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^ Level of Gtk/Ruby OO (was: Gtk widget color)
7077 [yashi yashi.] It'd be nice to hear how those two bindings differ in OO point of
7090 [kevins14 pac] Keep in mind that this is based on a 10 minute look at Ruby/GTK.
+ 7116 [schneik us.i] # > It seems to me like Ruby/GTK is a not-very-OO wrapper around GTK. I
| 7129 [kevins14 pac] If you've used MFC, you already understand how OO wx is. I view it as a pragmatic framework that gives you a lot of power as long as you play by their rules. It is a framework, not a library, so it includes classes for string, date, document and view, threads, etc.
+ 7136 [yashi yashi.] I might be wrong, but in Gtk+ world, 'event' is something that your

^ Managing many objects, seeing wood for trees.
7080 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I have been building up my software in ruby, and now have a number
+ 7093 [kevins14 pac] As a proponent of XP, I would suggest that your program might be hinting to you that it wants to be refactored. A well (re)designed system can contain a lot of classes before it becomes confusing. Perhaps your system is ready to be split into layers, or into conceptual components. Either would allow you to focus on the classes in one area at a time.
+ 7096 [Dave thomase] I'm sure you're doing this, but just in case... Have you experimented
  7139 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, I am clearly going to have another look at the refactoring book.
  7145 [Dave thomase] Not just mixins, but also namespace management and logical
  7148 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That is a good point. Thank you.

^ Questions about the Mac
7082 [ryan mobiusn] I read about Ruby last night in DDJ.  It sparked my interest, so I
+ 7083 [Dave thomase] I've never used this, but the following is available via the Ruby
+ 7085 [matz zetabit] It can be compiled on OS X.  Some 1.6.1 bugs are already found, try
  7095 [ryan mobiusn] Matz,

^ Rubyize this method
7097 [ChrisM SNELL] I ported this from Delphi ... I'd hoped there was a built in string method
+ 7098 [aleksi.nieme] I'm not sure there's a method for this. I guess there's not. But it's not
| + 7100 [Dave thomase] Not quite the same, though. Chris' method
| + 7101 [Dave thomase] Not quite the same, though. Chris' method
|   7103 [gnhurst hurs] Good point, and I would add
|   7104 [ChrisM SNELL] The first one is the one I'm going for, although the way I'm using it,
|   7230 [louie TransS] Shouldn't you Regexp#quote the substr argument in case it's got regular
|   7314 [aleksi.nieme] So I'd like to force the user of the method to say
+ 7099 [gnhurst hurs] irb(main):008:0> def lopOff(s,substr)
+ 7113 [cjon sapphir] def lopOff(s, substr)
  + 7117 [chrismo home] Thanks! If it's that simple, I don't need a separate function. It made sense
  + 7119 [chrismo home] def lopOff(s, substr)
    7125 [kevins14 pac] s[/^.*?#{substr}/]

^ "map_with_indices" and related musings
7108 [dblack candl] So many recent discussions here of Array (and/or Enumerable) methods seem to
7111 [schneik us.i] David Alan Black writes,
7186 [dblack candl] [Whoops -- sorry about the screwy margins in the original.]

^ virtual machine code.
7112 [phillipd fos] Greetings,
7114 [Dave thomase] Ruby parses source into a tree of nodes, rather than a bytecode stream

^ C++ Bindings (was Re: Level of Gtk/Ruby OO (was: Gtk widget color))
7118 [jstern fosha] Since this thread touches on bindings for Ruby.  I just wanted

^ ruby code to generate menus
7124 [joe vpop.net] I have some code dynamically generate a menu tree in ruby.

^ Re: Ruby, Python, Eiffel and Smalltalk
7140 [fit0298 fite] Welcome to Ruby world.
7141 [ben_tilly ho] Please be very careful in this kind of advocacy.  Overly
+ 7143 [fit0298 fite] Sorry.  Thanks for your advice.
+ 7146 [Dave thomase] While agreeing with your sentiments about poaching, I don't think
  7153 [ben_tilly ho] I am not saying that you acted inappropriately, just to
  7173 [rudif bluema] Ň£efore Ruby, chopping wood, carrying water.  After Ruby, chopping wood,

^ Problem with MSVC-compiled Ruby On Win2k
7151 [joeyGibson m] I got the 1.6.1 sources and built it using MSVC 6 (SP3) on a Windows

^ Hello and a question.
7160 [cribbsj oakw] about a zillion other languages thrown in. )  bought "Programming Ruby"
7163 [decoux moulo] account = nil, password = nil, authtype = nil )
7165 [cribbsj oakw] Guy, it worked!

