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^ my mod_ruby doesn't like my eruby
82017 [vivo_sengodo] I'm not able to make eruby work with mod_ruby for some
82020 [samuel alien] What exactly *do* you have in your httpd.conf, it sounds like you just
82021 [vivo_sengodo] Yeah I saw that not requiring the appropriate module
82022 [mgarriss ear] RubyHandler Apache::ErubyRun.instance
82023 [mgarriss ear] Ugh, make that ERubyRun.  Trying to watch football and do email at the
82024 [vivo_sengodo] and it worked. Forgot to make it a capital R. Now I
82026 [samuel alien] Been there, done that :)  Last time I set up mod_ruby+eruby I did the

^ [ANN] Linguistics 0.02
82029 [ged FaerieMU] I'd like to announce the second release of the Linguistics module, a
82035 [mgarriss ear] This is really incredible.  My hat is off to you.
82042 [maillist bes] self congratulation?
82043 [harryo qiqso] Almost, but not quite.  The author is Michael Granger, the person who was impressed was Michael Garriss ... unless, of course, MichaelGarriss = MichaelGranger.dup :-).
+ 82044 [maillist bes] lol, didnt see that.
+ 82062 [mgarriss ear] Never yell Michael in a crowded room.  ;)
  + 82122 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
  + 82130 [harryo qiqso] Slightly OT, but that reminded me of my youth ... quite some time ago ... when we shared a 1 MIPS minicomputer between just under 100 students.  More than once, when the system was very loaded and I needed my compile to get done *today* rather than tomorrow, I typed the command, walked into the middle of the terminal room, and yelled an expletive.

^ [ANN] Ruby-WordNet 0.02
82030 [ged FaerieMU] Fellow Rubyists,

^ eruby & mod_ruby under windows
82032 [REMOVE_THISu] how to compile them using gcc? thanks

^ Tools for Inbound travel agents
82037 [hfalan publi] Dear Colleagues,

^ urgent transaction.
82039 [dargarsh_kii] Top of the day to you my friend?  It may astonish you

^ urgent transaction.
82040 [abellmulete ] First, I must solicit your confidence in this

^ ruby-dev summary 21366-21380
82041 [ksaito uranu] This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list last week.
82077 [pbrannan atd] How do/will these tests differ from rubicon?
+ 82079 [chad chadfow] # > [ruby-dev:21356] test/ruby/*
+ 82084 [matz ruby-la] The new test suites differ from rubicon that

^ game programming
82051 [piluxmail li] thank u
82052 [thomas_adam1] documentation for ruby game programming!
82054 [mneumann nte] Maybe this is for you (found in [ruby-talk:76666])
82092 [aleaxit yaho] I think it's due out in December, though.  Wonder WHEN in December --
82096 [hal9000 hype] Also check out the RAA (raa.ruby-lang.org) and search for things
82103 [tom infoethe] Yours,

^ Eclipse install problem windows 2000 or XP
82055 [jhauss gfi.f] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Test::Unit -- multiple errors in test method ???
82056 [holmberg iar] I have been writing some unit tests with Test::Unit.
+ 82057 [dcorbin mach] You'd better look more closely.  JUnit stops execution of the test at the
| 82059 [holmberg iar] Yes, I missed that.
| + 82060 [dblack super] require 'test/unit'
| + 82061 [decoux moulo] Something like this ?
| | 82063 [holmberg iar] No, not really.
| | 82066 [decoux moulo] Then this ?
| | 82070 [holmberg iar] Yes !
| + 82071 [nathaniel NO] As David and David pointed out, it is, indeed, a feature. <pun
|   82075 [holmberg iar] I didn't mean *completely useless*.
+ 82058 [dblack super] Considering the state of the test/unit code, and the amount of use it
+ 82064 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <qj5nd7l02@sneakemail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 82074 [michael_s_ca] Not in any Junit *I've* ever used.
  82076 [holmberg iar] Not in the one *I* used either.

^ Problem Dynamically Loading a Module
82078 [whitton atla] I'm having some trouble with trying to dynamically load a module at runtime.
82080 [decoux moulo] Try this
82104 [whitton atla] Guy,

^ Implementing the tape safe enum pattern in Ruby.
82081 [gedb rushcod] I rather like the type safe enum pattern in Java, and I was wonding
82101 [pbrannan atd] Ruby is strongly typed.  It is not statically typed.  See
82152 [gedb rushcod] Paul,

^ ruby-gtk2 tutorial download
82082 [kgergely mla] Are the tutorials downloadable on sf.net or should I use wget?
82085 [laurent data] Since it is still under active development, the Ruby/Gtk2 tutorial is

