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^ fork and Tk problem
73238 [rz linux-m68] X-MIME-Autoconverted: from 8bit to quoted-printable by funfun.nagaokaut.ac.jp id h5BFw7w31466
73320 [nagai ai.kyu] Yes. A Tk interpreter can NOT be shared by two processes.
73515 [rz linux-m68] this is the obvious part.
73536 [nagai ai.kyu] Yes. Current tk.rb create a Tk interpreter object automatically.
73861 [rz linux-m68] sure.

^ [ANN] html-table 0.0.1
73239 [djberge qwes] I'm happy to announce the release of html-table, a Ruby interface for
73250 [ahoward fsl.] i did something similar a while back - it was one of my first ruby libs so

^ PHP and Ruby Together?
73249 [khamilton ex] I just installed Ruby on Apache due to some functionality I

^ Re: HTML-table
73252 [djberge qwes] Sounds interesting.  I guess I would need to know more about
73268 [austin halos] Everything. (Sorry.) I have to render the table distinctly and it's

^ amrita question
73253 [ oct zoy.org] <a id='main_elt'><img id='thumb_pic'><div class='title' id='title'
+ 73257 [ahoward fsl.] what's the purpose of the div?  is it supposed to be the text you want for the
| 73258 [ oct zoy.org] Yes, this is exactly what i'm looking for.
+ 73261 [ahoward fsl.] /tmp > cat amrita.rb
  73262 [ oct zoy.org] It's exactly what i was looking for, thank you !

^ Is there any description of main changes in 1.8 over 1.6.x / 1.7.x ?
73254 [itsme213 hot] google post insists "the body of your message must contain some text", so here it is
+ 73286 [vjoel PATH.B] I have a file called features-ruby18.txt that has what you want. I
+ 73289 [surrender_it] I asked this question and they pointed me to
+ 73291 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Simon Strandgaard
+ 73299 [androflux re] Look at the documentation for "shim" on the RAA: It's a Ruby implementation of
  73317 [maik.schmidt] Hmmm, that's definitely not the first time that this question was asked
  73323 [bob.news gmx] "Maik Schmidt" <maik.schmidt@passo.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Embedding in Borland C++ Builder
73256 [sean REMOVEM] I want to try embedding Ruby into a new Borland C++ Builder application, and
73326 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Don't start out with .DLL's..  DLL's may couse trouble.
73371 [sean REMOVEM] and

^ Multiple Initialize methods?
73260 [nick.robinso] something = Object.new
+ 73263 [ahoward fsl.] ruby does not support method overloading - you may only a single method
+ 73265 [andrew walro] You can't overload initialize like that in ruby.
| 73911 [staypufd aus] Nick,
| 73913 [batsman.geo ] They are not type-less there are dynamically typed.
| 73933 [staypufd aus] On 6/19/2003 3:46 AM, in article
| 73938 [batsman.geo ] Sorry for being so nit-picking.
| 73939 [michael_s_ca] Not to nit-pick here, but in perl aren't "1" and 1 the same type
| + 73942 [batsman.geo ] Don't know much about Perl, but isn't "scalar" a context (the other
| | 73959 [michael_s_ca] You might be right; I never thought of it in that way.
| + 73963 [mike ratdog.] The context is provided from the program text and affects what gets
+ 73266 [jj5412 earth] Set the parameters to some default value that will let you know if they were
| 73315 [B.Candler po] I think you mean  ==
+ 73271 [austin halos] Ruby isn't C++; there is no overloading in that way. What you want
| 73274 [mwilson13 co] It occurs to me that a standard way to do something like this in Ruby
+ 73297 [androflux re] class Something
| 73308 [nick.robinso] Thanks for the replies.  I appreciate Ruby isnt C++, or C# or Delphi, or ...
| 73309 [dave pragpro] I haven't followed this thread, but has anyone suggested construction
| 73313 [mwilson13 co] I thought I had suggested something like this in my earlier message
| 73314 [batsman.geo ] There's already for instance File.new and File.open.
+ 73325 [bob.news gmx] see http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyFromCpp

^ [ANN] FXRuby-1.0.24 Now Available
73278 [lyle knology] All,

^ Ruby as a .dll file or perhaps as a COM object?
73279 [sean REMOVEM] Does Ruby come in .dll form, or as a COM object?  I want to embed Ruby into
73281 [surrender_it] I often read about

^ Problem with FCGI adapter?
73280 [childNOSPAM ] (first read) idle timeout (30 sec)

