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^ Ruby RAA
7484 [joe vpop.net] I want to be in on developing a Ruby CPAN (making RAA better).  I have
+ 7485 [ben_tilly ho] Key non-obvious concepts I think either were key to the
| 7489 [joe vpop.net] Thanks for the excellent input Ben!
+ 7492 [Dave Pragmat] I wouldn't call it an effort, but there has been some discussion off
+ 7502 [matz zetabit] I obtained the domain name rubyist.org for the community site.
  7506 [chadfowler y] How shall we start?  I'll help.
  + 7520 [ben_tilly ho] You are welcome.  One point I think that cannot be made
  | 7528 [m.s.licholai] I second the idea that Debian is an outstanding model to follow for a packaging
  | 7529 [Dave Pragmat] Could someone post a short summary of what makes Debian good?
  | + 7532 [m.s.licholai] Here are what I feel the Debian packaging system can do rather well (from
  | | + 7533 [Dave Pragmat] Thanks for the list. Any have anything to add?
  | | + 7535 [matt msg.ucs] I once heard that Debian's system is similar to the packages system in
  | | + 7576 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This is something I detest.  When I have setup my system to have
  | |   7579 [ben_tilly ho] This is exactly what Perl does.  Perl's system has a standard
  | |   7583 [Dave Pragmat] I've added this discussion to
  | |   7584 [ben_tilly ho] Oops, I said I would say more on the wiki because I planned
  | |   7596 [schneik us.i] #
  | |   7645 [sent quality] Dave Thomas <Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com>
  | |   7647 [Dave Pragmat] Don't get me wrong here. RWiki is a very sophisticated Wiki, probably
  | |   7651 [nahi keynaut] It's from a not_familier_to_the_wiki_way's poiint of view.
  | |   7655 [Dave Pragmat] That's a fine idea: I added it. You can now link to an article with
  | + 7536 [dsafari para] They have this awesome program called "apt-get" (apt stands for Advanced
  + 7538 [matz zetabit] We have to set up channel of communication first.
    7541 [Dave Pragmat] I started taking notes on
    + 7542 [schneik us.i] #
    | 7543 [Dave Pragmat] Or, because it'd be nice if the burden on contributors was minimal,
    | 7545 [hal9000 hype] In general, anything that can be done automatically, should be. Notable
    | 7546 [schneik us.i] #
    | 7573 [steve deaf.o] It's great seeing some of the items on my IDE wish list coming to life! This
    + 7560 [gotoken math] Great!
      7575 [Dave Pragmat] To be honest: I had for other UseModWikis set up already: creating a
      7580 [nahi keynaut] At first, I must thank to gotoken-san for citing RWiki.

^ Missing USENET comp.lang.ruby newsgroup posts, etc.
7490 [schneiker ju] You can see the relayed message's data at
+ 7500 [steve deaf.o] It's always been a problem with News. There's no verification mechanism
+ 7512 [nosuzuki e-m] Sure! It's my presure. But I don't know the rule to make a link to
  7550 [schneik us.i] Norio Suzuki writes,

^ Wiki for collecting development ideas
7495 [Dave Pragmat] Folks.

^ GTK+ on Windows
7497 [RichardASchu] I haven't used GTK+ myself, but I am concerned by comments
7552 [schneik us.i] Richard Schulman writes,
+ 7562 [jens irs-net] A windows-user might not like GTK+'s standard dialogs (File Open, Save, ...).
+ 7577 [claird starb] Thanks, Conrad, for your invitation--and thank you

^ Ruby port
7501 [dblack candl] I find it amusing and gratifying that there is a drink
7539 [schneik us.i] # I find it amusing and gratifying that there is a drink
7540 [dblack candl] Yes, I was thinking there should be a Ruby book in that "You Don't
7558 [rread datari] There is a tourist attraction somewhere in the southern US called Ruby

^ Which book?
7514 [js adept.co.] I see on amazon.com that Matz's book will appear in January.  The
7561 [matz zetabit] Buy "Programming Ruby" if you need to choose one.  Although I'm
7571 [progress asi] Yum!!, This sounds like just the book I need. I hope you also have section
+ 7585 [matz zetabit] anything about XP, and I am still not an XP expert, so unless heavy
+ 7587 [hgs dmu.ac.u] so I hope that helps.

