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^ Level of Gtk/Ruby OO (was: Gtk widget color)
7077 [yashi yashi.] It'd be nice to hear how those two bindings differ in OO point of
7090 [kevins14 pac] ...
+ 7116 [schneik us.i] # > It seems to me like Ruby/GTK is a not-very-OO wrapper around GTK. I
| 7129 [kevins14 pac] ...
+ 7136 [yashi yashi.] I might be wrong, but in Gtk+ world, 'event' is something that your

^ Managing many objects, seeing wood for trees.
7080 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I have been building up my software in ruby, and now have a number
+ 7093 [kevins14 pac] ...
+ 7096 [Dave thomase] I'm sure you're doing this, but just in case... Have you experimented
  7139 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, I am clearly going to have another look at the refactoring book.
  7145 [Dave thomase] Not just mixins, but also namespace management and logical
  7148 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That is a good point. Thank you.

^ Questions about the Mac
7082 [ryan mobiusn] I read about Ruby last night in DDJ.  It sparked my interest, so I
+ 7083 [Dave thomase] I've never used this, but the following is available via the Ruby
+ 7085 [matz zetabit] It can be compiled on OS X.  Some 1.6.1 bugs are already found, try
  7095 [ryan mobiusn] Matz,

^ Rubyize this method
7097 [ChrisM SNELL] I ported this from Delphi ... I'd hoped there was a built in string method
+ 7098 [aleksi.nieme] I'm not sure there's a method for this. I guess there's not. But it's not
| + 7100 [Dave thomase] Not quite the same, though. Chris' method
| + 7101 [Dave thomase] Not quite the same, though. Chris' method
|   7103 [gnhurst hurs] Good point, and I would add
|   7104 [ChrisM SNELL] The first one is the one I'm going for, although the way I'm using it,
|   7230 [louie TransS] Shouldn't you Regexp#quote the substr argument in case it's got regular
|   7314 [aleksi.nieme] So I'd like to force the user of the method to say
+ 7099 [gnhurst hurs] irb(main):008:0> def lopOff(s,substr)
+ 7113 [cjon sapphir] ...
  + 7117 [chrismo home] Thanks! If it's that simple, I don't need a separate function. It made sense
  + 7119 [chrismo home] def lopOff(s, substr)
    7125 [kevins14 pac] ...

^ "map_with_indices" and related musings
7108 [dblack candl] So many recent discussions here of Array (and/or Enumerable) methods seem to
7111 [schneik us.i] David Alan Black writes,
7186 [dblack candl] [Whoops -- sorry about the screwy margins in the original.]

^ virtual machine code.
7112 [phillipd fos] Greetings,
7114 [Dave thomase] Ruby parses source into a tree of nodes, rather than a bytecode stream

^ C++ Bindings (was Re: Level of Gtk/Ruby OO (was: Gtk widget color))
7118 [jstern fosha] ...

^ ruby code to generate menus
7124 [joe vpop.net] ...

^ Re: Ruby, Python, Eiffel and Smalltalk
7140 [fit0298 fite] Welcome to Ruby world.
7141 [ben_tilly ho] Please be very careful in this kind of advocacy.  Overly
+ 7143 [fit0298 fite] Sorry.  Thanks for your advice.
+ 7146 [Dave thomase] While agreeing with your sentiments about poaching, I don't think
  7153 [ben_tilly ho] I am not saying that you acted inappropriately, just to
  7173 [rudif bluema] ?Before Ruby, chopping wood, carrying water.  After Ruby, chopping wood,

^ Problem with MSVC-compiled Ruby On Win2k
7151 [joeyGibson m] ...

^ Hello and a question.
7160 [cribbsj oakw] about a zillion other languages thrown in. ?:) ?I bought "Programming Ruby"
7163 [decoux moulo] ...
7165 [cribbsj oakw] Guy, it worked!

^ Re: GTK-- and GTK+
7162 [kevins14 pac] ...
7205 [yashi yashi.] don't be sorry ;)

^ |<variable>| notation?
7164 [mvincent ven] I come from a structured programming background and have done very little
7167 [Dave thomase] And a good guess it is. That's exactly the effect, but perhaps not
7168 [mvincent ven] Excellent. Thanks very much...

