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^ urgent business assistance
71110 [andrewmbeki1] Mr.Andrew Buthelezi( B.Sc.,M.Sc. MNIM.)

^ Extracting text from HTML
71111 [robo mars.co] ...
71113 [kentda stud.] Yes, it is due to the multiple lines. Try
71114 [kentda stud.] Arg, line wrapping was too aggressive there...
71131 [robo mars.co] ...
71133 [dblack super] That's why Kent told you to watch out for regex 'greed' :-)
71142 [kentda stud.] Oh dear, looks like I removed that part from the original code posted by
71144 [B.Candler po] Beware that regexp syntax and features vary from language to language, so
71154 [dblack super] I'd recommend "Mastering Regular Expressions" by Jeff Friedl for the

^ Getting the PID from a process started via Win32OLE
71121 [djberg96 hot] Win2k and XP

^ FAQ for comp.lang.ruby
71128 [hal9000 merc] ...
71192 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
71199 [hal9000 hype] Josef,
71200 [dave pragpro] Temporarily down - doing maintenance. Should be back now.

^ [RCR?] Enumerable#each with arguments
71134 [vjoel PATH.B] elt = ... # get a REXML::Element somehow
+ 71145 [decoux moulo] ...
| 71167 [vjoel PATH.B] I don't understand. Neither of your #each methods takes arguments.
| 71168 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 71171 [vjoel PATH.B] Just pass them all on, from #collect to #each. We assume that the
| + 71182 [vjoel PATH.B] There's another example, and it's in Ruby itself: ObjectSpace. It's
|   71203 [matz ruby-la] It's because I don't want ObjectSpace to become useful too much.  It's
+ 71202 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, but some of enumerable methods take its own argument, for example
  71274 [sroberts uni] Yes, but we *like* using each() rather than an external iterator!
  71301 [matz ruby-la] # Enumerable extension.

^ Overriding class variables
71137 [elbows spamc] In ruby 1.6.8, overriding class variables cause weird (to me at least)
+ 71138 [rpav nwlink.] That's not a class variable.  You want @@const or something... although
| + 71141 [vjoel PATH.B] Does it?
| + 71173 [elbows spamc] Oops, I forgot about @@var. However, that still doesn't do what I
|   + 71175 [kentda stud.] The whole point of class variables in most OO languages is to reveal
|   + 71194 [rpav nwlink.] Hrm, oops, I misread your intentions in the original post.
+ 71140 [vjoel PATH.B] I think this is because constants are scoped statically. One way to get
  71174 [elbows spamc] Ah, that was exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

^ FXRuby - FXMainWindow question
71139 [colotechpro ] I think that my problem is that I've got 2 classes that are both
71157 [lyle users.s] Possibly so; FOX version 1.0 really only supports one main window
71190 [colotechpro ] Thanks for your suggestions, Lyle. I will work on implementing them.
71224 [lyle users.s] I have no idea, and that is completely out of my control. You might ask
71903 [colotechpro ] I did as you suggested and put the entry portion of my database on a
71931 [lyle users.s] If you were to display that dialog box modally (by calling execute), you
72011 [colotechpro ] Thanks, Lyle. That was the part I didn't get even after looking at
72014 [lyle users.s] Message identifiers are just numbers (constants) and so you cannot call

^ Where can I find doc on Ruby library?
71148 [robo mars.co] ...
71149 [kentda stud.] That reference is just the built-in classes and modules, so they aren't

^ [ANN] entryCache 1.0 released
71150 [idan idanso.] entryCache is a subclassed Hash that is limited by the number of entries

