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^ Deep copy
76563 [jim freeze.o] I find that when I need to do a deep copy that I
76568 [0bz63fz3m1qt] How about this ?
+ 76572 [jim freeze.o] Looks good. Has there been any discussion on this?
+ 76573 [androflux so] <quoting from http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?ObjectDeepClone>
  + 76575 [bob.news gmx] "Jason Creighton" <androflux@softhome.net.remove.to.reply> schrieb im
  | + 76577 [jim freeze.o] If I read the reports correctly, "Molly" the clone
  | | 76636 [bob.news gmx] "Jim Freeze" <jim@freeze.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | + 76649 [B.Candler po] Next it will be Jim.freeze :=>
  |   76656 [bob.news gmx] "Brian Candler" <B.Candler@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  |   + 76662 [martindemell] But does comp.lang.ruby support postconditions?
  |   + 76670 [jim freeze.o] I'll have you know that the #freeze method is copyrighted by
  |     76672 [bob.news gmx] "Jim Freeze" <jim@freeze.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 76576 [jim freeze.o] That's nice, but it is not in 1.8....yet.
  | 76582 [androflux so] I was just pointing out that the method listed at
  + 76674 [gsinclair so] Just keep in mind that not everything can be marshalled.  If

^ CygWin, Win98, & 1.8.0 (sourceforge)
76585 [charleshixsn] In order to get the files to make I had to kill off nearly all processes

^ Ruby Aim Module
76590 [jubishop vt.] I have written a little module/library which allows one to create bots for Aol
+ 76606 [kdresner cs.] Just asking to see if anyone else has any idea how to get rid of all the
+ 76764 [maillist bes] I couldnt run LifeInArt... got the following errors..

^ gsub(/\s*$/, "") doubling string
76591 [prubel bbn.c] I recently downloaded ruby 1.8.0 p3, (2003-06-23) [i686-linux], and
+ 76607 [kdresner cs.] I don't know what the problem is, but you should probably be using
+ 76658 [decoux moulo] Can you try this
  76677 [matz ruby-la] Thank you for the fix, Guy. And thank you for finding a bug, Paul.
  76679 [prubel bbn.c] Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful language.

^ [OT] Re: matz thoughts on Rite ?
76601 [batsman.geo ] Is there any kind of suffix in Japanese to indicate "first implementer"? ;-))
76603 [matz ruby-la] No, but I would call him "son-shi" (guru).

^ Resources for installation problems
76612 [vampire tiam] I am looking for resources on the web to help troubleshoot problems with the installation of OCI8 for Ruby

^ NSjoho-֥˥塼кѡ
76615 [ns_002 28.38] ԡFutaba-tei.Co

^ Should String#strip take a parameter?
76619 [wkb airmail.] All,
+ 76622 [matz ruby-la] We need to define the behavior first.  Python 2.3's strip takes a
| + 76654 [martindemell] That's unintuitive, IMO. I think if strip takes a parameter, it should
| | 76660 [bkhl privat.] Couldn't you just support both. That is, the argument could be either a
| | 76664 [martindemell] My argument was that if the parameter is regexp oriented, it makes more
| + 76659 [xrfang hotma] arg = " " * 100
| | + 76661 [eban os.rim.] "return value\000".unpack("A*")[0]
| | | 76669 [xrfang hotma] This would be no better than "return value\000  ".strip[0..-2] :)
| | + 76744 [matz ruby-la] Maybe good.  I'd like to hear from others.
| | | + 76746 [usa osb.att.] I think it's good.
| | | + 77068 [dooby d10.ka] #####  Relates to CVS only  #####
| | |   77071 [matz ruby-la] or
| | |   + 77078 [dooby d10.ka] Sorry, my English and my typing went out-of-sync :<}}
| | |   + 77167 [wkb airmail.] matz,
| | + 76760 [dooby d10.ka] The only reason for thinking #strip might be relevant
| |   76766 [bob.news gmx] "daz" <dooby@d10.karoo.co.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 76699 [wkb airmail.] All,
+ 76644 [bob.news gmx] "Warren Brown" <wkb@airmail.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ =?GB2312?B?Ulc6u9i4tA==?=    7:27:8:619
76620 [web2 66183.c] This is a multi-part message in MIME format

