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^ require bug?? (1.8.0)
86989 [andrew walro] Require is supposed to include each file only once, but if the same physical
+ 86992 [decoux moulo] If you don't want this behaviour, how do you test that this is the same
| 86993 [cez necrofis] If it's on a filesystem which will tell you the inode no. of a file,
| + 86996 [decoux moulo] Well, the problem here is that ruby run also on another systems (not only
| + 86997 [carl youngbl] Getting the inode will work on most unix systems.  My guess is that
+ 87028 [ahoward ngdc] yes - see other posts.  i've used something like this as a workaround before
  + 87029 [Gavri_F info] isn't the 'windows shortcut' the equivalent of symbolic links?
  | + 87030 [michael_s_ca] I've
  | + 87033 [austin halos] Not at all. The Windows Shortcut is just a file (.lnk) that gets treated
  + 87032 [andrew walro] Yes; similar to the usual c/c++ construct everybody uses..

^ protocol.rb (1.6) doesn't like VERP style addressing
87000 [culley fastm] my-newsletter+me=example.com@example.com
87005 [aamine lover] Impossible.

^ FoX: FXMessageBox and threads
87021 [y.leikind sa] I have a FoX application written using threads, and I came across a strange problem -
87040 [lyle users.s] It is not immediately obvious to me what is wrong, but I can definitely

^ progress of mod_ruby and eruby for win32 platform?
87027 [usenets yaho] anyone?

^ ruby 1.8 in the freebsd ports tree
87031 [culley fastm] Does anyone have ruby 1.8 + libraries working from the freebsd ports
+ 87041 [drbrain segm] =20
| 87049 [culley fastm] I am currently linked to ruby16.  I was under the impression that some
| 87054 [drbrain segm] Nothing in the base system is wired up to and ruby interpreter.
| 87058 [culley fastm] I finally got it by deinstalling *everything* that uses ruby, installing
+ 87044 [manfred.lotz] I have Ruby 1.8 running on FreeBSD 5.2 BETA. In

^ javascript hooks for popup_menu in cgi.rb?
87042 [emschwar pob] I've been using cgi.rb to generate HTML for a while now, and I quite

^ Hiding the CMD Window/Ruby Interpreter with Win32API
87045 [zdennis mkte] I spent the last hour figuring out how to hide the cmd.exe (dos) window/ruby
87046 [drbrain segm] uby
87047 [zdennis mkte] I didn't even think of that!

^ problems with parseexcel module
87048 [nigel waspz.] I have a need to read excel files in a Linux environment but win32ole does not appear to be available, I guess this only works on a windows box, so I tried parseexcel. It seemed to install OK and passed the test suite and in irb I get the following for the require command

^ Please recommend a regular expression excluding return character. ..
87050 [keuler porta] All-
+ 87051 [dcarrera mat] The '.' doesn't match newlines.
| 87053 [dcarrera mat] /#{some_string1}.#{some_string2}/
+ 87092 [bob.news gmx] "Kurt Euler" <keuler@portal.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [OT] Re: ruby 1.8 in the freebsd ports tree
87052 [mccallister ] Speaking of 5.2 -- how stable does it seem? I am anxious to see the new

^ smtp.rb,v 1.69 doesn't accept VERP style addressing
87060 [culley fastm] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:619:in `check_response': 501 Bad
87097 [culley fastm] Oops!  This was my bug-- sorry to bother you.

^ Mysql + DBI + Windows...
87061 [michael_s_ca] Has *anyone* made this work?  I'm using 4.0 of mysql, windows XP, and

^ win32 installer for 1.8.1?
87063 [michael_s_ca] Are we going to see a win installer for 1.8.x {x > 0} while it's still
+ 87070 [zdennis mkte] I messaged Andrew Hunt a few weeks ago with a similar question. I have
| 87114 [djberge qwes] There are build instructions in the 'win32' directory when you download
| 87121 [michael_s_ca] download
| 87123 [robertm spel] from ruby-talk:85104
| 87190 [austin halos] Unfortunately, the Free MSVC doesn't have everything needed to build Ruby.
+ 87140 [bdelmee adva] No installer, but a binary build is available at

^ What's the best way to create methods dealing with an object of a certain class?
87066 [eurleif ecri] I want to add a method to be run on Strings. Currently, I'm just adding
87072 [lyle knology] I have mixed feelings about re-opening built-in classes (like String) to
+ 87078 [jgb3 email.b] I agree with Lyle, but only if you are modifying the behavior of an
+ 87129 [bg-rubytalk ] I think one way this has been done very effectively is the "Time" class.

