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^ $VERBOSE=true returns warnings from standard library
79414 [thomass delt] I normally write my ruby code with $VERBOSE=true. When I do this in
79415 [matz ruby-la] Indeed.  I will fix.
79426 [Dave PragPro] Could we not make it a rule that stuff in the standard library has to
+ 79429 [gsinclair so] That's a good idea, but in the specific case of "redefine ...", I
| + 79437 [Dave PragPro] I think you're right, but I don't think it changes the underlying
| | + 79454 [pbrannan atd] What would it mean for warnings to be disabled for a chunk of code?
| | + 79483 [thomass delt] A very good solution. If warnings were channelled through a ruby
| + 79439 [dblack super] I third this (see Hugh's second :-)
| | 79458 [hal9000 hype] Well, I tend to agree in theory... but I redefine
| + 80050 [austin halos] Maybe. One thing that I've suggested to Dave for RDoc -- I haven't honestly
+ 79430 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd second that.  Follow the standard bearer! :-)

^ Strscan ruby 1.8 why this doesn't work ?
79420 [domingo dad-] I have been using strscan till version 0.65 and it was working with a
+ 79423 [nobu.nokada ] StringScanner has the "cursor" internally, and always tries
| 79795 [domingo dad-] No it's not that, I think it should try match the whole string and not
+ 79910 [aamine lover] Did you use Ruby version of StringScanner?  Try

^ Re: What's TOTALLY COMPELLING about Ruby over Python?
79433 [phlip_cpp ya] I got paid to research in Python, for a while, and started using Ruby
79435 [michael_s_ca] This paragraph intrigues me.  Am I misreading, or are you not keen on TDD?
+ 79457 [hal9000 hype] Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought he was saying
| 79459 [michael_s_ca] Oh!  That makes more sense, yes.
+ 79461 [dave 3dex.co] You probably don't realize how funny this question is. ;)
  79462 [dblack super] OK, in the spirit of community-spiritedness, I'll take the bait.
  + 79467 [dave 3dex.co] while
  + 79470 [dblack super] OK, I've heard from some people off-list who explained it to me.
    79480 [curt hibbs.c] Shouldn't that have been IAMSN? Or were you just proving your point about
    79482 [dblack super] Groan.  I wasn't trying to prove my point (it was a mistake), but I think
    + 79487 [dcarrera mat] What is IAMSN?
    | 79490 [curt hibbs.c] (it all makes sense now ;-)
    | 79491 [thelenm cs.u] Shouldn't that be IIMSN? :-)
    | 79512 [vanevery 3DP] Well, it could be.  It isn't making sense now, even if it all made sense
    + 79488 [hal9000 hype] about
      + 79506 [phlip_cpp ya] Dyslexics of the world, untie!
      + 79516 [martindemell] I thought it stood for Domain Name System.
        79526 [vanevery 3DP] Thought it was a kind of sound file.

^ install.rb and 1.8 -> warning
79453 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ OT: Linux Mail Clients (Was: Ruby for 3D graphics?)
79464 [rpav users.s] If you like a nice combination of a _fast_ GUI mail client with the
79553 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ someone wants to compile wxRuby for Andy Hunt's Windows Installer for me?
79466 [ gv cs.uu.nl] I post this because due to non-membership a similar request bounced at

^ using GLADE with ruby...
79468 [falseflyboy ] would someone be kindly enough to point me to a tutorial using GLADE to make
79537 [rvb rvb.dynd] there is a libglade example on the ruby-gnome2 homepage. :> The following

^ [ANN] DbTalk 0.73
79471 [dali insula.] I would like to announce a new release of my Ruby project DbTalk.

