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Readline history, and general binary module doc
80257 [markjreed@ma] Where can I find documentation for standard library modules
+ 80260 [mgarriss@ea ] If you're feeling brave you could read the ./ext/readline/readline.c
| 80306 [gsinclair@so] No you don't :)  Run irb and enter "Readline.instance_methods"!
| + 80318 [markjreed@ma] I do inspect objects and modules frequently to find out what
| + 80343 [dmertz@fr e.] (Readline.public_methods - Object.public_methods).sort
+ 80261 [gfb@to es ft] Ruby distribution has directory "ext" that contains varios extention

Help! redirecting stderr 1.6.x and 1.8 differences
80263 [andrew@wa ro] I want to log stdout and stderr of a compile to a file, so I use (for
80265 [gfb@to es ft] I would do
80271 [andrew@wa ro] Perfect - thanks!

Named matches for regular expressions (was: Re: Specification of  Ruby regex?)
80270 [wjl@ic ca er] Something like this?
80273 [austin@ha os] No. See [ruby-talk:79047] and following.
80277 [wjl@ic ca er] Well, that is useful too, but quite different from what the OP asked for

repeated text....
80289 [michael_s_ca] An example is below; every now and then I get a mail that shows the
80302 [nathaniel@NO] My guess is that the issue is on your side, as this is the message I
80315 [michael_s_ca] Entirely possible... It just started in the last couple days, and it happens

Re: Any sample code where ruby is used in the Eclipse development environment?
80290 [achou@te le ] ...

You know what I want?
80296 [kdresner@cs ] I want a Perl CGI script that will run a Ruby CGI script.  The admins of
+ 80298 [B.Candler@po] #!/usr/local/bin/perl
| + 80300 [hal9000@hy e] Maybe he hasn't realized he can run a private copy of Ruby without the
| + 80307 [james_b@ne r] Well, *technically*, the Ruby script is not doing any CGI stuff, no?
+ 80317 [tim@ve et .a] You'd have to elaborate on this a bit more.  For one, *why*
| 80319 [kdresner@cs ] I found out the problem.
+ 80446 [mvondung@gm ] Now, doesn't that sound familiar! I've had the very same problem just a
  80455 [austin@ha os] Chances are, when he starts to convert them to Perl, he'll become a convert
  80459 [kdresner@cs ] Sooo true.  I was just sitting here thinking "Um, that's going to suck,

80309 [maillist@be ] Where do I find the ri program, I looked on raa but I couldn't find it.
+ 80310 [Dave@Pr gP o] ri for Ruby 1.8 is at sourceforge.net/projects/rdoc
| + 80312 [maillist@be ] thanks Dave
| + 80356 [androflux@so] I wondered where to find ri for 1.8 too and ending up asking in
|   + 80384 [nospam4.me@o] Exactly!  Ummm ... what it is?  Ruby Info perhaps?
|   + 80402 [gsinclair@so] I added that download URL to http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RIOnePointEight
+ 80357 [rvb@rv .d nd] if you are using debian there is a package called "ri". but since it
  80370 [gfb@to es ft] Enjoy,

