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^ Ocaml's typing (was Re: "stereotyping")
85714 [Steven ruby-] BTW, to see a different point of view, you might investigate
85759 [mneumann nte] But in Ocaml

^ "stereotyping" thread
85719 [wjl icecaver] charset="utf-8"
+ 85722 [dblack wobbl] Because class/module ancestry doesn't tell you about type.  See the
| 85728 [hal9000 hype] Ehh, I swore I'd stay out of this. But here I am.
| 85739 [wjl icecaver] charset="utf-8"
+ 85725 [simon ecnetw] ROFL!!!
+ 85737 [austin halos] This was suggested early on. Fundamentally, it's not much different than
  85755 [matz ruby-la] Can you tell me where I can read his RCR?  Probably I missed that.
  85761 [austin halos] It's on RubyGarden. It took me a while to figure out it was there, too :)

^ inline_ruby (was: Re: "stereotyping" thread)
85752 [billk cts.co] Wow!  That's really neat!!
85820 [wjl icecaver] charset="utf-8"

^ learning the "Ruby way"
85766 [mark.wirdnam] **Hobby-programmer alarm**
+ 85770 [transami run] how's this?
+ 85772 [djd15 po.cwr] lst = ['alfred', 'boris', 'bruce', 'claire', 'dean', 'donald']
| 85798 [bob.news gmx] "Dan Doel" <djd15@po.cwru.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 85831 [gsinclair so] My first thought was to collect the values into a hash
+ 85844 [martindemell] One more way to do it...
+ 85846 [neoneye adsl] How about this dirty solution ?
+ 85848 [dblack wobbl] This may be a bit ill-advised, because it changes the array as it iterates
| 85850 [dblack wobbl] Just to clarify: "This" means my solution, not your question :-)
+ 85863 [chad chadfow] # **Hobby-programmer alarm**
| + 85865 [dblack wobbl] How strict is strict? :-)
| + 85868 [zdennis mkte] I am a programming hobbyist I suppose.
| + 85875 [galt gothpoo] I'm an administrator rather than a programmer by trade, although as with
| | 85892 [gsinclair so] I get by by just implementing a few methods from Hobby::Programmer :)
| + 85896 [greg puyo.cj] "Hobbyist"? What happened to "hacker"?
|   85924 [kapheine hyp] A roguelike game written in Ruby would be very interesting to see.
|   85932 [greg puyo.cj] I think Ruby's a great language for it. I chose it because I wanted
|   85990 [tom infoethe] <lots of nifty stuff snipped>
|   85994 [dossy panopt] Wow, Nethack is being reinvented, again.
|   + 86032 [greg puyo.cj] Heaven forbid! I hate that game. :-)
|   + 86075 [martindemell] He did say it was a roguelike.
+ 86212 [mark.wirdnam] ok, I'm not quite there yet, but your helpful examples have given me
  86242 [app1tam ups.] Oh, certainly.  I would do it at work, but it is verboten.  My only
  86289 [bob.news gmx] "Mills Thomas (app1tam)" <app1tam@ups.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ DBI:ODBC-Question
85774 [oliverosterh] <html><style>p {margin: 0px}</style><body style='font-size:9pt; font-family:Verdana; font-family: Verdana' ><P>Hi, </P><P>I'm trying to execute a prepared statement several times:</P><P>dbh=DBI.connect("dbi:ODBC:TESTDB", "test", "test")</P><P>sth=dbh.prepare("select * from z_da where entitaet_c = ?")</P><P>sth.execute("egpa&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ")</P><P>sth.execute("kbpa&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ")</P><P>On the second execute i get the Message:</P><FONT color=#0000ff size=2><P>DBI::DatabaseError: S1010 (0) [Oracle][ODBC]Function sequence error.</P><P>D:/Programme/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/DBD/ODBC/ODBC.rb:204:in `execute'</P><P>D:/Programme/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/dbi/dbi.rb:743:in `execute'</P></FONT><P>Does anybody know what's wrong here? I guess I miss something important.</P><P>Another problem is that since the db-field entitaet_c is!

