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^ Method wrapper question (was "stereotyping (was ...))
86071 [gsinclair so] [On how one might 'implement' interfaces:]
+ 86081 [transami run] I have considered this too. I would like to propose an alternate/augmenting
+ 86085 [decoux moulo] I really hope that ruby will give an message (method redefined) : I don't
  86090 [gsinclair so] Well, I'm not sure what I want in this case.  Wrapping methods is a
  86091 [decoux moulo] Perhaps in this case, you can also have multiple def in the same class :-)
  86092 [chr_mail gmx] Well technically they do not live in the same class,
  86093 [decoux moulo] Yes, and this is why I prefer this scheme to
  + 86095 [chr_mail gmx] Agreed 100% - I see no reason for allowing several hooks
  | + 86102 [mneumann nte] class A
  | | 86108 [decoux moulo] and the result is different if you call synchronize before or after
  | | 86117 [mneumann nte] Wow. NFS server written in Allegro-CL. Must be damn fast.
  | | 86257 [dagbrown LAR] It can hardly be any worse than any of the NFS servers written in C.
  | + 86104 [gsinclair so] What difference does it make?  Import a method or define it yourself -
  | | 86106 [decoux moulo] OK, but I want to do the same with normal methods
  | | 86109 [gsinclair so] You're right, I don't see it.  A wrapper around a method is not a
  | | + 86110 [decoux moulo] What do you use : CLOS style, BETA style or Allegro style ?
  | | | 86112 [gsinclair so] I use Ruby style.  What's that got to do with it?
  | | | + 86113 [decoux moulo] define it.
  | | | + 86114 [chr_mail gmx] Ruby style is still evolving and thus it makes plenty of
  | | + 86116 [mneumann nte] A big win would be a "prior" or "last_method" statement, similar to
  | + 86133 [transami run] Except that it means more work for interpreter to enforce rule of not allowing
  |   86155 [dagbrown LAR] class WhatNow
  + 86101 [chr_mail gmx] Agreed 100% - I see no reason for allowing several hooks in the same class.
    86156 [rpav mephle.] Hmm, actually, there are a lot of good reasons for allowing multiple
    + 86157 [transami run] After some exhaustive research and endless hours of thought I have put
    + 86170 [chr_mail gmx] Not to allow several hooks still leaves open adding hooks

^ Thread issues with ruby 1.8.0 on OpenBSD 3.3
86072 [rick nooner.] I'm seeing problems with threading using ruby 1.8.0 on OpenBSD 3.3.
86087 [decoux moulo] Can you give a stack trace ?
86121 [rick nooner.] Guy,
86123 [decoux moulo] Perhaps best to see on a OpenBSD mailing list : there were well know
86125 [rick nooner.] I don't think that it's a sparc issue since the same code runs fine
86126 [decoux moulo] I'm agree with you

^ [ANN] win32-pipe 0.0.1
86074 [djberg96 yah] I'm pleased to announced the release of win32-pipe

^ Shugo Maeda:Is mod_ruby for windows a dead issues?
86078 [usenets eart] Perhaps you can give me some light on how to compile it, and what library

^ InterfaceContract distilled :: how to implement (mostly)
86079 [transami run] 1. An InterfaceContract is a guarentee that a class provides

^ Invoking method with a block in C extension
86088 [sdmitry lrn.] I'm converting some of my ruby code to C extension for better perfomance.
+ 86098 [decoux moulo] Look in enum.c in the distribution of ruby, you have examples for call to
+ 86105 [batsman.geo ] I was surprised to see that rb_funcall propagates the block passed with
  86150 [sdmitry lrn.] Thank you very much, that code saved me :)

^ HTML Generation (Next Generation CGI)
86119 [ng johnwlong] This idea for the next generation of CGI has me thinking (see
86159 [batsman.geo ] You can use a technique similar to flgr's Junction or oGMo's criteria to build a
+ 86182 [ahoward ngdc] ~ > cat bar.rb
| 86200 [ng johnwlong] <snip amrita stuff here />
+ 86199 [ng johnwlong] build a