^ Ruby advantages over Perl
73283 [childNOSPAM ] I am going to write an article to a software magazine titled "Ruby as an
+ 73284 [rodrigo.berm] 2 more..
+ 73285 [dcarrera mat] Does anyone know where the Ruby mailing list is archived?
| + 73287 [rodrigo.berm] Does anyone know where the Ruby mailing list is archived?
| + 73316 [B.Candler po] Regards,
| + 73329 [armin xss.de] try group-search on google
+ 73288 [sean REMOVEM] Exception handling.
+ 73290 [jj5412 earth] on 6/11/03 7:16 PM, Marek Janukowicz at childNOSPAM@t17.ds.pwr.wroc.pl
+ 73293 [ahoward fsl.] - comp.lang.ruby
+ 73294 [rasputin shr] and OOP is *easy to use* - much more so than C++ and Java - certainly
+ 73296 [ptkwt shell1] 1) Built-in types like Array seem to have more methods that work on them
| + 73300 [michael_s_ca] $hash{1.0} = "foo";
| | 73310 [batsman.geo ] That because Perl mixes strings and numbers, isn't it?
| | 73347 [michael_s_ca] Yes, given that perl's OO is wonky.  The object reference is
| + 73303 [spoon dellah] There's no operator overloading of this sort, no. Of course,
|   73311 [ptkwt shell1] I didn't mean to imply it was impossible in Perl, but it's much easier and
+ 73302 [androflux re] If I were you, I would not stress individual advantages, because somebody will say "Language X can do this too!" Ruby is a great language because it's easy to use. It's easy to write clean OO. There's a thousand little conveniences spread throughout the language. It doesn't make you write stuff just so the compiler's happy.
| 73306 [dcarrera mat] Yes, I agree.  I think it's best to give some code examples.  This is what
| + 73340 [jj5412 earth] Wehn presenting a new language, I would shy away from statements that (I'm
| + 73432 [androflux re] Hmmm.... I don't really like calling it "_!". There's no clean way to make it
|   73434 [dcarrera mat] the recursive one for my email because it displayed the "._!" method which
+ 73307 [sdate everes] "Marek Janukowicz" <childNOSPAM@t17.ds.pwr.wroc.pl>
| 73312 [batsman.geo ] ???
| 73352 [sdate everes] I must be using wrong terminology here ... I meant to say OS independant.
| + 73357 [michael_s_ca] No, not if portability isn't something that your system/program/etc. needs.
| + 73446 [bjsp123 imap] I think of it more as "Lack of threading." :)
|   73447 [mneumann nte] I call them Lightweight Threads?
+ 73328 [armin xss.de] the 1st thoughts that spring to my mind
  73374 [androflux re] ~$ ultimate_package_manager --add-source http://www.ruby-lang.org/raa
  + 73375 [michael_s_ca] How so?  Other than the "P" in the acronym, it seems a pretty
  + 73390 [simon simon-] The problem with solving the general case once and for all is that everyone
  | + 73393 [hal9000 hype] just
  | | + 73417 [jweirich one] Wise words!
  | | + 73474 [guslist free] What is YAGNI?
  | |   + 73477 [michael_s_ca] __________________________________
  | |   + 73485 [mike ratdog.] You aren't going to need it.  See "The Trip Packing Dilemma" on
  | |   + 73617 [fprimus uxb.] "You aren't gonna need it," a general refrain when someone suggests
  | + 73435 [androflux re] Yes, of course.
  |   73470 [michael_s_ca] This to me seems quite the opposite of reinventing the wheel,
  |   73540 [androflux re] Huh?
  |   + 73542 [ tom u2i.com] n,
  |   | 73584 [androflux re] I've alwas wanted to try Gentoo, but I don't have the bandwidth.
  |   + 73543 [dcarrera mat] You mean like Gentoo? :)
  + 73410 [aredridel nb] Jason, I couldn't agree more.  The one thing that has made perl
    + 73430 [ tom u2i.com] It was easy, and it's called raa-install. It works just as you
    | + 73431 [mwilson13 co] CPAN was based on CTAN (used for Tex). Both are, IMHO, very high mental
    | + 73479 [brett_willia] raa-install looks very nice, and simple to use.
    |   + 73482 [batsman.geo ] This is what I exposed in
    |   + 73490 [ tom u2i.com] I was actually starting to thing about adding this sort of feature. In
    |   | 73532 [aredridel nb] Tom, I'd be happy to.  Expect something from me this week and I'll give
    |   + 73531 [aredridel nb] You're welcome.
    |     73533 [ tom u2i.com] Is it possible to create a .msi from a ruby program?=20
    |     73586 [ruby-talk wh] Absolutely.  For libraries, we'd request the path to the Ruby
    + 73560 [mikkelfj-ant] I have tried to point attention to Bram Molenaar (VIM author) s A-A-P build

