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^ Re: ruby-lang.org (Re: My favorite language's icon turned into a sheep!)
0824 [fukusima got] I prefer it too.

^ rb2c-0.6.0 released.
0825 [hiwada kuee.] I released rb2c-0.6.0.

^ feature request
0826 [aseltine cs.] x = "a.b c.d"
0827 [crouton duel] x.scan(/(\w)\.(\w)/) { |i| p i }
0828 [crouton duel] *PLEASE FORGET THE ABOVE* :-)
0829 [matz netlab.] ...
+ 0830 [crouton duel] What causes the difference below?
| 0831 [matz netlab.] Because the evaluated values of the blocks are different.  For the
| 0832 [crouton duel] Oh, I've been understanding that gsub { } would hook the substitution
+ 0833 [aseltine cs.] Thanks to everyone for the help! Maybe this should go in to the FAQ, or

^ [CFV] icon competition
0834 [gotoken math] Ruby icon competition is open!

^ guppy
0835 [gotoken math] I've considered new candidate for ruby icon. Then tiny fish *guppy*
0836 [fukusima got] I don't know about O'Reilly books, but there is a project named
0837 [gotoken math] Ummm...<down>  I was drawing a guppy icon but abandon it :-<
0838 [gotoken math] But, I cannot abandon my work. I've submitted a guppy image.

^ Ruby as an extension language ?
0839 [ei96024 fe.u] I'm looking for an extension language (aka a macro language) for
+ 0842 [c.hintze gmx] Ruby as an extension language ?
+ 0843 [matz netlab.] Quite possibly.

^ separator of RD block
0840 [aamine dp.u-] Now, RD is the text surrounded by /=begin\s*$/ and /=end\s*$/.
0841 [c.hintze gmx] separator of RD block
0845 [aamine dp.u-] Yes, my proposal is related to [ruby-talk:00695].

^ Request for WinGKR
0844 [fit0298 fite] We ruby installer team in Japan are considering bundling your WinGKR

^ Ruby on Windows NT, anybody?
0846 [francois_le_] I think I need help for Ruby on Windows NT.
0847 [fit0298 fite] On Windows NT4, "system()" method is waiting for terminate "notepad".
0848 [francois_le_] Arima,
0849 [fit0298 fite] Please get the latest version from a ftp site, and retry.
0850 [francois_le_] Latest attempts...

^ Re: Ruby on Windows NT. Yes!
0851 [francois_le_] I downloaded the sources, ran win32\ntsetup.bat, then nmake...

^ Ruby/GTK 0.22 released
0852 [igarashi ued] Ruby/GTK 0.22 is released.

^ Vote will be restarted
0853 [gotoken math] On Icon competition

^ Berkeley DB
0854 [decoux moulo] Someone has written an interface to Berkeley DB file ?
0855 [matz netlab.] Not yet, I guess.  It's not very hard to implement, though.
0856 [decoux moulo] ...
0857 [decoux moulo] Empty ???????
0858 [matz netlab.] Let me see.  Can you wait till November?
0859 [decoux moulo] No problem, I'm still learning the language :-)

^ ruby 1.5
0860 [matz netlab.] The development of Ruby 1.5.x is started.
0861 [fukusima got] Ruby module for SWIG already exists.  It is not finished but
0862 [matz netlab.] Oops, I forgot to change the mark.  Sorry.

^ RDtool-0.5.0
0863 [toshirok yb3] Now I've put rdtool-0.5.0.tar.gz in in.coming.
0864 [matz netlab.] I moved it to contrib directory.
0865 [toshirok yb3] Thanks.:-)
0866 [matz netlab.] Hmm, I understand.
0892 [toshirok yb3] I gave a glance at perlpod(1) and POD of pod2html, and I understood pod2xxx
0894 [matz netlab.] Pod2html trys to create href link, if possible.
+ 0896 [toshirok yb3] Okey...
+ 0896 [toshirok yb3] Okey...
+ 0905 [toshirok yb3] if we accept POD way, do we regard "((<foo>))" as reference to other
  0906 [matz netlab.] Either OK.  I think "((<foo>))" can be reserved for in-file reference.
  + 0907 [hiwada kuee.] How do you think about the case in which Headlines make conflinct.
  | + 0908 [kjana os.xax] Then we can write `((<Foo::Quux>))' and `((<Bar::Quux>))' to
  | | 0910 [toshirok yb3] There are two problem.
  | | 0912 [kjana os.xax] Same method works fine.
  | | 0915 [toshirok yb3] How can we distinguish in situation like following example?
  | | 0918 [kjana os.xax] At first, I have to say what I've written on labels/references is
  | | 0953 [toshirok yb3] Sorry for my very late response.
  | + 0911 [toshirok yb3] When you want to write a book with RD, this restriction will annoy you.
  + 0916 [toshirok yb3] So,