^ [OT] Re: [ann] iterator 0.1
86122 [decoux moulo] You have forgotten condor% [ruby-talk:25826], aestivum% [ruby-talk:47494]
86124 [surrender_it] mh.. I didn't even knew ruby at that time I suppose :)
86209 [bob.news gmx] [OT] Re: [ann] iterator 0.1
86210 [hal9000 hype] Fascinating... this appears to be a translation of the original
86217 [bob.news gmx] "Hal Fulton" <hal9000@hypermetrics.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 86224 [news-1069678] Released in 1959 on the album "More of Tom Lehrer".
| 86235 [bob.news gmx] "Daniel Kelley" <news-1069678924@dkelley.gmp.san-jose.ca.us> schrieb im
+ 86301 [martindemell] LOL!

^ Ruby classes for MP3 de-/encoding
86127 [dennis sgi-p] does anyone know of any Ruby collection of classes / modules for
+ 86129 [tom infoethe] Yours,
+ 86135 [galt gothpoo] You can do metadata extraction with GStreamer as well, though the
  86136 [dennis sgi-p] Thanks for all your help, but it seems as if you misunderstood my question
  + 86137 [galt gothpoo] I think you misunderstood my answer.  The metadata stuff was meant to be
  | 86140 [dennis sgi-p] Seems like I really did! Sorry! :)
  + 86141 [ptkwt aracne] I would think this would be very compute intensive (all those dicrete
    86142 [dennis sgi-p] Yes, that's what I was looking for, ruby bindings for a C lib doing MP3
    86171 [ged FaerieMU] I'm working on bindings for libmp3lame. You can see what I have so far
    86190 [sroberts uni] Why do you say "comparable" to that? Gstreamer is a C lib for doing
    + 86192 [dennis sgi-p] Yes of course, but I was looking for a smaller lib doing only MP3 en-/decoding,
    + 86193 [ged FaerieMU] Erm... I didn't. I quoted someone else who did.

^ 'with' proposal
86128 [elathan phys] Wouldn't something like this be cool?
+ 86130 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):007:0> class Foo; def talk; puts "hi"; end; end
| 86131 [elathan phys] Uber nice! Thanx. :-)
| 86132 [djd15 po.cwr] class Foo
+ 86134 [surrender_it] def with(obj, &blk)

^ Using Vruby instead of VB ?
86139 [sdate everes] Inspired by Steve's presentation at RubyConf-2003, (
+ 86169 [djberge qwes] I *think* Vruby/Swin will give you that from what I've read.  I haven't
| + 86176 [chad chadfow] # > -----Original Message-----
| | 86180 [sdate everes] Yep.
| + 86181 [sdate everes] Yes, Vruby/swin gives that , and Win 98 is a non-issue (yet).
| | 86201 [dooby d10.ka] (labeled "using priner" - which probably defeats Google)
| + 86232 [zoranlazarev] I used ODBC with free download of Microsoft Data Access Components
|   86272 [sdate everes] Thanks for the link. Which version of ruby and MDAC did you work on ?
|   86317 [zoranlazarev] I am using Ruby 1.8.0 and the latest download of MDAC 2.8 as of two weeks ago.
+ 86187 [STUCKNER MUL] VRuby/Swin
  86191 [sdate everes] I remember you mentioning about this during your presentation, but I did not

^ Destructive type conversion (to_i!, to_f!)
86143 [cc1 cec.wust] There have been a few times in which I have wanted to destructively change the
+ 86144 [dblack wobbl] The built-in ! methods do in-place operations on the same object,
| 86145 [cc1 cec.wust] Hmm,
| 86146 [dblack wobbl] Hardly silly -- have you seen Kernel#extend? :-) You can unextend too,
| 86211 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 86161 [ jupp gmx.de] For me the least surprising answer to the question what

