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^ projects that use optparse
82670 [culley fastm] I am trying to sink me teeth into optparse and whereas the documentation
82671 [mwilson13 co] For help getting started with optparse, see
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^ ruby -W0 bug?
82675 [austin halos] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-09-12) [i686-linux]
82804 [matz ruby-la] You are right.  I will fix this.

^ New Books on Ruby, in English. An enquiry.
82680 [alec arlross] Can anyone offer information on any new book/new editions expected to be
82705 [mwilson13 co] I don't know when it will appear, but the book I am currently looking
82745 [phlip_cpp ya] (Speak of the devil...;)
+ 82750 [mwilson13 co] I'm glad it will be out within the next several months.
+ 82760 [ptkwt aracne] I'm looking forward to this book, phlip.
  + 82782 [phlip_cpp ya] Would illustrating how to write an entire sub-module in XSLT,
  + 82814 [tom infoethe] Yup, same goes for articles, too, I think.  As you said, if you can find
    82843 [leefi micros] I was just speaking to a publisher today (no, not Microsoft Press :-). I
    82982 [alec arlross] Tks Lee, and everybody who replied.

^ =?windows-874?q?=E0=BE=D5=C2=A7=C7=D1=B9=C5=D05.50=BA=D2=B7?=
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^ TimeoutError in Net::HTTP get and post
82700 [carl youngbl] I'm trying to rescue a TimeoutError in Net::HTTP's get and post methods,
82877 [carl youngbl] Was this just a stupid question or does nobody know the answer?  Or
82878 [nathaniel NO] Hmmm... I just tried to get Net::HTTP#post to raise a TimeoutError by
+ 82881 [carl youngbl] I think the get and post timeout is set to 60 seconds by default.  Your
| 82885 [nathaniel ta] require 'webrick'
+ 82882 [carl youngbl] By the way, thanks for your response.

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^ HTTP dowloading help
82710 [andrew cened] I wonder if any http experts out there can save me some time...

^ Re: File.expand_path and ~ on windows
82711 [djberge qwes] I was doing some more research on porting some Perl Win32 modules when I

^ Ruby package for Linux
82715 [jim freeze.o] Ok, I know nothing about linux packages.
+ 82716 [thomas_adam1] packages.
| + 82719 [dlinsky muen] It works with Red Hat 9, too - at least I am running it with no problems.
| + 82724 [jim freeze.o] Like I said, I know nothing. I think the distro is Red Hat 7.1, but
|   + 82725 [thomas_adam1] ``
|   | 82726 [jim freeze.o] unknown
|   | 82728 [thomas_adam1] OK.
|   | 82741 [jim freeze.o] Thanks for the link.
|   | 82742 [jim freeze.o] distro's.
|   + 82732 [ jimm io.com] Jim,
|   | 82733 [thomas_adam1] Sigh....
|   | 82740 [jim freeze.o] I'm only a newbie to Linux packages. I have built Ruby many times
|   | 82765 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
|   + 82761 [ptkwt aracne] $ uname -a
|     + 82771 [armin xss.de] cat /etc/issue
|     + 82776 [jim freeze.o] Doesn't tell you the distro.
|     + 82790 [martindemell] Does any distro actually put its name in uname? Just checked RedHat (9)
|     | 82870 [ptkwt aracne] # uname -a
|     + 82795 [thomas_adam1] No, Phil. If you read the archives, I had already replied about that, and
+ 82759 [lists zara.6] it's impossible not to find if you spend a minute on google.
  82777 [jim freeze.o] Now that's pretty neat.
  82820 [lyle users.s] One *can* build "relocatable" RPMs for some packages, but in most cases

^ dear  friend
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^ Webrick & CGI programs on WinXP
82718 [austin halos] I'm attempting to get ruwiki running under WEBrick on Windows XP. It's not
+ 82727 [walter mwsew] I am having similar issues as well.  I have uninstalled ruby, deleted
+ 82735 [drbrain segm] 't
| 82751 [gotoyuzo not] Yes, but I don't hope it;-)
| 82754 [austin halos] After merging Eric's and gotoyuzo's patches, the script runs ... but
| 82758 [jim freeze.o] That is the same error that I get on Sun. So it looks like
| 82807 [gotoyuzo not] Could you get error message with ruby -v?
| 82810 [jim freeze.o] Good idea.
| 82816 [gotoyuzo not] ary = [ "", "\n", "foo: bar", "foo: bar\n", "foo:bar\n\n" ]
+ 82737 [chad chadfow] # I'm attempting to get ruwiki running under WEBrick on Windows XP. It's not
+ 82748 [gotoyuzo not] Could you apply the attached patch?  And if same error

