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^ re-raising an exception with the original backtrace
86651 [vjoel PATH.B] Is there a way to re-raise an exception without replacing its backtrace
86654 [dblack wobbl] I think if you just do 'raise' there, instead of 'raise e', it will
86658 [vjoel PATH.B] Ooh, that's nice. I thought 'raise' would just re-raise the _last_
86697 [nobu.nokada ] But I found that outer $! was preserved only in rescue clauses,

^ Re: Marshalling delegates [RESOLVED]
86653 [elbows spamc] After digging around a bit in the delegate source, I fixed the problem

^ anything disappearing from Ruby for 2.0?
86655 [dblack wobbl] Is anything disappearing from Ruby in 2.0?  Not that I have a very big
+ 86666 [vjoel PATH.B] If the perlish globals are going away, then that suggests another
+ 86710 [matz ruby-la] * Perl style variables
  + 86716 [markjreed ma] What does "condition" refer to here?  Just the expression of an
  + 86718 [ptkwt aracne] case year
  + 86735 [ jupp gmx.de] [SNIP]
  | 86778 [matz ruby-la] Both.  But I have consider about each variable before removing.  Some
  | + 86836 [NewGroups nt] Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@ruby-lang.org> writes
  | + 86971 [emmanuel.tou] i don't know if $* is in this list, but i consider it extremely
  |   87010 [djd15 po.cwr] p ARGV
  + 86737 [michael_s_ca] if (/foo/ .. /bar/)   ?
  | 86779 [matz ruby-la] Perhaps some other way to accomplish, for example,
  | + 86793 [michael_s_ca] That would work for the IO case, but I have used many times the ".." as
  | | + 86822 [nathaniel ta] To throw in an opinion on the other side, I find this construct very
  | | + 86865 [djd15 po.cwr] module Enumerable
  | | | 86876 [michael_s_ca] In the "/foo/ .. /bar/" case, yes, but that's because /xxx/ does, not "..".
  | | + 86866 [tvuong comca] I concur with this opinion.  Also, I sometimes uses multiple pattern
  | | + 86867 [tvuong comca] I concur with this opinion.  Also, I sometimes uses multiple pattern
  | + 86799 [charleshixsn] I frequently have the need for a "between" operator, and it's quite
  | + 86891 [angus quovad] 1) Make #.. a method (Integer#.. creates ranges, for example)
  |   + 86894 [matz ruby-la] I like the basic idea.  the "shortcut notation" would be a key.  I
  |   | + 86903 [ahoward ngdc] class IO
  |   | + 86904 [transami run] If I understand correctly,
  |   | | + 86906 [angus quovad] The block associates with 'a': pshooter(a { puts "block"}), so ruby
  |   | | | 86908 [transami run] ah! right, right.  Thanks.
  |   | | + 87383 [transami run] From what I understand, the problem with the above shorthand for procs is
  |   | + 86922 [martindemell] \{...} perhaps, by analogy with Haskell's \ for lambda.
  |   |   + 86923 [hal9000 hype] Backslash is always problematic since it's used as an escape.
  |   |   + 86935 [mneumann nte] alias fn lambda
  |   + 86917 [dagbrown LAR] An operator .. would be nice.
  |   + 86958 [nobu.nokada ] This needs a hidden flip-flop variable, otherwise matching
  |     86983 [angus quovad] Yes, because a new Proc is created every time. I didn't notice that :(. I
  + 86745 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
  | + 86754 [transami run] Modules are strange beasts in that they serve at least three puposes. They can
  | | 86781 [matz ruby-la] It will not be changed.  Ruby will remain being Ruby even after Ruby2.
  | | 86786 [transami run] You pegged me wrong Matz! It is not that I want them to, per se.  I was just
  | | 86788 [matz ruby-la] I meant "if someone (not only you, Tom) want to change, wait for (or
  | | 86789 [transami run] Okay, just wanted to be clear on where I stood on that.
  | + 86773 [news stud.nt] Class instance variables aren't inherited and the attr_accessors would
  | + 86780 [matz ruby-la] They will remain, although I have a plan to change the class variable
  + 86757 [ferenc engar] If you still intend to use ruby for one-liners, then they should remain
  | + 86762 [lists zara.6] I second that. Ruby has been a great Perl replacement for me partly
  | | 86776 [matz ruby-la] Match related variables ($&, $1, $2,...) are locals and thread-safe.
  | + 86783 [chris.uppal ] [I'm an outsider delurking on this newsgroup for the first time]
  | | + 86784 [Gavri_F info] yes, a lot of people say that this is a factor which causes them to avoid ruby and i understand that it could be a turn-off for someone being introduced to the language.
  | | | + 86800 [chris.uppal ] Well, it's difficult to tell whether I'd have changed my mind after a while,
  | | | | + 86879 [gsinclair so] It's a totally alien concept to me that the Perlisms should put
  | | | | | 86886 [transami run] I wonder how hard it would be to make perlisms an addon?
  | | | | + 86933 [ng johnwlong] Why have you not looked into perl? Or even ruby for that matter? I admit
  | | | |   86973 [chris.uppal ] Um... Am I misunderstanding you ?   I *have* looked at Ruby, I think that there
  | | | |   86975 [transami run] I really don't understand this. You won't use Ruby b/c it has some EXTRA
  | | | |   86987 [chris.uppal ] Yes, that's right.
  | | | |   + 86990 [dblack wobbl] You can write short programs in Ruby, but it's not optimized one way
  | | | |   | 87043 [hal9000 hype] My only comment in favor of what the OP says is this.
  | | | |   | 87115 [djberge qwes] Ridiculous.  Frankly, I don't believe you.  The notion that it is
  | | | |   | 87128 [chris.uppal ] I had dropped out of this thread -- I've already said everything that I've got
  | | | |   + 86994 [transami run] Actually that's exactly right.
  | | | |   + 87037 [dagbrown LAR] You're a grown-up, capable of self-discipline: if you don't like a
  | | | + 86852 [lists zara.6] Perhaps we can discuss what exactly are the Perlisms in Ruby that people
  | | + 86851 [lists zara.6] There's always Python for you. :-)
  | + 86791 [ gm navel.gr] i agree, i dont use them for big projects, but they are usefull for
  | + 86827 [ jupp gmx.de] * * Yukihiro Matsumoto
  | | + 86838 [dblack wobbl] I think you're assuming that 'one-liner' means deliberately minimized
  | | + 86841 [cc1 cec.wust] I would disagree.  While I am more apt to use perl or gawk for one liners
  | | + 86842 [billk cts.co] I use Ruby one-liners from the command line somewhat frequently,
  | | + 86853 [lists zara.6] I find the ability to write one-liners _amazingly_ useful. Perhaps you
  | |   + 86869 [martindemell] Sorry to harp on about this, but given the number of people chiming in
  | |   + 86883 [gsinclair so] The English equivalents are a good lookup guide as to what on earth
  | |   + 86932 [ jupp gmx.de] If propose one-lines you possibly did not yet discover the *true*
  | |     + 86942 [billk cts.co] ruby -e "ARGV.each{|f| `mv #{f} #{f.sub(/\.tar\.gz$/,'.tgz')}`}" *.tar.gz
  | |     + 86944 [huber alum.w] mmv "*.tar.gz" "#1.tgz"
  | |     + 86967 [lists zara.6] Many of my "one-liners" actually span several physical lines :-) (Too
  | |       86974 [bob.news gmx] "David Garamond" <lists@zara.6.isreserved.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | + 86839 [ian caliban.] I would like to lend my voice to the choir in favour of keeping them.
  + 86872 [pbrannan atd] What is the Prec module?
    86896 [matz ruby-la] Actually, it's Precision module.  Don't ask me what it is.
    86940 [ jupp gmx.de] [candidates for deletion]