^ Is Rubygarden's wiki restricted to English?
71152 [batsman.geo ] Is it OK if content in other languages is added or not?
+ 71160 [hal9000 hype] I don't have the authority to say yes or no,
| + 71163 [aredridel nb] Wikipedia has a separate namespace for each language, and interlanguage
| + 71165 [batsman.geo ] Say I translate node FooBarBaz to language Xyz. Is it OK if I put the
|   71169 [dblack super] Or just translate "FooBarBaz" into the target language and call it
|   + 71170 [batsman.geo ] But it'd be nice to be able to mark the relation between the original
|   | + 71172 [hal9000 hype] reasonable
|   | | 71180 [batsman.geo ] But we've lost the subtle meaning of foo, bar, baz in the translation :)
|   | | 71181 [dblack super] My view is: write and post whatever you want.  In the case of
|   | | 71444 [humming pobo] So, sending mail in HTML is OK by your standards? Eller att skriva p?
|   | | + 71448 [batsman.geo ] I was thinking of translations, but I would perhaps someday create
|   | | + 71456 [dblack super] I was talking specifically about posting to the Wiki.
|   | |   71470 [guillaume.ma] I disagree. If you have to browse through 10 pages you don't understand
|   | + 71196 [austin halos] Why not flip it around? It won't work well for items at multiple
|   + 71176 [denshimeiru-] Matz probably knows some Japanese metasyntactic variables...
|     71183 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
|     71184 [batsman.geo ] You mean aliens speak Perl and do lambda calculus too??
|     + 71187 [kentda stud.] Suddenly the facehuggers and chestbusters seem like a less painful
|     + 71188 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 71161 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ language guide for C++ programmers
71153 [pavel_vozeni] Does anyone know about Ruby intro guide targeted on C++ programmers
+ 71155 [andrew walro] No, but grab the pickaxe book and if you know C++ you'll be fluent in
+ 71158 [Stephan.Kaem] Andrew already said it, get the pickaxe book - a link to the online
+ 71159 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
  71166 [batsman.geo ] Guess he's thinking of templates, STL & stuff...
  71185 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Guess he is refering to "Modern C++ Design".. A must read for C++

^ SOAP in 1.8 standard library?
71186 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
71201 [matz ruby-la] If Nahi (the SOAP4R author) agreed, it's OK to put it in 1.8.0, but

^ efficiency advice needed
71189 [my.name.here] i got to interleave the alpha channel with an rgb image both given as raw
71195 [rpav nwlink.] Read everything into an array or string and go from there... I don't
+ 71205 [my.name.here] unpacking makes no sence for me.
| 71216 [my.name.here] i implemented this, and it was a bad idea. that was extremely slow too.
+ 71206 [batsman.geo ] += strikes as extremely inefficient, as it is creating new increasingly big String
  71211 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  71213 [batsman.geo ] Stupid of me, yes. I was thinking C there (init buffer with given capa. :-)
  71214 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 71215 [my.name.here] thank you robert and batsman! that was really helpful.
  | 71218 [batsman.geo ] In this case it could be guessed (how would I implement #concat?, etc)
  | 71223 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 71221 [B.Candler po] And even better is to preallocate the source string: i.e.

^ Expected behavior in the socket library
71197 [loats205 aol] ...

^ Why Precision?
71198 [unet rexx.co] What the heck is the Precision module for?  It is included in
71204 [matz ruby-la] Precision is a module to convert number precision each other.  It was

^ From Mr Alex Kargbo Alie
71234 [kargbo mail.] From Mr Alex Kargbo Alie

^ ANN: Reminder Phoenix eXtreme Programming User Group Meeting Tonight
71235 [jay.turpin i] ...

^ Ruby, OSX and Postgres
71236 [staypufd aus] I'm looking for some help getting Postgres, Ruby and OS X working right on
71241 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Can you show us some output containing these errors ?
71249 [staypufd aus] Sure can... (And this is from using Ruby-sumo package for OS X... I did it
71252 [0bz63fz3m1qt] It cannot link with libpq.so... and this file exists in your lib
71262 [wb27 drexel.] Its well worth sticking with this until you get it working.  I think

^ Overriding methods changes visibility?
71237 [nemo hellotr] Is this right?  I wouldn't expect the visibility to change unless I
71239 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ expand -t2 af.rb

^ farmer
71243 [claudiawilli] MRS.CLAUDIA D. WILLIAMS & FAMILY.