^ Martin Fowler and Ruby
82729 [James.Weiric] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
+ 82736 [sean celsoft] Not only do I concur with Mr. Fowler's view of XSLT and dropped it a
+ 83157 [gour mail.in] Do you have some other interesting URL about replacing XSLT with Ruby for
  83164 [jamesUNDERBA] James Britt
  83201 [gour mail.in] Thanks. Nice reading.
  83220 [jamesUNDERBA] Thanks.
  83242 [gour mail.in] This doesn't bother me too much since it's always possible to map some

^ dear  friend
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^ Hello
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^ New Website: www.bquote.com  Sellers compete > Buyers get the best price!
82752 [michael_exet] We worked very hard to make a website called http://www.bquote.com, and we went

^ ssl bad write retry
82753 [chrismo clab] I've got a Ruby script that uploads a file to another Ruby cgi script.
82808 [gotoyuzo not] I couldn't reproduce this error by my short script. Can I
82811 [chrismo clab] I may be able to get you something in a day or two, but I'm swamped with
82817 [gotoyuzo not] I have never used it on Windows..

^ [de] Update of FAQ in German/FAQ auf Deutsch ueberarbeitet
82764 [ jupp gmx.de] Ich habe die deutsche Version der FAQ zu comp.lang.ruby

^ Correction: German FAQ (Was: FAQ for comp.lang.ruby)
82766 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
82772 [hal9000 hype] Sorry for that mistake. Fixed now.

^ Readline API doc?
82767 [markjreed ma] I'm looking for the info on how to define/modify/basically interact

^ Dynamic Languages, Scripting, etc.  Conference in Pescadero [Bay Area] This Weekend Sept 26-28th
82778 [david.simmon] Lots of interesting people from commercial and research communities are
82833 [pbrannan atd] I've never heard of the Boost language.  Where can I find more

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^ ruby-mysql-0.2.1 and DBI
82780 [stedak chart] Has anyone tried to interface ruby-mysql-0.2.1 with DBI with Ruby1.8? What

^ looking for 'un' library
82783 [simon ecnetw] I recently installed Ruby 1.8.0 (Mandrake Linux).
+ 82784 [dblack super] un.rb comes with 1.8.0 (look in the lib subdirectory of the source).
| 82787 [simon ecnetw] Yep, that was it exactly.
+ 82785 [nakahiro sar] Here.

^ Contact Me (ASAP)
82786 [egbert_08imo] Dear Sir/Madam,

^ ruby-dev summary 21381-21402
82792 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML these days.
+ 82794 [gsinclair so] I was pleased to see lib/logger.rb in the stdlib recently.  Although it's
| 82826 [nakahiro sar] I don't remember clearly what Matz or someone call this but,
+ 82876 [maillist bes] What about $_, $1 , $2...$x
  82935 [batsman.geo ] $~ is already thread-local IIRC.

^ Re: Switch to last page in Gtk::Notebook
82805 [invalid sees] @notebook.set_page (-1)
82809 [mutoh highwa] This is a bug of Gtk::Notebook#page=. I'll fix it.

^ Is Rockit abandoned?
82806 [leikind mova] Looks like Rockit, the OO parser generator for Ruby, is abandoned.
82813 [feldt ce.cha] Its been abandoned for some 2 years but I'm now working on it again.
+ 82819 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, do I smell speed?
| 82853 [feldt ce.cha] Its not top prio but parsing is one of these things
+ 82822 [rich infoeth] When you do this...will we be able to build a Ruby parser with it :-)
  + 82825 [djberge qwes] And please, please, please add a tutorial for parser generator dummies, like
  | 82867 [feldt ce.cha] Its like regexps but more powerful. How hard can it be? :)
  | 82868 [djberge qwes] Thanks.  I also kinda suck at grammars, though I've gotten better at it.
  | 82873 [feldt ce.cha] # Rockit Tutorial example number X
  + 82828 [chad chadfow] #
  + 82852 [feldt ce.cha] That sure is one of my goals. I'm not promising anything since
    82866 [ptkwt aracne] Yes, we're watching ;-)

^ require and load
82812 [xrfang hotma] I found a problem with EXERB. It compiled an EXE file that failed to
82901 [nobu.nokada ] IIRC, exerb doesn't override load, but only require.

