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Ruby-dl problem: calling func with param
81347 [feldt@ce ch ] I'm trying out ruby-dl and it looks great. However,
+ 81348 [J.Hawkeswort] I think maybe there is a problem with your installation of ruby or gcc?
| 81349 [feldt@ce ch ] Yeah, you're probably right. It works on my linux machine here also.
| 81350 [eban@os ri .] I can't reproduce it.
| 81351 [feldt@ce ch ] Thanks for trying it out.
| 81352 [eban@os ri .] Sorry for confusing you.
| 81355 [feldt@ce ch ] $ ls -al /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin/dl.so
+ 81356 [ttate@tt ky ] Would you try to rebuild ruby-dl by
  81358 [feldt@ce ch ] Yes, that did it. It works now.

File, relative path handling.
81353 [hgs@dm .a .u] Has anyone come up with a method for converting an absolute
+ 81378 [wkb@ai ma l.] Hugh,
| + 81393 [sean@cS Pl o] Your relative path routine is MUCH more efficient than mine, geez.  I
| + 81474 [bob.news@gm ] I suggest to put that on the Wiki - if it's not already there.
|   81479 [hgs@dm .a .u] Oh! I seem to have missed this mssage [RubyTalk:81378], but these
+ 81392 [sean@cS Pl o] it, and some other string utilities, to a C extension object.

Ruby AI Blog
81363 [uj797@vi to ] The Ruby AI Weblog for implementing artificial intelligence is at

ANN: Final Reminder - Phoenix eXtreme Programming User Group Meeting - September 8th
81368 [jay.turpin@i] ...

Conditional inserts in inject
81372 [david@lo dt ] %w{ one two three }.inject(Array.new) { |a, e| a << e if e != "three" }
+ 81373 [decoux@mo lo] this is the same than
+ 81399 [djd15@po cw ] %w{ one two three }.inject(Array.new) { |a, e| if e != "three" then a <<
  81404 [James.Weiric] Since << is a modifying operation, the following also works ...

problem with Module#append_features
81374 [ferenc@en ar] I need to write a constructor-like method for a module. From the help I
81375 [decoux@mo lo] svg% ruby -e 'p Module.private_instance_methods(false).grep(/app/)'
81385 [ferenc@en ar] I was totally confused. I tried Object.private_instance_methods, and of
81390 [ferenc@en ar] Sorry, I pushed "send" too early. That is not exactly what I want. I
+ 81402 [djd15@po cw ] Here's some black magic to do something like you want to do.  If there's
| + 81649 [ferenc@en ar] Somehow I have understand your solution. Anyway, I have some questions
| | 81669 [djd15@po cw ] class A; end
| | 81781 [ferenc@en ar] Now it is a bit clearer.
| + 81800 [ged@Fa ri MU] module Bar
+ 81473 [decoux@mo lo] This ?
+ 81495 [tpeters@in a] class Module
  + 81500 [decoux@mo lo] Well, it's not as simple as you think. To give you an example, when
  + 81908 [ferenc@en ar] I have used this solution, and the small problem is that I must define
    81911 [batsman.geo@] Use Module#method_added.
    81996 [ferenc@en ar] I have tried to do this, but unfortunately I have a bad experience. This
    81998 [decoux@mo lo] No, this is because #initialize is a private method. Try it with
    + 82000 [ferenc@en ar] Arrggghhhhh... :)))
    + 82004 [ferenc@en ar] Well, it was still a pain, as the 'initialize' methods seems always be

Reference documentation for Ruby 1.8.0
81376 [david@lo dt ] I've been using the RubyRef extraction from the PickAxe book while
81416 [gsinclair@so] There are about 15 files done.  All help appreciated.  More details
81418 [curt@hi bs c] I think that would be an excellent idea!
81497 [tom@in oe he] Let me know and I'll add you to that project.
81540 [james_b@ne r] They be at home on ruby-doc.org, too.

81380 [mgarriss@ea ] uname -a
81381 [markjreed@ma] ERRORS
81395 [djberge@qw s] In other words, fork first. :)

[ANN] rbbr-0.4.0
81387 [mutoh@hi hw ] rbbr-0.4.0 is now available.

Problems compiling Ruby 1.8 CVS
81398 [austin@ha os] I checked out the CVS HEAD yesterday, transferred it to my web host (where I

Emulate perls local
81405 [discussion@i] I'm working on the ruby section of the pleac project,
81409 [denshimeiru-] Not really.
81475 [bob.news@gm ] "Rudolf Polzer" <denshimeiru-sapmctacher@durchnull.de> schrieb im
81537 [discussion@i] Thank you for the feedback.
81548 [denshimeiru-] No idea.

