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80504 [STUCKNER@MU ] ...
+ 80509 [achou@te le ] ...
+ 80524 [xrfang@ho ma] You need to use ruby 1.6.8's socket.so if you used exerb's ruby1.6.8
  80890 [STUCKNER@MU ] It turns out that the problem was that the core file being used was for 1.68

Re: setuid wrapper
80513 [ahoward@fs .] hate to reply to my own message - but here is the program i'm using, posted to
80523 [nobu.nokada@] These set both of real and effective IDs, so ruby cannot know

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80526 [0dkvapxxpl@y] ...

readline.dll problem
80533 [jbshaldane@h] I am using U.Nakamura's mswin32 Ruby 1.8.0.  When I installed it and
80549 [chrismo@cl b] Another readline.dll annoyance I have -- with ruby 1.6 on w2k, my
80630 [eban@os ri .] Try irb --noreadline, if you want the old behavior.

Can I rehash during execution ?
80536 [mail@ex ep i] here`s my question: I`ve coded some classes for my own ircd and it
+ 80537 [decoux@mo lo] Just try it
+ 80538 [B.Candler@po] Use 'load' rather than 'require'.
| 80640 [charleshixsn] Hmm.  I can certainly see how that would simplify things.  But it
| 80647 [B.Candler@po] No, it doesn't imply that marshalled output can't be transferred between
| 80770 [charleshixsn] But the problem is that this can't handle class definitions where the
+ 80539 [flori@ni e. ] Try using

multiply all array with array
80542 [me@ib tt .n ] a = [1,2,3] and b = [4,5,6]
+ 80543 [martindemell] Not quite, but for parallel traversing made easier
| + 80557 [wjl@ic ca er] Hey, this is just like what I just posted, except better! =)
| + 80567 [me@ib tt .n ] thx all ya guys,
| | + 80569 [olivier@ja a] but I think most people (or at least I) would expect a cartesian product
| | + 80570 [martindemell] class Array
| |   80604 [sabbyxtabby@] In APL, * and other operators work like this, element-by-element.
| |   80650 [martindemell] Right you are. I'll rework it in the a.m. - too sleepy right now :)
| |   80689 [martindemell] class Array
| + 80641 [charleshixsn] But isn't that the wrong answer?
|   80642 [hal9000@hy e] I think this is what the original poster wanted. He doesn't
|   80653 [me@ib tt .n ] we do have a Vector (defined in matrix.rb (in 1.6 at least))
|   80796 [harryo@qi so] Perhaps we need a Tensor class :-).
+ 80546 [angus@qu va ] a.zip(b).map { |x,y| x*y } # => [4, 10, 18]
+ 80556 [wjl@ic ca er] c = a.zip(b).map {|x| x[0] * x[1]}
+ 80566 [dmertz@fr e.] c = a.zip(b).collect{|a_elt, b_elt| a_elt*b_elt}

Ruby OO-newbie design-question
80544 [wigren@ho e.] I'm not at all new to programming, I know OO-concepts but I don't have any
80554 [code@jo ch n] Unless a, b, and c have different behavior (not just values), I think you

array behaviour - referencing past last element
80547 [jbshaldane@h] irb(main):001:0> a=[1,2,3]
80548 [decoux@mo lo] The explanantion is given in [ruby-talk:24786]

dear friend
80551 [johnkyari2@n] ...

dear friend
80552 [johnkyari2@n] ...

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80553 [robot@an ou ] ...

80555 [jameskyari@n] ...

Quoted string problem
80559 [Meino.Cramer] I have a """database""" of 11513 shortwave transmitters with their
+ 80563 [B.Candler@po] @dbh.do("insert into mydb (station,comment) values (?,?)", stationid, comment)
+ 80600 [hgs@dm .a .u] Regexp.escape(aString)
  80619 [Meino.Cramer] Thanks for your reply !
  80622 [B.Candler@po] No, that's the wrong escaper. If you're sending SQL, then you need to use
  + 80626 [Meino.Cramer] I FOUND IT !!! OH HAPPY DAY !!! ;)))
  | + 80627 [decoux@mo lo] use Integer#chr
  | + 80628 [B.Candler@po] line[279..279]
  + 80658 [jweirich@on ] I, too, am running Ruby 1.8, DBI 0.0.20 (but with Postgresql) without

dear friend
80560 [johnkyari2@n] ...

dear friend
80562 [johnkyari2@n] ...

dear friend
80564 [johnkyari2@n] ...

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80565 [ya86fgxcz@ya] ...

80568 [decoux@mo lo] When I was looking at this problem, I've found (I know it's stupid :-))

80575 [hobertmula@n] ...

