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^ CVS repository
8143 [Dave Pragmat] Should we now be using
8159 [matz zetabit] We are on the process of moving. Try
+ 8225 [Dave Pragmat] Is the password no longer 'guest'? My login is rejected.
| 8228 [matz zetabit] Oops, try "anonymous".
+ 8299 [knu iDaemons] I am in charge of this moving, and it's well on the way.

^ Clipboard access?
8144 [wilka my-dej] Is it possible to read & write to the clipboard with Ruby? I'm running
8148 [gotoken math] See [ruby-list:19213]
8180 [RichardASchu] Also noteworthy is RubyWin's built-in clipboard support for

8151 [bradclark1 m] unsubscribe

^ Kernel#system() questions
8153 [jsmall laser] (I'm writing a cron.rb for windows using Ruby 1.6.2 compiled
8156 [Dave Pragmat] Is 'start' built into  cmd.exe? If so, you may need to run

^ Re: Praise for Ruby/GTK
8154 [sent quality] - GTK widgets have a crisper look (subjective).
+ 8158 [Dave Pragmat] Key Kevin! (you get one for free ;-)
+ 8199 [claird starb] I'm a bit lost on these remarks.  My
  8202 [schneik us.i] # In article <0G6900C8DCEARR@mta5.snfc21.pbi.net>,
  + 8223 [sent quality] Probably so. The Ruby/Tk bindings are
  | 8434 [tonys mysple] my first tk expierience was with perl/tk. i tackled tcl/tk for the
  + 8436 [claird starb] One of the striking facts about Perl/Tk and
    8538 [schneik us.i] #

^ Ruby/GTK+ workaround for AIX
8157 [schneik us.i] In case anyone else has had problems with the latest native compiled

^ $stderr redirection
8161 [dsafari para] How would I go about redirecting $stderr in a platform independent fashion?
8266 [Dave Pragmat] You could have a look at the open3 library.
8308 [dsafari para] Would you not recommend just redirecting it within the backquotes, i.e. 2>&1 ?
8312 [Dave Pragmat] That's why I didn't recommend it. You can on NT, but I don't think it
8313 [dsafari para] - --

^ Speeding up string appends
8170 [feldt ce.cha] I need to convert large strings to valid C char arrays. A naive way goes
+ 8171 [ben_tilly ho] Of course?
| 8172 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, gsub("of course", "which is to be expected given the current impl")
+ 8173 [dblack candl] def mine(str, aname = nil)

^ Multiple Inheritance
8174 [gt.geiger wo] Just looking to do something like
+ 8176 [chadfowler y] Multiple Inheritance isn't directly supported.  A
| 8177 [sent quality] And many of us feel that mix-ins are a better
+ 8206 [c.hintze gmx] Njet! Ruby do not feature MI *on*purpose*!
+ 8248 [crippel prim] you surely saw the answers that "modules + include" are a substitute for MI.  I tend

^ Inexplicable core dump
8178 [ntalbott rol] 14	def update(channel, value=nil)
+ 8191 [ntalbott rol] Hmmm... well, I have some more info. First of all, the bug came back, so the
| 8195 [ntalbott rol] Aargh! I was wrong. The method is not being called. I was confused by the
| 8215 [Dave Pragmat] I'd submit this, along with as much information as you can gather, to
+ 8230 [matz zetabit] Hmm, can you provide error reproducing script (and data)?
  8233 [ntalbott rol] Well, like I said, I tried a first pass at this, and didn't have any luck.
  + 8235 [matz zetabit] Grrr.  I didn't know stacktrace in the MS world is so cryptic like
  | 8242 [sent quality] Perhaps if you call GC.start after every line of
  + 8244 [eban os.rim.] $ gdb -nw ruby.exe

^ mail.delete not working
8181 [rwesser alas] script to delete unwanted email from my mail server.  The mail.delete
8182 [Dave Pragmat] You have to use pop.finish (or even better use the block form of
8183 [decoux moulo] See the message  [ruby-talk:7024]

^ Thoughts on the observer mix-in [long] (was: Re: Method as block to method)
8184 [ntalbott rol] Well, when I first implemented my observable/observer, I had forgotten about

^ Scope of "include"
8185 [duncan nycap] I was suprised to see that it doesn't matter where you "include" a
8190 [chadfowler y] You can put the "include" inside the class definition

^ Ruby User Servey
8186 [schneiker ju] If you are new to Ruby (or haven't previously taken the Ruby User
+ 8189 [sent quality] I tried to fill it out, but since my browser is
| 8214 [Dave Pragmat] Um... it hasn't required an e-mail client for a couple of weeks
+ 8194 [fgeiger date] 1. How long have you been using Ruby?
  8197 [schneik us.i] # >
  8217 [Dave Pragmat] It is! Honest!
  8224 [sent quality] Ah. Mystery solved. The page at
  8227 [Dave Pragmat] Nah- there's a story there... The www. version is administered

