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^ Other languages' features in Ruby
76148 [ben thingmag] Hrm, well I'm a Ruby/Java/C/C++/Python/Perl/Lisp/Javascript/PHP...
+ 76154 [jj5412 earth] Test First Design?
| 76160 [ben thingmag] with
| + 76163 [jj5412 earth] In defense of TFD, this isn't really a plausible comparison. A more likely
| + 76164 [ryan dlugosz] Granted, but a good unit test wouldn't be testing much more than a small
| + 76165 [B.Candler po] $ ruby -w -e 'puts "hello" if @myvar == 3'
|   + 76167 [markjreed ma] BG = Ben Giddings
|   | 76172 [B.Candler po] But since this 'compilation' is done every time you start a script, I don't
|   | 76186 [austin halos] Not chomp! -- AFAICT, the only place that ? and ! are allowed are on method
|   | 76188 [B.Candler po] Oh yes, thanks for pointing that out. But I think the point stands: it is
|   + 76174 [martindemell] It seems to me that that could be done at any point, without 'breaking'
|     + 76177 [michael_s_ca] Processes calling ruby scripts as subprocesses and scraping their output
|     | + 76178 [hal9000 hype] As
|     | | 76183 [michael_s_ca] <nod>  It was a guess.
|     | + 76179 [ben thingmag] So how about this: pick a letter of the alphabet that isn't used on the
|     + 76187 [pbrannan atd] [pbrannan@zaphod borg]$ ruby -w `which irb`
+ 76170 [ptkwt shell1] Unit testing.
  76200 [vjoel PATH.B] Would the filter operate on strings or parse trees?

^ Complete list of Ruby devs, periods of activity (RE: Ruby Developers)
76168 [ruby-talk wh] The ChangeLog shows that 126 developers have contributed to Ruby's source
+ 76175 [0bz63fz3m1qt] [snip rubyists]
+ 76192 [maillist bes] Thanks, I was just wondering.

^ readline.dll missing? win32 1.8.0-pre3
76180 [chrismo clab] Started messing around with 1.8.0-preview3. Both the debugger and irb

^ File::makedirs stack err, win32 1.8.0-pre3
76182 [chrismo clab] Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]

^ Test::Unit no tests specified
76191 [chrismo clab] I browsed the previous thread about this topic -- I'm in favor of
+ 76195 [B.Candler po] Another option would be to use inheritence via a module mixin rather than a
+ 76201 [nathaniel ta] I agree this is somewhat aggravating... at this point the best I can suggest
  + 76203 [gfb tonesoft] me
  | 76204 [nathaniel ta] True, but I don't think that's a good definition of empty test. As Brian
  + 76205 [chrismo clab] Another option is to override #default_test in your superclass with a
  + 76236 [jweirich one] I've done this with great success.  When I worked Dave's Kata 2 (binary

^ sysvipc
76194 [ ted php.net] Anyone know where I can get a copy of sysvipc?  It's listed in RAA but the
76197 [B.Candler po] Google is your friend. Go to http://www.google.com/

^ OO Design question for Net::HTTP caching extension
76196 [aredridel nb] I'm in the process of writing an HTTP-1.1 extension to Net::HTTP.  At
76199 [B.Candler po] One architectural suggestion: rather than extending/overriding Net::HTTP,
+ 76210 [aredridel nb] I'm intending to make the cache itself a separate object.
| 76224 [B.Candler po] It doesn't really make sense to me. When I call Net::HTTP#get, I am asking a
| 76273 [aredridel nb] As far as modifying Net::HTTP#get and others to use the cache
+ 76221 [aredridel nb] On second thought, integrating as tightly as I'd like with Net::HTTP,
  76305 [rz linux-m68] actually I found it quite irritating that proxy isn intergated
  + 76315 [aredridel nb] Well, for one, there are environments where environment variables are
  + 76328 [aamine lover] OK, I'll implement it in 1.8.

76198 [med33 go.com] Dear Friend,

^ Togl widget, where to install it?
76202 [mmirra liber] I downloaded and built the ToGL tk widget for OpenGL from togl.sf.net.
76215 [nagai ai.kyu] Probably, ToGL library is not loaded to Tk interpreter.
76228 [mmirra liber] Almost there.
76231 [nagai ai.kyu] Well, your togl.so library is not on Tcl/Tk's auto_path, is it?
76307 [mmirra liber] I didn't know about TkPackage.add_path, thanks, that did the trick!
76321 [nagai ai.kyu] FYI, you can access the auto_path list by Tk:AUTO_PATH.

