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^ GC Segfault [LONG]
83791 [hwyss ywesee] let me apologize first: I have no means of condensing my problem to a few
83817 [nobu.nokada ] Because, when stack overflowed actually, OS kernel terminates

^ memory usage under solaris
83794 [probertm NOS] I had an interesting experience today.
83796 [bg-rubytalk ] Um, it kinda depends on your program.
83798 [michael_s_ca] Only you can answer that; IS this usual?  I'm guessing not, by the
83853 [wmwilson01 h] I have what I imagine to be a similar script -- it's threaded with multiple

^ Standard Queue Implementation and Thread Safety
83795 [pete-temp-ru] First the disclaimer: I'm a newbie to ruby :-)
83818 [nobu.nokada ] Yes.  Builtin methods (more accurately, not written in Ruby)
83831 [vjoel PATH.B] So Array#push is not thread-safe, but Queue#push is, right?
83832 [nobu.nokada ] Array#push is thread-safe too.
83860 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, Nobu. I feel safer now, since I always regard finalizers with

^ Ruby on VMS
83799 [BCoish Dymax] Just a general question to see if there is any interest.

^ Extension Language for a Text Editor
83801 [ruby-talk pc] OK.  So I'm going to write a text editor for my masters' thesis.  The
+ 83803 [rpav mephle.] The thing with lisp, though, is that everyone has used lisp already,
| 83806 [ruby-talk pc] Yes, this is one of the downsides in a way.  You won't be able to get
| 83812 [rpav mephle.] Well, whichever, just be aware that emacs is designed as an extensible
| 83955 [ruby-talk pc] [stuff about Emacs and Vim]
| + 83976 [rpav mephle.] Not really.  It's vi with lots of hacks to do more stuff added.  So
| | 83984 [ruby-talk pc] It was not to be taken literally ;-).  Vim ain't Emacs yet.
| | 83991 [brett_willia] Thanks for maintaining the Ruby vim indent script (Gavin also).  I use it
| | 83993 [ruby-talk pc] You're welcome.
| | 83994 [brett_willia] "Vim is worse than Emacs" is a poor paraphrase :)  But I know what you
| | + 84002 [ruby-talk pc] Aw great.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to start debugging from the start
| | + 84006 [gsinclair so] LOL.  I included it, and I *still* can't get it to work.  Mind you,
| + 83990 [charleshixsn] I've seen one (1) way of improving regexp's.  It involved using graphic
|   83992 [ruby-talk pc] [stuff about regexen]
|   83999 [charleshixsn] Interesting.  The thing I really like about it is that it's easy to
+ 83807 [qj5nd7l02 sn] What a coincidence.. I am also writing a programmers editor (AEditor)
| + 83842 [invalid sees] If you are talking about user-defined class hierarchies, you *can* clone
| | 83846 [none pragpro] Frank Schmitt <invalid@seesignature.info> skrev i en
| + 83956 [ruby-talk pc] Yes, I have seen it, and tried it (see below).
+ 83810 [surrender_it] the learning curve for casual user would be really less hard, and it
| + 83813 [qj5nd7l02 sn] I am in the process of writing my own regex engine (for AEditor).
| | + 83816 [rpav mephle.] There seem to be simpler/more elegant solutions to these problems than
| | | + 83837 [none pragpro] Ryan Pavlik <rpav@mephle.com> skrev i en
| | | | 83960 [ruby-talk pc] Remember that there is more than syntax to consider.  Both semantics and
| | | + 83959 [ruby-talk pc] You don't have to reimplement it, just change its syntax.
| | + 83958 [ruby-talk pc] Looks interesting, I'll give it a deeper study later.
| + 83957 [ruby-talk pc] True, but this isn't going to be an editor for the casual user either
+ 83811 [dmartenson m] You may want to look at the VIM's use of Ruby for writing extensions.
| + 83820 [gsinclair so] There's a little discussion of this at
| | 83962 [ruby-talk pc] The problem with Vim is that it has an interface to every possible
| + 83961 [ruby-talk pc] Yes, but have you actually seen anyone use it?  Or any of the other
+ 83815 [seth cql.com] Well, for one thing, doing it in lisp would be reinventing the wheel, as
| 83964 [ruby-talk pc] Yes, this is true, and one of the strongest points for not going down
+ 83840 [bob.news gmx] "Nikolai Weibull" <ruby-talk@pcppopper.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  83965 [ruby-talk pc] Hehe.  Yeah, that is true.  So we'd need two separate constructs.

