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^ Ruby/OpenSSL bug?
84994 [nathaniel NO] The following program hangs indefinitely, blocking the whole script. I would
85024 [gotoyuzo not] Handshake of SSL needs exchange of some messages, but
+ 85025 [gotoyuzo not] Though I tried to test it, it didn't work ;)
+ 85026 [nathaniel NO] Bummer. :(

^ Re: Only one fault per operation?
84996 [nakahiro sar] Thank you for the report.  Summary: It's a bug of SOAP4R.  I'll fix it
84999 [nakahiro sar] Fixed in the CVS of soap4r.  Can you try the latest version

^ (none)
85000 [zdennis mkte] I'm having bind problems with TkRoot. I want to detect a window resize. Here
85001 [nagai ai.kyu] (none)

^ Kernek#y prints \n
85002 [transami run] strange...
85005 [dblack wobbl] It's just the way it's representing the output.  I think you'll find
85006 [transami run] oh yes. that works fine. but why would y not "represent" the \n for what it is rather then print it literally? that seems to make y of litlle use, or is there a specific reason for this behavior? and is there a simple work around?
85012 [transami run] no, there must be something wrong because Kernel#y is doing almost exactly the same thing as Kernel#p and what would be the point of that?........

^ Re:
85003 [zdennis mkte] I am running
85004 [nagai ai.kyu] Maybe your problem depends on "Tcl/Tk's vwait problem".
85007 [zdennis mkte] It's late I think I am thinking off base at the moment. Thanks for your help

^ problems with rb_str_split()
85009 [ian caliban.] const char *comma_sp = ", ";
85011 [decoux moulo] ...
85036 [ian caliban.] [ianmacd@jiskefet]$ ruby -raa -wve 1
85037 [decoux moulo] ...
85038 [ian caliban.] So, it was just a bug in 1.8.0? Unfortunately, that's still the latest
85040 [decoux moulo] ...
85041 [ian caliban.] That's a nice way around the problem.
85042 [decoux moulo] ...

^ can't flush print when download open-uri
85010 [transami run] I'm confused. why won't this print? I tried flushing the $defout and $stdout as well as the source_file_io, but that doesn't work either.
+ 85071 [transami run] downloading file with open_uri and can't flush print to report download progress.
| + 85072 [billk cts.co] Have you tried stdout.sync = true ?
| | 85073 [transami run] downloading file with open_uri and can't flush print to report download progress.
| | + 85074 [transami run] Yep. Dosen't work either. Thanks though. Boy is this frustrating. There must be a simple way to do this.
| | | 85076 [billk cts.co] Hmm... Well I only have a bunch of questions then :)
| | + 85077 [walker letha] STDOUT.flush
| + 85078 [gsinclair so] I doubt it has anything to do with open-uri.  Try STDOUT.flush after
|   + 85079 [transami run] linux, 1.8, standalone
|   + 85293 [nobu.nokada ] "\c" means Control key modifier, that is "\ca" is equivalent to
+ 85250 [bob.news gmx] Maybe it's because you didn't terminate with "\n".

^ Duck Typing and Object Hashish
85013 [transami run] Been doing a little mail archive reading on Duck Typing, spurred on by Why!'s "What's Shiny and New Ruby 1.8.0" http://whytheluckystiff.net/articles/2003/08/04/rubyOneEightOh . And, of course, i've also been using Yaml, a lot. And then there was something Why! mentioned about procs becomeing more like methods and ... well, it got me thinking...
85021 [djd15 po.cwr] Duck typing is essentially dynamic typing.
+ 85027 [transami run] Thanks for trying bud! :)  But I understand duck types.
| + 85028 [glv vanderbu] ...
| | 85030 [transami run] that's very interesting. i'll have to take a look at Self.
| + 85032 [djd15 po.cwr] Heh, sorry. I'm too used to questions about what it is appearing here,
| + 85264 [samuel thoug] In fact, Class is a subclass of Module.  The added code for making
+ 85271 [dhtapp cox.n] ...