^ YAML Question:  Using YAML::YamlNode#transform Method to get float values?
87067 [RubyQuestion] I'm trying to use the transform method in YAML to grab the values from
87076 [dblack wobbl] $ ruby -v videos.rb
87148 [ruby-talk wh] Indeed.  Recent versions of the Ruby extension for Syck have consolidated
87218 [RubyQuestion] Thanks for the help.

^ multipart forms and cgi
87069 [martins aard] I'm having some trouble getting hidden fields to appear in multipart forms
87094 [bob.news gmx] "Martin Stannard" <martins@aardvark.net.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [RAA] Jim Weirich's projects website
87074 [nakahiro sar] Project websites in
87088 [jweirich one] It seems that I neglected to update the entries when I moved my website.
87164 [nakahiro sar] Thanks.  My apologies to posting the previous mail to ML.

^ Indepth Ruby Book
87075 [zdennis mkte] I'm looking for a very indepth book on Ruby. Any suggestions?
+ 87077 [sdate everes] Depends on how "in depth" you want !
| 87079 [zdennis mkte] I read the Programming Ruby: Pragmatic Guide and I liked it very much for my
| + 87080 [sdate everes] to
| + 87161 [mcix gmx.net] "The Ruby Way" is an excellent book.
+ 87162 [rodrigo.berm] 256 Books [ what's that ? ]
  87182 [zdennis mkte] Ok this picture was depressing and makes me want to cry. Why do they only
  + 87390 [vanjac12 yah] What we need no is someone to translate these into English.
  | 87524 [NewGroups nt] Jacques <vanjac12@yahoo.com> writes
  + 87659 [emschwar pob] At least when I went to high school, if you wanted to take a class
    87660 [zdennis mkte] Good info, however for me it's 3 years to late and the town I lived in

^ Some Regexp
87083 [orlovdn ramb] TEXT1
+ 87090 [sdmitry lrn.] open = "TEXT1"
| + 87093 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Interesting.  This doesn't cope with nesting though.  I've just
| | 87099 [bob.news gmx] "Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng" <hgs@dmu.ac.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 87105 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes.
| | + 87109 [decoux moulo] Yes, this is because it use only *one* character for the delimiter that it
| | | 87111 [hgs dmu.ac.u] OK, I'm probably going to regret asking this (because of the
| | | 87112 [decoux moulo] You have found the problem : the delimiter can't be a regexp. You can have
| | | + 87116 [hgs dmu.ac.u] String constants are probably the most common case.  They are the
| | | | 87118 [decoux moulo] not really agree with you : you generally want to parse (), [], <> more
| | | | 87124 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I may be wrong about the frequecy, but that one comes up in more
| | | | + 87125 [decoux moulo] because many persons use regexp even when they are not adapted (HTML, XML
| | | | + 87141 [eule space.c] Excuse me to barge in your conversation, but why don't you talk about
| | | + 87131 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | + 87117 [neoneye adsl] Maybe I should add it to my regexp engine ?
| + 87101 [bob.news gmx] "Dmitry V. Sabanin" <sdmitry@lrn.ru> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   87119 [neoneye adsl] How about this ?
+ 87104 [michael_s_ca] You could do something like this (until, as I understand it, this
| 87130 [bob.news gmx] "Michael campbell" <michael_s_campbell@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 87136 [ahoward ngdc] all fields are separated by either

^ mixin vs. multiple inheritence
87084 [transami run] It's like multiple inheritance vs mix-in.  Sometimes restricted one
87089 [chr_mail gmx] There is non such thing as a diamond shape
87107 [dave pragpro] Actually, that's not really true.
+ 87134 [pbrannan atd] Mixins in Ruby always create a linear graph.  Consider your example with
+ 87135 [bob.news gmx] "Dave Thomas" <dave@pragprog.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 87137 [pbrannan atd] I think you misunderstood what Dave was saying.  This prints [ "@foo",
  | 87153 [bob.news gmx] "Paul Brannan" <pbrannan@atdesk.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 87138 [dave pragpro] Yes. Doesn't your example actually illustrate the point? The module B
    87139 [transami run] What you say is true enough. But I am wondering what it is that supposedly
    87145 [pbrannan atd] I'm going to speak about inheritance of implementation here; inheritance