^ rdoc included in standard distribution?
86661 [chad chadfow] I've seen various plans for this dating back more than a year.  Is it
+ 86664 [gsinclair so] Not me, obviously, but you can try to run rdoc in RubyGems, and if it
+ 86711 [matz ruby-la] I have said OK.  I believe now it's upto Dave Thomas.
  + 86713 [dave pragpro] What do I need to do? RDoc hasn't changed substantially in a while, and
  | + 86777 [matz ruby-la] Commit the required library to /lib and rdoc itself to /bin.
  | | 86880 [gsinclair so] While I want to see rdoc in the standard library, I find it strange
  | | + 86887 [chad chadfow] #
  | | + 86889 [rich infoeth] It is a library...rdoc is just a command line interface to the library
  | | + 86892 [dave pragpro] The actual sequence of calls is
  | |   + 86924 [gsinclair so] Do you see any sense in allowing this?
  | |   | 86927 [dave pragpro] I don't know about sense. I've just never felt the need.
  | |   + 87059 [chris m-audi] % rdoc --help
  | |     87081 [dave pragpro] Thanks for the patch, but in fact the problem was a missing file in the
  | + 86828 [surrender_it] btw, is rdoc ready to produce stuff for ri (and ri is ready to get it)
  |   86829 [dave pragpro] No, because I wanted to have the ability to be able to add
  + 86715 [chad chadfow] # Hi,

^ How to access Bar in Foo when Foo::Bar exists?
86665 [rubytalk box] class Foo
86677 [vjoel PATH.B] (trying to avoid puns about raising the bar...)
86706 [rubytalk box] Ick!

