markjreed ma] It's just that, if I'm looking to see if some bit of functionality
  | 87584 [gsinclair so] And that's a very good question indeed.  They are not automatically
  + 87625 [saggmannen y] Gavin! I took a look at Numeric#format_s. I'm thinking this function
    87627 [gsinclair so] Yep, that's quite right.  Such functionality really belongs in the

^ rbconfig suggestion: ruby_apps
87559 [vjoel PATH.B] Now that there are several new apps (testrb, rdoc) distributed with ruby
87588 [matz ruby-la] ./configure --program-suffix=-1.8.1p3 will do.
87599 [vjoel PATH.B] with my little "switchruby" script I can change what my symlinks named
87603 [matz ruby-la] This suggest me something.  But not in the very near future.

^ drb on windows not connecting
87567 [vjoel PATH.B] The drb examples just hang without doing anything. However, the tsvr.rb
87579 [sdate everes] In name.rb, just replace the gets after the puts '[return] to exit'
+ 87580 [vjoel PATH.B] Ok, got it now.
| 87582 [vjoel PATH.B] I suppose #gets hangs the other threads? Ugh. Oh, well. I'm writing GUI
| 87583 [chrismo clab] Another option is to use srvany.exe -- I've had this work well (although
+ 87581 [sdate everes] This is a solution to similar problems with some other drb

^ [ANN] ruby-lisp-0.2.0
87572 [ruby-talk pc] ruby-lisp-0.2.0 is Released!

^ Testing web application, need assistance ...
87577 [jrb3 eidogen] I'm trying to test a web application using standard Ruby Net::HTTP,
87729 [alex pressur] I'm not sure what you mean by handling multi-stage POSTs - do you mean
88279 [jrb3 eidogen] No, the results of the initial POST is a page with meta-tags forcing

^ RCR - 'struct flock*' wrapper for rb_io_fcntl
87586 [ahoward ngdc] ruby's fcntl call is incomplete in that one cannot pass a 'struct flock *'
87589 [matz ruby-la] You can use pack/unpack for the purpose.
+ 87591 [nobu.nokada ] Rather, wouldn't IO#lock/lock? methods be better?
| 87593 [matz ruby-la] I don't think so.  They would be confusing with IO#flock.
| 87618 [nobu.nokada ] Then, how about replacing IO#flock by fcntl()?
| 87619 [matz ruby-la] Can you be more specific?  Removing IO#flock?  Or something else?
+ 87598 [ahoward ngdc] are the offsets always the same as a struct flock* as the compiler lays them
  87604 [matz ruby-la] It works.  Perl people do similar things a lot.  But it's not

^ Adjusting the Scope of Blocks
87587 [mark_cox ipr] Is there a way to give a block associated with a method call the same scope
87592 [gsinclair so] class Foo
87606 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Sinclair" <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 87620 [dblack wobbl] We had an interesting discussion about this technique
| + 87630 [djd15 po.cwr] Essentially it's not exactly a closure at that point.  But that's not
| | + 87639 [bob.news gmx] "Dan Doel" <djd15@po.cwru.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | 87641 [dblack wobbl] Yikes -- spooky magic.  Sounds worse and worse :-)
| | + 87640 [dblack wobbl] This concept of "context", though, seems like a bit of a retro-fit;
| |   + 87642 [decoux moulo] Well, it's a closure no ?
| |   | 87645 [dblack wobbl] That's what I'm trying to figure out.
| |   | 87646 [decoux moulo] svg% cat b.rb
| |   | + 87667 [dblack wobbl] I think what bothers me about the other case, where a method grabs a
| |   | + 87675 [djd15 po.cwr] A.class_eval { n }
| |   |   87676 [djd15 po.cwr] Never mind. Answered elsewhere.
| |   + 87649 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| |   | 87650 [dblack wobbl] I know it isn't.  I said I feel that it (self.instance_eval) *should
| |   | 87652 [James.Weiric] Also
| |   | 87653 [vjoel PATH.B] class A; end
| |   | 87654 [vjoel PATH.B] Now, what I've never understood is how to detect the difference from
| |   + 87677 [djd15 po.cwr] But a closure is just code + context. For example, when you implement a
| |     87745 [dblack wobbl] At the risk of repeating myself: yeah, but that's the part I don't
| |     87749 [gsinclair so] [D. Black, ruthlessly snipped:]
| + 87644 [vjoel PATH.B] It's not so far from rebinding a method, though...
+ 87679 [mark_cox ipr] Thanks for your reply.
  87693 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Cox" <mark_cox@iprimus.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

87612 [orlovdn ramb] Whare can I download $SUBJ for correct working with preview3 ?