^ Re: GTK-- and GTK+
7162 [kevins14 pac] signal_connect("button_press_event") { |w,e| pressed(w,e) }
7205 [yashi yashi.] don't be sorry ;)

^ |<variable>| notation?
7164 [mvincent ven] I come from a structured programming background and have done very little
7167 [Dave thomase] And a good guess it is. That's exactly the effect, but perhaps not
7168 [mvincent ven] Excellent. Thanks very much...

^ Sending SMTP  (was: Re:  Hello and a question.)
7169 [kevins14 pac] smtp = Net::SMTP.start('mail.server.whatever')
7170 [Dave thomase] In fact, that can be even simpler (but without the debugging) using
7172 [cribbsj oakw] Thanks for all of the answers!  I'll print them off and try to digest the
7185 [kevins14 pac] Kevin
7187 [Dave thomase] In fact you could have left it as an array of lines. It would respond
7188 [kevins14 pac] I tried that, but my array lines did *not* get newlines attached, so my server mangled the message. Not sure why. Not an issue since converting it to a string worked fine.

^ Multiple constructors.
7177 [schneik us.i] Someone asked me the following question. Is there some clever way to deal
7178 [Dave thomase] The answer is yes and no.
7192 [aleksi.nieme] Dave's solution is a nice workaround. The fact is that we don't have any

^ Problem with RDtool
7179 [pschoenb sol] I tried to install RDtool. I got all the required packages from the RAA
7180 [rubikitch ru] What is your machine environment?
7183 [pschoenb sol] I run ruby 1.6.2 on a Linux machine.
7204 [aamine dp.u-] Maybe this is my bug. Use this patch.
7231 [pschoenb sol] This works now, but there is still a problem: rd2 complains about a
7242 [rubikitch ru] Please show me this message.
7244 [pschoenb sol] racc  rd/rdblockparser.ry
+ 7245 [rubikitch ru] Hmmm, I don't know why this error was occurred.
+ 7310 [aamine dp.u-] This may be caused by version mismatching. Try newest version
  7329 [pschoenb sol] Ok, works now.

^ module for unix password database tasks?
7190 [matt msg.ucs] i'm going through the tutorial and have in the back of my mind an idea for
+ 7194 [Dave Thomase] If you don't need shadow passwords, how about something simple such as
| 7197 [matt msg.ucs] I forgot to mention that I read from a NIS database, so /etc/passwd on my
| 7199 [aleksi.nieme] I've never worked with NIS or unix password in general, but I thought this
+ 7195 [eban os.rim.] Use Etc module.
  7243 [matt msg.ucs] eban,

^ Put slash as last character in string?
7193 [chrismo home] How can I have a string with a single backslash as the last character?
7196 [Dave thomase] Just like that. If you're using irb to check it out, then you'll get
7203 [kevins14 pac] "c:\\temp\\", unless you really want a tab after the colon.
7210 [Dave thomase] 'tis true - I was concentrating on the end one.

^ Harmful preselection by yielding?
7198 [aleksi.nieme] If you want to let the caller use the information the routine is producing
7200 [Dave thomase] If I hadn't been lazy, I'd have written
7224 [greentea fa2] I have not use this module but ...

^ Ruby and Gui's
7206 [dsafari para] I noticed the other day (I think it was 2 days ago?) that Dave Thomas
7207 [yashi yashi.] took me ten minutes to find out that post ;) if you are curious and
7272 [schneik us.i] "Right now, I wouldn't use it for a GUI intensive front-end,
+ 7288 [kevins14 pac] I partially agree. I'm currently developing a GUI app in ruby, and it's
| 7325 [MICHAEL.W.WI] I was wondering if anyone had seen Paragui
+ 7657 [tonys mysple] what kind of support were you looking for?
  7661 [schneik us.i] #
  7781 [tonys mysple] again, i don't think the current developers jumped ship...tcl/tk seems

^ New User Survey: we need your opinions
7212 [Dave thomase] Morning, folks. (at least it is for me...)
+ 7214 [hipster xs4a] Yes. I compare it to giving people a set of house rules/a charter when
+ 7215 [dblack candl] Yes.
| + 7216 [barry_shultz] I filled out the survey, pressed the submit button and an e-mail note
| | 7219 [Dave thomase] back-end stuff yet (that's today's exercise). I just wanted to see
| | 7222 [mtm csoft.ne] Well that explains that.
| + 7218 [cribbsj oakw] I had the same problem trying to submit the survey.
| + 7225 [ms iastate.e] To accomodate the truly-new of the new users, it would be nice to add a
+ 7217 [mtm csoft.ne] Well, I tried to submit the form from Netscape, but I'm behind
+ 7223 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I agree with this intent.
| 7228 [Dave thomase] What do people think about this? People who've subscribed to the
| + 7239 [gnhurst hurs] But they don't expect someone to be mechanically monitoring their
| + 7241 [dblack candl] Well, maybe the weekly FAQ should mention that anyone who posts the
|   7283 [kevins14 pac] For that reason, it doesn't seem worth annoying (some) people. Is there
+ 7226 [jimm eris.io] Separate messages for target customer groups (new users) is always helpful.
+ 7235 [elderburn mi] Basically a good idea.  One suggestion...IMO the questions 1 and 3 have default
| 7237 [phillipd fos] my view....
+ 7687 [nahi keynaut] Sounds good idea.  Much thanks for thiking how to
  7688 [Dave Pragmat] I think that this is a consensus. We won't be sending unsolicited