^ Ruby Patriotism: Python+XML v. Ruby+YAML
83802 [ruby-talk wh] We've got a good old-fashioned derby going on in blogoland.  Perhaps
+ 83804 [markjreed ma] Has anyone benchmarked Python+YAML?  You should account for all the variables.
| 83805 [ruby-talk wh] Once I've got the Ruby scripts working, I'll try with Python+Syck.
| 83982 [jim freeze.o] Oh, so that explains the recent illness. :)
+ 83808 [brett_willia] Ruby+libxml2 certainly works well, and borrows a lot of the nice API

^ ruby-dev summary 21403-21530
83809 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
84220 [pbrannan atd] This seems like a bad idea to me.  My object may have references to
84222 [matz ruby-la] I agree you _now_.  That's the benefit from this experiment.  See next

^ exception backtrace for ruby/tk programs
83821 [ferenc engar] I suffered with really hard debugging sessions when an unexpected
+ 83830 [ahoward fsl.] how about something simple like this?
+ 84203 [nagai ai.kyu] I think the information is too verbose. So, I truncate the backtrace

^ TUI library
83822 [imobachgs so] I'm new to Ruby and I've fallen in love ;-)
83838 [surrender_it] I suppose there was a CTK binding but I can't find it atm..
83852 [d.borodaenko] I maintained this package in Debian for a while, but it needs a lot of
83983 [imobachgs so] First of all, thank you all for your help.

^ Be My Investor & trustee
83823 [mrs_aabdul 1] E-mail: (mrs_aabdul@yahoo.com)

^ Exerb and Tk on XP Pro?
83829 [samuel alien] I've been working on a small application for my peers at work.  We run

^ Test post using GigaNews news server
83833 [RLMullerXP C] I'd been using a web interface to this NG but much prefer to use a

^ String length/concat problems in Ruby 1.8.0?
83834 [rsr hfx.anda] Has anyone run into Ruby string length/concatenation problems in
83835 [harryo qiqso] Can you be more specific about what your colleague was attempting to do and what went wrong?

^ more yield break surprises? - Re: Enumerable#inject is surprising me...
83836 [swap gmx.net] Hm,

^ case where regex range should raise
83843 [none pragpro] irb(main):001:0> re = /bx{,2}c/
+ 83844 [decoux moulo] svg% ruby -e 'p /bx{,2}x/ =~ "abx{,2}xy"'
| 83851 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 83845 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <none> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  83847 [dblack super] irb(main):004:0> /a{-1,2}/.match("a{-1,2}")[0]
  83848 [decoux moulo] it's a little more complex than this :-))

^ Antwort: Re: SEPARATOR doesn't work
83850 [Robert.Koepf] Thanks....just learned another thing.
+ 83854 [bob.news gmx] <Robert.Koepferl@de.gi-de.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 83856 [ oct zoy.org] in ruby, File::SEPARATOR is always "/" (at least on win32, cygwin and
+ 84095 [drbrain segm] as the file separator on win32.  Try cd /some/win32/path.

^ Aw: Re: Antwort: Re: SEPARATOR doesn't work
83857 [Robert.Koepf] Ah I see.