^ Standard Library Docs online at ruby-doc.org
86147 [jbritt ruby-] The HTML output from the RDoc comments from Gavin Sinclair's stdlib-doc
+ 86148 [sdate everes] James, Gavin, William, Lyle ...
| 86149 [jbritt ruby-] You're quite welcome.
| 86152 [sdate everes] Game Programming in Ruby
| 86166 [jbritt ruby-] The link worked at the time of the posting four months ago.  It seems
| 86168 [sdate everes] Perfectly understandable.
+ 86151 [gsinclair so] browsing this documentation online.  In the near future you can go
| 86172 [cyclists nc.] Thanks a million, guys! I notice that when I look at the page with
+ 86160 [mneumann nte] Great!

^ rexml warning regexp ]
86154 [khindenburg ] O.K. I had enough of this warning.

^ Ruby - C++ extension
86158 [elathan phys] I am trying to create a new Ruby extension, which eventually will
+ 86197 [jim freeze.o] I haven't checked the specifics, but have you read Lyle's talk
+ 86430 [pbrannan atd] This is not C++ type casting; this is a C-style cast.  In C++, you
  87020 [elathan phys] Thanks for all the replies in my question. I was to busy to answer.

^ 64bit timestamp library
86162 [lists zara.6] I'm looking for a 64bit timestamp definition/standard with suitable
+ 86163 [transami run] Do me a favor and build you own 128bit timestamp and lets be done with these
| 86188 [lists zara.6] With 64bit you are quite free to do ranges from thousands of BC to
+ 86184 [charleshixsn] 1 Year =     365.25    days    365    days/year
  + 86186 [lists zara.6] "I could always invent my own timestamp, but... I really don't want to
  + 86226 [ jupp gmx.de] 2**63 * 0.1 ms = 8 * 10**18 * 0.1 ms = 8 * 10**17 ms

^ Apache with Ruby: Several questions
86164 [spamblock da] I'd like to migrate an old Apache/PHP/Perl application to Ruby, and
86174 [carl youngbl] The best way that I know of accomplishing all the things you just
86437 [spamblock da] Yup, thanks for the hint, that's exactly what I was looking for.

^ Converting Time between timezones?
86165 [spamblock da] ruby comes with the standard unix time conversion functions such
86225 [ jupp gmx.de] No easy solution possible - for Saudi Arabia you need to take into

^ OT AdSense Oddities (Re: Standard Library Docs online at ruby-doc.org)
86177 [jbritt ruby-] Python and Java ads turn up a lot.  I've seen some really odd ones,

^ "wrong argument type nil (expected String)" from Dir.chdir
86183 [vxbrw58s02 s] I'm running Ruby 1.6.8.
86195 [matz ruby-la] Can't reproduce.  Could you give me more information?  Your platform,
86205 [vxbrw58s02 s] Thanks Matz.
86207 [vxbrw58s02 s] Sorry to be following up to myself, but here's a bit more info (that just
86213 [bob.news gmx] "Tim Kynerd" <vxbrw58s02@sneakemail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
86246 [vxbrw58s02 s] Thanks, couldn't remember how to do that! :-)
+ 86424 [vxbrw58s02 s] -snip-
+ 86428 [vxbrw58s02 s] -snip-
  86442 [matz ruby-la] Might be a bug in debugger.  Can you upgrade to ruby-1.8.0 or
  86533 [vxbrw58s02 s] xxx@kynerd:~> cat chdir_test.rb
  86541 [matz ruby-la] Finally, I get it.  It's a bug in debug.rb.  I fixed it. Thank you.
  86582 [vxbrw58s02 s] No, thank YOU.
  86587 [matz ruby-la] The problem has nothing related to Dir.chdir.  Please give us