^ call with a Proc
0867 [decoux moulo] I've some problem to understand how ruby pass its argument, specially when
+ 0868 [gotoken math] FTP#list is defined as
| 0869 [decoux moulo] OK, I've forgotten & before Proc
| 0870 [gotoken math] By the way, the error massage was not kind. It was difficult to
| 0876 [clemens.hint] Nonononono! Please not!!!!!!
+ 0871 [c.hintze gmx] call with a Proc
  + 0872 [decoux moulo] Yes, I've finally understood (I think :-)), when it see & it will make
  | 0873 [matz netlab.] Yes.
  + 0874 [matz netlab.] Hmm, that's inaccurate.  Every methods consume the block given to
  | 0875 [clemens.hint] Okay! I was inaccurate. Sorry! I have meant what you've told! :-)
  + 0880 [gotoken math] I've thought that for a day, then I agree your opinion now :-)

^ local / dynamic variables
0877 [decoux moulo] This is probably a stupid question, but why in a block a variable is not
+ 0878 [gotoken math] As you see, in the formar case, |i| is shared with the outer scope.
| 0885 [decoux moulo] Well it's not really a use of this feature, because sum is not defined
| 0886 [gotoken math] Oops! I'm sorry for showing wrong example :-(
| 0887 [decoux moulo] I'm always surprised (I came from perl) :-)
| 0888 [matz netlab.] Perl and Ruby are similar, but not same, as you know.
+ 0879 [c.hintze gmx] local / dynamic variables
| 0881 [gotoken math] Great! This explanation is easy to see :-)
| 0890 [c.hintze gmx] thanx :-)))
+ 0889 [matz netlab.] Just because I don't want variable shadowing in the language.

^ www.ruby-lang.org
0882 [matz netlab.] The new official Ruby site, http://www.ruby-lang.org/ opens.

^ ANNOUNCE: rbison 0.0.5
0883 [aseltine cs.] rbison takes a Bison generated parser and produces a Ruby parser class,

^ ANNOUNCE: rbison 0.0.5 (#2)
0884 [aseltine cs.] rbison takes a Bison generated parser and produces a Ruby parser class,

^ vote reopen
0891 [gotoken math] Icon competition is reopen now.

^ Contrast Ruby and Other Languages
0893 [matz netlab.] There're some articles about the page `Contrast Ruby and Other Languages'
+ 0895 [clemens.hint] following your request, I have read the comparsion again. It was not
+ 0895 [clemens.hint] following your request, I have read the comparsion again. It was not
  + 0897 [gotoken math] =========
  + 0900 [matz netlab.] How about `inconvenient OOPL'?
  + 0897 [gotoken math] =========
  | + 0898 [c.hintze gmx] I can understand him... But he, like me before, does a simple error...
  | + 0898 [c.hintze gmx] I can understand him... But he, like me before, does a simple error...
  |   + 0899 [matz netlab.] In addition, contol structure being object is mere illusion in most
  |   + 0899 [matz netlab.] In addition, contol structure being object is mere illusion in most
  |     0902 [gotoken math] I've read comp.lang.python. Those are caused by some improper my
  |     0903 [wang rjka.co] how about "accept_block?".
  |     0904 [clemens.hint] See following code, please ...
  + 0900 [matz netlab.] How about `inconvenient OOPL'?
    0901 [clemens.hint] Hmm, hmm, hmm. Difficult, difficult, difficult ...