^ Help Compiling Ruby 1.8.1
85014 [zdennis mkte] Things aren't going so well with Ruby's 1.8.1 source and VisualStudio6. Once
85016 [nobu.nokada ] You have to specify DESTDIR as absolute path.
85018 [zdennis mkte] Ok, I moved over to Borland( because it's free ) and I can't get the
85019 [nobu.nokada ] Hmmm, do you set TEMP environment variable?
85020 [zdennis mkte] Yes I do, I have one for my user profile and one for the system environment.
85022 [zdennis mkte] Ok...got it to get past that point!! There should be a disclaimer that you
85023 [zdennis mkte] Ok. I see the usage in the example in the README file. Can't believe I

^ Re: Object Hashish (oops! forgot to proc)
85015 [transami run] i fogot a few procs in that last part. (like you noticed)

^ There's a RubyForge IRC channel now...
85017 [tom infoethe] ...thanks to Harry Vangberg for the suggestion.  It's on
+ 85035 [gsinclair so] That's interesting.  What's the, er, charter of the channel?
| + 85044 [tom infoethe] Just a place for folks to suggest things for RubyForge, ask questions,
| | 85052 [bg-rubytalk ] Ugh.  It's "voila", French for "there it is".
| | + 85053 [tom infoethe] Yup, I think I was aiming for something along the lines of Sesame
| | + 85055 [hal9000 hype] Or as a friend of mine used to say: "Viola!"
| |   85056 [michael_s_ca] I almost hesitate to admit this, but a family(-in law) member of mine
| |   85057 [hal9000 hype] And for dessert, a Cello Pudding Pop?
| |   85058 [tom infoethe] As my Dad always says - "There's a vast [pronounced with a long 'a']
| + 85267 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Sinclair" <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   85312 [tom infoethe] I figured it'd just be a place where folks could pop in and suggest things,
+ 85257 [lyle users.s] I hate to ask a dumb question, but what is its purpose (i.e. how does it

^ Raising Excepitons
85031 [ws johnwlong] raise "custom error message"
85033 [david.naseby] Your testing example was good, and similarly, it also aids in debugging down
+ 85046 [gfb tonesoft] It is also convenient to define your own exception, even without any
+ 85265 [bob.news gmx] "David Naseby" <david.naseby@eonesolutions.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ BCC32 under win environment
85039 [zdennis mkte] Has anyone compiled ruby with bcc32 under a windows environment( preferably
85290 [spam fakeadd] Zach,
85350 [zdennis mkte] Mark,

^ ruby-lang web site & ie
85045 [chr_news gmx] web site. It look just fine under windows with mozilla (firebird)
85047 [dcarrera mat] So you are suggesting that we put up a link to the Mozilla website?
+ 85049 [wmoxam klick] The site looks the same to me in both IE and Mozilla Firebird ....
| + 85050 [robertm spel] web site. It look just fine under windows with mozilla (firebird)
| + 85273 [NewGroups nt] <wmoxam@klickit.com> writes
+ 85060 [chr_mail gmx] ...
  + 85061 [michael_s_ca] I don't get that strange cell offset your screenshot shows on my IE
  | 85062 [Peter.Vanbro] It looks OK for me on both IE and FireBird. But if I change the
  | 85065 [chr_mail gmx] You are right -  I actually mused about that it might have
  + 85064 [dcarrera mat] Clearly IE is not ready for the desktop.
    85490 [drbrain segm] =20
    + 85491 [dcarrera mat] <topic="absolute positioning" />
    + 85500 [chr_mail gmx] Well at least as long as you are not using IE and too much

^ Problem with exception class and instance vars
85048 [Patrick.Benn] I'm having problems with my Ruby module.
85051 [decoux moulo] ...
85059 [Patrick.Benn] Ah-ha! (or, Doh!)  I had defined my 'get' methods with the wrong

^ modify a frozen object
85054 [elathan phys] stress.rb:11:in `Get': can't modify frozen object (TypeError)

^ [Slightly OT] Re: Book -Code Generation in Action  51%OFF
85063 [kent zerosph] Got mine yesterday; great price, great book.  Very cool use of Ruby, too

^ tkdialog wrapper problem
85066 [ferenc engar] As many of my messages are sent to the newgroup, and didn't reach the
85086 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your report.
85131 [ferenc engar] By all means, thanks a lot! :-))) Anyway, it look like a bit
85320 [nagai ai.kyu] Please tell me the incompatible case.

^ tix8.1 wrapper for ruby?
85067 [ferenc engar] I was looking for tk extension wrappers, and found the tcltk-ext package
85087 [nagai ai.kyu] If you get Tix.rb and Tix.inf, Please ignore those error messages.
85132 [ferenc engar] I get none. But I am happy to hear that this project is not dead... :)

^ Re: Need some addition in Ruby/Tk
85068 [ferenc engar] have something to say about it I think to make real life applications
85088 [nagai ai.kyu] Why don't you create your Tkcombobox class?
85130 [ferenc engar] Well, with proficient look-and-feel and proper bindings (both on
85139 [decoux moulo] ...

