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^ Book -Code Generation in Action  51%OFF
84801 [rodrigo.berm] A good buy !

^ Regexps Profiling
84805 [xchookx mail] I was recently using module 'profile' to profile code, that used Regexps. It

^ Updating path in windows - SOLVED
84807 [harryo qiqso] Yes!
84817 [nobu.nokada ] I don't guess it is possible to get them from DLL.  Try
84820 [harryo qiqso] Wow!  There's a lot of stuff in there!
84821 [nobu.nokada ] Fundamentally, files you need should be under win32 directory.
84822 [harryo qiqso] Ah!
84825 [nobu.nokada ] Already, but it's not me, by MoonWolf.

^ mysql-ruby on cygwin
84811 [steven.jenki] As the subject says.

^ WSDL parse failure (ruby 1.8.1-preview2, soap4r-1_5_1)
84813 [marick testi] The Ruby wsdl library doesn't seem to be able to parse the
84815 [nakahiro sar] Thank you for the report.  My fault.  I redefined "arrayType" in
84849 [marick testi] Thank you very much. It worked fine.
84853 [Mark.Volkman] I'm looking forward to reading your article!

^ rlex and ryacc
84824 [luke madstop] I'm just cutting my teeth on ruby, after a long time with perl as a
+ 84836 [jim freeze.o] I have used racc successfully on a project and did not have a problem
| + 84874 [luke madstop] Okay, I'm trying to use that, and I can't even get that far.  What did you
| + 84877 [luke madstop] Okay, just to summarize...
| | 84890 [aamine lover] I'm using StringScanner (strscan).  It is NOT a lexer generator,
| | + 84891 [aamine lover] StringScanner is bundled with ruby 1.8.
| | + 85159 [ptkwt aracne] Why not bundle a lexer with racc?
| |   85520 [aamine lover] Because strscan comes with ruby 1.8.  Maintaining same package
| + 84941 [gesekus se.d] Had the same problems, but made a patch for rlex. It works for me,
+ 84838 [jim freeze.o] Oops, missed that question. Racc is LALR(1).

^ ReRe: Re: Bye-bye
84832 [Robert.Koepf] Ouua, you're suggesting so many languages.

^ Trying to RDoc Ruby 1.8.0
84835 [jonas.li che] I have been trying to run RDoc on the source distribution of Ruby 1.8.0.
84839 [dave pragpro] Let me look at this when I get back off the road.

^ get line numbers in  REXML'S StreamListener
84837 [Robert.Koepf] I'm using the StreamListener Mix-In from REXML to parse a file.

^ Type checking in Ruby (StrongTyping alternative).
84841 [eivind FreeB] Please keep me in the Cc: list - I'm not subscribed to the mailing

^ [ANN] FreeRIDE 0.6.0 Final Released!
84843 [curt hibbs.c] Version 0.6.0 of FreeRIDE has been released and is available for download!
85162 [llothar web.] Does the debugger normally work on Win32 ? I ask because on my system
85164 [surrender_it] still not, I'm afraid :(
85242 [NOSPAMcs96an] Any idea when this will be working?  This is the only thing preventing
+ 85246 [surrender_it] Not so soon, I'm afraid.
| 85317 [curt hibbs.c] Yes, if anyone has the time and interest to help solve this problem it would
+ 85309 [joey joeygib] If you need a debugger, the RDT project for Eclipse works pretty well. I

^ Power of Interpreted Languages
84845 [transami run] Some general questiosn concerning interpreted lanaguages (and their JIT couterparts).
84846 [thomas_adam1] Not this tired old refrain again.... Every task has a purpose, so it
+ 84848 [aredridel nb] A counter-argument: Look at SawFish.  It's critical sections are written
+ 84860 [dave pragpro] Andy and I've written an X-11 window manager, mostly in Ruby...
  84862 [ng johnwlong] Wow. Can we download it somewhere?
  84865 [dave pragpro] Sorry - it was for a client (and it was fairly specialized: it was