^ [Gtk-doc] Signal
0909 [gotoken math] I've translated chapter signal of the Ruby/GTK documentation in

^ Determining the called class in tracing
0913 [Dave thomase] Is there any way to determine the identity of the class containing the
+ 0914 [matz netlab.] `call' and `c-call' do not contain class information, but `return' and
+ 0914 [matz netlab.] `call' and `c-call' do not contain class information, but `return' and
  0917 [Dave thomase] What I'm looking at doing is adding DbC features (class invariants,

^ Anybody knows of an English translation for...
0919 [francois_le_] .. the pages at http://homepage1.nifty.com/markey/index.html
0920 [CQN02273 nif] There is no English translation for my pages except the RubyUnit
0925 [yashi yashi.] I don't have the originally posted mail so its thread is broken but..
+ 0926 [yashi yashi.] oops, some Japanese lines were still there... just delete the line you
+ 0945 [CQN02273 nif] Thank you. May I add the translated page to my site ?
  0946 [yashi yashi.] that's all yours.  do whatever you want :-)

^ Glade/Ruby 0.3.0
0921 [yashi yashi.] I just joined this ML.  hope you'll like Glade/Ruby :)
0922 [greentea fa2] Not Found
0923 [yashi yashi.] oops, that should be

^ Glade/Ruby 0.4.0
0924 [yashi yashi.] here goes the Glade/Ruby daily release ;p

^ Python complaints
0927 [matz netlab.] Have you seen the thread ``Python complaints'' in comp.lang.python
0930 [gotoken math] No, I had not. And the root message of that thread was expired from my host.
0931 [c.hintze gmx] Two reasons: First, they do not know Ruby very well. Alternatively,
+ 0936 [matz netlab.] I'm planning to prepare pages something like freshmeat at the
+ 0937 [parkw better] Perhaps, because Ruby still reminds them too much of Perl?  One main
  + 0938 [matz netlab.] I'm not sure whether Ruby has same quoting hell, but we feel Ruby
  + 0939 [c.hintze gmx] Ok! I know, that is in the eyes of the beholder. But I have also
    0940 [yashi yashi.] This paragraph reminds me an idea.  Wouldn't it be great if someone
    + 0942 [matz netlab.] * Bussiness card database with Ruby/Tk+PostgreSQL, by h_inoue@netlab.co.jp
    + 0943 [clemens.hint] Sorry! But what do you mean with 'column'?
      0944 [matz netlab.] Think something like essays at www.python.org.

^ Curios About "ruby"?
0928 [qsg1041 phil] I'm curious about "ruby".  I need to learn more about "ruby" expecially
+ 0932 [c.hintze gmx] Curios About "ruby"?
+ 0929 [matz netlab.] It's the best fit for Ruby.
| + 0933 [c.hintze gmx] matz, you have said that the example programs of your book would be
| + 0933 [c.hintze gmx] matz, you have said that the example programs of your book would be
|   0935 [matz netlab.] Oh, well.  I forgot.  Here's one; I put the rest after I translated
|   0954 [schneiker ju] Your English is good enough that others could turn a rough translation of
+ 0932 [c.hintze gmx] Curios About "ruby"?
  0934 [matz netlab.] * I'm not good at English enough to write/traslate book with 600 pages.

^ swigruby-0.4 released
0941 [fukusima got] swigruby 0.4 is released.

^ Re: RubyWin Thanks! (was: ...English translation for...)
0947 [francois_le_] Yashi,
0952 [CQN02273 nif] No, I have not known scintilla.

^ Glade/Ruby 0.5.0
0948 [yashi yashi.] get it from

^ http://www.codeforge.com
0949 [gotoken math] We have recieved the following message. What do you think?
0950 [greentea fa2] Did he ask us about either market problem or technical problem? If
0951 [gotoken math] I guess he'd like to know how large the Ruby market is, maybe.

^ Ruby 1.4.3
0955 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ Ruby 1.4.3 repacked
0956 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ ruby-mode
0957 [yashi yashi.] just found a bug in ruby-mode.el, but unfortunately I'm not an elisp
0958 [yashi yashi.] oops, it was broken here too.

^ FYI: DRAFT of comp.lang.ruby RFD (request for discussion)
0959 [schneiker ju] This is still in the preliminary stages, but I thought people might be

^ [ANNOUNCE: Ruby Who's Who] e-mail address
0960 [greentea fa2] I have been maintaining www.ruby-lang.org/LANG/whos.html.