^ Sending SMTP  (was: Re:  Hello and a question.)
7169 [kevins14 pac] smtp = Net::SMTP.start('mail.server.whatever')
7170 [Dave thomase] In fact, that can be even simpler (but without the debugging) using
7172 [cribbsj oakw] Thanks for all of the answers!  I'll print them off and try to digest the
7185 [kevins14 pac] ...
7187 [Dave thomase] In fact you could have left it as an array of lines. It would respond
7188 [kevins14 pac] ...

^ Multiple constructors.
7177 [schneik us.i] Someone asked me the following question. Is there some clever way to deal
7178 [Dave thomase] The answer is yes and no.
7192 [aleksi.nieme] Dave's solution is a nice workaround. The fact is that we don't have any

^ Problem with RDtool
7179 [pschoenb sol] ...
7180 [rubikitch ru] What is your machine environment?
7183 [pschoenb sol] ...
7204 [aamine dp.u-] Maybe this is my bug. Use this patch.
7231 [pschoenb sol] ...
7242 [rubikitch ru] Please show me this message.
7244 [pschoenb sol] ...
+ 7245 [rubikitch ru] Hmmm, I don't know why this error was occurred.
+ 7310 [aamine dp.u-] This may be caused by version mismatching. Try newest version
  7329 [pschoenb sol] ...

^ module for unix password database tasks?
7190 [matt msg.ucs] i'm going through the tutorial and have in the back of my mind an idea for
+ 7194 [Dave Thomase] If you don't need shadow passwords, how about something simple such as
| 7197 [matt msg.ucs] I forgot to mention that I read from a NIS database, so /etc/passwd on my
| 7199 [aleksi.nieme] I've never worked with NIS or unix password in general, but I thought this
+ 7195 [eban os.rim.] Use Etc module.
  7243 [matt msg.ucs] eban,

^ Put slash as last character in string?
7193 [chrismo home] How can I have a string with a single backslash as the last character?
7196 [Dave thomase] Just like that. If you're using irb to check it out, then you'll get
7203 [kevins14 pac] ...
7210 [Dave thomase] 'tis true - I was concentrating on the end one.

^ Harmful preselection by yielding?
7198 [aleksi.nieme] If you want to let the caller use the information the routine is producing
7200 [Dave thomase] If I hadn't been lazy, I'd have written
7224 [greentea fa2] I have not use this module but ...

^ Ruby and Gui's
7206 [dsafari para] I noticed the other day (I think it was 2 days ago?) that Dave Thomas
7207 [yashi yashi.] took me ten minutes to find out that post ;) if you are curious and
7272 [schneik us.i] "Right now, I wouldn't use it for a GUI intensive front-end,
+ 7288 [kevins14 pac] ...
| 7325 [MICHAEL.W.WI] I was wondering if anyone had seen Paragui
+ 7657 [tonys mysple] ...
  7661 [schneik us.i] #
  7781 [tonys mysple] ...

^ New User Survey: we need your opinions
7212 [Dave thomase] Morning, folks. (at least it is for me...)
+ 7214 [hipster xs4a] Yes. I compare it to giving people a set of house rules/a charter when
+ 7215 [dblack candl] Yes.
| + 7216 [barry_shultz] I filled out the survey, pressed the submit button and an e-mail note
| | 7219 [Dave thomase] back-end stuff yet (that's today's exercise). I just wanted to see
| | 7222 [mtm csoft.ne] Well that explains that.
| + 7218 [cribbsj oakw] I had the same problem trying to submit the survey.
| + 7225 [ms iastate.e] To accomodate the truly-new of the new users, it would be nice to add a
+ 7217 [mtm csoft.ne] Well, I tried to submit the form from Netscape, but I'm behind
+ 7223 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I agree with this intent.
| 7228 [Dave thomase] What do people think about this? People who've subscribed to the
| + 7239 [gnhurst hurs] But they don't expect someone to be mechanically monitoring their
| + 7241 [dblack candl] Well, maybe the weekly FAQ should mention that anyone who posts the
|   7283 [kevins14 pac] ...
+ 7226 [jimm eris.io] ...
+ 7235 [elderburn mi] Basically a good idea.  One suggestion...IMO the questions 1 and 3 have default
| 7237 [phillipd fos] my view....
+ 7687 [nahi keynaut] Sounds good idea.  Much thanks for thiking how to
  7688 [Dave Pragmat] I think that this is a consensus. We won't be sending unsolicited

