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^ like vi.agra, but lasts ll weeked mjilulnu
83142 [gqnnxl6d aol] ...

^ RubyDotNet and Drag and Drop
83147 [wvucenic net] I just heard about RubyDotNet, and it looks really great!
83159 [thomas First] ...
83160 [thomas First] ...
+ 83175 [john pierce.] Yep, our Ruby C extension bridge to .NET didn't set the ApartmentState to enable
+ 83180 [wvucenic net] Thank you both for your helpful replies.  I really appreciate it!

^ [ANN] GridFlow 0.7.5
83150 [matju sympat] Here is a new release of GridFlow (a multi-dimensional dataflow processing

^ test/testunit/collector/test_objectspace.rb trouble report
83156 [nakahiro sar] Test test/testunit/collector/test_objectspace.rb in the CVS gives following
83229 [nathaniel NO] I just wanted to let you know that I have seen this and am looking in to it;

^ Ruby-talk, relama
83165 [hoyer p5085D] ...

^ RubyConf 2003 registration reminder!
83169 [dblack super] Dear Rubyists,

^ Anyone have any luck with eruby on Windows?
83173 [zdennis mkte] I've read through the talk's archives quite a bit and there seems to have
83188 [carl youngbl] Ara Howard has converted me to the benefits of fastcgi for Ruby.  It's
83246 [lists zara.6] Another note on FastCGI: the great thing about FastCGI is that it's

^ Thanks
83174 [j.sheppardit] ...

^ mod_ruby compile errors
83181 [zdennis mkte] Hey All,

^ Two problems creating a C++ extension to Ruby
83183 [matthew.mill] I'm having some trouble with my first C++ extension for Ruby. The extension
83184 [lyle knology] Since libid3.so is not optional in this case, I think it is OK to just
+ 83198 [tpeters uni-] Matthew can also use the have_library function without a second argument.
+ 83208 [matthew.mill] That works very well, thanks. It was also necessary for me to change

^ popen3
83189 [anelson anso] Has anyone had good luck using popen3 to control an interactive program? I
+ 83190 [gsinclair so] I can't promise anything, but you could try using 'expect.rb' in the
+ 83192 [jim freeze.o] I have not had any problems with this.
+ 83300 [anelson anso] #!/usr/bin/ruby

^ fcgi for ruby - bad link
83191 [jim freeze.o] I tried to access FastCGI for Ruby but the site
83227 [ahoward fsl.] jim-

^ Ruby Newbie's Question: Sockets - searching for equivalent to a perl  programme
83203 [johannes.ste] I have been desperately trying to convert the following perl programme
83205 [decoux moulo] ...
83212 [johannes.ste] Thanks Guy,
+ 83213 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 83222 [surrender_it] did you considred that 'puts' adds a line separatore by itself ?
  83224 [decoux moulo] ...
  83708 [johannes.ste] Thanks and sorry for not returning immediately.

^ please urgent assistance needed.
83204 [mseko_1 123.] Dear friend,

^ Stop Immigration
83206 [vanguardnn s] Stop Immigration
83211 [maillist bes] I cant believe it. Political SPAM!!!!!!!! WTF does this guy think he is
+ 83214 [mailinglists] Maybe it's from the Spaminator (you know the "i'll be back" guy) candidate.
+ 83215 [zdennis mkte] Well if makes you feel any better, my fiance is about to graduate with a
+ 83231 [emeza saisam] Yes,  garbage !.

^ The Uncertainty Principle Is Untenable
83207 [ada_adams ho] please reply to hdgbyi@public.guangzhou.gd.cn
83259 [drbrain segm] What does this have to do with Ruby?  Please keep the list on-topic, and
83263 [gsinclair so] The last time I suggested the creation of an off-topic list, say

^ Ruby internals
83209 [thomas First] ...
+ 83230 [batsman.geo ] not a lot but I hope it's helpful.
+ 83257 [thomas First] ...
  83260 [dooby d10.ka] ...

^ bdb: txn.abort/txn.commit immediately exits the txn_begin block
83216 [ysantoso jen] Executing txn.abort/txn.commit within a txn_begin block immediately
83217 [decoux moulo] ...

^ OT: Re: Stop Immigration
83218 [rasputin ido] We need a way to make spam cost money if we're ever going to get our
+ 83221 [jamesUNDERBA] <snip/>
| 83243 [maillist bes] And then weekly some suggests that spam should be filtered ;) The SPAM
+ 83226 [feldt ce.cha] is one crypto proposal that can be used here. There are others.

