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^ Re: $SAFE with YAML
78830 [Meinrad.Rech] i am with djd15,

^ AW: [ann] AEditor 0.10, folding added
78836 [Meinrad.Rech] No replies ?
78858 [0bz63fz3m1qt] until simon.too_many_answers?
+ 78859 [curt hibbs.c] I don't currently have the extra bandwidth to personally take a look AEditor
+ 78980 [mailinglists] Have you ever spend more then a few minutes to think about the
  + 78983 [chad ns1.cha] Please do.  We need a nice Ruby-based Ruby parser.  Can we expect it by
  | 78991 [batsman.geo ] I will add a lame "me too" to that ;-)
  + 78988 [hal9000 hype] <0bz63fz3m1qt3001@sneakemail.com>
  + 78990 [curt hibbs.c] The problem is harder in a dynamically typed language like Ruby, but not
  + 78997 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I have thought about it for more than 5 minutes, but not done any deep
    79020 [g intersect-] The parser would be the easy part (probably).
    79030 [mailinglists] Right. Stealing it from the ruby source code does not take a long time.
    + 79031 [jweirich one] be relatively simple to track variable assignment and
    + 79045 [rich infoeth] Go study the parse.y file in the Ruby distribution.  The lexer is hand

^ common constructor idioms
78837 [easco mac.co] In C++ one often declares a constructor that accepts another instance
+ 78841 [matz ruby-la] How about leaving "initialize" for basic initialization, and define
| 78845 [easco mac.co] Ok.  I can do that too. :-)
+ 78842 [ryan dlugosz] That would work, but I'd suspect that it isn't popular around these parts.
+ 78844 [dave pragpro] Personally I wouldn't overload #new like this. Instead I'd add a new
  79084 [ged FaerieMU] class MyClass

^ p format - ruby bug? - dumb program?
78848 [kgergely mla] Can I specify how strings are printed, when using the p function?
+ 79012 [nobu.nokada ] It is hard coded in String#inspect method, so you have to
+ 79769 [kgergely mla] The problem was: files are opened, but none of them are closed
  79785 [nobu.nokada ] Seems to be due to msvcrt.dll's bug.  Usa reported 6.00.8397.0

^ mingw compilation
78849 [kgergely mla] windres --include-dir . --include-dir . --include-dir ./win32

^ if you can't beat them
78853 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
78857 [martindemell] ...

^ Read character from keyboard
78856 [andre syspoi] I wonder if it's possible to read a character from the keyboard
+ 78864 [flori nixe.p] c = STDIN.getc
| 78866 [hal9000 hype] I don't think that will work.
| 78930 [flori nixe.p] Oops, I seem to have skipped the "without pressing enter" part in the
+ 78870 [nobu.nokada ] It is completely system dependent issue.  Which platform do you
  + 78913 [jason jasona] ...
  + 78944 [andre syspoi] Hmmm... I'm using Windows now, but I wish my application to be
    + 78948 [NOSPAMcs96an] I've been trying to do something similar.  It would appear that there is
    + 78982 [jason jasona] One way might be to use "select" on your socket and stdin.

^ ruby-mcrypt ?
78860 [mccramer s.n] does anyone know of a working version of ruby-mcrypt
79141 [B.Candler po] ...

^ BUG in Win32API
78872 [ajm nb.sympa] Using the following code segment....
78876 [ajm nb.sympa] By the way, I confirmed the behavior on 1.6.8 aqnd 1.8.0

^ Stop Being Lazy!
78880 [lone-star ho] OK.  A lot of the time you will see new threads being spawned off old
+ 78904 [martindemell] ...
| + 78906 [kdresner cs.] You can also manually edit the message and remove the appropriate
| + 78927 [lone-star ho] yeah, I, in fact, have the patch.  I feel, however, that it shouldn't be
+ 78908 [laurent data] I totally agree with you, this is really really annoying.  I use for my
  78910 [harryo qiqso] You have the source code, don't you :-) ??

^ C..ut your debt by up to 60 percent0432432v
78893 [bbhhswunsigk] Okay heres the deal,

^ Debt stopping you from getting ahead? Read NOW
78894 [zmllgszxnkbf] Read this!

^ Settle your debt for pennies on the dollar!
78896 [lgryejwlushb] Hey,

^ Are your repayments becoming unmanageable?
78897 [kyvvhddbeskz] Debt sucks. So does lining your bank managers pockets!

^ Variables
78898 [eddy264 mac.] How do you: get the OS variable that you are currently running on
+ 78902 [nobu.nokada ] What do you mean by "the OS variable"?
+ 78911 [B.Candler po] $ ruby -e "p RUBY_PLATFORM"

^ We think Debt Sucks. Read this.                       .,.fdsiuo
78899 [lgryejwlushb] Read this!