^ Segfault in 1.8.1p3
87622 [nathaniel ta] Unfortunately, I don't have much information at this point, but here's
87661 [nathaniel ta] The segfault occurs at inconsistent times (sometimes almost twice in a
+ 87662 [djberge qwes] What options did you build Ruby with?
| 87663 [nathaniel ta] ntalbott@cloblisc01:~$ ruby -v -rrbconfig -e "p
+ 87695 [decoux moulo] It will be useless : the best is to give an example to reproduce the bug
  87712 [nathaniel ta] require 'webrick'
  87717 [nathaniel ta] <snip segfault example>
  87748 [nathaniel ta] Sorry to sound like a broken record... but has anyone been able to
  87754 [matz ruby-la] It does not happen on my machine.  Did you try --disable-pthread,
  87755 [nathaniel ta] I need --enable-pthread to fix another problem (see ruby-talk:87519).
  87759 [nathaniel ta] OK, I just verified with latest CVS: it does not segfault without

^ ANN: REXML 2.7.2
87626 [ser germane-] Long time, no release.

^ passing a func to a ruby func
87628 [elathan phys] Can I export a function such as qsort() of the Linux stdlib to a Ruby method. qsort()
87629 [decoux moulo] Not really understood what you want to do, but for qsort a stupid example
+ 87648 [elathan phys] Well, I am trying to create a ruby method call for a C++ method which
| 87669 [cyclists nc.] Presumably `foo' calls the function pointed to by `f' and you want `f' to
| 87979 [elathan phys] Thanks. I can now get the whole picture.
+ 88151 [ian caliban.] us :-)

^ Multiline Regexps
87632 [cez necrofis] irb(main):001:0> /^[aeiou]/.match("foo\noooh")
+ 87634 [cez necrofis] Don't mind me, I'm an idiot--I wanted '\A' instead of '^'.
| 87637 [markjreed ma] You're not an idiot. :)  The /m modifier in Perl does do exactly
+ 87635 [markjreed ma] I believe that Ruby's version of /m just makes . match \n (which it normally

^ Inheriting variables, super, and "not super"?
87638 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Is there a way in a method to say
+ 87643 [transami run] I'm not sure I understand you, but I'm interested in what it is you are
| 87658 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, that might be better.  I wonder if we can avoid having to
| 87666 [austin halos] class Y
+ 87647 [dblack wobbl] Might you make use of instance variables of the classes themselves?
| 87656 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That's what I was thinking originally, but...
+ 87655 [NewGroups nt] Elec Eng <hgs@dmu.ac.uk> writes
  87657 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, though I've not found the last bit comes so easily :-)
  87722 [NewGroups nt] Elec Eng <hgs@dmu.ac.uk> writes
  + 87727 [neoneye adsl] Yes visitor holds the current state.
  + 87767 [hgs dmu.ac.u] No, just how I felt about the experience.  Yes, they seem to be

^ Referencing writable attributes as block parameters
87664 [jgb3 email.b] I stumbled on this, almost by accident, and I'm curious as to whether
87665 [hal9000 hype] It's been in Ruby for years.
87668 [matz ruby-la] Correct.

^ Difference(s) between 'protected' methods for C++ and Ruby?
87670 [lyle users.s] Are there any?
87685 [matz ruby-la] The check is done in run time in Ruby, in compile time in C++.

^ expect, rexpect and others
87671 [bg-rubytalk ] I know that now Ruby includes "expect", and that's great, however I noticed
87733 [bg-rubytalk ] Since I had no answers, let me ask a few more questions.  Having looked at
87756 [john.carter ] But yes, I have used it to drive very many (100's) of real and virtual
+ 87785 [djberge qwes] It's not the size of the package that counts John. ;)
+ 87821 [bg-rubytalk ] Great!
  + 87823 [neoneye adsl] I think $1..$9 are inspired by perl..
  + 87829 [jgb3 email.b] The other thing I would really like to see in this library is the
  | 87845 [john.carter ] I'm totally unfamiliar with pexpect, once I have commented RExpect and
  + 87844 [john.carter ] Ok, I'm setting up a RubyForge project for it, anyone interested in