^ WeBrick and Windows CGI BUGS
82818 [walter mwsew] The patch to add a delay for the deleting of the temporary files
82823 [gotoyuzo not] I'll apply this. Thanks.

82827 [jerrypeter4 ] Block 20,Flat 2,1004 Estate

^ [newbie] upper to lower first letter of a word
82832 [yvon.thorava] Recently, i get a vintage list (more than 500 items) with poor typo, for
+ 82834 [markjreed ma] string.gsub!(/\b[a-z]+/) { |w| black_list.include?(w) ? w : w.capitalize  }
| + 82835 [yvon.thorava] a lot of tanxs )
| | 82837 [yvon.thorava] it seems, it's a little bit trickier because accentuated characters are
| | 82838 [markjreed ma] Really?  That's arguably a bug.  What character encoding are you using?
| | + 82839 [markjreed ma] string.gsub!(/(^|[- '])([a-z]+)/) {
| | + 82844 [yvon.thorava] l.gsub!(/\b[a-z]+/) { |w| black_list.include?(w) ? w
| |   82909 [bob.news gmx] "Yvon Thoraval" <yvon.thoravallist@-SUPPRIMEZ-free.fr.invalid> schrieb im
| |   82920 [yvon.thorava] yes, fine, i discovered also that capitalization don't work on
| |   83060 [angus quovad] irb(main):001:0> $KCODE="u"
| |   83065 [yvon.thorava] tanxs for all !
| + 82842 [dblack super] I believe the /s modifier to the regex will help you here by changing
|   82846 [yvon.thorava] tanxs, i don't remember (from Perl) what's the meaning of this "s" ?
|   82863 [dblack super] It's different in Perl and Ruby.  In Perl, it means: treat the string
|   82865 [markjreed ma] According to the Pickaxe, or at least the online version thereof
+ 82841 [mwilson13 co] You might adapt the English language 'titlecase' program, which can be
  82845 [yvon.thorava] Yes, tanxs, that way i'd change more easily rules versus area of

^ Creating classes with from YAML?
82847 [lists zara.6] Remembering that all classes are instances of the Class class, is this
+ 82848 [drbrain segm] =20
+ 82849 [rich infoeth] C1 = YAML.load("--- !ruby/object:Class {}")
  82851 [rich infoeth] My bad...I was using an older version of YAML...in 1.8 this does not

^ [newbie] specifying file encoding
82850 [yvon.thorava] #!/usr/bin/ruby
82859 [emmanuel.tou] a string is considered by ruby as encoded as <insert your locale here>. If you

^ Abort Report
82854 [postrobot am] <HTML>

^ exerb and a threaded server
82856 [djberge qwes] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
82858 [nathaniel NO] Well, mkrbc basically just sits back and watches your program run from start
82860 [djberge qwes] Ah, ok.  Because of the curious interaction SIGINT and threads on
82862 [achou tealea] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
82924 [djberge qwes] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ urgent
82869 [larrychimez ] DEAR SIR,

^ regular expression
82880 [paul_vudmask] I'm doing some html replacement using regular
82883 [markjreed ma] That's because '.' doesn't match newline by default.  To get it to,
82886 [paul_vudmask] That's because '.' doesn't match newline by default.

^ When threads block
82884 [fugalh byu.e] It's difficult to do any serious multi-threaded network programming when
+ 82903 [nobu.nokada ] What's your platform?
| 82908 [thomas First] When will we get a new thread implementation, then? :-)
| 82926 [surrender_it] The problem should be related to windows' select().
| 82945 [mailinglists] It's a joke right ?
| 83000 [surrender_it] That's sure. I never ever read a windows programming book, this may
| 83034 [mailinglists] No. Its working with GUI messages.
+ 82919 [fugalh byu.e] Ok, I jumped the gun just a little. On linux /most/ things don't block.
  82944 [nobu.nokada ] You can use IO::NONBLOCK with IO::RDONLY instead of "r".