^ Why would you abandon Ruby? (was)
79492 [vanevery 3DP] But... what does it prove?  It doesn't prove that Ruby is the reason.  It
+ 79501 [rodrigo.berm] Pythonistas go to Ruby Heaven when they die. :-) Where do Rubicons go?
| 79547 [mailinglists] They go to Mynamar (former called Burma). This is the true heavon for
+ 79504 [ged FaerieMU] I can't imagine a circumstance in which I'd want to abandon Ruby, but
| + 79509 [mccallister ] ruby -e "puts $all unless ($all =
| + 79515 [vanevery 3DP] Whether I can or not, I won't.
| | + 79518 [mwilson13 co] The symbol '=;)' means that it's a joke.
| | | 79528 [vanevery 3DP] 'A sense of humor' means being able to receive a joke, and knowing when and
| | | 79595 [ben thingmag] Have you ever considered that if people don't react well to you, that
| | + 79521 [hal9000 hype] Well, I was chatting privately with a friend of mine
| | | 79531 [vanevery 3DP] Intellectually, I understand your position.  I'm bored with all kinds of
| | | 79534 [djd15 po.cwr] The main problem is that these types of threads happen too often. I've
| | + 79524 [sean cSePlso] Actually, Michael's post sounded like a bit of irritation-driven
| | | 79536 [vanevery 3DP] I've been all over Usenet, for many many years, and outside of politics
| | | 79540 [martindemell] Pick any one :)
| | + 79529 [martindemell] Here's an idea - why not post a series of "how do I do #{foo} in ruby?"
| | + 79563 [Dave PragPro] I'll turn the question back to you.  Are you personally willing to
| |   79776 [xlucid users] English is richer and more expressive, due to it's /much/ larger
| + 80474 [jcb iteris.c] groups.
+ 79508 [sean cSePlso] A billion people could be programming in Perl right now, and that
| 79517 [vanevery 3DP] Actually, it would prove something.  It would prove that Perl has industrial
| + 79522 [mwilson13 co] The Master said: "The noble-minded worry about their lack of ability,
| | 79532 [vanevery 3DP] Then IIUYC, you think using Ruby is about "nobility."  Personally, I'm not
| | + 79538 [djd15 po.cwr] I think more correctly:  Use Ruby (or don't) because it's a good
| | + 79596 [gtewalt eart] At some point, there has to be those willing to push for
| |   79615 [vanevery 3DP] Well, the Python crowd recognizes and has all of these dilemmas.  But the
| |   + 79621 [michael_s_ca] Out of curiosity, do you (or anyone) know to what extent Python is being
| |   + 79623 [martindemell] Okay, you want to jump in and ask questions without spending the time
| |     79637 [gedb01 yahoo] Heres an interesting article that discusses to camps
| + 79523 [sean cSePlso] I'm really not interested in the discussion in another context.  I
| | 79527 [vanevery 3DP] Huh?  If they switched out of Ruby because they didn't perceive it as having
| | 79644 [sean cSePlso] Then add that to your evaluation.  It's entirely a subjective task.
| + 79530 [martindemell] martin
| | 79542 [vanevery 3DP] Thanks!
| + 79549 [xlucid users] Re-read Sean's post and I expect you'll find that is a poor summary of
+ 80400 [jcb iteris.c] First off, I would like to say that Ruby is the simplest language to
  + 80404 [nospam4.me o] MetalOne,
  | 80423 [jcb iteris.c] There are many factors to choosing a language.
  | + 80481 [julian beta4] You need to be careful making blanket statements about Smalltalk - there
  | | 80510 [nospam4.me o] Back to Top
  | | 80514 [julian beta4] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
  | | 80518 [nospam4.me o] My Opera 6 for Linux browser urlencodes it
  | + 80515 [avi beta4.co] This is a huge oversimplification.
  | | + 80520 [slater effec] HotSpot came from Longview Technologies, a company Sun acquired. It had
  | | | 80635 [feldt ce.cha] Actually, Longview Tech previously was called Animorhpic Systems which
  | | | 80706 [avi beta4.co] From what I've gathered talking to VM folks and seeing David Griswold
  | | + 80521 [nospam4.me o] So what you are saying, Avi, is that, in your opinion, Smalltalk and Java
  | |   80599 [avi beta4.co] Pretty much.  There are fast and slow implementations of either, and
  | + 80530 [avi beta4.co] I said HotSpot was "derived from Self".  The full story, as I
  |   80532 [slater effec] From what you've written, "derived" it certainly is. Thanks for the
  + 80420 [aredridel nb] You missed ObjectiveC.  It's a rather nice language, fast (it's just C,
  | 80447 [easco mac.co] You can also create graphical user interfaces for Ruby using the Cocoa
  + 80422 [frido q-soft] how about the APR from Apache. You won't say it runs slow...
  | 80471 [jcb iteris.c] You're right.
  + 80425 [ahoward fsl.] </snip>
  | 80448 [easco mac.co] My experience with Cross-Platform GUI's has shown that working with
  + 80545 [j.khaldi vir] You didn't mension Delphi & Erlang. The first solve yours problems under

^ Using or finding 'curl'
79494 [ejb theworld] I tried to use the 'yahoo_finance' package from the RAA yesterday.
+ 79503 [aero6dof yah] Its probably the ruby-curl extension. Search for 'curl' at raa.ruby-lang.org.
+ 79507 [jolsen mail2] Jesper

^ Newbie Q: Getting character codes
79497 [tim remove_i] I need to get at the character code used to represent a character.  I
+ 79498 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):002:0> ?f
+ 79499 [markjreed ma] irb(main):001:0> puts ?f
  79551 [tim remove_i] Sorry, I wasn't completely clear.  In my problem the character I want
  79568 [markjreed ma] Ah, I misunderstood.  Apologies.
  79624 [tim remove_i] No problem: my lack of clarity.