^ shell glob match
71256 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
71257 [dave pragpro] Try fnmatch (in 1.8)
71261 [ahoward fsl.] so i should stop work on my fnmatch extension then?  ;-)
71278 [nobu.nokada ] There's shim/ruby16/ext/features/ruby18/file.
71282 [ahoward fsl.] took me a moment to determine you had to

^ FAQ - language used for postings?
71259 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
+ 71263 [denshimeiru-] Hm... why Latin? Never seen a Latin posting here... but it would be
+ 71264 [dave pragpro] I'm not sure this is a meaningful question.
  + 71327 [kgergely mla] Well, but I think most of the Japanese people can write in english,
  + 71347 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
  + 71348 [unet rexx.co] Niknok "\n", /.../m qwetulaskak.

^ Ruby/Tk how to display a raw image residing in RAM.
71277 [jcb iteris.c] I have an image stored as an array of RGB tuples.
72416 [nagai dumbo.] Does this sample script help you?

^ [ANN] RMagick 1.2.0 (Cygwin install fixed)
71281 [cyclists nc.] A few folks have asked me to let them know when the new release of RMagick

^ Reminder: Pre-registration for Ruby Conference 2003 is open
71289 [dblack super] Don't forget to pre-register for Ruby Conference 2003 (Austin, Texas,

^ nuove posizioni
71295 [marisa tisca] ...

^ State Pattern Implementation
71297 [bob.news gmx] I'd like to hear what people think: is this a reasonable implementation of
+ 71315 [0bz63fz3m1qt] You are representing each state by a number... with the State pattern
| 71316 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <0bz63fz3m1qt3001@sneakemail.com> schrieb im
| + 71317 [0bz63fz3m1qt] OK.
| | 71337 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <0bz63fz3m1qt3001@sneakemail.com> schrieb im
| | 71369 [0bz63fz3m1qt] "as Mauricio pointed out"... It was actually me who pointed it out first :-)
| + 71322 [batsman.geo ] * easier to screw up things as the state is defined implicitly by the
|   71339 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 71534 [schlegel cs.] ...
  71575 [deliriousREM] ...
  71582 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Vandemoortele" <deliriousREMOVEUPPERCASETEXTTOREPLY@atchoo.be>
  71587 [batsman.geo ] You mean this?
  71766 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  71783 [batsman.geo ] As I see it, you simply use an object which goes through internal
  71794 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  71795 [batsman.geo ] Crap, I don't remember what should be done w/ shared attributes.
  71876 [pit capitain] Why not use the internet? A quick Google search revealed
  71883 [bob.news gmx] "Pit Capitain" <pit@capitain.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  71944 [pit capitain] You're welcome.
  71949 [bob.news gmx] "Pit Capitain" <pit@capitain.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag


^ TK Message box and backquotes issue
71307 [cs96and yaho] I've discovered a strange bug/feature in ruby.  This is using v1.6.8
+ 71308 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 71311 [nobu.nokada ] What's the exact version, and which of 3, cygwin, mingw32 and
  + 71313 [J.Hawkeswort] I think the long pause might be caused by your cpu utilization going to
  + 71330 [cs96and yaho] I'm running the mswin32 version under windows 2000 SP3.

^ nuove posizioni
71309 [marisa tisca] ...

^ nuove posizioni
71310 [marisa tisca] ...

^ DVD?v100
71312 [0949243815 p] ...

^ ruby dbi obdc driver to remote postgresl (broken)?
71314 [arthur8 boar] I'm not sure if this is a known bug.  I haven't been able to get it to

^ Integrate Ruby into my futures C/C++ apps.
71318 [jacky.buyck ] ...
+ 71319 [mneumann nte] It's very easy! BTW, I'm currently integrating Ruby into a C/C++
+ 71320 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I am working on a tutorial on how to embed Ruby into C++. It is still in a
| 71338 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <0bz63fz3m1qt3001@sneakemail.com> schrieb im
| 71365 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Should I make more attempts to create links back to this tutorial ?
+ 71331 [feldt ce.cha] This may be like swearing in church but I'd also consider IO
+ 71340 [jacky.buyck ] ...

^ Ruby OO? sin method? puts method?
71321 [kgergely mla] Ruby is said to be pure OO language.
71323 [nobu.nokada ] To fit to mathematical notation.