^ How to p to a string
86667 [carl ycs.biz] Is there a way that I can cause p to store the output that it would have
+ 86668 [chad chadfow] # Is there a way that I can cause p to store the output that it would have
+ 86670 [rubytalk box] irb(main):001:0> p Range.new(1,2)
+ 86671 [vjoel PATH.B] Doesn't #inspect do what you want?
  86712 [carl youngbl] I think you're right!  I'm still in the process of learning Ruby.  Here

^ Class-level readers and writers
86669 [carl ycs.biz] I've been working with the class attribute shortcuts that Hal introduced
86675 [dblack wobbl] ^  typo here
+ 86680 [hal9000 hype] For the record, this is a cool trick. The reason it isn't in
+ 86722 [carl youngbl] I'm still trying to figure out what this does, exactly.  Is A.x an
  86723 [dblack wobbl] My example creates an instance variable... but the "instance" is the
  86728 [chr_mail gmx] My understanding (not that my record in reading Matz 2.0
  + 86742 [gsinclair so] I sympathise.  Maybe @@x could be syntax sugar for
  | 86744 [dblack wobbl] That would create a situation where it was awfully easy for one object
  | + 86790 [chr_mail gmx] To claim that there is no connection is a bit of stretch - as
  | | 86795 [dblack wobbl] What you're describing is a similarity, not a connection :-) What I
  | | + 86796 [decoux moulo] @_var
  | | | 86797 [dblack wobbl] Oh right.  I keep forgetting those because I wish they would go away
  | | | 86798 [decoux moulo] Implement it and just wait for error from standards libraries :-))
  | | + 86803 [chr_mail gmx] I am not in the position to argue about fine point of the English
  | |   86804 [chr_mail gmx] I guess this should be called  "access attribute"
  | + 86945 [dhtapp cox.n] I've been following this thread and the thread concerning the
  + 86752 [transami run] I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly. Is the following in any way
    86782 [dblack wobbl] I don't think so.
    86801 [transami run] Thanks David,
    86807 [dblack wobbl] I think the definitive category is really just @instance_var, with the
    86808 [decoux moulo] Well, if @_var make reference to what was initially, wrongly, called
    + 86811 [chr_mail gmx] Just for the record the starting point (started by nobody
    + 86815 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure I follow entirely -- which one was wrongly called that?
      + 86817 [decoux moulo] Initially @_var were called "private instance variable", but it's stupid
      + 86818 [chr_mail gmx] In the original discussion what we call "class local" instance variables
        86819 [dblack wobbl] OK... but then they're "class local variables", right, not "class local
        86820 [chr_mail gmx] Yes, I just wanted to be "er" correct and added
        86946 [dblack wobbl] Although... I think that if a variable's scope is a superset of
        86952 [chr_mail gmx] Nope it's a subset of today's instance variables ...
        86972 [dblack wobbl] I thought that a class local variable was going to be visible to the
        86977 [decoux moulo] well, what difference do you make between @_v and @@v ?
        86979 [dblack wobbl] From Matz's description I'm not sure I see any difference; they're
        86980 [decoux moulo] Well, except that one is described in the slide 13 and the other in the
        86981 [dblack wobbl] OK, I'm officially being stupid.  Can someone please explain?
        + 86982 [dblack wobbl] Don't even bother; it has dawned on me that I have been forgetting
        + 86986 [matz ruby-la] @_v is an instance variable whose scope is limited to the

^ Basic HTTP authentication
86672 [henst374 stu] I'm having serious troubles getting Basic HTTP authentication to work.

^ New to ruby--trouble with initializing arrays
86673 [vanjac12 yah] I am writing a practice program; the Game of Life. Naturally I am having troubles.
+ 86679 [gsinclair so] This place is fine, but the text was a bit long for my taste.  If you
+ 86863 [bob.news gmx] "Van Jacques" <vanjac12@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  86875 [bob.news gmx] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  87039 [vanjac12 yah] This is much more sophiscated than my program (with help from another
  + 87091 [bob.news gmx] "Van Jacques" <vanjac12@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 87103 [ jupp gmx.de] [Object oriented life]
    87132 [bob.news gmx] "Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT" <jupp@gmx.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    87213 [ jupp gmx.de] Perhaps the meaning of 'sophisticated' :-> In German the word means
    87214 [bob.news gmx] "Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT" <jupp@gmx.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    87388 [vanjac12 yah] I don't understand what you are saying here.

