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^ OT: Re: Ruby T-Shirt Idea
75670 [tim vegeta.a] Actually, it's rot52, but that's just because I'm working with a

^ [ruby evangelism hint] ruby + DaemonNews ?
75688 [surrender_it] daemon news, a great news site about *BSD publishes a monthly ezine

^ A Ruby XSL stylesheet for DocBook?
75696 [list jimcain] I'm writing documentation for my Oracle library, and I was wondering if
+ 75698 [austin halos] Might it be easier to document the library with rdoc? You can cause it to output to XML.
| 75716 [list jimcain] Perhaps, but I prefer not to clutter my source code with an abundance of
| 75732 [austin halos] Odd. I do consider the source the place for all that text -- I often look at the source code of what I'm using to see how I should be using it. Plus, by having the source and the documentation together (at least for English, in my case), I don't neglect to do the documentation or forget to do it. I just document everything. Sometimes this has also helped me identify when I've made things public when I meant them to be private.
| 75740 [list jimcain] Maybe I'm strange, but I just like having code and doc in separate
| 75751 [batsman.geo ] You can use folding if your editor supports it.
| + 75776 [james_ james] Besides folding, I find it helpful to switch syntax coloring to a scheme
| + 75782 [list jimcain] That is true. I've just never investigated the feature before.
+ 75701 [lyle users.s] I have not come across such a DocBook stylesheet, but would be

^ Matz Photo URL  ?
75697 [rodrigo.berm] I am looking for a Matz photo to add him   into the Linux Magazine who's
75719 [bcline bclin] I have found some photos.
75874 [sdate everes] jpg.html
+ 75888 [ruby-talk wh] My guesses would be..
| + 75895 [batsman.geo ] Now, that's some serious detective work :-)
| + 75916 [matz ruby-la] You've found out the truth.  Impressive.  Now you know why I don't
+ 75917 [dooby d10.ka] (leaves the photos in Japanese)
  + 75923 [B.Candler po] "Left hand inner part oven seat of origin. 256 + times, the ruby conquest
  + 75960 [nobu.nokada ] Note that babelfish mistranslates Matz's name, "origin whom

^ Regular expression contradiction
75708 [gsinclair so] Folks,
+ 75709 [dcarrera mat] I don't know, but I can tell you that it works correctly in 1.8.0.
+ 75718 [wkb airmail.] Gavin,
  75735 [gsinclair so] Thanks a lot for that, Warren.  My furious attempts to build 1.8.0 can

^ RubyCocoa 0.4.0 path [?] Issue
75730 [tendzin.dorj] Any Mac OS X/Ruby users out there?
75750 [hisa imasy.o] a0 = $:.dup
75787 [tendzin.dorj] delsp=yes;
75802 [hisa imasy.o] In the previous mail, I intended to show the hint for your solving

^ [OT] Humans and dictionaries (was Re: My brief and torrid affair with Ruby.)
75744 [mmirra liber] They know that Hamlet and Lear are gay;
75754 [sean REMOVEM] You know, I actually recognized that the emotional charge behind the word
+ 75766 [jj5412 earth] Personally, I prefer viral to Socialist licensing.
+ 75781 [lyle users.s] "Pro-choice licensing" might also be a term that people could really get
| + 75788 [don.womick c] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| | 75792 [lyle users.s] Don, I was just kidding. I know that "pro-choice" is an inflammatory
| | 75798 [john.platte ] It is an extremely inflammatory term.
| | + 75805 [don.womick c] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| | + 75806 [lyle users.s] sigh.
| |   75807 [john.platte ] Lyle,
| + 75795 [sean REMOVEM] word
|   75797 [batsman.geo ] Sure. I have always opted for pro-choice licensing in my software.
+ 75850 [mmirra liber] Oh, feel free of course to call licenses (and friends) in whatever
  75863 [sean REMOVEM] word
  75865 [batsman.geo ] One friend told me once (half joking)

^ Ruby's license
75747 [hal9000 hype] All this talk about the G*L has gotten mw thinking
75749 [matz ruby-la] I didn't name it. But you're free to call it Ruby License as long as
75786 [hal9000 hype] <matz@netlab.jp>.
75789 [jweirich one] LGPL, IIRC.
75809 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  It's based on the one in glibc.