^ I'm stuck
83862 [frido q-soft] Well my problem sounds IMHO trivial.
65995 [nobu.nokada ] rb_cvar_get() or rb_cv_get().  The former accepts ID and name
+ 65999 [frido q-soft] Well it's a bit different (as I found out myself short after my
+ 83865 [frido q-soft] Well it's a bit different (as I found out myself short after my
  + 66001 [decoux moulo] /* At this step you are playing a dangerous game with the GC */
  | + 66009 [frido q-soft] what you you mean which this step ?
  | + 66018 [frido q-soft] /*  Generated header
  | | 66021 [decoux moulo] Well, I know nothing about Windows but I think that you must define
  | | + 66034 [frido q-soft] Well I have used NT but not IMPORT, will try tomorrow.
  | | + 66071 [frido q-soft] Well it seems I was missing the IMPORT define, with it it now give the
  | | + 83875 [frido q-soft] Well I have used NT but not IMPORT, will try tomorrow.
  | | + 83889 [frido q-soft] Well it seems I was missing the IMPORT define, with it it now give the
  | + 83868 [frido q-soft] what you you mean which this step ?
  |   66013 [decoux moulo] int main(void)
  |   + 66019 [frido q-soft] Ok I understand that now, what do I have to do that it does not
  |   + 83870 [frido q-soft] Ok I understand that now, what do I have to do that it does not
  |     + 66022 [decoux moulo] Well in my case you need to write
  |     | + 66072 [frido q-soft] I have another question related to this, aren't there any functions
  |     | + 83883 [frido q-soft] I have another question related to this, aren't there any functions
  |     |   + 66077 [batsman.geo ] If you hold a reference to it in the stack it won't be collected.
  |     |   + 83953 [batsman.geo ] rb_gc_register_address
  |     + 66025 [batsman.geo ] Wrap your code inside a function (with the variables declared inside)
  |     + 83949 [batsman.geo ] void do_stuff()
  + 66003 [nobu.nokada ] Just illustrated how to use those functions.  I didn't know that

^ Convert python script in ruby
83864 [gp NOSPAM.le] Is there any software to convert python script in ruby?
+ 83954 [batsman.geo ] If you stay here for a while matz will program your brain;
| 83971 [achou tealea] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 83972 [ jupp gmx.de] There is an awful lot of them: vim, Xemacs, Notepad, Textpad, ...

^ Divide by Zero in RDE
83869 [johan.nilsso] [sorry if this is off-topic]
83968 [dali insula.] You mentioned a patch for another version. I have once upgraded RDE to a

^ LibNeural on OS X: undefined symbols
83879 [thealmightyd] Running OS X 10.2.4, trying to make use of Akimichi Tatsukawa's
66136 [akimichi mbo] It seems to me that linking to the standard C++ library is not properly done.
+ 66331 [thealmightyd] Thanks, Akimichi!  I got it working, finally, but it took some doing.
+ 83947 [thealmightyd] Thanks, Akimichi!  I got it working, finally, but it took some doing.

^ Re: FXRuby Reference
83880 [lyle users.s] For any gaps in that documentation (and there are still many!) you will

^ Anything like Class::DBI from Perl
83882 [pw-googlegro] We've been doing some work using Class::DBI in Perl which makes access
+ 66092 [spectra debi] We do have a Ruby-DBI. Search the RAA.
| + 66096 [simon simon-] That's nothing like Class::DBI, however.
| + 83892 [simon simon-] That's nothing like Class::DBI, however.
|   66098 [seth cql.com] I'm working on something something similar but it isn't ready yet.
|   + 66105 [sdate everes] I will be interested in this work ... if you are still in need of
|   + 83887 [sdate everes] I will be interested in this work ... if you are still in need of
|     66113 [lennon day-r] class Foo
|     66114 [simon simon-] Thanks, all. This thread has made me realise that any comp.lang.ruby
|     66131 [pw-googlegro] Ah yes, very true. My motivation for finding something similar to
+ 66115 [egabriel io.] The next release of my 'spl' package will include a Query class.
+ 83891 [egabriel io.] The next release of my 'spl' package will include a Query class.
  + 66132 [pw-googlegro] Excellent news, the particular interface doesn't much bother me the
  + 83895 [pw-googlegro] Excellent news, the particular interface doesn't much bother me the