^ [ANN] RubyForge.org
76625 [rich infoeth] All,
+ 76626 [dcarrera mat] That's really cool!
| 76627 [rich infoeth] We could add links to important Ruby sites (ruby-lang, RubyGarden, RAA
| 76632 [maillist bes] If you want people to use rubyforge, then I think you should really
| 76633 [rich infoeth] I agree.  I will contact the RAA team and see what we can do.
+ 76634 [gsinclair so] Wow, what a pleasant surprise!  And to think I was going to create a
| + 76635 [rich infoeth] Is it written in Ruby ;-)
| | + 76642 [gsinclair so] Hmmmm.  Actually... no.
| | | 76643 [rich infoeth] I was just kidding.  Just add yourself as RubyForge user and then
| | + 76650 [curt hibbs.c] Congratulations on getting this set up! I know a of a couple candidates for
| + 76639 [hal9000 hype] I think this is a great idea, Rich!
|   + 76683 [rasputin ido] Yeah, but that's a double-edged sword, - this way I might be able
|   | 76685 [djberge qwes] First code snippet!
|   | 76688 [rich infoeth] and a very nice snippet indeed!
|   + 76741 [steve osdir.] First post.
+ 76663 [bolzer infor] This is over-mega-hyper-cool ! If I find time, I will migrate my project
| 76831 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Subversion is really nice.. agree...  nice2have feature :-)
| 76837 [rich infoeth] It will... :-)
| 76840 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Just great!!
| + 76844 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Berlios also has a 'Screenshots' tab.
| | 76851 [rich infoeth] We are definitely going for a wiki per project.
| + 76871 [tom infoethe] Glad to hear it!  Thanks much for your patience as we continue to shake
+ 76665 [msparshatt y] This is very exciting news.
| + 76668 [gsinclair so] I'll add that the site documentation, which a new user is encouaged to
| | 76671 [jweirich one] I've noticed that the snippet library doesn't contain an entry for
| | 76678 [rich infoeth] OK, OK...major oversight :-)
| + 76676 [rich infoeth] Please submit these types of suggestions/comments to the
+ 76667 [laurent data] This is an excellent news!  I hope RubyForge won't be as commercial as
+ 76807 [0bz63fz3m1qt] *  embed ruby into c/c++
  76820 [djberge qwes] very nice.
  76821 [steve osdir.] None actually.  8^)

^ Ruby interpreters for different platforms
76630 [kdresner cs.] Okay guys, this is a bit of a stretch, but...
+ 76638 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, what is the platform itself like? What
| 76646 [kdresner cs.] The operating system is technically called "Aperios", which is a Sony
| 76648 [hal9000 hype] Simply grab the latest Ruby source and
+ 76750 [maillist bes] Why not use ruby to generate the C++ code and/or write a simple parser
+ 76992 [comp.lang.ru] _ If it's possible to write a perl wrapper for API, it should be

^ A new Version of Enumerable#inject (was Re: chaining comparisons)
76640 [bob.news gmx] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Case Checks
76641 [bob.news gmx] class Check
76651 [martindemell] def check(*args, &block)
76652 [bob.news gmx] "Martin DeMello" <martindemello@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ callcc and insomnia
76647 [dolio po.cwr] This summer I've been delving a lot more into various programming
76731 [pit capitain] 1) push more input values into the coroutine and
76742 [dolio po.cwr] I guess it depends on how you prefer things.
76763 [dooby d10.ka] I wondered if you might benefit from a trace

^ new ruby book coming about game programming
76666 [mjais web.de] yesterday I found this.

^ "theory vs practice" ceases power
76681 [xah xahlee.o] Dear functional programing comrades,
+ 76682 [peter semant] Seems to have spammed most of comp.lang.*
| 76687 [martindemell] That's because they're a bunch of imperative running-dogs!
+ 76686 [denshimeiru-] Hm... Ruby is a functional programming language? OK, you CAN do functional
  76759 [trebla vex.n] Larry Wall made those claims in public speeches.  See for example

^ Ruby 1.8.0-9 Problem
76689 [kevinethridg] Shouldn't there be a warning or error message when try to concatenate a number in this manner?
76691 [decoux moulo] svg% ri String#<<

^ Bug report: ruby-1.8.0p3 fails to compile under FreeBSD-4.7
76693 [B.Candler po] gcc -fPIC -g -O2 -DDB_DBM_HSEARCH -DDBM_HDR="<db.h>" -I. -I/u/home/telinco/build/ruby/ruby-1.8.0 -I/u/home/telinco/build/ruby/ruby-1.8.0 -I/u/home/telinco/build/ruby/ruby-1.8.0/ext/dbm -DHAVE_DB_H -DHAVE_SYS_CDEFS_H -DHAVE___DB_NDBM_OPEN -DHAVE___DB_NDBM_CLEARERR -c dbm.c
+ 76707 [B.Candler po] Another (possible) problem with ruby-1.8.0p3
| 76748 [nobu.nokada ] There should be libruby-static.a at /usr/local/lib.
| 76777 [B.Candler po] Ah, there it is. But this now seems inconsistent. If you're going to put the
| 76890 [nobu.nokada ] Maybe, /usr/local/include/ruby-1.8?  Or, as you mentioned,
| 76943 [B.Candler po] But same applies to /usr/local/lib/libruby-static.a
| 76956 [nobu.nokada ] A difference is, header name is not easily changeable, but
+ 76762 [nobu.nokada ] Does this patch work?
  76778 [B.Candler po] thanks.
  76791 [matz ruby-la] "to_hash" is a method used by implicit conversion, like "to_str".