^ DATA object and processes; unexpected problem
73292 [andrew walro] I have have several forked processes simultateously accessing the data
73295 [nobu.nokada ] Shared file descriptors share the position even between
73327 [andrew walro] Yes I know, so the first thing I tried was
73414 [nobu.nokada ] It looks position mismatch between stdio and IO descriptor.
73461 [andrew walro] OK;
74095 [nobu.nokada ] Therefore, when first fd reached EOF, second fd points at EOF

^ HTML -> list of sentences? (semi-impossible task)
73305 [hal9000 hype] Here's an idea I'm toying with. Suggestions
+ 73319 [batsman.geo ] Attached is a 30 mins. hack of mine that does something like that.
| 73399 [hal9000 hype] The world is full of kludges. One more won't hurt.
+ 73364 [dcoshel vcma] It depends on what you mean by "sentence", 'ey?  Do you mean natural
| 73401 [hal9000 hype] In this case, English sentences. Not as in formal grammars, or as
+ 73369 [aredridel nb] I would parse into a tree, process there, then strip tags.  The reason
  73402 [hal9000 hype] Yes, in this case, large code fragments are always set off by "pre"

^ Re: [Fxruby-users] [ANN] FXRuby-1.0.24 Now Available
73331 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you for this.

^ ruby-dev summary #20316-20338
73339 [maki rubycol] This is a summary for last week on the ruby-dev mailing list.
76147 [decoux moulo] This is a problem : plruby fail its test just because ruby_running was not
76229 [matz ruby-la] i,
76230 [decoux moulo] Work fine.

^ Ruby disadvantages over Mind
73341 [philippe.des] OO Programming is not the Panacee and I don't like Ruby because my mind is
+ 73345 [nedry mail.b] I have to think enough as it is.  I should use Perl to make my life
+ 73346 [andrew walro] Um...I think you'll find everybody here is fully inoculated against
+ 73351 [alwagner tca] LOL. You would probably really like assembler.  Seems your mind finds
+ 73354 [gsinclair so] I like video games *and* chess, but probably chess more.
+ 73355 [rasputin shr] Ok, let's pretend that's true for the sake of argument.
+ 73359 [bob.news gmx] What a great compliment for Ruby!  But, why do you read this group if you
+ 73370 [ahoward fsl.] i understand what you are saying.  i also enjoy programming in perl for those
+ 73381 [brett_willia] So perl is better because it's harder and you have to think more?  I doubt
  73421 [matz ruby-la] Some people really love to solve hard puzzles.  I respect them.
  73448 [bob.news gmx] "Yukihiro Matsumoto" <matz@ruby-lang.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ unsubscribe LaSapienza sapienza
73344 [agentiamaya ] _________________________________________________________________

^ Re: Problems building 1.8.0 on FreeBSD 5.0 with --enable-shared
73348 [roberto kelt] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
73350 [mneumann nte] I've no problems on FreeBSD 5.1 to build it with --enable-shared. But I

^ [ANN] ruby-ggi 0.1
73349 [mneumann nte] I am happy to announce the first "release" of the GGI binding for Ruby.

^ does each work on a copy?
73356 [rasputin shr] This has me confused (It's getting to be a frequent experience).
+ 73358 [batsman.geo ] You are *not* modifying the elements inside a.
+ 73360 [andrew walro] el is simply a reference to the array element. by el = SPACE simply
| 73362 [rasputin shr] I thought so, until this happened!
| + 73376 [androflux re] a = "Hello world, nice to meet you!".split(' ')
| | + 73449 [bob.news gmx] "Jason Creighton" <androflux@remove.to.reply.softhome.net> schrieb im
| | | + 73499 [hal9000 hype] I think part of the confusion is the way other
| | | + 73522 [androflux re] It looked as if the OP thought that 'word' was a "copy" (ie, object.dup), not
| | + 73523 [rasputin shr] ary = %w( a b c d e)
| |   + 73525 [hal9000 hype] It's right "in effect," but you're looking at it
| |   | 73665 [rasputin ido] I think you s/reference/variable/ on my ramblings, then that
| |   + 73538 [androflux re] Yes, that's about right. If the following code makes sense, then you probably
| + 73411 [jweirich one] I've always felt that thinking about Ruby variables and objects in terms
|   73437 [batsman.geo ] AFAIK that's the terminology used in Smalltalk.
|   73459 [jweirich one] I first learned that way of thinking in Lisp.
+ 73361 [vjoel PATH.B] 'el' is a local variable which is bound to successive elements of the
+ 73363 [bob.news gmx] "Rasputin" <rasputin@shrike.mine.nu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ socket problem on Windows?
73365 [demmer12 mac] I'm new to Ruby.  I've written a very simple program.  It will not run on
+ 73366 [careylist ad] Don't know, but it breaks on win2k too.
+ 73424 [sdate everes] Apparently, there is a patch for "resolv.rb" on win32 which you may need to
| + 73425 [sdate everes] is unimplemented on this machine (NotImplementedError)
| + 73426 [usa osb.att.] Here is most recently version of this patch.
+ 73478 [demmer12 mac] Many thanks to those who responded.  I will investigate your ideas when I am
  73500 [sdate everes] time.