^ (none)
79502 [chuba_3 mail] My name is Senator DR. CHUBA OKADIGBO,

^ Numerical/Scientific programming ruby group
79510 [gmiller bitt] I'm very interested in getting in contact with other rubyists who are
+ 79514 [harryo qiqso] I'd be vaguely interested in this, because I've been doing a lot of numerical stuff at uni lately.
| 79541 [armin xss.de] I coded portfolio optimization code and did a lot of prototyping
| 79618 [peter semant] I was doing some prime number stuff in Ruby but got caught out by the fact
+ 79556 [dmertz free.] for the math libraries you can have a look at the RAA
+ 79612 [vjoel PATH.B] I'm using ruby (plus generated C code) to do hybrid systems simulations
+ 79720 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ LotY (was Re: Why did you switch from Python to Ruby?)
79513 [prosys chart] That thread mentions the Language of the Year (LotY) project, and

^ thanks
79520 [mbeki hotmai] MR.MARTINS MBEKI

^ What attracts me to Ruby
79533 [gedb01 yahoo] As a newbie moving over from Python, the recent posts
+ 79539 [mikkelfj-ant] In Ruby there are many ways to do things because there are many problems.
| + 79581 [peter semant] I suspect that how well people take to a language depends on what language
| | 79626 [tim remove_i] Interesting view.  I am comfortable with Python, which I came to from
| | 79717 [gsinclair so] I'll try to add something worthwhile here, because it's a thought that
| | 79799 [tim remove_i] Maybe, but when one is struggling to get to grips with a language it's
| | + 79810 [ben thingmag] Interesting.  Were the programs you first saw of equivalent complexity?
| | | + 79912 [mikkelfj-ant] You can't pass a reference to function around - not without involving less
| | | | 79913 [djd15 po.cwr] class Foo
| | | | 79915 [feldt ce.cha] (This has been discussed before but) for a "workaround" for the
| | | | 79916 [feldt ce.cha] Actually, Method#[] is already in 1.8.
| | | + 80251 [tim remove_i] Yes, and it wasn't the advanced features that got me, it was the @s,
| | + 79881 [jweirich one] This is really interesting because my experience is exactly the
| |   + 79911 [mmirra liber] Same story here (struggled with Python to no avail then become quickly
| |   + 80252 [tim remove_i] I wish I could pin it down.  Memorability, I think.  I read how to do
| |     80608 [frankm bayar] In Java, I have to check the J2SE Javadoc almost constantly, and I've
| + 79664 [matt technor] I've often wondered if there was a good alternative to using $1, $2, $3,
|   + 79671 [kdresner cs.] I've had the same question.  It just seems really convenient to have
|   + 79672 [rasputin ido] See bottom of
|   + 79674 [rvb rvb.dynd] yes. the match method returns a MatchData object which stores this
|   + 79675 [djd15 po.cwr] re = /(.)(.)((.).)/
|     + 79679 [jfh cise.ufl] % ruby -e 'p "abcd".match(/(.)(.)(.)(.)/).captures'
|     + 79919 [flori nixe.p] I try to minimize the usage of the Perl special variables in Ruby, too.
+ 79598 [list jimcain] I often feel the same way when I watch British Parliament on BBC America. :)

^ Evaluating Ruby objectively (not exactly)
79543 [vanevery 3DP] I can't quite match the subject line in practice, because inevitably I'm
+ 79546 [feldt ce.cha] Brandon J. Van Every <vanevery@3DProgrammer.com> skrev den Wed, 20 Aug 2003
| 79560 [vanevery 3DP] Hrm.  You wouldn't happen to have any measures of how many people have come
| + 79561 [martindemell] One could, I suppose, graph the total number of posts and the total
| | + 79566 [feldt ce.cha] Martin DeMello <martindemello@yahoo.com> skrev den Wed, 20 Aug 2003
| | + 79573 [vanevery 3DP] I Googled for someone who had done something like that.  I found
| + 79599 [hal9000 hype] come
|   + 79640 [Dave PragPro] (ood, slightly, because it gets updated from the RWN numbers)
|   + 79746 [feldt ce.cha] Hal E. Fulton <hal9000@hypermetrics.com> skrev den Thu, 21 Aug 2003
+ 79558 [dblack super] See <http://www.rubycentral.org>.
| 79569 [vanevery 3DP] Ok, looks like it promotes Ruby via conferences, activities, events, book
+ 79575 [gsinclair so] You can say that again!!!
| 79606 [vanevery 3DP] Ok.
+ 79602 [Ruben.Vandeg] Whether Ruby is a good choice all depends on what you're gonna use it for.