Bug? (1.8.0)
80580 [pan@er kv en] 1:  ruby -e 'p "#abc#def#".gsub(/#$/, " ")'
80581 [hal9000@hy e] That's interesting and syntactically subtle.
+ 80582 [dcarrera@ma ] I'm not sure I followed that.  Can you explain to me how 1-6 explain
| 80583 [hal9000@hy e] Isn't $" also a special variable?
| 80584 [dcarrera@ma ] p "#$"    =>  '#$'
| 80585 [hal9000@hy e] I'd rather just see the ugly variables go away.
| + 80631 [lyle@kn lo y] ...
| | 80638 [hal9000@hy e] _The Ruby Way_ is not open-sourced, so there's no
| + 80657 [surrender_it] I think you may have a free subscription to safari.oreilly.com for 14
+ 80589 [michael_s_ca] Wow, I'd've never gotten that one, and I'm usually pretty good at

File.chown removes setuid permission
80593 [andrew@wa ro] Is this behaviour deliberate, or a bug? The chown binary from gnu coreutils
80596 [news-1062190] You don't say what platform you are running on, but "man 2 chown" on
80618 [andrew@wa ro] non-

80598 [kelvin_jay10] KELVIN JAY

How to end script execution mid-script?
80601 [keuler@po ta] All
+ 80602 [gfb@to es ft] exit( anInteger=0 )
+ 80603 [aredridel@nb] Ruby scripts operation? For example, if a certain condition is true, then t=
+ 80611 [androflux@so] ~$ irb
+ 80669 [rodrigo.berm] exit( anInteger=0 )

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80605 [robot@an ou ] ...

FXRuby and clipboard contents
80610 [sgcjr@ya oo ] I'm experimenting with FXRuby, and would like to grab the contents of
80648 [lyle@kn lo y] If I understand what you want to do, FXRuby's FXText and FXTextField
80654 [hal9000@hy e] My impression was that he wanted to do it "programmatically" without
+ 80660 [lyle@kn lo y] Oh, OK. Let me do some research and see exactly how that's being done
| 80674 [hal9000@hy e] Well, I hope I didn't misrepresent what the original poster
+ 80680 [sgcjr@ya oo ] Yep, that's exactly what I'd like to do.
  + 80688 [slater@ef ec] To roll your own Ruby extension in C --
  | 80737 [sgcjr@ya oo ] textwidget.handle(textwidget, MKUINT(FXText::ID_PASTE_SEL,
  + 80705 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks, Steve. Credit also goes to the five people who contributed

80612 [henry.he@in ] ...

Objective-C (was Re: Why would you abandon Ruby?)
80613 [frankm@ba ar] If you're on Mac OS X, Objective-C is probably great.  I used to work on
80632 [easco@ma .c ] Well... This is true and not true at the same time.  On the one hand

80616 [henry.he@in ] ...

Simulating a key press in FXRuby
80620 [sgcjr@ya oo ] I have some event-handling code I'd like to test (e.g.
80649 [lyle@kn lo y] The first argument to MKUINT is the message identifier part (e.g.
80679 [sgcjr@ya oo ] Do you know what the ID is for this?  Or more to the point, how I

very urgent
80624 [maryabacha@t] I wish to introduce myself to you and the reason for my reaching out

Beginning to use FxRuby - help, please
80625 [xlucid@us rs] I've just installed FxRuby
+ 80633 [johnknight.c] I am also having trouble with FXRuby. I cannot install it on RH9 with  1.8.0
| + 80636 [lyle@kn lo y] Well, don't suffer in silence! You have never sent me an e-mail about
| + 80639 [hal9000@hy e] I'd also like to know the status of raainstall. A few months ago I
|   80662 [gsinclair@so] There hasn't been any raainstall activity for ages.  Someone with time
+ 80637 [lyle@kn lo y] OK, so for some reason Ruby is not seeing the "fox.so" shared library,
  80645 [xlucid@us rs] Yes, in the directory you cited.
  80646 [lyle@kn lo y] OK. You apparently have a an older, Cygwin-based installation of Ruby
  + 80664 [xlucid@us rs] Yes - it's (one of the) last of the Cygwin versions of the PragProg
  | 80666 [xlucid@us rs] Of course - now that I realise that I'm on 1.6.4, I now also realise
  + 80734 [xlucid@us rs] Okay - cleared off the old version of FxRuby, and the 1.6.4-2 install.
    80744 [rocioestrada] And that's what you should get ;-)  actually look to the upper left of
    81132 [xlucid@us rs] Yep - that was my problem.  I was expecting a window sized by the
    81134 [lyle@us rs s] Some good "community" resources are the FOX and FXRuby users' mailing