^ New User Survey and List vs. Newsgroup
7233 [RichardASchu] It's customary for new subscribers to a mailing list to
7234 [ms iastate.e] Or spin off another newsgroup (development? advocacy? whatever) and keep

^ Re: New User Survey | Ruby kudos
7240 [mvincent ven] I'm a programmer, make my money programming and program in my spare

^ Multiple inheritance and mixins
7252 [adamspitz ho] ...
+ 7273 [matz zetabit] Mix-in is a restricted MI.  You can't have shared superclass like
| 7276 [Dave Thomase] The other difference is that a mixin is not a class, but a module. As
| + 7277 [jstern fosha] ...
| | 7281 [Dave thomase] Both superclasses and included modules are added to a chain. The later
| | 7293 [jstern fosha] ...
| + 7291 [adamspitz ho] ...
+ 7280 [crippel prim] Basically Ruby's include  corresponds to C++'s  virtual inheritance.

^ Who's using Ruby?
7254 [MICHAEL.W.WI] Just wondering if there was anything in the way of a "Who's using
7419 [schneiker ju] ...

^ Replacing nils in arrays?
7257 [hal9000 hype] ...
+ 7259 [jstern fosha] ...
| 7266 [ben_tilly ho] Create a class which inherits from Array and override []
+ 7302 [hipster xs4a] class Array
  7389 [hal9000 hype] Quite right. Thanks Michel (and others who
  7390 [kevins14 pac] ...

^ Ruby/Tk Option Database Question
7261 [WmLi Thought] I am playing with ruby/tk. Could anyone give me some hints on how to use
7301 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Template system in Ruby (NameError)
7262 [joe vpop.net] I'm trying to put together a templating system in ruby.
7292 [wys helbling] ...
7295 [joe vpop.net] Thanks Clemens,

^ more on the template system
7263 [joe vpop.net] snippet1 = <<'EOF'
+ 7267 [joe vpop.net] I think I nailed this problem...
+ 7286 [crippel prim] I think you need to replace this with
  7289 [joe vpop.net] Thanks Christoph,
  7306 [dblack candl] puts "Hello #{notdef ||= ''}"
  7307 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Whre is #prec
7271 [crippel prim] maybe this a silly question. Both Fixnum and String provide a
7290 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 7294 [joe vpop.net] Ha!  that was great.
+ 7296 [crippel prim] I tried something like this couple a of days ago - Hm I guess
  7297 [decoux moulo] ...
  7298 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 7299 [crippel prim] Actually I am (stupid|sloppy) ... well Fixnums are really special
  + 7300 [crippel prim] Well it seems that my provider lost my last posting ..
    7304 [ben_tilly ho] "Christoph Rippel" <crippel@primenet.com>
    7316 [matz zetabit] I completely agree.  That is the reason why there's no String#prec.

^ Packaging Ruby
7275 [nolan ethere] I've begun investigating Ruby; I've been a Python user for quite some
7308 [aleksi.nieme] It's great to see you here.
+ 7346 [schneik us.i] #
| + 7348 [ben_tilly ho] Technically that should be possible?
| + 7352 [cribbsj oakw] Its funny you should mention Perl2Exe as I had downloaded it earlier today
|   7387 [kevins14 pac] ...
+ 7470 [matt msg.ucs] Something like Java's "jar" utility would be nice.
  + 7479 [Roman.Fische] A jar-file just contains the classes and other files of your application.
  | 7483 [matt msg.ucs] all true.  what i meant was, assuming target machines have a ruby
  + 7481 [elderburn mi] I just DL'd these and will try it on a virgin Win box (no Tcl/Tk install) but
  + 7518 [ianm74 my-de] ...
    7519 [Dave Pragmat] CLASSPATH is one of the things I dislike intensely about Java.
    7547 [schneik us.i] #