errors compiling Ruby under Solaris
80316 [kdresner@cs ] I'm trying to compile Ruby under Solaris.  I suck at C, so I don't know
80320 [nobu.nokada@] I have no clue about Solaris system headers, what are there
80322 [nobu.nokada@] As for this, I heard that gcc 3.0 has problems but 3.0.3 works
80327 [kdresner@cs ] I am using 3.0.3.
+ 80329 [hal9000@hy e] Maybe you can put it on the web somewhere and post a
+ 80331 [nobu.nokada@] Hmmm, more recent one doesn't work?
  80345 [kdresner@cs ] 1.8.0
  + 80347 [djberge@qw s] I recommend upgrading your gcc to 3.2 or later.  There are several
  | 80349 [kdresner@cs ] Unfortunately, I'm not in charge of the machine in question. :o(
  | 80352 [djberge@qw s] I first mentioned this issue in ruby-talk 67160, and subsequently (with
  + 80663 [nobu.nokada@] What headers do you need to compile sys/socket.h?
    80668 [kdresner@cs ] Should I write this C program and try to compile it?
    80670 [nobu.nokada@] Yes, but you can't compile it.  We need to know how we can
    80672 [kdresner@cs ] It turns out that the thing I sent before was from a Solaris 9 machine,
    + 80682 [B.Candler@po] FYI I've compiled ruby-1.8.0 on several Solaris 8 machines, without
    + 80691 [nobu.nokada@] Try -E option to check the pre-processed source.
    | 80693 [kdresner@cs ] Is this -E on make?
    + 80695 [decoux@mo lo] What is strange is that you don't have the flag -DHAVE_SOCKADDR_STORAGE
      80696 [kdresner@cs ] Yeah.  I downloaded 1.8.0 from ruby-lang.org and did ./configure ; make
      80697 [decoux@mo lo] Can you post the file
      80698 [kdresner@cs ] Here it is.
      80699 [decoux@mo lo] I don't understand, in [ruby-talk:80672] you were saying
      + 80700 [kdresner@cs ] I went looking in /usr/include/sys/stream.h and there is no projid_t.
      | 80701 [decoux@mo lo] no, make
      | 80702 [kdresner@cs ] It appears to have compiled socket correctly this time... I
      + 80703 [nobu.nokada@] My guess is that something in line 307 is defined as projid_t
        80704 [kdresner@cs ] typedef struct datab {

Sample code of all Ruby-powered  website
80321 [REMOVE_THISu] I was wondering if there is some sample Ruby code for a fully functioning

Webrick and CGI question
80325 [mwilson13@co] How do I tell Webrick to use ruby to execute a cgi program? The
80326 [nahi@ke na t] Mount the handler to "/cgi-bin" not "cgi-bin" here.

Blocks, eval and named parameters
80332 [djd15@po cw ] So I was reading the brief discussion on named parameters in the
80346 [djberge@qw s] It's been discussed on RubyGarden to some degree.  See
80411 [djd15@po cw ] Thanks for the link, but it doesn't seem to answer my question at all
80431 [batsman.geo@] Hal introduced the following technique in his presentation at the
80470 [dhtapp@co .n] What a thoroughly useful set of slides for a newbie.  And, as a bonus, an
80477 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks. That kind of comliment makes it worthwhile.

[ANN] QuiXML 0.0.0
80333 [sean@cS Pl o] Announcing the first public release of QuiXML 0.0.0
+ 80380 [vjoel@PA H. ] Looks nice.
| 80382 [sean@cS Pl o] No, and I have no good ideas on how to do that.  Code-wise, it wouldn't
+ 80390 [ben@bl hr co] Sean-
| 80398 [sean@cS Pl o] Thanks, and please do, I look forward to getting more comments.
| 80502 [ben@bl hr co] I think this could be done relatively easily. The children member variable
+ 80403 [gsinclair@so] I'm curious, what features did you need that weren't already provided?
  80427 [sean@cS Pl o] Well, quite a few things I couldn't get in a single library.
  80441 [dan@ta ta od] It sounds to me as though you would get much better mileage from YAML
  + 80463 [ruby-talk@wh] If you load a YAML document as a parse tree, you can perform YPath queries
  + 80468 [sean@cS Pl o] Well, I had already found ways to do what I needed, but as I think my

80334 [peteradebayo] DEAR SIR,

[ANN] ruby-fcgi-0.8.4
80340 [moonwolf@mo ] ruby-fcgi-0.8.4 released.

Newbie question
80342 [REMOVE_THISu] What's the difference between the ActiveScriptRuby and MSWIN32 from The
80362 [austin@ha os] The former is a WSH target; the latter is general Ruby. ActiveScriptRuby is
80408 [REMOVE_THISu] Thanks. So, in your opinion, which one will give us the
80452 [austin@ha os] I only use the PragProg installer. I don't need a WSH target for this. I'm