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-12-28)
8187 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-12-28)

^ The Ruby Way
8188 [schneiker ju] As a member of the "Big 8" newsgroups, "The Ruby Way" (of posting) is to

^ Ruby cron scheduler for NT available
8192 [jsmall laser] John
8198 [schneik us.i] #
+ 8254 [nahi keynaut] +1
| 8258 [Dave Pragmat] Thant's a surprising statement. Has anyone come up with any examples
| 8329 [nahi keynaut] exit unless "anyone".include?( NaHi )
| 8330 [Dave Pragmat] Ah. That would seem to be something of an issue ;-)
| 8340 [nahi keynaut] I am dumb fool...
+ 8435 [tonys mysple] also for the benefit of windows users who DON'T use vc++, making

^ Overriding initialize() methods for SWIG-generated wrapper code?
8193 [ljohnson res] All,
+ 8234 [aborquez alt] I am not using SWIG but an internal function check the number or args you pass during initialization.
+ 8272 [fukusima got] It's just a flaw in the implementation of SWIG/Ruby.

^ My first impression of Ruby. Lack of overloading? (long)
8196 [jmichel schu] I am a newbye to ruby (I looked  at the newsgroup and the web pages some
+ 8200 [jimm eris.io] I'll try to answer the easy ones.
| 8247 [jmichel schu] I want to thank evrybody who answered my questions, all replies where
| + 8256 [jimm fnord.i] Me neither. Now that I've thought about your example, I don't understand it
| | + 8262 [ben_tilly ho] Not addressing the question, just pointing out that you don't
| | + 8267 [dblack candl] I'll bet you have -- class Array mixes in Enumerable, and defines
| + 8276 [matz zetabit] It currently returns nil only for obvious cases (i.e. sorting on array
+ 8201 [dfan harmoni] sort! returns whether the array had to be sorted (which means true
+ 8218 [Dave Pragmat] try using nonzero? (if you've got the book, it's on 355)
| + 8250 [jmichel schu] That would be wonderful!
| + 8281 [matz zetabit] You mean the coercing section in chapter 7?  But it's for numbers only.
|   + 8324 [jstern fosha] Well, just to throw something out there...perhaps there
|   | 8326 [Dave Pragmat] It'd have to be a fairly clever hash, as you'd have to be able to deal
|   | 8334 [jstern fosha] Put another way: if one actually wanted it to have a behavior
|   + 8399 [jmichel schu] Nice concept. Does not this suggest that method + for Numeric
|     8401 [gotoken math] It does not work for operators which are not commutative, e.g.,
+ 8222 [c.hintze gmx] sort! returns 'nil' if the list was not necessary to be sorted. A list
  8249 [jmichel schu] Thanks for your long and insightful reply.
  + 8263 [pixel_ mandr] You can't specify the type of the arguments => the interpreter can't dispatch
  + 8277 [matz zetabit] Rely on me. ;-)
  + 8294 [masa stars.g] So complex.rb does run-time parameter check.  Below I write
    8295 [crippel prim] "> % irb -r complex -r rational
    8304 [masa stars.g] Sure, not significant here.
    8314 [crippel prim] Sure when it comes to the fun factor Ruby is certainly very hard to beat ...

^ what is meant by ruby's closure?
8203 [philmi plioc] The ruby language comparison page emphasizes that Ruby has better
8255 [c.hintze gmx] A closure is simply some nameless code wrapped together that happens

^ Re: Komodo and Ruby
8205 [schneik us.i] # This is what I got back from ActiveState regarding adding Ruby support

^ errors(?) in Programming Ruby
8207 [rubinubi cyb] I think I've found a couple of previously unreported errors.
8219 [Dave Pragmat] If the expression is a simple instance, global, or class variable, you

^ Re: RubyWin was Re: Newbie
8213 [rubinubi cyb] I'm using RubyWin, too. I don't think very many others are. I guess they

^ Catching window destruction in Ruby/Tk
8216 [harryo zipwo] I'm trying to write a confirmation dialog in Ruby/Tk.
8232 [sent quality] According to my Perl/Tk book, to halt the
8240 [harryo zipwo] Yes.  I think that's the section I read that made me wonder whether I

^ PATHEXT=.RB does not take arguments
8221 [horaceho my-] PATHEXT=.COM;.EXE;.BAT;.PL;.RB

^ Nuby question: localize.rb --> Unknown coding system
8237 [remmy cistro] I am a nuby as far as Ruby is concerned and have decided to work on an

^ Sample code from Programming Ruby
8239 [Dave Pragmat] *As an experiment* I've put the code from Programming Ruby online at
+ 8241 [harryo zipwo] Absolutely excellent!
| 8246 [sent quality] Definitely cool, and well worth putting up.
+ 8253 [dblack candl] Definitely.  The layering is a good idea.
  8301 [schneik us.i] # *As an experiment* I've put the code from Programming Ruby online at
  8302 [Dave Pragmat] I used this language called, err.., Ruby, I think.