^ Exposing C "enums" through extensions
78900 [easco mac.co] I'm allowing Ruby to access a C based library through an extension.
+ 78912 [B.Candler po] class MyClass
| 78926 [cyclists nc.] This is the practice that RMagick follows. Each attribute accessor that
| 78928 [B.Candler po] Nor would I; but if it were a concern you could use symbols instead, and a
| 79041 [pbrannan atd] An interesting solution.
| 79048 [easco mac.co] This is a common idiom in Java.  It's described pretty nicely in the
+ 79064 [kero chello.] Can you prevent this in C?

^ Cut your debt by up to 60 percent
78901 [lgryejwlushb] Okay heres the deal,

^ ruby curses documentation ?
78905 [jean-francoi] I would like to start to learn using curses with ruby.
78933 [0bz63fz3m1qt] If there is examples in the Ruby source which doesn't work, why don't you
79014 [jean-francoi] I will submit a bug-report as soon as I understand something to the
+ 79024 [tpeters uni-] I don't think ruby's curses binding is considered deprecated.
+ 82357 [tpeters uni-] I don't think ruby's curses binding is considered deprecated.
  79025 [denshimeiru-] Yes, but where is it documented?
  + 79035 [tpeters uni-] If you prefer reference documentation, go for the various manpages.
  + 82359 [tpeters uni-] If you prefer reference documentation, go for the various manpages.
    + 79036 [denshimeiru-] I don't have manpages for curses, only for ncurses. It seems to be highly
    + 79039 [denshimeiru-] I don't have manpages for curses, only for ncurses. It seems to be highly
    + 79040 [jean-francoi] do you mean I that I have to learn Ncurses that I will not use to be
      79140 [tpeters inva] No, not in this strict sense, sorry. If you learn plain curses

^ [PATCH] Bug fix for WEBrick/HTTPS
78919 [chneukirchen] in WEBrick/HTTPS theres a bug, if the response body doesn't end
78924 [gotoyuzo not] Applied. Thanks!

^ REXML - text nodes
78920 [jolsen mail2] I'm testing the REXML module (Ruby 1.8).
78921 [B.Candler po] "  text( path = nil )
78985 [jolsen mail2] Thanks Brian - good answer.

^ Module methods in nested modules with 1.8.0
78923 [padre elte.h] How can I define a module method in a nested module definition?
+ 78925 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 78929 [gsinclair so] module A; end
  78931 [padre elte.h] Of course I've tried it, too. But it's a syntax error.
  79013 [nobu.nokada ] def (A::B).hello()
  79015 [gsinclair so] Hmmm, that's a bit odd.
  79017 [matz ruby-la] No.  But how do you call the defined singleton method, considering the
  79019 [gsinclair so] I quite agree, but
  79032 [matz ruby-la] Indeed.  The literal case is reported since it is very apparent.

^ File.basename, dirname and split changed in 1.8.0!
78957 [thomass delt] Why did the behaviour of File.basename, File.dirname and File.split
78960 [matz ruby-la] To conform POSIX basename and dirname.  Blame POSIX.
78992 [vjoel PATH.B] To summarize the examples, a trailing "/" is ignored. Is that the only
79008 [matz ruby-la] I think so.

^ Exception reporting change?
78958 [B.Candler po] There appears to have been a change in exception handling in ruby-1.8. In

^ Java/Ruby communication
78961 [n.gilbert so] I am planning to write a Java program and and a Ruby program and have
+ 78966 [batsman.geo ] [shameless plug]
| 78971 [mccallister ] ruby opens TCPServer
| 78972 [hal9000 hype] Fine... now let's see you write a Ruby program
| + 78974 [james_b neur] That wasn't part of the requirements in the original post, but, once
| | 78975 [hal9000 hype] Pardon, I didn't read carefully enough.
| + 78978 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:~/src/rjni$ irb --simple-prompt
|   78979 [hal9000 hype] redefined; discarding old use_readline=
|   + 78984 [tom infoethe] rjni is still available :-)
|   + 78986 [batsman.geo ] mine is weak too :-) I started this because I knew how to do it (and
+ 78977 [news stud.nt] XML-RPC was fairly easy to set up on both the Java and Ruby end when I
+ 82356 [news stud.nt] XML-RPC was fairly easy to set up on both the Java and Ruby end when I
  + 78981 [sdate everes] ...
  | + 78987 [james_b neur] Yes, sort of.  All data must be XML-compliant, so arbitray binary stuff
  | + 78989 [aredridel nb] ...
  + 82371 [james_b neur] I believe this is noe part of the standard ditribution, no?