^ Ruby Tk
83884 [xfan1 lucent] /home/bhp/rje/ruby/ruby-1.6.1/ext/tcltklib/tcltklib.so (LoadError)
66056 [dcarrera mat] It seems that you don't have Tk installed (I'm not talking about Ruby/Tk, but

^ Problem with Struct in Ruby 1.8.0
83893 [ks tp1.ruhr-] I have a problem with class Struct in Ruby 1.8.0.
66094 [matz ruby-la] Ah, you were defining Struct::"File::Stat" which is a Struct class

^ [ANN] NYC Smalltalk March Events
83896 [sanchezc ear] 1. March 3rd, Introduction to Smalltalk - Method Invocation

^ Associations
83908 [bob.news gmx] I'm pondering whether to start a module that does code generation for

^ [ANN] xml-configfile 0.9.0
83917 [contact maik] Yo!

^ encountering EOF not at the End Of File
83924 [meinrad.rech] i m reading binary files into strings ...
+ 66243 [matz ruby-la] It should not be happened, unless either a bug or you're reading in
+ 83951 [michael_s_ca] Open the file in binary mode, and/or use #binmode.

^ find a memory leak
83926 [cedric.foll ] for i in 0...NB_THREAD
+ 66308 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I don't know what 'pop' is in this context, but is its accessor
+ 66314 [nobu.nokada ] Objects referred from a thread never be freed until the thread

^ how to get RUBY-GD working on windows?
83931 [jonnypichler] i want to get ruby-gd ( http://raa.ruby-lang.org/list.rhtml?name=ruby-gd )

^ Re: coco/rb ver 0.5.0
83932 [mikkelfj-ant] I'll just add that you need not parse a grammar in one stage. For most

^ Bug in date.rb?
83933 [child t9.ds.] def <=> (other)

^ parsing a strange date
83935 [cedric.foll ] i'm parsing squid log in Ruby and i've failed to analyse the date with the
+ 66250 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby -e 'p Time.at(1046014262)'
+ 66251 [B.Candler po] irb(main):001:0> d = Time.at("1046014262.083".to_f)
+ 66252 [cedric.foll ] cedric@follc:~$ ruby -e 'p Time.at(1046014262)'
+ 83922 [cedric.foll ] cedric@follc:~$ ruby -e 'p Time.at(1046014262)'

^ ANN: coco/rb ver 0.5.0
83936 [probertm NOS] I have finally got around to using, and thus testing, coco/rb and an
66232 [brian coolna] This sounds neat.  I have a question, though.  You mention LL(1) a lot.
66234 [kent zerosph] LL(1) is a specific class of parser.  The LL means left-to-right,
66235 [brian coolna] Thank you very much.  It is good to end each day knowing a little more
66236 [glenn gmlewi] For a wealth of information on parser generators, especially LL(k)

^ Prolly a simple question
83938 [ghost-no-spa] Sorry if these questions have come up before, but google searching hasn't

^ [ANN] Russian Ruby resource and Ruby Course
83940 [leikind mova] A Russian-language Ruby resource has been started - http://ruby.iatp.by
+ 84267 [be9-ml be9.r] Good luck, guys! :-)
| 84274 [gfb tonesoft] If people take some time adding themselves to this group -- eventually
+ 84493 [knu iDaemons] You mean Russia and Belarus make .ru-.by, right?  :)
  84497 [a.bokovoy sa] Kind of ;) The original mail was posted in March'2003 and somehow got

^ Re: Ruby, Python and their relatedness in Cyrillic ;-)
83941 [ptkwt shell1] Horosho!
83977 [ptkwt shell1] Horosho!

^ minor glitch in numeric.c
83946 [sdate everes] I was compiling ruby-1.8.0-preview1 from source using VC++ 6.0 on Win XP
66299 [matz ruby-la] Try ruby-1.8.0-preview2.tar.gz
+ 66333 [sdate everes] Yes, that fixed it.
+ 84034 [sdate everes] Yes, that fixed it.
  66334 [nobu.nokada ] Safe.  Just ignore.