^ I'm not seeing Matz's posts on the mailing list
7278 [Dave thomase] I can see several posts from Matz on c.l.r which haven't made it to
+ 7282 [matz zetabit] I use the list all the time.  I myself have received all the messages
+ 7334 [nosuzuki e-m] I am admin. of the gateway between ruby-talk and com.lang.ruby.
  7337 [nosuzuki e-m] Sorry, I have replyed directly in the previous message.
  7338 [Dave thomase] And given that clue...
  7395 [matz zetabit] Oops, that's my fault.  Recently I moved to nullmailer.  The

^ Re: Regexp (was Re: Ruby in the US)
7285 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 7287 [matz zetabit] Many around me tell me it's too slow.  I haven't confirmed it by myself.
+ 7320 [amk mira.ero] ...

^ send method -- which one?
7305 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Looking at
7311 [aamine dp.u-] Object#__send__ may be help.
7319 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh yes, that would do -- I didn't notice that one. [At first I thought

^ Where is /pat/g (Perl) and findall() (Python)?
7309 [fgeiger date] ...
+ 7312 [dblack candl] Have a look at String#scan.
| 7313 [aleksi.nieme] I guess you like to use String#scan or String#gsub.
| 7315 [ben_tilly ho] You have already been pointed to gsub and scan.  However if you
+ 7318 [Dave thomase] Can you should some context too, because it should...
| + 7322 [dblack candl] irb(main):003:0> "abc" =~ /(.)/g
| | + 7323 [huber alum.w] Isn't String#scan what you want?
| | | 7324 [dblack candl] I wasn't the OP -- I'm just butting in 'cause Dave's posting
| | + 7331 [Dave thomase] Sorry - brain fart.
| + 7326 [fgeiger date] ...
+ 7328 [dfan harmoni] In general, in places where I used str =~ /pat/g in Perl, I use

^ comp.lang.ruby (Re: Smalltalk and Python)
7327 [knu iDaemons] Please post your messages on this thread to comp.lang.ruby if you want

^ A Java Developer's Wish List for Ruby
7330 [RichardASchu] I see Ruby as having a very bright future as a language to
+ 7332 [Dave thomase] I have just about no knowledge of Unicode and Asian languages, but I
| 7333 [MICHAEL.W.WI] I'd have to agree.  One other thing that I could see, which isn't
+ 7336 [matz zetabit] I'm not going to choose USC-2.  UCS-2 is obsolete.
| 7342 [RichardASchu] Do you mean that it has been superceded UTF-16? Or what?
| 7397 [matz zetabit] That's what I mean.
+ 7339 [mjais web.de] as gui development is very importand today (look for example
| + 7344 [sandvik exci] Windows support?
| + 7379 [mfp students] I agree.
+ 7349 [ljohnson res] ...
  + 7351 [schneik us.i] #
  | 7353 [Dave thomase] Not having following the Mozilla stuff at all, could someone help me
  | 7355 [schneik us.i] #
  | 7363 [neilh scinti] ...
  | 7364 [aleksi.nieme] Thanks Neil for this great information. Could you tell some more. I was
  | 7373 [neilh scinti] ...
  + 7362 [mcbreenp cad] ...
    7589 [ljohnson res] ...
    7600 [schneik us.i] Lyle Johnson writes,
    + 7601 [Dave Pragmat] 1. It looks better than GTK, particularly to Windows users.
    | + 7602 [sandvik exci] Yes, I agree that there's always the next library out there that will look
    | + 7606 [elderburn mi] There are current issues with gtk+ and Windows; the promise of having this
    |   + 7689 [ljohnson res] ...
    |   + 7691 [ljohnson res] ...
    |   + 7694 [ljohnson res] ...
    + 7610 [ljohnson res] ...