Mac OS X and ruby-postgres again
80354 [tym@NO PA sy] Yes I am new around here and to ruby in general.  I have checked the
+ 80358 [easco@ma .c ] ".so" is not an extension that one usually finds on Mac OS X.  Most
+ 80359 [mccallister@] How did you install postgresql? I had to specify the location of the
| 80365 [tym@NO PA sy] Thanks for the reply
| + 80366 [mgarriss@ea ] Are the postgres libs in the you library path (or whatever it's called
| | + 80368 [mgarriss@ea ] Are the postgres libs in your library path (or whatever it's called in
| | + 80373 [easco@ma .c ] To answer the question "What is it called in Mac OS X", repeat the
| + 80371 [easco@ma .c ] Try adding
| + 80374 [easco@ma .c ] Another solution would be to edit the extconf.rb file, remove the
| | 80426 [tym@NO PA sy] Thanks again to everyone for trying to help with this!
| | 80429 [decoux@mo lo] Well I don't know Mac OS X ("la chose") but on un*x this can be solved
| | 80450 [easco@ma .c ] On Mac OS X, you probably want to add it to the "DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH"
| + 80383 [mccallister@] Cool, I never knew about that package ;-)
+ 80529 [tym@NO PA sy] Now, thanks once again to everybody for the friendly, thoughtful and

Rexml 2.7.1 in ruby 1.8.0
80361 [han.holl@pr ] Is there any compelling reason to include an unstable version of REXML in a

'printer queue is full - connect(2)' in 1.8
80377 [chrismo@cl b] I noticed I get the following error msg from Ruby when I can't connect
80385 [nathaniel@NO] This was brought up recently and matz said in [ruby-talk:80314] that it

Design help? Mixins and duck-typing
80381 [kirindave@le] My understanding of proper Ruby and duck-typing idoms is still pretty raw, so I
80392 [ahoward@fs .] something like this would allow the various mixins (like TCP) to 'inherit' (via

[OT] A game to help you learn Japanese
80388 [lyle@us rs s] I just saw an announcement for this project on freshmeat.net and thought

sorting on hash contents
80393 [probertm@NO ] Say I have a hash of 4 elements, val[1..3] and name
+ 80395 [wjl@ic ca er] Not a full answer (no time right now), but run this in irb and it should
+ 80406 [ahoward@fs .] whenever i end up needing sorted hashes i ALWAYS use the rbtree package from

os x / mysql : install 1.8 : ruby = nil
80399 [paul@vu ma k] I'm trying to install ruby/eruby and mysql to learn ruby for web stuff
+ 80401 [easco@ma .c ] When Apple installs ruby, they install it in /usr/bin and put the
| 80456 [paul@vu ma k] Thank you both for your great help - with it i've manage to get ruby
| 80458 [easco@ma .c ] Well... tcsh or bash... you'd still be running the same whereis.
| 80512 [paul@vu ma k] Most cool, so let me make sure i have this correct..
| 80517 [easco@ma .c ] Don't try to change the location of /usr/bin!
| 80749 [paul@vu ma k] Thanks Scott. i"ll try this when i get back to my mac.
| 80825 [paul@vu ma k] Ok, maybe i'm gettin closer....I did what you suggest...
| 80861 [easco@ma .c ] You've created what in UNIX is called a "symbolic link" from
+ 80405 [ahoward@fs .] this is probably because './' (the current directory) is not in your PATH.

getting the arity
80410 [quixoticsyco] I would like to get the arity of a method.  However, arity is a method
+ 80415 [news@st d. t] String.instance_method(:replace).arity #=>  1
+ 80416 [decoux@mo lo] This is just an example
+ 80417 [harryo@qi so] Here's a starting point.  Note that, of course, you get a lot more methods than you bargained for, because it will show you all the inherited methods, too.
+ 80419 [matz@ru y- a] You can get UnboundMethod from a class, e.g.

YAMLand rbtree, was: Re: sorting on hash contents
80412 [vjoel@PA H. ] I notice that rbtree works with Marshal, but not YAML. What methods
80467 [ruby-talk@wh] Currently, RBTree would need to inherit from Hash (or) introduce custom

Re: Why would you abandon Ruby? [wxWindows binding]
80414 [aredridel@nb] I just checked release 0.1.0 into PLD's specs CVS tree, after some

So frustrated and dissapointed ...
80421 [REMOVE_THISu] with mswin32 version of eruby/mod_ruby for ruby 1.8 and recent apache

irb.bat "bug"?
80428 [harryo@qi so] I just tried to run irb for the first time on Windows and hit a minor snag.

