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^ detecting if I am connected to a ISP
84010 [dragoncity i] graphic view of incoming mail headers, from
84064 [flifson cs.u] was connected I would run ifconfig and then parse the first line

^ 'unexpected return' caused by extension
84013 [nathaniel NO] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
84270 [matz ruby-la] It's a bug.  I fixed it in the latest CVS.

^ Bug in date.rb?
84019 [child t9.ds.] def <=> (other)
+ 66186 [matz ruby-la] Why do you want to compare date with nil, when nil <=> date raises
| 66201 [child t9.ds.] Because in this specific case I don't know whether this variable is
| 66203 [B.Candler po] I think that if foo <=> nil returned nil, it would have a number of
| + 66205 [ahoward fsl.] i often use
| + 83911 [ahoward fsl.] i often use
| + 84021 [ahoward fsl.] i often use
+ 66208 [matt lickey.] date.nil?
| + 66231 [child t9.ds.] I didn't know this method - thanks!
| + 83944 [child t9.ds.] I didn't know this method - thanks!
+ 84059 [matz ruby-la] Try newer version.

^ [ANN] xml-configfile 0.9.0
84020 [contact maik] Yo!

^ Associations
84023 [bob.news gmx] I'm pondering whether to start a module that does code generation for
+ 66214 [ahoward fsl.] this, combined with constraints and some itelligent errors, could be very
+ 83909 [ahoward fsl.] this, combined with constraints and some itelligent errors, could be very
+ 84025 [ahoward fsl.] this, combined with constraints and some itelligent errors, could be very
  + 66244 [bob.news gmx] "ahoward" <ahoward@fsl.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 83902 [bob.news gmx] "ahoward" <ahoward@fsl.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Prolly a simple question
84026 [ghost-no-spa] Sorry if these questions have come up before, but google searching hasn't
+ 66216 [ghost-no-spa] Question 2 already answered. Didn't see the previous post. My apologies.
+ 66219 [dcarrera mat] I don't quite undersatnd your question.  Could you elaborate?
| + 66226 [ghost-no-spa] I solved it in my script at least.
| + 83904 [ghost-no-spa] I solved it in my script at least.
| + 84030 [ghost-no-spa] I solved it in my script at least.
|   66230 [B.Candler po] Hmm, that doesn't do any decimal conversion, just byte ordering. Are you
|   + 66233 [ghost-no-spa] Actually, I think I was...lol :)
|   + 83943 [ghost-no-spa] Actually, I think I was...lol :)
+ 66220 [chrismo clab] irb(main):001:0> w = nil
| + 66224 [ghost-no-spa] Ok...this is weird, but irb doesn't do it on mine either. It must be
| + 83920 [ghost-no-spa] Ok...this is weird, but irb doesn't do it on mine either. It must be
| + 84031 [ghost-no-spa] Ok...this is weird, but irb doesn't do it on mine either. It must be
+ 66223 [whitton atla] Are you sure you tested the above snippit carefully? It works fine on my
+ 83915 [whitton atla] Are you sure you tested the above snippit carefully? It works fine on my
+ 83928 [ghost-no-spa] Question 2 already answered. Didn't see the previous post. My apologies.
+ 84027 [ghost-no-spa] Question 2 already answered. Didn't see the previous post. My apologies.
+ 84029 [whitton atla] Are you sure you tested the above snippit carefully? It works fine on my
+ 84036 [dblack super] Answering 2/3 of your questions :-)
| 84037 [dblack super] Whoops, that was a message from March I just replied to.  We're getting
+ 84039 [kingsley ice] 2) Most people hang out on freenode in #ruby-lang

^ Visual debugger
84038 [magnus aoeu.] Does it exist some kind of visual debugger (or frontend) to Ruby?
84045 [ph.bernard l] Unfortunately, it is still alpha and the debugger frontend is a bit
84046 [magnus aoeu.] Cool, thanks =3D)

^ mysql_num_rows equivalent for DBI?
84041 [bg-rubytalk ] Is there a database-independent way of finding out how many rows were
84042 [paul_vudmask] What i think you are looking for is recordset#rows -
84043 [bg-rubytalk ] irb(main):097:0> dbh.execute("SELECT Username FROM Users").fetch_all
+ 84044 [paul_vudmask] Certainly, it seems misleading...the page at kitebird
+ 84062 [mneumann nte] dbh.execute("SELECT Username FROM Users")['pg_row_count']
  84066 [bg-rubytalk ] Hmm, and there isn't a more general way of doing that, other than
  84067 [mneumann nte] Undoubtedly, this would be a quite useful feature.