^ [Windows] Problem with require'ing *.rbw file
76694 [sdmitry lrn.] One of guys in russian ruby-ml, have a problem with 1.8.
76749 [nobu.nokada ] Expected behavior.
76774 [sdmitry lrn.] Thanx, didn't know that, now i do :)

^ mod_ruby under windows
76695 [carl youngbl] When looking for windows installation instructions for mod_ruby, all I
+ 76696 [ng johnwlong] I think it's possible to run it on windows under cygwin so you might try
+ 76702 [mailinglists] if you use Windows 2000, then i can offer you a pre alpha release of
| 76739 [carl youngbl] from any existing
+ 76745 [xlucid users] I agree.  Has anyone got a binary of mod_ruby compiled for use under

^ String substitution without RegEx
76697 [usenet andre] I wanted to do a simple string substitution, and was surprised to see
+ 76698 [decoux moulo] Well Regexp#escape don't do what you want ?
| + 76700 [Ephaeton gmx] It might help him, but I can understand how he feels.. everytime I write
| + 76701 [usenet andre] I would still need a function to remove backreferences from the
|   76703 [decoux moulo] Perhaps with Regexp#escape
|   76705 [wjl icecaver] And then, so you don't have to type that all every time, just make it a
+ 76706 [mike ratdog.] You can use Regexp.escape rather than write one yourself.
+ 76708 [dave pragpro] There's a subliminate message here...
| 76719 [usenet andre] class String
| 76724 [usenet andre] Hmmm... any idea how I can stop this from getting an infinite loop?
+ 76765 [bob.news gmx] "Andreas Schwarz" <usenet@andreas-s.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 76782 [usenet andre] irb(main):001:0> "foo.bar".gsub '.', "*"
| + 76790 [botp delmont] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-05-26) [i386-mswin32]
| + 76811 [bob.news gmx] "Andreas Schwarz" <usenet@andreas-s.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   76816 [usenet andre] ruby 1.6.8
|   76822 [wjl icecaver] One of the super smart people on this list already posted a much simpler
|   76823 [decoux moulo] You don't do the same : he want to use #gsub not #sub
|   76829 [usenet andre] 1) use regex_escape() for the string that should be replaced, and
|   + 76836 [wkb airmail.] Andreas,
|   + 76891 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 76767 [bob.news gmx] "Andreas Schwarz" <usenet@andreas-s.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Embedding ruby - name clashes
76704 [B.Candler po] Something to consider when embedding ruby: ruby.h defines some short names

^ RegExp outermost ()
76715 [chrismo clab] This may be a case where RegExp ain't the way to go, but I want to scan
+ 76716 [ben thingmag] What?? You're trying to make Lisp readable??
+ 76718 [denshimeiru-] Impossible. REs can't do that, ask computer science people.
| 76721 [kdresner cs.] Yes, but RE can't match a^iba^i either, but Ruby REs can.
| 76722 [michael_s_ca] Ruby's RE's aren't R though.  Neither are perls.
| 76723 [kdresner cs.] My point exactly.
+ 76727 [wkb airmail.] Chris,
| 76795 [chrismo clab] Thx - that's more or less what I ended up doing.
+ 76733 [alex pressur] No, for the reasons previous posters have pointed out. You might be
+ 76838 [kapheine hyp] I think the easiest way to do this is with a stack. You push when you

^ SMTP Date format?
76725 [ben thingmag] Hey all,
+ 76740 [akr m17n.org] time.rb which is bundled since 1.6.7 has Time#rfc2822.
+ 76802 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
  76818 [ben thingmag] But now that I found the time library which does the formatting I'm set.
  + 76819 [schugt cip.p] On my system (at home) the only reliable method would be asking the
  | 76849 [B.Candler po] But Unix machines, although they "run" on UTC, can be configured with a
  | 76917 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
  | 76919 [Trevor.Jenki] I don't believe in BST so there's no surprise that all my systems here, in
  | 76942 [B.Candler po] Well, each to his own. If you're parsing crappy log files that don't store
  + 76882 [androflux so] ~$ ri Time