^ Long-running daemon acquiring giant memory footprint
84847 [  jd ods.org] I have written a long-running daemon in ruby to handle dynamic DNS updates.
+ 84850 [luke madstop] The last time this happened to me it was because I had a member of a hash
| + 84871 [batsman.geo ] Ruby does mark&sweep, not reference counting; I thus fail to see why
| + 85360 [  jd ods.org] Luke,
|   85361 [luke madstop] Yep, that's exactly what I'm referring to.  If you undef your local copy
|   + 85362 [  jd ods.org] nsEntryId = nsEntryId[0][0].dup would take care of the problem?  Or just
|   | 85363 [luke madstop] Um, I don't really know.  I can't think of a generally good reason to have
|   + 85364 [bob.news gmx] "Luke A. Kanies" <luke@madstop.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     85406 [  jd ods.org] Greetings,
|     + 85417 [bob.news gmx] "Jason DiCioccio" <jd@ods.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     | 85449 [  jd ods.org] Robert,
|     | 85458 [bob.news gmx] "Jason DiCioccio" <jd@ods.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     + 85424 [decoux moulo] Well, if you can, try to reproduce the problem with a *small* script and
+ 84851 [vjoel PATH.B] If the 200MB is used by objects that are still known to the interpreter
  84892 [  jd ods.org] I had a lot of hope for this method when I first tried it out.
  84967 [  jd ods.org] Hmm.. So since my memory problem does not appear to be in ruby's object

^ Segfault in Ruby/ODBC
84854 [nathaniel NO] My program is causing a segfault under load, and while I'm going to dig in
+ 84897 [nagai ai.kyu] I don't know Ruby/ODBC, but I think that your trouble is similar
| 84906 [nathaniel NO] - How do I use the --with-pthread-ext configure option?
| 84911 [nagai ai.kyu] When enable '--with-pthread-ext', for example, 'pthread_mutex_lock'
+ 84905 [nathaniel NO] OK, I have better data now. First of all, I have a small program that will
  84907 [decoux moulo] If I'm right the problem is not in ruby but in do_fetch() (memory
  84908 [nathaniel NO] I never thought it was in Ruby... I'll dig in to do_fetch and see if I can
  84922 [nathaniel NO] OK, I'm pretty sure I've fixed the problem... for anyone who's interested,

^ process .wav file?
84855 [mrmrmr50 yah] I would like to play a very short sound effect( .wav
84856 [billk cts.co] Have a look at: http://www.ruby-talk.org/55423
+ 84857 [jolsen mail2] You can play it with the snack toolkit - which now has Ruby bindings
+ 84864 [mrmrmr50 yah] Sorry I should have specified linux platform
  + 84867 [kapheine hyp] It won't be very cross-platform, but since it is a wav, you can just
  + 84872 [billk cts.co] code awhile back to parse WAV files and read/write the

^ Strong Typing (Re: Managing metadata about attribute types)
84861 [ng johnwlong] Ryan,
84863 [rpav mephle.] The problem is people seem to think that "implements String behavior"
85206 [elbows spamc] I think in the ruby world, when people say "implements String
85211 [tvuong comca] I'm not sure that attributing people in the ruby world really means
+ 85367 [kusunose hcn] Sometimes, the latter is better.
| 85409 [tvuong comca] Definitely.  I could see much good use of it.
+ 85371 [dblack wobbl] The system you're describing -- one-to-one, immutable mapping of

^ Need some addition in Ruby/Tk
84868 [sabymus redi] charset=iso-8859-1
+ 84898 [nagai ai.kyu] Which one do you talk about? There are some kinds of Ruby/Tk samples
| 84899 [ ts pstu.edu] It'll be nice to use something like
+ 86097 [nagai ai.kyu] I added new 4 sample scripts to CVS.