^ ? ? ?  ?  ?!
83219 [dereklane mo]       ? ?

^ Article on ARTIMA
83223 [peter semant] There is the start of a series of articles on ARTIMA with Matz.
+ 83232 [usenet1 nosp] Yukihiro Matsumoto: "... But in fact we need to focus on humans, on how
| 83235 [bg-rubytalk ] Heh.  Isn't it great?  Ruby is fun to write, and Matz is fun to read.  :)
+ 83301 [bobx linuxma] ...
  + 83302 [sean celsoft] Let me also add that hand-grenades make terrible hammers.  Discuss.
  + 83303 [kingsley ice] Well I don't know if this comment is factually correct or whether it is just a
  | 83304 [Patrick.Benn] Personally, I think he's basically correct (the talkback comment), but
  | 83415 [code joechen] ...
  + 83305 [ptkwt aracne] ...
  + 83306 [bg-rubytalk ] big issue for me most of the time, however.
  | + 83311 [thomas First] ...
  | + 83414 [code joechen] ...
  |   83422 [mailinglists] Yes thats right !
  |   83526 [simon ecnetw] Yes, it is. If an application implements threading at the "user-space"
  |   + 83529 [dblack super] Parrot is well-known 'round these parts.  Dan Sugalski is a frequent
  |   + 83568 [mailinglists] Yes i heard about it, isn't it the VM machine for the GNU-Hurd shell,
  + 83314 [mailinglists] 100% ACK. The poster described the technical problems of ruby very
  | + 83316 [hal9000 hype] This interests me. David Alan Black and I have discussed it more
  | | 83321 [matz ruby-la] Definitely it's good to have, unless it slows down the language
  | | 83336 [jim freeze.o] A formal spec is be good for the rest of us, and eventually
  | | 83343 [mike.woodhou] ...which rather reminds me of some of the discussions on Compuserve at the
  | + 83317 [mwilson13 co] 1. Matz has discussed on this list what is expected to be handled in
  + 83333 [rasputin ido] None of those interest me personally, except perhaps the GC

^ Preparing Ruby Packages for Public Consumption
83225 [djberge qwes] ...

^ Ruby for Perl programmers presentation material
83237 [mike ratdog.] ...
83239 [hal9000 hype] Mike,

83238 [ascsdfwersdf] A repercuss=E3o do boicote pode ser vista em http://www.pampa.alturl.com/=

^ MySQL & mod_ruby
83240 [jolsen mail2] Is it necessary to explicitly call the close method,

^ Buy drugs, rockets, slaves, and other shit
83245 [cumba carder] ...

^ command line question.
83247 [vrenna woh.r] i want to use ruby under UNIX for launching different apps under
+ 83250 [surrender_it] I think you may look for expect (there is something on raa, but I cant
+ 83269 [bob.news gmx] "Dmitrii PapaGeorgio" <vrenna@woh.rr.comNOSPAM> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  83290 [vrenna woh.r] Actually I made up the example using ssh.
  83291 [djberge qwes] See ruby-expect on the RAA, or Expect in general.  Unfortunately,

^ Re: Spam and Trolls
83256 [mwilson13 co] This is the only post I intend making on this topic. I respectfully

^ Re: [OT] SPAM: The Uncertainty Principle Is Untenable
83258 [bg-rubytalk ] That's what's funny.  My new-age spam filter (SpamAssassin) did catch

^ rdtool -r rd2html-lib : HELP
83261 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-

^ $ variable for process id?
83262 [ws johnwlong] I thought I saw a $ variable for the process id on the list a few days ago
83264 [dooby d10.ka] ...
83265 [ng johnwlong] Cool! Thanks for the quick response.
+ 83277 [djberge qwes] Or, Process.pid if you prefer :)
+ 83294 [ jupp gmx.de] Process.pid

^ OT:  Re: The On-Topic Principle Is Uncertain
83266 [jamesUNDERBA] You may need to disguise such topics inside some spam in order to ensure
83297 [androflux so] hehe.
83298 [hal9000 hype] LOL

^ (none)
83267 [admin paxwor] I have some questions about raa-install.

^ fastcgi permission error
83268 [carl ycs.biz] to be set up right, but I get an error in my apache logs when I try to
83282 [ahoward fsl.] this means that either
+ 83287 [carl ycs.biz] Okay, so I updated /etc/ls.so.conf and even figured out that I needed to
| + 83296 [ahoward fsl.] o.k. - assuming it IS a linker problem
| | 83292 [carl youngbl] No, it won't let me do that either.
| + 83308 [carl youngbl] ...
+ 83288 [carl ycs.biz] Yep, that seems to be the problem.  In fact, libfcgi.so.0 is not being
  83289 [aredridel nb] ...