^ General Purpose Transactions
85069 [transami run] I was writing a piece a code where I needed to change a few object attributes, call a method, then reset those attributes to what they were. And it occured to me that it might be nice to have general purpose tranactions.
+ 85070 [gsinclair so] Austin Ziegler's Transaction::Simple will help, with slightly
+ 85275 [ahoward ngdc] begin

^ Internet access at Ruby conference
85075 [ian caliban.] Does anyone know whether there will be (non-dial-up) Internet access
85083 [joey joeygib] I'm at the hotel now and there is no high speed access in the rooms. I

^ Re: can't flush I know why, but no fix
85080 [transami run] I figured out why it won't work. i'm using 1.8's open_uri to retrieve the url with open(url). as soon as this executes everything stops until it downloads the whole file! it isn't a real IO. blah! that stinks. not i wonder if net/http and net/ftp do the same since that's what oprn_uri is based on. if so then means i might have to get down to the socket level just to do a progess reported download. frig'n wonderful!
+ 85081 [harryo qiqso] Sorry, I don't know of any code snippets you could use as a starting point.
+ 85085 [gsinclair so] net/ftp allows you to download a file a bit at a time.  Dunno about
  85089 [transami run] require 'open_uri'
  85093 [austin halos] Create a patch file (diff -u, I think) and post it to ruby-core, along with
  85099 [transami run] thanks austin,
  + 85110 [transami run] hey i became member of core! and i even helped contribute. damn that feels good! :)
  + 85117 [austin halos] Send it directly to me and I'll post it to -core on your behalf.

^ Singletons and Marshalling
85082 [charleshixsn] Does anyone know how singleton's and marshalling interact?
+ 85084 [austin halos] I suggest you look at NodeDump; it will handle dumping classes and, I guess,
| 85092 [austin halos] I misremembered: NodeWrap.
+ 85090 [chr_mail gmx] /Christoph
  85098 [charleshixsn] That sure *looks* good.  It looks as if with only quite minor changes it

^ file-backed array of classes?
85091 [rasputin ido] I was looking at prototyping a write once file service, a bit like
+ 85094 [nml fjserv.n] Have you considered PStore in the standard library?
+ 85280 [bob.news gmx] "Rasputin" <rasputin@idoru.mine.nu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 85286 [qj5nd7l02 sn] record-based file IO, can you explain further?

^ utf8 -> latin2
85095 [bsanyi sunse] How can I convert utf-8 encoded strings to latin-2?
85096 [wjl icecaver] require 'iconv'

^ substring: to the end of the string
85097 [kgergely mla] Is there any easiest way to get the substring starting from the 3rd
+ 85100 [gsinclair so] Seems quite even to me :)
| + 85282 [linse428 stu] I do, but I have no good solution to the problem.
| + 85472 [kgergely mla] Yes, it should :) What about 3..INF here?
+ 85101 [rodrigo.berm] class String
| + 85102 [djd15 po.cwr] class String
| + 85103 [gsinclair so] = >> "56"
| + 85118 [austin halos] As Gavin pointed out, regexen are overkill here. However, the
|   85315 [nobu.nokada ] Another syntax sugar,
+ 85127 [ jupp gmx.de] Besids 'get used to -1'? Well, here's some extension to 'String'. I
| + 85274 [qj5nd7l02 sn] Maybe some destructive versions of the above methods could be useful?
| + 85284 [qj5nd7l02 sn] [snip class String extension]
+ 85279 [bob.news gmx] "KONTRA Gergely" <kgergely@mlabdial.hit.bme.hu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 85300 [jlsysinc NOS] ...
| 85326 [austin halos] This has to do with how Ruby views indices on arrays and array-like
+ 85308 [bdelmee adva] The idiom in python is str[3:]
| 85303 [bdelmee adva] Oops - wrong NG, my bad ;-)
+ 85501 [  jd ods.org] I typically use str[3..str.length].. It's probably slower, but it looks a

^ Microsoft's C/C++ compiler freely available
85104 [nathaniel NO] Thought this might be interesting to those stuck on win32...
+ 85105 [zdennis mkte] Very cool! Thank you for posting.
+ 85106 [dcarrera mat] Why would you want to use Microsoft's C/C++ compiler when gcc is
| + 85107 [zdennis mkte] GCC on a win32 platform?
| | 85108 [dcarrera mat] Yes.
| | 85109 [gour mail.in] And with MSYS you get practically the same comfort as on Linux i.e.
| + 85116 [nathaniel NO] - Ease of setup. I've tried to use Mingw before, and found it to be a
| | + 85124 [batsman.geo ] I have been compiling extensions with Mingw and using them with Andy's
| | + 85135 [dcarrera mat] Thank you for the disclaimer.
| |   + 85150 [chris m-audi] That may not be difficult. Historically, Unix vendor compilers have
| |   | 85153 [dcarrera mat] Well, I love it.  It makes good code, fairly fast, not too large, it
| |   | 85157 [Ephaeton gmx] Okay, we're getting way OT here..
| |   + 86099 [roberto REMO] That's true except for code quality. The proprietary compilers on Sun,
| + 86100 [bjsp123 imap] A better question these days might be:  why would you want to use
|   86220 [invalid see-] Because C/C++ are both platform-independent?
|   86264 [ jupp gmx.de] C# is platform-independent, too. Microsoft's C# compiler is not the
+ 85120 [xchookx mail] ...
+ 85281 [_no-spam_use] ...
| 85359 [djberge qwes] I think the discussion I've read so far of MS VC++ vs gcc misses the
| 85368 [gour mail.in] Small correction. You don't need cygwin to use MinGW. It works nicely with
+ 89148 [kgergely mla] What? I need about 600 Megs to install that damned compiler? Any liter