^ Fwd: Debian package for jabber4r
84047 [idan idanso.] I'm attempting to contact Richard Kilmer, the upstream maintainer of jabber4r

^ Re: Debian package for jabber4r
84048 [rich infoeth] I am here...sorry for the delay in reply, I have been socked in work

^ splitting a line by columns
84049 [michael_s_ca] I have a line of text output in columnar form; what's the best way to split it
+ 84050 [gsinclair so] I'm not sure what you mean by columns, given your example.  Columns,
| 84061 [michael_s_ca] aaaaabbcccccddeee
+ 84055 [fxn hashref.] If the data is a fixed-width record String#unpack is a compact idiom,
| 84063 [michael_s_ca] Perfect, yes.  Thanks.
+ 84058 [dblack super] I think the main disadvantage of the above is that it's a bit awkward
+ 84068 [ jupp gmx.de] That's one of those 'it only takes n programmers to get n+1 results'

^ Problem building win32ole from the stable snapshot
84051 [yura opmr.co] Win2K
84053 [eban os.rim.] Applied.  Thanks.

^ Segmentation fault when using FXTable
84052 [yura opmr.co] Win2K

^ Ruby TDD
84054 [kingsley ice] When doing TDD if there is code that processes data,  that comes from a user -
84065 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I read this as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf at first, but

^ Newbie Class variable question
84056 [elathan phys] Forgive my newbie-ness.
84057 [decoux moulo] Yes, what you want is a class *instance* variable
84069 [elathan phys] Actually, I want an easy way to access a class variable from
+ 84071 [dblack super] class A
+ 84072 [elathan phys] Yes. It's on page 250.

^ RDoc and i18n
84060 [kubo jiubao.] Has anyone write code for RDoc I18n support described in the following
84249 [kubo jiubao.] I made a patch for it. The spec is different slightly.
+ 84256 [dave pragpro] I need to understand this patch.
| + 84258 [kubo jiubao.] Firstly, sorry I haven't read the discussion. I subscribed to
| + 84322 [austin halos] Is there a way that we can do external file support in rdoc? I was looking
|   84323 [dave pragpro] On the face of it, I'm not too keen on this kind of approach. The
|   84327 [austin halos] [edited because there's two different discussions]
|   + 84328 [dave pragpro] Would it be possible to come up with a specific example: I'm kinda slow
|   + 84337 [chad chadfow] # [edited because there's two different discussions]
|     84403 [austin halos] I think you were. I know that David Black was involved in the conversation,
+ 84257 [dave pragpro] I've added the alpha-list patch to the latest CVS.

^ XPath and HTML
84070 [dcorbin mach] Is there a library out there that let's me parse HTML and use XPath
84073 [chad chadfow] # Is there a library out there that let's me parse HTML and use XPath
84076 [dcorbin mach] Are you saying you parse it with HTML Parser2, and then use the XPath support
84078 [chad chadfow] # >
+ 84080 [harryo qiqso] I take it the need for putting ruby-htmltools in the middle is that generally HTML isn't clean XML? So, I take it the tools do things like turn "<br>" int "<br/>" and stick "</p>" at the end of paragraphs, that sort of thing?
+ 84081 [dcorbin mach] /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.6/rexml/child.rb:21:in `initialize': undefined
  84084 [chad chadfow] # >
  84097 [dcorbin mach] Something I'm trying to screen-scrape from an on-line dictionary.  It's not
  84098 [chad chadfow] # >

^ Ruby idiom for all matches in a string
84074 [dcorbin mach] What's the ruby idiom for all the matches in a string.
84075 [gsinclair so] /A(B+)/.match(x).captures
84077 [dblack super] That won't do it; it only gets the first one.  To get them all, you
84079 [gsinclair so] Ah yes, #scan.  You know, as much as I love #scan, it is probably the only

^ Getting incomplete reply from socket
84082 [gvaughn giga] I must be missing something. I'm still fairly new to ruby, so I
84087 [chad chadfow] #
84182 [gvaughn roug] I finally got a chance to give it a shot and it works much better.

^ rdoc template problem
84083 [vjoel PATH.B] Has anyone seen this?
84085 [dave pragpro] Could you e-mail me the source file that causes it to do this?
84090 [vjoel PATH.B] I reinstalled the recent version of rdoc, and the problem went away.