*.so file create with visual c++, How to do?
80629 [w3gat@be ls ] Can anyone tell me how to use ms visual c++ to create a *.so file?  I can't
+ 80676 [oadartse@ya ] Msys there would be wise, but that depends on your needs, docs and
+ 80685 [nobu.nokada@] *.so files used in ruby are just DLLs.

urgent reply
80634 [aliu_266@po ] Top of Form 1

Re: Bug (1.8.0)
80643 [rvb@rv .d nd] right ;) ... and i refuse to buy at amazon.

can't make socket.o on solaris 8
80651 [kdresner@cs ] (03:44PM) [kdresner@gonzales /public/solaris/ruby/ext/socket]$ make

Selling for Engineers Seminar & Closing Techniques Workshop - new US Canada dates.
80652 [SFESeminarsL] Good Morning,

Чт? подарить человеку, ? которого вс? есть.                 ... tc9xe UQYoMUI 83899 eFiT DhXKEON 859
80655 [tkientzle@ot] X-MIME-Autoconverted: from 8bit to base64 by funfun.nagaokaut.ac.jp id h7UMR6695734

How to create a SOAP service
80656 [surrender_it] I've been googleing around for a while to see how to build a SOAP
80681 [B.Candler@po] There are samples in the soap4r distribution.
80783 [surrender_it] oops, sorry for being so vague.

mkmf & swig
80659 [guslist@fr e] ...

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80661 [robot@an ou ] ...

[Bug] RubyWin Installer 1.6.8-8
80665 [xlucid@us rs] I've just run the 1.6.8-8 installer on my Win98SE machine, and the

Print out in Ruby
80667 [sabymus@re i] I am just starting ruby. It is good. But I don't know how to
80675 [nospam4.me@o] I don't know if you mean print out to the screen or printer, but the
80683 [gsinclair@so] And all three of these resources are available in one download from

ruby for IBM terminal emulation
80677 [vidu108@ya o] I am not sure if this is the right address to send my question ..so.. !
80708 [dooby@d1 .k ] I'd guess that your "C" program is making use of the getch() function
80709 [hal9000@hy e] Hmm, I think if you "grab" a character you don't get an echo.
80745 [dooby@d1 .k ] $stdout.sync=true
80746 [hal9000@hy e] That is what I mean when I say "grabbing" a character. That's

80678 [soccer@gd ne] This is a multi-part message in MIME format

Here is your chance
80684 [ceo@in es or] ...

Can You.
80686 [kayaz@ep tr ] From : Dr. Zuma Kayama.

[ANN] Madeleine 0.5
80687 [ndrsbngtssn@] What is Madeleine?

Руководителю на стол... LJW4x AiaclyX 56556 TGZF nKohAvj 286
80690 [paulk@ne -w ] ...

Getting the name of an invoked method?
80707 [sdh300@ze le] In the C Ruby API, is there a clean way to get the name of the method
80741 [nobu.nokada@] rb_frame_last_func() instead of the member of ruby_frame directly.

rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 6, Issue 5
80710 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

Holding a reference to a ruby object outside the interpreter
80711 [thomass@de t] How can I hold a reference to a ruby object outside the interpreter?
80712 [sean@cS Pl o] If the VALUE (which is the C data type that points to a Ruby object) is
80755 [thomass@de t] My reference will be stored on the managed heap in .net and will not
80779 [sean@cS Pl o] That should work just fine; with register_address, it's only important

embedding ruby - some questions
80713 [basile-news@] Dear All

Errors with a Ruby CGI script
80714 [kdresner@cs ] Okay, so I got Ruby installed on that Solaris 8 machine and everything
80717 [dcarrera@ma ] Odd.  Can you su to 'www' and run `ruby -e 'require "digest/md5"' ` ?
80718 [kdresner@cs ] I can't.  I'm not root.  However, I can go into smtp.rb and comment out
+ 80719 [kdresner@cs ] Okay, I found the problem.  Turns out that Sun's chmod sucks a fat one.
| 80722 [dcarrera@ma ] Yup.  I've had my share of Solaris annoyances myself.  I miss my Linux
+ 80721 [dcarrera@ma ] Oh, I see.