^ callbacks in ruby and using yield in resursion
76206 [webmaster st] How do I pass a ruby function as an argument to another ruby function so
+ 76207 [vjoel PATH.B] def run(parent, level, &block)
| 76211 [maillist bes] It works! Thanks very much. One thing I don't get...  what exactly is
| + 76213 [vjoel PATH.B] The & is the only special part, you can call the variable anything.
| + 76214 [austin halos] No, it's just another variable. The only thing special here is the '&' and
+ 76225 [B.Candler po] b.method(:a) converts the method 'a' of object 'b' into a Method object,
+ 76242 [bob.news gmx] "Paul" <webmaster@startlinux.co.nz> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ -------|Ż|------
76212 [webmaster 12] װѣ

^ Ruby Pad (for VoodooPad Mac OS X)
76217 [keith_hodges] ...

^ portable(?) user/group ID control
76218 [nagai ai.kyu] About 2 years ago, there was a small thread of discussion on

^ [ANN] Ruby Pad
76219 [keith_hodges] (who snipped my last email!)

^ httpmail
76226 [cjh_nospam m] I'm trying to use httpmail with Ruby 1.6.8, and get undefined

^ Re: Matt told me about this last weeked tk pq f kw
76237 [zohwfq xmsg.] <html>

^ reliable way of finding Objects Class?
76244 [walter mwsew] is there a reliable way to find the Object's Class.  I know about
+ 76245 [dblack super] $ ruby -ve '1.type'
| + 76250 [B.Candler po] "is_a?" matches superclasses as well - "instance_of?" would be better here I
| + 76251 [walter mwsew] My problem is in a Persistence Framework that I have, and with
|   76271 [billk cts.co] How about maybe aliasing the 'class' method to something
+ 76247 [matz ruby-la] c = Object.instance_method(:class)
| 76252 [walter mwsew] Perfect or not,
+ 76248 [lyle users.s] You are technically correct that someone /could/ override a class'
  76257 [michael_s_ca] I tend to agree.  Too, this is an instance, if you will, of a larger

^ nil_or_empty? on String
76249 [chrismo clab] I just threw down the following -- it smells like I'm over-complicating
+ 76253 [B.Candler po] We can assume that 'false' is also an invalid value for username/ password -
| + 76258 [chrismo clab] I think I will, too. My nose was correct. Thx for the virtual pairing :)
| + 76261 [martindemell] if [user, pswd].any? {|i| i.nil? || i.empty?}
+ 76346 [jweirich one] Just a nit ... shouldn't this ...
+ 76624 [androflux so] if user.to_s.empty? && pswd.to_s.empty?

^ What's the point?
76254 [jim freeze.o] I've known for some time that methods can be defined inside
+ 76255 [B.Candler po] $ cat x.rb
+ 76256 [matz ruby-la] It's for orthogonality's sake.  Don't do it.
+ 76259 [michael_s_ca] I can only remember ever seeing this in Pascal (not that I have a wide
| + 76263 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, I think 'x' has the same visibility as 'fred'.
| | + 76272 [michael_s_ca] Yes, I see now that it does.
| | + 76279 [nathaniel ta] irb(main):001:0> class C
| |   76281 [hal9000 hype] [snippage]
| |   76302 [swap gmx.net] Currently (ruby 1.8.0 (2003-07-17 [i386-mswin32]) your example
| + 76264 [peter semant] Modula 2 had a feature called modules, which you could define within other modules and so on. The language design did not implicitly stop you doing this and being true to the design in a zen like maschocistic kind of way Wirth let the language out of the
+ 76275 [ptkwt shell1] Used to be you couldn't do that; apparently, it's new in 1.8.
| 76282 [B.Candler po] Beware, thar be demons.
| 76285 [chad chadfow] In Ruby, the equivalent code seems to fail, with local variables not being
| 76288 [sean REMOVEM] in
+ 76280 [sean REMOVEM] They're known as "local functions" I think (not sure if that is a universal
  + 76290 [hal9000 hype] universal
  + 76349 [androflux so] I'm confused: Are they supposed to be local? (Ruby-1.8.0-pre3)

^ Patch for rdoc to deal with symbolic links
76260 [jfh cise.ufl] The first will return "link" when rel_file_name is linked to a file,
76265 [dave pragpro] Thanks (I hadn't realized that File.ftype etc use lstat internally)

^ Zen and the art of newsgroup answering
76262 [bob.news gmx] "Yukihiro Matsumoto" <matz@ruby-lang.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
76313 [xlucid users] Or

^ Good & cheap mp3 player,usb flash drive, digital camera,cd player,etc!
76268 [frankhe1978 ] My Dear Customer,

^ Warnings in optparse with 1.8pre3
76269 [jfh cise.ufl] /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/optparse.rb:1001: warning: character class has `]' without escape
76274 [nobu.nokada ] It's old, 1.8 contains newer one.
76287 [jfh cise.ufl] Oops -- got it.