^ social engineering (was)
79545 [vanevery 3DP] Well, you have some social engineering choices to make here.
79550 [djd15 po.cwr] This line of discussion is getting a little off-topic from the main
79557 [vanevery 3DP] But... that's cognitive dissonance.  Either these so-called "religious wars"
+ 79559 [rasputin ido] No,it's a mailing list that all your USENET posts are showing up on.
+ 79582 [gsinclair so] That's because, contrary to common guidelines of Usenet etiquette -
+ 79600 [djd15 po.cwr] Religious wars are rarely of real use to anyone.  Arguing which division
  79608 [vanevery 3DP] Thanks for the links!  I was only suggesting "a" link.  As in (1).

^ the mindshare of Ruby (was)
79548 [vanevery 3DP] Of course, my view is, you *should* worry about whether other people use a
+ 79552 [batsman.geo ] Unless the language is total crap, you will normally find new concepts
| 79562 [vanevery 3DP] Pragmatically, C++ is an evolutionary dead end.  5 years from now, I don't
+ 79554 [hgs dmu.ac.u] More languages improves that monetary value.
| 79565 [vanevery 3DP] Provided you can find the demand.  What's the Ruby job market like in
| 79576 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I can't. But the west has only been aware of it for about 5 years,
| 79597 [vanevery 3DP] COBOL is dead because no sane programmer uses it for new applications or
| + 79604 [peter semant] COBOL is still used, there are new applications being developed by various
| | + 79614 [Ruben.Vandeg] Alright, i have to kick in here. I work on the implementation of Prolog
| | | 79750 [peter semant] True, but what I was pointing out was when the Fifth Generation Project was
| | | 79757 [slater effec] Well, I was at Borland when we were still selling Turbo Prolog. We certainly
| | + 79642 [vanevery 3DP] <shudder>
| |   79751 [peter semant] Like MSX?
| |   80013 [research ise] In fact, what is Microsoft's successful language?  Visual Basic.  I
| |   80016 [martindemell] I think VB is more a case of a restricted-purpose language being so good
| + 79630 [gedb01 yahoo] upcoming Microsoft products will be 100% C#.  C# is
| | 79638 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, .NET is not nice to the dynamic language camp.
| + 79653 [mwilson13 co] Smalltalk is very much alive. In fact, a person who went from Ruby to
| | + 79665 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net
| | + 79681 [feldt ce.cha] Avi will hopefully comment himself but I think it was actually
| + 79777 [xlucid users] Not true.
+ 79555 [matz ruby-la] I think there's enough to survive.  But I'm not sure for vitality.  If
  79584 [wjl icecaver] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ socket emergency
79564 [xrfang hotma] I had a problem when using Winsock in ruby. I tried various ways, but to
+ 79567 [decoux moulo] Be carefull with '' and \r \n
| 79570 [xrfang hotma] I'm sorry about the mistake, this is a typo. Please refer to the following
| 79571 [decoux moulo] You have forgotten \n
+ 79574 [philipp.ott ] Strange this with the telnet, this should work.
  79580 [michael_s_ca] I'm wondering why the net/pop.rb library isn't sufficient?
  79583 [xrfang hotma] irb(main):001:0> require 'socket'
  79585 [decoux moulo] Have you tried with the module 'net/pop' to see if it do the same ?
  79589 [xrfang hotma] Thank you very much for all the help. For me, it is not very convenient to
  79590 [xrfang hotma] Oh I forgot to mention that while you comment on this, please note that the

^ ParseDate and Time
79577 [jason jasona] Why don't ParseDate and Time play nicely together?
+ 79578 [markjreed ma] o/~ ParseDate, Date, Rosemary and Time . . . o/~
| 79635 [jason jasona] Ah, it seems to be that * I was missing; what does that do? (Sorry, I'm
| + 79641 [hal9000 hype] The star is array expansion.
| + 79727 [markjreed ma] It flattens an array.
|   79763 [dblack super] I'd quibble not with the spirit but with the wording of this -- only
+ 79620 [pbrannan atd] I rarely use ParseDate directly and instead use Time.parse() from
  79646 [jason jasona] Aha, that's excellent, thanks. I was using "Programming Ruby" as my
  79719 [gsinclair so] No, that's a "new" feature.