`echo %!(*`
80715 [tcfelker@mt ] Does anyone know a way to do backtick interpolation while protecting the
+ 80716 [dcarrera@ma ] I'm not sure I understand what you're asking about backtick
| 80724 [tcfelker@mt ] oldName = "02_Ship_At_Sea_(Instrumental).ogg"
| + 80725 [dcarrera@ma ] - `vorbiscomment #{oldName}`.each_line do |line|
| | 80730 [aredridel@nb] class String
| + 80731 [mwilson13@co] Your error is a shell syntax error, and not a Ruby error. Unix shells
+ 80720 [sdate@ev re ] I am not sure that I understand what you mean by "bypassing the shell",
| + 80732 [markjreed@ma] It's simple.  When you execute `some command` (or the equivalent
| | + 80735 [tcfelker@mt ] fd.close #right?
| | | 80736 [markjreed@ma] You're welcome!
| | + 80738 [wjl@ic ca er] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | + 80739 [sdate@ev re ] [excellent explanation snipped]
| + 80733 [austin@ha os] UNIX shells do globbing, whereas DOS (and CMD) leave that for the program to
|   80740 [sdate@ev re ] to
+ 80752 [B.Candler@po] Kernel.send(:`, "ls /etc")

TCP/IP Keepalive
80723 [pmak@aa ni e] Is there a way an application can explicitly send a TCP/IP Keepalive
80771 [zdodson@zd d] If you mean the keepalives generated when the SO_KEEPALIVE socket

[ANN] ruby-freedb, ruby-serialport, ruby-mp3info moved to Rubyforge
80726 [guillaume.pi] bye!

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80727 [robot@an ou ] ...

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80728 [robot@an ou ] ...

DVD от 120 РУ?!!!.......bIxAYoXewb......
80729 [rodrigo@cu t] ...

[ANN] quixml-0.2.1
80742 [sean@cS Pl o] Lots of updates to the API, with a handful of new methods to generally

questions about embedding ruby
80747 [basile-news@] Dear All,
+ 80750 [sean@cS Pl o] Well, cmd is pointing to an area of the stack which no longer exists
+ 80754 [decoux@mo lo] write it like this
  80778 [sean@cS Pl o] That's interesting; does this way work because Ruby marks the stack and
  80833 [decoux@mo lo] No, read carefully my example and the original message. In the original

Newbie question re: 'net'
80753 [dhtapp@co .n] I have the Nutshell book, and I've been playing with the Net classes
+ 80756 [aamine@lo er] require 'net/pop'
| 80766 [sdate@ev re ] Pardon me for piggy-backing on this thread. I have been
| 80768 [decoux@mo lo] You read the message, and then you use a module which can extract
| 80773 [sdate@ev re ] I will give it a whirl.
+ 80757 [wew@wi li mw] Certaily, this is correct.  Net::POPMail objects download
  80789 [dhtapp@co .n] Thanks for the help; that confirms my suspicions.

Хостин? дл? вашего сайт?
80758 [monday@e- ai] Не дорого?, качественный хостин? дл? Вашего сайт?!

Bug in mmap or ruby with ruby-1.8.0
80759 [han.holl@pr ] Searching for a non-existing string in a mmapped region produces a segfault.
80760 [decoux@mo lo] bug in ruby :-))
80761 [nobu.nokada@] Indeed.
+ 80762 [matz@ru y- a] Commit the fix, please.
+ 80780 [han.holl@pr ] [ patch cut ]

Using Module#const_missing for resolving "external" classes
80763 [thomass@de t] Would it be possible to use const_missing to resolve external classes?
80792 [thomass@de t] Never mind, I think I got it figured out.

fastest way to parse pop mails?
80764 [a_k_b@we .d ] how would you solve the following problem?
80818 [nospam4.me@o] Check out RMail (RubyMail) or TMail.  You can find both of them in the Ruby
81041 [emeza@de ia ] require 'net/pop'

80765 [hobertmula@n] ...

80767 [DR@ru y- an ] ...

[Q] Excel file creation  under UNIX
80772 [rodrigo.berm] I am not sure ...
80814 [djberg96@ho ] ...
80863 [rodrigo.berm] algo es algo ...

[ANN] Samizdat 0.0.4, with multimedia messages and query publishing
80775 [d.borodaenko] Greetings!

prerelease of Guis-1.3pre1 (a GTK widget server) for Ruby
80776 [basile@st ry] Dear All,
80790 [rz@li ux m6 ] very nice idea, does it also work to have multiple apps sending
80793 [basile-news@] (citing me, Basile)
+ 80797 [surrender_it] or possibly just
| 80800 [basile-news@] Don't work for an existing builtin class ; try
| 80803 [surrender_it] irb(main):001:0> def String.class_method
+ 80835 [rz@li ux m6 ] this can be really hard depending on the language underlying Guis,
  + 80837 [basile-news@] Not really, since Guis requires a scripting language with a binding to
  | 80838 [decoux@mo lo] Well, I've well understood
  + 80848 [hgs@dm .a .u] IIRC NeWS from Sun used Display Postscript to produce what appeared
  + 80864 [angus@qu va ] ...