^ retry does not work
85777 [transami run] you rejected my rcr on garden saying that retry already does it. but it does not. maybe there's a trick to it? but i could not read your example b/c it was cut off by the < --you have to use &lt;  [Aside: why hasn't this been fixed at garden? argghhh..]
+ 85778 [decoux moulo] Well the example was probably
| 85781 [transami run] you have refactored my code to achieve the result. is all code so easily refactored?
| + 85784 [decoux moulo] Becuase you can't refactor the library, you *can't* use resume like you
| | 85786 [transami run] -t0
| | 85788 [decoux moulo] Then change it : your need of resume in this case, just means that your
| + 85789 [matz ruby-la] Not all, but most.
| | 85790 [transami run] thanks for reposting, someone should really fix that bug on ruby garden.
| | + 85791 [transami run] thats crap.
| | | + 85792 [decoux moulo] You are raising an exception, this is, for me, different than sending
| | | | 85794 [transami run] worry? isn't that what testers are for ;)
| | | | + 85796 [transami run] okay, i grant you that was not the intention of raise when designed. but a rose by any other name....
| | | | | + 85801 [decoux moulo] svg% cat b.rb
| | | | | | 85802 [transami run] that is a good point, but the alternative seems to be passing proc or passing self. self seems like over kill, but passing proc is messy. no win situation here? perhaps this suggests another facility like raise but that does not halt execution. rather it moves up the call chain looking for a handler, if it finds one it executes, if not forget it, and then resumes execution. better RCR?
| | | | | | 85805 [matz ruby-la] It's called "coroutine".  If you are going to write new RCR, I
| | | | | | 85812 [transami run] thanks matz and thanks guy for chat. continuations work, but still seem clunky. i'll probably pass proc.
| | | | | + 85815 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | | |   85816 [transami run] thanks robert, that's basically what i decided to do. your code is nice and clean to. i like that.
| | | | |   85823 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | | + 85800 [matz ruby-la] Sounds like exception abuse for me.  You can use continuation if you
| | | |   85814 [bob.news gmx] "Yukihiro Matsumoto" <matz@ruby-lang.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | |   85887 [matz ruby-la] "resume" (or coroutine) requires continuation anyway.
| | | |   85965 [bob.news gmx] "Yukihiro Matsumoto" <matz@ruby-lang.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | |   + 85968 [matz ruby-la] I don't know.  Transami wanted something, which is known as coroutine.
| | | |   + 85973 [transami run] that's the passing of self method. there is also pass proce method. my resume
| | | + 86173 [charleshixsn] To me it seems that to handle this concern, the proper approach is to
| | + 85797 [matz ruby-la] I'm sorry; which is your problem? [ruby-talk:85791]?
| + 85799 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 85783 [matz ruby-la] Check the code carefully (note where "begin" is).  It's not just

^ DBI:ODBC-Question
85793 [oliverosterh] dbh=DBI.connect("dbi:ODBC:TESTDB", "test", "test")

^ behaviour change of String#gsub(pattern) {|m| ... } for ruby 1.9/ruby2?
85803 [lists zara.6] String#gsub(pattern) {|m| ... }
85806 [matz ruby-la] Sounds nice.  The only reason for the current behavior is that sub
+ 85836 [austin halos] Is there an easy way for String#gsub (et al.) to check the arity of
| + 85838 [decoux moulo] svg% cat b.rb
| | 85847 [austin halos] I had actually done what you did, Guy, but I don't know the C side of Ruby,
| + 86084 [sabbyxtabby ] class String
+ 85918 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
  86083 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):001:0> "abc".gsub(/((x?)abc)/) {|n,m| p n, m}

^ (none)
85807 [jolsen mail2] I am currently using ruby's mysql extention.
85808 [decoux moulo] (none)

^ MySql vs PostgreSQL
85809 [Jesper Jespe] sorry, forgot the subject!
+ 85828 [surrender_it] I think the point is that Pg is a bigger scale server.
+ 85837 [tom infoethe] FWIW, RubyForge runs on PostgreSQL, and I've been quite pleased with its
+ 85877 [samuel.kvarn] Both MySQL and PostgreSQL are very fast, in general. In my experience,
  85961 [Jesper Jespe] Thanks to all who replied to this thread.

^ Children of WebObjects
85810 [martindemell] Is there a definitive roundup somewhere of WebObjects-inspired
+ 85827 [surrender_it] I think there are two: CGIKit and SWS/SDS.
| + 85849 [childNOSPAM ] I'd like to add the new development version of SWS (not released yet)
| | 85911 [surrender_it] I'm always fascinated from WebObjects and thus from both SWS and
| | 85915 [childNOSPAM ] Ok, I try to put up such example application. The problem is I really
| + 85979 [martindemell] Thanks :) Went through the docs; they both look pretty interesting. I'll
+ 85832 [gsinclair so] Hmmm, I'll try to ping you on IRC about it sometime.  Tapestry appeals
  85985 [surrender_it] I'm quite sure I read the ANN here.. anyway, if someone has a

^ Re:
85813 [peter semant] PostgreSQL has stored procedures and MySQL doesn't (although a new derived

^ Plugin-API
85817 [ckruse defun] I'm writing an application in Ruby which should be easy to extend. One
+ 85818 [ oct zoy.org] Maybe you can have a look at the rbot source code
+ 85829 [bob.news gmx] "Christian Kruse" <ckruse@defunced.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 85830 [surrender_it] ...
| 85845 [curt hibbs.c] You might want to look at the plugin system used by FreeRIDE which is called
+ 86175 [ckruse defun] Hoi,