[BUG] Additional info regarding ruby-talk:66239
80435 [idan@id ns .] I have recently encountered similiar problem as described on that thread, i.e., rb_bug
80436 [matz@ru y- a] It does not happen on the latest CVS.  I'm not sure whether we already
80476 [idan@id ns .] Negetive, I can still reproduce the problem from the latest CVS. It was
80561 [decoux@mo lo] Not really sure, but seems to be a bug in gcc : someone can test it with
80623 [decoux@mo lo] An example to see the problem (ruby-1.8.0, gcc 3.2 Redhat 8)

Like javadoc
80437 [andre@sy po ] is there a documenter system like javadoc for ruby?
+ 80438 [ oct@zo .o g] it's called RDoc, available at http://rdoc.sourceforge.net
+ 80440 [rvb@rv .d nd] yes, there is rdoc from http://rdoc.sourceforge.net/ ...

Advanced Ruby Programming
80439 [xrfang@ho ma] I have been using ruby for awhile, but I still know very little about it
80443 [spoon@de la ] Separation of code?
80449 [xrfang@ho ma] Oh, that's part of a regexp? Thanks a lot :)

80444 [hobertmula20] ...

UDPSocket problems with MacOsX
80451 [wiswedel@kh ] i?ve got a problem with UDPSocket under MacOsX 10.2
80453 [easco@ma .c ] Does it work better if you use the empty string instead of nil in the

#collect with block modifying receiver
80457 [hal9000@hy e] I'm wondering what should be the behavior of collect when the block
+ 80462 [djberge@qw s] Hal,
+ 80464 [msparshatt@y] Running the code from The Ruby Way I get
  80466 [hal9000@hy e] OK, so this *really* makes me wonder what the "theoretically correct"
  80482 [matz@ru y- a] Ah, listen, it's undefined behavior. ;-)
  + 80486 [sean@cS Pl o] I have to assert my support of this position; modifying a receiver while
  + 80550 [dan@ta ta od] So it's undefined behaviour, but "Don't modify the receiver while you
    + 80558 [hal9000@hy e] I think throwing an exception falls under "exact behavior." :)
    + 80571 [austin@ha os] I wouldn't like that, personally. I don't remember exactly where, but I
      80572 [hal9000@hy e] Well, if I understand Matz correctly, this behavior is not guaranteed.
      + 80574 [austin@ha os] I donno. I think that this is something "dangerous" that should be
      + 80576 [dblack@su er] I think (Matz - ?) that Matz was talking specifically about changing
        80579 [hal9000@hy e] Yes, I agree. But to avoid confusion for others, let me point out that
        80588 [dblack@su er] Whoops -- too late to prevent confusion for me.  My only excuse is

eruby / mod_ruby os x 10.2 - _ap_null_cleanup error
80460 [paul@vu ma k] Anyone have any success installing eruby/mod_ruby in os x 10.2? I've
80461 [easco@ma .c ] It just struck me.
+ 80511 [paul@vu ma k] It put them in a place that was different...than the docs i found for
+ 80525 [paul@vu ma k] I'm way over my head here :-)
  80748 [paul@vu ma k] When i did a search only one showed up but there are at least 2. I did

80465 [lobetojr@ne ] ...

[ANN] QuiXML 0.1.0 and mailing list
80469 [sean@cS Pl o] Just letting anyone know who's might be interested in QuiXML that there

Re: Why would you abandon Ruby? (was)  [DROSS]
80472 [jcb@it ri .c] This has test timings and example code.