^ Re: Natural order sort
82087 [NOSPAMcs96an] Interesting.  I always assumed split filtered out the matching sections,
82095 [Dave PragPro] It is now :)
82098 [markjreed ma] Yup.  That's because it was modeled after the split function in

^ Re: Linguistics 0.02
82099 [ged FaerieMU] I only wish I had that particular trick down. =:)
+ 82134 [ejb theworld] What tool was used to generate these docs?
| 82139 [ged FaerieMU] If you're referring to the "API Documentation" link on the page
| 82195 [ejb theworld] Hmmmm. I downloaded the module, but when I run rdoc on it, I don't
| + 82196 [ged FaerieMU] I don't know of a guide, but I use an alternate wrapper around the RDoc
| + 82216 [mwilson13 co] www.learningruby.com/usingrdoc.shtml
+ 82135 [ejb theworld] What url location should be used to obtain the required "readline.rb" module?
  82140 [ged FaerieMU] The module itself doesn't require readline, so I'm guessing you're

^ opengl on windows
82105 [piluxmail li] sorry but i'm a beginner(and sorry for my english)!thank u!
82112 [lyle users.s] The Ruby/OpenGL extension is already included with the Pragmatic
+ 82113 [piluxmail li] when I open an opengl example that is in the ruby distribution,it say
| 82138 [sdate everes] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-08-04) [i386-mswin32]
+ 82143 [maillist bes] but have you acually installed your windows opengl drivers. I you

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^ [ANN] Euruko 2003 Videos available at ruby-doc.org
82118 [jbritt ruby-] Euruko 2003 Videos available at ruby-doc.org
+ 82151 [surrender_it] PEG 1 ?
| 82153 [robertm spel] Euruko 2003 Videos available at ruby-doc.org
| + 82160 [chad chadfow] #
| | 82161 [gsinclair so] I checked out http://www.rubyconf.org, and was surprised to see that
| | 82162 [dblack super] It is -- just a bit of lag on synchronizing the various Web pages :-)
| | 82163 [robertm spel] I'm planning to record the entire event with my digital video camera,
| | 82164 [chad chadfow] # The other option would be to have people bring laptops with Webcams to
| | 82167 [robertm spel] How many RubyConf attendees have webcams that we could use for
| + 82168 [jbritt ruby-] Thank you.  I must point out that I neglected to credit Michael Neumann
+ 82156 [gedb rushcod] This looks nice, but I haven't the bandwidth.
  + 82158 [armin xss.de] If you really need mp3s I produce them for you if
  + 82169 [jbritt ruby-] It's doable, though I hadn't planned on it.  I don't know how much the

^ Eval and methods
82124 [gruby sysarc] How do you do meta type stuff in Ruby? E.g.
82126 [James.Weiric] [ class def elided ]

^ [OT] Aesthetics of @ and $; [Was: Re: performance and style advice requested]
82128 [mwilson13 co] lol. Aesthetically, I prefer @ to $. One is circular, the other is
82182 [aleaxit yaho] Surely you're jesting?  The fine $ symbol is the stylized personal
82253 [martindemell] Actually, the $ symbol is a stylised S, for String, and has its roots in

^ Better than Botox
82132 [nospamflick3] <html>

^ [OT] 0! [WAS: Re: performance and style advice requested]
82136 [mwilson13 co] 0! represents the number of possible permutations of 0 elements, which
82137 [easco mac.co] Well either that or ZERO!, NONE!,  I mean it!

82141 [dikeene asea] BARRISTERMr.DIKE ENE

^ å󥰤Τ
82142 [goyutai_kinr] ¨ͻ

^ ruby 1.8 mswin question
82144 [info irvineh] I am using the ruby version from ruby-1.8.0-i386.mswin32.zip
82145 [usa osb.att.] iconv is codeset conversion library.
82146 [info irvineh] Thank you!

^ Load wrap=true and adding methods to classes in the prog being called
82154 [Sebastien.Cl] Dear Rubyists,
82155 [decoux moulo] See the module import_module, ruby_behaviors ... in RAA

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^ Possible downtime for RubyForge because of Isabel...
82159 [rich infoeth] This is to announce a potential outage of RubyForge on Thursday-Friday