[PYTHON] Ideas worth stealing?
81406 [james_b@ne r] There's a link on Sean McGrath's web log [0] (well worth reading) to a
81413 [surrender_it] I think that is really clever.
81480 [gedb@ru hc d] This type of approach is probably good for Python now, at its stage of
+ 81489 [dblack@su er] I think Ruby was good even before it turned 10, though in its eleventh
+ 81541 [james_b@ne r] Interesting, but way too generalized.   It sems to presume that there's

-d option prints exceptions to stderr
81408 [jim@fr ez .o] Is printing internal exceptions (even those that are caught)
+ 81434 [nobu.nokada@] No.
+ 81451 [matz@ru y- a] No.

Re: FXRuby e-mails (was: Ruby 1.8 reference?)
81410 [lyle@kn lo y] John,

Anyone debugging unit tests with a ruby/eclipse plugin setup?
81417 [sgcjr@ya oo ] I'm on windows, and have tried using the windows and cygwin ruby
81465 [christoph.ta] Yes, in the meantime ;)

"Moved Temporarily"?
81419 [ilant@ma .c ] ...
81421 [harryo@qi so] That's an HTTP error code; I don't believe it has anything to do with the Ruby code, other than that it's passing on what the web server sent it.
+ 81422 [aredridel@nb] Exactly right.
+ 81425 [sdate@ev re ] sent it.
  81441 [bg-rubytalk@] In this case, the page is detecting the language that's appropriate for
  81455 [sdate@ev re ] Thanks for sharing this insight, Ben.

Urgent Overture
81423 [egbert_4imom] Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: YAML Patch
81426 [aredridel@nb] If so, I'll add the patch to the PLD 1.8.0 RPM.
81428 [hal9000@hy e] Read over Chad's comments about a dozen posts ago.
81430 [aredridel@nb] That's what I get for using a threaded reader.  I reply, only to
81440 [jweirich@on ] I'm not sure an extensible %_{} syntax will solve the basic problem.
+ 81442 [chad@ch df w] #
+ 81445 [ruby-talk@wh] This is why my patch was never submitted to Matz, but simply remains a
+ 81446 [nathaniel@NO] module Kernel

extensible % literal (Re: ANN: MetaTags 1.0)
81433 [nobu.nokada@] A few questions.
+ 81437 [ruby-talk@wh] nobu, couldn't all of these options be available to the user?  possible
+ 81438 [dblack@su er] I guess that would have to be done in the actual handler; I don't
  81562 [nobu.nokada@] One thought is, no for %y'' and yes for %y"" and the others.

IO#clone and 1.6 -> 1.8 question
81435 [dblack@su er] Just tinkering with IO#clone, in connection with some irc
81453 [matz@ru y- a] * file position is shared among IO clones.  It's defined stdio
81476 [dblack@su er] fh = File.new("nums")
+ 81491 [decoux@mo lo] With your original example
+ 81513 [matz@ru y- a] Ah, I have to tell you something.  There's two file positions for an
+ 81516 [decoux@mo lo] Well, if you have access to a Solaris system read carefully stdio(3s), you

Please Contact Me (ASAP)
81458 [egbert_1imom] Dear Sir/Madam,

81461 [aredridel@nb] reeview.rb

lubvicious boyfrcend lf
81462 [gkmew49h@te ] ...

Need a ruby approach
81469 [fredde@po ox] First a little warning, this post is more of a rubberducking session
+ 81471 [martindemell] Here's one way (untested)
+ 81477 [bob.news@gm ] "Fredrik Jagenheim" <fredde@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 81478 [bob.news@gm ] require "Set"
  | 81502 [code@jo ch n] Cool trick, Robert... I hadn't seen that one...
  | 81530 [bob.news@gm ] "Joe Cheng" <code@joecheng.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | 81534 [michael_s_ca] It's an old perl idiom too; that's the first place I'd seen it.  Neat
  + 81556 [martindemell] This seems rather heavy and, well, Java-like (where you're forced to
    81585 [bob.news@gm ] "Martin DeMello" <martindemello@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    81631 [fredde@po ox] I went with the subclassing, and from your excellent example it worked

81481 [v@ru y- an .] <html>

Re: new mail                                        Yklzamnq1A
81482 [jyrjola@tu f] BrUChNATXYJv6TLhRbWmb8PEc0RR66gTybj

P4 Notebook only for 376$ US
81483 [alphanoteboo] Sony Vaio GRX690 - 490$

Exception handling in ruby extension
81484 [thomas@Fi st] Quick question,
81493 [decoux@mo lo] use rb_protect() then retrieve $! if you have an error.