^ New User Survey and List vs. Newsgroup
7233 [RichardASchu] It's customary for new subscribers to a mailing list to
7234 [ms iastate.e] Or spin off another newsgroup (development? advocacy? whatever) and keep

^ Re: New User Survey | Ruby kudos
7240 [mvincent ven] I'm a programmer, make my money programming and program in my spare

^ Multiple inheritance and mixins
7252 [adamspitz ho] I'm having trouble understanding the difference between Ruby's mixins
+ 7273 [matz zetabit] Mix-in is a restricted MI.  You can't have shared superclass like
| 7276 [Dave Thomase] The other difference is that a mixin is not a class, but a module. As
| + 7277 [jstern fosha] So in the case of method name or
| | 7281 [Dave thomase] Both superclasses and included modules are added to a chain. The later
| | 7293 [jstern fosha] Excellent! - it seems to fit the rule 'Definitions stack',
| + 7291 [adamspitz ho] Ah, I see! So it's just a simple way of resolving ambiguities - last
+ 7280 [crippel prim] Basically Ruby's include  corresponds to C++'s  virtual inheritance.

^ Who's using Ruby?
7254 [MICHAEL.W.WI] Just wondering if there was anything in the way of a "Who's using
7419 [schneiker ju] Not yet, AFAIK. The closest (but not very close) approximation is probably

^ Replacing nils in arrays?
7257 [hal9000 hype] Question for you all.
+ 7259 [jstern fosha] One straightforward technique would be to
| 7266 [ben_tilly ho] Create a class which inherits from Array and override []
+ 7302 [hipster xs4a] class Array
  7389 [hal9000 hype] Quite right. Thanks Michel (and others who
  7390 [kevins14 pac] I would prefer to avoid storing the default value everywhere

^ Ruby/Tk Option Database Question
7261 [WmLi Thought] I am playing with ruby/tk. Could anyone give me some hints on how to use
7301 [decoux moulo] You have the module TkOption in tk.rb

^ Template system in Ruby (NameError)
7262 [joe vpop.net] I'm trying to put together a templating system in ruby.
7292 [wys helbling] Joseph,
7295 [joe vpop.net] Thanks Clemens,

^ more on the template system
7263 [joe vpop.net] snippet1 = <<'EOF'
+ 7267 [joe vpop.net] I think I nailed this problem...
+ 7286 [crippel prim] I think you need to replace this with
  7289 [joe vpop.net] Thanks Christoph,
  7306 [dblack candl] puts "Hello #{notdef ||= ''}"
  7307 [decoux moulo] The real problem, I think, it's that you are working with local variable.

^ Whre is #prec
7271 [crippel prim] maybe this a silly question. Both Fixnum and String provide a
7290 [decoux moulo] What have you tried ?
+ 7294 [joe vpop.net] Ha!  that was great.
+ 7296 [crippel prim] I tried something like this couple a of days ago - Hm I guess
  7297 [decoux moulo] You are right. You have in range.c
  7298 [decoux moulo] I'm stupid, I make confusion between String and Fixnum :-(
  + 7299 [crippel prim] Actually I am (stupid|sloppy) ... well Fixnums are really special
  + 7300 [crippel prim] Well it seems that my provider lost my last posting ..
    7304 [ben_tilly ho] "Christoph Rippel" <crippel@primenet.com>
    7316 [matz zetabit] I completely agree.  That is the reason why there's no String#prec.