^ Where should people who are new to ruby go for help?
86674 [vanjac12 yah] Is this the place for people who are new to ruby to post for help?
+ 86678 [gsinclair so] Sure is.
+ 86684 [transami run] If you want to post some code to be looked at, this new wiki page was recently
+ 86687 [wayne mishre] Is there a #ruby channel on irc.freenode.net?  I haven't logged on to
  + 86688 [kapheine hyp] Try #ruby-lang. There are currently 81 people there (although many of
  + 86691 [dagbrown LAR] Yup, but it's called #ruby-lang.

^ regexp  splitting problem
86676 [dragoncity i] <button> "btn Exit" "Exit Button"               ( note the quotes may be
+ 86682 [contact maik] Your regex can be simplified, because within a character class the pipe
+ 86864 [bob.news gmx] "Brett S Hallett" <dragoncity@impulse.net.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 86874 [dblack wobbl] That preserves the quotation marks, which I don't think Brett wanted.
+ 87064 [aero6dof yah] This works for your example, but may be somewhat fragile when you go

^ My post on game of life ruby prog
86681 [vanjac12 yah] I think something is wrong in the if statements of my

^ ruby game of life program
86683 [vanjac12 yah] Finally its right. It seems so obvious now. I thought I could
86729 [ jupp gmx.de] Here's some suggestions. 'tos' stands for 'the old situations', 'tng'
+ 86868 [vanjac12 yah] Thanks for the suggestions. A great improvement. I was thinking about what to do
+ 86871 [vanjac12 yah] One thing I notice was that I used
  + 86931 [ jupp gmx.de] You seem to be confusing something. In the message I did answer to
  | 86956 [vanjac12 yah] I see. I must have changed it after I made the first post.
  + 86934 [vanjac12 yah] I decided to handle the edges by making the grid into a torus, using

^ rake task library
86685 [martindemell] Is there any effort underway to compile a rake task library, the way ant
+ 86690 [gsinclair so] Rake has a few tasks built in and a "secondary" area where new tasks
| 86694 [martindemell] See http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html - it allows a lot of common
| 86696 [jweirich one] Here's an Rakefile example that creates a set of related tasks (named
+ 86695 [jweirich one] There is no organized effort with the specific intention of building a
  86763 [martindemell] I have some nebulous ideas; I'll work them into a proper post when I

^ Groovy : a jvm language "learning" from Ruby & Python
86703 [feldt ce.cha] "Groovy is a powerful new high level dynamic language for the JVM
86748 [achou tealea] charset="UTF-8"

^ Matz-isms (was Re: pre/post ideas
86708 [cyclists nc.] LOL! Is somebody writing down all these delightful "Matz-isms?" I think

^ Ruby vs Python (IMHO)
86717 [dcarrera mat] I guess I just want to share a tiny "case study" from a project that I'm
86719 [ptkwt aracne] Hmmm.... so what would it take to include Ruby in the set of languages
+ 86721 [markjreed ma] DC = Daniel Carrera
| + 86720 [markjreed ma] ,str)
| + 86725 [dcarrera mat] I had been wondering about that.  Thanks.
| + 86727 [ruby-talk pc] yeah, isn't it obvious? ;-).  it really stands out well.  this is just
|   + 86749 [charleshixsn] That's not a very good example.  Ruby Q & q strings are just as bad,
|   + 86761 [lists zara.6] I don't see r"" as more hackish than Ruby's %Q(), %q(), %r() or Perl's
+ 86724 [dcarrera mat] I'm not entirely sure because I know so little about UNO.
| 86738 [joey joeygib] Do you have a URL to check this out? I could take a look at what might
| 86739 [dcarrera mat] They've promised to have one up "any day now".  In the mean time, take a
+ 86823 [rb raphinou.] There was a project about making python modules available to ruby, but

^ TCPSocket -> Wrong error on Windows?
86731 [Stephan.Kaem] (Note, that there's no partner running on the given port.)
86740 [nobu.nokada ] I think it had been fixed already.
+ 86741 [joey joeygib] I just ran this test on a WinXP box using the installer ruby180-10.exe
| + 86743 [rich lithino] Same error.
| + 86765 [nobu.nokada ] Mapping from WSACONNREFUSED seems lacked.  But I'm not sure why
+ 86787 [Stephan.Kaem] And so did I, until...
  87065 [jlsysinc all] irb(main):001:0> require "socket"