^ rexml warnings
75756 [  rhp dse.nl] Did anyone notice that with the 1.8.0 preview versions rexml starts

^ cgi.rb broken in Ruby 1.8.0 p3
75765 [ gm navel.gr] apparently cgi.rb uses StringIO instead of Tempfile and StringIO.path

^ Getting my IP address
75767 [pmak aaanime] Is there a piece of Ruby code somewhere that will tell me what my IP
75768 [decoux moulo] svg% ruby -rsocket -e 'p IPSocket.getaddress(Socket.gethostname)'
+ 75817 [emschwar pob] That only seems to work for the first IP address.  It's not at all
| 75875 [decoux moulo] You write an extension and you just hope that it work :-)))
| 75902 [djberg96 hot] I tried with sys-host.  I don't think I got it right, though.  Shall I
| + 75905 [B.Candler po] If an interface has aliases, does it appear more than once?
| | 75927 [decoux moulo] It's easy to do when you have solved the problem for IPv6
| + 75926 [decoux moulo] The code snippet mean that actually I've problems.
|   + 75928 [decoux moulo] Well, at least this case is solved
|   + 75933 [decoux moulo] Well, apparently Kame define getifaddrs()
+ 75853 [dooby d10.ka] Ah, that answers my puzzle from a couple of days ago.
  75873 [sdate everes] Yes, I stumbled on it too. One more thing one should be aware of: the single
  75883 [dooby d10.ka] You tried running a sig line ??  Some work, this won't.

^ Ruby & Cyrillic (Russian encodings)
75774 [armin xss.de] I would be thankful if s.b. could
+ 75778 [a.bokovoy sa] Which encoding? :) There are around 27 cyrillic encodings.
| 75780 [armin xss.de] Thank you very much. I see I have to invest a bit of time
+ 75841 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ Ruby talk from LL2
75790 [stefan.arent] There is a nice talk from Matz in the afternoon session. Bit old
75796 [batsman.geo ] AFAIK he introduced the concept of "brain power consumption" (now renamed
75829 [chris m-audi] Less than a year old is a bit old? I'm getting old... :-) Thanks for
75864 [batsman.geo ] I believe matz' "programmer happiness" concept is more general than

^ Rates are predicted to go back up, REFINANCE Today!! hfvw
75793 [326izrhxy lo] <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

^ Slight glitch in instruby
75799 [nathaniel NO] Building 1.8p3 on Windows 2000 using MSVC 6. Everything builds fine, and

^ cross-corr time/array lag problem
75800 [qubert austi] I am starting to find the "Way" now, but I have a problem.
+ 75801 [B.Candler po] Yep... all you have done is evaluate a[j-1], and then discard the results.
+ 75812 [flori nixe.p] b = []
| 75815 [gfb tonesoft] Or just
| 75819 [flori nixe.p] Yes. But I don't do that any more, because I started to use it in Perl's
| 75822 [gfb tonesoft] And you sacrificed this nice Ruby feature for ... what do you call it? Perl?
| + 75824 [flori nixe.p] I have or better had to: I was bribed. Perl is the past and Ruby is the
| + 75840 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
+ 75856 [martindemell] each_index doesn't have an implicit collect, and its return value is the

^ Re: extracting text
75808 [Tim.Hunter s] Here's one answer to your question. Watch out, almost any change to
75820 [djberge qwes] I suspect you'll want to use a parser, instead of regular expressions, to

^ do...end vs. begin..end
75818 [kdresner cs.] I realize what the difference between these two block delimiters is, but
75884 [B.Candler po] do...end  delimits a block, just like { ... }. As far as I know, it can't be
+ 75890 [dooby d10.ka] That's my (less-experienced) understanding, also.
| 75894 [surrender_it] well, that is the same thing...try with
| 75915 [dooby d10.ka] I haven't come from a HLL.  I took the choice to use
| 75936 [surrender_it] damn, you're rigth :)
+ 75925 [gsinclair so] collection.each do |elt|