^ Apology for duplicate
76728 [renZYX hotma] An error message made me beleive that the message wasn't posted, so of

^ Load resource relative to required file?
76730 [walter mwsew] I looked in the faq and I couldn't find my answer or a searchable
79505 [austin halos] This is a multipart message in MIME format

^ Ruby Spam Corpus
76732 [dcarrera mat] 90% of my spam comes from ruby-talk.
+ 76800 [michael_s_ca] Wow.  I get almost 0 through here...
| 76835 [dcarrera mat] Well, I get very little spam from other sources.  So actually yeah, 90% of
+ 76839 [xlucid users] I have a corpus of about 750 spams (HGH viagra, get rich quick, etc)
+ 77040 [rz linux-m68] tried it and settled on bogofilter now. SpamAssassin needed much
  77043 [michael_s_ca] Try also POPfile if you're using POP to get your mail.  Works with an

^ Ruby mention in IBM devworks article
76735 [ptkwt shell1] It's about using Open Source in technical environments like aerospace simulations.

^ jeg vil indlges pet psykiatrisk hospital i hus
76736 [spam deck.dk] ...
76737 [spam deck.dk] oops.. wrong recipient ;)
76738 [dcarrera mat] That's okay.  It was an interesting read.

^ New RDoc template, and a question
76751 [dave pragpro] Michael Granger has produced a wonderful new RDoc template, which looks
+ 76752 [hal9000 hype] FWIW, it works fine in Konqueror 3.0.5 in
| 76755 [vjoel PATH.B] I agree.
+ 76753 [harryo qiqso] I really like it!  I must say, I find the colour scheme a little difficult to read, and my poor old eyes need a slightly larger font, particularly for the source code listings.  I'm sure that's all configurable via CSS, though.
| 76754 [harryo qiqso] Whoops!  I was looking at a class (Exception) whose methods didn't have [Source] tags.
+ 76756 [ben thingmag] Wow.  Purdy.
+ 76758 [martindemell] Very nice! I'd like to see this be the default, especially since its being
+ 76761 [mwilson13 co] I agree that it looks great -- except that the source code is to tiny
+ 76770 [xlucid users] It depends if you're publishing only for desktop machines, or for
| + 76775 [B.Candler po] If it works in lynx, it should work in anything. In lynx, I see the source
| | 76776 [rasputin ido] Ditto in elinks.
| + 76854 [ged FaerieMU] The generated HTML should look fine in less-featureful browsers, too,
+ 76779 [jj5412 earth] FWIW, I'm using IE 5.1.7 on Mac OS 9.2.2. When the Source link is clicked,
+ 76780 [frankm bayar] Hm.  I'm using Opera 6.11 on Linux, and superclass and filename links at
+ 76781 [jweirich one] Looks great, although I will agree with those that say the source (&
| 76787 [cyclists nc.] Speaking as another pair of aging eyes I have to say "Me, too." Something
| 76824 [aredridel nb] Make sure the font sizes are not specified absolutely, for sure -- no
| 76825 [chrismo clab] A good resource for understanding the scope of this problem is Owen
| 76826 [aredridel nb] The best solution is not to care: suggest a readable size, and let
+ 76789 [sdmitry lrn.] It's plain super, where can i get one? :-)
+ 76792 [nathaniel NO] The hard thing when looking at something like this is that one has no
+ 76797 [chrismo clab] My glass-is-half-empty $0.02 :-)
+ 76808 [aredridel nb] Considering I use w3m for browsing docs while coding, yes, support old
| 76862 [ged FaerieMU] Have you tried looking at it in w3m? It looks good to me.
| + 76874 [dave pragpro] My motivation for keeping it all inline was to make installation of
| + 76920 [aredridel nb] 'tis decent.  [Source] link should not show, though.
|   76945 [ged FaerieMU] Any suggestions on how to do that? I don't know of a CSS selector
+ 76810 [james_b neur] The behavior is fine in IE 6 and Mozilla 1.3.1.
| 76827 [kdresner cs.] I would have to agree with the people that say the source is hard to
+ 76860 [ged FaerieMU] The consensus seems to be that the <pre> font is too small, some people
| + 76867 [mwilson13 co] This site has a checker to show how a site's color scheme is perceived
| | 76868 [james_b neur] Now, see, some of us actually like that combo.
| + 76880 [dave pragpro] I have to admit, I was surprised yesterday when I went looking for that
| + 76921 [aredridel nb] I think secondary colors on white is pretty nice.
+ 76875 [surrender_it] looks cool !
  76881 [dave pragpro] rdoc -T kilmer ...
  76883 [rich infoeth] Yeah, but I like Michael's template MUCH better than mine, although I do