^ spambayes in ruby, anyone?
84869 [botp delmont] anyone doing something similar in ruby? this is killer app as far as ms
84875 [austin halos] There are a few Ruby bayesian filtering solutions, but none of them are set

^ SOAP4R throws exception on copyright character
84876 [marick testi] Lots of web pages contain copyright characters (not &copy; but
84880 [nakahiro sar] GoogleAPI returns "\xc2\xa9" sequence in utf-8 format.  Can you try this?
84896 [marick testi] Once again, you have saved me. Thank you.

^ ruby-mode indent frustration
84883 [nspring cs.w] I am used to c-mode indents and I find ruby-mode.el's indenting
84889 [jonas.li che] I agree with you about ruby-mode's indenting being frustrating. I think
84913 [ruby-talk pc] perhaps switch to Vim and use its great Ruby indenting facilities?

^ [BUG] :""[] segfaults Ruby
84893 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
84894 [nobu.nokada ] Thank you for the report.  Fixed now.

^ Re: 1.8.1 preview2
84895 [deicher sand] It compiled on an Alpha running OpenBSD 3.4

^ Antwort: Re: Power of Interpreted Languages
84900 [Robert.Koepf] Ohyea
84914 [aredridel nb] MUD, yes, first person shooter? Probably not without coding critical
84917 [walker deafc] I see no reason Ruby can't be a good gaming platform for even graphic-intense games. All it really needs is a /well polished/ game to pave the way. Perl has Frozen Bubble. Python has PyDance... etc.
84920 [sean celsoft] There is more to a game than graphics routines.  Animations, networking,

^ Power of Interpreted Languages
84901 [transami run] Depends on the game, of course.
+ 84902 [andrew walro] Absolutely. I'm working on a massive multiplayer game which has it's own
| 85190 [gruby sysarc] Can someone expound on this? Are there problems using ruby in commercial products?
| 85193 [qj5nd7l02 sn] Ruby's regexp engine has a GPL license.
| 85378 [batsman.geo ] LGPL, a bit nicer for commercial uses
| 85391 [qj5nd7l02 sn] Sorry, it wasn't on purpose.. :-)
+ 85169 [qj5nd7l02 sn] I have made a tiny Tetris game using Ruby SDL (271 lines of code).

^ Regexp#=~ under CGI (was: Re: Opening Net::HTTP from mod_ruby script)
84903 [d.borodaenko] I've locked this down to Regexp#=~ under CGI, not necessarily under

^ compiling ruby 1.8.1 (mingw)
84904 [kgergely mla] ./configure --prefix=/d/programs/ruby-mingw
+ 84910 [chr_mail gmx] I had similar problems when using the mingw+mysys environment.
| 84915 [kgergely mla] Neither of them solves my problem ;-(
+ 84916 [gour mail.in] I always compile everything with --prefix=/mingw where /mingw --> c:\MinGW i.e.
+ 84936 [nobu.nokada ] ./configure --prefix=d:/programs/ruby-mingw

^ Mac OS X Panther FTP problem
84909 [ggirton mac.] Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3 Panther has caused my ruby ftp script

^ Gateway  News-ML is still broken
84912 [chr_news gmx] I just wanted to remind mailing list (only) people that
84923 [dave pragpro] I sent the scripts out to someone, hoping they'd be able to do it. I
+ 84924 [dennis sgi-p] I could do that, our newsfeed is very stable. The only problem is that I have
| 85291 [dennis penth] Gateway is now up and running, everything's look fine so far.
| + 85334 [bob.news gmx] "Dennis Oelkers" <dennis@penthesilea.zrz.tu-berlin.de> schrieb im
| + 85383 [ jupp gmx.de] First I was wondering why my POP3 inbox was about twice as big as
+ 85230 [rjp frottage] Oops, sorry, I'll get on it.  Mea culpa.