Apache/FastCGI with Ruby on Windows
80475 [carl@yc .b z] I've compiled fastcgi support into my windows version of Ruby (1.6.8),

[ANN] sys-win32etc 0.0.2
80479 [djberge@qw s] I'm happy to announce the release of sys-win32etc 0.0.2.  This is an
80522 [sdate@ev re ] But I think this may be problematic because win32 API (e.g. NetUserEnum())
+ 80527 [sdate@ev re ] Ok, I changed your code
| 80528 [sdate@ev re ] Sorry ! Posted too early ... should have tried 513 before giving up ;-)
+ 80617 [sdate@ev re ] "Daniel Berger" <djberg96@hotmail.com>
  80621 [phasis@bc in] The memory leak is due to memory allocation of struct like these

80484 [mgarriss@ea ] Any easy and elegant way to do the 'no output to the screen' thing for
80485 [mgarriss@ea ] I should mention that I'm on a GNU/Linux but it'd be nice to have a
+ 80490 [jfh@ci e. fl] ...
+ 80505 [ahoward@fs .] ~ > cat ./password.rb

Log4r with Ruby 1.8
80488 [Stephan.Kaem] I'm trying to use log4r ( http://log4r.sourceforge.net/contact.html )
80495 [ben@th ng ag] It has to do with how the author of Log4r implemented his sprintfs.
80508 [martins@aa d] I got in contact with Leon Torres, the author of log4r, a couple of days
80577 [slumos@ya oo] That's good news.  For anyone in a hurry, I posted a patch for this
80777 [leon@ug s. a] log4r up to date with Ruby. I no longer code for a living, so my interest

[ANN] Extmath 2.2 (Extension of Math)
80494 [ jupp@gm .d ] Saluton!

Python vs. Ruby
80497 [fred@jo ma k] Can anyone give me a good reason why I would want to use Ruby over Python?
+ 80498 [gfb@to es ft] Looks like a shameless provocation again ;-)
+ 80499 [rpav@me hl .] The advantages of Ruby over Python are difficult to put into words;
+ 80500 [chad@ch df w] Please go to http://www.ruby-talk.org and search for Python.
| 80501 [Ephaeton@gm ] But... but... but... it's friday!
| 80503 [easco@ma .c ] Nope... it's still Thursday here.
+ 80507 [dagbrown@LA ] Ruby smells better than Python.  Also, it has cuter girls.
  80519 [easco@ma .c ] I hadn't noticed the odor thing.  It does have a faintly floral aroma
  80573 [wyzzrd@be ls] Careful, boys,
  80607 [fred@jo ma k] Girl ... Pythons? That bite? Ouch! Careful, I'm holding a Ruby! Will chip
  80614 [jbritt@ru y-] James
  80644 [ptkwt@ar cn ] LoL ;-)
  80671 [jbritt@ru y-] Well, I happen to think that Rubyists just have better taste.  Wouldn't
  + 80751 [hanzspam@ya ] Even if you meant that as a joke, the statement is actually at
  | + 80769 [hal9000@hy e] You assume that programmers are sane.
  | + 80774 [msparshatt@y] They also seemed to be offended by being able to type
  | | + 80781 [curt@hi bs c] Regardless of their concluding paragraph, the body of the article still read
  | | | 80810 [tim@re ov _i] No, I think the /article/ was biased :-)
  | | + 80788 [sean@cS Pl o] I think the author was a little mistaken about Ruby though.  You don't
  | |   80884 [james_b@ne r] There's a series of articles [0] by Alan Holub about writng UI, based on
  | |   + 80889 [austin@ha os] Bollocks to this. It's this sort of nonsense
  | |   + 80896 [sean@cS Pl o] This is, to me, quite insane.  =)  That puts too much on the shoulders
  | |     80902 [james_b@ne r] Isn't this begging the question?
  | |     + 80904 [hal9000@hy e] That's not what he's saying at all.
  | |     | + 80909 [jim@fr ez .o] It seems that the alternative methodology would
  | |     | + 80937 [james_b@ne r] No, not in the core language.  But in specific application code, if I
  | |     + 80905 [sean@cS Pl o] Well, you *could* define print for string, if you wanted.  I was saying
  | |     + 80922 [rasputin@id ] Think of it this way.
  | |       + 80924 [djd15@po cw ] Interestingly enough, with ruby, you could actually add
  | |       + 80940 [james_b@ne r] No, but you might want some_string.puts( SynthIO )
  | + 80806 [tim@re ov _i] Heh.  It does wear its bias a little obviously, doesn't it?
  + 80795 [dagbrown@LA ] Better sense of *smell*.  Sheesh.