^ Re: Ruby OO? sin method? puts method? @@?
71325 [kgergely mla] ???
+ 71326 [michael_s_ca] I tend to agree with you, but some things in Ruby are just the way
+ 71332 [mneumann nte] anObj.display(io) will internally invoke io.puts(anObj)
+ 71359 [surrender_it] # I_SUPPOSE=true
+ 71386 [matz ruby-la] The sin function in your math textbook was described
+ 71389 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Ruby<->Perl and syck-0.25 problem
71328 [B.Candler po] Any syck users out there? I have an urgent need to get some Perl<->Ruby
+ 71341 [ruby-talk wh] These are fixed in Syck CVS.  I will make another release soon if there
+ 71345 [google tompa] require "syck"
  + 71346 [ruby-talk wh] Actually, no longer the case with newer versions.  YAML.rb will leverage Syck
  + 71373 [B.Candler po] foo.to_yaml

^ Scope of modules and classes
71329 [weitzhof in.] I am writing a set of classes to be used in a mod_ruby environment, and
71334 [dblack super] Looking at the design aspect of it, you could put M2 inside M (since
71400 [weitzhof in.] The original idea was to build a toolkit (module M). Module M2 should

^ Ruby Weekly News
71343 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ rational/mathn bug
71344 [unet rexx.co] An old rational/mathn bug persists in ruby 1.8
71393 [matz ruby-la] Oops, thank you.

^ ActiveState Contest
71349 [pate eylerfa] ActiveState is holding a contest to determine 'your favorite programmer'
71351 [dblack super] They say that "Awards will be presented in each of ActiveState's key
71354 [pate eylerfa] On the other hand, they say that Ruby is not one of their key technologies
71356 [dblack super] I spoke to Gurusamy Sarathy of ActiveState at Linux Expo in New York
71377 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 71387 [matz ruby-la] Probably they want something GPL free.  Perl is under dual license
+ 71446 [mailinglists] The problem is that they have written there own debugger (for the
  71449 [batsman.geo ] But regex.c is LGPL so it should be less "infectious" than GPL,

^ [q]debug  irb style
71353 [rodrigo.berm] Many times I have found my self debugging my scripts line per line
71358 [mneumann nte] set_trace_func proc {|event, *a| sleep 1 if event=='line'  }

^ return value for PTY.spawn
71357 [laurent data] Is there a way to retrieve the return value of a process which was

^ [OO design] Objects VS Datastructures
71361 [deliriousREM] ...
+ 71362 [dblack super] Rather than Contact#setName (or even Contact#set_name :-) you'd
+ 71363 [dave pragpro] Please take this the right way, but.... it seems to me that you're
| + 71368 [ahoward fsl.] <snip excellent reccomendations>
| | 71370 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
| + 71396 [deliriousREM] ...
|   71405 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Vandemoortele" <deliriousREMOVEUPPERCASETEXTTOREPLY@atchoo.be>
|   + 71408 [laurent data] I think TUI means ``Text User Interface''.
|   + 71409 [0bz63fz3m1qt] TUI = text user interface
|     71412 [bob.news gmx] "Simon Strandgaard" <0bz63fz3m1qt3001@sneakemail.com> schrieb im
+ 71366 [aredridel nb] Is not a contact in a book merely a hash with a perhaps limited set of
+ 71367 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 71632 [hvtijen h0tm] ...
  71633 [B.Candler po] That imposes orderings in which the attributes can be set (e.g. you must set

71376 [dukatka_s22 ] ...

^ Bug in backslash-escapes in Dir.glob
71378 [cjh_nospam m] I mentioned this problem before, now I have two test programs
71379 [nobu.nokada ] The last backslash has no meanings at all.  Just a literal
71392 [cjh_nospam m] Yes. But use two backslashes, or four, six or eight, and you get
71394 [nobu.nokada ] Escaping meta-character is also 1.7 feature, it doesn't work in

^ OpenStruct (was: [OO design] Objects VS Datastructures)
71380 [jweirich one] OpenStruct.  Cool.  I hadn't seen this before.
71381 [mwilson13 co] Me too! I didn't notice at first the difference from the earlier Struct
+ 71382 [dave pragpro] Dave's busy documenting, so I'm getting pretty good at all these library
| 71384 [hal9000 hype] I'll bet you are. :)
+ 71383 [hal9000 hype] It's an alternative, anyway. I like the Struct in that it