^ debugging ruby extensions
84918 [elathan phys] Is there a handy function to display messages to stdout/sterr inside
85214 [lyle users.s] How about fprintf()? ;)
84919 [elathan phys] Thank you. It is what I wanted. I just found Check_Type()

^ Ruby/Tk Some Basic Questions
84921 [zdennis mkte] I'm playing with Ruby/Tk and I've got the Perl/Tk book and some other
84930 [nagai ai.kyu] TkWindow class is an abstract class.
84962 [david.dandre] What is an abstract class?
+ 84965 [zdennis mkte] I think that is a good question!!
| 84968 [david.dandre] I got this reply from Lyle Johnson (thanks), so just in case anyone
+ 84997 [nagai ai.kyu] Sorry. I'll have to say it differently.
+ 85244 [lyle users.s] Yes, your guess is correct. Abstract base classes are never themselves

^ IO.readlines bug? (1.6.8 vs 1.8.1)
84925 [djberge qwes] Ruby 1.6.8 (32 bit) / 1.8.1 (64 bit) on Solaris 9
84929 [matz ruby-la] It should be.  Since it works completely on my machine, it must be a
+ 84934 [sunshine sun] I tested on the SourceForge CompileFarm Solaris machine and was _not_ able
+ 84942 [decoux moulo] If I'm right the bug is in the part
  84947 [matz ruby-la] Bingo.  Thank you for finding it before 1.8.2.  I will fix it soon.

^ [SemiOT] Humorous link
84926 [hal9000 hype] Why isn't Matz here?  :)
84927 [dcarrera mat] I got a 7.  Not bad.
85222 [me privacy.c] I got a 7 too.
85254 [invalid see-] I got a 9 :-)

^ SOAP4r sequences and authentication
84928 [martins aard] I've been asked to generate a SOAP client for a J2EE project. I've been
84931 [nakahiro sar] Hmm.  It seems that the wsdl uses for literal encoding(no encoding).

^ macros
84932 [transami run] has anyone given any thought to having macros in ruby?
+ 84933 [sdmitry lrn.] snipped
+ 84935 [djd15 po.cwr] As for this question, people have talked about macros in the past.
| 84937 [ng johnwlong] Ruby isn't a compiled language so you wouldn't gain a whole lot with some
| 84938 [transami run] limited, but would work in one case. thanks!
+ 84966 [ jupp gmx.de] $ cat trick_rb.c
  85247 [cyclists nc.] If you're going to go _that_ route, why not use M4?
  85263 [ jupp gmx.de] I don't know if M4 is available for all platforms that are supported
  85379 [batsman.geo ] it could have been cross-compiled ;-)
  85395 [ jupp gmx.de] [Jupp, sitting at his computer]
  85474 [batsman.geo ] If there might be no compiler, you cannot know *for sure* ;)
  85482 [mneumann nte] DJGPP is another DOS compiler (to be fair, DOS+DPMI). I've seen Ruby
  85530 [eban os.rim.] eban

^ libldap-ruby with TLS connection
84939 [bsanyi sunse] Has anybody any experience with libldap-ruby?  There's an
85043 [ttate ttsky.] Use the class SSLConn.

^ Patch for lib/test/unit/ui/gtk/testrunner.rb
84943 [mneumann nte] In Ruby-1.8.1 and before, lib/test/unit/ui/gtk/testrunner.rb contains
84950 [nathaniel NO] Thankfully Nobu had already fixed the errors. Thanks Nobu!
84952 [mneumann nte] I've tested it on FreeBSD. It works. But sure, others should test it, too.
84953 [nathaniel NO] Sorry, didn't mean to imply you hadn't tested it... I just like verification
84956 [mneumann nte] Done. It works with Ruby 1.8 (not tested under 1.8.1).

^ to_s and locales in Gtk
84944 [mneumann nte] Using the Gtk test-runner some very strange errors happened during
84945 [matz ruby-la] Situation might change when you set LC_NUMERIC environment variable to
84949 [mneumann nte] Thanks! That works for running the Gtk test runner.