^ Errors with rdtool in 1.8
76270 [jfh cise.ufl] - ruby-1.8.0-pre3

^ instance_eval("class") error/bug???
76276 [walter mwsew] in `instance_eval': (eval):1:in `instance_eval': compile error
+ 76277 [dblack super] It's expected.  Because 'class' is also a keyword, you have to specify
+ 76278 [batsman.geo ] (irb):1: syntax error

^ Can I write to a File object from a C extension?
76289 [Tim.Hunter s] I have a function written in C that wants to write to a FILE *
76294 [ruby-talk wh] Poke around in rubyio.h and you'll find some macros and functions pertinent to

^ ruby at OSCON - from the horses mouth
76297 [pate eylerfa] (from gnat's journal on use.perl.org)

^ Re: New Ruby book
76301 [jack_d_herri] Ruby is used throughout in all of the examples.
+ 76303 [gfb tonesoft] It looks very good, I went through sample chapters and was impressed how
| 76306 [jack_d_herri] Thanks!
| 76308 [harryo zip.c] This looks like it might finally break the Java-only tunnel vision at my
| 76309 [jack_d_herri] I'd love to hear if that works.
| + 76310 [hal9000 hype] Congratulations, Jack!
| | 76311 [jack_d_herri] Thanks, though I would like to save the congratulations until a time
| + 76312 [harryo zip.c] I'll report back ... success or failure.
| | 76316 [jack_d_herri] Ruby has some clear advantages in code generation. It's clean, easy to
| | 76322 [seanba austi] This is something I will certainly check out.  Talk about your
| | 76325 [sdate everes] "Jack Herrington" <jack_d_herrington@pobox.com>
| | 76327 [rich infoeth] I bought my (e)copy...
| | 76339 [jack_d_herri] I certainly hope so. Ruby is an excellent language for teaching applied
| | 76368 [achou tealea] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| | + 76379 [maillist bes] In my python days (prior to ruby) I had had a brief play with bean shell
| | + 76527 [harryo qiqso] That's a fair comment!  All I'd really done was do some reading about
| + 76373 [austin halos] Yay! That means I'll get my copy soon, then. Congratulations, Jack,
|   76380 [jack_d_herri] Thanks for your help!
+ 76314 [ptkwt shell1] Sounds like a good book.  It's also a great way to introduce the

^ Question re: graphics output of CGIs (mime-type issue?)
76317 [hal9000 hype] What's the proper way to deliver a grpahical
+ 76319 [aredridel nb] That's the way to do it, but make sure your code doesn't output
+ 76341 [rasputin ido] Don't some browsers insist on looking at filetype
| 76343 [B.Candler po] What do you mean by "filetype"? Do you mean "extension"? It shouldn't make
| 76345 [rasputin ido] I'm talking about the extension.
+ 76414 [andrew.kulin] image.mime-type -> image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif - depending on image

^ Re: Regular expression: zero-width look-behind?
76318 [nobu.nokada ] You have to wait 1.9 or compile ruby with Oniguruma.

^ Difference in module_eval taking block vs. taking string (1.8 bug?)
76320 [list jimcain] class Klass
76324 [matz ruby-la] It was a bug fixed July 2 2003.
76329 [list jimcain] Thanks. I checked out the latest from CVS, and it works.

^ Marshal efficiency
76323 [gsinclair so] Folks,
76332 [vjoel PATH.B] The simplest solutions I can think of (so you may have already tossed
76510 [drak navel.g] Try using ruby 1.8 and tell us the results!
76523 [gsinclair so] Sorry, didn't I mention already?  Ruby 1.8 works fantastically!  Marshal

^ Re: Marshal efficiency [precompiled 1.8 for cygwin?]
76326 [gsinclair so] Soon after I sent this, I decided to search the mailing list for existing

^ contributing code to ruby
76331 [maillist bes] When contributing code to ruby for an extension, does the code have to
76333 [matz ruby-la] Standard distribution contains some code licensed under GPL or other
76335 [maillist bes] Thanks matz :-) Its really nice of you to take the time to answer our