^ Ruby compileable by C++ compiler?
0961 [c.hintze gmx] perhaps, I want to try to embed the ruby interreter in an application
0962 [matz netlab.] Hmmm.  I'm afraid that would happen.  sigh.
0963 [clemens.hint] Wei,
0965 [kjana os.xax] What about protoize or any other program which converts K&R style C
0968 [matz netlab.] I really hope the converting tools work fine.  But it's the time Perl6
+ 0970 [clemens.hint] ahhh ... I don't like to be the one how give you bad news ... :-(
| 0981 [kjana os.xax] It may be bug to be fixed.  It seems all call_op() calls with argument
+ 0980 [schneiker ju] Which may be why Larry might not be the one to actually implement it.

^ Bastion or SecurityManager for Ruby?
0964 [clemens.hint] and here the second question of the day from me. :-)))
+ 0966 [ringo hompo.] clemens.hintze> Suppose I want to embed Ruby in my own application... So my
| 0971 [clemens.hint] something like that... I want to embed the interpreter to allow my
| 0974 [matz netlab.] -T4 is to isolate untrusted code, to make something like applet
| 0976 [wakou fsinet] It is timeliness to be just good.
+ 0967 [matz netlab.] How about removing them explicitly by rb_remove_method().
  + 0969 [ringo hompo.] Oh, this is what I wanted to say. 2 pages are taken about safe level
  | 0973 [matz netlab.] Since we already have the reference manual in English, do you mean
  | 0977 [ringo hompo.] Oh, I'm sorry that I oversaw the translated reference manual
  + 0972 [clemens.hint] I was aware of this. But I don't like that way too much. I fear to

^ Glade/Ruby 0.6.1 and 0.7.0
0975 [yashi yashi.] Glade/Ruby is a Glade XML parser and Runtime GtkObject generator.  it

^ Re: Translating Ruby books and documentation to English
0978 [schneiker ju] (NOTE: changed "Subject:" from "Re: [ruby-talk:00974] Re: Bastion or
0983 [matz netlab.] Thank you for the offer.
0997 [schneiker ju] English

^ Can a "daily digest" mailing list of all ruby-talk messages be set up?
0979 [schneiker ju] Would it be possible to set up a ruby-talk digest mailing list that works
0982 [matz netlab.] 3.4     Digest Delivery

^ -T2 and require
0984 [decoux moulo] Apparently the last component of rb_load_path is not checked (or the check
0985 [matz netlab.] If the path contains the relative path, security check should have
0987 [decoux moulo] Sorry if my previous message was not clear (I've a very bad english), but
0988 [matz netlab.] Your English is far better than mine anyway.

0986 [yashi yashi.] RAA has been up and runing for a while but I don't think I have seen

^ a question about to_i
0989 [Friedrich.Do] Sorry, I'm quite new to ruby. But I encounterd the following problem. If
+ 0990 [yashi yashi.] I think that's because if exception is rissen you can't do like
| 0991 [Friedrich.Do] Now that is not a reason for me what about
| 0993 [yashi yashi.] how about
| 1002 [Friedrich.Do] some solutions ommitted.
+ 0992 [gotoken math] to_i or to_f return *always* a number. Those work as a kind of type
| + 0994 [gotoken math] Oops! that was a typo. The right answer is 12345.
| + 0995 [gotoken math] Oops again! "rescue NameError" should be "rescue" simply.
+ 0996 [matz netlab.] As Gotoken stated in [ruby-talk:00992], String#to_i (i.e. the to_i
  + 0998 [schneiker ju] $n = 1;
  | + 0999 [schneiker ju] If
  | + 1007 [matz netlab.] Are you having happy Christmas holidays?
  |   1015 [c.hintze gmx] oh yeah! I have, thanks for asking ;-) But some of my colleagues are
  |   + 1022 [matz netlab.] This principle is interesting, but I'm afraid it is difficult for
  |   + 1023 [schneiker ju] Would you give us some examples?
  + 1003 [Friedrich.Do] But at least AFAIK there are some checker routines available in ctype.h
    1004 [Friedrich.Do] something.

^ object-creation
1000 [neumann s-di] class Point
1001 [matz netlab.] Not from Ruby.  Using C extension you can.

^ A Christmas present from Nagano, Japan.
1005 [manamist whi] This is a small Christmas present for you.

^ net/* 1.1.3
1006 [aamine dp.u-] internet protocol library (bundled with ruby) version 1.1.3

^ Blocks, Procs, and iterators
1008 [Dave thomase] Is there a difference between
+ 1012 [matz netlab.] Almost same.  The differences are
+ 1014 [c.hintze gmx] Blocks, Procs, and iterators
  1017 [matz netlab.] Happy new year.