^ use of backquotes
8245 [dsafari para] Can anyone explain why I am getting a nil return value from this? I am using
+ 8252 [dblack candl] I'm not clear what you mean by result and/or return value.  The
| 8309 [dsafari para] OK David - you are correct it works fine like that (I didn't think it would
+ 8278 [matz zetabit] Try and see how it runs if you changed chomp! into chomp.
  8310 [dsafari para] ok, now the return value is "". I'm sure that my error is so fundamentally
  8323 [matz zetabit] Avoid using bang methods unless you're really sure what you're doing.

^ Re: Inexplicable core dump [long]
8257 [ntalbott rol] Cool! Thanks for the pointer; I'm sure it will be useful in the future as
+ 8284 [decoux moulo] Can you send me your source (in private email), even if it's very long.
+ 8288 [matz zetabit] Thank you.  The backtrace helped me a lot.  I found a GC mark leakage.
  8289 [ntalbott rol] <patch snipped>
  8291 [ntalbott rol] OK, I figured this one out... I saved the patch out using Outlook, and it
  8349 [decoux moulo] Try this patch (but wait confirmation from matz)
  8351 [matz zetabit] You're right.  I forgot to include the modify you mentioned.

^ How will Ruby developers use GUI toolkits? (was: GUIs for Rubies)
8259 [claird starb] Seconded.  This is what I was trying to say in

^ "Catching" "command not found" when using backquotes?
8261 [feldt ce.cha] Is there some way of preventing the "command not found" printed by Ruby
+ 8264 [Dave Pragmat] You could look at using open3, which lets you capture the stderr of a
| 8268 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, thanks, but wouldn't it be better if backquote throws an exception?
| + 8271 [ben_tilly ho] It also produces zombies if you don't reap your children.  But
| | 8279 [matz zetabit] I think the one comes with 1.6.2 reaps them.  Still not knowing how to
| + 8280 [matz zetabit] Probably.  Let me add this to my ToDo list.
|   8286 [ben_tilly ho] I don't have Ruby here to run tests on so I can't give you
+ 8307 [dsafari para] You could redirect all stderr to /dev/null for example, say you want to the

^ Where Is Dolphin Wiki?
8270 [joeyGibson m] The link from the Dolphin Wiki to the sources for DolphinWiki,
8293 [joeyGibson m] Sorry. Hit the wrong group.

^ RAA-ANN: rbwrap 0.1.0
8273 [feldt ce.cha] I didn't have time to wrap this up (;-)) as a christmas present but here
8275 [feldt ce.cha] ruby rbwrap.rb -q my_script.rb
8328 [sent quality] Excellent. Having written a prototype to
+ 8381 [schneik us.i] # >rbwrap - Creating stand-alone executables from Ruby programs
+ 8417 [feldt ce.cha] Would be great if we can combine our efforts to make a good and genereal
  8426 [sent quality] Agreed. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, that

^ Missing IRB "bat" file for PC ruby 1.6.2
8282 [RichardASchu] The Ruby version 1.6.2 download for PCs

^ p24 of Programming Ruby, attr_reader
8296 [rubinubi cyb] I think some of the confusion about this comes from the last sentence on
+ 8297 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby has no way of knowing what the association is between instance
+ 8300 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby has no way of knowing what the association is between instance
+ 8303 [gotoken math] Though instance variables can be referred before initialization, your

^ Congratulations on the book Dave and Andy!
8305 [DDouthitt cu] I've been out of Ruby development for a long while - things just keep working :-)

^ eRuby.... no, not THAT one....
8306 [DDouthitt cu] I've been working a LOT with my own derivative of LRP (Linux Router Project) and thought, hey, an embedded Ruby would be nice.  I thought of eRuby - embedded Ruby - but it's not really "embedded" Ruby, as it's not for embedded systems at all.
8390 [matz zetabit] I think trying how much you can #ifdef out source code is quite a fun

^ open3 woes [sort of long]
8322 [dsafari para] Seems as though I can't seem to take any steps forward on this problem, only
8325 [Dave Pragmat] Dave
8339 [dsafari para] that the correct data was coming to stdout. Why does it seem to append the
8342 [Dave Pragmat] useless.rb
8343 [dsafari para] Nope this is on a Debian GNU Linux. Strange that your output doesn't produe
8345 [Dave Pragmat] My mistake: the path had ../useless.rb in it. I changed that and I get
8346 [dsafari para] Damn, now I feel *special* - not good to be special :( I cut and pasted your

