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^ WIN32OLE question
77356 [andrew_queis] I'm using WIN32OLE with the Matrox ActiveMIL image processing library.

^ C library binding memory leak problem LONG
77357 [whitton atla] ...
77386 [nobu.nokada ] It is very difficult to predict when GC runs, and whether a

^ Rule of Thumb for the Day....
77358 [john.carter ] If you ever find yourself.....

^ Hm... nice, Euclid is a one-liner
77359 [denshimeiru-] ...
+ 77366 [tom infoethe] Yours,
| 77456 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
| 77461 [ben thingmag] How about Ruby On Three or Fewer Lines?  (better acronym)
| + 77474 [0bz63fz3m1qt] ROFL :-)
| + 77480 [surrender_it] I still believe RubyHaiku is the best , just replace syllables with
|   77551 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
|   77557 [denshimeiru-] OK, now define what a syllable is. A token (including |, ; and others)? A
+ 77426 [austin halos] a, b = b, a % b while b.nonzero?

^ Warnings in 1.8.0 preview5 OpenSSL
77362 [news-1059529] sswa/bin/ssltest:7: warning: instance variable @cert_store not initialized
77395 [gotoyuzo not] It's fixed. Thank you.

^ ruby-doc.org and RubyConf/EuRuKo/OSCON slides
77363 [surrender_it] why many slides are not listed on the ruby-doc websiste links page?
77393 [jbritt ruby-] That's a darn good question. I will make a point to add links.

^ Ruby => Rite, AST => Bytecode?
77368 [austin halos] Matz and fellow Rubyists,
+ 77373 [aredridel nb] ...
+ 77444 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  77447 [pate eylerfa] pragprog-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  will get you on the list that

^ OT: Random Number Story (Was: Generating random numbers?)
77375 [jweirich one] This reminds me of a off-topic story involving srand().  Unfortunately

^ What's with -F in 1.8?
77381 [androflux so] /usr/src/ruby-1.6.8$ ./ruby -v
77394 [matz ruby-la] It's a bug.  Thank you for finding it before 1.8.0 final.

^ AW: Ruby could be wildly more popular if it had ...
77406 [Meinrad.Rech] jeah, no semicolons, no semaphores, no unnecessary complicated code ... this is a special form of freedom.

^ Bignum multiplication
77408 [harryo qiqso] I was just reading about Python 2.3 and they talked about how they've changed their arbitrary-precision integer multiplication to use the Karatsuba multiplication algorithm.
77411 [matz ruby-la] It uses plain multiplication (as humans do).  I once tried to
+ 77413 [nobu.nokada ] I've just tested Ikegami's implementation announced at
| + 77414 [harryo zip.c] Fantastic!  I'm definitely keen to have a play with that. I've been writing
| | 77418 [nobu.nokada ] Hmmm.  It's not found.
| + 77420 [bob.news gmx] Does this mean we have increasing likelyhood that the Kamasutra algorithm
| | + 77421 [nobu.nokada ] # Hmmmm, anybody implements it with me? :)
| | + 77451 [matz ruby-la] It's too late, I'm afraid.  IIRC, Ikegami mentioned some problems left
| | + 77465 [flori nixe.p] Yeah, Ruby Kamasutra sounds like fun...
| |   77467 [brandon dval] Everything's an object.
| |   77493 [flori nixe.p] LOL! Everything is a sex object.
| + 77470 [feldt ce.cha] I would recommend basing future Ruby's Bignum on LibTomMath
+ 77415 [harryo zip.c] Me, too :-).  I enjoy mathematics a lot, but am not good enough at it to
+ 77433 [sdmitry lrn.] He is Russian, Anatolii Alexeevich Karatsuba
  77446 [gfb tonesoft] The last name looks more like Ukrainian, however we was born and lives in
  77535 [sdmitry lrn.] Ukrainian, Russian, no differnce for me :)

^ irb backspacing
77417 [steve emerge] Is it just my irb installation (on OSX) that doesn't support backspace?
77430 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
77448 [gfb tonesoft] Did you try to use backspace at the shell command prompt (what shell, btw)?
+ 77468 [roberto REMO] I know but I assumed the original poster wanted the full thing with
+ 77695 [steve osdir.] I was using tcsh and checked others, bash, zsh backspace -is working-

^ How to unit test CGI methods?
77424 [david loudth] I've added a number of methods to the CGI class that I'd like to unit
77432 [B.Candler po] Have a look at the source of ruby-fcgi from RAA (lib/fcgi.rb, class FCGI).