^ WSDL: Only one fault per operation?
84948 [oliver gol.c] I'm currently building a simple request-response style webservice using

^ ruby-dev summary 21833-21882
84951 [ksaito uranu] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list last week.
+ 84955 [nathaniel NO] Thanks to those who worked on this... it's great to have others contributing
+ 84957 [bg-rubytalk ] Hrm, well you could try "too many arguments", or be more specific and say
+ 84963 [pbrannan atd] How about "cannot pass block and default value to Array.new"?

^ i18n
84954 [kgergely mla] Are there any turorials how to internationalize a ruby program?
+ 84958 [curt hibbs.c] There is no standard way of which I am aware.
+ 84959 [laurent data] HTH,

^ Sending keystrokes to GUI applications
84961 [rcoutts envi] I'm trying to automate a Windows GUI application that has no command
84964 [rcoutts envi] After some more digging at Microsoft's web site, it seems I've answered

^ [ANN]  Web Publisher - Web Authoring Tool for Eclipse with Ruby Technorogies
84969 [hironori nar] I create web authoing tool for Eclipse Plug-in.
84970 [djberge qwes] Cool!
84972 [djberge qwes] Disregard - I'm missing a library (or three).  Sorry.
84976 [djberge qwes] Ok - still having problems.
84990 [hironori nar] Sorry, I'm not understand that cause.

^ Ruby/Tk Cursor Selection Question
84971 [zdennis mkte] I'm having problems determine where the last mouse click / button press /
84975 [zdennis mkte] Please ignore my last post, I found it! =)

^ Array#slice oddity...
84973 [galt gothpoo] It appears that if you use slice or slice! with a length argument, it
84974 [vjoel PATH.B] Shouldn't a[0] and a[0,1][0] return the same value?
84977 [galt gothpoo] That they do...
84978 [hal9000 hype] I think it depends on how far off the end of the
84987 [galt gothpoo] Just to clarify, "how far off the end" in this case seems to be
84988 [hal9000 hype] It has something to do with imagining a caret or cursor

^ Backslash substitution question
84979 [rcoutts envi] I'm having trouble with backslashes and I don't know what is wrong.  I
+ 84980 [hal9000 hype] This one works. You're getting confused by either irb
| 84985 [rcoutts envi] Thanks for all the help everybody and the quick turnaround, you've saved
| 84986 [hal9000 hype] The p method is similar to puts or print, but it invokes
+ 84981 [drbrain segm] Ruby maps between / and \ in filenames on win32 just fine, why not let
+ 84982 [dblack wobbl] Are you doing this in irb?  If so, you'll get a quoted and escaped
+ 84983 [rpav mephle.] In any ruby string literal, backslash escapes the next character.
  84984 [rpav mephle.] <basic obvious stuff>

^ Error Compile 1.8.0 and 1.8.1-pre2
84989 [transami run] I'm trying to compile they latest. But i'm getting a SEGMENTATION FAULT error.
84991 [nobu.nokada ] Could you show stack trace?
84992 [transami run] Sorry, I don't know much about compiling programs. How do I do what you are asking?
84993 [nobu.nokada ] Run miniruby from gdb or run "gdb miniruby core" after
84995 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, substitute gdb with debugger on your platform.
84998 [transami run] okay, i'm running Linux on an Athlon XP and i beleive i'm compiling for i686. (hmmm... have to check which version of gcc). specifically i'm using GoboLinux which has a non-standard FHS, but I am pretty certian that i've told it where everything is.
85008 [nobu.nokada ] Check `ulimit -c'.
85029 [transami run] took me a bit to get back to...
85034 [nobu.nokada ] # Unfortunately, I don't have enough time this month, and will
85134 [transami run] thank, truly, for the time you have given me! you seem a very giving spirit here. the world needs more people like you!
85310 [nobu.nokada ] Couldn't you run the crashing command from gdb?