^ each_with_what_index?
87085 [transami run] Can you see the bug'a'boo in the following snippet?
+ 87087 [gsinclair so] Bugs can be like that sometimes, but there's absolutely nothing
| 87106 [transami run] Saying that there's "absolutely nothing unintutive about that" is a real
| + 87110 [rich infoeth] a = [1, 2, 3]
| + 87113 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Suppose if each_with_index allowed a range parameter
|   + 87144 [transami run] But?  Seems good to me too, as far as I know each_with_index doesn't currently
|   + 87147 [dblack wobbl] module Enumerable
|     + 87151 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Easier than I thought.
|     + 87174 [markjreed ma] module Enumerable
|       87179 [nobu.nokada ] Fundamentally, these work only with Array, not Enumerable.
+ 87100 [dblack wobbl] No, it looks OK to me.
  87108 [transami run] Asked. Unfortunately it rarely Does what I Mean! ;-)

^ support rfc2045,6,7 in rubymail
87096 [Pavel.Arnost] does anyone work on rfc 2045,6,7 support in rubymail?
87181 [sroberts uni] Check out rubymail (www.lickey.com) for MIME support.
87198 [Pavel.Arnost] rubymail doesn't support rfc 2047 afaik
+ 87229 [ jupp gmx.de] # An implementation of RFC 2047 decoding.
+ 87250 [sroberts uni] Oops, you're right! However, I implemented decode support, funny I
  87282 [Pavel.Arnost] this works well, but i need full rfc 2047 support:)
  87428 [sroberts uni] Could you be more specific?

^ strings and ranges
87143 [charlie.mill] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 87146 [dblack wobbl] Interesting -- just like "9" and "10" (i.e., "9" > "9".succ).
| 87149 [charlie.mill] "David A. Black"
+ 87150 [bob.news gmx] <charlie.mills@milliman.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ dbd/mysql returns nil rows?
87152 [emschwar hp.] I find this very confusing.  I'm trying to run a simple query using
87175 [emschwar pob] sth = dbh.prepare('select * from table where id=10')
87227 [mneumann nte] Which version of Ruby and Ruby/DBI?

^ Linux protocol.rb and smtp.rb problem
87154 [zdennis mkte] I am moving my ruby program file from my winbox to my linux( redhat 9 ) box.
87155 [ggirton mac.] I'm looking forward to the answer to this question, I had the
87157 [drbrain segm] box.
87158 [zdennis mkte] Nope, not here. Not yet.
87160 [drbrain segm] Is the TCPSocket attempting to connect to an IPv6 host then, and does

^ c extension troubles on windows
87156 [michael hale] The short version of the issue that I am struggling with is that I have
+ 87226 [djberge qwes] IIRC, sockets on Windows are blocking by default, so without seeing the
| 87269 [  eg jnk.jnk] A great resource for info on Winsock programming is
+ 87271 [jlsysinc all] Do you call ioctlsocket() to set the socket to non-blocking?
  89893 [michael hale] Unfortunately I don't have the source for the windows version of the

^ Using Modules as Decorators
87159 [elbows spamc] Someone recently mentioned the idea of using Modules to implement the
+ 87186 [nobu.nokada ] def decorate(obj, name)
| + 87193 [ahoward ngdc] _that_ is too cool
| + 87341 [elbows spamc] Cool! I was wondering if there was a syntax for that, but I couldn't
|   + 87374 [nobu.nokada ] This construct sometimes appears here.
|   + 87377 [gsinclair so] __send__ (commonly known as send) sends a message to an object.
+ 87191 [im_not_givin] That was me.
  87343 [elbows spamc] Yeah, not being able to undecorate objects is the big drawback to this

^ Re: multipart forms and cgi - cgi.rb bug?
87163 [martins aard] There seems to be a bug in version 1.63 of cgi.rb when it comes to

^ Ruby not exiting when developing extension
87165 [lewisd f00f.] I've been working on ruby bindings to libxosd2 for a couple days.  It's
+ 87204 [decoux moulo] It use pthread.
| 87215 [lewisd f00f.] Hmm, pthread, I see.  Is there some way I can make them work together
| 87216 [decoux moulo] Like I've said try with the CVS version of ruby and compile ruby with
| + 87217 [lewisd f00f.] Heh.  That green is acctually the xosd library's default.  It's supposed
| | 87219 [decoux moulo] It don't exist a possibility to disable pthread for libxosd2 ?
| | 87220 [lewisd f00f.] I thought about that too... but that would mean recompiling the library
| + 87570 [lewisd f00f.] Can I tell from something in rbconfig.rb wether or not ruby was compiled
|   87615 [decoux moulo] well, you have
|   87636 [lewisd f00f.] Thanks, "LIBS" looks like what I need.
+ 87225 [kapheine hyp] libxosd bindings. I was waiting to release it, though, because I was