^ Urgent & Confidential
83270 [ a gawab.com] Dear Friend,


^ #ruby-lang irc channel (was: Re: The Uncertainty Principle Is Untenable)
83273 [dblack super] I'll reply: I have no enthusiasm :-)  I have lots to say on topics

^ Re: ssl bad write retry
83275 [chrismo clab] I finally got back to looking at this and the problem had nothing to do

83276 [globlotto ne] ...
83278 [bob.news gmx] Who collects these earnings we have recently here?  Matz, are you taking

^ Falcon
83279 [louisel falc] ...

^ Falcon
83280 [louisel falc] ...

^ Getting started with exerb
83281 [chrismo clab] FYI, I posted to the list a while ago a very rough 'how to' on exerb. I

^ rd2.exe for Win32
83283 [djberge qwes] ...
+ 83284 [djberge qwes] ...
+ 83285 [nathaniel NO] Are you sure you're using a 1.8 corefile? I'm not sure what not specifying
+ 83338 [chrismo clab] Double-check the bottom of the RubyGarden page -- I kept updating after

^ Array and hash iteration questions
83293 [bg-rubytalk ] I have a CSV file and I'm trying to do a few things with it.  Essentially
83330 [bob.news gmx] "Ben Giddings" <bg-rubytalk@infofiend.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
83360 [bg-rubytalk ] Ah.  I couldn't remember how to use the block form properly.  I'm actually
83424 [bob.news gmx] "Ben Giddings" <bg-rubytalk@infofiend.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 83429 [bob.news gmx] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 83466 [aero6dof yah] I'm not sure if my testing method is quite consistent, but making a specific

^ Suggestions: Addition to FAQ, 'anti-spam trouble tickets'
83295 [ jupp gmx.de] What about adding this to the FAQ of the group so that one can simply
83309 [mail.inthe m] you don't want people to stop to reply on spam? why? just let you spam

^ Re: [OT] Suggestions: Addition to FAQ, 'anti-spam trouble tickets'
83299 [bg-rubytalk ] I think it's a good idea to have a FAQ entry saying not to feed the trolls,

83307 [harryfrank20] ...

^ Making == symmetric?
83310 [elbows spamc] a == b is shorthand for a.==(b), while b == a is shorthand for
+ 83313 [austin halos] For most binary operators, #coerce would seem to work (so long as the binary
| 83354 [elbows spamc] #coerce only seems to work for Numerics (unless that has changed in
+ 83318 [mwilson13 co] Those more knowledgeable than me should correct what I've written below
| 83353 [elbows spamc] If == is symmetric, then (a == b) if and only if (b == a). In ruby,
| + 83365 [mwilson13 co] First off, thank you for some fascinating ideas and questions. I happen
| | 83368 [zdennis mkte] I don't even know if I've been using Ruby long enough( the past few days )
| | + 83374 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> [1,2] == [1,2]
| | | 83382 [zdennis mkte] Ok with the [1,2] == [1,2]. Point taken, I'm thinking on this before
| | | 83386 [vjoel PATH.B] You're probably right. One class with implementation hidden from the
| | + 83421 [elbows spamc] If you just want to find out whether two references point to the same
| + 83372 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 83320 [bg-rubytalk ] How about
| + 83331 [bob.news gmx] "Ben Giddings" <bg-rubytalk@infofiend.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 83361 [elbows spamc] That seems a bit too messy to me. Just overriding == is cleaner and
| + 83362 [elbows spamc] I agree that the use of == instead of compare_to is more intuitive if
+ 83363 [sean celsoft] My own opinion on this is: == is like asking one object if it's equal to
  83364 [qrczak knm.o] This is like saying "my programming model is unable to describe the
  + 83366 [mwilson13 co] I think Ruby does allow one to define a symmetric ==. As a general
  | 83371 [qrczak knm.o] Only if you agree to limit cases of "different class but equal" to those
  + 83381 [sean celsoft] The notion of a symmetrical equality test is an abstract concept.  In
    83387 [qrczak knm.o] The method used to determine the outcome is not symmetrical internally,

^ 'the art of quoting' or 'FAQ: links that should be added'
83312 [ jupp gmx.de] I first wanted to send the following in a PM to Hal but facing the

^ Good day
83315 [mutualbiznes] It is my pleasure to contact you for assistance and

^ buy cialis now sccsi wpvf quouzanse
83319 [c132nzmqwt a] ...