^ Popping up secondary Tk windows
7516 [harryo zipwo] I've written a simple Tk-based GUI using Ruby and, so far, I've been
+ 7517 [m_arc world.] use strict;
| 7527 [sent quality] I can't copy/paste at the moment (don't ask), but
+ 7530 [donal ugglan] <harryo@zipworld.com.au> writes
| 7551 [sent quality] Since perl's DialogBox actually uses TopLevel,
+ 7566 [jsk ind.af.s] This is an example in Tcl of you can create a transient modal dialog

^ Very Off Topic.  I dunno where to post this.
7522 [wy2lam stude] I hesitated for a while, but considering the number of Japanese audience here,

^ DialogBox not supported by Ruby/Tk ??
7525 [harryo zipwo] Thanks to Marc Dashevsky, I now have a simple example of how to create
7544 [schneik us.i] # Thanks to Marc Dashevsky, I now have a simple example of how to create
7548 [sent quality] My Perl/Tk book implied that DialogBox is a
7603 [harryo zipwo] A couple of people on the Tcl newsgroup pointed me to TopLevel, which

^ mod_ruby
7534 [Jeremy cowga] Greetings!
+ 7556 [phasis chann] and
+ 7667 [shugo ruby-l] mod_ruby is compatible with NPH-CGI, and does not output the HTTP

^ adding methods on the fly (was Re: Smalltalk and Python)
7563 [aleaxit yaho] [Note: we've already been kindly asked to stop posting

^ parse.y (version "2000-12-18")
7570 [decoux moulo] mrhs_basic      : args ',' arg
7586 [matz zetabit] You are absolutely right (unlike me ;-).  Thank you.
7588 [matju cam.or] Is this a bug? Why would this be unimportant? What effect does it have on
+ 7590 [decoux moulo] No,
+ 7608 [matz zetabit] This is a bug.  The difference are whether Ruby gives a error on the

^ Poor man's Ruby packaging of single script files
7581 [feldt ce.cha] I've used a simple technique for packing up single scripts to

^ New to Ruby
7582 [takaoueda my] I have just started learning Ruby with the book of Thomas and Hunt. The
+ 7638 [sent quality] This is redundant. attr_accessor creates both
+ 7643 [Dave Pragmat] Congratulations. That's a bug in that code. I compiles cleanly as it
  7739 [takaoueda my] Thank you Thomas. Now I am at page 39.  If I revise
  + 7741 [takaoueda my] It seems I was misguided by the description in page 40.
  + 7744 [Dave Pragmat] A SongList is a list of Songs, rather than a list of strings, so the
    7925 [takaoueda my] That was my original understanding, but the description in the next
    7928 [Dave Pragmat] No, I think it's because you have a blank line in your data, so the
    8061 [takaoueda my] should have checked the values of name for each iteration.  But I must
    8063 [Dave Pragmat] The idea is that you create a partial song by specifying a start and
    8146 [takaoueda my] Thanks a lot! That's clear and simple.
    + 8149 [Dave Pragmat] It's simply waiting for the next line from the ftp server. This never
    | 8283 [takaoueda my] Than you!  I tried the time service not via telnet but simply
    | 8285 [Dave Pragmat] You don't need oracle: any user will do. The program simply uses the
    | + 8290 [gotoken math] Here is an example.
    | + 8373 [takaoueda my] The fact looks like this.  The program failed on its way because of my
    |   + 8376 [Dave Pragmat] Any reason to use the low-level, rather than TCP or UDP sockets?
    |   + 8378 [Dave Pragmat] You have to construct a sockaddr_in. See Stevens Unix Network
    |     + 8423 [takaoueda my] I have not read Stevens's book, but I learned how to construct
    |     | 8427 [Dave Pragmat] But why not use classes TCPSocket and UDPSocket for this?
    |     | 8459 [takaoueda my] I am sorry for being low-minded, but by "to what extent" I mean "to what
    |     + 8424 [decoux moulo] require 'socket'
    |       8460 [takaoueda my] That's great!  That's really the simplest client-server network programs
    + 8150 [gotoken math] Because the ftp server waits next command.  The example assumes
      8274 [takaoueda my] Thank you! I understand.