^ ☆スピードキャッシング
77429 [suguyuushi y] ☆お急ぎでしたら☆

^ Clean installation of new Ruby versions
77434 [gsinclair so] /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/date.rb:278: warning: Object#type is deprecated; use Object#class
77437 [B.Candler po] rm -rf /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8 /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8

^ collect_by
77452 [martindemell] ...
+ 77464 [flori nixe.p] I am sure this method was reinvented several times until now, but named
+ 77472 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Great idea.
  77478 [dblack super] What you're seeing is a result of the fact that fetching a default
  + 77479 [brett_willia] h = Hash.new { |hash,key| hash[key] = [] }
  + 77486 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Oh.. I luckily forgot about this.  Still it won't work..
    + 77490 [dblack super] Like I said, that's just a side issue :-)  You're still doing the same
    + 77491 [B.Candler po] 1. h[foo] returns a new empty array

^ Re: ruby 1.8.0 preview5--no problems on OS X
77453 [donglai MIT.] Compiled and ran on OS X (10.2) without a hitch.

77454 [james_b neur] I ran across a thread on iwethey.org, where Jim Weirich wondered about
+ 77460 [jim freeze.o] Sounds like a bunch of moo foo goo to me.
| 77481 [james_b neur] Why?
| 77559 [jim freeze.o] It was a joke. MOO FOO GOO.
+ 77482 [mwilson13 co] The OO languages I'm familiar with all seem to put the focus on the
  + 77489 [james_b neur] True, perhaps, but there are many times people know they want to do
  | 77497 [mwilson13 co] I see your point. I do think it's usually easier to learn objects first
  + 77501 [jweirich one] Not always.  The OO extensions in Ada make a method call look like a

^ We could all be wildly more popular if we had ...
77471 [ruby-talk wh] Moustaches and goatees.
+ 77473 [madsen sjove] Oh. :( Now you offended me and my goatee.
+ 77515 [martindemell] ...

^ Announce: #ruby.dk
77475 [madsen sjove] Sorry to bother all you non-danish folks, but...
77477 [0bz63fz3m1qt] There exists already a danish mailing list, you are very welcome to join
77476 [harry minign] Thanks, but live chat can be good too : )
77483 [0bz63fz3m1qt] OK, I try avoid chatting.. but thats just me.
+ 77487 [harry minign] Well, certainly it is : )
+ 77494 [dave pragpro] And if any of you are in Aarhus, Andy and I will be there for JAOO.
  77502 [madsen sjove] At the risc of sounding stupid...
  77508 [dave pragpro] www.jaoo.dk
  77553 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I wish myself a teleporter for christmas.
  77561 [david loudth] Spending EUR 50 and three hours on a train shouldn't be of much

^ some local issues with ruby 1.8.0 preview 4 and 5
77485 [gjin cisco.c] I have been building preview 4 to add new functions to libpcap-ruby for
77488 [nobu.nokada ] ld searches libdb.la (or .dylib?).

^ BUG: error when using array last in a command for a Button in Tk (Ruby 1.8-pre5)
77492 [reklambrevla] first usenet-post ever, lets se if I can get it right.
77498 [nagai ai.kyu] It's already fixed on CVS. Thank you for your report.

^ Ruby 1.8 Preview 5 on OS X Panther...(SUCCESS)
77496 [rich infoeth] On the very latest release of OS X Panther (7B21), Ruby 1.8 Preview 5

^ Segfault with map operation on 1.8p5
77500 [djberg96 yah] The following snippet is a silly thing to do, but I
77504 [ko1 namikila] ...
77506 [usa osb.att.] Hmmm, this?
77511 [matz ruby-la] Thank you guys for finding and fixing a bug.
77579 [m.rokos sh.c] while reading the discussion about segfault in Array#map comes to my
77646 [matz ruby-la] line 261 will not be a problem.  It's in the "initialize" so that the
77665 [djberg96 yah] - >look at line 261,

^ delay release of 1.8.0 (was: Re: What's with -F in 1.8?)
77509 [ian caliban.] This is liable to be a controversial comment, but I'm beginning to think
77510 [matz ruby-la] If you mean '-F' by "broken command line", it has been stayed there
+ 77512 [harryo qiqso] Are there Windows binary versions of the 1.8.0 previews?
| 77513 [matz ruby-la] See <http://www.dm4lab.to/~usa/ruby/index_en.html>.  There's compiled
| + 77514 [harryo qiqso] Thanks.  After I sent that mail, I realised that I installed VC++ a while back, so I'm building from source right now.
| + 77541 [buggs-ruby s] If you like i add the whole site to the mirror.
+ 77560 [ged FaerieMU] If you have anything specific that you need tested, let me know. I'm