^ [ann] iterator 0.1
85821 [qj5nd7l02 sn] About
+ 85859 [ruby-talk pc] my first impression is that you must really, really love iterators ;-)
| + 85861 [decoux moulo] Well, the problem is that it exist something similar in 1.8.1
| | + 85867 [mwilson13 co] A certain level of convergence is, in my opinion, a good sign.
| | + 85871 [neoneye adsl] You are welcome to use 'iterator.rb' in RDSL.. However 'iterator.rb' are
| | + 85964 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| |   85972 [decoux moulo] yes,
| |   86021 [surrender_it] where  did 'svg%' go ? ;)
| |   86120 [neoneye adsl] also, what happened to 'pigeon>'  ?
| |   86194 [martindemell] poisoned in the park?
| + 85884 [neoneye adsl] true
+ 86241 [neoneye adsl] iterator 0.2, just released.
  86245 [transami run] I haven't tried but I've been eyeing it -- wanting to see what it can do. Can
  86249 [neoneye adsl] Ruby's block concept has enormous power. The following examples

^ (repost) Support for arbitrary iterators in Enumerable?
85822 [emmanuel.tou] it's a bit of an old mail from somebody else i'm sending again (2 oct
85824 [decoux moulo] enumerator in 1.8.1

^ Dynamic typing good practices?
85833 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Once again I have seen a long thread on Dynamic vs Static typing.
85839 [martindemell] What I find dynamic languages like Ruby help with is an aggressive

^ A question about Charsets
85843 [news01 eric-] in a new application i have to read dBase III Files which were generated
85926 [ jupp gmx.de] Map each Byte to the corresponding one using a hash. You need the
85967 [news01 eric-] That's the way i do it now, but it's slow :-(
86023 [ jupp gmx.de] When I find my code in tons of trouble, friends and collegues come to

^ Threads falling apart
85855 [bob.news gmx] recently my NR often fails to put news threads together.  Is it just my NR
85857 [decoux moulo] Probably a problem with the gateway
86203 [dooby d10.ka] Right.  The format is valid but presents an edge case.

^ Partial Euphoric Type Checking
85886 [transami run] Greetings all Type Checkers!
+ 85891 [sean celsoft] In some ways, but it's written in Ruby, and it doesn't look like it can check
+ 85894 [ptkwt aracne] Why does Matz need to add any sugar?  You show how it can be done above.

^ New Type Checking System Idea
85888 [sean celsoft] Taking comments into consideration, a totally new approach strikes me
+ 85893 [STUCKNER MUL] Questions about your proposal
| 85897 [sean celsoft] I think the same way that methods are defined now.  The same syntax should
+ 85914 [transami run] sean could you put this on the garden wiki?
+ 85919 [greg puyo.cj] I like your idea, Sean, but it's too much effort! If it is onerous then
| 85922 [sean celsoft] Very funny.  =)
| + 85928 [austin halos] For all intents and purposes, there is no such thing as "compile-
| | 85929 [sean celsoft] I know, but for my purposes, I think of the point in which the bulk of a main
| | 85949 [austin halos] "Initialization"? "Interpretation"? I don't think that there is a
| | 85950 [sean celsoft] Okay Ziegler.
| + 85935 [greg puyo.cj] Gee, I wasn't trying to be funny. I really would be annoyed if I had to
|   85939 [sean celsoft] Oh, you didn't mean it?  Oops ... I saw a close resemblance between your code
|   85941 [greg puyo.cj] Ah, that wasn't clear in my email. Ruby must do something like that
|   85943 [sean celsoft] Internally, though, Ruby would store the interface information in its own way.
|   85945 [greg puyo.cj] I don't think they need to be checked off. Couldn't the "end" which
|   85946 [sean celsoft] Well, code can be called during class loading that might also inject new
|   85980 [greg puyo.cj] It occured to me on the bus today...
|   + 85986 [g intersect-] I see no reason why interfaces shouldn't provide methods themselves.  If
|   + 86001 [sean celsoft] Not in my proposal.  An interface is completely immutable.  For that exact
+ 85930 [g intersect-] Why?  Is there any reason that interfaces shouldn't be as mutable as
  85936 [greg puyo.cj] Oooh, how does it work?
  85982 [g intersect-] It's not perfect, but with a decent interface definition you're less

^ Ruby DBI Access
85901 [bharris pcci] charset="iso-8859-1"
86061 [kubo jiubao.] (I havn't use it. I just look at the codes.)

^ Marshalling delegates
85909 [elbows spamc] class Foo < SimpleDelegate
85942 [matz ruby-la] It's a bug in 1.8.0.  Soon to be fixed.  Thank you.