[OT] Re: problem with Module#append_features
81487 [batsman.geo@] You like teasing people, don't you ;-)

Ruby-talk,  Осен??? распродажа техник?
81488 [rsharman@ma ] ...

"require and subdirectories" problem
81490 [Meinrad.Rech] ...
+ 81492 [idan@id ns .] One of the things I most like in Ruby, is that even core functionality can be
+ 81496 [tpeters@in a] def import(what)
+ 81505 [gsinclair@so] I think the best thing you can do is put some effort into your code

AW: "require and subdirectories" problem
81498 [Meinrad.Rech] i found a hack like this and hoped that someone would come up with something more elegant

AW: "require and subdirectories" problem
81499 [Meinrad.Rech] thanks, tobias,
81510 [tpeters@in a] I wouldn't call breaking the better part of the std lib "cooler".

Memory consumption of Ruby/mod_ruby combo on Apache
81503 [david@lo dt ] I'm seeing memory consumption in the area of 30-35mb per Apache process
+ 81504 [mgarriss@ea ] I get about 8-10mb per process.  I took no special steps.  Anything
| + 81506 [tom@in oe he] Also, what other modules are you loading?  Are there some that you can
| | 81507 [david@lo dt ] That's what I'm trying to do now. I moved the <IfModule mod_ruby.c>
| | 81508 [tom@in oe he] I don't think so - I think all the modules are loaded when Apache is
| + 81518 [rpav@me hl .] These are both because you're probably running fairly simple scripts and
+ 81580 [fritz.heinri] Maybe some of the memory is shared, that means it is allocated by the

81509 [sodako17@ho ] Dear, friend!

81511 [ehi4p@ne sc ] ...

Re: functional constructors
81512 [aredridel@nb] Wow... I really like that, Dave.

[ANN]  Diaria 0.1.1 simple weblog / news posting tool
81515 [shout@oz en ] I am releasing my first Ruby project. It is a script I use to post news
81520 [hal9000@hy e] I'm interested in this, but I confess I find it hard to motivate
81526 [shout@oz en ] Thanks for the feedback Hal,
+ 81527 [lyle@us rs s] Insert additional diarrhea jokes here.
| 81528 [hal9000@hy e] LOL!!
+ 81531 [sean@cS Pl o] Go host it on rubyforge.com and they'll give you a web site and host all
  81533 [hal9000@hy e] Good advice, but he already followed it. :)
  81557 [sean@cS Pl o] Dang, I just put my foot in it, didn't I?

Lottery Winning
81521 [universallot] ...

Re: Memory consumption of Ruby/mod_ruby combo on Apache [memory leak]
81523 [david@lo dt ] It didn't have anything to do with IfModules or even Apache. I had a
+ 81564 [gsinclair@so] You've tripped on a funny feature of Ruby which some people have
| 81566 [dblack@su er] You owe us an 'a' :-)
| 81572 [gsinclair@so] I didn't see the link.  I marked the erroneous page with "DeletedPage" and
+ 81567 [dblack@su er] Because the Class object in whose context you're coding is, itself, an

81525 [josephinezaz] JOSEPHINE ZAZA

Antigen found VIRUS= I-Worm.Sobig.f (Kaspersky,CA(InoculateIT)) w orm
81529 [ANTIGEN_ML-M] Antigen for Exchange found movie0045.pif infected with VIRUS= I-Worm.Sobig.f

81532 [hal9000@hy e] OK, I've installed this add made one little test entry.

using a filter inside Ruby
81535 [emschwar@po ] I've the contents of a raw log file in memory, and a program that will
81542 [emschwar@po ] Okay, after a fair amount of searching, including some blind guessing,
+ 81552 [mwilson13@co] I agree. Continued efforts documenting Ruby (in multiple languages) are
+ 81690 [androflux@so] Yes, you're right, the documentation should be better. Of course, if you
  + 81691 [gsinclair@so] ...
  | 81694 [gsinclair@so] Damn %#$^#$ web email client!  %^#@$%@#$
  | 81697 [thomas_adam1] informative and unless specifically asked for, I would suggest sending in
  | + 81699 [gsinclair@so] I've never seen two diffs sent before, and I believe the standard on
  | | 81793 [androflux@so] I find unified diffs easier to read. What are you suggesting as a
  | | 81801 [gsinclair@so] Sigh... those were the days!
  | + 81701 [bob.news@gm ] "Thomas Adam" <thomas_adam16@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 81736 [emschwar@po ] It's not so much bad documentation as completely nonexistent