^ for modifier?
7591 [hal9000 hype] Sorry, I don't have The Book handy...
+ 7595 [crippel prim] My under standing is that  ``for i in 1..4 do ...'' is short(long) hand for ``
| 7639 [sent quality] According to my reading, there is no for modifier
+ 7646 [matz zetabit] `for' modifier makes iteration variables appear AFTER the body of the
+ 7678 [decoux moulo] Sometimes you can have surprise with an unless :-)

^ Circular mixin's
7592 [crippel prim] it seems that Ruby allows circular mixin's. I guess this

^ Question about #append_features
7593 [crippel prim] This snippet is from singleton.rb ...
7594 [Dave Pragmat] It's described briefly at

^ timeout question
7597 [ptkwt user2.] I need to be able to timeout of an operation that has hung (typically,
7598 [Dave Pragmat] You'll need to catch TimeoutError

^ Any corrections for Programming Ruby
7604 [Dave Pragmat] We just heard that there's going to be a second printing of
+ 7609 [schneik us.i] Dave Thomas writes,
| + 7611 [Dave Pragmat] I'll mail you some sticky-backed plastic and some Sharpies ;-)
| | 7653 [joey joeygib] Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com says...
| | 7682 [elderburn mi] Kenny Rogers..."Rubeeeeeee, don't take your love to town!" :-)
| + 7616 [dblack candl] Refactoring?  I thought it was hacking :-)
|   7640 [sent quality] Dave Thomas <Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com>
|   7648 [sent quality] Dave Thomas <Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com>
+ 7692 [toshirok yb3] I found another one.
  7697 [Dave Pragmat] Many thanks: I've made the change.

^ net/http,smtp,pop 1.2 pre 1
7607 [aamine dp.u-] net/http,smtp,pop version 1.2 pre1 is released.

^ Adding text to a canvas on the fly
7613 [harryo zipwo] I have a canvas displayed and would like to add some text to it on the
+ 7618 [schneik us.i] Harry Ohlsen writes,
| 7625 [harryo zipwo] Yes.  The problem is, of course, that apart from grep-ing for things
| 7629 [schneik us.i] Harry Ohlsen writes,
| 7635 [harryo zipwo] Nope.  I didn't realise that existed.  I'll obviously give it a go,
| 7637 [sent quality] Back to my O'Reilly Perl/Tk book. Apparently a
+ 7634 [harryo zipwo] I finally sussed it!  Here's the code I ended up with ...

^ GUIs
7615 [jweirich one] And I agree that this is important.  No matter which GUI is picked for

^ rb_ary_replace
7619 [dblack candl] I'm trying to get access to rb_ary_replace, which I see defined and
7622 [yashi yashi.] that's because it's a static function defined in array.c, about line
7623 [dblack candl] Yes, I see -- I can get at Array#replace that way -- which is good to

^ Ruby/FOX
7626 [schneik us.i] In case a Ruby/FOX is forthcoming, here is some early build feedback.
7695 [ljohnson res] Conrad,

^ wxWindows (was: A Java Developer's Wish List for Ruby)
7641 [sent quality] You are correct that wx is built on top of GTK+.

^ Re: GUIs for Rubies, and FLTK
7642 [sent quality] We've been actively discussing Tk, GTK, FOX, and
+ 7671 [gnhurst hurs] I would like to repost what I posted in ruby-talk 1710
+ 7690 [c.hintze gmx] please let me swap your both paragraphs in my answer first answering

^ ARGV not working under Windows (2000)
7656 [wys helbling] under W2K the ARGV array does not include the command parameters (same
7658 [aleksi.nieme] $ ruby -v
7669 [wys helbling] ...hmmm.
7670 [wys helbling] SORRY me,

^ how to timeout as system call?
7659 [ptkwt user2.] I need to be able to kill system commands which have run too long.  I
+ 7665 [aleksi.nieme] I might not be helping you here at all, but I'll note this anyway. I had to
+ 7666 [tetsu jpn.hp] exec('du /')
+ 7779 [tonys mysple] a 'timeout' comment like expect has would be a nice addtion to ruby...

^ Ruby and OO programming
7668 [kristoff.bon] Greetings,
+ 7672 [gnhurst hurs] There are lots of books, and I'm sure some other people here
+ 7677 [john netsys.] Here is a off the beaten track suggestion.
| 7696 [kthodla my-d] Don't be put off by the size. Get Bertrand Meyer's Object Oriented
| 7727 [hal9000 hype] I'll second that recommendation. This is a truly classic work.
+ 7824 [jcusickc hom] Object Technology - A Managers Guide
  + 7841 [sent quality] There's one book I have at work that I might
  + 7850 [vram indiain] Check out www.cetus-links.org - it's a *big* site for everything OO.