^ Free Health, Fitness, Leisure Directory - are you on it? do you need it? Get listed or search it for free.
78969 [promotions w] List your health business on the health directory at no cost. Browse and find a practitioner, therapist, gym, spa etc...

78970 [johnmalanbo ] Dear

^ Disabling NOTICE messages when using ruby-postgres
78993 [nathaniel NO] Does anyone know if there's a way to disable the NOTICE messages when using
79023 [decoux moulo] ...
79038 [nathaniel NO] Thanks, Guy!

^ Color parser
78995 [wyzzrd bells] Please forgive my intrusion on this list as I am not a regular member. I'm
79037 [tom infoethe] Yours,

^ Ruby listens IPv6
78999 [easco mac.co] Please forgive me if this sounds a bit juvenile.  I'm not as well
+ 79000 [B.Candler po] I think it was probably not "could not connect" exactly, more like "failed
| 79004 [easco mac.co] Nope... It was a "could not connect".  I managed to get it to connect
+ 79005 [drbrain segm] Out of curiosity, which web browser?

^ Overloading ()
79001 [djd15 po.cwr] I was reading the comp.lang.functional group, and happened across a
+ 79003 [nathaniel NO] f[args]
| 79028 [flori nixe.p] this method while experimenting with CPS and current continuations. I
| 79033 [matz ruby-la] Nice idea.  I will add it.
| 79052 [dave 3dex.co] ...
| + 79063 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| | 79071 [dave 3dex.co] ...
| | 79072 [dolio po.cwr] I will comment that although being able to overload () in ruby could make it
| + 79087 [matz ruby-la] Because you don't always need parenthesises for method calls, for
| + 79094 [jweirich one] Whenever someone says they would like to overload the () operator to
| | 79117 [pbrannan atd] The short answer is "no, I can't think of any".  The longer answer
| + 79143 [austin halos] Because () isn't really an operator -- at least not yet, and I don't know
|   79152 [dave 3dex.co] ...
|   + 79156 [djd15 po.cwr] You can't, as far as I know.
|   + 79157 [news stud.nt] erstand that everything lives inside an object, so there are no free
|   + 79167 [aredridel nb] ...
|   | 79171 [djd15 po.cwr] I suppose that depends what you mean.  Technically methods are first
|   + 79175 [B.Candler po] f = lambda {|x| x + 1}
+ 79006 [vjoel PATH.B] def foo
  79007 [djd15 po.cwr] Ah, that's true. I hadn't thought of that.

^ Refactoring Browsers (was: [ann] AEditor 0.10, folding added)
79002 [jweirich one] This is an interesting assertion considering that the original
+ 79009 [rich infoeth] A difference between smalltalk and ruby...smalltalk is image based
| 79044 [itsme213 hot] ...
| 79046 [rich infoeth] class Foo
| 79051 [itsme213 hot] ...
| 79078 [avi beta4.co] There's a tradeoff here that fascinates me: on the one hand, code
| 79079 [Dave PragPro] That's fascinating: you've just clarified for me why I've always found
| + 79107 [alwagner tca] I don't think that this is normally a conscious choice.  Having come
| + 79133 [itsme213 hot] ...
| | 79217 [avi beta4.co] This is drifing off topic, but I'd like to know more.  Was the LispM
| | + 79236 [joswig corpo] No it was very different.
| | + 79241 [itsme213 hot] ...
| + 79138 [avi beta4.co] It's dangerous to say things like "a language which is more
+ 79055 [0bz63fz3m1qt] talking about refactoring..
  79170 [gsinclair so] Search for "zen" on RAA.  Look for something like zenspider, which I
  79178 [0bz63fz3m1qt] searching for 'zen' yields 3 results

^ Ruby/MySQL bug (0.1.4 version)
79010 [sdmitry lrn.] Sorry for my previous message, it you saw it, it

^ ORM for Ruby?
79011 [markjreed ma] Are there any object/relational mapping tools available for
79022 [jason jasona] ...
79053 [sera fhwang.] Lafcadio's my baby, but we should also mention Vapor, which is at
79056 [tom infoethe] As long as everyone categorizes their projects, it'll be full o' good

^ ruby-serialport or Win32Serial
79016 [robertm spel] Does anyone have a native windows compiled version of either of these

^ FXRuby and OLE container ?
79018 [jhauss gfi.f] ...
+ 79026 [lyle knology] I only know of one FXRuby user who is trying to do some FXRuby and OLE
+ 82358 [lyle knology] I only know of one FXRuby user who is trying to do some FXRuby and OLE