^ [ANN] Samizdat 0.0.1: RDF-based open publishing engine
73367 [d.borodaenko] Greetings!

^ Re: Ruby disadvantages over Mind  &  Ruby  Advantages over Perl
73368 [rodrigo.berm] I really love plurality...(to  hide myself in a minority =)

^ Reason for implicit block syntax ?
73372 [itsme213 hot] What is the reason for the implicit block in Ruby invocations?
+ 73373 [decoux moulo] Quickly look at it, and it seems similar to hygienic macros, see
| 73729 [itsme213 hot] Not quite, though they have broadly similar goals. Macros only work
+ 73450 [bob.news gmx] "you CAN teach an old dog ..." <itsme213@hotmail.com> schrieb im
  73457 [batsman.geo ] My bet is that he means
  73462 [nemo hellotr] My bet is that he means
  73465 [batsman.geo ] You chose the wrong line :-)
  73627 [itsme213 hot] Exactly what my question was intended to ask. So, it's been an
  + 73629 [mwilson13 co] def ... end
  | 73632 [batsman.geo ] private def foo
  | 73732 [itsme213 hot] class A; def foo; end; end
  + 73630 [batsman.geo ] Only matz can give an authoritative answer, but here's my guess: by
  + 73820 [mwilson13 co] For those interested in seeing this in Ruby, there is an RCR and

^ src/yaml.y.rb:210: warning: ambiguous first argument; make sure
73377 [ahoward fsl.] any one get this error when running with '-w'?
+ 73379 [ruby-talk wh] You are looking at code generated by Racc.  I would upgrade to a newer version
| 73383 [ahoward fsl.] will do.  how strongly deprecated - will the file formats be compatible?
| 73384 [ruby-talk wh] Absolutely.  I'll just be halting work on the Ruby parser, since the C parser
+ 73380 [vjoel PATH.B] As it happens, I was just looking at something like that in a
  73382 [ahoward fsl.] i guessed as much.
  73392 [hal9000 hype] It is cool. And you can even do an arbitrary number
  73404 [ahoward fsl.] now, i personally like to know these sorts of things - they do make a language
  73408 [hal9000 hype] language

^ AW: file I/O: how can I disable auto-convert of the 2-byte sequence 0x0D, 0x0A into a single byte '\n'?
73378 [Frank Polsch] Thank you for helping.

^ eruby
73385 [sketcham dsi] 1.) I followed the installation directions for Apache and eruby from the
73502 [sketcham dsi] eRuby does work. The *.rhtml files must be in the CGI-BIN directory.

^ Regex: undocumented feature?
73387 [vjoel PATH.B] p /\AQ/ =~ "aQ"    # ==> nil
73388 [wjl icecaver] \A means beginning of the string (mostly the same as ^, except in
73389 [vjoel PATH.B] Ah, thanks. I always expect | to have a higher prec than most other things.
73452 [bob.news gmx] "Joel VanderWerf" <vjoel@PATH.Berkeley.EDU> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
73475 [wjl icecaver] I said lower precedence, but I really meant *higher*. (I was thinking

^ [Q] How to get an exit code from SystemExit exception
73394 [gfb tonesoft] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 73396 [jj5412 earth] this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.
| 73400 [gfb tonesoft] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 73422 [matz ruby-la] In 1.8.0, a SystemExit object has "status" method.
  73442 [bystr mac.co] Thanks, Matz. I am looking forward to a stable release of 1.8,

^ Question on regexp
73395 [jj5412 earth] Is there a way to match multiple words in a sentence in any order with one
+ 73451 [bob.news gmx] "John Johnson" <jj5412@earthlink.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 73460 [jj5412 earth] Thanks Robert, for taking the time to code all that.
| 73469 [bob.news gmx] "John Johnson" <jj5412@earthlink.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 73493 [mikkelfj-ant] /(row\s+\d+).*(column\s+\d+)|(column\s+\d+).*(row\s+\d+)/
+ 73520 [androflux re] re = /(column|row) (\d+)/i
  73528 [jj5412 earth] on 6/13/03 6:18 PM, Jason Creighton at