^ Time#succ ?
86189 [hal9000 hype] Should this be added? It would enable the creation
+ 86196 [matz ruby-la] I like the idea.  How should I treat sub-second value?
| 86198 [hal9000 hype] I would expect the first case.
+ 86433 [pbrannan atd] Does this not already work?
  + 86440 [hal9000 hype] Hmmm. For some reason I thought that to have a Range, the
  + 86451 [ahoward ngdc] anyone familiar with the 'jot' unix program?  i think ranges should work like
    86515 [sabbyxtabby ] day = 60*60*24
    86585 [niklas kagi.] def loop_over(v1,v2,vn)

^ Message "Insecure world writable dir ..."
86202 [harryo qiqso] When File.popen() is passed an executable whose path contains a world writable directory, it produces a warning message.
86218 [matz ruby-la] '-W0' if you're using 1.8; but I strongly recommend to fix the
+ 86239 [dagbrown LAR] On every Unix system in the world, /tmp is world-writable, but it
| 86262 [matz ruby-la] Don't worry; sticky bit is checked if S_ISVTX is defined.
| 86273 [dagbrown LAR] How about this case then?
| + 86281 [matz ruby-la] Oops, check was incomplete.  Thank you for the report.
| + 86471 [nobu.nokada ] Do you really include /tmp/. in your PATH?  Incredibly
|   86480 [matz ruby-la] No, it happens when the current directory is /tmp, and when $LOAD_PATH
+ 86248 [bg-rubytalk ] Could you (or someone else) explain what the rationale behind this message
  86260 [harryo qiqso] IANM, but ...
  86274 [bg-rubytalk ] Right, but say you create such a trojan -- the trojan is the danger,
  + 86277 [harryo qiqso] Well, the fact that the directory is world writable is also a danger, since (a) it allowed you to create the trojan in the first place and (b) while it remains writable, other trojans can be created.
  + 86278 [tvuong comca] It seems that this warning is only issued if the affected directory is
    86279 [tvuong comca] The fix/workaround is to remove the component out of the path (or ".").
    86280 [harryo qiqso] Note that the warning is produced if *any* sub-directory of a directory in the path is world writable.  For example, in my case, I have my own "bin" directory in the path ... /export/home/harryo/bin.  That directory isn't world writable, but Ruby picks up that one of the directories above it is (ie, /export/home in this case).
    86282 [tvuong comca] Hm, I don't have the same result
    86283 [harryo qiqso] I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
    86285 [tvuong comca] I though you said that if any part of the subdirectory has the
    86286 [harryo qiqso] But your path has "." in it.  Since you're sitting in /tmp, that explains this warning ...

^ A code snippet: Controlled retry
86204 [hal9000 hype] I sometimes find myself retrying operations when in a networked
86206 [gfb tonesoft] def try(quiet=true,times=5,secs=1,&block)
86208 [bystr mac.co] Oops, times.times should become times.next.times to function like the
86214 [bob.news gmx] "Gennady" <bystr@mac.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Library path relative to current .rb file
86215 [zoranlazarev] One of the most irritating (missing) features of Ruby is inability to
+ 86221 [gsinclair so] Agreed.
| 86256 [andrew walro] The full solution is worse. To handle the case of the script being executed
| 86294 [gsinclair so] require 'pathname'
| + 86312 [andrew walro] I love this language :)
| | 86319 [gsinclair so] I love that (little-known) library! :)
| | 86325 [andrew walro] Even better,
| | 86327 [andrew walro] root@bob root # ls -l /sbin/rubyx
| | 86330 [akr m17n.org] It is already fixed in latest CVS version.
| | 86331 [andrew walro] Excellent - thanks!
| + 86318 [zoranlazarev] We probably need function 'require_local' because this is often used.
+ 86434 [pbrannan atd] Paul

^ Library path relative to current .rb file
86216 [zoranlazarev] One of the most irritating (missing) features of Ruby is inability to

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2-0.8.1
86219 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GNOME2-0.8.1 is now available.