^ _VERY_ basic Here Doc Question
87166 [dhtapp cox.n] I'm dinking with some examples in D&A's book (specifically, a socket-level
+ 87167 [ oct zoy.org] JAVA_CLIENT_RAW_XML
| + 87168 [dcarrera mat] Futhermore, even a space after the HERE marker will cause errors.  Make
| + 87169 [dhtapp cox.n] I've tried that, with no difference in behavior.
|   87172 [dcarrera mat] Check for a blank space after the HERE marker.
+ 87170 [emschwar pob] session.print( <<-"BLAH" )
+ 87171 [gsinclair so] print(<<-EOF)
  + 87173 [dhtapp cox.n] My sincere thanks to all of you.  Every single one of your suggestions was
  + 87202 [vjoel PATH.B] - keep in mind the %{...} notation if you really want to put

^ bug? ruby -e 's=File.stat("/");Marshal.dump(s);'
87176 [sroberts uni] Does nobody really care that this doesn't work? Is it that its fixed in
87177 [matz ruby-la] Not "fixed" in 1.8 either.
87178 [sroberts uni] Is it a "feature", then?
87189 [matz ruby-la] It's just because I haven't decided how to dump File::Stat object.
87422 [sroberts uni] OK, I begin to understand.

^ Swatch's internet time in Ruby [Code Inside]
87183 [spectra debi] class Time
+ 87184 [wjl icecaver] charset="utf-8"
+ 87194 [hal9000 hype] I have no problem with the coding style... there are various
| + 87195 [hal9000 hype] Oh, sorry to reply to myself. I now see you added 1 to the hour.
| | + 87199 [bob.news gmx] "Hal Fulton" <hal9000@hypermetrics.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | + 87201 [spectra debi] Yes... It is the BMT stuff...
| + 87200 [spectra debi] Beat 0 is midnight in the BMT timezone, not GMT. BMT is GMT+1
| + 87211 [joey joeygib] I remember reading your Swatch time stuff in TRW and I thought then as
|   87224 [hal9000 hype] It's mostly a novelty. It has some limited usefulness but it's
+ 87231 [dagbrown LAR] Since we're doing silly time hacks...
  87239 [markjreed ma] The usual way of doing that is with modular arithmetic; in fact,

^ Re: Linux protocol.rb and smtp.rb problem: IPv6? no
87185 [ggirton mac.] I observed I was running with IPv6, but then

^ [ANN] clxmlserial 1.0.pre4
87187 [chrismo clab] Minor update to my XML Serialization for Ruby library (one of many out

^ [ANN] clWiki 1.12.0
87188 [chrismo clab] Update to my Ruby wiki -- a bunch of fixes and some minor enhancements.

^ debugging [BUG] messages/c ext woes
87192 [ahoward ngdc] c extenders-
+ 87196 [matz ruby-la] Can you get the stack trace using gdb or some other debugger?
| 87222 [ahoward ngdc] open("nfsstore", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE)    = 3
+ 87197 [sdmitry lrn.] Did you try to debug it? If you're using linux, it's quite usefull to run

^ sorting
87203 [vanjac12 yah] I'm not sure where to post about this problem, so
+ 87205 [mike.woodhou] x.sort!
+ 87206 [armin xss.de] x,y=3,4
+ 87207 [Peter.Vanbro] This won't work in Ruby. If you call swap(a[i], a[j]), two variables x and
+ 87208 [Peter.Vanbro] 0.upto(n-2) do |i|
  87349 [vanjac12 yah] Thanks for the help. I looked at the web sites, etc., and now have
  87376 [gsinclair so] Mailing list and newsgroup are cross-mirrored.

^ Libxml XML::Document.find("/doc")      # [BUG ] Segmentation fault
87209 [ujwalic yaho] This is my first message
87210 [chad chadfow] # This is my first message
87232 [ujwalic yaho] Thank's for the reply, currently iam using REXML for reading documents

^ [ANN] rubric RSS aggregator (Was: RSS aggregators with web interface?)
87212 [ jupp gmx.de] Initial release of 'rubric' (my tiny RSS aggregator) took place some
87270 [jbritt ruby-] James

^ Problems with TestUnit
87221 [sdmitry lrn.] Were there any major changes to TestUnit work since ruby version 1.7?
87223 [nathaniel ta] Yes. Quite a few, actually. I can't think of a change off the top of my
87261 [sdmitry lrn.] There are some warnings but they are not related to problem.
87263 [nathaniel ta] Actually, I was looking for the version (including date) of Ruby you're
87272 [sdmitry lrn.] Oh, sorry, I didn't understand that :)
87289 [nathaniel ta] That version would definitely be affected by the bug. Any version dated