Subclassing self
81538 [gruby@sy ar ] X-No-archive: yes
+ 81539 [markjreed@ma] No; that would define an *instance* method called 'foo'.
| 81633 [fredde@po ox] class TheClass
| + 81648 [batsman.geo@] class << obj opens the singleton class of obj. In a class context,
| + 81652 [gsinclair@so] It's not necessarily obvious; it's an idiom, but it makes perfect
+ 81559 [gsinclair@so] Take a look at http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?ClassMethods

Wiki page about FastCGI/Ruby web development
81543 [carl@yc .b z] To all who may be interested, I've created a small set of wiki pages

TCPSocket subclass & TCPServer.accept
81546 [surrender_it] I wanto to use a subclass of TCPSocket.
81558 [nobu.nokada@] class MyServer < TCPServer

cgikit form example
81547 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I'm an imbecile, trying to become a moron^ in the area of web development.

81549 [gruby@sy ar ] I am trying to create a class with attributes that are values
+ 81553 [mwilson13@co] I think you'd find the Struct class useful. Here's a link to the pickax
+ 81561 [djd15@po cw ] Other ways if you can't use a struct for some reason.

net/telnet problem
81550 [probertm@NO ] I am not sure how to handle this telnet problem.  Any ideas appreciated.
81568 [rodrigo.berm] assuming you are on *ix.
81627 [probertm@NO ] Alas, this not the case ...

Hal's book: "The Ruby Way" at a great price
81551 [app1tam@up .] CompUSA has Hal's book "The Ruby Way" on-sale at my local store for only

[ANN] rcalc 2.1 (Ruby Calculator)
81554 [ jupp@gm .d ] Saluton!
81569 [harryo@qi so] Have you or anyone else written a command-line front-end for the Engine?  It would be great to have as a more capable equivalent of Unix's "dc", particularly given that it would run on Windows, too.
81628 [ jupp@gm .d ] Saluton!

81555 [colsalem@ne ] BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP

RubyOS (Linux + Ruby )
81560 [emeza@sa sa ] Japanese-rubyists  have you been read this news ?. I think so.

81563 [colsalem@ne ] BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP

[OT] Re: Hal's book: "The Ruby Way" at a great price
81565 [chad@ch df w] Did you say Louisville?  I think this is the first time in 3 years I've
81626 [app1tam@up .] Yep, Louisville, KY!  I work at UPS but don't sling Ruby for UPS.  Ruby is
81639 [vjoel@PA H. ] Hey, for real? I used to teach math at U of L, and we called it

[ANN] RubyConf Registration is Open!
81570 [chad@ch df w] We are pleased to announce that registration for the 3rd International
81573 [jim@fr ez .o] Hey, I didn't see any listing for Hotel Fulton on the website. :)
81574 [hal9000@hy e] That's because it's full. :)
81646 [drbrain@se m] You can't skip your own talk...
81647 [hal9000@hy e] If you think that, you haven't seen me speak before...


RDoc templates...
81575 [greg@pu o. j] - Instead of listing attributes, listed the equivalent accessor and
81578 [Dave@Pr gP o] Perhaps I'm just not understanding something here, but how would I
+ 81583 [greg@pu o. j] Inheritance, of course!
| 81593 [Dave@Pr gP o] Except - I don't think it would work as cleanly as you imagine it
| 81671 [greg@pu o. j] Why is that? Surely anything duplicated could be put in a method and
+ 81584 [greg@pu o. j] I should also say, that I did of course notice the HTMLGenerator class

Nested structs with Ruby/DL
81576 [nathaniel@NO] typedef struct {int a, b, c;} s1;
81581 [feldt@ce ch ] I haven't found a way either. I asked Ruby/DL author about it

Best NNTP lib?
81577 [hal9000@hy e] I think I've heard of at least four NNTP libraries in Ruby --
81616 [crf@sb x. u-] - sock_disconnect never called (gives a nice out of file

cgi:conference in austin
81579 [paul_vudmask] My first post - i've just signed up for the list and
81675 [surrender_it] I think the standard cgi library is not over appreciated,

Fwd: Calling fun taking struct and not pointer to struct?
81587 [feldt@ce ch ] Related to the recent thread about nested structs