^ Packaging Ruby
7275 [nolan ethere] I've begun investigating Ruby; I've been a Python user for quite some
7308 [aleksi.nieme] It's great to see you here.
+ 7346 [schneik us.i] #
| + 7348 [ben_tilly ho] Technically that should be possible?
| + 7352 [cribbsj oakw] Its funny you should mention Perl2Exe as I had downloaded it earlier today
|   7387 [kevins14 pac] I don't really know about this stuff, but two possibilities come
+ 7470 [matt msg.ucs] Something like Java's "jar" utility would be nice.
  + 7479 [Roman.Fische] A jar-file just contains the classes and other files of your application.
  | 7483 [matt msg.ucs] all true.  what i meant was, assuming target machines have a ruby
  + 7481 [elderburn mi] I just DL'd these and will try it on a virgin Win box (no Tcl/Tk install) but
  + 7518 [ianm74 my-de] I agree. If people are distributing libraries as multiple script files
    7519 [Dave Pragmat] CLASSPATH is one of the things I dislike intensely about Java.
    7547 [schneik us.i] #

^ I'm not seeing Matz's posts on the mailing list
7278 [Dave thomase] I can see several posts from Matz on c.l.r which haven't made it to
+ 7282 [matz zetabit] I use the list all the time.  I myself have received all the messages
+ 7334 [nosuzuki e-m] I am admin. of the gateway between ruby-talk and com.lang.ruby.
  7337 [nosuzuki e-m] Sorry, I have replyed directly in the previous message.
  7338 [Dave thomase] And given that clue...
  7395 [matz zetabit] Oops, that's my fault.  Recently I moved to nullmailer.  The

^ Re: Regexp (was Re: Ruby in the US)
7285 [decoux moulo] [[ I've modified the subject ]]
+ 7287 [matz zetabit] Many around me tell me it's too slow.  I haven't confirmed it by myself.
+ 7320 [amk mira.ero] I have no idea, never having benchmarked GNU regexp.  PCRE was

^ send method -- which one?
7305 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Looking at
7311 [aamine dp.u-] Object#__send__ may be help.
7319 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh yes, that would do -- I didn't notice that one. [At first I thought

^ Where is /pat/g (Perl) and findall() (Python)?
7309 [fgeiger date] Wanted to do global pattern search on a string but /pat/g does not work. How
+ 7312 [dblack candl] Have a look at String#scan.
| 7313 [aleksi.nieme] I guess you like to use String#scan or String#gsub.
| 7315 [ben_tilly ho] You have already been pointed to gsub and scan.  However if you
+ 7318 [Dave thomase] Can you should some context too, because it should...
| + 7322 [dblack candl] irb(main):003:0> "abc" =~ /(.)/g
| | + 7323 [huber alum.w] Isn't String#scan what you want?
| | | 7324 [dblack candl] I wasn't the OP -- I'm just butting in 'cause Dave's posting
| | + 7331 [Dave thomase] Sorry - brain fart.
| + 7326 [fgeiger date] s = "abc, def, ghi, ..."
+ 7328 [dfan harmoni] In general, in places where I used str =~ /pat/g in Perl, I use

^ comp.lang.ruby (Re: Smalltalk and Python)
7327 [knu iDaemons] Please post your messages on this thread to comp.lang.ruby if you want

^ A Java Developer's Wish List for Ruby
7330 [RichardASchu] I see Ruby as having a very bright future as a language to
+ 7332 [Dave thomase] I have just about no knowledge of Unicode and Asian languages, but I
| 7333 [MICHAEL.W.WI] I'd have to agree.  One other thing that I could see, which isn't
+ 7336 [matz zetabit] I'm not going to choose USC-2.  UCS-2 is obsolete.
| 7342 [RichardASchu] Do you mean that it has been superceded UTF-16? Or what?
| 7397 [matz zetabit] That's what I mean.
+ 7339 [mjais web.de] as gui development is very importand today (look for example
| + 7344 [sandvik exci] Windows support?
| + 7379 [mfp students] I agree.
+ 7349 [ljohnson res] I'm still new to Ruby but it appears that for now the only cross-platform
  + 7351 [schneik us.i] #
  | 7353 [Dave thomase] Not having following the Mozilla stuff at all, could someone help me
  | 7355 [schneik us.i] #
  | 7363 [neilh scinti] # If we just wanted to use the UI stuff, but without Gecko et al, do we
  | 7364 [aleksi.nieme] Thanks Neil for this great information. Could you tell some more. I was
  | 7373 [neilh scinti] of
  + 7362 [mcbreenp cad] Having just looked at the FOX stuff, even though there seems to be a
    7589 [ljohnson res] Pete,
    7600 [schneik us.i] Lyle Johnson writes,
    + 7601 [Dave Pragmat] 1. It looks better than GTK, particularly to Windows users.
    | + 7602 [sandvik exci] Yes, I agree that there's always the next library out there that will look
    | + 7606 [elderburn mi] There are current issues with gtk+ and Windows; the promise of having this
    |   + 7689 [ljohnson res] compiled
    |   + 7691 [ljohnson res] compiled
    |   + 7694 [ljohnson res] Sorry for the duplicate post. I didn't think that first one went through.
    + 7610 [ljohnson res] I got involved in FOX development and use while I was employed at CFD