^ def
85111 [transami run] what is this def?
+ 85112 [vjoel PATH.B] It is a special form. Or, to paraphrase the Gateless Gate,
+ 85115 [chad chadfow] # what is this def?
| + 85121 [transami run] i ask b/c i was thinking it would be good if def actually returned a value, i.e. the symbol of the method being defined.
| | 85125 [batsman.geo ] heh
| | 85128 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
| | + 85295 [surrender_it] the last message from matz was
| | + 85369 [jweirich one] In the RubyConf keynote talk, Matz indicated that Ruby 2.0 would return
| + 85144 [ jupp gmx.de] Just for clarification: That is "no" as in "No, it really isn't", not
+ 85277 [surrender_it] a keyword?
  85370 [jweirich one] I'm thinking that Ruby should accept any method that is a one-character

^ array -> list
85113 [wybo servaly] Is there a way to convert an array to a (parameter-)list?
+ 85114 [decoux moulo] ...
| 85145 [wybo servaly] Great! That's just what I was looking for;
+ 85292 [surrender_it] just use a * just before an array to make it a list of parameters.
+ 85298 [fred_w wtal.] Do you mean          *anArray            ?

^ creating install.rb
85119 [khindenburg ] Is there a standard way to create an install.rb?
+ 85123 [m_libby ands] * setup.rb (also at http://i.loveruby.net/en/setup.html) --
+ 85302 [ptkwt aracne] ...

^ Chromeless Windows EXE
85122 [rich lithino] IO.popen("gui.exe")

^ rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1
85126 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ eRuby and URL rewriting
85129 [orion2480 ho] I am in the process of doing some web page authoring using eRuby.
85343 [rasputin ido] use CGI.rb for that kind of thing, it plays nicely with eruby.
85352 [rodrigo.berm] require 'cgi'
+ 85396 [emschwar pob] irb(main):002:0> cgi.query_string.split("&").each {|x| p x }
| 85397 [rodrigo.berm] Yeah a mistake...I'm not as cleaver as irb   =)
| 85407 [ng johnwlong] Because it is possible to specify more than one value for param either in
+ 85448 [rasputin ido] See below for an rhtml file

^ why Tk* classes are freezed?
85133 [ferenc engar] I just wonder why the Tk* classes are freezed? If I can change, say,
85136 [decoux moulo] ...
85140 [ferenc engar] fery@domesticus:~$ ruby -rtk -e 'p Tk.frozen?,TkButton.frozen?'
85319 [nagai ai.kyu] Sorry. Those are debris. Already those were removed.

^ updating a File
85137 [afan_shah ya] ...
85138 [decoux moulo] ...

^ [ANN] ruby-lisp-0.1
85141 [ruby-talk pc] ruby-lisp-0.1 is Released!

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2-0.8.0
85142 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GNOME2-0.8.0 is out. Enjoy!

^ Ruby Rite news live from Rubyconf 2003
85143 [vruz ruby-es] Chad Fowler has been reporting live from the
85296 [qj5nd7l02 sn] Great news.

^ Local Variable Scope in Ruby2
85146 [Gavri_F info] I was going through matz's slides from the Ruby Conference 2003, and was checking out what the slides claimed was the most regrettable behaviour in ruby, namely that in the following code,
+ 85149 [mneumann nte] Simple rule (Ruby 2.0): Block parameters are local to the block,
| 85152 [harryo qiqso] So, with the new semantics, how do we do things like ...
| + 85154 [mneumann nte] This will work exactly the same way as in Ruby 1.8. The assignment
| | 85156 [harryo qiqso] Ah!  Thanks Michael.  I completely misread Matz's slide.
| + 85339 [gsinclair so] a = (1..10).each do |n|
+ 85297 [surrender_it] the point is that you don't need to explicitly use a declaration of a
  85329 [Gavri_F info] does this mean that i can include whatever local variables (local to