^ Apologies
75821 [lyle users.s] All,

^ Syntax highlighting pager (Was: Ruby T-Shirt Idea)
75823 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
+ 75879 [pierre_b epi] nix?
| 75910 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
+ 75919 [harryo qiqso] How do you get the ^V into Vim on Windows ... where ^V means "paste" :-( ??
| 75921 [pit capitain] ^Q
| 75943 [harryo zip.c] Thanks!  I'll give that a go when I get back into work (I'm exclusively Linux
+ 75973 [tim vegeta.a] Is that Esperanto?  :)

^ Ruby, the gem of OSCON 2003 (was: OSCON report)
75830 [lyle users.s] The more I hear, the more envious I am of those of you who got to attend
75854 [djberg96 hot] Very good to hear.  I added a bunch of links to his Ruby wiki. :)

^ [ANN] Aeditor 0.6, feedback wanted
75831 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I am curious if Aeditor is working on your machine?
75880 [0bz63fz3m1qt] please_respond! if rubyists.any?
75906 [djberg96 hot] Looks interesting.  Did I miss the documentation somewhere?  I don't
75907 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Sorry at this moment there is zero usage-documentation.
75934 [djberg96 hot] Well, we could be sitting across the table from each other for all I
75941 [0bz63fz3m1qt] a dual-screen setup is ok.. far distance pair-programming is more

^ Linguistics and thought [was Re: OSCON report]
75832 [aredridel nb] I've been thinking about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis as relates to

^ Snippet: debugging (and a question)
75834 [moses blugs.] Greetings.
75861 [batsman.geo ] You can use aspects (AspectR) to add logging to the desired methods.
75946 [moses blugs.] Thank you. AspectR looks like it is definitely worth checking out.

^ [Q]Ruby LISP-ish stuff
75838 [moses blugs.] I was wondering if there are plans to add some of the more useful LISP
75908 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
75945 [moses blugs.] Ah, these are the "car/cdr" or "first/rest" synonyms from Haskell?
75965 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
75968 [ben thingmag] Er, that's anything but the *first* element, right?
75981 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ Ruby on an embedded ARM processor
75846 [ben thingmag] I'm doing embedded linux development, and while a lot of the code I write has
75868 [B.Candler po] Since you're developing in C, presumably you have a cross-compiler? Why not
75901 [ben thingmag] I'll try that, I just wanted to know if anybody had already shown that
75904 [B.Candler po] Hmm, perhaps you might like to install Ruby on your Linux workstation so you
75956 [guslist free] Cramfs - cram a filesystem onto a small ROM
+ 75966 [surrender_it] I suppose there should even be a capabilities-related flag on ext2/3..
+ 76065 [kero chello.] the "familiar" Linux distro (from iPAQ/handhelds.org fame) uses
  76068 [ben thingmag] Yeah, it's JFFS2 I'm using.

^ ruby-mysql library load error
75852 [eric.anderso] I am trying to get the ruby dbi library up and running on my machine.
+ 75869 [B.Candler po] Yes - read 'man ruby' :-)
+ 75881 [eric.anderso] As Brian Candler pointed out, what I posted is not what I meant to
  + 75882 [tendzin.dorj] I'm not certain if this is a case of the blind leading the blind
  | 76105 [eric.anderso] Thanks for trying to help, but I don't think this is the same problem.
  | 76116 [B.Candler po] ruby -r /path/to/the/correct/mysql.so
  | 76330 [eric.anderso] HA!! I figured it out. If you look at one of my previous posts, the
  | 76334 [nobu.nokada ] Try to move create_makefile line to the last.
  + 75885 [B.Candler po] What do "file mysql.so" and "ldd mysql.so" print?
    76106 [eric.anderso] %> file mysql.so