^ Re: "stereotyping" (was: Re: Strong Typing (Re: Managing metadata about attribute types) ) <Pine.LNX.4.44.0311201232390.4539-100000@ool-4355dfae.dyn.optonline.net>
85920 [ptkwt aracne] Well said and well thought-out.

^ RubyConf 2003 Presentations Posted
85947 [ryand-ruby z] In absolute record time (5 days compared to 3 months), rubyconf 2003
+ 85966 [robertm spel] Ryan
+ 86020 [surrender_it] thank you ! btw, where are the missing ones?
  86035 [rich infoeth] Hey now, that was only in my demo ;-)
  86037 [chad chadfow] Don't forget Rake!

^ Re: Partial Euphoric Type Checking (now Ducked!)
85948 [transami run] quack! quack! I added duck typing capability to my euphoric type checking

^ Re: Partial Euphoric Type Checking (Super Duck!?)
85952 [transami run] Now some for some rally crazy cross thought. First a complete interface
85957 [transami run] for some cross rally some thought crazy. ( read: i need a type system for my
85981 [chrismo clab] So we'd like the code we write to tell us when we've screwed up, but a typing system is basically not smart enough, because type alone does not determine functionality.
85987 [Peter.Vanbro] My view is that neither testing for the presence of a method with a
+ 85988 [austin halos] The thing that I fear is that the current proposals for Interface
| + 86040 [greg puyo.cj] I thought of that earlier when I read Sean's proposal however I
| + 86063 [Peter.Vanbro] I agree. But I would like to see more coming out of this meanwhile long
| | 86065 [Peter.Vanbro] Replace that "by keeping him on the true ruby path" by "by trying to keep
| + 86179 [charleshixsn] dbc contracts and unit tests are useful features.  Nothing now known
+ 86012 [aero6dof yah] One problem that I can see is that Optional Interface Check could
  + 86017 [sean celsoft] Most libraries only expect native Ruby types or their own types.  Rarely do
  + 86103 [Peter.Vanbro] As I see it now - for me it is certainly not a settled issue either -

^ continuations and clone problem
85969 [neoneye adsl] This class should convert internal-iterators to external-iterators.
85975 [decoux moulo] Try this (not tested)
85977 [neoneye adsl] Above partially solves it. However adding a position count, then it fully

^ just suggestion for working with list
85978 [transami run] 85901-85977+split-mode-vertical
86019 [surrender_it] and IMO it should be the default. horizonatl frame is quite unusable

^ Ripper (Ruby Language Parser) to be imported in the standard library?
85989 [surrender_it] I just read the blog from Jim Weirich about RC3 and discovered that
86056 [aamine lover] agreed.
+ 86058 [rich infoeth] Wonderful Minero!
| + 86073 [gsinclair so] Are you a (semi-)official gatekeeper for Ruby gems?  That'd be nice,
| + 86076 [martindemell] Is that still active? Nice to know! What's the current status, and is
|   86082 [chad chadfow] # > Wonderful Minero!
+ 86111 [surrender_it] hey, we can accept the #3 fact and have a party for the other two.

^ Steve Tuckner's presentation (Re: RubyConf 2003 Presentations Posted)
85995 [lists zara.6] Thanks a lot, Ryan.
85998 [STUCKNER MUL] The story behind Ruby World (Not) Implemented is that I had planned to work
86070 [lists zara.6] What were you trying to do in that thread? The "while true; end" part is

^ Interface checking
86009 [bg-rubytalk ] I've been skimming over the thousands of emails about "stereotyping" for
86014 [sean celsoft] Appeal to the negativity I've received while trying to help work through this

^ rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2
86013 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ named pipe problem on Win32
86041 [djberg96 yah] I'm trying to get a named-pipe module built for Ruby
86055 [phasis bclin] Probably you need more sleep :-)

^ Rubyists in Boulder?
86043 [matt technor] I've just been offerred a 12 month contract in Boulder, Colorado so I'd
+ 86048 [djberg96 yah] Boulder, >Colorado so I'd like to get in touch with
+ 86059 [ahoward ngdc] i'm here in boulder.
+ 86153 [vor_lord NOS] There are a half handful of us in Fort Collins (not too far).
  86255 [emschwar pob] I hang my hat in Loveland, but work in Ft. C.

^ Method combination
86047 [rpav mephle.] Lisp has (call-next-method &rest args) used in method combination...
86086 [decoux moulo] In CLOS the type of the method determine where call-next-method can be

^ Operator precedence -- a thought question
86064 [hal9000 hype] Hypothetically, suppose one wanted to introduce a new operator into
+ 86066 [lyle knology] In true Ruby spirit, how about picking the precedence which is least
+ 86067 [dossy panopt] Arbitrarily.
+ 86115 [surrender_it] mh.. I think you should go with the precedence it has in another