^ IOWA Update
83963 [khaines enig] I vanished off of the list about a year ago as a result of not having time

^ Get A Bachelor's Degree, Master's, or PhD - No Classes Necessary............  ijp
83966 [zkjbnimo yah] Academic Qualifications available from prestigious NON=96ACCREDITTED unive=

^ Timewarp (Re: Hail?)
83969 [jamesUNDERBA] Perhaps. After I sent the reply, I saw other messages that I'm sure

^ [ANN] Ruwiki 0.6.0
83970 [austin halos] Last month, some folks were looking for a simple Wiki that would work well

^ Alternative to using news (Was: Test post using GigaNews news server)
83973 [ jupp gmx.de] You could also subscribe to the ruby-talk mailing list. There is a
83986 [gvaughn giga] I've been playing with yet another alternative. I've got my subscription

^ [FAQ] Subscribe/unsubscribe mailinglist
83974 [ jupp gmx.de] I think it would make sense to add a short description of how to

^ required modules in OS X
83975 [gary.palmer ] I have ruby-1.8.0 installed and working nicely on OS 10.2.6 so long as

^ Test Post
83978 [eban os.rim.] Please ignore.

^ Jadilah Wirausaha sedini mungkin
83980 [felix_citraj] Satu kesempatan tips menjadi wirausaha dengan modal sangat amat minim sekali dan mudah. Kunjungi http://mediapromosi.net/index.php?id=946904

^ Re: [Ruby] Re: GUI toolkit supporting Global IME?
83981 [cazzola disi] Walter Cazzola, PhD - Assistant Professor, DICo, University of Milano

^ Perl 6 style regular expressions
83985 [msparshatt y] I was wondering if anyone has done any work on implementing Perl 6 style
83988 [ruby-talk pc] Not that I know of, more than the one for Perl6 perhaps ;-)
+ 83995 [austin halos] I've been reading the apocalypse and exegesis on this, and it mostly seems
| 83996 [dan sidhe.or] That'd be "Damian". :)
| 83997 [austin halos] Well, so it would. :)
+ 84014 [austin halos] I've been reading the apocalypse and exegesis on this, and it mostly seems
+ 84040 [austin halos] I've been reading the apocalypse and exegesis on this, and it mostly seems

^ Project suggestion: Ruby code indenter
83987 [gsinclair so] I was meaning to mention this anyway, but now I can't resist.  I think
83989 [ruby-talk pc] I'd love to prove you wrong.  I have, however, as you, discovered that
84005 [gsinclair so] I'll just note for those interested that "the latest features" are
84008 [ruby-talk pc] [me asking if it would be like indent(1)]
84011 [aaronson uiu] You mention yacc/racc, and I was curious as to your opinions on the
84015 [ruby-talk pc] Yes, this is the main problem we face.  With limited context we can also

^ Ruby 1.8 and marshal_dump issue
83998 [mdavis sevas] Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
84007 [nakahiro sar] marshal_dump feature/implementation has been changing in a few or more days.
84241 [mdavis sevas] Thanks, this addressed the issue.

^ HTTP differences
84000 [matt technor] Ok, I keep pounding my head against the differences in net/http.  Why are

^ Re: required modules in OS X; irb; socket.bundle
84001 [Gary.Palmer ] Thanks to Robert O.

^ Ruby 1.8 and Marshal.load/Marshal.dump
84003 [mdavis sevas] Where can I get detailed information about now to properly Marshal.dump and Marshal.load objects in Ruby 1.8?

^ Re: required modules in OS X -- kconv.rb
84004 [Gary.Palmer ] I told Robert O that I didn't know where to find kconv, but it is in the

^ [ANN] win32-service 0.1.0
84009 [djberg96 yah] I am very pleased to announce the first release of
84012 [phasis bclin] It is a useful package!