^ Ruby implicit return values (was: Re: open3 woes)
8327 [sent quality] I'm still developing my coding style for Ruby.
8359 [c.hintze gmx] I would propose to return 'self' then. At least it let you use that

^ Stuck on p40 of Programming Ruby
8335 [rubinubi cyb] I'm sure I'm annoying everybody with my stupid questions. I'm sorry. Now
8337 [Dave Pragmat] [] is just like any other method, but conventionally it's used for
8356 [rubinubi cyb] I ran it again and yes, it did run. Once I fool around with it adding
8357 [Dave Pragmat] Try something like

^ Thoughts on the observer mix-in [long] (was:Re: Method as block to method)
8338 [sent quality] As long as you can live with each observer only

^ How to copy an object?
8347 [sent quality] I have a case where I would like to make a deep
8350 [decoux moulo] See Marshal#dump Marshal#load, but it will be slow

^ command-line options?
8353 [jens irs-net] how can I access the command-line options given to a script?
8354 [decoux moulo] See the constant ARGV
8355 [chadfowler y] You can also use the "-s" option to ruby that will

^ define_method ()
8360 [decoux moulo] How it work ?
+ 8361 [decoux moulo] Hey ?
+ 8409 [matz zetabit] Oops, you found the bug I made.  Thank you.

^ Parallel iterators and conintuation
8362 [g24ever hotm] Why does this not work or is there a better way to do this
8363 [Dave Pragmat] foo{|x| $bb.call; callcc{|$ff| print ("FF",x)}  }

^ Perl module for Ruby? (English docs?)
8366 [ptkwt user2.] Perl module
8396 [decoux moulo] Well, probably libgdbm is not in a the right directory. Try to modify

^ Something like Perl's Inline module for Ruby?
8368 [ptkwt user2.] I recently discovered Perl's Inline module.  It allows you to insert code
+ 8369 [mak imakhno.] I think function calls have a much lower (%) overhead in interpreted
| 8375 [ben_tilly ho] I think it is the other way around.  In Perl there is
+ 8379 [ingy ActiveS] module called Inline.pm that lets you write Perl subroutines/methods in
  8380 [schneik us.i] #

^ distributed ruby
8371 [joe vpop.net] I'm taking off for the new year, but before I go, here

^ Problem - CGI::Session  (long)
8374 [gnhurst hurs] specify that a new session to be created only if an
8411 [matz zetabit] true          | should start new session; session id must not be
8602 [gnhurst hurs] Thanks for answering, matz.  But why was it done this way?
+ 8612 [aseltine cs.] I found CGI::Session pretty much unusable in its current state. Maybe I just
| 8644 [matz zetabit] Let me consult with mod_ruby author about mod_ruby and finalizers.
+ 8643 [matz zetabit] Thank you for clearing things.  This table is more accurate than mine.

^ Komodo/Python/XPCOM status
8383 [schneik us.i] year!

^ Re: Ruby 1.6.2
8384 [schneik us.i] # As always, thanks for the latest and greatest Ruby.
8410 [matz zetabit] I think you need to update configure.in to support AIX/IA64.

^ substitution / Ruby's RegExp's
8385 [jens irs-net] My problem is that I want to replace every occurance
8386 [gotoken math] for line in file
8408 [chadfowler y] Have a look at the gsub method on the String class.

^ (Dave & Andy)'s book
8387 [jilanik tin.] I have ordered more than 2 months ago the book (USA Amazon), but till
+ 8392 [gotoken math] One of my friend said that it took 2 weeks via Amazon.co.jp.
+ 8394 [neumann s-di] Here from Germany it's the same (for me).
| 8395 [barry_shultz] I placed an order at Amazon USA for it a few weeks ago. The shipping status
+ 8421 [Dave Pragmat] Sorry about the frustrations getting hold of the book. I've copied you
| 8439 [RichardASchu] I don't know about Addison-Wesley, but some publishers are
+ 8432 [jstern fosha] In the USA, I usually order programming books from
+ 8440 [erikl tibco.] I ordered the book a bit more than two weeks ago from www.bookpool.com and
+ 8454 [dsafari para] Took me 2 weeks to get the book from fatbrain.com to New Zealand. I chose the
| 8502 [barry_shultz] I tried this approach and spoke to an A-W customer service in the UK.
+ 8515 [  ddj kmd.dk] I ordered it in november in Denmark through a book store and received it after 3 weeks even though the book store wouldn't promise anything faster than 6 weeks.