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^ scrambler one-liner
82166 [fxn hashref.] I just came across this interesting article at Slashdot that explains that
+ 82170 [James.Weiric] 'gsub!(/\w+/){|w|r=1..w.size-1;w[r]=w[r].split(//).sort_by{rand}.to_s;w}'
| 82173 [fxn hashref.] -pe 'gsub!(/\w+/){|w|r=1..w.size-2;w[r]=w[r].split(//).sort_by{rand}.to_s;w}'
| + 82176 [James.Weiric] Ahh.  I tried w[1...w.size-1] rather than w[1..w.size-2].  It seems there is
| + 82230 [sabbyxtabby ] -pe 'gsub!(/\B\w+\B/){|w|w.split(//).sort_by{rand}}'
|   82231 [markjreed ma] Right.  That's also true of the block passed to Ruby's Array#sort
+ 82171 [jason jasona] Alternatively, you could write a version that accepts a "Maximum
+ 82172 [jfh cise.ufl] *shrug* I use ruby for my one liners all the time...
+ 82186 [kdresner cs.] This is hilarious, because a friend and I just had (over lunch) a race
| 82188 [fxn hashref.] -pe 'gsub!(/(\w)(\w+)(?=\w)/){$1+$2.split(//).sort_by{rand}.to_s}'
| 82189 [kdresner cs.] Try
| + 82193 [markjreed ma] It'll work with just sort instead of sort_by, won't it?
| | + 82194 [kdresner cs.] I don't /think/ it works with sort.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong,
| | | 82202 [markjreed ma] Right, right.  That occurred to me after I sent that message.  For
| | + 82248 [androflux so] No, not quite. Sort will pass in two args and expect you to return -1, 0
| |   82290 [michael_s_ca] random
| |   + 82315 [fxn hashref.] Hey, this thread was exciting :-).
| |   | + 82331 [James.Weiric] Actually, no.  The point is to have a random distribution.  It is certainly
| |   | | 82370 [Peter.Vanbro] I don't know if bubble sort using a random number for comparisons is
| |   | | 82375 [Peter.Vanbro] gsub!(/\B\w+\B/){proc{|s|Array.new(s.length){s.delete_at(rand(s.length))}}.call($&.split(//)).join}
| |   | | 82379 [dblack wobbl] gsub!(/\B\w+\B/){|s|Array.new(s.size){s.slice!(rand(s.size)).chr}.join}
| |   | + 82383 [kdresner cs.] Hey, I'm a celebrity!
| |   |   82384 [James.Weiric] Just for clarification, my concerns rested with sort{rand}.  The original
| |   + 82401 [androflux so] What I meant was I don't know what evil effects have the comparison
| |     + 82406 [dblack super] Because you've got i+i instead of i+1 :-)
| |     | 82501 [androflux so] The sound you hear is me, banging my head against the wall.
| |     + 82408 [michael_s_ca] No, you're right, but as was mentioned earlier, *some* bubble sorts
| + 82209 [gsinclair so] That looks to me like it will not preserve the first and last letter
| | 82210 [kdresner cs.] But it does.  the \B only matches a non-word boundary, so the match
| | 82215 [lone-star ho] yeah, it's one of the prettiest one-liners I've seen.
| + 82262 [bob.news gmx] preserved for eternity @ http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?OneLiners
+ 82187 [dblack super] gsub!(/\w+/){|w|w[1..-2]&&=w[1..-2].split(//).sort_by{rand}.join;w}
+ 82199 [tcfelker mtc] Cool.  I was going to post something about that, but I hadn't bothered to
| 82235 [tcfelker mtc] OK, here's the unscrambler code.  Be warned, I chose a rather memory
| 82236 [dblack super] You might find the thread at http://www.ruby-talk.org/8142 interesting
+ 82204 [ oct zoy.org] it semes that this viesorn is a bit sllmear than the oehtr one,
  82205 [ oct zoy.org] i'm so stupid. This friend reads fxn diary on advogato.

^ =?gb2312?q?_mpeg4=D4=B6=B3=CC=B6=E0=B5=E3ip=CA=D3=C6=B5=BB=E1=D2=E9=BC=B0=CA=D3=C6=B5=BC=E0=BF=D8?=
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^ =?gb2312?q?_mpeg4=D4=B6=B3=CC=B6=E0=B5=E3ip=CA=D3=C6=B5=BB=E1=D2=E9=BC=B0=CA=D3=C6=B5=BC=E0=BF=D8?=
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^ How to alias a class method
82177 [sdmitry lrn.] I've run into problem aliasing a class method, i.e.
82178 [decoux moulo] you need to be in the singleton class to make the alias
82243 [sdmitry lrn.] Very nice, thank you! :)

^ One-liners resource?
82179 [app1tam ups.] The smrcbaelr one-liner thread brought to mind: I once found a Perl resource
82181 [djberge qwes] Regards,

^ mysterious module "Readline"??
82180 [Meinrad.Rech] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
82198 [ged FaerieMU] It's in ext/readline/.

^ Windows extensions with MINGW
82190 [rix advalvas] I try to build/install Ruby 1.8.0 from sources on Windows, by using
82412 [rocioestrada] Try /lib/ruby/1.8/i386-mingw32

^ rcalc/extmath/tldlib offline 2003-09-17 through 2003-09-24
82192 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ Re: Bp  ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org
82197 [kid555 pisem] ua g ap p g lw c   3 38 12 9 4   uag a p pg lw c

^ 302 Permanently Moved
82201 [ng johnwlong] What's the correct way to do this with mod_ruby?