^ wanted: official mirrors for 1.8.0
77516 [matz ruby-la] Numerous downloads of recent previews have eaten up my company's
+ 77517 [hal9000 hype] I'll host one if you wish.
| + 77518 [matz ruby-la] Thank you.  I will talk to you later.
| | + 77543 [buggs-ruby s] Yes, i would be pleased to.
| | + 77564 [tuanbui cray] I can offer a server to mirror on.
| | | 77566 [mwilson13 co] I can mirror also (up to 700 MB per day).
| | + 77576 [ruby-talk wh] Sure.  I can mirror on a few machines.
| |   77580 [B.Candler po] Nobody answered the question that I think Gavin raised - there is already a
| |   77609 [mailinglists] I would suggest a simple script that randomize the order of the links,
| |   77610 [kdresner cs.] Another option would be to do a bittorrent, but I don't know how popular
| |   77613 [ben thingmag] I don't think it would help much considering how small Ruby's distribution is
| + 77547 [armin xss.de] Me, too.
+ 77521 [seth cql.com] I can mirror.
+ 77522 [gsinclair so] Is the list of mirrors at http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/20020102.html not
| 77524 [B.Candler po] I never got that far down the page - when you stick a great big link at the
+ 77527 [4mschulz inf] Put it on Sourceforge or Savanah?
+ 77529 [roberto REMO] I have several machines on which I could do it.  How much disk space does it
| 77582 [matz ruby-la] Not much.  Only 1.8M.
| 77614 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
+ 77530 [madsen sjove] I'm sorry that I can't offer to host a mirror, but all I've got is my
+ 77538 [chadfowler c] We can put one on the rubygarden.org/rubycentral.org server.  Just let
+ 77548 [rich infoeth] We can place it on RubyForge as well.
+ 77558 [jbritt ruby-] I can put it on ruby-doc.org
+ 77655 [ruby-talk gr] I've changed the Gentoo Linux ruby ebuilds to use the mirror list in

^ Aliasing and Inheritance
77523 [bob.news gmx] apparently aliased methods are not inherited.  Why is that so?
77525 [B.Candler po] class B < A
77534 [bob.news gmx] "Brian Candler" <B.Candler@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ base64.rb - wrap in a module?
77526 [djberg96 yah] Should the base64.rb code be wrapped in its own module

^ ruby 1.8.0 preview6
77528 [matz ruby-la] We are almost there.
+ 77556 [aredridel nb] ...
+ 77570 [ian caliban.] Thanks, Matz.
+ 77572 [brett_willia] Has anyone been testing these on HP-UX?  The last time I did was a CVS
| 77789 [kero chello.] I got preview4(?) compiled and submitted a small fix for digest/sha2
+ 77675 [doug.hendric] does not contain a return statement. (missingreturn)
+ 77678 [phasis bclin] ...
  77679 [usa osb.att.] I've just fixed on CVS.

77533 [sanimene net] ...

^ What's new in 1.8.0?
77537 [david loudth] I've been searching high and low for a prioritized presentation of what
77583 [matz ruby-la] The doc/NEWS file describes changes, not yet complete, but becoming
77587 [david loudth] Ahhh, very well, then. I was initially dissuaded by the "This file is
77640 [matz ruby-la] That's because "incomplete"ness.  I'm updating it by 1.8.0 final.

^ Outlook
77542 [bmisty yahoo] we could all use some extra money at the end of the week!

^ When ruby paragraphs are auto filled accidentally
77544 [fritz.heinri] maybe there is a code snippet somewhere at the home of a programmer and

^ Feature request: stable sort
77549 [B.Candler po] I've just been poking around and I see that ruby's sort is implemented by
77555 [nobu.nokada ] It's a well known trade-off.  Fast sorts are unstable or need
77581 [B.Candler po] Yes, new methods would be fine. Perhaps if you use mergesort it should just
+ 77603 [markjreed ma] That sounds good.
+ 77607 [michael_s_ca] If I recall correctly, I think if the input is sorted exactly wrong (ie it's
  78709 [thealmightyd] Correct.  Also, in cases where the list is "almost sorted" in one
  78711 [hal9000 hype] to
  78732 [B.Candler po] It's what I did to work around my original problem, but it's a pain having

^ RubyGarden Wiki search speed
77550 [chad chadfow] For those interested, I took a look at why the search on RubyGarden's wiki is so slow.  It looks like the search opens each file and does a regex match, so with the almost 1200 Wiki nodes we now have, it's not a big surprise that it would be slow.  I'll try to take a stab at a faster search this weekend if time permits, though it's written in Perl so I might get demotivated pretty quickly. :)
77552 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Great.. I used to use the search much on rubygarden. I hope it will become

^ [ANN] CrossCase-0.02
77554 [ged FaerieMU] I've just released version 0.02 of the CrossCase module which fixes a

^ Info about St.Pitersburg
77565 [sphinx st-os] ...