^ Web Testing with Ruby
84086 [chrismo clab] Just a quick announcement: a few of us out here in Ruby land, have
84088 [kapheine hyp] =20

^ mod_ruby and classes
84089 [ltg1022 hotm] I ask you for help because I don't understand why mod_ruby say me there's an

^ Ruby Tk and Print outs
84091 [sabymus redi] This is a multipart mime message
84094 [rodrigo.berm] You can have both versions on the same box ,

^ Resurrecting German mailing list?
84092 [ jupp gmx.de] While collecting information about the ruby mailing lists for
84093 [armin xss.de] that would be a good idea.
+ 84232 [maillist bes] If they speak english isnt it better that they are on the english list?
| 84244 [ jupp gmx.de] Being on one list does not exclude being on the other one, n'est ce
+ 84233 [maillist bes] In case my last post seemed offensive - it was not supposed to be,

^ wxWindows GUI editor
84096 [imobachgs so] I've been looking for an interface editor (like Glade) with wxWindows and Ruby
84136 [kgergely mla] I don't know about such a software, but how hard is it to implement eg.

^ Test, ignore
84099 [hal9000 hype] Having email problems and physical illness. Argh.

^ Antwort: Re: Resurrecting German mailing list?
84100 [Robert.Koepf] But we (at least me) german speakers hate english.

^ Newmail
84101 [newletter po] You can take of from this list ,

^ ruby 1.8 space before argument parenthesis
84103 [dave.baldwin] I have just moved over to using 1.8 and on a previously working script
84104 [matz ruby-la] It's caused by limitation of yacc parser generator (and my brain).

^ Piping to windows command line .rb file doesn't work
84105 [app1tam ups.] print $stdin.readlines
+ 84106 [michael_s_ca] What about type cat.rb | ruby cat.rb  ?
| 84107 [app1tam ups.] That works fine.  But it isn't what I wanted.  I'm trying to get some of the
| + 84108 [michael_s_ca] some of the
| | 84109 [app1tam ups.] I hope it's not impossible.  I get so tired of being stuck with the Windows
| + 84142 [wpinelo hotm] the
|   84143 [michael_s_ca] You DID see this bit from the the original poster, right?
|   84214 [wpinelo hotm] no
+ 84112 [nobu.nokada ] It's a known feature (or bug) of cmd.exe.  You'd better claim

^ [ANN] Syck 0.41 -- 95% Support, Bytecode, Bugfixes
84110 [yaml-core wh] Happy to announce Syck 0.41.  Syck is the YAML toolkit, the undying

^ mp3 server in ruby, anyone?
84111 [botp delmont] anyone writing something similar to this
+ 84132 [magnus aoeu.] I'm writing a mp3 management server (mp3control), but I'm afraid it doesn't=
+ 84147 [drbrain segm] It allows remote control of the mp3s played on a remote machine, via a

^ [ANN] win32-eventlog 0.1.0
84113 [djberge qwes] I'm happy to announce the first release of win32-eventlog.  This is a
+ 84114 [botp delmont] cool. This should be in my sysadmin toolbox.
| 84115 [djberge qwes] Just that you can't create an EventLog entry yet through this interface.  It's "read-only".
| 84116 [botp delmont] ah, that is much cooler.
+ 84156 [jamesUNDERBA] Where is the home page or download site?
  84158 [djberge qwes] Whoops.  It's on RubyForge at http://rubyforge.org/projects/win32utils/

^ [Q] eval and binding with mod_ruby
84117 [kwatch lycos] I have a question about eval and binding, with mod_ruby.
70449 [B.Candler po] I think it's because mod_ruby loads your code into an anonymous module, to
+ 70478 [kwatch lycos] I got.  Thanks for a good advice.
+ 84126 [kwatch lycos] I got.  Thanks for a good advice.
  70561 [B.Candler po] I don't :-) But I have just installed eruby now...