^ redirect stdout
86222 [transami run] I need to temporarily redirect standard output to nowhere. Not sure how to do.
+ 86223 [Gavri_F info] /dev/null     is as good a nowhere as any   :-)
+ 86233 [behrends cse] STDOUT.reopen "/dev/null", "w"
  + 86234 [djberge qwes] FYI, for Win32 you can redirect to "nul" or "nul:".  Yes, that's a
  + 86238 [markjreed ma] But it also loses the original STDOUT, and M Onoma did say that the
    + 86240 [markjreed ma] Minor correction: forgot the mode on my open calls.
    | + 86243 [transami run] Perfecto!
    | + 86578 [transami run] Thanks!
    + 86251 [emschwar pob] Okay, this hints at the answer to a question I've been wondering about
    + 86335 [behrends cse] Good catch. I missed that one.
      86373 [markjreed ma] Right back at you for catching the fd leaks in my examples.  Whups. :)

^ using variables in regular expressions
86227 [damphyr free] Being lazy, forgetful and generally very bad with regular expressions
+ 86229 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):002:0> s = "h."
+ 86236 [bob.news gmx] "Damphyr" <damphyr@freemail.gr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  86311 [sabbyxtabby ] Don't need %r{}.  A slash "/" in interpolated variables is harmless.
  86345 [bob.news gmx] "Sabby and Tabby" <sabbyxtabby@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ ruby-dev summary 21883-21927
86230 [ttate ttsky.] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list last week.
86231 [ttate ttsky.] the week before last.

^ YAML self reference issue
86237 [STUCKNER MUL] charset="iso-8859-1"
86244 [transami run] puts "y2 = #{y2.a.class}"
86250 [STUCKNER MUL] Oops my bad.
+ 86252 [ruby-talk wh] This has been fixed in Ruby 1.8.1 previews and Syck CVS.  (The bug is about
| 86254 [STUCKNER MUL] Sorry for not knowing that the bug existed?? Was the bug posted to the list?
+ 86253 [transami run] Okay, What's the file look like before its saved? And after its saved? Are

^ Exit status on cmd executed via popen()
86259 [drosih rpi.e] Sometimes I write ruby scripts to filter the output of some
86261 [gfb tonesoft] Try variable $?, it holds the status of the last executed command. Works
86268 [drosih rpi.e] cmdout = IO.popen(somecmd, "r")
86269 [gfb tonesoft] I have implemented a method available through Kernel.launch. It allows

^ raise unless RUBY_VERSION[%r/^\s*\d+\.\d+/o].to_f >= 1.8
86265 [ahoward ngdc] any better methods of require a specific version/set of versions?
+ 86266 [michael_s_ca] This might be a good thing to encapsulate somehow; perl has a construct
| 86275 [ahoward ngdc] completely agreed.
+ 86267 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
| + 86271 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> RUBY_VERSION
| + 86276 [ahoward ngdc] i thought about this for a while and came up with a good reason not to do this
|   + 86284 [bystr mac.co] It does not work as a general solution, as "1.11.0" < "1.8.0". However,
|   | 86295 [ahoward ngdc] ah yes - _did_ think of that at one point.  must have drank more coffee that
|   | + 86298 [chad chadfow] #
|   | | 86299 [hgs dmu.ac.u] if
|   | + 86315 [sabbyxtabby ] Unfortunately, 'to_f' suffers the same problem, since 1.11 < 1.8.
|   + 86287 [dooby d10.ka] Maybe this bothered you ?
|     86288 [transami run] Any one think Ruby needs a Tuple class?
|     86292 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     86296 [transami run] No,
|     86297 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     + 86300 [transami run] Nice!
|     | 86304 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     + 86305 [dblack wobbl] module Kernel
+ 86270 [chad chadfow] #
+ 86291 [bob.news gmx] "Ara.T.Howard" <ahoward@ngdc.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 86436 [pbrannan atd] require 'rbconfig'
  86443 [ahoward ngdc] nice!  you win paul!
  86461 [transami run] not knocking paul's solution or anything, but you prefer this to using a
  86519 [ahoward ngdc] yes.  one thing i had not yet mentioned is that i also may want to incorporate