^ Ruby haiku (senryu?)
77571 [martindemell] ...
77684 [bob.news gmx] "Martin DeMello" <martindemello@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
77712 [martindemell] ...

^ Re: ruby 1.8.0 preview6 (what to test?)
77575 [ben thingmag] * the build process
77700 [matz ruby-la] * whether it compiles or not on any platforms (especially "rare"
77702 [chadfowler c] As I read this test, I can't help but wish we had a little more focus on
77740 [matz ruby-la] I promised Dave Thomas that rubicon or nearly equivalent test suites
77744 [dave pragpro] Which has a nice side-effect - we can remove all the version checking in
77767 [chadfowler c] This is great news, Matz (and a nice observation, Dave).  There has been

^ [FWD from comp.lang.ruby] Re: BUG in tk (preview 6)?
77577 [decoux moulo] This message apparently don't go in the mailing-list. I forward it with
+ 77651 [matz ruby-la] Wow, I was surprised a basic bug like this survives that long.
+ 77654 [nobu.nokada ] Not only in it, but also in NODE_[FV]?CALL.
  77663 [matz ruby-la] I made my own fix, but yours seems better.  Could you commit the fix?

^ Is there anyboby from Quest Software out there?
77585 [gfb tonesoft] ...

^ Karatsuba multiplication
77586 [dcarrera mat] So, what was the result of the recent thread on Karatsuba multiplication?
77619 [harryo zip.c] The final story, as I understand it, is that a chap named Ikegami has written

^ [ANN] RubyMirror on RubyForge
77588 [rich infoeth] RubyMirror is a RubyForge project which will hold Ruby source
77589 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, isn't that also the name of the
77600 [rich infoeth] Do you think it will confuse people?
77602 [hal9000 hype] I don't know... is this more of a project or
77727 [tom infoethe] I searched the RAA for rubymirror, mirror, Ruby/Mirror, etc, and came up

^ Spam at ruby-talk
77590 [dcarrera mat] I don't know who runs the ruby-talk mailing list.  I've noticed that
77595 [dave pragpro] My guess would be that the other lists are not open to anyone; in my
+ 77599 [dcarrera mat] AFAIK they are not any less open than ruby-talk.  In particular at the
| 77605 [seth cql.com] I've recently switched from spamassassin to spambayes with much improved results.
| 77621 [dcarrera mat] Thanks I'll keep that in mind.  I'm using spamassassin because that's what
| + 77629 [brandon dval] Bayesian and other probabilistic classifiers require training and would
| | + 77631 [dcarrera mat] I wasn't suggesting that we use Bayes in ruby-talk, just an upgrade of SA.
| | | 77634 [seth cql.com] You are correct about what I was suggesting.
| | + 77681 [maillist bes] The SA bayes filter dosnt need to be trained manually. SA simply trains
| + 77633 [seth cql.com] I found the bayes filter in spamassassin to be largely ineffective.  But I certainly have no objection to combinations.
+ 77606 [michael_s_ca] Out of the hundreds of mails daily through ruby-talk, I get *maybe*
  + 77622 [dcarrera mat] Yeah.  I didn't say it was a two-digit number.  I just said that the spam
  + 77704 [B.Candler po] I don't do any spam filtering, but I read ruby-talk through a separate

^ Changing ==,>,<, etc
77592 [elbows spamc] The latest Perl exegesis
+ 77596 [mwilson13 co] What you want can be done with the any? method for arrays.
| + 77598 [dcarrera mat] But the syntax "1 < any(1,2,3)" is very readable.
| | 77601 [hal9000 hype] I've always favored an "in" operator as in Pascal
| + 77608 [martindemell] ...
| | + 77611 [mwilson13 co] It's a block passed to an iterator -- and not a loop ;-)
| | + 82278 [qrczak knm.o] But there is no symmetry. Does it mean that there exists something in "a"
| |   82282 [martindemell] ...
| |   82374 [qrczak knm.o] I disagree. It's essential which is outer and which is inner unless
| |   82423 [martindemell] ...
| + 77713 [wsdng online] What I like at this container based solution is that you can oversee
+ 77597 [dcarrera mat] 1) Create a Disjunction#<=> and mixin Enumerable so that you can write
  77648 [elbows spamc] That seems to work for Numeric types, but it doesn't help with other
  77649 [dcarrera mat] How is your Disjunction class implemented?  Does it understand Strings?
  77734 [elbows spamc] At the moment, Disjunction doesn't know anything about its contents --