^ patch to ruby-fcgi-0.8.3
79043 [B.Candler po] This patch just removes the '$defout is obslete' [sic] warning from the fcgi

^ ruby-dev summary 21134-21191
79047 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 79049 [pbrannan atd] What does http-access2 have that net/http does not?  Could soap4r be
| + 79076 [nahi keynaut] Thread safe.  At least I hope.  And simple implementation that is
| + 79080 [sdate everes] ...
+ 79077 [dblack super] Would this also be captured in the numerically indexed submatches?
  + 79083 [dolio po.cwr] Apologies if this gets posted twice. I posted it to some random news server
  + 79085 [dolio po.cwr] re = /((?@<paths>(\/\w+)+\/)(?@<filenames>\w+),?)+/
  + 82360 [dolio po.cwr] re = /((?@<paths>(\/\w+)+\/)(?@<filenames>\w+),?)+/
    79137 [dblack super] No, one will do it, though the results come back in a somewhat
    79161 [djd15 po.cwr] re = /((?@<numbers>\d+)|(?@<words>\w+)\s?)+/
    79164 [dblack super] I can't think of one -- but I can think of a solution I like a lot

^ _id2ref bug?
79050 [rpav users.s] While debugging some caching code, I've come across a segfault related

^ gtk2 : window inside an other window ?
79057 [newsgroup bo] I want (with gtk2) have a window inside an other window.
79061 [rvb rvb.dynd] ...
79067 [newsgroup bo] humm  how i can make tabulation with gtk2 ? :D
79069 [rvb rvb.dynd] the widget is called GtkNotebook, i hope that helps.

^ Ruby-slides;
79058 [armin xss.de] Some time ago I asked what we should focus on

^ Relocatable install patch?
79059 [brett_willia] So instead of trying to make a patch myself I saw in the archive Mike Wyer's

^ Ruby & Windows-world; IDEs
79060 [armin xss.de] one of the things that seems to be more important
+ 79062 [djberge qwes] RDE is decent, except that it has been known to spew unusual errors.  But,
| 79102 [wsdng online] I've tried the plugin although some time ago someone in this group
+ 79065 [info mjais.d] If I remeber correclty debugging works, at least on Linux, but I think it
| 79068 [armin xss.de] Thank you!
| + 79070 [curt hibbs.c] The debugger only works under Linux at the moment. There were some threading problems under Windows that prevented the debugger from working on Windows. Its possible that these problems have been fixed in 1.8.0, its probably time for us to revisit this debugger problem.
| + 79090 [info mjais.d] I have the same problem. never used the degubber. but when I click on the
|   79091 [armin xss.de] Thank Markus,
|   + 79095 [martindemell] ...
|   | 79096 [gedb01 yahoo] I've noticed a Ruby Eclipse plugin on sourcefourge.
|   | 79097 [dsafari para] I have used the RDT and quite like it. Seeing as I already use eclipse for
|   + 79098 [dan tastapod] As a Java programmer and something of a Ruby Nuby, there are two things
|   | + 79100 [mccallister ] As a Java during the day, Ruby at night, programmer... IDEA and Eclipse
|   | | 79113 [curt hibbs.c] The goal of the FreeRIDE project is to bring this compatibility to Ruby.
|   | + 79155 [sean cSePlso] Our little office here is behind a Linksys router/DSL modem and we share
|   + 79108 [wsdng online] It's not only Java people who like powerful IDEs. I guess Smalltalkers
|   | 79112 [hal9000 hype] stuff, I
|   | 79153 [armin xss.de] I remember the days .. TP v3 was dammed fast.
|   + 79127 [dcarrera mat] I'm sure an IDE is helpful.  That's why I'd like to see them in Linux.
+ 79086 [oadartse yah] RDE is IMHO a very good Ruby IDE, it does what I want with no fuzz,
+ 79111 [tksano m3.kc] I definitely recommend RDE if you're looking for an IDE on Windows.
  79123 [armin xss.de] Thanks a lot for the speedy answers.
  79124 [tksano m3.kc] Yes, but you need to download DLL for ruby 1.8 in addition to
  + 79132 [chr_news gmx] I really like, use (and can recomment) RDE aloooot but I can't get
  + 82364 [chr_news gmx] I really like, use (and can recomment) RDE aloooot but I can't get
    79135 [sdate everes] ...
    79191 [chr_news gmx] Thanks
    79214 [sdate everes] ...
    79245 [chr_news gmx] I used the source fro readline from  http://jarp.jin.gr.jp  (it has