^ Catching general window event with win32ole
84119 [kalle465 hot] I'm trying to catch the WM_QUERYENDSESSION message which is sent to
+ 70479 [jamesvtoomey] I don't know enough about API programming to answer this with 100%
+ 84127 [jamesvtoomey] I don't know enough about API programming to answer this with 100%

^ 1.8 release status?
84129 [ptkwt shell1] Just curious, I know we're on 1.8.0-preview 2.  What remains to be done
70483 [austin halos] Dave Thomas has suggested, on ruby-core, that the existing libraries

^ 在宅スタッフ募集【未承諾広告】
0014 [yuno-noni fr] お忙しい所申し訳ありません。

^ Flashbacks (Re: 1.8 release status?)
84131 [jamesUNDERBA] Any thoughts on why the time warp?
+ 84133 [dali insula.] I saw another one on ruby-talk last week.
+ 84166 [ jupp gmx.de] The only logical answer is that Cathryn Janeway did subscribe the

^ pollution of the list
84134 [Robert.Koepf] since I am on this list, I stay getting Viagra and Microsoft-Uptdate- spam.
84135 [dali insula.] Please look at http://www.ruby-doc.org/docs/ruby-doc-bundle/CLR-FAQ/clrFAQ.html

^ ruby-dev summary 21531-21607
84138 [ksaito uranu] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

^ Re: Search string in a file
84139 [chad chadfow] # I must search string in a file ??
84167 [ jupp gmx.de] Two are possible. The following reads file 'groups' as a whole and

^ (none)
84140 [vendas super] <html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

^ Re:
84144 [app1tam ups.] I had the exact same problem.  My guess is that you are either missing some

^ Parentheses
84145 [ruby-talk pc] OK, is there a general concensus on when it is OK to omit parentheses
+ 84146 [matz ruby-la] foo 1,2,3 # this is OK (top level)
| + 84148 [zdennis mkte] When you omit parenthesis's doesn't that degrade readability of the code?
| | 84149 [aredridel nb] I'm definately in favor of omitting: I parse like natural language, not
| | 84151 [ruby-talk pc] yeah, i feel the same way often.
| | + 84152 [Eric.Anderso] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| | + 84153 [bobgus rcn.c] I prefer the parentheses.
| |   + 84154 [michael_s_ca] code?
| |   | 84162 [matz ruby-la] Me too.  But I still like to drop parentheses for some cases.
| |   | 84165 [michael_s_ca] True enough.  Maybe I've just been conditioned this way, but I have
| |   | 84168 [gsinclair so] Do you use parens for 'puts'?
| |   | + 84181 [michael_s_ca] I have.  Generally I don't.  I don't claim perfection, only that I
| |   | + 84206 [charleshixsn] I frequently do.  It's nice to not need to, but usually I include them.
| |   |   84208 [zdennis mkte] Since I started the question I might as well add my 2 cents in.
| |   |   84209 [michael_s_ca] them.
| |   + 84155 [khaines enig] I think that it depends.
| |     84157 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| + 84150 [ruby-talk pc] OK, thanks.  Did this change in 1.8.0 in any way?
+ 84175 [ jupp gmx.de] The answer depends on what 'OK' means. The obvious answer is: "You

^ Rubygarden oddness
84159 [djberge qwes] All,
84160 [ruby-talk wh] It looks like he's attempting an XSS attack.  Drop the hammer.
+ 84161 [chad chadfow] Looking into it now.  Definitely a suspicious last post.
+ 84163 [chad chadfow] Appears to have been a script-kiddy.  All is well.  If we see much more of
  84164 [djberge qwes] Eeek!  Well, I'm glad all is well.  I think requiring a valid email

^ General Ruby Programming questions
84169 [simon ecnetw] I'm writing a Ruby app at the moment, and have some questions I hope you
84170 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 84171 [gsinclair so] irb(main):001:0>> Object.const_get('Class')
+ 84172 [simon ecnetw] ?? This isn't a greeting I've heard of before...
| + 84174 [drbrain segm] I believe I'm giving a fairly accurate paraphrase of matz when I say
| | 84177 [jamesUNDERBA] module SafeSend
| | + 84179 [simon ecnetw] Hah! Consider my questions answered :-)
| | | 84180 [botp delmont] This quote should be in "favorite Ruby Quotes".. :-)
| | + 84188 [qrczak knm.o] And then if someone really wants to invoke a private method, he will
| |   84193 [jamesUNDERBA] I suspect that 'send' is most used when a specific method name is
| |   + 84199 [david.dandre] Thank you thank you thank you.
| |   + 84200 [david.dandre] Thank you thank you thank you.
| + 84176 [gsinclair so] It may help to think of it not as a method being invoked, rather a message
|   84178 [simon ecnetw] Yes, that's clear.
|   84183 [gsinclair so] I'll add this to extensions.rubyforge.org within a few days.  At first
+ 84173 [drbrain segm] You really want to unshift here, the Array is read front to back, so new
  84189 [qrczak knm.o] VALUE
  84262 [drbrain segm] me.