^ [OT] History of the dollar sign [Was: Re: [OT] Aesthetics of @ and $;]
82203 [wkb airmail.] Alex,
82212 [hal9000 hype] Me, too. I've never heard the name Malatesta except in an opera

^ #{} and \" don't like each other
82206 [Peter.Vanbro] <quote>
+ 82207 [hal9000 hype] Fulton's Third Law says that there is an exception to every rule,
| + 82211 [Peter.Vanbro] The following simple expression gives exactly the same error message
| | 82214 [hal9000 hype] Oh, yes. Of course.
| + 82220 [tim bates.id] So what your saying is, Fulton's Third Law has no exception? Does that
|   + 82263 [bob.news gmx] "Tim Bates" <tim@bates.id.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   + 82305 [denshimeiru-] Exactly that IS the point.
+ 82208 [mgarriss ear] print "<user #{'name=\"' + name + '\"'}></user>"
+ 82213 [mwilson13 co] As you may have already discovered, the following gives the expected
| + 82217 [Peter.Vanbro] It does not since I want quotes around the name...
| | + 82219 [hal9000 hype] I agree, it seems like a reasonable construction.
| | | + 82227 [wkb airmail.] I investigated this a little bit.  The relevant code starts at line 4079
| | | + 82228 [Peter.Vanbro] AFAIK, it is not. It's not really the usual construction in a language
| | + 82221 [mwilson13 co] IANAIE (I am not an interpreter expert), but I think
| | | + 82222 [Peter.Vanbro] Readability is subjective. Besides, good syntax highlighting can really
| | | + 82229 [mwilson13 co] 1. double-quote as beginning of string literal,
| | |   82234 [Peter.Vanbro] made sense to me, and that the Principle of Least Surprise says that it
| | + 82241 [nobu.nokada ] These work as expected, and are faster.
| + 82218 [mwilson13 co] print "<user #{'name="' + name + '"'}></user>"
+ 82240 [dagbrown LAR] print "<user #{                     # <- start Ruby interpolation in string
+ 82242 [jim freeze.o] When I see a line like this, my first question is why not
| 82367 [mike ratdog.] What about using %Q to pick your own delimieters e.g.
+ 82247 [matz ruby-la] I consider it as a bug.  Avoid escaped double quotes in the string
  + 82250 [bg-rubytalk ] Heh -- a polite way of saying it's Nobu's bug.  *grin*
  | + 82254 [mwilson13 co] Thanks also to Peter for getting it started and for persisting in
  | + 82255 [Peter.Vanbro] I think he deserves a thanks from me too. Especially from me since I
  |   82336 [hal9000 hype] Definitely. And the stripping down probably is good practice, even if
  + 82252 [nobu.nokada ] I've thought, according to the thread from [ruby-dev:17421],
    82257 [matz ruby-la] Please.  1.8.1 should work as it is.
    82269 [nobu.nokada ] Is it OK without warnings?  That is, "#{"\"\""}" is evaluated
    82271 [matz ruby-la] I suppose all such programs have warned during 1.8.0 period.
    82272 [Peter.Vanbro] Well, it's not only about warnings. This is a transcript of a ruby

82224 [jonsonbonida] Dear Sir,

82225 [jonsonbonida] Dear Sir,

82226 [alaba katama] Dear Sir,

^ Re: RAA-stream  implicit iterator maybe offbyone ?
82232 [horst hduche] Because the stream is at beginning if the next forward should give the first

^ Icons
82233 [greg puyo.cj] I'm not sure if anybody'd be interested but in some inexplicable gush of

^ [ANN] FXRuby-1.0.26 Now Available
82238 [lyle knology] All,
82251 [nahi keynaut] Great work.  My Ruby/OpenSSL sample in
82365 [lyle users.s] No problem, and thank you very much for the patches. I've just checked

^ [OT] Re: performance and style advice requested
82239 [kent zerosph] This is off-topic, but the obvious question is: "Do you Ruby?"

^ Re: Ruby language reference?
82244 [jrudolph83 a] try the 'pickaxe' book, there is an online ruby refference at
82260 [surrender_it] I think it is 'Ruby in a Nutshell', go look for it in amazon and the

^ [ANN] PDF::Writer Technology Preview
82246 [austin halos] It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the technology preview of

^ How do I use grep with the Shell class
82249 [mwilson13 co] % grep -l PATTERN * | xargs mv --target-directory=DIRECTORY
+ 82265 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Wilson" <mwilson13@cox.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 82399 [androflux so] Something like this, perhaps?