^ Aliased setter methods behave differently than other methods?
76336 [list jimcain] Here's another question... I am aliasing and redefining certain methods,
+ 76337 [nobu.nokada ] alias_method(('old_hello=').intern, 'hello='.intern)
| 76350 [list jimcain] Of course! Duh. I stared and stared at that one and never saw it from
| + 76351 [B.Candler po] send("old_#{whatever}", arg)
| | 76352 [batsman.geo ] That's a lot of work :-)
| + 76353 [androflux so] Wouldn't self.method_name_here=(arg) do the trick?
| + 76354 [xlucid users] Errmm, not obvious to me (a newbie).  What's the significance of the =
|   76355 [B.Candler po] foo = x
+ 76356 [list jimcain] module_eval <<-EOF
  + 76357 [list jimcain] module_eval <<-EOF
  + 76360 [B.Candler po] irb(main):001:0> class Foo

^ $HOME install
76342 [0bz63fz3m1qt] How do I install a ruby package within my homedir ?
76344 [aamine lover] $ ruby install.rb config --prefix=$HOME
76347 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Thanks for install.rb/setup.rb :-)

^ Usage Message for GetoptLong
76348 [joeygibson e] I've been wanting an easy way to output usage info for my programs that use
+ 76358 [bob.news gmx] That's a nice coincidence - or a proof for the theory of morphogenetic
| 76362 [joeygibson e] Why not just key off of the length of the array? If you get a three element
| + 76363 [joeygibson e] That should have been a 4...
| + 76545 [bob.news gmx] "Joey Gibson" <joeygibson@earthlink.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 76359 [nathaniel NO] Well, you could try using optparse...

^ attr_accessor calls method_added twice for each method in 1.8
76361 [list jimcain] module Mymodule

^ GtkGlArea vanished?
76364 [mmirra liber] I see there is a GtkGlArea referenced by the RAA, but every link to it

^ what happened to Block class?
76365 [dblack super] Just wondering why the Block class was eliminated.  (I missed a
76366 [hal9000 hype] ???
76367 [dblack super] It existed briefly in CVS.  I believe it grew out of the discussions
76369 [nobu.nokada ] It has been merged to Proc again.  Now they are distinguished
76371 [dblack super] Can you elaborate on the reason for doing it that way, instead of a
76375 [nobu.nokada ] According to Matz diary (http://www.rubyist.net/~matz/?date=20030616#p05),
76385 [matz ruby-la] If you want better explanation, ask Dave Thomas.  I explained this

^ Unknown soket error...
76370 [xrfang hotma] does any one ever encountered "Unknow error bind(2)" ? If a port is

^ [SNIPPET] Binary counter
76372 [ptkwt shell1] I needed to test a class which had a certain number of 'binary' inputs (ie. each input
+ 76374 [batsman.geo ] 0000
| + 76377 [B.Candler po] irb(main):003:0> 8.times { |i| puts "%04b" % i }
| | 76382 [ptkwt shell1] You guys are spoiling all my fun with recursive functions ;-)
| | 76407 [B.Candler po] Sorry. Well for a bit more fun, how about writing a Gray code counter? The
| | + 76416 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I found a homepage:  ruby + gray code
| | | + 76417 [B.Candler po] Now you're spoiling his fun again :-)
| | | + 76440 [ptkwt shell1] Very nice, compact algorithm there.
| | |   76456 [B.Candler po] Algorithms which work in a finite time are the best ones, I find.
| | + 76464 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
| + 76378 [markjreed ma] Maybe not, but "%b" % n works nicely.
| + 76381 [ptkwt shell1] Hmmm... that was a lot easier I say sheepishly :)
+ 76376 [martindemell] <g>) - it's up at http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?MultiCounter
+ 76479 [androflux so] fix.to_s( base=10 ) -> aString

^ Re: Competition Site
76383 [john.greenwo] <p>Hi Mark,</p>

^ Default constructor
76386 [spectra debi] class Klass
+ 76387 [dblack super] There was a rejected RCR along these lines (see
+ 76390 [ptkwt shell1] class Klass
+ 76395 [batsman.geo ] This is similar to but not exactly what you want (see below)

^ BeanShell vs. anything else [was Re: New Ruby book]
76388 [frankm bayar] I second that.  We used it at my former job for test scripts, and we all
76393 [maillist bes] jpython integrates really well into java.
76427 [surrender_it] I suppose he's talking about RJNI,
+ 76434 [frankm bayar] That's the one, although I forgot about JRuby and Jython.  (JRuby didn't
| 76471 [joey joeygib] JRuby definitely compiles under 1.4 now. I did it just last night.
+ 76437 [batsman.geo ] I'm still working on it.