^ 費褥髑鰲碼瘤鞐 闔籥韋.. Opx... . ui73. . .4xo
75855 [jmarin 12-25] PGh0bWw+DQo8aGVhZD4NCjxtZXRhIGh0dHAtZXF1aXY9IkNvbnRlbnQtVHlwZSIgY29udGVu

^ Help Wanted: Ruby Weather Monitoring System
75876 [billy bkbrya] I have started a Ruby based Weather Monitoring System project. Please see

^ extproc_ruby - embed Ruby in Oracle ?
75877 [djberg96 hot] I recently came across a very interesting talk at OSCON that I hadn't
75878 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I think Guy Decoux'es plruby can do something similar.. But its for

^ [OT] Re: OSCON report
75889 [kent zerosph] Ummmmm, no.  What a stupid question.  Sapir and Whorf were publishing

^ More OSCON stuff
75891 [ptkwt shell1] Check out the slides for Michael Granger and David McCorkhill's

^ consistency between debug and run behavior
75892 [rehteshamzad] while trying to debug an app that uses REXML, I found that in debug mode (

^ Parrot and Ruby
75893 [rehteshamzad] I'm very interested in Parrot, especially as it relates to debugging.
+ 75896 [batsman.geo ] Not much activity in the mailing list for the last 6 months (or more),
+ 75897 [surrender_it] more than this.. it seem to me that this is even working, apart from
+ 75898 [ptkwt shell1] Check out the Cardinal project on RAA.  It's sort of on hold right now.

^ Small cosmetic "fix" in hash.c
75899 [mghall enter] I was playing with 'cscope' the other day, and saw unexpected things.

^ Building ruby/tcltk on Mac OSX
75900 [mghall enter] Building the TclTk extension on Max OS X (10.2.3)

^ Ruby9i release 0.2.0 now available
75903 [list jimcain] All,
75992 [sdate everes] I have successfully compiled this version on Windows using VC++ 6.0.

^ abnormal program termination with dynamic data, but not with fixed data
75913 [walter mwsew] I have code that is part of a simple persistent object manager.
76283 [sean REMOVEM] Which line is line 202?
76286 [sean REMOVEM] Actually, what is the entire backtrace?  What line in your code is causing
76291 [walter mwsew] The exception is during the call to sth.execute(*params)

^ Ruby reprogramming my brain [was Re: Linguistics and thought]
75914 [frankm bayar] In reality, I think languages and their speakers influence each other in

^ rblog website?
75920 [gour mail.in] I'm looking to try some Ruby blogging software but it looks like site for
+ 75937 [chadfowler c] I'm not sure where to find rblog, but you could also try RubLog
+ 75938 [austin halos] I use tDiary at my blog (http://www.halostatue.ca/blog/) and would recommend it to anyone. I haven't played with the RSS capabilities that I remember seeing either as a plugin or native, but I will.
+ 75944 [chrismo clab] In addition to the other works mentioned, my wiki (clWiki) has a blogger in

^ [ANN] OpenSSL for Ruby - 0.2.0-pre3
75922 [gotoyuzo not] ossl-0.2.0-pre3 has been released.

^ fund transfer
75932 [willyume zap] Dear Sir,

^ Who uses G. Pierronnet's SerialPort library?
75942 [hal9000 hype] I've hit a problem with this that I don't

^ please reply me urgently!
75947 [jtay hknetma] From Mrs. Jewel Taylor

^ ANN: Reminder - Phoenix eXtreme Programming User Group Meeting - July 14th
75949 [jay.turpin i] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

75950 [tony.smith n] UNSUBSRIBE

^ [ANN] Samizdat 0.0.2, ready for experimental deployment
75951 [d.borodaenko] Greetings!

^ programming a bird -- yes!
75952 [ gv cs.uu.nl] Serious (but possibly less attracting) subject title: Win32ole event loop
+ 75953 [ajm nb.sympa] Interesting... I played with it for a couple of minutes and got it to work
| 75955 [ gv cs.uu.nl] Hence the post :-)
+ 75959 [tsyk yk.rim.] WIN32OLE_EVENT.message_loop   # <== You should insert this!
  75962 [tsyk yk.rim.] I forgot to answer your other question.