^ Saving and restoring with YAML
83322 [bg-rubytalk ] I have a quick question about YAML.  From the documentation it seems as
83323 [vjoel PATH.B] If you require 'yaml', your class already has #to_yaml, which is a save
83357 [bg-rubytalk ] Ah, ok.  I didn't realize that kind of magic happened.  Cool.  But to_yaml

^ Sin desplazarse, aprenda o mejore sus idiomas-
83324 [balf wanadoo] IDIOMAS- No atendemos por e/mail. si desea informaci?n envi? un fax al 911412106 o llame al tel 645043838

^ HTML-Parser / SGML-Parser
83325 [zdennis mkte] Ok, silly question.
+ 83327 [sean celsoft] Why not just qualify your IP address with something like >>>>IP<<<< and
+ 83339 [steven.jenki] This doesn't answer your questions about Ruby, but most of what you want
+ 83341 [ahoward fsl.] check out dyndns.org - they have scripts for just about every router that does
| 83349 [zdennis mkte] Thank you all for your replies, but I do not want to work around the
+ 83355 [bg-rubytalk ] I think the HTML parser might be abandoned (RAA says the last update was
| 83356 [zdennis mkte] I'll check it out! When you say simple, can I extract data from forms in
| 83359 [bg-rubytalk ] You should be able to.
+ 83379 [bdelmee adva] ...

83326 [kazeemmacurl] JOHANNESBURG,

^ tcltklib and not init'ing tk
83328 [aakhter cisc] I'm using the tcltklib extension in ruby 1.8. It seems to be working
+ 83340 [brett_willia] This is a big pain for me as well.  I would really like to have this fixed,
| + 83378 [ferenc engar] I have some hungarian notes about its work... :)) Sorry. :-/
| | 83401 [aakhter cisc] On 10/1/03 3:32 PM, in article 3F7B2BC9.A06E6B27@engard.hu, "Ferenc Engard"
| + 83385 [aakhter cisc] Nice to see a fellow industry member dealing with the same problem ;-)
|   83389 [brett_willia] This kind of approach has merit... however, in the current setup, simply
|   + 83400 [aakhter cisc] On 10/1/03 4:34 PM, in article
|   + 83405 [aakhter cisc] The following changes appear to work fine. All you need to do (for not
|   + 83493 [ferenc engar] Or you can use the TclTkCallback class as I have shown in my previous
+ 83638 [nagai dumbo.] Maybe this reply mail is too late.
  83649 [aakhter cisc] Thank-you for responding. It seems like these changes were in r1.39 of
  83786 [nagai ai.kyu] # I resend the following message, because I had no delivery of it.

^ Ruby 1.8.0 rpm?
83329 [hal9000 hype] I want to install on a box where I don't have root access.
+ 83335 [jason jvoege] Jason Voegele
| 83369 [hal9000 hype] I thought the 1.8.0-1 meant preview 1. Is this really
| + 83380 [samuel alien] Down toward the bottom he's got 1.8.0-3 RPMs.  Very nice.
| | 83394 [ian caliban.] Thanks. I also put together RPMs of the latest 1.8.x snapshot every few
| + 83388 [lyle users.s] Yes, this should be the first release of the ruby-1.8.0 RPM. The naming
+ 83367 [batsman.geo ] Are you sure yacc is needed to build?
  83370 [hal9000 hype] I try to avoid the details. I think it was the stable snapshot

^  a  o o a  IUEMXOBYWO
83332 [qgccrv tele.] - E  ?o?po? - po  po;

^ Italian-crafted Rolex  only $65 - $140!! Free SHIPPING!! ahksw pgezmo
83334 [cpwsj2qbixe ] ...

^ [RCR] Include CONFIG::Config['rubydocdir'] in rbconfig.rb
83337 [gsinclair so] I apologise if people have read this RCR and are not interested, but
83345 [matz ruby-la] Currently it does not have one.  Where do you think it should be, if
+ 83352 [drbrain segm] On FreeBSD Ruby documentation is stored in /usr/local/share/doc/ruby,
+ 83373 [ahoward fsl.] first of all, this idea is fantastic.  however, i think it would be made
| + 83375 [djberge qwes] Given that the Ruby source contains all of its docs in RD format, and
| + 83376 [mwilson13 co] I think every package should have rdoc documentation (which can be
| + 83395 [drbrain segm] ...
+ 83377 [kapheine hyp] ...
| 83384 [mwilson13 co] In this case of Ruby, I disagree. Given the transparency of Ruby
+ 83396 [gsinclair so] /usr/local/doc/ruby/ri-1.8b