^ mysql-ruby 1.4.5 bug?
82892 [keith buyore] I am using mysql 4.0.15 on redhat 9.0, compiled ruby 1.80,compiled

82893 [georgenwanze] Dear Sir,

^ A DL-Ruby Question
82895 [K_Proctor sy] I first found out about the Ruby/DL library on WhyTheLuckyStiff.net in
82898 [feldt ce.cha] If you're trying to do a callback to Ruby from C then this example

^ system encoding? (was:Re: [newbie] specifying file encoding)
82904 [emmanuel.tou] which made me wonder: how do I find out what is the current local

^ [ANN] xmlification-0.8
82906 [bruce codedb] Making the initial release of xmlification, version 0.8, which provides the

^ SVGDom
82913 [margrej stud] I'm quite new to SVG. I'm trying to make an SVGDOM tree from a graph

^ problems cross-compiling
82914 [wiswedel kho] i trying to cross compile ruby-1.8.0 on MacOs X to OpenZaurus.

^ Undelivered Message: Returned To Mailer
82916 [smtprobot ro] <HTML>

^ Partnership and investment Tender.
82917 [godwingurana] UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC.

^ Setting "variable" global variable ?
82918 [holmberg iar] I wonder if there is any way in Ruby of setting a "variable" global
+ 82925 [djd15 po.cwr] def global_variable_set(name, val)
| 82927 [messju lammf] def global_variable_set(name, val)
| 82929 [holmberg iar] I think it is quite "ok".
| 82930 [hal9000 hype] This is probably obvious and likely irrelevant, but I will mention
| 82931 [dblack super] I don't want to be responsible for encouraging non-vigilance toward
| + 82932 [messju lammf] eval "$#{name} = val"
| + 82933 [hal9000 hype] I was thinking of something like
|   82936 [dblack super] I realized this (that you meant name, not val) about halfway between
+ 82980 [aero6dof yah] This is probably a stupid question, but wouldn't it be simpler to use a global hash?

^ Debugging Threads
82922 [bob.news gmx] people have problems debugging threads.  What do others think about,
82923 [decoux moulo] This is a good idea, and because it's a good idea it's already implemented

^ exerb problem - dll not found
82937 [djberge qwes] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
+ 82938 [damphyr free] msvcr*.dll and msvcrt.dll are the runtime libraries for windows.
| 82940 [Peter.Vanbro] If you google for msvcr70.dll, first hit allows you to download it (you
+ 82939 [lyle users.s] MSVCRT70.DLL is the C runtime library. You can think of it as the

^ [OT] Re: Article on oreilly.net on how to build Unix tools with Ruby
82942 [gsinclair so] The GNU utilities?

^ good day
82943 [mutualbiznes] Attention Sir,

^ resolv-replace.rb bug? [WAS: When thread block]
82946 [nathaniel NO] Is this intentional?
82947 [nobu.nokada ] No, resolv-replace.rb seems not to be 1.8 compliant.
+ 82979 [nathaniel NO] It works great for me. Thanks Nobu!
+ 83021 [akr m17n.org] Please commit it.

^ Which racc?
82948 [jim freeze.o] I see that racc is in the distro of Ruby 1.8.0.
82951 [aamine lover] Racc is composed of a "generator" and a "runtime".

^ formatting ruby code in html
82949 [paul_vudmask] Is there a similar function in Ruby to the
82960 [ahoward fsl.] for f in *.[rb]; do gvim -f +"syn on" +"run! syntax/2html.vim" +"wq" +"q" $f; done
+ 82973 [James.Weiric] You might like http://jimweirich.umlcoop.net/software/source2html/
+ 82998 [ jupp gmx.de] The line breaks I inserted don't break anything else but lines.

^ value binding and function binding
82950 [nvivek ncst.] (let ((x 1))
82952 [dblack super] gives you that error (because here, x is uninitialized).
82954 [nvivek ncst.] Hmmm...Many thanks (btw, can I start with a capital letter after

^ your response
82953 [bolageorge m] DR BOLA GEORGE

^ Win32 graphics library
82956 [code joechen] Is there a Ruby library out there for Win32 that will do simple image
+ 82957 [mwilson13 co] Well, it's not win32, but ImageMagick + rmagick will, reportedly, work
| + 82972 [code joechen] Thanks Mark.  I'll use those if I have to, but I'm hoping to find something
| | 83197 [berk upnet.r] Won't GD do? It needs some other libs like libz, libpng and libjpeg but those
| + 83012 [cjh_nospam m] Won't rmagick work with the native Win32 DLLs available from
+ 82970 [ rbo acm.org] You can get full access to the .net framework System.Drawing namespace (and
  + 82971 [chad chadfow] #
  + 82974 [code joechen] (and
    + 82975 [nathaniel NO] You might also check out Ruby/DL. It allows you to call external DLL
    + 83025 [  eg jnk.jnk] The quality options may be there, but it is very slow. Much of GDI+ is