^ String as IO and/or File object?
7673 [feldt ce.cha] Is there a simple way to access a string as an IO and/or File object? If
7732 [sent quality] I'll take a stab at this. My background is in
7743 [green FreeBS] For what it's worth, I'd like to have the reverse of this -- an IO as a
+ 7747 [matz zetabit] Almost of output operations are via 'write' method, so that any object
+ 7776 [decoux moulo] It's not better to have String.mmap("path", "mode") ?
  7837 [matz zetabit] Probably.  It will be proved by the implementation.
  7842 [green FreeBS] It wouldn't be String.mmap() because that's not how the real mmap() works.
  + 7843 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat b.rb
  | 7844 [decoux moulo] Just to give you an example, I've just modified
  | 7862 [decoux moulo] You can make it work, but this need modification in ruby (mainly string.c)
  | 7863 [decoux moulo] I think that you don't need to modify RSTRUCT
  + 7882 [matju cam.or] Implement an MMap segment as a distinct object class. It should have the

^ Ruby as 1st lang.; Newbie mail-list, rubywin question; %w question
7674 [schneiker ju] These questions are from a Ruby Newbie that didn't want to post them
+ 7675 [decoux moulo] %w (and other %[Qqwxr]) work with {}, [], <>, () and any characters for
| 7680 [aleksi.nieme] My little sister is going to learn a little during xmas. Her first
| 7683 [dblack candl] This always raises the question: what would be the use of newbies
+ 7681 [dblack candl] This always raises the question: what would be the use of newbies

^ %w question
7676 [yashi yashi.] see p202 "General Delimited Input"

^ More methods for NilClass
7684 [jimm eris.io] I like lazy instantiation: I define a variable and make it nil, and don't
+ 7685 [yashi yashi.] seems you already know everything I know, so there isn't much to add.
+ 7698 [crippel prim] Ruby would certainly gain in elegance if the NilClass would provide some of

^ moving ruby executables
7699 [maurice.szmu] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
7700 [decoux moulo] Have you tried with RUBYLIB ?
7752 [maurice.szmu] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
7753 [decoux moulo] Here an example with a version compiled with --prefix=/tmp/r162
7754 [maurice.szmu] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

^ (Maybe) a correction for Programming Ruby
7702 [crippel prim] Actually the description in the library reference does not make since to me.
7703 [Dave Pragmat] Because you never called the _real_ append features, so the method was
7707 [crippel prim] The whole point was to over write this default behavior  ... . The Library
7708 [crippel prim] Okay,
+ 7709 [crippel prim] I am Mor.. - what I meant to say was. The library reference describes the
+ 7710 [Dave Pragmat] Thanks for your help. You're right, the description was wrong. It now
  7715 [crippel prim] I think this is fine except that Matz seems to have implemented ``instance
  7718 [Dave Pragmat] I don't believe that modules have instance variables. Instead,
  7719 [crippel prim] My own example

^ Code sample for improvement
7705 [steve deaf.o] During an idle chat with someone on IRC, they presented some fairly
+ 7711 [steve deaf.o] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
| 7712 [aleksi.nieme] Welcome to #ruby-lang (at least on IRCNET). There's almost always someone
| 7716 [grady scam.x] How about using a default plural construction, and factoring out the
| 7722 [dblack candl] def tfactor(time)
+ 7717 [dfan harmoni] I don't think closures and coroutines are going to be all that helpful
| 7740 [phasis chann] Here's my optimized version
+ 7750 [gnhurst hurs] <snip code>
| 7751 [dblack candl] True... but the lump in the carpet has to end up somewhere.  One could
| 7755 [gnhurst hurs] Ok. But that is limited to the algorithm.
| + 7758 [steve deaf.o] Help yourself! The original code suuuucked! :)
| + 7760 [dblack candl] Actually the seconds-per-thing figures in Steve W.'s original table, I
+ 7770 [gotoken math] Can I send joke?  :-)

^ Interest from the Mac community
7706 [Dave Pragmat] Several of this received the following as private e-mail. David gave

^ "1_000".to_i == 1 bug?
7714 [aleksi.nieme] Actually I'm not sure if this is bug, as it could be also a designed
+ 7720 [hal9000 hype] [snip patch]
| 7729 [schneik us.i] Hal Fulton writes,
+ 7735 [matz zetabit] It's OK, buf why should we restrict '_' in non base 10 strings, where
  7736 [aleksi.nieme] Suits me. I actually almost commented out that exception, but then I thought