^ 未承諾広告※ 出会い100%保証!!
75954 [sfdf1 pknt-m] 普通の女の子からコスプレ、痴漢希望の女の子まで女性会員様多数在籍してます。

75957 [sanimene net] This is a multi-part message in MIME format

^ [Ann] OSSL 0.2.0-pre3
75958 [m.rokos sh.c] new version of 'OpenSSL for Ruby' is avaible!
75961 [matz ruby-la] Can I merge this in the 1.8?  Gotoyuzo, who is working for my company,
76029 [a.bokovoy sa] There is one problem ATM. It works only with OpenSSL 0.9.7*, anything
76125 [gotoyuzo not] If a system depends on 0.9.6, but we can install a package
76128 [a.bokovoy sa] Thank you very much, this is what I need actually.
+ 76142 [m.rokos sh.c] this is the best news in these days!
| 76220 [matz ruby-la] Good to hear that.  We are going to release 1.8.0 before the end of
| 76223 [m.rokos sh.c] Gotou-san could you, please, become the person that will be the chief of
| 76338 [gotoyuzo not] it's all right.
| 76400 [m.rokos sh.c] I've been reading your discussion regarding OSSL2 and OpenSSL0.9.6...
| 76405 [a.bokovoy sa] Thank you, Michal! I can get it tested. I'm working on converting our
+ 76216 [gotoyuzo not] Hmm, isn't it too redundant? We haven't modified OSSL1
  76227 [a.bokovoy sa] Let me reiterate the argument: there are bunch of systems which provide
  76238 [gotoyuzo not] I understand what you say. I agree that the standard
  76240 [a.bokovoy sa] Yes. That's why I'm proposing to put both during merge and make a switch

^ Custom method_missing doesn't trap super call
75963 [Richard_Dale] ruby missing_super.rb
75964 [matz ruby-la] I feel like it's a bad idea in general, but without any particular
75972 [Richard_Dale] Perhaps I should explain more what about I was trying to do - I didn't want
76012 [matz ruby-la] I understand what you want.  But why use method_missing?  If Qt has
+ 76014 [list jimcain] I just had occasion to invent a solution for this in something I was
| 76022 [B.Candler po] << snip code >>
| 76023 [list jimcain] Well crap, wouldn't you know... I guess I need to do some more exploring
| 76034 [Richard_Dale] But thanks - I'll experiment with the delegator suggestions - I think this
| 76035 [B.Candler po] Absolutely. I kind of "discovered" delegation too, and found it gives you a
| 76047 [Richard_Dale] I just tried adding this onto the end of the Example 2 of delegation in
| 76051 [B.Candler po] But you can now forget about class hierarchies, and deal with delegation
| 76052 [B.Candler po] P.S. I forgot the issue about 'super' which had been raised before, but when
+ 76033 [Richard_Dale] The code is based on the PerlQt bindings project which use perl autoloading
  + 76041 [lyle users.s] For the record, SWIG 1.3.20 will provide support for overriding C++
  | 76077 [Richard_Dale] I've just sent you a private mail reply, but I'll post it to the newsgroup
  + 76054 [matz ruby-la] I guess so.
    + 76076 [Richard_Dale] baldhead duke 1103% ruby -v
    + 76094 [Richard_Dale] I've just tried 1.6.8, a more recent stable version of 1.6.8 and 1.8 preview
    | 76099 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, I don't have any powerpc machine at hand.  Let me see though.
    | 76101 [matz ruby-la] After a short investigation, it found out to be a bug.  It's fixed in
    | 76131 [Richard_Dale] Brilliant! I'll switch to that version. Thanks for the help.
    + 76096 [guslist free] It doesn't work for me, with ruby 1.6.8 on Linux/i386 (Mandrake) and
      76115 [B.Candler po] FWIW, I get the same results in 1.6.8 under FreeBSD on i386, so I don't